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Who are your personal idols, your main inspiration?
Post the prettiest/cutest/most elegant lolitas.

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realisticsweet was one of my style idols when i was first getting into the fashion

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Ferro has the best old school coords I’ve ever seen, she’s my personal inspiration

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Dropped pic like a dumbass

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I feel like a thread like this invites vendettas, despite it being a wholesome idea.
That being said, I love Ferro too!

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My favorite lolita is maijuline. I think it's really cool to see someone who makes so much of her wardrobe by hand and she has such a distinct sense of style.

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She made that?? Nice sewing skills!

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I love Polaire Woods. I guess she'll get a lot of hate because she's not thin, but I love her vintagey wardrobe and how she makes Bodyline look good by either altering it or wearing nice pieces to elevate it.
>pic related: altered velvet bodyline OP into a JSK

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>she'll get a lot of hate because she's not thin
she got hate because she was squeezing into things that didn't fit her

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She's very inspiring, one of the sweet lolitas who tempts me to wear sweet as well.

Ferro is also my favourite old schooler, I really like her neocities page. She seems like she's really doing her own thing.

Her style is nothing like mine, but I really respect her cohesive aesthetic. And her sewing is lovely!

I think she has some very nice coords, but some strong misses as well. I guess that's pretty normal when being experimental with the fashion.

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She really is amazing. I love her site too, I wish i could create something like that one day.

I know people have their opinions about her, but when I look at her looks, they represent the aesthetic that made me fall in love with lolita in the first place.

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Regardless of any issues with her personality, her outfits just don't do anything for me. She also has a lot of coords which make me go "haven't I seen this exact outfit before?"

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Not going to argue against. I am a basic bitch that likes clean simple outfits, so her outfits really do it for me.

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I take it the second paragraph is about laceferatu pic attached, not ferro right?

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Tokimeki.bunny is at the moment my favorite sweet lolita and inspiration

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Yeah, I should have made it clearer.

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going to agree with everyone, she’s super cool and her coords are always unique. I love that she made her own website, and a good one at that. I hope it catches on, it’d be neat to see more old schoolers transition from social media back to personal blogs and websites.

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- the Japaese OTT sweet lolitas of 2010 like Sae, Takulu, Unu
- Kammie/Mintymix, moreso her old style than her current one
- ElectricSpaceCarousel
- Tokimeki.Bunny
- Aminah_Hime
- Tarte_Tanu_Utg
- Go.Kishi
- Ruby_c.plus
- Seol_Kee

Pic related, Unu (in the pink) and Sae (in the white with the white boots)

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pic related started the split wig trend. kammie doesn't get enough credit.

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Tarte_Tanu_Utg has really cute OTT sweet style with a modern twist.

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Seol_Kee is a rare south korean lolita that mixes fairy kei elements into her coords.

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ElectricSpaceCarousel has been wearing great coords for years. She seems to be a daily lolita and that is my goal.

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these prints for example, don't trigger me half as bad most prints trigger me, thos are ok

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Lunie-chan for sure is one of my all time favorites. It's a shame she doesn't wear lolita anymore.

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bonner-chan why the fuck do you think anyone cares about your dumbass opinion? i can even tell it's you by how you post, just stop

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Tbh I almost feel endeared to your unwanted persistence at this point

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I always dig her stuff. And her eyebrows. Her brows are killer.

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She's had too many misses. While her friend is a crazy, I sort of agree that she doesn't coordinate things well without her around.
Same with this girl. Didn't she have some weird Nazi sympathizer coord when she first joined COF?

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that's exactly how I feel as well. generally I enjoy her coords but im pretty tired of seeing them at this point because they mostly look the same

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Gothic goals.

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Not really much lolita on her account though her edwardian styling is nice and I'm happy to see a poor person in the fashion that dresses well (did I see any brand? Well no)

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it's ok salty-chan, one day your saltiness will eventually wear off

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this grill classy af, the shoes don't match much, but the rest looks pretty good

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Same! Her coords are so well put together

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Same! I absolutely adore her and candy.carnival at the moment

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haha i love you. You're so dedicated

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thanks ^^, the truth is I barely post here anyways

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her wrinkled dress really brings down the whole coord.

>> No.10333942

funny, I didn't noticed that, for me it's the bunny ears.

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whhat is their insta or page?

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I don't really know why I'm so obsessed with her but I love her coords and her attitude so much!

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I'm really inspired by larasuzannne and her body positivity message in lolita!

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That is a joke isn't it? She shops her pictures so much where is the body positivity there?

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this reads like thinly veiled vendetta

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Holy hell that's short. Also hilarious and shady post. Nice

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Nice b8 m8.

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The thread was going so well...

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You guys know you can just... not respond right?

One of my favourite lolitas right now is _thehungryghost_

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She makes great coords but I wished she would stop blurring her face to oblivion. It's really unnecessary, I'm sure she's just as cute without all the filters.

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What’s the point of being a shady bitch?

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As an old classicfag, I’m still an FR fan, but for daily looks my favorite might be queranruffles. I love how she shares outfits at all levels of formality, and I think she physically suits the style better than almost any other euro girl I’ve seen.

>> No.10334626

Can’t wait for her and her wks to derail getting upset over this.

Oh wait! Already happening

>> No.10334627

As someone who’s seen her in person can confirm she’s pretty IRL. But it’s so easy to go overboard with shoop especially if you don’t have a lot of self confidence. At least she’s still recognizable and doesn’t shoop herself into an alienfetus or to an entirely different person unlike some people who shant be named but who have been posted itt

>> No.10334635

Then why even bother commenting? You’re obsessed with starting shit about her it’s hilarious

>> No.10334636

That’s my first post ITT but sure jan.

>> No.10334638

I think it’s funny that every single time anyone so much as breathes in L’s direction and it isn’t entirely kissing her ass someone starts screaming that they’re “obsessed” with her.

>> No.10334735

not gonna browse her cringy ass blog tbf, i need her instagram: what is it? Her coords are 10/10.

>> No.10334763

Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think she has an instagram.

>> No.10334786

They shoop their faces to high heaven

She has a holier-than-thou attitude and used to stir the pot on RC

>> No.10334788

she has none

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I've always loved Tamie's style.

>> No.10335027

I love her style but I had to unfollow her after she started posting weird PragerU shit all the time.

>> No.10335030

This hair!!

>> No.10335079

wait she did WHAT
Doesn't do it any more, I had no idea

>> No.10335080

100% agreed, and she's a really fun person too!

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I used to love her coords. Now I think she just has a lot of clothes Iove , and her coords are not very good

>> No.10335086

I used to love her coords. Now I think she just has a lot of clothes that I Iove, and her coords are not very good

>> No.10335088

Deets? She's a SJW now

>> No.10335089

what the hell

>> No.10335164

This is an awesome thread, I love a lot of these lolitas!

>> No.10335174

She has a very vintage look and it works well.
What is that?

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Gothic classic inspiration for me

>> No.10335184

Lately the anti chinese rants and the “essential oils heal all” stuff is really some dumb shit too.
This. She’s loaded and has a cool wardrobe. She complained about being broke for the month after buying a super rare Birkin bag and then she immediately went back to buying multiple pairs of loboutons. With that kind of money, any lolita could have a great collection.

>> No.10335190

>used to stir the pot on RC
She used to do that here too.

>> No.10335195

I lost a lot of respect for her after her rant a year or two ago about how public education (referring to her family in Canada) was stealing from people and that no one should have to pay for schools via taxes unless they had kids in those schools. She had a nice wardrobe but at the end of the day she’s just an insanely rich asshole. I still follow her because I do like seeing her coords and rare pieces worn, though.

>> No.10335196

>used to

Sure. “Used to”

>> No.10335217

she is amazing. I love that denim skirt coord she did. even her normie outfits are fire.
that's unfortunate but....separate coord for the coordinator? right? please? I really like Tamies looks.

>> No.10335230

like yeah, it sucks to have to pay for other peoples' kids when you don't have any and dislike the fact that you were born, but paying for public education is still in your own best interest because a person who is literate is also less likely to shoot up the convenience store where you stop for gas.

>> No.10335234

Not to mention those people took advantage of the school system as theu grew up as well.

>> No.10335246

It might not be a popular opinion but if someone is completely minted, like fuck off money rich I just lose all interest in them and their coords. Its just not the same if you can buy whatever you want, at anytime.

>> No.10335264

hence my point about that part not being by choice.
>and dislike the fact that you were born
it's not like a minor can take advantage of a service - their parents did. the minor might not even like being alive, much less being sent to school.

>> No.10335268

This makes sense. Maybe I'm wrong but I feel like less wealthy people get more excited about and appreciate their rare pieces.

>> No.10335274

Yooo lifelong casually suicidal gull here, just because a person "didn't ask to be born" and has no real attachment to life doesn't mean they actively want to make life worse for others by withholding a small percentage of their earnings that, if they're participating in a luxury hobby, they aren't going to miss THAT much.

You can view your own life as an inconvenient chore without being a fucking dick to the general population.

>> No.10335300

you could see that was my point if you bothered to read my original post

>> No.10335339

i mean, i'm poor and i still agree with that. idk how it is in canada, but in america, our public schools are shit and the kids are dumb as hell. we rank so low in education among other countries. i don't want my money going to a failed ass system.

>> No.10335340

do you not know private schools are a thing?

>> No.10335344

Yeah they aren't funded by taxpayers, which was the point.

>> No.10335382

Not directly, but private schools do get goverment money based on how inclusive they are

>At least in America

Kinda of the reason why charter schools suck desu, all of the non-oversight of a private school with all of the goverment funding

>> No.10335385

I feel this. Felt the same way about Lilith

>> No.10335387

And having an educated population also means that taxes are spent wisely.

I'm willing to bet brand that a lot of the tax problems America is facing today wouldn't have been an issue if the voter population was A) Educated on where there taxes went and B) Cared more about improving this shithole of a country instead of being pissed that some single black mom somewhere bought lobster with her welfare check

>> No.10335393

>our public schools are shit and the kids are still dumb as hell

Except they’re not? The reason US schools are getting bad is because funding is being slashed left and right. The kids aren’t dumb as hell, they’re literally just kids and the schools are where some get their only good meal of the day. The US may rank low compared to other countries but straight up other countries “educate” for the sole purpose of testing. Overall we’d be way worse off as a country without public education- it serves a greater good for the whole country and helps keeps kids off the streets to keep out violence levels and poverty rates lower than they already are.

>t. ESL teacher in the US whose Japanese students didn’t know the Soviet Union wasn’t a country anymore

Believe me, they bitch about their school system constantly, too.

>> No.10335394

This this this

Our schools don't suck, it's the elected officials that are sabotaging that suck.

>You want your taxes to matter? Vote pls

>> No.10335396

She posts to COF regularly, that’s the best you’re gonna get

>> No.10335467 [DELETED] 

It's an American ultra right wing propaganda YouTube Channel/social media thing that posts really fascist shit sometimes.

Yeah, this was like last night and she's been going on super weird political rants recently and just sounding like a crazy ass right wing American so I just unfollowed. Still like her coords though

>> No.10335471

I secretly like following people like that or maybe a bit lesser income. Back in the time when I couldn’t afford buying brand such a lifestyle felt so dreamy as if I could live it through the following their social media.

>> No.10336978

Ew wtf, unfollowed

>> No.10336986

getting bad? they've been bad for decades and not just because of funding. common core is absolute shit. mainstreaming "divergent" children drags down the entire class. letting children pass grades when they don't even speak english is a horrible decision. there's so much wrong.

>> No.10337023
File: 893 KB, 1080x1350, 72340993_403299970576737_7462459768405473192_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That one is a VM OP. Pic related is something she made. I love her style!

>> No.10337113 [DELETED] 

>ultra right wing
it's literally the most milquetoast center-right shit ever, are you retarded?

>> No.10337129

Love this so much. So mysterious and beautiful

>> No.10337174 [DELETED] 

What is centre-right for the US is the far right for the rest of the world.

>> No.10337187

if i was extremely rich through absolutely no talent of my own im sure id be right wing too.

>> No.10337228 [DELETED] 

It’s not center right in America. it’s considered far right here, too. we are nuts but not that nuts.

OP is probably a troll or one of the those crazy conspiracy theorists that I had to talk down when I worked customers service for the federal governments.

If you’re reading this OP, no, the us government did not sell your soul on the black market to China and no you can’t use the money to buy a car. I promise.

>> No.10337254 [DELETED] 

I don't think you know what far right means. they are literally zionists and hold extremely common and basic conservative views but ok man, nice brainwashing.

>> No.10337367

>She has a holier-than-thou attitude and used to stir the pot on RC
>She used to do that here too.

>> No.10337372 [DELETED] 

what did I mss?

>> No.10337375 [DELETED] 

Lurk more.

Check the archive newfag

>> No.10337424 [DELETED] 

I lurk often enough, thanks. Searching warosu and lolcow yields no results. So, ??? vendetta-chan?

>> No.10337428 [DELETED] 

You don’t lurk enough if you can’t figure this one out and throw around buzzwords like vendetta so freely

>> No.10337432 [DELETED] 

Those aren't the archive...

>> No.10337443 [DELETED] 

>not an archive
nayrt, but wat? how is it not? it's the same as the rebeccablacktech site.

>> No.10337467 [DELETED] 

it isn't the archive people are referring to

it's way easier to find old posts on rebeccablacktech, they didn't even show up when i searched wasoru

>> No.10337468 [DELETED] 
File: 11 KB, 236x236, 137457cd884d72e566d8be6f10a70f40--vendetta-lolita-fashion.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I also checked the archive all I found was (pic related)

>> No.10337469 [DELETED] 


>> No.10337470 [DELETED] 

Anon everyone is replying to here: I was talking about the tomeki.bunny dramu, I know how to see deleted posts/ check the archive.

Thanks for the spoonfeed though!

>> No.10337471 [DELETED] 

Wrong person dumbass

>> No.10337473 [DELETED] 


you quoted the tamie replies, but glad i could help

>> No.10337570 [DELETED] 

If you really want to know, she used to go by cookie bunny and post 'drama' here, like in this amino cringe thread https://warosu.org/cgl/thread/9333604. That's all I remember. Don't know about the RC stuff though.

>> No.10337608 [DELETED] 

Iirc it was long ago debunked that someone was pretending to be her to stir the pot

>> No.10338406 [DELETED] 

She used to lament about being skinny here until gulls started making fun of her hair style.

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File: 533 KB, 480x541, aaaa2c1662605dbeb9ed92ae43f1731c.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

sorry for the red line, had to screengrab for this particular coord since I didnt feel like scrolling insta for 20 minutes looking for it.

Tyler was the first Lolita youtuber I watched, and while I'm more into the gothic genre of it, I really love Tyler's coords and sense of humor. This was the first coord of hers I thought about getting any pieces from (the blouse and jsk)

i know she's not a kawaii lolita girl to a lot of people, but i think shes cute in her own way. plus im a ho for girls with masculine names

>> No.10340394

i also like that she's more strict about the rules of lolita.

I used to watch lor too but I don't really much anymore, it's just... meh. plus her defense of like. converse in lolita is no.

>> No.10340398

She’s just so boring style wise to me.

>> No.10340444

>strict about the rules of lolita
>boring ass coords
Why am I not surprised?
Yeah we all know why she's so strict, she doesn't know how to coord outside of the box. Her voice and "salty" persona are irritating since she's really just a mediocre lolita at best outside of the YouTube stuff she does.

>> No.10340445

Cookie cutter and boring

>> No.10340446

That black blouse and socks combo with that dress is such a beginner's coord, she should know better by now.

>> No.10340469


yeah, im aware. shes not a lifestyle or anything, i just like her aura. i like that she doesnt try to force the 'lolitas are lovelies' thing. the contrast between her clothes and personality make me enjoy her content that much more.

I don't know if when I get deeper into lolita (only been wearing it for a few years) I'll outgrow her, but her coords are inoffensive and cute, if a bit boring.

I dunno, I just like her vibes. This is a thread about our lolita/jfash idols, right?

>> No.10340482

These bangs are a terrible match. She’s not very good tbqh. she’s average at best. It’s very apparent that she’s not very seasoned in the fashion

>> No.10340498

Her lack of makeup other than the liner on her waterline isn’t cohesive with her style

>> No.10340501

Bruh our public schools suck because Ronald Reagan cut funding left and right and filled them with gangs. The solution is more funding, not less. Seriously, how dumb can you be?

>> No.10340505

China really is a horrible country and has been awful for a lot of people for a long time, nothing against the people

>> No.10340537

God I agree, those bangs make her head look like it’s huge and misshapen

>> No.10340543

Her hair would be sooo pretty without them

>> No.10340562

it's a wig

>> No.10340597

Found the roleplayer.

>> No.10340608

They're not wrong tho

>> No.10340610

Someone please spill all the tea on her.

>> No.10340612

most of our idols aren't cringy clout chasers.

>> No.10340631

> “spill the tea”
You have to be 18 to use this board,

>> No.10340656

But it's true. Her coords all look the same.

>> No.10340696

Seriously, how can someone with such a large wardrobe be incapable of creating more than one outfit? A good capsule wardrobe is honestly way more impressive to me than whatever the hell she's doing.

>> No.10340706

Unpopular opinion but I love her blunt fringe she has now with her curly hair. It reminds me of drawings in GLB.

>> No.10340716

Not everyone wears lolita to be creative. Some people just want to wear frilly shit.

>> No.10340718

Sorry but you sound more like the roleplayer to me

>> No.10340719

I don't mind the texture and shape, but the length of the fringe looks off.

>> No.10340721

imagine spending extra money to buy "frilly" clothes you want without knowing how to put together an outfit or how fashion works. creating doesn't mean being creative, she doesn't even do the basic correctly if she's not slapping on a full set.

>> No.10340726

She does though? Her outfits are never experimental or very creative but that's fine, her looks are always cohesive and matched nicely. I enjoy her outfits. What basics is she not following that I'm missing?

>> No.10340728

Not really, I wear my shit like actual clothes and not to be the most OTT/creative. Wearing lolita isn't a contest and as long as you don't look shit there's no sense in complaining about coords being cookie cutter or boring.

>> No.10340736

didn't know wearing actual clothes meant you can only wear them the way they're displayed on the mannequin at the store.

>> No.10340743

She looks fine. And creating very much can mean creative. If you've figured out one way to style a dress, and you like it, there's literally nothing wrong with wearing it that exact way every time.

>> No.10340744

>her looks are always cohesive and matched nicely
bitch, the OP posted her shitty chess choco coord with all black other than the jsk. she even has some weird tassel shit around her waist to try to tie in the black. her coords either look meh at best or are just matchy.

>> No.10340814

That "weird tassel shit" comes with the dress.

>> No.10340825

While I agree, even those who wear really simple lolita (I'm talking a solid IW dress with MAYBE something in their hair) manage to put some personality in their outfits? Her outfits are the lolita version of a t-shirt and jeans in how nondescript they are.

>> No.10340827

lmao no it does not.

>> No.10340832
File: 94 KB, 280x373, 19da5802-83de-57f6-ac74-d7e783518aed[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No... it really does.

>> No.10340835

And lots of people are comfortable living their lives in a tshirt and jeans, so why not let her wear her boring coords? I just don't see the point in criticizing her coords for being uninteresting.

>> No.10340858

damn, destroyed

>> No.10340861

Come back when you've been in the fashion for longer than 5 minutes and trying to prove yourself. Your Bodyline bandit it showing.

>> No.10341017

Nta, but nobody would criticise (or even notice) her coords if she wouldn't have declared herself the unofficial voice of lolitas. You can't act like a superior know-it-all if you yourself are only mediocre at best. Simply not being an ita is not an achievement, 90% of cof would be better "representation" for western lolitas than her (not that there's even a need for this, it just urges me and I guess others as well, that it's somebody who looks boring at best and ugly at worst).
I don't like for example Fanny Rosie either, but at least she has taste and knows her stuff. I'm also tired of so many lolitas being either "quirky lovelies" or "sassy bitches" (read: not funny) like Tyler, please just act normal.

I love her coords but I will never forget her toddler comment, that'll always make me worry that she might be a fetishist... I also think it's a tad embarrassing that she does these edits like old street snaps and adds her age. Not that she's old but those girls back then were a decade younger than her, there's no need to mention how old you are lol

>> No.10341030

Her voice drives me crazy, honestly. Maybe it's because I'm not American but I don't know how anyone can stand to listen to that hammy newsreader voice pronouncing every single sentence with the exact same intonation. I don't have a problem with her otherwise, it's just that voice.

>> No.10341076

I was shocked by how deep her voice is, wouldn't have expected that.

>> No.10341090

Plenty of those girls in snaps were lying about their age

>> No.10341091 [DELETED] 

Another “stop liking the thing because I don’t like you liking it” thread.

>> No.10341093

Stop liking the thing because I don’t like you liking it /thread

>> No.10341100

>there's no need to mention how old you are
What a weird nitpick. There’s no reason to have to hide your age or be embarrassed by it because you’re older than the teens in snaps.

>> No.10341111

Isn't she wearing a brown blouse and socks?

>> No.10341299

If you want to criticize her personality, that's another thing altogether. I get why people wouldn't mesh with her. But I don't understand anons being mad that the way she dresses herself is "boring."

>> No.10341357

i think the issue isn't that she dresses plain alone, but combined with her asserting herself as an authority on the fashion.

>> No.10341360

does she really? from what i've seen she mostly just talks about drama and sissies, not really how people dress. but correct me if i'm wrong

>> No.10341392

She doesn't really. Anon has a stick up their ass.

>> No.10341439

Yes, imagine being too retarded to turn up the brightness to look at photos before commenting. Phoneposters, when will they learn

>> No.10341512

Her voice is too deep for me, and there's something off-putting about it. She's funny, but she'd be funnier in writing, I think. Her deer-in-the-headlights same-face is more than a little jarring too. That said, I like her fashion, and her hair is lovely. I love her humor, but I won't watch her videos. I tried, and the bad was too distracting from the good

>> No.10341672

and? that's your opinion them. I have some negative opinions on people in this thread, but I'm not replying to all of them insulting people randomly lol

>> No.10341673

maybe you should be then, bitch.

>> No.10341677

Sauce? Why would they? Most of them definitely do look like young teens.

>> No.10341744

A lot of them are definitely teens, but a lot of them aren’t. There are also people in their 30s that don’t even bother lying about their age. Just look.

>> No.10341750

People like this keep lolita interesting desu, we should stop bashing them so hard. Makes other people scared to do shit

>> No.10341757

She’s the antithesis of keeping lolita interesting, what are you on about?

>> No.10341771

This. Honestly, I'm not a Ferro fan, I feel like the only one on this board who doesn't like her coords or find them creative. But of all the reasons to not like her, being honest about her age should not be one of them.

>> No.10341812

Her political nonsense aside, I think she and I would make decent friends. I just wish I had other rich girls as friends. It’s so awkward trying to enjoy your own luxuries around most “regular” people. I’m not the type to brag about such things in public but I have had average or lower income girls in my com expect handouts or snub me if they see something even slightly expensive on my body. I don’t have issue with anyone with less, either but I would very much like to enjoy the company of others in this fashion that also enjoy luxury fashion. My dream is to go shopping for designer bags and shoes with friends while we’re all frilled up....

>> No.10341816

ew rich people are so gross

>> No.10341842

can't tell if this is really shitty role-play or genuinely how rich people think, what a joke

>> No.10341873

You poor thing, somebody call Mr Krabs, tell him we need his tiny violin.

>> No.10341891

There's been so many bad, boring roleplayers on here lately.

>> No.10341903

Yeah, after the Toddler Telekinesis thing, I started loving her photos!

>> No.10341911

Me too. I'm not a crazy fan or anything because old school isn't really my thing, but I do appreciate her coords and photos. I do find it a bit ridiculous though that some people apparently still hold onto that comment. It's been long enough at this point that it's clear she's not in the fashion as a fetishist.

>> No.10341919

Same, I really disliked her at first for that comment but I got over it quickly. Her coords are great and she hasn't said or done anything like that since.

>> No.10341958

What did she say?

>> No.10341979

It's not an unpopular opinion, wtf. I bet everyone who hates her bangs love tyler's bangs. It's like everyone on cgl dresses shit.

>> No.10342111

>I love her coords but I will never forget her toddler comment, that'll always make me worry that she might be a fetishist... I also think it's a tad embarrassing that she does these edits like old street snaps and adds her age. Not that she's old but those girls back then were a decade younger than her, there's no need to mention how old you are lol
You sound paranoid and insecure

>> No.10342173

So anyone who makes content is a clout chaser? Ok

>> No.10342177

Tyler’s bangs get shit on left and right anon

>> No.10342204


>> No.10342206


Your narcissistic videos don't automatically get better if you start calling them """"content""""

>> No.10342239

I really don't see how her videos are narcissistic, that's a stretch.

>> No.10342262

ah yes the same combo of hime sleeve blouse, almost full set, and tea parties so original

>> No.10342307
File: 2.45 MB, 1208x2048, Screenshot_20200217-193151.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I kind of just ignore her boudoir posts but this girl's handmade stuff is always top notch

>> No.10342323

literally anyone on youtube wants fucking clout/attention.

>> No.10342325

That’s true for literally all social media.

>> No.10342330

stfu and post your favourites pls

>> No.10342732
File: 158 KB, 718x960, rainedragon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Raine Dragon's coords are cute but not super exciting, but her involvement in the community and her preservation of lolita history really make her one of my favorite lolitas out there.

>> No.10342743

totally agree.

>> No.10343392
File: 486 KB, 486x490, Screenshot_20200219-080625.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This made me bust out laughing. Tagged in "Alice and the pirates." They don't identify as a Lolita but still this is fucking funny.

>> No.10343413

What does this have to do with the thread?

>> No.10343427

It's called humor. Excuse the fuck out of me.

>> No.10343460

Damn, I remember her from the DD threads but now she looks like she doesn't fit onto them anymore.

>> No.10343468

THAT'S RaineDragon? For some reason I always thought RD was that one asian girl who people accused of buying rare dresses just to wear once for a picture and then re-sell.

>> No.10343522

My reaction as well
Also totally confirmed some old drama that only I remember lol

>> No.10343547

>don't identify as a lolita
>lolita related maymay shit
plz die.

>> No.10343548

If I’m not mistaken, that’s Jahrhundert you’re thinking of.

>> No.10343550

Shit I haven't thought of her in about 10 years, I used to think she was so cool when I was 15. Is she still around?

>> No.10343578

Jahrhundert doesn't resell though, she just hoards. I think they are talking about Empire, I forgot her normal username.

>> No.10343599

Oh that’s right; given thinking it was RD I assumed they were thinking Jahr from the oldfag perspective, but maybe they were meshing both.

>> No.10343619

But it's not funny? Maybe check with somebody before you try to make a meme of yourself.

>> No.10343640

Oh god. Not her. She doesn't belong in this thread

>> No.10343717

She's the one that does the "closet cleanout" vids on YT where she doesn't actually get rid of anything, right? That's not who I'm referring to. I think >>10343578 has it right.

>> No.10346736
File: 231 KB, 1239x1215, 5A8E87F5-38C1-4DCA-9944-6D1F6C66999C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10346759
File: 483 KB, 599x599, 19477028554902190.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I love her style and attitude, and she comes across as very intelligent and reasonable in all of her videos - which is refreshing amongst lolita youtube channels.

>> No.10347044

I just recently watched one of her videos for the first time and had the opposite reaction, unfortunately. I was excited to see her pop in my suggested videos because I have seen her great coords in the CoF threads, but she was cringy and offputting. Listening to her was like reading anon posts. I'd be embarassed to speak like that irl.

>> No.10347078

Agreed. She acts like she's god and sounds so full of herself. She's a cute lolita and I love her coords, but she's a bitch and seems to be a drama whore.

>> No.10347090

Really? She seems pretty grounded and real in my opinion, but everyone's different I guess.

>> No.10347098

What is her youtube?

>> No.10347151

I didn’t really find her to be that abrasive? Maybe I’m just still exhausted from the sweet lolita lovelies boom from early last decade but I found her to be a lot more tolerable than a lot of other lolita youtubers.

>> No.10347155

The name the scalper uses is similar to hers. I would have changed my nickname a long time ago if I were her. She has a good blog but a lot of people confuse her with a scalper now.

>> No.10347157

I see people like this and they makes me want to lose another 20 pounds and get a major boob reduction. The clothes suit her stupid perfect body so well it isn't fair

>> No.10347226


>full of herself

see that's really interesting! I usually find that with all lolita channels so I avoided lolita vids until I stumbled onto hers, and I actually found her to be well spoken and real, kind of in unapologetic way, but to each their own I guess

>> No.10347239

Same, with the exact same thoughts. You aren't supposed to speak like a seagull irl..

>> No.10347242

What's her handle?

>> No.10347264

Yeah. She doesn't need to make videos on drama or throwing her opinion out like she's the ultimate end to all things. She comes across as being stuck up. I really like her coords though, and her blog... just not her videos.

>> No.10347267
File: 42 KB, 500x720, AEC6DD2A-F9AA-4356-82F1-A5609D2C774D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is it weird that I don’t really look up to/get inspired by other Lolitas? In my comm all the girls have people they worship and who they talk about during meetups, youtubers, etc. But I always feel the odd one not really caring about stuff like this. I get inspired by Vkei guys in Lolita, but that is different.

>> No.10347270

I agree, I love both her goth history and EGL videos.

>> No.10347272

I don't think it's super weird, I don't really have anyone I look up to in the fashion either (though there are people whose outfits I often admire, of course). Being brutally honest (and I'm not excluding myself here), I think lolitas just have a tendency to sperg out about people and things. Doesn't mean you're weird for not doing the same.

>> No.10347273

I don't look up to any others and am not a fan girl to any other lolitas either. I get inspired seeing old lolita snaps in glb, but that's about it. It's about the clothes to me, not the people. Might be why I have been a lonelita since 2005. Never cared to be part of a group of people just because we wear the same clothes. Talking about it occasionally online is enough for me.

>> No.10347276

I feel similarly. I do see some coords I enjoy sometimes, but generally I think you'd need a pretty immature state of mind to look up to others in the fashion as "idols"

>> No.10347281

Insta is _rosie.doll_

>> No.10347286
File: 106 KB, 500x667, TiaraRose-sit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Kurosaki Akane, when LJ was still a thing. She introduced me to lolita and inspired me to begin building my first coords. She was a daily lolita and had a sweet style and personality. She stopped posting publicly in ~2011 after her fandom died down, and the online friends she had on LJ and roleplay forums disappeared. I wonder how she is today regularly.

>> No.10347840


Eh, she's kind of a bitch irl.

>> No.10347844

Well don't leave us hanging, at least give an example.

>> No.10347848

She and her girlfriend are just rude irl and reek of "brandwhore elitists" considering they look down on everyone else in the comm

Plus at Katsucon, she decided to co host panels but refused to do any actual work. What's the point, then?

>> No.10347981

>"brandwhore elitists"
Are you some kind of ita in their comm or something? How is running an indie brand brandwhore material?

>> No.10348032

>shows up to 99% of meetups in head to toe AP
>wears an indie dress the other 1% of the time
>hOw Is ThAt BrAnDwHoRe MaTeRiAl


>> No.10348035

Unless she tells people they have to wear brand that literally says nothing bas about her character

>> No.10348041

You're still stuck solely on the "brandwhore elitist" comment and ignoring the "she and her girlfriend are rude irl" comment, but go off, I guess.

Sorry I offended you, RD. Get off cgl for once.

>> No.10348043

I'm not >>10347981 retard if she's rude that's one thing but wearing head to toe brand isn't bad. Sorry you're poor

>> No.10348194

Not a fan of her attitude but I love goth lolitas that are also trad goths. Wish I knew of more.

>> No.10348206

she just looks like a boring flat-haired version of liona

>> No.10348262

I think her stuff is great but she does come off as pretentious

>> No.10348264

Isn’t she like 38?

>> No.10348265


>> No.10348429 [DELETED] 

Ugh, she is such a cunt tho

>> No.10348436
File: 213 KB, 785x960, 1582023483968.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Her face and body suit lolita so well

>> No.10348437 [DELETED] 

If by scalper with same name you mean Rainies, she is from Italy, and she's definitely not asian

>> No.10348446 [DELETED] 

I somehow doubt this, she is always extremely helpful to anyone that talks to her. RDs contribution to this fashion is immense, and she is still such a sweetheart.

>> No.10348447
File: 101 KB, 750x737, 3b2fdedb73fe47708ac95c965bd02434.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just love Noke. Her coords are more creative than your run-of-the-mill AP Sweet Lolita, she seems like a nice person and does some very cute Lolita art.

>> No.10348451

What's her insta?

>> No.10348469

Yes! She’s really great at being able to mix pieces together and look cohesive. More sweet lolitas should use her coords as inspiration.

>> No.10348593

She's 28.

>> No.10348594


>> No.10348618

>tfw people could be taking inspiration from her, who coords nicely and creatively and has no drama, but instead follow people like K8.
If I have to see one more pair of those ugly Dolls Kill or whatever hot pink platform boots in a coord I'm going to scream.

>> No.10348653

Do you mean that one chick that lost her sense of style while coming out as a carpet licker?

>> No.10348667

You aren't actually a carpet licker when your "boyfriend" has a dick kek

>> No.10348673

Wow she’s great!! Her coords look so flawless and like the items were meant to go together when they’re not. Super well balanced, too, in an seemingly effortless way that takes skill to do

>> No.10348684

what's her insta hande?

>> No.10348701


>> No.10348703

All of the Finnish(?) comm is great.

>> No.10348719

Did she change it? Because it's not showing up for me.

>> No.10348723

It’s choconokecha anon is dumb

>> No.10348856


>> No.10348892

Finland has a lot of money but not too much to go crazy like the Chinese.

>> No.10348906

She's literally never done that though. I've been watching her videos since episode 12.

>> No.10348908

Ok tyler

>> No.10348911

Yikes if true

>> No.10348913

who are we talking about?? Definitely not Tyler anymore

>> No.10348921

wearing primarily AP doesn't make you a brand whore

>> No.10348922

how was she rude then? People are asking for examples.

>> No.10348925

yeah, because anyone who supports Tyler MUST BE TYLER. Also why would she say she's been watching since ep. 12 instead of the beginning, use your two brain cells anon.

>> No.10348927

>getting this defensive over a generic hi ____ post

Sure Tyler

>> No.10348928

I never understand why people are so harsh on her. She isn't the best, but she isn't the worst. She looks 28 to me.

>> No.10348932

She honestly looks like she’s in her 40s to me. At least, in her non-shoop pics

>> No.10348934

I’m pretty sure she’s a burn victim? At least when you look at her hands it looks like it.

>> No.10348938

I'm just WK'ing because I like her content. Show me where she claimed to represent the fashion though.

>> No.10348939

>admitting to WKing

Go back to FB

>> No.10348948

The voice she does for her videos are on purpose. I feel like she goes lower for that act. If you watch her other videos where she isn't doing it, she sounds fairly normal.

>> No.10348960

nice deflection, so when did she claim to represent this fashion?

>> No.10349083

why is everyone always so fixated on her hands, knees etc it's honestly so bizarre

>> No.10349084

She’s ugly so people are going to tear apart her appearance whenever she gets brought up. It’s not bizarre.

>> No.10349085

what part of the word "asserting" do you not understand?

>> No.10349093

who cares if she's ugly? there are plenty of ugly people on here who don't get the same kind of treatment she does. hence why it's bizarre.

>> No.10349094

I don't get it either, is there some drama surrounding her?

>> No.10349095

A lot of them do. What makes her a target in particular is that she heavily edits her photos and has over reacted to getting posted here in a very public way. Again, not bizarre. She’s not the first or last that will get this treatment. It’s not special in any way.

>> No.10349097

Lurk more. It hasn’t even been half a year.

>> No.10349099

not really, i can tell she only uses filters and lightroom, there are never any warped parts in her pics? so i'm confused.

>> No.10349100
File: 349 KB, 1021x1842, CF56365D-AC27-4C73-AB42-9597EA098A89.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I can tell she only uses filters and lightroom


>> No.10349101

man you guys really love this pic kek

>> No.10349102 [DELETED] 

If people wouldn’t keep denying her shoops it would stop getting posted

>> No.10349103

It’s a good example of how she exits her photos vs how she really looks.

>> No.10349104

please prove that she shoops besides that one pic. we get it, she looked like shit one time a few years ago, lol. please enlighten me. use your detective skills

>> No.10349105
File: 48 KB, 382x526, D76012E0-14DD-4520-B871-5CC904EA7210.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are you retarded? Can you not see the difference between her candids and what she posts? And it’s not just “one pic.”

>> No.10349106

is this person trans?

>> No.10349107

i'm sure you've never had a bad pic taken of you either, anon. who fucking cares. continue being perfect uwu

>> No.10349108 [DELETED] 

I’ve had bad pictures taken of me, but unlike Lara it’s not ALL candid photos taken of me. And I don’t excessively shoop either because I’m not ashamed of how I look.

I doubt it, she’s just an unfortunate looking ciswoman. Would be hilarious if she was trans though.

>> No.10349109 [DELETED] 
File: 1.54 MB, 2394x3716, 3BDE24FF-FEB1-45C3-AFD3-1C437B72105A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10349110 [DELETED] 

kek so funny that you have to post anonymously how good-looking you are, i'm sure you're absolutely gorgeous and totally not a hambeast basement dwelling goblin or anything

>> No.10349112 [DELETED] 

I didn’t say I was “good looking.” Keep reaching Lara. Just because you’re a gary buesy looking cavetroll doesn’t mean everyone else is.


>> No.10349113

i'm not her but got eeeemm lol

>> No.10349114

mad asf

>> No.10349115

i think you are, sweaty ;)

>> No.10349116
File: 67 KB, 768x960, 31433336_10156153245127527_4284717437570093502_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have seen her in fashion shows and she's p cute in my opinion, someone is just mad as fuck they don't get picked by brands kek

>> No.10349117 [DELETED] 

There are people who walk in fashion shows that post here anon. This screams of Lara WKing herself.

>> No.10349118 [DELETED] 

Tinfoil: Lara is trans and that’s why “she” gets so upset and whiteknights herself whenever she gets posted

>> No.10349120

The favorites thread used to always be a comfy spot with drama mostly staved off but this one got derailed by such hard bait. To be completely honest I don’t get the hate Lara gets; I’ve seen her in person and she’s not ugly, maybe not stunning, but is very sweet and a good lolita overall. >>10349105 is an EXTREMELY unfortunate photo and I wouldn’t have even known it was her if I saw it without context.

Tdlr the hate boners for her are extreme but CGL gonna CGL so best to just not respond if you want it to go away for when it inevitably comes up again.

>> No.10349122

This. can we get back to posting favorites?

>> No.10349123 [DELETED] 

This wouldn’t happen if she/her friends didn’t freak out any time she gets posted. Plenty of people get unflattering pictures posted here or shit on here but they don’t do this EVERY TIME

>> No.10349125
File: 186 KB, 640x685, 10F3DBF4-6699-4E48-B047-1681DD121A95.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hopefully her WKs do take note to not respond as rabidly as those who want to stir drama about her because both sides look like complete jackasses yet she’s the only one who is going to probably be impacted at all.

Anyways, to get things back on track Ordovicienne is my absolute favorite and gothic inspo. This coord made me fall in love with this print so hard.

>> No.10349127 [DELETED] 

She kind of opened up the door to all of this by directly addressing /cgl/ on her Instagram so I don’t feel bad for her in the slightest. For how long she had been in the fashion before that point she should have known better.

>> No.10350362

Mint is extremely powerful.

>> No.10350505

And this is why we have so little lolita content. People like you.

>> No.10350532

I have no idea why anon is being so aggro about someone making videos. Do they get this upset about other hobbies?

>> No.10350574

>tfw literal ana survivor and I never looked as good as her

>> No.10350689

Yeah because being anorexic turns your body to shit and makes you ugly

>> No.10350695


Don't feel bad anon. Being naturally thin or having a particular frame that makes you carry your weight a specific way is very different than being anorexic and losing weight unhealthily and in ways that likely lead to you carrying your weight in an unflattering way even despite being skinny. Plus if you were ana you had a warped perception of how your body looked most likely and you may have looked great at a certain point before becoming unhealthy and not realized it because of being too concerned about being super thin.

>> No.10350787

>thinking these two horse faced girls are cute

kek. It's not hard to get into brand fashion shows when so few lolitas apply to model for them

Has anyone noticed any response to this girls criticism reeks of self post? Get thicker skin and move on

>> No.10350796

Some people just have cankles no matter what weight they are. I have been underweight and my legs still were straight, there was no curve at the ankle no matter how boney my legs got.

>> No.10350798


Yeah it really depends on how people distribute weight. Even when I have been overweight in the past my ankles were always defined/curved inward in the "right" spots but some people carry a lot of weight in their calves and ankles even at low weights.

>> No.10350809
File: 148 KB, 500x750, tumblr_pmn7qiWAeb1qfvrzvo1_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

she doesn't wear lolita much anymore, but I've loved RinRin ever since I was a baby ita. idk I just think she's really cute

>> No.10350934

She has medical shit going on, don't feel bad that you have/had different medical shit...

>> No.10351017

What is her medical shit?

>> No.10351025

Narcolepsy, but don't believe anons when they say that's why she's skinny. The vast majority of people with narcolepsy have very slow metabolisms and small appetites, and they easily become very overweight despite generally eating much less than the average person. This is due to a lack of particular hormone which regulates wakefulness, hunger, and brown fat (the good kind) formation.

Mintkismet is naturally small and has been ana for ages on top of that. Anons love to parrot comments she made about "being skinny because she's narcoleptic" without knowing anything about the condition.

>> No.10351167 [DELETED] 

Shut up Lala, you're not the authority on narcolepsy.

>> No.10351212


I heard someone say her stimulants she takes to combat narcolepsy make her thin. When you think about how those old diet pills were just extreme stimulants to boost metabolism it makes sense that if you take stimulant drugs and don't have a huge appetite to start with from the narcolepsy you can easily underwear and stay pretty thin. Idk much about her to say if she is ana or not and lolita generally uses layers and covers a lot so it's hard to see telltale areas of the body that signal bwing underweight like collarbone or ribcage and stuff.

>> No.10351213

*undereat, not underwear, fucking autocorrect

>> No.10351346
File: 679 KB, 1079x1085, Screenshot_20200304-075816_Instagram.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She's really skinny but not as skinny as the french girl who obviously has an ED.
It's probably just due to her condition.

>> No.10351348

If she does take stimulants I can attest with my own personal experience with taking vyvanse for ADHD it’s almost impossible for me to maintain a healthy weight on them. I know a lot of people who don’t try to lose weight have it fall off in them too.

>> No.10351349

That other ana (who I might have to block because despite saying "i dont want to see this anymore" every time her photos come up on my feed, she still shows up) looks just as thin, she probably just has naturally thicker joints so its more apparent. Mint seems very petite figured.

Also being on dexies all the time is an illness in itself. awwww widdle baby is sweepy?? here's some hard narcotics for you to take twice a day

>> No.10351350

You must be blind if you think mint is as thin as HKB.

>awwww widdle baby is sweepy?? here's some hard narcotics for you to take twice a day

Fuck off with your trolling. There’s legitimate reasons for people to take stimulants such as ADHD and narcolepsy. People can’t magically control chemical imbalances or disorders with their brains/sleep

>> No.10351352

See, I’m having the opposite (kinda) with Vyvanse. Others kept weight off really easily but Vyvanse has kept me at a maintained weight.

This. Without stimulants it’s like it’s impossible to function normally. Cognitive behavioural therapy can only do so much for some of us.

>> No.10351353

I've met a bunch of people with ADHD who took vyvanse, and they were all fucking batshit insane but didnt realise how their energy was excruciatingly off the charts compared to everyone around them. also many of them also had dependencies on other drugs, or were NEETs who never left the house.

Medication is not a long-term solution to any problem and it's whack that modern medicine thinks an appropriate solution to someone needing a nap during the day is to pump them full of severe drugs instead of examining the faults within our society (or the person) itself.

>> No.10351358

Please tell me how I am supposed to manage my symptoms when I am unable to function like a basic human when not on medication that is SPECIFICALLY MADE for my condition. Go fuck yourself troll.

>I've met a bunch of people with ADHD who took vyvanse

Strange because it’s not even in the top three medications prescribed for ADHD. Almost like you’re saying this to troll.

>> No.10351360

Work on your weight issues and mood instability/lack of motivation yourself? It's funny cos this message is paranoid and eschewing responsibility for your own problems which is my major issue with people being overprescribed drugs. Get away from the enabling hugbox that is psychiatry.

>> No.10351361

>mood instability/lack of motivation yourself?

I don’t have either. Your sad attempts at trolling just keep getting lazier and lazier. It’s not “paranoid” for me to read a post that consists of nothing but uninformed bullshit and call it trolling in response. Maybe you just are that stupid, but I was giving you the benefit of the doubt that you were talking out of your ass to get reactions out of people, not because you’re actually retarded.

>> No.10351363

I assumed you were >>10351352
Which you probably are, considering how angry you seem right now. Hope you get better, anon

>> No.10351364

I am not. I don’t blame you though, anonymity must be very confusing with your tepid IQ

>> No.10351367

>have a genuine medical disorder that severely disrupts my life without medication
>struggled for 25 years to find solutions besides medication, doesn’t work
>can’t go in even mildly crowded public spaces without medication due to sensory overload, get too dizzy/pass out/vomit
>can’t complete tasks at all without medication
>can’t remember to do necessary things like pay bills or go out and buy groceries without medication
>over commit and end up damaging a lot of relationships without medication

But psychiatry is “enabling” me because it’s a “hugbox” right? It’s impossible that medication is the only solution for some people and can greatly improve their lives.

>> No.10351368

Literally no one cares about your life

>> No.10351369

Literally not true.

>> No.10351371

no one ITT does. go fucking put this shit in feels thread.

>> No.10351373

It was relevant to the conversation dumbass. Cry harder. Or maybe take a nap out since you’re so irritable.

>> No.10351374

She's not even on them though. She was prescribed them in America and has a little stash of them she takes now and then, but because she's on a visa no Japanese doc will prescribe them to her even though they'll prescribe them to Japanese citizens. Her reddit history is fully available if you don't believe me. The dex isn't keeping her skinny. An eating disorder is.

>> No.10351378

This is clearly the picture of perfect mental health, thanks to your very helpful medication.

>> No.10351384

can someone tell HKB to wear a fucking wig already? if I'm going to be forced to look at her sickly ana body + dumbass braindead post text every time I want to look at the explore page or #angelicpretty tag, she can at least cover that shitty fried hair

>> No.10351386

>It's probably just due to her condition.
yeah, the condition is anorexia

>> No.10351390

Imagine being so fat and salty you assume everyone who’s slim has an ED. Wild.

>> No.10351393

Imagine seeing a body like HKB's and thinking it's just "slim"

>> No.10351394

Imagine being so retarded you think I’m talking about HKB

>> No.10351396

Imagine thinking all anas must look as far gone as HKB and someone who doesn't look quite as sickly can't be ill

>> No.10351397

Nobody implied that, but ok retard. Nice strawman

>> No.10351411

No, I’m a different anon and not angry. I was just making a statement based on my own experiences with ADHD and medications.

>> No.10351426

Yes, I'm so retarded to think you were talking about someone that's also being talked in the thread? Sorry, I'll just read your fucking mind next time. you dolt.
And as far as MK, who'd post about conveniently missing meals from narcolepsy here years ago, to anons who see her at meets IRL and point out she always avoids the food at them, yeah, something's up there, too

>> No.10351545

Yea cause shes a hack Tina Fey wannabe.

>> No.10351663

I blocked her already. I'm not into seeing skeletons dressed in AP

>> No.10351746

Omg that’s precious. I love it!

>> No.10351747

Cool, looks like you found her one decent coord.

>> No.10351976

I find her boring as hell too, she gives me second hand embarrassment.

>> No.10352568

Jesus, she's so fat that Captian Ahab fanaticises over hunting her.

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