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VM - Coppelia Doll Series
>Cameo Rose (Pink)
>Light Grey

Outer material: 100% cotton (80s chiffon dobby)
Lining: 100% cotton (60s loan)
Coppelia Doll Dress
Price: 39,600 yen (tax incl.)

Length: 107 cm
Shoulder width: 34 cm
Sleeve length: 75.5 cm
Bust: 74 cm - 133 cm
Waist: 64 cm - 120 cm
Cuff: 20 cm

Note: The dress has full shirring
Coppelia Doll Frill Dress
Price: 39,600 yen (tax incl.)

Length: 108 cm
Shoulder width: 34 cm
Sleeve length: 41 cm
Bust: 92 cm
Waist: 80 cm
Cuff: 23 cm

Note: Waist size is slightly adjustable with the ribbon.
Coppelia Doll Drawers
Price: 20,900 yen (tax incl.)

Length: 91 cm
Waist: 58 cm
Inseam: 53 cm

Note: The waistband is shirred.
Reservation period: 22nd Febuary 2020, 10:00 JST to 2nd March 2020, 23:59 JST
Reserving 2 or more items from the series will give you 10% off.

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is it cotton or polyester?

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Hey /cgl/, let's do a little something.

>Which piece did you find the most iconic/popular/liked/nostalgic?

>What year was it released? (If there's a re-release, just give the year of the first release)
(Preferably between 1999 to 2019)

>Which brand is it from?
(Preferably from AP, BTSSB, Meta, VM, or Moitie)

At the end, I'm hoping to do a big collage of these pieces, one piece per brand per year, to have a look at how trends change over time. Please do consider submitting some entries!

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Do we know a release date yet? I’ve looked for one but I’m sick and doped up on cough medicine so I’m probably missing it

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They're having a prerelease reservation at the Tokyo store. Orders will be fulfilled in March so probably sometime next month.

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Make a thread, we don't care

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Thanks anon

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That's a nice idea, anon!

Beads Print JSK, 2003, Moitie
Very unique (likely too ero nowadays) and I've only ever seen it on two girls so far.

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Looks like a generic polyester release

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Based VM anon, thank you for sharing. I love the first dress but I wish it came in more colorways.

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That first one is beautiful! Does VM ship to the US or do I have to go through an ss/wunderwlt?

>> No.10344365

you'll have to go through WW or an SS

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Im disappointed in ap for copying baby right after they released an ice cream print but it wouldnt be the first time they copied ideas

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This print was at their fashion show back in December, it was probably designed months ago

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This is a bad idea and will only trigger the collectors/hoarders into new items to hunt.

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Don’t respond to b8

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Nice bait

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File: 329 KB, 1119x2048, IMG_20200220_124142.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It looks like polyester anon. I don't know why people keep asking if it's not.

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AP is not going to release cotton prints any time soon. Stop asking.

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For 40k yen it looks way too simple

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I thought the tea party attendees confirmed it was cotton?

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Nice samefag. Its not bait either if theyve stolen print ideas in the past dipshit

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Mods are laughing at you. Believe it or not, people are allowed to have a different opinion than yours. Especially when it’s dumbass b8

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How could they confirm on an unreleased dress? Tea party dresses aren't the final releases, they've changed design before. I've never seen a fabric change, but I'm guessing tea party anons didn't actually know what they were looking at. Unless they checked the tags and specifically read 100% cotton, I don't believe them. It looks like the wooly viyella they've been using for everything else. Just compare it to previous releases.

>> No.10344433

>Bust: 74 cm - 133 cm
Would it actually still look acceptable at 100cm, or would it look ita because they otherwise design around
>Bust: 92 cm

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Nah, I didn't imply it's bad. Just provided an answer to the question. It's just cheaper and not really 'eco friendly'. Idc as long as shit fits and looks cute though.

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>Mods are laughing at you
Ok samefagging larper

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Tea party dresses are prototypes. They print a small amount of fabric to make them, so even if it was cotton it doesn’t mean the release will be.

>> No.10344448

>implying cotton is eco-friendly either
I got news for you about cotton production anon

>> No.10344449

More than one person replied to you and I know because I’m one of them. You’re making a fool of yourself

>> No.10344450

Ok yeah this makes sense. I don't have any strong feelings towards this release in particular, but now I'm also curious which material it's going to be made out of.

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Cotton at least degrades.

>> No.10344455

I’m a dumbass and replied to the wrong person. Meant you, stupid opinion.

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I want cheapass printplebs to LEAVE

>> No.10344459

That's a sign for you to take you meds instead of picking fights for the 1000th time, dumbass-anon.

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That's not gonna make up for the fuckton of water that gets drained out of the planet. Both fabrics are terrible for the environment under capitalist production.

>> No.10344463

>take you meds

Nayrt but maybe you should take YOUR meds for your paranoid schizophrenia

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With shirring, bigger breasts tend to look their best, so i'm sure 92cm would look fine in this.

>> No.10344474

That's a weirdly over-the-top and defensive reply. You seem to be well versed with that topic.

>> No.10344475

Knowing VM fabrics and construction, it's really not.

>> No.10344478

I literally just copied >>10344459 and switched it up a bit but sure

>> No.10344499

The question isn't about 92 cm, it's about 100cm. 92cm is the size of their unshirred dress in the same announcement post.

>> No.10344505

Anyone know if the measurements are online? I can’t find them on AP’s website

>> No.10344510

Honestly, I don't think any of us will be able to tell you for certain because VM hasn't released anything that has a fully shirred bodice in a long time, if they ever have.

Also, VM measurement are based on measuring the clothes themselves, not the maximum size of a person that will fit them. So a 92 cm bust would not be able to fit into the unshirred OP, which might be why the other anon was confused.

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Just because current production methods are awful, doesn't mean it can't be good for the earth.

>> No.10344525

Jesus i hate ap-fags. They act like AP is the only burando. How someone can be so ignorant?

>> No.10344529

It literally is bad for the earth dumbass, both fabric types have their negative impacts on the environment

>> No.10344550

It’s the only brand that matters desu

>> No.10344556

ding dong you are wrong

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I'm not sure how to feel about this release , but I already put in my request with an SS, so whatever I guess? I have my hopes that it is cotton, but if not, I hope my money is at least a vote for the 2010 sweet resurgence.

Also... this reservation doesn't include the socks or necklace that were clearly new for this year. I wonder if they will be released later?

>> No.10344560

I mean I don't think that I just want to talk about AP because I like it. If you want to talk about a different release then you have to start that conversation

Same anon, I still like the print but I wish it was cotton!

>> No.10344561

Learn to read.

>> No.10344563

I've had a couple VM fully shirred items and I can say that they don't stretch comfortably to full capacity. I'm 90/70 and can just barely wear them comfortably.

>> No.10344566

I own one full shirred vm piece and the elastic on it is pretty tight as someone with a 94cm bust, although it surprisingly doesn't look terrible on me. It's still better on someone with a smaller bust.

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this shit is so ugly. it looks like microsoft word clip art. are sweet lolitas really that starved for actual sweet prints that they think this looks good?

>> No.10344571

Honestly, yes? I posted before and I'm not really that hyped for the dress anymore, but I still feel some kind of need to have it because AP at least made a good stab at bringing true Sweet back.

I'm only mad that they'll continue to do these weird reservations at one store, with no prior warning. I wish it wasn't so antiquated. Why not just let people reserve online?

>> No.10344572

I've probably over-analyzed the Fairy Mirage fashion show video at this point, but it moves differently than the other obviously polyester dresses. It looks more stiff on the model. But the stock photo looks limp and polyester-y. Sigh.

>> No.10344586

For the hype it causes

>> No.10344591

I already snagged a slot with my SS too. I'm not really feeling it anymore either but I hope I like it more in person...

>> No.10344597

>starved for actual sweet prints
good wordplay

>> No.10344599

i'm hungry for sweets!

>> No.10344601

As has already been said, the fashion show dresses are prototypes. Analyzing them is dumb because anything can change before the final release.

>> No.10344605

the fabric type changing hasn't happened before but keep trying to assert how smart you are

>> No.10344608

if you're not feeling in upon receiving it, I'll take it off your hands (pink/sax jsk or op), I'll check my email around the time I see people receiving theirs in the mail.

>> No.10344610

It has though

>> No.10344612

I'll send you a mail if I end up not liking it (and if my SS is successful)!

>> No.10344614

I usually don’t like mint but this time it’s the only good colorway.

>> No.10344620

>this reservation doesn't include the socks or necklace that were clearly new for this year.

because this isn’t the full reservation

>> No.10344621

>I usually don’t like mint
bad taste.

>> No.10344624

I’ve heard like someone has asked a shop girl about it.

>> No.10344647

Cool! I'll wait for your email, or check in the generals for post(s)

>> No.10344657

looks like Alice Girl shit

>> No.10344662

Well, nevermind. I tried to get a spot with Muhh this morning just 3 hours after they posted about the reservation and all spots are full.

>> No.10344705

I just talked to her, only the sax and pink JSK is full.

>> No.10344707

It's almost like AP cares most about what Chinese lolitas are into and caters to them! That's shocking!!!

>> No.10344712


Finally a more classic piece that can fit my cow titties. My only regret is that it's not a couch print.

>> No.10344728

Pink x Sax is the only colorway worthwhile, so I'm out.

I was also sad the Melody Toys headbow I wanted was full. I've had the collared JSK for awhile, but I've never had luck with the headbow... ugh.

>> No.10344730

Yup, same thing happened to me. Pink x sax is full with all the Tokyo SSs.

>> No.10344760

The other colorways ugly

>> No.10344765

I hate the ice cream parlor JSK cut, those white tuxedo front things are not my thing. Guess I’ll pray for a special set, but it’ll probably be an ugly color. Nice that they made a salopette tho

>> No.10344766

Wew lad
I remember this girl from rufflechat bragging about how big her wardrobe is but I keep seeing $20-$30 stuff from mercari pop up on her ebay for $200

>> No.10344783

has been going on since 2015

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File: 78 KB, 600x600, 1558305034845.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Spring Elegance/chick/wtf ever has replace Singles Awareness Day/Valentines and i'm fucking furious.
Someone please make Soapbox stop.

>> No.10344788

Do those shitty clickbait names actually help her sales?

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File: 346 KB, 500x600, bl2ZpKkSDHLo8ZguGHsPC4bxQqgUJqwZyVGVZBg2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Did anyone else get their Deco Heart jewelry? I noticed scratches on the text, and when I went to inspect it, I discovered I can scratch the white off by barely pressing with my FINGERNAIL... It feels squishy... like it never set properly.

Then I looked up the stock image and there's scratches here too. What the hell?

>> No.10344801

It’s probably the grossest AP print I’ve seen. Looks like something Bodyline would make.

>> No.10344802

Haven’t gotten my earrings in yet but I ordered the necklace as well from AP USA and apparently it got “severely damaged” in transit and I’m getting refunded. So idk if that’s 100% on the postal service or shows the quality of this series

>> No.10344803

Not even the same anon kek

>> No.10344805

I would love to know if the white text has the same problem on your earrings when you get them, anon. I got the ring and necklace and both have the same issue. Honestly I would take a refund. I'm sad the postal service messed up your package though.

>> No.10344806

I wonder if it's some kind of autism, since her prices are completely off the rails too. Imagine changing your item names monthly, one by one, 150+ times.

>> No.10344815

For the posterity of what you have, you could clear coat or resin seal them.

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File: 368 KB, 524x960, MetaFTW.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Slowpoke news but I fucking got it anonies, missed both waves but snagged it from the waiting list.
Preferred cut and color, no sad boi posting for me tonight.

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File: 1.47 MB, 2253x2972, sick asf sadistic quiet evil man.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

thats right

>> No.10344829

Any suggestions on a clear coat? I don't know the first thing about resin unfortunately.

>> No.10344831

This shit is fucking atrocious.
The mint one is the least eye cancer inducing...

>> No.10344833

Clear nail polish is an acceptable choice, it'll eventually yellow over time if you expose it to sunlight though.
I'd check out a guide or two..
If all else fails, ordering clear coat paint from a hobby store/ buying direct from your flgs is a good choice, since it's made for plastic.

>> No.10344835

What print ideas have they stolen?

>> No.10344838

doesn't matter, it's bullshit. The design and release of a dress takes at least 3 months (illustration, design, pattern-making, production, promotion, etc), there was no way for AP to steal a design that came out less than a month ago.
Also, since the fashion show was in December, isn't Baby stealing from AP, then?

>> No.10344839

Shut up Babyfag

>> No.10344840

Congrats anon!

>> No.10344841

Okay I wasn't asking about that though. Just curious what the other anon was talking about, no need to get defensive.

>> No.10344844

Thank you, anon.

>> No.10344845

what? I was saying the thought that anyone stole from anybody is highly unlikely so whatever they list off as being "stolen" is going to be bullshit so why bother. also didn't realize stating facts is "defensive" now lol

>> No.10344878

take a break from the internet

>> No.10344885

>no “i scream for ice cream” joke

>> No.10345066

>own a lot of pretty aprons but few solid OPs
Oh fuck I need this in every color
>39600 yen
Never mind

>> No.10345069

If you have a clear UV lamp, gel is a better choice.

>> No.10345072

UV resin. >>10345069 she'd be better off going with resin instead at that point because some gels yellow.

>> No.10345076

I did. I went to sleep. It was a good sleep.

>> No.10345077

You're welcome.
Yeah, like other anons are saying, best results are UV resin probably. It's a lot to get into just for a few accessories.
Btw, when I was talking about paint at the hobby store I was talking about this :
Or something like it.

>> No.10345080

>It's a lot to get into just for a few accessories.
it's less than $30 bro
>$12 bottle of resin
>$10 uv lamp
>$5 on silicone brushes, but that's optional
anon just needs to test that it hardens and isn't tacky on top and she's good to go.

>> No.10345090

If you do an order with someone else and get the 10% discount, it's 35640 yen.

>> No.10345132

Thanks for the link too!

I actually have a UV lamp for some glue I have. I'm just very scared of using resin because it seems easy to mess up (I'm an art kid, and it still scares me). I'm more likely to use varnish. But now I'm also worried that something like nail polish or varnish will dissolve the white text. I'll have to think about what I want to do more.

I'm still just upset that AP would manufacture jewelry like this and sell it when the slightest contact will completely destroy the logo text.

I think anon meant more that the process/technique is "a lot" rather than the price.

>> No.10345146

i wouldn't use nail polish if i were you. nail gel has more of a chance to yellow but not guaranteed. iirc no-wipe top coat has a lower chance of yellowing because of how it already interacts with oxygen. this is just a product of cheap as fuck manufacturing. a thin layer of clear acrylic on top, or doing what they usually do, with slightly engraved text, would have prevented it from being so shit.

>> No.10345148

Actually, it has a tiny, tiny engraved edge to the text, it's just not deep at all, and you can scoop out the paint on the white text like play dough.

Thank you for more tips!

>> No.10345149

aah okay! it doesn't look like that from the pics for sure. i just have some older AP acrylic pieces and they are fairly deep desu.

>> No.10345158

Wow I'm now suddenly glad that I missed out on those accessories. Yikes.

>> No.10345162

Me too. I was upset about missing them but now I think I dodged a bullet.

>> No.10345179

apfags will still argue that their quality hasn't gone downhill

>> No.10345180

No worse than Baby’s prints running if you so much as sweat in them

>> No.10345182

didn't say anything about baby but nice deflection

>> No.10345185

Defensive babyfags are seething

>> No.10345186

I understand. I have older pieces too and the "engraving" is much deeper. The paint is also set correctly too.

I half want to make a video destroying the Deco Heart pieces just to show how bad quality the paint is. But I spent at least $60 on these. Ugh. I hope it's not just my pieces because I'm going to cry if I happened to have such bad luck.

>> No.10345270

Good. I think original anon was asking which baby print was being discussed, not questioning your facts. We should have told them to fuck off and look on Baby's store and socials instead of asking to be spoonfed. As opposed to what you went off about.

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File: 684 KB, 1080x1564, Screenshot_20200221-134057_Chrome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Things like this make me wonder if I sold my whole wardrobe in one listing for thousands of dollars, would it actually sell?

Even though this is a relatively good price per piece, most of it is repeats in different colorways (which I'm guilty of, but wouldn't spend $2k on)

>> No.10345311

This makes me sad. I don’t ever want to sell my wardrobe and I can’t imagine what it would take to make someone with a collection like that where you can tell they really liked certain pieces to get them in multiple colorways to sell

>> No.10345313

I think it would as long as you understand the fact that even someone who isn’t a scalper is probably going to turn around and resell a lot of it because no one‘s going to want every single piece. If you think you could do that and not be salty about it then I think it would work out really well. I did a major major declutter awhile back and individually sold about 200 listings and my God, it was a second job. I wish I would have just made one big listing and took a few hundred less

>> No.10345326

Sorry anons, didn't mean to make you feel sad! I'm not actually planning on selling my wardrobe - it brings me too much joy. Seeing the image just made me think what all my jewelry is worth, what all my dresses are worth, etc, and if someone would pay thousands up front to have all of it. Part of what makes having a wardrobe special is the stories behind each piece. It would feel awesome, but also somewhat hollow, too suddenly have 40 more pieces of jewelry all at once.

>> No.10345331

I nabbed a lot before, getting a huge influx of stuff that filled a hole in my wardrobe was really satisfying.
After selling what I didn't want out of it, the remainder I did keep was essentially bought for peanuts.

>> No.10345432

I hate bundle sales unless it's cheap shit

>> No.10345442

I would never ever do this but for fun let’s say I would. I have a couple rare dresses, and then a ton of pretty common ones, or at least not high sought after. It seems unlikely that anyone with similar style to me wouldn’t own at least a few of the dresses in my closet already and might not want to buy my full wardrobe, and we all know a newbie will never shell out that much. I guess there’s a market for everything though, since it sold.

>> No.10345465

I don't want my clothes to degrade , that would force me to keep buying more

>> No.10345466

Why buy something you don't love? Don't want to feel left out when others are wearing the latest AP?

>> No.10345468

That sounds like the oppositie of autism please educate yourself

>> No.10345507

same for me in the jsk. rip wallet but im happy

>> No.10345527

what the fuck are you talking about

>> No.10345532

probably because she doesn't want to inconvenience her SS

>> No.10345555
File: 828 KB, 1691x2048, ERYgRYFW4AE2xeI.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Happy Cat Day! JetJ posted a photo of their sales manager to celebrate.

>> No.10345572
File: 10 KB, 131x137, bunnybear.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i got a dream dress by AP yesterday after wanting one for six years :D i got $40 off too im so happy

>> No.10345574

Take it to the feelsthread newfag

>> No.10345575

“f*g”??? EXCUSE YOU?

>> No.10345576

fuck off retard

>> No.10345577

Don’t be ableist!

>> No.10345610

This is it this is the funniest post

>> No.10345642
File: 393 KB, 828x941, 5D070A7B-8EF0-4178-99F4-E93178BAC860.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Looks like cotton gulls, lets hope

>> No.10345643

I really hope it’s poly so I don’t have to worry about fading. I wear my pieces regularly so I wash them regularly too and cotton fades like a bitch.

>> No.10345645

you misspelled fag

>> No.10345647

are you blind?

>> No.10345650

The details are so cute!

>> No.10345669

That's in reference to if you throw it away anon after your years and years of use. It'll degrade in the compost, unlike plastic which just fractures into tinier and tinier pieces. Never degrades.

>> No.10345674

No it doesn't anon.

>> No.10345715
File: 1.18 MB, 1242x1537, 22AB04C4-8893-4420-8BCD-1FADF09DF93E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why tho ? For crafts ?

>> No.10345717

people buy the bags, but even people in japan don't buy this crap.

>> No.10345722

Attach one to an item you're trying to sell and advertise it as nwt maybe?

>> No.10345724

great now i'm going to have to check all the tags on nwt items i buy.

>> No.10345732


Reminds me of people who sell technology product boxes on eBay so people can use them for empty box return scams

>> No.10345754

Great x-mas tree decorations

>> No.10345766

it’s expression looks like my companys sales manager when he realised he ordered 400 pieces of some shit nobody was buying

>> No.10345801
File: 1.65 MB, 750x1334, 7FAA9E9B-7CF6-4A7B-B6CF-7CE670509732.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

JFC what is going on with the Lolita community this week?

>> No.10345809

so many things
>this isn't lolita related at all
>they look like shit
>konpeito molds already exist

>> No.10345812

I only have one AP dress and it's cotton, so I might be wrong, but this definitely doesn't look like cotton to me. Only poly dress I own is AtePie and it's a really thick and nice poly with no print, but this definitely looks more akin to that poly dress than any of my cotton dresses from meta/baby/etc

>> No.10345844

oh snap, you could put it on a replica. yikes.

>> No.10345845

I own both poly AP dresses and AP cotton dresses. This looks like poly. Looks too light/"shiny" for cotton

>> No.10345857

Already confirmed for poly, check the LU post

>> No.10345866

I hang mine on a pin board for decoration around my to-do lists, etc. but I can't imagine buying that many....

>> No.10345870

At least post pics for lolibrarians. It lists more materials and where the item is made. More than we get on the website.

>> No.10345871

VM justreleased the underdresses a few weeks maybe a month or two ago that have a fully shirred bodice. http://v-maiden.ya.shopserve.jp/SHOP/201MOP06.html

They also did some other underdresses last year.

>> No.10345882
File: 24 KB, 533x800, _MG_3789.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The bust isn't shirred, only below it is. It's not a fully shirred bodice.

>> No.10345883


>> No.10345884

I have one of the underdresses and it barely fits though I have a smaller chest than most westerners. The space between the shirring and the top is not enough for western torso length. The full shirring may look better

>> No.10345918 [DELETED] 


Seriously curious what dress it was after this outburst
≥inB4 magic whip

>> No.10345920

Seriously curious about which dress it was after this outburst
>inB4 magic whip

>> No.10345942

I wonder if the person bidding on it wants it to brag about "how much brand they bought" with the tags

>> No.10345966

It’s one of the retards who sperged on replica-chan’s post

>> No.10345969
File: 176 KB, 1000x1000, 1581579066354.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Maybe someone can offer some guidance. Why is leaving lolita so hard?

I don't wear it often enough anymore, but I still get a twinge of happiness looking at my closet. I've downsized a lot already, from 50 main pieces to around 5 (it's insane!!) but even then, I don't feel like I should keep these around just because or "just in case." Also, collecting my pieces was really fun, and coordinating different accessories to make an entirely different look.

I feel sad. I've tried to incorporate lolita elements in my normal wardrobe (like, puff sleeves? I don't know), but it's not the same.

>> No.10345970

For your AP Christmas tree next year.

>> No.10345990

Why did you leave lolita? It sounds like it's still something you really care about.

>> No.10346003

Someone actually just bought it, lol.

>> No.10346010

Fuck it, I'm buying. Currently stuck between the cameo rose or the light grey.
My complexion is similar to Gabrielle Union's. Any gull has advice on which colorway would look best?

>> No.10346054


What kind of info do people want, and how do I contribute them to lolibrary?

I've got so many tags I've been throwing them out, I'd be happy if they can be of use to somebody before I get rid of them. (Not bragging, and anyway some of these actually came from closet child bnwt 10k yen dresses)

>> No.10346072

Name, price, year of release and product number would be good enough. Probably just go on the Lolibrary discord with a photo of your tag.

>> No.10346075

Cameo rose would be gorgeous on you

>> No.10346076

not bragging (brags)

>> No.10346078

I hate to break it to you anon but, unlike polyester, you’re not going to be around in a few centuries.

>> No.10346084


Ah, awesome. I'll get on discord once I get back from my seminar and round up the tags. Thanks for the info.

>> No.10346097

Does anyone know if AP will release those bunnies again?

>> No.10346130

Why did she ask her SS to buy something she's not that into?

>> No.10346131

Why are the ears so weird?

>> No.10346163

It‘s a breed, google scottish fold.

>> No.10346164

guessing by op's pic it was candy sprinkle?

>> No.10346167


Agreed, I have a similar complexion and that's the only color I think would look nice on me of the three

>> No.10346205
File: 197 KB, 1242x1034, 9EDF92B9-CFF5-43D2-A46A-5B5D19AE23CA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The response from the seller was as helpful as not saying anything lol

>> No.10346208

Sounds like you’re fat and mad about it

>> No.10346212

Its poly

>> No.10346223

Yes I am super fat and super mad

>> No.10346225

That's actually super helpful if you know how to do the math. Like whatever this dress is I wouldn't stuff more than 100cm bust into it otherwise it'll end up looking like a sausage roll.

>> No.10346227

Can't help fat AND stupid

>> No.10346229

It's unhelpful because OP asked what the max bust was, as in, once it's stretched, and the seller basically replied "here's the measurements, but it stretches!"
Even just saying it has shirring doesn't help because some shirring has more stretch than others.

>> No.10346230

Calm down fatty

>> No.10346231
File: 156 KB, 720x1280, 5a31cc9bbe20874e2835ca1d1c55a9b3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone know of some black specific lolita and even jfashion communities? I ask because I'm looking for tutorials, advice and such for hair and makeup and asking in general communities like here in cgl or other places gets little to no responses and straight up regular black communities go for more dramatic looks instead of simple toned down ones. Please and thank you.

>> No.10346236

>black only communities

Fuck off racist

>> No.10346237

Questions like this are so retarded. How are they supposed to know that if they aren't hambeasts themselves?

>> No.10346238

Gr8 b8 m8

>> No.10346245

I don't think you read what I was asking for. Black hair is different to work with and following the same tutorials as everyone else doesn't work. Makeup colors are also going to be different because darker shades are going to need different colors than someone that has light skin. Again, I ask for advice in regular communities but don't get responses because obviously, most people who are not black are not going to known what advice to give. Finding a community of mostly blacks is more likely to be beneficial in these regards.

But if you know anon, can you tell me what kind of relaxed, short haired styles can work with lolita? And what would be a good eye shadow pallete for dark skin? The tones I find seem a bit too pink and bright and while I'm willing to try this out, I don't know if I will come off like a clown or go with darker shades? As for lipsticks, I'm done of pale pinks but they pop way too much against my skin. What are some pink pale shades that work?

>> No.10346249

*I'm down for pale pinks.

>> No.10346251

Thanks you both so much! I have mostly prints in my wardrobe, and my only solid colorways are the standard black/white/beige. I get a little hesitant about going out on a limb with new colors.

>> No.10346259

That girl is beautiful, who is she?

>> No.10346262
File: 585 KB, 1280x1912, e06ac1c6-16e9-4c5d-aaed-40bad329a298.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Taratiki17 I found after digging. We have a similar skin tone and while the red lipstick looks great on her, I'm trying to find a pink or coral for myself that would work.

>> No.10346266


>> No.10346286

The western Lolita community is too small to have specific sub groups like that.

I'm usually against race-segregated communities but I can see why it'd be necessary for anything Asian related. Asians are notoriously racist against blacks, no wonder they'd want to avoid that.

>> No.10346288

You’re racist for saying that. There’s a whole western community so this point is void.

>> No.10346289

I’ll say go with a natural look other than using pink/ pastel colors. Even most Japanese can’t pull off those colors without looking like a clown, just go with the natural colors (brown tone), and if you’re a sweet ott lolita you could maybe add those cute heart shape glitter/ sequin around your eye/ on your cheek

>> No.10346301

I don't know about a specific black Lolita community (it probably does exist though), but there's the kawaii black girls and the black girls are kawaii group, you could probably join and ask questions there and get better answers

>> No.10346302

Those glitters look terrible on anyone who doesn’t have a very delicate and cute face to start with. Even most Japanese girls can’t pull it off, how is a negroid supposed to?

>> No.10346307 [DELETED] 

It's really hard to say without knowing your exact skintonw. But sometimes going with subtle shades of orange instead of pink can already help. Otherwise I can't give you much input, since I mostly use light and natural makeup myself. If you're interested in gothic, it's pretty much free real estate. Also save up for Japanese hair straightening instead of relaxer next time.

>> No.10346310

It's really hard to say without knowing your exact skintone. But sometimes going with subtle shades of orange-red instead of pink can already help. Otherwise I can't give you much input, since I mostly use light and natural makeup myself. If you're interested in gothic, it's pretty much free real estate. Also save up for Japanese hair straightening instead of relaxer next time.

>> No.10346312

How is it bait? What if someone was seeking a white or asian specific community? Why is it not racist when it's black people? White people have different skin tones and eye shapes from asian people and therefore have to do their makeup differently as well, but I've never seen anyone ask for a whites-only community.

>> No.10346313
File: 124 KB, 720x960, 31A34F1E-D23E-4CB0-B99E-68EF44C64F57.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No one is telling you to put a ton, maybe just one or two. Again that’s for ott sweet, in any other case just go with natural look

>> No.10346315

it's bait but I don't see how it's racist to ask for that when black girls have hair and complexions that are different than white people and asian people. That's like calling someone racist for buying a black beauty magazine.

>> No.10346316

Fuck off with your bait. If it's not bait then use your head. If a specific race has specific beauty problems that don't apply to any other race, it's fine if they make a seperate group. No one cares.

>> No.10346317
File: 20 KB, 236x479, c8f8791c92c4bd400792c4531eee59c1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I see, I see. I'm on the classic and country side of lolita so toned down and natural is best, but the outfit I have is on the cream and pink shades. In other lolita I saw that they usually use pinks to match or deep reds. My lips are big enough as they are, I want them not to be the main focus of my face ha.
Nice, good idea, I'll check them out thanks!
I've seen a bit of stuff on japanese straighteners and wanted to give it a shot but don't know how it affects black hair. And if my hair is already relaxed, would it thin it out even more? Thanks for the ideas!
I don't care about the racism itself, that just comes with being dark skinned in nearly every community (no matter the race, I see dark Asians get hate too). My only goal is just to get proper tips for hair and makeup, otherwise all other communities are good for other advice that wouldn't be race specific.

>> No.10346318

I'm racist for pointing out racism... ok. The western community is still full of asians among the white people, so my point stands.

>> No.10346319

I think what you have in picture is great! You can def try a pink lipstick but maybe don’t go too aggressive on the pink. Lolita itself as a style is eye catching enough so a good natural makeup will balance it out really well without looking costume-like.

>> No.10346321

It’s not b8, black people cry muh racism to get away with being the most racist towards everyone else. If there was a white only kawaii/lolita community everyone would lose their fucking minds

>> No.10346322

Asian specific communities are unnecessary because it's a fashion based in Asia already. And Asians hold whites on a pedestal, so there's no reason for them to self segregate. Why do white people feel the need to whine about everything that doesn't involve them?

>> No.10346324

Because whites don't face oppression or racism from the dominate group, so a whites-only group would be unnecessary and racist. Stop willfully being a retard

>> No.10346325

Cry moar whitey

>> No.10346327

So it is about "muh oppression" and not actually about the fact that blacks have different hair and skintones? Keep moving goalposts retards.

>> No.10346329

Just to add, IDC if black people have their own communities, I just find it hypocritical that they'd whine racism if literally any other race did the same thing to them.

>> No.10346330

I'm not OP so my reasoning may be different than hers. Not all POC are a hivemind, racist retard.

>> No.10346331

No, not any other race. White people specifically. A Latino kawaii/lolita group would make just as much sense as a black one for the same reasons (dark skin/racism from Asians)

>> No.10346332


>> No.10346333

You already got your answer, recognized that you got your answer (>>1034632. "blacks have different hair and skintones") and now you just want to whine about blacks. We get it, now fuck off.

>> No.10346334

>not all POC are a hive mind

Not all Asians are racist, retard. Have some sense.

Honestly at this point whites are more oppressed by blacks. If you so much as breathe at a black person wrong and you’re white your world is destroyed. Braids taught to you by your german heritage? Muh appropriation! Hell, even having a tan is seen as racist now. Fucking Kim K, a mixed woman, got shat on by blacks for tanning.

>> No.10346335

Oh my god are you one of those idiots who actually believes that white people were ever oppressed

>> No.10346336

>Honestly at this point whites are more oppressed by blacks.
troll confirmed

>> No.10346337


>> No.10346338

Yeah we get it, you're a /pol/tard. Now piss off.

>> No.10346342

I’m not. But it’s disgusting for black people to act like a victim and bask in it all the time. A mixed woman being shamed for being tan because she’s part white shouldn’t be a thing, but because of blacks and their oppressionolympics it’s sadly common

>> No.10346344
File: 714 KB, 1280x1707, 0bab7fd3-99de-41dc-9039-8ac174496cf0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I WISH these pictures were me. No, these are just inspo pics I collected. >>10346329
To be honest, I feel like i see more white people get upset about white-only communities than black people and black people wanting to go back to segregation. Like another anon said, we're not a hive mind and neither are white people.

I just want help with my naps and other races don't know much about it. If they did, I would not be seeking a black community.

>> No.10346345

lose some weight retard

>> No.10346347

Absolutely it a chance. It works on black hair too and gives much better results than relaxer and leaves your hair in a much better condition too. I'm mixed but still had very thick kinky hair and it did wonders and literally changed my life, though I did it on completely unrelaxed hair. My hairdresser advices to completely grow out your relaxed hair first because the products he uses work poorly on it. Though it's best to find your hairdresser of choice who is educated on japanese hair straightening/thermal reconditioning (they actually have to study it and get a certificate for it, so look out for that) and just ask them.

>> No.10346348

Stop detailing the thread by feeding the obvious troll. Ignore them or better yet, report. Black hair and makeup anon, take it to the hair and makeup thread, it’s better suited for your question.

>> No.10346352

Actually I have several times but it gets ignored. Hence why I came here seeking communities anyone might have come across because this is a commumity thread. But sadly it got derailed, partially my fault for continuing talk about hair and makeup (I got excited people were actually giving tips) and the troll. That one anon mentioned a community so I'll look there and go back to lurking silently here.

>> No.10346353

a person can have big breasts while being skinny, flat chested retard

>> No.10346355 [DELETED] 

Typical nigger entitlement.

>I asked and didn’t get it how I wanted so now I’m going to go where it’s not wanted and ask about it until I get it

>> No.10346357

Also try lolcow's /g board! They are currently mostly inactive, but there are a few black hair and make-up threads too. You can ask on the /ot board too, I know quite a few black anons are lurking there.

>> No.10346360

Keep telling yourself that cowtits-anon.

>> No.10346364

you are so mad that your bf loves to watch porn of girls with big tits and wish it was you, huh?

>> No.10346386

>assuming that anon isn't lesbian and cares about mens' opinions

>> No.10346396

This >>10346386 . Your multi thread butthurt is just hilarious.

>> No.10346475

The item number can help identify what item it is, and the useful info is the list of materials and country it was made in. Everything else is most likely on the entry already.

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