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>paying tons of money to go to an anime convention
>stay in the game room all day playing casual Smash matches for the whole con

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Threads turning into some unrelated gender war bullshit because gulls can’t stop themselves from responding to obvious bait.

>> No.10346677

Gulls recognising obvious bait and instead of reporting that shit, reply to point it out as if the ability to recognise bait is some rare skill that takes years of mastery and totally~ proves they aren't a larper/newfag.

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People that follow you around like a lost puppy the whole time.
Listen, I get making new friends and mingling with people, but if someones said "ok well see ya around" multiple times and you're still following them, it's an issue.
Anyone know how to deal with this? They usually arent creepy/aggressive enough to warrant getting con staff involved, just super clingy.

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jannies aren't active enough for reporting to really do much. I thought people responded with bait memes so that newfags don't

>> No.10346738

You'd think so, but it never actually works and they just end up shitting up the thread.

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>Age players claiming I'm "discriminating" against them because I don't want to sell my lolita items to them

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>local con has underage weebs do a conga line
>local con has underage weebs spend time at the convention halls despite security kicking everyone out

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Can you elaborate on this? I'm curious

>> No.10348132

When a con is over, attendees are still loitering in the halls playing games and all that

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Roommates at cons who take forever to do makeup and get dressed, but demand you wait for them before you go out of the room. I started rooming alone after I waited 3 hours for a friend to finish her eyeshadow because she couldn't stop posting on Instagram.

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I wish Tyler would do something with her hair. Clip it up, a beautiful side braid, anything. She has all that hair and it's always just down.

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how do you know your potential buyer is an ageplayer? Are they that obnoxious that they mention it immediately in conversation or have some kind of easy to find label on their social media?

>> No.10348272

different anon, most of the time ageplayers social media is full of ageplay shit. most often the easiest way to spot them is that they all write edgy desu shit with cutsey kids toys as backgrounds.

>> No.10348277

You can tell when they have a pacifier in their mouth and a onsie on in their profile pic/account. Luckily, most are very obvious and vocal about it.

>> No.10348278

At least its better than trans/sissies/males.

>> No.10348309

Ppl are lonely and outcasts in the normie world. This is their last place to take refuge. They don't have the best social skills nor are they good at reading social qs. Be understand but direct.

>> No.10349030

But how do I say it without being mean?

>> No.10349070

nah, doing that as a bio woman is a lot cringier. sissies and trannies are just larping men. but real women acting like that is shameful.

>> No.10349914

ageplayers are inherently less annoying than trans women. i mean some "trans women" definitely are just creepy men, but i've never seen an ageplayer who isn't fucking creepy

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don't you mean they're more annoying?

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>fatfuck that looks like shit both in and out of cosplay
>complaining about how all the (good) photographers she books make her look like shit
What do you expect them to do? Literal magic?

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>Anime con
>Half the panels aren't anime related
>half the cosplayers are wearing western cape marvel shit.

>LBGT fagots who just wear fag flags as a cape and think their powerful for being fat and gay.

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Fucking this

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>people cosplaying from broadway musicals
Don’t get me wrong, you be you but if it’s easymodo shit like Dear Evan Hansen, don’t even bother unless you wanna cosplay as an absolute monster.

>> No.10352042

>>LBGT fagots who just wear fag flags as a cape and think their powerful for being fat and gay.

I hope you've managed to educate them that someones sexuality is not their prom dress / gay is not cosplay

>> No.10352052

>"people" who wear their shitty cosplay in public (which is rude to everyone if it's bad)
>those bro dude people who think alcohol is fine at con. Okay King of the hill go drink your shit budwiser at home and get plastered off 3 cans not here
>Men(scrotes) who will flake for the shitty cosplay chick who probably is 20 something) doing something from PSG

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>reeeee alcohol how dare you have a good time reeeeeee
You sound like an absolute bore and I pity the people that have to put up with you

>> No.10352193 [DELETED] 

>needing to pour stupid amounts of alcohol down your throat to enjoy life and outside

"Yup little beer hurt no one hehe hear that hank! BUUURP Got a beer gut but girls love that look at my dad bod! Hey I bet everyone thinks I am sooooo cool because I can drink 4 beers in a and still drive! YE HAW TRUMP AND GUNS TOO!

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Lol at this shitty b8

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>a con doesn’t get cancelled despite the coronavirus outbreak
>someone cosplays as coronavirus-chan

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I just tell them that I'm going back to my hotel room to nap/eat. Easier than dealing with people who have zero social skills.

>> No.10352500

>fuck you fuck you fuck you it doesnt matter if you only drink 6 times a year if you do it at cons your an alcoholic reeeeeeee
Seethe harder

>> No.10352534

Diff anon and DESU I think i'm becoming more of an alcoholic leading up to cons with the pressures of con crunch. I'll be more sober but with a finished cosplay the day of, whatever it takes. YOLO.

>> No.10352536

I stress eat in con crunch which makes me fat which makes me freak out more that I wont fit into cosplay which means I stress eat more

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If you need to drink to enjoy a convention you should just retire and stay home. People who drink are fat disgusting pigs.

>> No.10352557

Stop that fat fuck

>> No.10352564

I-Im trying

>> No.10352565 [DELETED] 

why do men drink so much

>> No.10352604

Because they don't have personalities.

>> No.10352814

>tfw don't drink and generally am the one bussing the gang home.

>> No.10352819

So like women with dyed hair? Makes sense.

>> No.10353131

right there are a million parties and event around the world centered on drinking and people still do it on the handful of nerd conventions

>> No.10353132

Somewhat related but i find it futile when my overweight sister asks me to take her pictures

>take 50-100 pictures to be safe
>”i dont like any of these, it makes me look fat”

Cause girl, you ARE fat

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At a con right now and someone is annoying the piss out of me
>this one Touhou cosplayer seen a few times before
>walks from the hotel bar with a drink and just goes to a bunch of "ironic shit"
>physically picks people up when doing a photo op

worst of all
>tells boomers asking what's going on that the anime con is a "Comic con like thing for anime nerds"
>Tells normies that Project Touhou is like galaga on steroids with japanese folk lore


>> No.10353283

who was he cosplaying?

>> No.10353306

Based fat fuck
Don't give up pls

>> No.10353389

>worst of all
>>tells boomers asking what's going on that the anime con is a "Comic con like thing for anime nerds"
Well how the fuck else are you meant to explain to socially detached boomers about what's going on? Is there not enough screaming about micro aggressions? Or whatever the fuck you mentally deranged sociopaths complain about on this board?

>> No.10353394

dare someone be slightly more popular than you... also are you talking about kikori con by chance

>> No.10353398

Cirno, it's annoying.
How about gee I don't know talk to them?
oh did I find you? I heard you talking to people about cgl last night in the lobby and shit talking about how the board sucks. FUCK OFF. why even visit, no one cares how buff you are

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Oooooof. I know. Bait. But man, I've seen so many more woman who don't have hobbies, or have interests based on what their boyfriend is in to than men. Sooo many girls think Instagram, Netflix, and partying is a personality

>> No.10353419

And 4chan, anime and having a beard is a personality? Boys can’t even shave their faces for cosplay in fear that they’ll lose their sense of self. At least girls are flexible in trying out new stuff that might not interest them.

>> No.10353420

This anon sounds like a boring sour grape
This anon >>10353394 sounds like a fun person. Party on dude

>> No.10353488

> Go to anime cons for the panels
> Bi, LGBTQ+ whatever the fuck friendly, will use whatever pronouns you tell me idgaf
> No good fucking panels because all the fucking panels are related to being gay and preaching to other gay people how it’s okay to be gay and like anime you guys, did you know CLAMP has gay characters?????

Seriously this is fucking tired. No one needs another six panels about gay people in video games/anime/manga/jfashion/whatever. You have nothing new to contribute and it’s just a lazy circle jerk.

>> No.10353491

>Boys can’t even shave their faces for cosplay in fear that they’ll lose their sense of self.
God, a friend of mine refuses to shave for cosplay and it drives me crazy. It's not like he had to wait a long time for his beard either, he's a super hairy dude so it'd grow back without any problem.

>> No.10353594 [DELETED] 

Not bait. Men are boring.

Almost all of their hobbies revolve around consuming content rather than creating it. They watch Netflix or anime, play video games, and collect shit. It's all insular, solitary, and doesn't add anything to the actual hobbies.

Women have hobbies that are about creating. A woman who spends hours making a cosplay for her favourite character from an anime, plans a photoshoot, and then uploads those photos to instagram is 100% more interesting as a person than some dude who has memorized every second of the same show.

The reason then that men always want to get drunk at conventions is because they're taken away from their normal routine and cannot access those hobbies. They don't have their consoles or computers to watch anime on and browse the internet. So you get men getting wasted and looking at memes on their phones because that's the closest they can come to their solitary hobbies in public, and they have no real way to connect with other people otherwise.

>> No.10353613 [DELETED] 

I am sorry for you.

The best costumers are men. Chefs, pilots, painters, bartenders, sculptures, costume designers, musicians (meaning guitarists, drummers, singers, bassists), photographers, models, engineers, and the people who design cars are all men.

Men are boring to you because you don't understand them.

>> No.10353620

I hard agree with this, it makes all of her outfits look the same and it's not even a flattering cut for her.

>> No.10353976

>are all men
uhh... what. there's definitely tons of female models (way more than males), designers, and photographers. the only reason stem careers have more men is because women were actively discouraged from going into stem until recently.

i agree with anon that most men are boring as shit. so many of them base their entire personality on sports teams/players. it's mind-numbing to even listen to them talk.

>> No.10354080

wait wait wait, cirno guy, wearing shades, probably drinking a blue alcoholic drink?

>> No.10354107

You sound like a massive faggot holy shit.

Cirno sounds like a bro

>> No.10354108

He's based as fuck, great guy to kick back and drink with for hours.

>> No.10354109

>some ddlg shitcunt tries to buy my $400+ lolita accessory or dress or what have you but tries to haggle me down to double digits
>Ask why
>"Oh well we're using it for sex play so we don't want to pay that much money for something that won't last too long"

I legit hope everyone in that community dies and soon

>> No.10354428

I feel like this is the exact situation that Bodyline was founded for

>> No.10354441

>be in shape
Feels good man

>> No.10354447

>time to kill myself

>> No.10354449

That makes me want to fucking vomit. Honestly though I worry about those girls because a lot of them are being unwittingly abused/being taken advantage of and they're literally plastering their abuse all of the internet for everyone to see.

>> No.10354451

all over the internet*

>> No.10354621

Better than selling to a tranny

>> No.10354624

People who go to 8 or so cons a year and wear/buy very expensive cosplays and they proceed to complain how they don't have any money

>> No.10354680

That annoying gaggle of gross looking feminist chicks that sit in the front row of 18+ panels and screech the entire time

>> No.10355996

>until recently

>> No.10356328


>Say good bye.
>Both start walking the same way.

It hurts

>> No.10356336


Not really /cgl/ but

>make meme about thicc girls
>Omg that girl isn't thicc at all!
>says the 450 lbs whale lord who looks like a bag of grits.

>> No.10356341

I honestly want to just go full /pol/ on these fucks. I am so sick of lgbt people and their drama. They are literally all insane, creeps and pedos to the point it's not even funny.

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Were you the girl that kept reporting me for walking around with a drink in the hotel even though staff didn't care and said it was completely fine? Or the same one who would yell when I said I don't have and instagram?

Either way, I don't know exactly how I was suppose to explain touhou to some boomers who barely knew what galaga was. What am I suppose to do show them an orgy of colors on my phone and go "well you see actually it takes a very high IQ to understand 2hu". Seeing how you knew those specific things about me you didn't even cosplay at all and just weirdly ran into me constantly to give me weird stares and shit.

The most fun was hanging out with the DJ's who flew in for a small con of 100 people this year, and chilling with people not talking shit about their cosplay/enjoying a small con. Seriously this con was 100 people tops this year, everyone was trying to make the best of it. Take a fucking chill pill or drink an AMF.

>> No.10356713

there's good rationale to it. nerd con notoriety may be lower than inconsiderate normie decadence until /that guy/ fucks up to ruin things

>> No.10356717

A convention for non-live film Japanese media art professional representatives, showcases of their products, and their consumers that also feature volunteer amateur costume designers based on those works.

>> No.10356723

I contemplate the tactic of badge seizing any attempts to express ddlg sexualization of lolita fashion more and more everyday.

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>wait my turn to play smash at con
>Smash 4 8 player
>Manage to land second place on my first match
>someone makes up some bullshit about whoever landed second needing to pass the controller
>didn't say a word and kept playing

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Anon completely btfo

>> No.10357048

>go to first con
>Hear someone scream out "THE GAME" every 10 minutes
>It's nothing but cringe for hours on end
>Come back every other year for some reason
>It only gets worse
By worse I mean MTAC is legitimately bad. Don't waste your time going there.

>> No.10357316

So its comic con for anime nerds?

>> No.10357317

You sound fucking chill. Hope I run into more people like you around the con scene

>> No.10357338

Big homie you left the con without giving me my hentai. Please hold on to it for me for when we meet at saboten this year

>> No.10357816

You must be an insufferable autist if you think normies would understand what this means. He explained everything just fine.

>> No.10357818

That’s a lot of words to say “Japanese cartoon convention”

>> No.10357971

Does the guy you're talking about always wear sunglasses?

>> No.10357997

Wow I feel this on a personal level.

>> No.10359132

>go to local con with "friend" (more like a random guy i met online who lived nearby and seemed nice enough)
>he gets drunk in the bar area
>about half an hour later he comes back and reeks of beer and sweat
>we walk around the con, he starts being pretty obnoxious
>asks me to take pictures of him with cosplayers
>just go along with it but can see that most girls are super uncomfortable with it
>after the 4th or 5th pic I make up an emergency and bail
>been going to cons alone ever since
thanks for reading my blog

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>> No.10359632

I know this is bait but why would you care if people spend a whole con in a game room? If you go to round one you can easily spend the same amount of money on games as you would on a con ticket.

>> No.10359644

...sometimes people just have kinks, anon.

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