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Remember, this thread is for stupid questions about J FASHION ONLY If you need cosplay help, go to the cosplay help thread

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Was an idiot years ago when I first got into lolita fashion, I have been absent from the fashion for a long time and still have my old taobao purchases. What is the likelihood that my good-conditon used items will get bought for a low price if I list them on LM?

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It's pretty hit-or-miss. If you get lucky you've got a dress someone was looking very hard for and they'll pay pretty close to retail.

Far more likely you've got one of few hundred less hyped up dresses and people just gloss over your listing and then proceed to buy from one of the taobao resellers though.

Might be a good idea to "promote" your listing in as many places as possible -- your own comm/swap meets, facebook, BST, etc etc.

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If you start them out really low and promote your sales everywhere, then they'll get bought.

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How do I correctly fold a lolita cage skirt? I try to follow guides for bigger ones and the bottom ring still ends up with a wavy dent towars inside on one side.

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Anything will be bought if it is cheap enough. For most taobao that would be like $20 or less.

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people always say that you should not wear a dress that does not fit you so would it be ok to buy two of the same dress to put together to make it fit you?

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People get angry about altering like that too. Ignore those people

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it looks like shit when you do that though. unless the seamstress is very skilled it never looks like the original dress was intended to.

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if its a border print on the skirt its definitely the only way to try to alter it and make it seems symmetrical
Im just asking since I usually see people just add panels of fabric in another color and not just getting another one to match the fabric

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well that's mainly what i was saying. desu i think a border print with complimentary fabric done with 4 seams in an x shape instead of down the sides looks better than with a print.

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What SS can I use to shop from Mercari? I always use FromJapan to get things from YJA or fril but iirc they don't work with Mercari.

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I use Japonica, they tend to be hit or miss in terms of bid times (sometimes it takes a while) but they're good overall. I've also used Buyee but it took them a long time to bid.

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seconding japonica, they've been dealing with my bullshit for over 2 years now

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Im looking for an art with lolita evolution on it. It was actually 2 pics, sweet and Gothic with coord examples from oldschool till ~2015

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Is this true?

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I just got a used JSK in the mail but the side zip is kinda janked. The teeth are only attached to one side of the pull, like a hoodie would be. I don't know how I'd fix it, because the top stoppers are plastic and don't seem to be removable. Can I do something to fix it myself, or should I just take it to a tailor? I tried bending the side of the pull open more with pliers so I could fit the other teeth in but that didn't work.

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You going to have to take it to a tailor and get it replaced. Did the listing said the zipper was broken?

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tis bad luck to kill a sea bird

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I got it off ClosetChild but there wasn't any indication that the zipper was broken. It zipped up fine initially as I was trying it on, it seemed like weirdly tilted to an angle very slightly thoug. As I was zipping it up to put in my closet it separated completely.

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Cotton Cady Feet shoes, how is the quality? Are their prices in USD?
I see them re-sold very often on LM and I remembered that some anon once complained about their quality which kept me from buying. Their designs and colours are cute.

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Don’t buy them. The quality sucks and unless you live in Brazil you’ll be paying at least $30 in shipping for shit shoes. Save your money and buy other shoes.

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It's only talked about at all because their PR campaigning has been on going for years now, in CoF, Rfflechat, Youtubers.
The trite holo shoe trend they tried to force has to have been the most offensive though.

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I think they’re great! Better quality than body line or Ataina and I’ve got size 9 1/2 feet so I can’t fit in brand shoes. This is all assuming you’re a sweet lolita. Their quality is good compared to most lolita shoes and for sweet Lolita you need lolita specific shoes, but if youre classic or Gothic you can get away wearing normie brands and could probably find better quality.

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I’ve managed to sell all my Taobao blouses for nearly retail at swap meets. Main pieces have been a lot harder to get rid of though, especially in smaller sizes. If you price them low enough they will be bought eventually, but price them TOO low and people will be suspicious of undisclosed damages. One thing that’s really helped me is advertising in my local general Jfashion and “kawaii fashion lovers unite desu~” type of groups because those tend to be populated with people who are looking for bargains and are less concerned with quality.

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Why do I always have the feeling that fluffykawaiijo only does her YT to become an influencer and gets super salty when her growth is not as she planned it to be?
It seems like her whole concept of everybody can be kawaii is only in place so that she can get a larger following of large and ugly girls and boys to get more famous. Is it stupid to think that and should I be thankful for every lolita content on YT?

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I’m not sure how to coord with skirts. I just got a couple recently but i mostly wear jumperskirts and ops

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Do you own any cutsews or blouses that actually look good with skirts? Often if you're used to OPs and JSKs you've never had to consider the waistline of a blouse/how fitted it is and whether it's a good length to either tuck in or sit over the skirt waistband, and so you can actually end up needing to buy different blouses or being more creative with jackets/cardigans etc to make an outfit look right.

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I have mixed feelings about her. Sometimes I feel like she’s an efame try-hard, and she has attracted a following of itas and lolitas at heart, but I do enjoy some of her content. I think her earlier coord with me videos can be helpful for people to get the hang of coording and even as an experienced lolita it’s fun to see another’s process. But the ones she posts nowadays she spends the entire time just getting compliments from itas that worship her and it takes two hours and makes some ugly coords. I enjoy having any new lolita content, though, and I like it when she films at some of the European meets and conventions because I’m curious what they’re like. I think it’s a tough line to walk to actually seek an audience and trying to use click bait and buzz words so YT’s algorithm doesn’t bury you but not come off like you’re trying too hard. I think sometimes she misses the mark

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Seconding cutsews, and blouses where the edges are frilled - pic related, the frills usually cover the waistline so if you have muffin top or a fully elastic waistband these will still look good. If it's a high-waisted skirt you can still tuck the blouse into the skirt.

For white shirts, wear a skin-tone cami underneath it, it's near-impossible to find white tops that aren't slightly sheer. You can also try pink or red cami, apparently people say the tones work, I've only done skintone.

I'm also going to add, if you have a lot of difficulties balancing the colours, or wrapping your head around issues with skirts, consider buying a vest or bustier that matches the skirt. Then you can treat the skirt+vest together and coord it exactly like a jsk (switching jsk, if that helps your brain). When you get tired of always coording with the vest/bustier, wear it with a blouse or buy another vest/bustier and get a new look out of it. Most of the burandos have past release bustiers/vests floating around secondhand, if you need them in a custom colour F+F can probably put together a decent one.

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Weird, I only heard about this film yesterday. Then, this image pops up.

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I don't like her at all. It's not only her ugly face but her attitude makes me angry. I watched the video where she was complaining that she only sold 5 tacky dresses with her brand or the one where she wanted money for her videos because she is investing thousands of € in her channel and now her subscribers should compensate her for that.
She is not kawaii and so is her attitude!

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lol it’s not that weird, Kamikaze Girls references are ubiquitous in lolita communities.

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Is she still relevant?

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That's not a broken zipper, just pull it down and back up again. Don't be so careless zipping things up, you have to hold the sides together when you zip invisible zippers because they are easily misaligned or jammed with fabric

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I'm looking for high quality lace-up stockings but all google offers me are shitty fetish aliexpress ones. Do high quality lace up stockings even exist?
Something like this but as actual stockings would be ideal, but I'd also take something with lace just at the top or at the sides. Pls tell me something like this even exists

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What are the chances of a holy lantern release this year?

Trying to figure out when I should set some coin aside

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im a little pudgy 86cm waist and although the skirts i bought have a ton of room for the waist, it looks sad on me and im short too. they fit but i just dont think i look good in them. i dont own any cutsews but ill buy some soon to see how they look with the skirts
i have a bit of a muffin top and my height doesnt help much. i like the vest idea i think it would look cute. i mostly get stuff from taobao but ill look at f+f too ive always heard great things about them

thank you two for the kind advice

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The other row of teeth had come out of the pull completely.

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Don’t give advice if you don’t know what you’re talking about, moron

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did it come to you zipped up?

>> No.10344350

Yeah, I'm pretty sure.

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Are there any artists/brands that sell cute prints on tshirts similar to what you'd find on older cutsews? I'm thinking along the lines of Putumayo

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This might be better suited to the Taobao thread, but as it is a stupid question I'm asking it here: What's up with Taobao? How do you access it right now? It blocks me from looking at pretty much anything and asks me to either downoad the app or login, neither of which I want to do.
How do I access!!!

>> No.10344420

Just make an account and if you have ad blockers you cant see any items

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What is the difference between lolita and prairie?

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I know this is the stupid questions thread but this has got to be bait. No one is this dumb.

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I find my blouses tend to sell at retail (taobao) but main pieces don't sell for retail and i have to cut back the price a lot. It might be different if you're a larger girl, though, since taobao is more sought out in that market i think.

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You have to sign up for an account and disable ad blockers

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I'd say the quality of the shoe itself is alright, about the same as Bodyline. The sizing is a pain in the ass, you'll typically have to get a size or two bigger than what you actually wear. They're not worth the price at all, but if you can find them second hand for $30 then they're reasonable

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>she was complaining that she only sold 5 tacky dresses with her brand
>she wanted money for her videos because she is investing thousands of € in her channel and now her subscribers should compensate her for that

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I suck at color coordination and mostly just stick to black because of it. A while back I saw an anon talk about color matching 101 in a thread, something like "match your lace to your blouse, your JSK's accents to your purse" and so on (just pulling examples out of my ass here). Does anyone have a list of more examples of which parts of your coord should match which other parts' colors, or would be willing to write some examples up?

>> No.10344568

It's not that there are specific parts that should match, it's more about having a main color with one or two accent colors and keeping them in proportion

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>I suck at color coordination and mostly just stick to black because of it. A while back I saw an anon talk about color matching 101 in a thread, something like "match your lace to your blouse, your JSK's accents to your purse" and so on (just pulling examples out of my ass here). Does anyone have a list of more examples of which parts of your coord should match which other parts' colors, or would be willing to write some examples up?
I wish.The best I can offer you is to consider color blocking (look into the concept in you're unfamiliar)

>> No.10344587

sounds like you're too fat for that dress

>> No.10344588

the main points of matching in lolita is to bring out either the primary or secondary color(s) usually with complementary ones already in the main piece or to use a different color that compliments the main piece. it's a little more fine tuned than matching normie clothes, but you definitely don't need to match specific parts to others. try looking at a set and then figuring out why it goes together. what style do you wear?

color blocking doesn't look that good in lolita, especially if you're unfamiliar with matching complementary colors...

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One is a fashion and one is a biome

>> No.10344645

I'm like 7 cm below the minimum measurements but alright

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On the topic of shoes, would you say Angelic Imprint is good/better than CCF quality?

>> No.10344649

I think they are the same

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Why are you being such a spaz? I get misaligned zippers occasionally when I'm careless and fix them. How was I supposed to know they actually ripped it apart like
>>10344224? I've fixed one of these a long time ago but had to seam rip, cut the zipper bottom off, and resew it using backstitching to create a new stop.

Someone so rude shouldn't get help but I'm feeling generous since zippers are such an easy fix

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Are there any shops on etsy that make custom-sized wristcuffs for very small wrists?
Every pair of wristcuffs I've ever bought just fall down my arm when I lift it. This includes AP and BTSSB wristcuffs as well as Bodyline. I bought a pair from etsy telling the seller I had small wrists and even those were too big. Not sure where I can get wristcuffs from or if I should just stick to bracelets instead

>> No.10344659

AP >>>> CCF

>> No.10344660

I have small wrists and I like the wrist cuffs from peacockalorum. She's done extra small ones for me in the past so it might be worth messaging her about it if you want to make sure they fit.

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check out kaho_honey and risa mehmet on ig. there's also this one japanese artist that draws old school lolitas with assault rifles and bats. their style is actually the most reminiscent of old edgy putumayo, but I can't remember the username for the life of me. maybe someone else can chime in and help? pic related is their art I believe.

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zippers aren't an "easy fix" anon, they're fucking annoying, and what you suggested doesn't work with invisible zippers since most of them have atleast 2cm of track hidden and don't even utilize the stop.

>> No.10344677

Onlyfrillsandhorsrs is a handmade oldscooler and she’s starting her own brand RR Memorandum. Check out the insta @r.r.memorandum

She’s still in the early stages but she posted a pic of a sample cutsew and it looks like what you’re talking about

>> No.10344678

If you can sew or know someone who does, they can tighten the elastic for you so your cuffs are smaller.

>> No.10344680

>https://www.instagram.com/bikeidaisuki/ ?

>> No.10344681

If you don't get that lolita dress zippers are actual ass despite how you fit into it, you might be a roleplayer

>> No.10344682

I don't have any pairs from CCF to compare to but my Angelic Imprint shoes have been much more comfortable and durable than expected. I definitely recommend them.

>> No.10344683

yes, that's it! thanks, anon

>> No.10344704

Zipper anon here, I managed to pry the top stopper off and the zipper is fine now. Have a good one gulls

>> No.10344725

Unfortunately I already follow both of them and they don't really sell shirts. Thanks though

>> No.10344727

Kaho and Risa both sell shirts

>> No.10344739

I got a pair of teaparties second hand and they broke after the first wear. The other pair I have I've worn 20 times without significant damage. Are the newer releases better quality?

>> No.10344747

I checked Kaho's shop and only saw one and couldn't find anything for Risa. Can you post a link please?

>> No.10344749

Any suggestions that are more cute than edgy? I like the artists posted so far but they're a little more on the dark side than what I had in mind

>> No.10344750

Risa currently has two t-shirts listed, but they're both past their reservation dates.

>> No.10344753

Thank you for the hand holding lmao

>> No.10344754

they were 2nd hand...

>> No.10344755

They were in new condition when i got them. The material feels different from my other pair also.

>> No.10344767

Only buy from CCF if you have no other options. While I appreciate their size range and design options, you can get better quality from both Antaina and Angelic Imprint and Sosic Shop in terms of size consistency and material texture/thickness. I have had shoes from most sweet lolita brands that offer size 43, and CCF is now my last choice for new shoes. The Chinese stores put pop-buckles on theirs, while CCF has a standard buckle. CCF also has a very poor tread on the sole. The material is thin and wrinkles easily. Sure, they're cute, but they won't last you a long time.

>> No.10344769

Idk how I missed this reply but thank you, that's super cute! I'll keep an eye out for updates

>> No.10344892

How do you buy from fril? Just use an agent?

>> No.10344895

>How was I supposed to know they actually ripped it apart
By reading their post properly.

>> No.10344896

Yes, you’ll need a shopping service.

>> No.10344898

Thanks, what would be the best/most reliable/cheapest agent? I almost tried whiterabbit but I remember the item that I chose being 7,000 yen but whiterabbit “Converting” the item price to 100$$$ unless if that’s w the service fee included

>> No.10344928

Glad to hear, sorry for the illiterate spergs.

>> No.10344931

In the future a (somewhat) easier solution would be to cut out some of the teeth so you can hook the zip back in then stitch above the missing teeth to shorten the zip and stop it from pulling off again.

>> No.10344997

Where's the best place to buy new teaparty shoes that will last the longest?

>> No.10345026

Thanks for your input guys. I just want a pair of yellow shoes and I hoped CCF would be my solution. Maybe I will do more research.

>> No.10345031

buy a white pair from taobao and paint them yellow with angelus shoe paint.

>> No.10345035


I noticed much of her stuff is handmade! She's my favorite regularly posting preschooler on insta at the moment (I don't seek a lot out but follow the tag and she appears a lot). Her face and hair is super plain in a cute way that works well with old school I think.

>> No.10345097

Are there any brands that make clothes like Liz Lisa but better quality? I have a few pieces from them and they started pilling very quickly

>> No.10345118

how do you wear ap hair combs?

>> No.10345125

Antaina and Angelic Imprint can make their shoes in yellow. You can tell a shopping service what style, size, and color you want, and they'll ask the stores to make them.

>> No.10345164

Tenshi or Muuh if you’re looking for an individual person, Japonica or Zenmarket otherwise.

>> No.10345166

put them in your hair

>> No.10345171

you usually wear them at the base of hair that you've put up. so like pigtails or buns or whatever.

what's the best way to wash light colored fake leather?

>> No.10345274

Wipe it down. You can’t put fake leather in the wash.

>> No.10345467

thanks a bunch, zen market looks promising but everytime i post a fril url on zenmarket it keeps saying that "This item is blocked by our system because we had negative experience (refusal to work with us as a proxy, fraud etc.) dealing with the seller." i've tried multiple items............what

>> No.10345469

It's because some people on fril don't want to sell to zenmarket

>> No.10345471

Don't buy teaparty shoes, they are fu

>> No.10345652

Would a replica of a Taobao dress be about the same quality as the real one...? Since it's Taobao and all? There's a To Alice dress I want but it only seems to available in replica form

>> No.10345653

which dress is it?

>> No.10345655

no, it will be much worse quality. to alice quality isn't great but there's even cheaper shit out there

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This one

Oh, damn.

>> No.10345719

darn i was hoping it was an older piece i had of theirs. my fiance is from hong kong and they had a small store in the laforet there so he bought me a bunch of stuff on the cheap like 4 or 5 years ago.

>> No.10346232

How would I dress up my otherwise non-j-fash bf in simpler aristo (or ouji I guess, but I think that'd be too "boyish" to suit him) with items I could get within the US? Like, what items or details in clothes should I be looking for? And is there any way to forego a jacket? Of the few suitable outfits I've seen they all seem to have jackets and it is going to be really hot where we're going to be.

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When it comes to buying stockings, I keep finding measuremennts on length and not width. I'm worried I'm going to buy some and they are not going to be able to go up my thighs. What advice and tips do you have when buying stockings online?
For frame of refrence, the thickest part of my thighs are 60cm around and my hips are are about 103cm

>> No.10346243

Stupid newbie here- and I have a few questions.

Plus size ouji- does it exist and can I be a fat prince?

Where can I find good fabric for attempting to make my own garments?

I finally learned the different between bad lace and good lace, but what about decent fabrics and patterns? Where can I get those?

>> No.10346244

Buy from plus size brands like Violet Fane and KOMACHI2266531DarkLolita. I'm not plus size but I have printed tights from them that can stretch much better than my tights from Grimoire.

>> No.10346246

So your leg is like my waist...

>> No.10346252

I just got a BTSSB dress that is dry clean only. Do I need to give the dry cleaners special instructions? Place a certain type of order? Or will they just know how to treat it? What do you guys tell the dry cleaner?

>> No.10346254

I just put it in the washing machine on delicate cycle if it says dry clean only

>> No.10346255

I just tell them what type of fabric it is and that print can run out from.water (i know its DRY cleaning, but it may be important for choosing chemicals)

>> No.10346256

I believe most of the Japanese clothes has dry only label but actually you can wash them by hand (very gently)

>> No.10346258

Thanks! I just checked these place out and will keep them in my bookmarks. I'm currently on the hunt for white and gold stockings. Found a perfect pair but christ, no matter how much weight I lose, my thighs won't shrink.
Yea it sucks. The rest of my legs are smaller and its just these stupid thighs that won't fuck off.

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File: 63 KB, 1000x1000, rBVaR1sXs2yAOvWqAAWfQWdrlOg878.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is there a name for these types of bags? Is there any online stores I can order one from?

>> No.10346455

It's a fanny pack. Most fast fashion stores will have them, but they're going out of style again now. They were worn around the hips in the 90s, but this is the zoomer way to wear them. It's not j-fashion in the slightest.

>> No.10346456


>> No.10346458

it's very popular in kfash right now. slightly different from fanny packs

kfash shops

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File: 115 KB, 640x1024, tumblr_lmznouT4sk1qkx97qo1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anyone else struggle with western hairstylists? I don't go very often because they mess up every time lmao. Although I kinda get it since those poor ladies have probably never seen a vk haircut before in their careers. Tried cutting layers in myself and messed up pretty badly.

>> No.10346477

go to an asian salon

>> No.10346506

>Jin from Screw

Great taste. Also, i agree with the other anon. Asian salons would do you the best justice.

>> No.10346509

They aren't different than fanny packs. They're literally fanny packs just version 2.0, and they're a western trend that got brought over to k-pop which is why they show up in Korean fashion at all. They came back in style a couple of years ago, and that's been long enough that they're starting to fade away again.

>> No.10346686

You...pretty much can't manage that. The details are what makes an aristocrat/ouji outfit not just "formal menswear", and those details are missing from most of what's available in Western stores. You're better to just have him wear something smart.

Yes, if you're intending to make your own clothes it's possible to do plus-size ouji but likely you will need to learn at least some basic pattern modification or drafting. There are patterns available in Otome no Sewing that are suitable for ouji but they are not plus size, so you're best to look for a close-enough commercial pattern and then also at the pattern shapes for ouji (you can probably look at scans rather than buying full volumes of OnS) to make the modifications. Fabric/pattern shopping recommendations will vary based on your location. Are there any fabric markets or stores where you live, and what country are you in? Have you looked online?

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File: 106 KB, 750x750, 3E126A71-976D-4911-88D5-BE334D94D318.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

does anybody have synthetic wig recommendations for near daily wear? I can style one pretty decently, but have sold every single one I've ever owned either because they didn't hold up over time, were too artificial looking, got tangled and made me look like a mess as soon as I got out of the house or didn't look right with lolita. looking for something similar to pic related in terms of quality, would appreciate any suggestions!

>> No.10346703

Her wig game is so strong

>> No.10346898

Who are the most well known scalpers on Lacemarket? I know about gemgem87 and cherry_sp, but I’d like to know more so I can avoid them.

>> No.10346917


Rainies (Raines?) Is one referenced a lot. Sunnyrnot is also one who scalps kumyas especially. Twinklejewel resells overpriced bodyline similar to cherry_sp, and Kokoro does the same with taobao and also sells brand for a good bit above market value too and was talked about in one thread being really rude. SoapboxSiren is a huge scalper with annoying repetitive aliexpress tier listing titles. There may be more.

>> No.10346984
File: 605 KB, 750x1000, 53B44A59-B05B-40C0-86FC-99773FFFAC9E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

hat is the name of the fashion that focuses on school uniforms? I tried googling, apparently I’m a dumb baby and can’t find it.

>> No.10346985


>> No.10346991

It's nanchatte, hope this helps!

>> No.10347011

YES!! Thank you!!

>> No.10347015

glockx009? Sells literally garbage taobao dresses for $100ish, like, come on

>> No.10347017

You need to buy a real wig, from a place like wigtypes or glamourtress. No wig from any lolita shop will be sturdy enough or natural looking enough to survive extensive wear or styling.

>> No.10347045

Some taobao brands make custom sized ouji

>> No.10347051

Does anyone have suggestions for backpacks, rolling suitcases or larger bags that would suite classic and gothic? I know killstar has that coffin suitcase and backpack but I’m not finding much else right now.

>> No.10347058

I always thought the liz lisa luggage LP had a bit of a classic feel. Except it’s only available during LP season.

>> No.10347092
File: 104 KB, 280x373, Daydream Carnival Special Set.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I see there's no price check thread so I guess I'll ask here; but how much would Day Dream Carnival special set in Twilight be worth if I sell it? I'm thinking about it and I see old prices but I don't know if that's reasonable now.

>> No.10347097
File: 298 KB, 500x600, 711bda15-2346-4b16-bb53-2497479a8de2.jpeg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What's the size of AP tights?
I'm assuming they run very small.

>> No.10347113

lmao are you a retard? you can buy it 2nd hand. anon wouldn't buy the entire lucky bag anyway wtf is she going to do with liz lisa clothes?

>> No.10347115

A tapestry-fabric backpack or rolling luggage would be an excellent choice for classic, and Restyle has a few backpacks in stock for gothic.

>> No.10347116

What are you being so aggressive for? Chill.

>> No.10347128


this person constantly does that and it's annoying af. "retarded" and "lmao" stopped being used in 2010, please keep up with the times

>> No.10347136

Thanks for the suggestion anon, I didn’t think I liked pink but a lot of those Liz Lisa suitcases are pretty cute
The term tapestry brought up some nice options for classic, thanks

>> No.10347148

I fit into them at 205 lbs. they looked like distorted shit but they weren’t uncomfortable.
The only ones i don’t recommend are the disney collab ones because that shit was sandpaper trash

>> No.10347183

I’m 5’7” and the tops come only halfway up my butt. If you’re ok walking around while secretly dying inside because they’re falling off, then go for it

>> No.10347325

They generally go around 240

>> No.10347335

>this person
Sorry you got called out.

You have to admit anon was stupid to say that you have to wait till lucky pack season to buy a suitcase, especially since the suitcases are full of clothes. What diid she expect the OP was going to do with all the clothes?

>> No.10347356

I seen a lot of lolitas have blogs and was wondering what platform is a good one to start on?
Since lj is pretty much dead I didnt see a point on bringing back my old lj and wanted to move to a new place

>> No.10347361

Why not wear shapewear or bloomers to hold them up

>> No.10347362

This isn’t true, especially with retarded. You see people using it every thread. You need to adjust to anonymous culture if you think a single person is responsible.

>> No.10347363
File: 525 KB, 1242x1545, B09A5ACD-653D-4903-9E49-C8E33DFAF15B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10347370

I mean I do but even max stretched they only come half way up. I don’t mean they literally fall off of me, it just constantly feels that way

>> No.10347372

Rly hope that’s a typo

>> No.10347375

It’s not, look at some of her other listings. $420 for a Petit Patisserie OP and socks.

>> No.10347377

What the fuck is that price??

>> No.10347379

I know this is a meme response but you could try losing some weight? I’m not even a full inch shorter than you and I don’t have this problem at all. They sit at my hips properly and don’t fall down. I’m not even particularly thin.

>> No.10347380
File: 314 KB, 750x727, 3D0937F1-F2E2-43C3-BCE9-0AEDF8B9F1DD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And this degenerate too

>> No.10347381

That’s not nearly as scalped as >>10347363. Those come out to $10 per piece which isn’t unreasonable for those star clips.

>> No.10347392

This, I also checked her profile and it says she makes them. They're also the only listings she has up. >>10347363 is a scalper though, she's trying to sell a plain OP for $500

>> No.10347394

Are you for real? Those types of clips regularly go for that much.

>> No.10347397

nayrt but I like to think that it's always the same grumpy anon yelling retarded at everyone even if it isn't true lol

>> No.10347398

That’s delusional

>> No.10347399 [DELETED] 

R slur has been mainstream out like for at least 5 years in the USA, even when a shitty gym teacher dropped in high school in 2008 students bitched to staff, that was way before woke culture.

Also maybe just like...curate your language to be respectful and drop slurs idkkkkkk

>inb4 this is 4chan
>no shit

>> No.10347401

So is asking $60 for plastic bracelets but here we are living in this reality, anything is possible

>> No.10347402 [DELETED] 

Gr8 b8 retard

>> No.10347404

You can’t really compare scalping to your own delusions of thinking everyone on this board that uses one word is the same

>> No.10347434

It mostly is. She always uses it and other cgl terms completely out of context too. I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed.

>> No.10347435

No it isn’t

>> No.10347443

The thing is that you always go overbroad with it and your aggression like an actual medical autist who doesn't know nuance. Same goes with screeching newfag and lurkmoar at absolutely everyone. The later was literally not used on here in that writing form before you started spamming it. Honestly get a grip and if you have to shitpost everywhere at least stop using vocabulary from 5+ years ago.

>> No.10347488

I’m going to Tokyo in August. People continually warn me it’s gonna be super hot and humid, but I’m from the American south and according to the weather forecast guide it usually doesn’t get above 90F—I’m used to being outside in 90F+ with humidity, walking and doing normal outdoor stuff.
How fucked am I if I want to wear Lolita? I’m staying near Takeshita Dori, which is where I really want to Lolita.

>> No.10347489

From what I understand the climate is very comparable to somewhere like Atlanta so you'd probably be fine if that's what you're used to. I haven't been myself but it seems like everyone saying Tokyo is super hot and humid are like, people from California or New England.

>> No.10347490 [DELETED] 

Maybe you wouldn’t be met with “agreesion” if you didn’t think and insist upon it being one person when it isn’t. I’ve been accused by some autist of “derailing every thread” because I called someone a retard, which is a common word on here. I only visit this site a few times a month.

>> No.10347491

Maybe you wouldn’t be met with “aggression” if you didn’t think and insist upon it being one person when it isn’t. I’ve been accused by some autist of “derailing every thread” because I called someone a retard, which is a common word on here. I only visit this site a few times a month.

>> No.10347496

this. i also say retard and i've been here since 2010.

>> No.10347499

I’ve had something similar happen to me too, some dumbass was encouraging people to report my post saying I’m responsible for trolling in every single thread when I only really go in the generals and brand-specific threads anyway

>> No.10347504

How would you guys suggest editing out a background?

>> No.10347506


>> No.10347510

Lurkmoar has been overused here the past four years at LEAST

>> No.10347514 [DELETED] 

go back to facebook

>> No.10347521

The aggression was refering to the posting, without even getting called out.

Go to the archive and see it for yourself.

>> No.10347522

I’ve been here since before then you retard. I don’t have to go to the archive when I’ve experienced it myself.

>> No.10347523 [DELETED] 

If you're so bothered by it start leading by example instead of whinging. There may have been a drop in retard/newfag usage like a year ago when gulls were calling each other walnuts and newfriends but honestly that shits cringier than anything else I've seen used here.

>> No.10347524

there’s no use in trying to get through to someone who can’t understand the concept of anonymous posting. let them be delusional and think they’re some seekret detective who’s tracking down some omnipresent troll

>> No.10347525

No you weren't. And there you go again.

>> No.10347526

>not understanding you’re getting called a retard because it clearly irrationally upsets you and people are mocking you

This is tiresome. Are you really that self absorbed that you think you know how long any given anon has been on this website?

I know I shouldn’t but this anon is so insanely paranoid about this made up antagonist of theirs that it’s like a car crash.

>> No.10347528

you sound like a schizophrenic

>> No.10347551


>> No.10347553

might be better off trying your hand at sewing elastic around the cut you need after buying. I have never seen these being sold as actual stockings, gomen anon.

>> No.10347556
File: 12 KB, 510x312, retard.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10347564

*samefag with vpn; phone; ms.paint

>> No.10347573

It’s gonna be expensive and crowded af because of the Olympics. You’re going to be walking a lot outside or crammed up against a zillion sweaty people on public transportation, and the air conditioning is weaker. The humidity is higher, as well as the temps (upper 30s last year) and it doesn’t cool off any at night.

>> No.10347608

>tfw ~31C and 80% humidity is actually the average August of the hellish landscape I live in
I’m going late in the month, trying to avoid the largest parts of the rush. I guess I’ll just try to make sure it’s a lightweight outfit?

>> No.10347612

You’re going to get the Kung Flu

>> No.10347630

Better to die a happy weeb than to live as an unfulfilled NEET.

>> No.10347631

Lol the true lolita spirit

>> No.10347698

Go to the drug store while you're there, tons of cooling aids - really neat products we should have here but don't.

>> No.10347722

Ok but I dont want it to look like shit and I'm not sure what to replace the original background with.

>> No.10347765


Oh God I did this one time and gave it up really fast, I also live in a similar climate but you have to keep in mind you're likely to be outside walking around a full day while in Japan. It's easier back home when you can go to a meetup for half a day then come home and properly die in the living room and then be revived by a nice shower.

Yes, lightweight outfits, but I'd also advise a lot of breathable, natural fibres, cotton at minimum, cutsew is king. Cutsew dresses, if you have the summer ones, are also good (the winter ones are made with thicker fabric). Plus, planning your outfit so that you're wearing lolita on days when you don't have to climb a hundred temple steps. If you really need to get both a tea party and temple climb done in one day (or similar), pick a cutsew and pair it with shorts, bring a thin polyester jsk. Then you can throw a jsk over it for the tea party, take the jsk off for the temple climb, thin polyester jsks roll up pretty small (the cotton ones hog a lot of space). You can also pack a handfan and a UV-blocking fold-up brolly/umbrella if you have the space for them in your handbag.

Some other anons have advised a hoop petticoat as it'll be more airy around your legs. It's not something I've tried -- Japan has a lot of small narrow spaces where it's easier to hold down a normal petti than deal with a hoop petti imo, just mentioning this as another option.

I actually saw lolitas in full gear complete in Takeshita Doori in August with wigs and full face makeup so maybe it's just me that's a wuss. Still, I'd go with what's comfy for you to move around in rather than overdress and then have to deal with being tired and not enjoying your trip.

Go with an half-empty suitcase and haul back stuff from closet child. You also do not need to bring water bottles when you're in the city, there's usually a vending machine/kombini around the corner and you can try the weird drinks they have, and they'd be properly cold.

>> No.10347813

No, because the lace would never sit flat like that with those big gaps. It's impossible to get actual lace tights to look like that and sit flat against the leg unless you are literally gluing them on each time and barely bending your legs when you walk so they don't shift around, just think about how much regular tights have to stretch....

>> No.10347940

Thank you for how thorough this was. I plan only on wearing Lolita to Harajuku to fulfill my weeb fantasy, the rest of the time I’m planning on generic pastel J-fashion inspired looks. I might sew a linen OP if I can find a nice fabric, for comfort’s sake.
TY gulls, if I die of heatstroke you can be the first bitches to argue over who gets my burando.

>> No.10348074
File: 66 KB, 1440x495, 1542330386739.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>trying to police what other people do on an underwater basketweaving forum
>trying to control the behavior of other people at all
you might be happier if you concentrate on your own behavior, it's the only thing that you have any real control over.

>> No.10348077

>believing anyone would take that kind of effort and time to prove a point here
nevermind, it's clear that you're delusional.

>> No.10348102

I bought a jsk I really like for $50, but it's too tight in the bust. Is the cost to have a tailor add to the shirring going to be almost as much as the dress itself? I'll just sell it if so

>> No.10348105


>> No.10348109

Anywhere that will do a decent job yes. Though you could get it done for $20 it would probably look like shit

>> No.10348138

I really admire lolita clothes, but I'm ridiculously busty and was previously trying to fill up my wardrobe with mori/otome fashion. I think I should just stick to skirts from the lolita brands if I buy lolita at all, but is anyone else in the same situation? If so, what do you do?

>> No.10348147

A lot of brands do full back shirring so they should fit you fine, especially modern AP

>> No.10348167

I think suggesting skirts only for busty lolitas is a really bad idea. It's harder to find blouses that don't gap due to bust rather than a jsk that will fit tou.

>> No.10348168

Nayrt but stop it, no one cares about your epic trolling.

>> No.10348171

Mori is even more unflattering for large busts than lolita.. Be sure to take your measurements right and really only buy what fits you and you will be fine.

>> No.10348198

how do you decide to sell a piece?

i have an OP i love to death. it's beautiful, but very formal. it's not something I could really wear on a normal day. I've worn it probably 4 or 5 times, and I truly think I've peaked in coording it. it's also a little too big on me.

on the one hand, there are plenty of lolitas who own dresses they don't wear very often. but also that money would be nice, and I don't love the idea of "wasting" it by having it sit around. thoughts?

>> No.10348203

You really don’t have to come u0 with a different coord every time you wear it, by the way. Lolita clothes are still clothes.

>> No.10348208
File: 860 KB, 1920x1080, 1556445059212.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>thinking it's only one person that you've been replying to
that was your first mistake

>> No.10348210

i know that, i often repeat coords i like. but I don't think I can do anything better than what I've done so far, so it doesn't seem super interesting. especially with something OTT, i don't want to repeat the same thing over and over.

>> No.10348211

If you don’t wear it at lease once a year then sell it

>> No.10348212

Nayrt but if you really love it keep it anyway. I’ve coorded dreamy plantiarum every way humanly possible but I’m not selling it ever.

>> No.10348216

This is cheesy, but I literally use the konmarie method. If it doesn't "spark joy" like other pieces, it gets sold. Feels great anon.

>> No.10348240

Can you wear a bolero or a jacket over a one piece??

>> No.10348246

Absolutely not

>> No.10348249

Is it shortsleeved? If so yes to both. Long sleeved yes to jacket. >>10348246 is either LARPing or trolling

>> No.10348253

Its long sleeved, so i'll wear a jacket thanks

>> No.10348289

it doesn't have the kind of sleeves you can wear something over, unfortunately.

>> No.10348294

Hi, I'm the anon who received a pair of AatP mesh socks bought directly from the store with holes in them. I'm not sure if the kind anon who responded to me is still here but no, the holes on mine aren't located near the seams, they're in the middle of the socks. Would it be stupid to contact the brand about it?

>> No.10348299

Yeah, I noticed pretty much all mori models are skinny and rectangle shapes. But I really liked the layering effect and cozy feel, so I've been refining my closet to include frilly/lacy/neutral toned pieces that can cinch at my waist. I figured lolita pieces could be mixed in with that as an alternative look. Proper mori fashion became a no-go when I realized my boobs will hoist loose dresses into a garbage bag cosplay lol.

>> No.10348325

How busty are we talking here

>> No.10348334


>> No.10348367

You're just fat

>> No.10348382
File: 299 KB, 500x600, 184A7FD5-6089-4583-8BC7-2D3F8D563A9D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why are the measurements on AP skirts smaller thank the JSKs ?

A skirt will be like 74-80 cm and some JSKs go up to 100cm ?

>> No.10348388

Skirts look shit on fatties anyway

>> No.10348402


AP made less skirts by the time they get to the jsks getting up into the 100cm range.

>> No.10348404


So much depends on your specific body shape and size, though. I'll try to give some general pointers:

- bust size under 100cm, as in large cup size (above D cup), hourglass shape (difference of ~10in between your bust size and waist size) -- these body shapes generally do best in low-waisted jsk (preferably with adjustable straps), or do a skirt + vest. JSK/vest will visually "cut" your bodice up so it doesn't look like a giant mound between your neck and your waist. Low waist and adjustable straps gives enough fabric to cover your boobs, and low waist also gives you enough to emphasise your waist before getting into the poofy skirt.

- small apple/rectangle body shapes (shoulder width roughly 39cm or under) -- this will fit into most burando's tent dress. Yes you will look like a tent but with a apple/rectangle shape there isn't much of a waist to emphasise anyway, at least you'll look like a kawaii tent.

- bust bigger than 100cm -- you're better off with custom-made or buying secondhand custom from someone else similar to your size. Even if the jsks go up to this size most of them never really look "right".

If you want to buy a brand skirt, I'd suggest doing it purely for the raw material exclusive brand print -- take it apart and put it on a waistband that fits you, or sew it to a matching top.

Also seconding these anons >>10348167 and >>10348171, skirts and mori are terrible for busty gals.

>> No.10348425

This is because even though a dress can stretch up to 100cm doesn't mean it should or it's meant to be worn that way. Shirring isn't meant to be stretched to its limits. The dresses are meant to fit the same size people as the skirts. People just stretch them beyond their means.

Though >>10348402 is right, and a lot of newer AP is made a bit bigger than it used to be, and they don't make as many skirts now, so there is the fact that most skirts are a bit smaller than modern AP dresses, but ultimately, the clothes in each release are all made to be worn by the same person if they please.

>> No.10348475

So as someone who’s slim but with a large bust, I find low waist JSKs look odd because it just accentuates my curves. High waisted JSKs look better IMO because while it may make my body look a bit bigger my limbs are slim enough for anyone who sees me to tell it’s because of the poof if my dress, not that I’m actually fat.

>> No.10348536
File: 137 KB, 603x638, 303BB1E2-F800-4A41-AFC1-7F751080D5EE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

First time buying from closet child. Am I being retarded or is the bust a flat measurement of the garment and the waist the full measurements? I’m a bit confused.

>> No.10348539

Yes. Closetchild does whatever the fuck they feel like at any given moment when measuring their items.

>> No.10348544

you'll have better luck looking up the item

>> No.10348547 [DELETED] 

I haven't been into lolita for years and it's really interesting to see how the fashion has evolved. What are the most coveted pieces right now?

I still remember the days when people would pay out of their asses for Lotta, Melty Chocolate and Vampire Requiem.

>> No.10348548

Even cats tea party fell out of favor because of a MTO. Honey Cake still mildly holds it but the interest is fading with a MTO. The only ones that still go for ~$1000 are two misty sky brilliant colorways, the midnight and daydream versions.

>> No.10348551

Honey cake interest has skyrocketed though, at least from the unrereleased jsk cuts and colors. Midnight misty sky got rereleased so the value dropped too.

>> No.10348564


Yeah, I tried to give very generalised advice, until OP tells us more info about her exact body shape and size it's nearly impossible to cover every possible scenario.

Most jsks aren't cut that deep, low-waisted jsks are often quarter shirred so the bust-to-waist seams are often pretty fixed. This means for girls where their waist is much smaller than their bust the dress waist simply "floats" outside their actual waist -- shirring is not going to pull the seams closer together in front, so the waist usually just floats there.

That's another reason to recommend them to the busty crowd, especially under 100cm there's usually enough fabric to cover the curves in the right places. But I guess you must be a unique case if the dresses really seem to accentuate your curves that much. Anyway without OP chiming in there's not much help to be given either way.

>> No.10348566
File: 507 KB, 738x630, 1570213510809.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

NTA, I'm >>10348138
I'm 111cm when my boobs are properly settled in a bra/corset. Just big enough to give me trouble with most brands. I am admittedly overweight but a couple years ago, before all my stress weight, I was about 94cm. That's still pushing the shirring limits of most brands.

>> No.10348576

Having big boobs doesn't automatically mean a girl is fat, retard

>> No.10348581

NTA but It does when you bust is fucking 120cm.

>> No.10348589

Will Bodyline ever bring back their RH boots or are they died?

>> No.10348598

You can get good rhs options from antaina on taobao if you're willing to go through that process

>> No.10348608
File: 233 KB, 930x1026, 1544406489511.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just got my order from closetchild today and I honestly feel pissed. I ordered a jsk in "A - Like New" condition from them and one of the photos had a teeny tiny pen mark on the bow.
The actual bow in person is a big ink smudge that went all over the place. Looking between this bow and closetchild's photos, I can tell that they overexposed the proof pics, fading out the smudge.
Has anyone else had this happen? I never heard of closetchild being shitty like this before.

>> No.10348619

>You're better to just have him wear something smart.
I was hoping I'd have some options but I guess this will have to do. Thanks anon!

>> No.10348638

Extra dumb question, but is an*tai*na* on Amazon?

>> No.10348699

I haven't had an issue with anything like that, but I bought a dress from CC described as in very good condition. It got here and the shirring was stretched beyond belief, this wasn't shown in the photos or product description at all. I can't even wear it and I don't even want to bother fixing the shirring either. Now I pretty much refuse to buy from them.

>> No.10348704

>recently bought some like-new garments from cc
Now I’m nervous.

>> No.10348705

What arguments can I use against a fatty-chan who thinks replicas are her right since the brands don't cater to her body type?

I've already used the ethical issue of stealing someone else's art but it wasn't enough.

>> No.10348706

Fatty-chans are entitled and delusional, she’s a lost cause. Don’t try and help her.

>> No.10348709
File: 22 KB, 320x240, 80259382-0744-5995-aa95-230fa0059cd7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do you wear colored cutsews with white collars?

>> No.10348714

I've never personally had an issue with CC, but over the years I've stalked them, I find that every now and then there's a batch of listings that's royally fucked up. I remember there was a Sugary Carnival not too long ago that looked like someone pissed on it, but the description said nothing.

So I get the feeling they have normal employees that do a good job documenting the condition of the item, then randomly someone else will have to fill in for them and has no idea what they are doing.

I'm sorry that happened to you though, anon.

>> No.10348718

You can maybe try showing her some creators that do make plus sized lolita, maybe even mention that it will probably fit and look better since they're making the dresses with those sizes in mind? But if she doesn't understand that replicas actively hurt the community, she probably isn't going to listen to anything you say.

>> No.10348721

Thanks, anons! I'll try these and, if she keeps on insisting, I'll just give up.

>> No.10348725

??? like any other cutsew? You put it on.

>> No.10348730

How do you coordinate them?

>> No.10348731

What do you even mean? It varies from piece to piece. They’re very versatile

>> No.10348733


Usually with a skirt. There's a reason they kind of went out of style alongside the skirts.

>> No.10348734

Have you tried minding your own business and not pushing your personal on to other people?

>> No.10348737

I had no idea skirts went out of style, I guess jsks are better profit overall fir companies ?

>> No.10348745


Lack of demand, I'd say. For a long while they'd be the last things to sell out, and their secondhand prices are always so much lower. I'm not really surprised brands decided not to make them if girls don't buy them.

JSKs are more popular because they're easier to coord but still give you a lot of options to change looks. It's a cohesive block that covers 70% of your body so you don't have to worry about your top half not matching your bottom half (or, in this age of chiffon blouses, finding something else to cover with). While at the same time changing your blouse/bolero/shawls/cardi/ will still give you very different looks. Best compromise between easy to coord and easy to change up.

Also helps that it's the cut that's easiest to add a panel of shirring to and not have it look awful, so it's the one that fits most girls of different sizes. Skirts will give you muffin top (fully elastic waists are ugly), OPs with complicated cuts are hard to add shirring to.

>> No.10348760

Have you tried not supporting art theft?

>> No.10348768

there are shoes listed under "antaina", which I haven't ordered personally but I did see one review saying they weren't actually antaina brand. iirc they ship overseas if you just email them with the taobao items you want

>> No.10348769

I have very dark brown, almost black hair, and wanna try a kuro look. Any tips for keeping black headwear from blending in with my hair?

>> No.10348781
File: 40 KB, 326x317, b62c84fe73e8d93e2a932c1dffa80f11.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well, this is an okay development: the other dress I had ordered(I ordered two dresses from cc) turned out to be in perfect condition. The site had it listed as "B" condition but the pictures looked fine so I got it as an impulse buy. So the A turned out B quality, the B was an A.
Balances out I guess. I have some skill with sewing so I can just take apart the bow and resew it to hide the stain. Still don't appreciate this bait and switch from CC tho.

>> No.10348782

This is not a problem if you do literally the bare minimum of styling.

>> No.10348784

There are real problems in the world, I couldn't give less of a fuck about something dumb.

>> No.10348787

Like you being too fat and poor to get a non replica dress?

>> No.10348788

I've never bought a replica, thanks. Pushing your personal morals on other people is immature and unnecessary. Be an adult and ignore people who do things you personally dislike.

>> No.10348799


Is >>10348788 really too fat for replica AND too poor for brand?

That sounds like the worst possible existence honestly, I hope you're able to lose weight at least even if you can't get help being poor.

>> No.10348800

what's the consensus on those metallic star clips? I can't tell if people find them ita or not and I have a star-themed coord I was thinking of getting them for

>> No.10348808

they're 100% fine when they match the coord, so with a star coord no problem. the main issue with them is they are overused, same with the fuzzy stars (which are arguably easier to coord since they're not metallic)

>> No.10348830


Well the obvious answer is wigs, or doing an accent colour (like, headbow with gold trim would make it stand out, or a fascinator/canotier with a contrasting colour flower).

Other than that, try to go with an obvious large hair accessory, like a hat or a headbow -- not a flat headband or small ribbon clips that blend into the outline of your head.

>> No.10348832

95-100cm, particularly on a taller woman, yes you could just have big boobs. 130cm either means implants or fatty in denial.

>> No.10348835

I'm as tall as you can get as a "cis" woman and by no means flat but to be much over 90cm even at this height your tits would have to be ginormous

>> No.10348843

Well, that's exactly whar you're trying to do right now.

I will never support someone who thinks that's stealing is a right when it comes to superfluous things such as dresses, so, no, I will keep my fight against criminals, thank you.

>> No.10348848

>>Not wanting to have to deal with criminals
>>Pushing morals

I feel sorry for you and your comm. I'm sure it must be full of pedos and Nazis and you're just OK with that because you don't want to “push your morals” into them.

>> No.10348857

I have dark hair too and wear all black a lot. I find wearing my hair up can help the overall look not blend together, and generally the headpiece has enough dimension it doesn't fully blend into my hair. Varying textures help with that really.

>> No.10348858

>telling some of the most nosy and drama hungry people on earth to mind their own business

Rip anon

>> No.10348859

Just wash it, the ink will come out

>> No.10348895

Does Japonica buy from reservations? How does it work?

>> No.10348915

You're projecting really hard at this point. It's called being mature and minding my own business.

No one is saying to "support" them. I said "ignore." Hopefully someday you realize your ~fight~ does absolutely nothing and you're the equivalent of a preachy vegan who screeches at meat eaters.

>replica buyers are the same as violent criminals
Replica buyers are on the "criminal" level of torrenters and jaywalkers, not fucking nazis.

>> No.10348963

Can you order from maiden clothing to America or so you need an intermediary?

>> No.10348974
File: 118 KB, 698x698, ghimg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is what a 130cm bust looks like btw
"model wears 4XL"

is right

>> No.10348975


Reservation as in pre-order for an item? Yes, they do. Submit the order as per normal through the form on their website.

They require full payment up front, even if the website you're ordering from doesn't, or even if it's a lottery. The rest of the order goes as normal (except of course, after ordering you have to patiently wait longer for the preorder item to ship out).

>> No.10348976


Is it this site?


>> No.10348982

130cm bust on someone who wears a 38 band size (which is pretty much the end of most standard sizing) would give them a 38L cup size. How many women are walking around with 38L boobs?

>> No.10349119
File: 33 KB, 580x580, 458f82d6b142059e350f0b65300fc618.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Where do I buy pink velvet shoes like this?

>> No.10349173

Does Chocomint still exist?

>> No.10349178


Yeah my bust is 130cm and I'm obese. When I was a size L my bust was 100-110 and I had an 88 waist and 114 hips and was still 50 lbs overweight at 5'1

>> No.10349180


My point there is agreeing that it is highly unlikely that anyone with a 130cm bust is not at least somewhat overweight unless they're super tall or have an abnormally large ribcage.

>> No.10349181

38 band size?? How fucking tall would you have to be for that to not be an obese band size? Most women are 32 or 34 from what I can tell based on not being able to find my fucking sizes on sale (common, sell out fast). Slim women or petite are 28-30

>> No.10349191


36 is the max you could be and not be fat or chubby, and even then only if you were like very tall/large framed for a girl.

36 inches is literally 3 feet around, the vast majority of people aren't that big unless they are carrying a lot of extra weight. The anon pointing out that 130cm is an L cup is a good observation (though people have unrealistic perceptions about average natural breast sizes and many women are mismeasured and really a larger cup size than they think, but the most I've seen anyone have IRL is an H or J and L is still two sizes bigger than that.) The anon with a 130cm bust could be an anomaly but they're almost definitely overweight

>> No.10349194

36 unless you’re 6ft+ is fat

>> No.10349227

there's such thing as wide ribcages, folks

>> No.10349242


..........all this arguing and yet they basically agree there's no chance 130cm bust is not fat

>> No.10349270

i'm fucking 5'10 and have a 30in ribcage. 38 sounds huge

>> No.10349290

go cosplay mode, buy a chest binder

>> No.10349292

I think a minimizer would be better

>> No.10349299
File: 571 KB, 720x1018, 3 Flounces Frill Dress.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does Meta make the cut of their dresses weird?

I'm a fatty-chan and as a treat for meeting my baby step goal, I was going to get one of their plus size dress and blouse. I'm just worried that while it looks like it'll fit me on paper, in RL it'll be weird.

^The dress I'm thinking about getting

>> No.10349300

I'm 5'9" and have a 36 and I'm only 135. I just have a wide af frame and it sucks.

>> No.10349302


They're about as "normal" as it gets, which means they're usually made for average Japanese girls height 160cm, average size, chubby girls will fit fine.

If you're very tall, or very fat, then keep in mind the bodices don't magically get longer, which is where most of the problems will be, either the waists get hiked up to under your boobs or there's not enough fabric to cover your boobs.

If you're very fat beyond just chubby, maxicimam has a seperate plus size category listed on cdjapan that might suit you better.

>> No.10349308

Same as you, mine’s 34” and I’m thin but it’s great if you’re an athlete or singer! Big breaths!

>> No.10349309


not the anon who previously posted but since no one got back to you -- I'd contact them and see what they say. Include proof photos, and do it asap. Worst that can happen is they tell you no refunds, middling result is if they tell you some of their socks are like that. No real loss from just reaching out and asking them about it.

The longer you sit on it the more suspicious you look and the less likely they give you a serious answer, because it starts to look like the socks may have been perfect when you unboxed it, then you damaged it afterwards and now you're angling for a refund. So pretty much, don't sit on problems like these, just message them. Proof photos should show the tags and the little silver clips attached to pristine socks while also showing the holes, if you can.

>> No.10349324

I keep forgetting Maxiciman is a thing
Thank you so much anon!

>> No.10349408

I meant standard as in "not plus sized." I didn't mean to imply that someone wearing that size is thin, just that fit into standard sizing of clothing rather than having to shop at specialty stores. That's all.

>> No.10349425

For old school coords will raschel lace bloomers work or is torchon lace the best choice?

Recommendations for good old school bloomers at a reasonable price would be great too

>> No.10349443

Torchon is more versatile. Meta used raschel but most of the other brands used torchon. Torchon looks much nicer anyway but neither are "wrong" for old school. It all comes down to your own preference.

>> No.10349446
File: 44 KB, 257x300, 8cab808f5a46c65e58ab1e4f55771b59.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Raschel lace has to hang limply like this, it has no body and will drape on whatever you put it down on, instead of sticking out like a stiff piece of plastic. Meta is the only brand that used it, the others -- Bodyline, Marble and Visible, had a tendency to use the cheap plastic raschel lace that stuck out stiffly, don't use that type of raschel.

If you're going offbrand it's something you'd want to pay attention to, because bloomers edged with stiff plastic will be itchy af.

Agreed with torchon being more common and easier to find.

>> No.10349468


I have one Meta JSK I love but I hate that is uses raschel lace because almost everything else I own brand or handmade is torchon lace, which I prefer. I can't even coord it yet despite having a blouse, headdress, and JSK because I am waiting for Meta to release something I like enough to buy along with their raschel lace socks ($30 shipping just for $30 socks is too rich for my blood) so I can have the socks actually match.

Definitely save yourself some trouble and go for torchon lace or be prepared to have a whole separate set of items to be able to match laces on any raschel lace pieces.

Do people ever mix laces the way mixing metals became a trend in mainstream fashion at some point? Is there a tasteful way to mix laces? I own some pieces with different types of lace (ex: a Maxicimam cutsew with tulle and torchon lace) and I generally pick torchon and Match everything to the torchon lace or go with tulle and Match it all to the tulle for each coord rather than mixing and matching.

>> No.10349485


Most chiffon blouses are tulle lace and people still wear them with btssb cotton dresses (torchon lace), so there's that.

Does the raschel lace look really off when you try to coord it with torchon? I thought torchon vs raschel always came down to the lolita's preference rather than it being clashing.

>> No.10349509

are there any lolita collectors that have posted their big wardrobes online?

>> No.10349517


The biggest ones will probably be on weibo, the chinese lolitas have some mind-bogglingly large wardrobes.

Western wardrobes seem kinda trifling compared to things like that one girl collecting 14 of the same btssb jsk (different releases and different colourways) or the other one that had Daydream Carnival in dfferent colourways in different cuts (I think I recall same jsk in different colourways and salopettes. Not sure if she had the skirt too).

>> No.10349532


I don't mind it if I wore a torchon lace blouse with a raschel lace dress and then torchon socks and headpiece, but I have seen people called out in ita threads for mismatched lace. I don't post online and haven't been active in my comm lately but I still don't want to walk around wearing things improperly if that is something that could make an otherwise nice coord with all brand pieces ita.

>> No.10349537

How do you guys not get paranoid with the possibility of someone ruining your dress while in public? Like someone passing by and accidently spilling something or if you're at a con, someone in body paint rubs up against you passing by.

>> No.10349570

larper confirmed

>> No.10349674

Larping what? It's a genuine question I have for those that wear long sleeves and dresses out in public.

>> No.10349777

I've had people splash mud up from puddles while I'm near them. They didn't mean to, they just carelessly rushed through a wet spot on the sidewalk.
I wear a long coat if it's wet out, and wear socks that can be laundered easily. If I can help it, I stay clear of people with drinks or food and check seats before I sit on them.
Honestly though, most things can be washed or dry cleaned. It's also a good idea to bring a laundry stain pen with you.

>> No.10351444
File: 94 KB, 1242x309, 42D3EF45-DB20-46AB-A7B6-C19930E63B40.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do you need a shopping service to order from Maxicimam ?

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