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Ladybeard-sama is that you

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It is I, pls accept me into your loli-chan community

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Sorry but no

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Degenerate kinkster getting asspats in CoF.

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14/14, an oldie but a goodie

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Wtf is that thing? It's like two leash ends and a metal ring. Brought to you by a brand literally named "Fecal Matter." Of course, this isn't lolita, but CoF stopped caring about that a long time ago

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This is fucking hideous Lolita or not.

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Is this that finnish girl who used to have a YouTube channel?

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Old school edgelord gone wild

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Okay, I just realized it's meant to be a muzzle

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Maybe he paid them for asspat comments??? I dont know how is this possible?

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i don't get it either, it's such a shit coord. I think it's just because fecal matter is like ig famous.

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McDonald's - kei

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Fucking insta garbage fashion, I can't believe actual j-fashion is dying for this

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It's so depressing

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Nice adding fetish gear to a fashion that has nothing to do with sex!

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I think we dont need to be salty on 4chan, we should go and at least ask him about fetish things.

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Holy shit why this wasn't deleted in the first 3 seconds? Okay, apart from fetish gear, her belly is showing, her tee is 3 size bigger than she needs and this bow doesn't suit her haircut

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The coord is almost okay until she added the stupid bondage shit. I love casual but not nasty fetish wear

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Insta thots are a blight. It's okay to not add fetish gear to EVERYTHING.

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bro get this fucking disgusting shit out of my fashion

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The mods are allowing in sissies to the group, so I'm not surprised that they are allowing this shit to happen.

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All her coords are shitty but this one is 100% fecal matter

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kill it

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the closeup makes me want to puke, no kidding

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only has 400 followers and her photos have 20 to 40 like
pretty much a no one really (and bought followers?)

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The snow is so white it looks like she’s shooped in

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Not the worst I’ve seen, but she definitely needs help. I’d start with investing in a wig and shoes to actually match a coord.

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She wouldn’t need a wig if she’d just wash her hair. That looks like’ haven’t showered in a week ‘ hair grease.

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She definitely is

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His sleeves look like gigantic muscly arms in the thumbnail.

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WTH is happening in the comments on cof

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big oof

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>living doll
fuck not again.

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Is that naturally racist on the left?

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>lol lolita just appeared in my closet. look how cute I am!!11/!

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How is this still a problem in 2020? The resources are all there, how do people still do this?

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Go to hell

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Some people can't even google where to buy lolita clothes...

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Oh, it’s K8’s favorite brand

>> No.10345448

no idea.

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#whore is a tag she should use.

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Pretty sure the bag is just a regular stuffed animal with a strap tied on, not even an actual purse

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I thought the same thing...But I guess if THAT'S the most petty thing I pick on, then so be it.

The more I look at it, the more I hate it. I mean they couldn't even bother to match ONE black color with another. It's all different hues.The comments are so evenly split. It's either "wtf is this?" or "Omg this is so amazing that I'm literally messing my panties like I can't stop looking at how beautiful you are." Hello!? Look at the people saying these two things. Lolitas (even ITA ones) are saying nicely that it's not 'lolita', while the ones who want to his/her farts are fetish/costume wearers themselves and screaming "THIS IS TOTALLY LOLITA YOU GUYS FUCK YOU".


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None of the whites even match. Now that's talent.

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What’s pissing me off even more is the same one bitch replying to all the negative comments saying this is old school.

>> No.10345481

Who, Fahr? Check the farm, she's lost the plot

>> No.10345484

I’ve never, even as a fetus in the 00’s, have ever seen a coord that looked like this. It’s nowhere close to Lolita. It honestly looks like e thot attire.

>> No.10345485

Someone asked to prove lol

>> No.10345491

This makes me so mad. Like, this is more aggressively sexual than most DDLG posts, and here we have people stanning it. So fucking dumb.

>> No.10345493

What the fuck is even happening in this

>> No.10345494

tHiS iS oLdScHoOl

>> No.10345497

Naturally racist?

>> No.10345503

This would be such a lovely photo if her coord was better.

>> No.10345505

He said it ISN'T fetish gear because his friend didn't design it to be. What in the mental gymnastics??

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I hate this, but I think I hate all the asspats in the comments that much more. This isn't cute.
The harness wasn't needed.

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I love the proof for his reason to put literal fetish gear on his face was because lolitas back in the 2000’s were wearing corsets. None of them wore fucking ring gags.

>> No.10345521

Lurk more newfag

>> No.10345522

Naturally racist?

>> No.10345523

Holy fuck. >>10345521

>> No.10345528

Did this get deleted? I went to go check on COF and it was gone.

>> No.10345529

Reported to the mods for not being lolita

They probably won’t do anything but worth a shot

>> No.10345530

it's still there

>> No.10345536

She thinks this what dressing to the nines look like poor thing

>> No.10345544

Ah darn. My heart was hopefully that it got deleted, but my expectations should not be this low.

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they are just doing it for the attention and thats makes it more annoying
all the examples they keep posting as a proof that this is lolita look nothing liek their outfit

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Is this a man?

>> No.10345549

I hate this girl

>> No.10345551

There are literal minors in the group but let’s expose them to BDSM anyway.

>> No.10345553

>god forbid queer sex and love
you are literally a straight white girl larping as lgbt to feel oppressed. fuck off with that shit

>> No.10345554

She has multiple drawings on her art instagram tagged as #fetish #nsfw and #fetishart. This is 100% a sex thing for her.

>> No.10345556

As a queer myself, this has nothing to do with queer. This is kinky and ugly, and I would rather not to be associated with these.

>> No.10345557

god they're insufferable

>> No.10345558

damn, hope she did some warm ups before making that reach

>> No.10345559

>totally not bothered
>overreacting to their 5 seconds of attention
>pretends to be expert on fashions she's never been part of
>if you criticise me you are homophobic!
>same person as >>10345352
Is this milk I smell?

>> No.10345561

Nevermind, it's actually a tranny. Of course.

>> No.10345562

they are a boy?

>> No.10345563

You can actually find the photos they posted by just googling “Fruits Lolita”. They weren’t saved or used as inspo for this person, that’s for sure.

>> No.10345564

This proves once again how many attention whores and special snowflakes are on cof. It's not lolita and their experimental elements are better left in some other subculture. They literally look like a fucking horse.
And the way Fahr butts in like she knows what she's talking about on every criticizing comment is just sad.

>> No.10345568

That's disgusting

>> No.10345579

They just dont understand lolita fashion aesthetic. Even edgy things are both versatile and aggresively feminine, not pls-fuck-me or run in disguise like they has it done.

>> No.10345588 [DELETED] 

I want to reply to all the people in the thread who have super nice sweet/classic coords who are asspatting her and say "I love your coord. You know what would make this even better? A ball and gag maybe? Oh! Or one of those dentist mouth clamps that also push your nose up just a little bit. That would be so cute and you would really be pushing the boundaries of lolita."

But alas, I'm too much of a coward to do so. I am, however, enjoying the dumpster fire happening in the comments. Can't wait for Tyler to get a hold of this one. She HATES, hates, haaaates fetish gear in lolita.

>> No.10345589

Karolina Zebrowska's ita cousin

>> No.10345594

Did Karolina ever wear lolita? Isn't she 100% historical fashion lover?

>> No.10345595

I would like to reply that harnesses, stripboots and chockers were popular in normie fashion for some time but not a human muzzle. Im coward too

>> No.10345603

I hope she mentions him crying about criticizing her shit coord equating to oppression of queers.

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File: 582 KB, 1440x2359, 28D98146-F588-4E22-941C-A3524C1BCD50.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You haven’t showed the worst. GTFO part 1.

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File: 244 KB, 1440x1616, E70343A9-9E8C-4115-AFD6-DD555455AF37.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pt 2

>> No.10345618 [DELETED] 



>>Me: *in public in lolita*
>>Strangers: "Is this a weird sex thing?"
>>Me: Why on earth would you think that?

I fucking hate what I love. Stupid internet. Stupid lolita phonies.

>> No.10345621

what's with the implication that only queer people are into kinky shit?

>> No.10345622

Please Tyler rip her apart.

>> No.10345629 [DELETED] 

what's with the implication that when your coord gets crited these people jump on defending their rights to be queer and free?

(btw, I thought the same thing. I'm straight. I like bondage. Like, wtf, LGBT peeps don't own the fun side of sexy times)

>>think of the children
What? Literally nobody said anything about this being inappropriate. It's just a bad non-coord and the horse cock fuck ring on his mouth that ain't helping it be edgy.

>> No.10345638

I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

>> No.10345640

it can’t just be me clocking all the obvious body checks and thinspo posed pics on MUH FETISHWEAR-chan’s insta, right...?

>> No.10345687

if she can wear this shit and get away with it why do people lose their minds when someone's skirt is 3 inches too short or someone isnt wearing a blouse. What happened to actually trying to at least loosely follow the rules of a fashion that actually has them for aesthetic purposes

>> No.10345690

hasn't every single one of her coords been posted here? When is she gonna get the message

>> No.10345704

No, that is not a muzzle. That is a dildo harness. Yes, they make them for the face. No, I will not explain why.

>> No.10345705

It's not just you, it's always pretty obvious.

This. All itas and fatty-chans should just say they're "queer!" from now on. Zero criticism allowed for those people.
I hate this so much. The majority of the women kissingher/his/its ass are probably a lot better, yet never get the praise and attention they shower that trainwreck with. But because it' a (fake)man...

>> No.10345707

Aaaaand the post is closed for comments.

>> No.10345709

Another kinkster that just invaded our space bc he get horny

No, lolita fashion is not a fetish, retarded fucktard

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File: 38 KB, 483x181, WellThatWasFunMorning.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10345712

Any interesting screenshots?

>> No.10345720


Tyler, I'm choosing you!

>> No.10345723 [DELETED] 

Mods cleaning up the posts. My comment of saying it wasn't lolita was deleted. That's all I said. That it just wasn't lolita. I got a strike for bullying. K.

>> No.10345726

We should really mass complain about this. I miss when this tumblrina mentality was only shitting up fairy kei.

>> No.10345727

So a non-lolita post its up and you have an strike????

Worse part its he's just a perv with no interest on the fashion


>> No.10345728

I’ve reported the post several times so, idk. We can try though.

>> No.10345729

You're bullying for say a non-lolita coord is not lolita on a group for lolita coords

But fetish outfit from an outsider in a group with minors is totally OK

I see

>> No.10345731

Mods are totally useless then

>> No.10345734

The absolute state of CoF

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File: 13 KB, 620x360, 51737868_2190333214554666_3145769317585387520_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10345736

Mods deleted posts of her screenshots where she talks about “queer oppression”.

>> No.10345738 [DELETED] 

Really? Ok good. Then there's some justice in the world.

>> No.10345740

I never needed a video of her more than this time to tell all the lolitas at heart about kinks and lolita fashion... It seems like they at least listen to her.
this is a mess

>> No.10345741
File: 62 KB, 382x303, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it's not a good thing, pretty sure it's because they deleted bree's entire comment thread calling this garbage out including that insta story screenshot. it's all gone. i suspect they wanted to cover up all the shitty things the op did since they also deleted the proof of them straight up fantasizing about the actual nabokov lolita that was posted upthread because it's "bullying"

>> No.10345744
File: 482 KB, 640x635, 724C2C88-8C4A-4341-856B-BE1CC9DF1AB5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The mod herself is a fucking ita

>> No.10345746

now I understand everything...

this is so sad...

>> No.10345748 [DELETED] 

>now I understand everything...


>> No.10345749

god she looks like every ugly inbred french girl ever. i hate girls with this face.

>> No.10345750

I think we need new CoF group...
Something like BSoLF where people would youse tags i bet all this reddit style asspatting are LS

>> No.10345751

that was supposed to be "daily egl" lmao idk if it's still dead though. i agree a LS/BS system like bsolf would definitely filter out all these clueless asspatters though

>> No.10345752 [DELETED] 


They deleted this comment too. NO JOKING AROUND IN CoF.

>> No.10345753

Itas defending ita kinksters. Cof should do the lolita humor and just die

>> No.10345756 [DELETED] 
File: 64 KB, 330x629, 2020-02-22 223836.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I had hoped this entire shitshow would be deleted. But nah, idiots will be idiots.

>> No.10345757

I don’t know if anyone pointed this out, but that chain around her face is probably slobbery and gross. Is this meant to be worn as anything besides a fetish? Just imagine her out in the world with her stuffed animal on a strap, buying coffee, and it slowly dribbles out of her stupid mouth because she can’t close it properly.

Also, I didn’t screencap it, but I noticed bloated corpse-Chan loved it. OF COURSE.

>> No.10345758

This is so fucking disgusting and infuriating. CoF is worthless and the ita dumpster fires that run it are even worse.

>> No.10345760

I just want to see this shit GONE. Finished !

>> No.10345761

Tokyo Mew Mew cosplay?

>> No.10345762
File: 8 KB, 428x96, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

comments are back on and braindead whiteknights wasted no time in vomiting word diarrhea onto their keyboards. people who commented with concrit have been banned or muted

>> No.10345764

Late to the party, but is this shit seriously getting asspats? He's literally wearing a mouth gag.

>> No.10345765

sorry you're a shitty mod hun

>> No.10345767 [DELETED] 

?? Eh? I laughed.

>> No.10345768

They are so mad.

>> No.10345770

Aw, she's cute. I hope she improves.

>> No.10345771

If I was the op I would be smart enough to delete the post myself, not only he didn’t gain any followers on ig and instead he had to set it to private says a lot.

>> No.10345772

I work as a teacher and my 16-17 year old students don't know how to italicize so I'm not surprised there are people who can't google where to buy lolita

>> No.10345773 [DELETED] 

Aaaand comments are back off.

Oh man, I've never been so excited for a LWOLNs video.

>> No.10345774

"Welcome to CoF! Lolita or not everyone is welcome!" I will never regret being as vitriolic to sissies as I have; they've literally made this degeneracy possible. Fuck them and anyone who tolerates their subhuman bullshit.

>> No.10345776
File: 542 KB, 1440x2952, 4D0C3539-5E47-4443-A487-8E9E833E1E14.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Because the mods are fucking children. Missed some of the previous comments before they were deleted. Saved what little was left before they also were deleted.

>> No.10345777
File: 90 KB, 530x840, jokeright.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this is shameful

cannot believe this

wtf is going on the group when mods starting modering so damn bad?

>> No.10345778 [DELETED] 


Wait a second. It's not the comments. It's ME. Holy crap they muted me cause I didn't agree with what the mod said.

Well then.

>> No.10345779

Is this even supposed to be lolita? It's not tagged

>> No.10345780

Nitpick, these look fine except the sneakers on the right, but they're clearly at a picnic.

>> No.10345781

did you miss the entire thread?

>> No.10345783
File: 32 KB, 720x616, FB_IMG_1578337328241.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They've earned my utter disdain.

>> No.10345784

I've had Fahr blocked for over a year. I thought she quit lolita, why is she commenting?

>> No.10345785

FFS. I hate when mods start acting like they're police or something.

>> No.10345787

she probably has some downtime rn since she lopped her boobs off to become tom hiddleston. check out her lc thread.

>> No.10345788

sorry if it's off topic but I was asking myself a quesion : Is calling it lolita is the element that make something ita if it's something that look more like another fashion, like this >>10345213 or this >>10345209 for some extend
? Can it be ita if I doesn't keep some of the key elements ( like blouse ) , at the point of not being able to say if it try to be lolita, like >>10345511?

>> No.10345789

Anyone who hasn’t, report Fetish-chan’s post. Mass report it. You have no excuse not to.

>> No.10345790 [DELETED] 


We did. God Mod Maya said it's fine and if we argue it we're getting muted.

Also, >>10345783, that is the funniest reaction pic I've ever seen. I've been laughing at it for like ten minutes.

>> No.10345791

Kek I have. I won't say much here, but shit's weird... Imma shut up.

>> No.10345792


>> No.10345794

My FB feed has some of the best memes I swear

>> No.10345796

Okay, wow, I'm a dumbass and didn't realize that that was also fetish chan. I thought it was just the next post.

>> No.10345797

nah, she's fucking weird considering she has absolutely no horse in the race.

>> No.10345798 [DELETED] 

I've been muted too. /cgl/, you're my only friend it seems.

>> No.10345800

Just take this to lolcow already

>> No.10345802
File: 198 KB, 638x644, 7A494FD0-2A27-4E10-97CA-4E45FCEAA4A7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Maya, I know you’re reading this, fuck you. Deleting valid comments just because some weren’t UwU PC wholesome. You are an embarrassment. Mod better.

>> No.10345804

I think that it's LGBT people have the audacity to bring fetish shit into public spaces constantly. Sure, straight people do at times but it's not celebrated like it is during lgbt festivals and things. I'm les but pride festivals and other things usually done by other lgbt are always full of nasty fetish shit and it gives us all a bad name. I like bondage... in the bedroom with my partner, not out in public like a degenerate.

>> No.10345807

I’m getting flashbacks to Nana Rapeblossom from the egl days.

>> No.10345810

But then they had to go and ruin it with "lol no ero". I mean let's face it, lolitas hate moving to platforms where they get fewer likes, a new CoF probably isn't ever going to take off.

>> No.10345811

Gay MEN have a historical relationship with kink/leather with leather clubs and groups being raided bc of anti homosexuality laws and stuff. But of course every they/them and bi woman somehow thinks this also applies to themselves

>> No.10345813

Maya— kindly fuck yourself and actually defend legit lolitas in our groups instead of edgy fetishists who want to cause shitstorms.

>> No.10345814

This is from etsy. The listing is "Black micro mini dress with white lace layered, white peter pan collar, lolita, cosplay, costume, Steampunk, Wednesday Addams".
It's rare etsy sellers even know what lolita is, and I think to be ita you have to TRY and fail.

>> No.10345816
File: 14 KB, 564x68, mnr.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I guess protecting degenerates it's more important than protecting minors

wonderful job, Cof mods, impressive

>> No.10345821

Am lesbian and into bdsm (not ddlg), this is an embarrassment. Anyone serious about kink knows you don't bring it out into public unless a designated kink-friendly event. This violates consent ethics, and yes you should think of the children. There's a difference between a goth wearing an o-ring necklace, and straight up posting fetish gear in an unrelated fashion page that isn't a designated adult space, let alone a kink friendly one. Disgusting. Also, almost everyone I know in the kink community is straight.

>> No.10345824

who’s gonna tell this cunt that watching paris is burning on netflix after they heard rupaul mention it doesn’t make them an expert on the queer community

>> No.10345825


. Before I thought they were just trying to be edgy. The fact that they’re into vladimir’s Lolita makes it so much worse...........

>> No.10345826 [DELETED] 

And on that note, there is no "light bondage". That doesn't make fetish gear magically 12+ year olds ok when you say "oh but it's not explicit". 18+ is 18+ sweet heart.

Mod Maya you're the fucking WORST. Shame on you.

>> No.10345828

It is funny to me that people are going on about how "experimental" this is, and "peak" alt fashion. Sure, not a lot of lolita coordinates feature fetish gear, but this is a very simple coordinate.
I'm so sick of the fetishists in the group. They are all the exact same, and they handle everything the same way. They post something edgy, get backlash, and initially brag about how they're a "provocateur", then they make whiny butthurt posts like these >>10345546 and how they're "totally not mad", and then make their accounts private or something. These people are all the same. They think they are unique because they obsessed with sex, when in reality they are just brainwashed by it. Stop forcing your disgusting shit onto minors. Lolitas shouldn't be expected to tolerate this. In any other non-sexual community this shit would not be tolerated. Unfortunately one of our biggest fashion groups is run by people who enable perverts. You're not a victim of bullying when you are trying to provoke it.

>> No.10345830

This a thousand times.

>> No.10345833

>It is funny to me that people are going on about how "experimental" this is, and "peak" alt fashion.
The entire concept of thinking you have to do even "more" or be "different" when you're already wearing a type of fashion that is very unique, versatile and over the top (and absolutely weird to normies) is dumb af.

>> No.10345835

daily egl would be fine and more popular if someone stopped posting people to this thread ffs

>> No.10345836

No it wouldn’t, it would end up the same way. You cannot be popular and not be talked about here. The fact that they are too naive to even realize this meant it would never really get popular.

>> No.10345838

Wrong on so many levels.

>> No.10345840

>In any other non-sexual community this shit would not be tolerated.
Imagine you were in a facebook group for sharing dog photos and someone posted a dog wearing a dildo face harness.

>> No.10345841 [DELETED] 

And now imagine everyone going Ummm...can you not post that? While a dozen or two others go There's nothing wrong with this, you need to get off your high horse.

And then the mod mutes the ones that didn't like it.

>> No.10345851

The minor's comment was DELETED BY MODS

Are the mods fucking mental????

>> No.10345856

Totally agree. I've met so many lolitas who feel a constant need to out-do others in terms of uniqueness. It's not enough to be different, they have to be the MOST different.
I'm all for experimentation. I love it even if it flops. I have respect for people who try things and take risks in an effort to create their own aesthetic. metamorphose is a testament to that. When that constant need for validation consumes you, and you try to be edgy or different for likes and attention, then it becomes pathetic. This person knew they would get backlash and loved the idea of forcing their kinks onto others. This wasn't about simply wearing something, that became clear once they posted on CoF. This was about being seen. Boring people use sexuality to provoke because it always works.

>> No.10345861

Laziness, they wanna be spoon-fed

>> No.10345862

I really can't wait for the LWLN video to rag on the mods for this.

>> No.10345863 [DELETED] 

Oh hohoho, now Maya mod is delaying anything that’s not short of saying “this is perfect and amazing.”

>> No.10345864

That poor shirring... I hate when people say they fit in dresses because they can get it on. This DOES NOT fit.

>> No.10345869

Is that not "the 30th iteration of a thread saying the same thing" ?

>> No.10345872

I don't like it but blame Meta for releasing the ugly lace shawls. I hate seeing their ugly wa kimono sleeve tops

>> No.10345873

Okay so wearing a fashion choker ON YOUR NECK is how the punks did this. Wearing it on your face in public is just retarded and unforgivably edgy

>> No.10345876

>It's not enough to be different, they have to be the MOST different.
the fuck? what happened to wearing the clothes simply because you like it?

>> No.10345877

Of course her username has crybaby in it.

>> No.10345885

If it gets reported enough the FB higher ups will be forced to look into it, so keep doing it.

>> No.10345892
File: 165 KB, 935x1247, 56621CE8-F70D-4455-BC9F-4875A4D397E1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And of course since non fetish coords are totally ok to post on COF, so is cosplay!

>> No.10345893

What is it about those boots specifically? What do they have that makes all the itas flock to them?

>> No.10345895

It seems to only be reported to mods. Group rules specifically make it a point for us not to be able to escalate things.

>> No.10345896

She’s got some questionable friends I wouldn’t be surprised she’d be defending shit like this.

>> No.10345897
File: 134 KB, 1080x1076, received_2429082254069568~2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10345898 [DELETED] 

I'm hesitant to attend the Las Vegas Lolita con because the organizer always looks like a hot mess

>> No.10345899

I feel the same, very disappointed at this group

>> No.10345900
File: 404 KB, 1440x1444, Screenshot_20200222-175524.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm hesitant to attend the Las Vegas Lolita con because the organizer always looks like a hot mess

>> No.10345901

did it get deleted?

>> No.10345902

lol which one is the organizer? there's a whole lot of yikes in this photo

>> No.10345903

she seems to have a very low IQ

>> No.10345904

Astounding. They ALL look like troons

>> No.10345905

Second from the left. The event's Instagram feed is filled with pictures like this

>> No.10345907

looks like it.

>> No.10345908

and this ass keeps posting this c o s p l a y to every single group, it’s popped up on Lolita Sewing Collective as well.
Yes, good sewing skills hot gluing shit to your damn amazon hoop skirt.

>> No.10345910
File: 610 KB, 1080x1573, niche.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

seems like
pity, the tags in her description made me lol. they're the same as her post on insta.

>> No.10345912


>> No.10345913

I wonder Vegas of all places. There’s absolutely no comm here

>> No.10345914

Her response to being told that Jesus Diamante isn't a lolita brand was, "So that's why I've never heard of it." Keep in mind she claims to have been into lolita for 12 years.

>> No.10345915


>> No.10345916

There’s a second option to report to Facebook. “Report a problem”

>> No.10345936

With how badly ero is done in lolita and how hookerish it looks anyway, that rule isn’t that bad.

>> No.10345938

Well, I’m just glad we can all come together and agree on something for once.

>> No.10345943

CoF is dead and has been overtaken by a demonic horde. How sad.

>> No.10345946

Catch me wearing my cardigan, tshirt and long skirt outfits from Honey's as lolita. Like the girl who keeps posting normie vintage shit in CoF

>> No.10345951

Have you seen a troon before? Not one of these is a man, fat women's bodies still have small shoulders while even skinny men have prominent shoulders. Far right has a masculine face but small shoulders, just fat belly

>> No.10345971

The far right is literally a dude..

>> No.10345974
File: 753 KB, 828x1386, CE5E184D-B1FB-4477-8A4E-96EFD594E921.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Someone needs to tell cosplayers to get their shit tier “Marie Antoinette” costumes out of lolita groups.

>> No.10345984

Read the thread please >>10345892

>> No.10345985

Jesus, so many (you)s.

Why are the mods of COF defending this abomination before God?

>> No.10345989


I wish Stalin Holodomor'd all these pedo fetishists.

>> No.10345995
File: 167 KB, 1080x1427, Screenshot_20200222-202358~2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

so much butthurt

>> No.10345997
File: 147 KB, 1080x1426, Screenshot_20200222-202421~2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10346007

The mods willingly delete something so tame in comparison to the fetish gear horse girl bitch makes me lose hope in humanity.

>> No.10346011

Nuke the group, set fire to CoF.

>> No.10346012

I actually kind of dig this? The concept looks like something you'd see in the Baby magazine spreads from like 2010. Very editorial.

>> No.10346013

Reported it to FB. But what is everyone reporting it as? Sexual Activity?

>> No.10346014 [DELETED] 
File: 795 KB, 1242x2688, 448B3F30-3D2F-443C-ADFC-B4EEDD68EBD0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Man mods are really having a great time deleting every single comment on this post complaining about how we don’t want fetish gear in our Lolita. Fuck this group

>> No.10346016 [DELETED] 
File: 38 KB, 479x122, GoodDiscussion.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're a stupid bimbo if you think "good discussion" is only having positive praise and deleting everything else. Fuck you, Maya.

>> No.10346017

Yup, "sexual activity", FB is quick on that shit.

>> No.10346018

Maya's a little bitch ita with a god complex and a predator apologist so it's not surprising.

>> No.10346019

Not a great coord, but would smash with no extra qualifiers.

>> No.10346023 [DELETED] 
File: 217 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200222-205410.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Deleted because this was bullying ig.

>> No.10346024

JFC someone just make a group called daily lolita or coord of the day or something so I can finally be free from sissies and fetishists, and don’t have a shitfit when things inevitably get posted here like daily egl did

>> No.10346027

They are on amazon for like $30, easy, acessible and cheap.

>> No.10346046

I think it looks great too, but the reason she's posted here is because she posted a non lolita pic to cof

>> No.10346047
File: 1.05 MB, 1971x2048, 36522044-9D5A-46C4-B085-1C60AF3374E4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I say this as someone who is a daily lolita who also cosplays... COSPLAYERS GTFO.

>> No.10346049

Are the non taobao dresses here replicas? Their coords are so head to toe awful they couldn't have splurged on a nice dress.

>> No.10346050 [DELETED] 

>Concrit NOT welcome
That's like asking to get posted in the ita thread

>> No.10346051

>Concrit NOT welcome. The cosplay was the more important element for us with this shoot
That's like asking to be posted in the ita thread

>> No.10346053

This is just as shitty of a cosplay as it is a coord.

>> No.10346055

Didnt we just have to deal with a cosplayer getting deleted like an hour ago Jesus Christ

>> No.10346062

I wish i had dumb fetish shit to recreate that trash coord in many iterations and the balls to spam CoF with it. It’d love to see CoF drown on their own bullshit.

>> No.10346063

Find rope, post the same shit ass shibari "ero" coord every day with minor tweaks

>> No.10346064

Which one? I am dying. There is so much concrit to offer each coord, it seems like none of them is actually a lolita

>> No.10346071 [DELETED] 

CoF! Cosplay and Fetish gear! Why not.

>> No.10346074

Why does Margaretha look like.. that?

>> No.10346077

I think the problem is that kink itself is now considered a queer identity, even if the practitioners are heterosexual. My local Pride had kink flags flying right next to the gay and lesbian flags. Criticising a straight couple shoving their fetishes into people’s faces makes you a homophobe now.

>You're not a victim of bullying when you are trying to provoke it.
A thousand times this! You posted something intentionally provocative and people reacted as expected. Congrats, you got exactly what you were angling for and you’re not a victim of anything.

I know a lot of lolitas like this too and I get the impression that they don’t even like lolita per se, they just like how “out there” it is. If lolita went mainstream they’d drop it like a hot potato in favour of something more edgy.

>> No.10346085

Wow. J used to be so skinny. I wonder If she gained a lot of weight or if she's pregnant.

>> No.10346091

don't post them here then?

>> No.10346092

That blue AATP dress has been counterfeited before, I think you're right. The hem and waist look off

>> No.10346096

lol im dying

>> No.10346102

Absolutely. There are lots of straight people that think that being kinky (or poly) makes you queer, and that any criticism of either means you hate all queer people. It's so stupid.

>> No.10346106
File: 508 KB, 1512x1890, 83E90F3F-C61D-4AC1-955F-8B0ABAEB0790.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Posting in support of my fellow Lolita fashion enthusiasts who have mixed cosplay and Lolita! I'm not normally one to do this, but I went to a formal event for cosplayers and couldn't resist - so here is my Lolita version of Chibiusa from Sailor Moon! Apologies for the photo quality (the lighting wasn't great).

>This coord was super rushed so I'd appreciate everyone withholding concrit!

>> No.10346107

looks like it’s time to put a strap on over grazia crown and post it to cof

>> No.10346108

Concrit: throw the whole thing away

>> No.10346110

facebook rejected the report of fecal-chan. Facebook, just as useless as the kink-exhibitionist mods of CoF

>> No.10346114

or, keep it, and throw away fecal-face-chan instead

>> No.10346122

VM fishtail skirt with an obvious packer. No balls, you won't do it

>> No.10346123

Bakugou looks fucking tragic and the Todoroki's makeup looks like shit. The only tolerable one is the Toga and that still looks like ass

>> No.10346124

can't do it, literally no balls

>> No.10346134

make a dildo madonna crown and wear it with a trevor brown print.

>> No.10346141

What shall we call this substyle?

>> No.10346142

Didn't you know? This is 100% oldschool. /s

>> No.10346143

Start over and do more research. Nothing about this coord is cohesive , it's a dumpster fire. Nothing about the coord indicates it's theme is Chibi usa, either. Even the wig isn't accurate. Take look at some Sailor OPs from Meta and then come back.

>> No.10346146

Thank god someone posted this shite!
Just.. no!

What are the COF mods even doing these days??

>> No.10346157

Turns out I'm a retard, it wasn't a bakugou cosplayer that I thought looked like ass, it was a Kaminari.

>> No.10346160

being a cunts

>> No.10346162


>> No.10346165 [DELETED] 

Fuck maya for this. Honestly she’s gonna singlehandedly take down CoF and I’m gonna be super excited for it.

>> No.10346169

That shit wasn’t rushed.... and where is the Chibi Usa at? I don’t see anything that would point to this being Usa at all

>> No.10346171

Even if it was made from fetish gear if it's not being used as fetish gear it is not inherently sexual. However this person's nobakovs fantasies are deeply disturbing and they should probably delete those posts before posting to COF...

>> No.10346172

enjoying sharing their fetishes with everyone

>> No.10346173

Minors made it very clear that they were uncomfortable with it, and how hard do we push to keep fetish ANYTHING out of lolita?

Who cares if it wasn’t being used sexual, no one wants to see it

>> No.10346175

It's not ero, it's that shit like dildo harness chan gets posted as "ero".

>> No.10346176

It still shouldn't be called lolita. It gives the whole fucking fashion the bad name it already is correlated with. Just coz something is burando does not a lolita make.

>> No.10346177

You can say that as much as you want, but if someone wears something overtly inspired by fetish gear it doesn’t matter if it’s not actual gear - that’s how people are going to read it.

>> No.10346178

>and where is the Chibi Usa at?
obviously the fugly brooch makes her chibi usa, silly!

>> No.10346199
File: 1.45 MB, 741x741, Screenshot_6.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

less fetish-chan discussion more ita posting

>> No.10346200
File: 1.12 MB, 580x748, Screenshot_7.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10346204

Jfc they never stop

>> No.10346206
File: 32 KB, 345x437, 1566614848123.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Attitude Lolita? I sure hope not

>> No.10346207

A girl in my comm “came out” as poly on coming out day a few years ago and I still get pissed thinking about it. Polyamory and kink is something you do not something you’re born as, and being judged for it is not a civil rights issue.

>> No.10346209

I said it purposely because of >>10345521 fucking idiots do you not see it was directly below it

>> No.10346210

>I was only pretending to be retarded

>> No.10346224

Oh wow, this is actually really pinpointed why i hate cishet poly and kinky people trying to jump into lgbt spaces, thank you for putting it into words

>> No.10346242

This is degen but I think her hair is so gorgeous

>> No.10346261

It's a wig

>> No.10346270

>lolita level: veteran
how can you be a veteran when you think that jesus diamante is lolita

>> No.10346311

Petition to coup d'état Maya for her crimes against lolita. Prevert apologist gtfo, you've ruined CoF.

>> No.10346314

Where at

>> No.10346323

am I the only one who thinks this is offensive? Because legit Marie Antoinette did not say that shit about "let them eat cake," and then she and her children were guillotined without much mercy. I am not saying ain't nobody was fucking perfect, but jesus christ. There's something about this that really irks me, and I really don't care if I sound sjw.

>> No.10346326

you sound like an easily offended retard because "let them eat cake" has been a pop culture reference for hundreds of years

>> No.10346341

> I copy and paste me tags
> I don’t actually cosplay
Good lord, the ‘tard is rife within ya. If you don’t cosplay, then why tf is it in your copy paste tags??

>> No.10346343

You do sound easily offended. Not everything is offensive. Grow some skin.

>> No.10346363

Also none of her children were guillotined. There was four - two of them died before the Revolution, one died of tuberculosis in captivity, and the other was released at the end of the Reign of Terror and eventually died in 1851.

>> No.10346366

I want to die now, thanks

>> No.10346377

Oh god this piece of crap needs to get out. That’s not Lolita and the fact that the mods aren’t doing anything about it shows that it’s time for new better mods.

>> No.10346378
File: 831 KB, 1075x1296, Screenshot_20200224-080245_Chrome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10346381

This is great, you fool.

>> No.10346383

Ero done right-ish

>> No.10346384

Right down to the kinks and the anachan tendencies. a rapeblosssom for the zoomer Lolita generation.

>> No.10346387

It breaks my heart that she destroyed that Jesus diamanté dress for such a shoddily made costume. I get what her goal was but she didn’t have the skill for this. I do like the fork prop though.

>> No.10346391

Not even ita. Any coord that doesnt look like every other coord is considered ita I swear to Mana-Sama. Break convention for once.

>> No.10346393

I love this.

>> No.10346394

nana rapeblossom actually looked good tho

>> No.10346395

She looks great, what happened in the comments though?

>> No.10346397

Looks like the mod turned off comments on this post just because people mentioned the NIN one. Where are the other mods? She needs help knowing when to step in and when not to.

>> No.10346402

Not sure if it's handmade but that would look great if she used slightly less shiny material like meta does for some of their pieces.

>> No.10346403

Idk, I still think it could benefit from some mesh socks or something. Pleather shoes without socks leave blisters like a motherfucker

>> No.10346405

I actually think this is a pretty good Ero coord. I don’t like the headpiece. I am kind of eh about the lack of blouse, but I think it works in an old school way. Unlike fetish-chan, this coord retains some demureness

>> No.10346406
File: 536 KB, 2048x2048, 07FB88BE-98FB-4F47-ABF4-56F2DFD68D4B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Twitter is a gold mine.

>> No.10346408
File: 136 KB, 750x1020, FD26ADE0-463E-47B3-8A10-0C91902F2ED6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10346410
File: 510 KB, 1365x2048, D6B536CD-25A9-4477-99E0-E9A70F894707.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10346413
File: 618 KB, 1418x1890, FD8FD799-10A7-451F-ACD9-69FB3D66AFA7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10346414
File: 675 KB, 2048x2048, FD995658-76BF-4EF4-8592-A0746989D48E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10346420

They have deactivated the comments here too.

>> No.10346423

The only ita thing here is the headdress, otherwise this is great

>> No.10346424

They deleted two comments for stirring drama when they werent even remotely offensive. Maya meeds to gtfo stat

>> No.10346438

those are made of plastic, plus she could be wearing those invisible liner socks

>> No.10346441

Honestly, I think they only disabled comments because people where saying this was a major improvement to horse girl. Mid's are petty bitchs

>> No.10346443

I'm digging this.

>> No.10346445

every dumb guy who thinks he's a QT3.14 trap

>> No.10346447

Wouldn't be surprised if that mod posted this here, she already proved she lurks here in fetish-chan's comment thread. This coord is good ero (which is rare af) and no one would post this here unless they had a vendetta.

I feel bad that this girl has to suffer from Maya's pettiness, there was no reason to close her comment thread other than spite.

>> No.10346499

This is a really unflattering picture, but the coord itself is not ita.

>> No.10346500

I'll bring the guillotine

>> No.10346508
File: 190 KB, 684x1024, B6176491-5DFC-4042-A4C2-0AD62D3AE238.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

do this, get asspats, profit

>> No.10346515

If anyone’s curious, Maya’s jealous Ita ass shut off the comments because people kept referencing Fetish-Chan, saying shit like
>this is ero done right, and you didn’t even need a face harness.

>> No.10346533

WTF kind of homestuck is this?

>> No.10346536

>Honey the Moons Glow Bright

Please say this is just a gag and not her shop’s actual name.

>> No.10346541

I so sick of this stupid rope shit at this point, every edgelord and kinkster’s social media is spamming it everywhere.

>> No.10346549

This is great. Good ero is so rare, I wish people actually bothered to do it right instead of just thinking it’s lolita but slutty.

>> No.10346559

It's a Homestuck joke, got a chuckle out of me honestly.

>> No.10346574

Petty as hell and unfair to the coord poster, I hope she complains.

>> No.10346575

She's known to ignore the opinions of the other mods even when they all disagree with her, it's not democratic.

>> No.10346642

It is? I just assumed it was a Baby the Stars Shine Bright parody.

>> No.10346665

This is actually really pretty well executed and nicely photographed. Not for CoF but it's something I'd appreciate on instagram.

>> No.10346693


>> No.10346695

is Maya the Admin or what?

>> No.10346701

I can’t believe people are saying this shit looks like brand. This girl needs to learn how to sew in a straight line.

>> No.10346724
File: 18 KB, 250x333, 1566555726659.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is good. Don't post this stuff in the ita thread.

>> No.10346744
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So, I was tired of being frustrated and not doing much, so I opted to reach out to Maya privately. Apologies in advance on how long the thread of pics is, literally no collage app would work for the pic sizes.

In this convo, I stuck on the stable side of the argument (lolita is subjective, unfortunately). Ultimately, we didn’t consent to seeing it. I debated wether to share this or not (I’m not open about my bdsm life for the reasons I argued) but I spoke with the intention of people knowing what was the mods’ reasoning for this. Her responses were hella telling. Y’all deserve to know how your mod thinks.

Additionally, I’m angry with people in the bdsm community. Keep shit out of lolita. You know the rules exist for a reason—do better.

>> No.10346745
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>> No.10346756

My dumbass. I forgot to cross out names, posting too early for my brain. Will repost with crossed out name if taken down. Oh well, at least y’all know it’s legit.

>> No.10346760

What a fucking bitch
I'm completely astonished

>> No.10346761

i think this would look pretty good if the torso of the dress was longer and the skirt ruffles had some more weight to them

shoes on the other hand............

>> No.10346803

Please repost in the next thread for discussion this one is about to archive.

>> No.10346806
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Confronted the mod too, got banned from CoF


>> No.10346807
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>> No.10346809

>image for ants
I can’t read this

>> No.10346810
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Sorry, this should be better

>> No.10346811

Again please repost in the general this thread is about to be archived and this topic deserves discussion.

>> No.10346813
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bonus points for adding a livingdoll tag

>> No.10346819
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>> No.10346821
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>> No.10346844

Start a new thread, dumb ass.

>> No.10346857

new bread

>> No.10346878

Ugh why is everyone whining about the shininess? It's literally PVC, a material commonly used in goth subcultures where the coord is nodding at, and also a reference to the ero-lolita aspect.

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