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Thread for pictures, tutorials, info, and identification for military cosplay. It all goes here.

Discord Server for in depth gearmaking sewing help, tutorials, info, and more

Lesser Illinois Cosplay and Design Group Discord:


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How could I go about buying this guy's clothes? (ignore the armor, I can make that myself).

What kind of fabric is that? And what type of gloves are those? I have zero military knowledge so I don't know if it's based on something real or completely made up. Getting a similar looking one with the appropriate base colour would be enough. I would sew the stripes later.

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OP here. The gloves look like leather shooting gloves. The uniform looks like it was based on Crye Precision's combat uniforms (integrated kneepads) in addition to being a nonstandard "Wolf Gray" color scheme. Crye doesn't make uniforms in that color, but you might be able to find a knockoff in that color variant

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That's very useful, thank you!

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Okay from bottom to top.
Boots are either Jungle boots or Black Paratrooper boots.
Knee pads are definitely the old version Blackhawk knee pads.
I think the holster is a black Safariland 6005 with the hood removed.
Just standard old school BDU pants in OD Green.
>Web belt
Outer web belt looks like the USMC variant of an Alice belt.
The gloves are Rothco padded finger less gloves I think.

The items that I don't know are the vest and under vest. The over vest is some sort tac-vest inspired by whatever the USMC Special Reaction Team wears.
Undervest is some sort of OD soft armor.

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If anyone cares The Vest is a Point Blank CQB Assault System used by Marine Force Recon and USMC SRT in the mid 1990s to early 2000s. Basically the old school SWAT armor in OD green with miscellaneous issued pouches.

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Can Quiet's XOF suit be bought anywhere?

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A 1 to 1 replica? No. Kojima seems to take liberties with the uniforms in his games, but you can get a grey flight suit and call it a day and no ine without autism will give a shit.
The vest is a real world American Body Armor Modulator Tac. vest. The belt is an aftermarket web belt with the old usmc buckle. (Maybe a blackhawk). The metkit pouch on her belt is a dyed alice first aid pouch. The shoulder pauldron thing is not real, and the radio is an old throat mic with a ptt device.

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Thank you! I can probably put together the shoulder thing myself

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Modular Tac. Vest.

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OP here again. I did an XOF cosplay in the past. The XOF team members appear to be wearing grayed out flightsuits. I actually used a PCU jacket and pants as an alternative since I was running out of time to dye a flight suit gray

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Damn, harnesses are expensive. Are there any guides for making my own?

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I'm mostly interested on an upper body harness like in pic related.

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How do you attach the cord straps to the ceremonial military uniforms

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You guys ever wear the plates in your plate carriers? I wonder if con staff will ever give you shit for that. The plates are for the extra cool factor.

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I know it's not exactly the theme of the post but does anyone know any youtube channels where I could learn about this stuff?

I enjoy doing character designs and I would prefer them to be based on reality instead of completely made up.

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Depends on the chronological and cultural theme of what you're going for. Every decade is different when it comes to gear for every country. For instance, in the US, Individual kit didn't change much from WWI to Vietnam in terms of design, mostly just materials used. But from Late NAM to the 1990s, there was tons of R&D dedicated to improving an infantryman's and special forces type gear.

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I'd like modern equipment, but anything is better than nothing, so I don't really care.

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Well, an awesome resource would be the Men-At-War series from osprey publishing, or the miscellaneous books from Concord Publications. Pic related is late 80s from one of those books.

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I'll check them, thank you.

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>ignore the armor, I can make that myself
What are some good resources for constructing cosplay armor?

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These two channels are my go to ones for guides and information:

These are also good:

If you want to see a quick overview of the entire process of making EVA foam armor:

A more detailed guide about EVA foam armor

But just search those channels in general (specially the crafting tutorial playlists) until you find what you're looking for. And if you don't find it, feel free to ask in the cosplay help thread >>10325106

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Last year I put together an XOF kit for fun and man..
I'm pretty green in cosplaying so I don't know the avg money sink into your average costume but it got pretty steep imo(into $1600+) If you're serious about getting the look _just right_ its gonna be a bit of a task.
I'm much more /k/ than /cgl/ so I got pretty anal about the thing being a good compromise of period accurate kit and look-a-likes of Shinkawa's made up fuckery.

Just the sheer asspain of finding very specific milsurp from 40 years ago was a daunting task. That 9mm stick tac-vest for example was a very specific webbing produced for US Spec Ops in the late fucking 70's. It went over a Kevlar vest/trauma pad and finding one that's in one piece is impossible.
Then you have the fun of buying contemporary low profile kevlar and trauma pads which are a hundred and change.
CVC helmets are thankfully pretty easy to scoop up on ebay for less than 120$ but the old models with the metal mic are a bit rare. (idk what kind of radio the mic cord plugs into and it varies by production date so just tuck it into your vest and hope nobody notices that you're nearly deaf with those big earmuffs on.)
The balaclava, patches, gloves, boots, flight suit, radio, throat mic, medical pouch, shovel sheath, holster, belt, and horse-riding goggles are ez picking on Amazon or your local Police Supply/Milsurp Depot's website.

If you were really stupid like me, you wanted to go the full 9 yards and have the cool getup from the hospital escape.
B r u h
Buying secondhand CBRN is always fun.
Especially when you're looking for those big cone visor masks that will take a STANAG 40mm thread SCBA or 40mm adapter for a SCBA system of choice. Very cheap...
Best bet is to keep your eyes peeled for Police and VFD Trade-Ins if you're not afraid of boogers and excellent savings. The tank carrier is pretty standard and you can find old beat up "two-points" for pretty cheap on ebay every once in a while.

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other thread redirected me here

Wanted to do Dragunov, but I can't find a uniform coat that corresponds to this design. Looking at Russian/Soviet surplus hasn't landed me any coats that have the bottom pockets but no breast pockets. Any suggestions? Any resources that show various nations' older uniforms?

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Any suggestions on stuff I need to get for a Mercenary stalker? I already ordered a 3M gas mask+filter from kommandostore because I'm going to a con in CA and not looking to catch Wu-flu.

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/k/ here

I just happened to be looking up something else.

What you want is a French Colonial jacket



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Second URL has the correct collar

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Well, I kinda need help on completin my Imperial Japanese Army costume loadout. I once cosplayed as Tenya Iida in IJA uniform. My current problem is the exact regulation measurements for the puttees (pic related). Any extant copy for the regulation patterns regarding the puttees? As of now, I only used the British pattern from an old tailoring book circa 1910s.

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Dicord link expired. New link pls?

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Discord link in your post is invalid/expired. Care if you can post a new one? Preferably immortal.

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Yeah this is a based jacket

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Which mask and from where?

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Airsoft Mask.

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I plan on getting an Umbrella Velcro patch for the vest. I noticed some people put the logo all over guns, knee pads and helmet. For me, the three is just fine.

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You can buy a CWU/-27P flightsuit and use fabric softener/dryer sheets to remove as much of the flame retardant coating as possible them use rit dyemore in graphite color to make the flight suit the right color. Buy tan so you start lighter, the green ones are darker than the XOF grey suits.

Shoulder pauldron is extremely similar to a CIRAS deltoid protector.

This fuckin sucks lol

XOF is expensive for sure but not the most expensive thing you can do milcos wise. You can also find repros of the TP-1E flotation vest and the ABA modular rig from Squadron Sew Shop on FB.

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I don't know of any source on the puttees, in English, but I don't read moon runes so I can't say for sure they don't exist.
But as far as I can tell, British WW1 puttees are the same design, but not the same color, whilst the ANZAC puttees from the same era seem closer to the proper color, but are buttoned instead of tied. It up to you to decide which to settle for, unless you find a Japanese source or a reproduction outfit that makes the proper ones.

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was just about to ask about the vest: specifically what pouches are those on the front? Never seen anything like that

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LITERALLY in the top of the thread dude.

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Unlike the British ones, Japanese puttees are fastened in the trademark crisscross (Combat Style tie) when on the field. So the tie must be way longer.

Pic related.

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Anyone here try to sew a plate carrier? I have a specific camo color material picked out and I'm looking for a pattern.

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Please don't cosplay or wear real military uniforms unless you were in the armed forces. Its disrespectful.

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DESU you can just order some cheap buckles and nylon gun belts and jury rig something yourself. It's basically the same materials.

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my veteran US friends encouraged me to wear military lolita with real uniforms and not give a shit, varying combat experience, were surprised i even thought they would be offended.. and i think outside of the USA no one would be offended at all

wear w/e desu you can look up milsurp and terrorwave fashion and it's probably not much more disrespectful than wearing a SEX POT REVENGE, FXXKING FXXGOTS or boy london shirt god forbid

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why did the word d u d e filter to DESU? lmao

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Do you have pics of IJA Tenya? I wanna see!

>> No.10382138

Why not just cop some originals? They're not expensive on eBay and you'll never get close with repro material (trust me, many people have tried)

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/k/ again, plus history nerd

The only serious disrespect comes from "Stolen Valor" aka pretending to be military. This is more an issue with re-enactors wearing medals (which is only okay *if* portraying the actual soldier that earned them).

The military guys will ferret out the poseurs in very short order.

Only place I can see a gray area is cosplaying as Marine Corps Yumi characters (pic related). Marines are particularly proud, and don't like seeing their uniforms disrespected by being worn incorrectly.

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It's all fine and dandy if law in your country permits it. Please check that beforehand, as in some cases it is illegal to wear uniforms if you aren't in the forces.

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Just a tip, the last time a military sewing group was created it devolved into the admins bomb making instructions when a sufficient amount of users joined.

You have been warned.

>> No.10382942 [DELETED] 

Just a tip, the last time a military sewing group was created it devolved into the admins posting bomb making instructions once a sufficient amount of users joined. As a matter of fact, this happened again in a terrorwave fashion telegram group.

You have been warned.

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You can do it but it but I believe you need a bartack sewing machine because of how tough the fabric is. I know at the very least MOLLE is bartacked, but I believe the bags themselves are as well.

Uniform History is pretty good as far as learning about the history of uniforms themselves. Oxide has done some good videos on Russian gear and plans to do more about stuff like XOF cosplay, Terek out of Chechnya, Ukraine, etc.

99% of people who complain about stolen valor when people aren't actively claiming service never did anything during their military career and feel insecure, thus their opinion discarded.

For actual load bearing? Probably not going to be easy. They're expensive because you've got to be able to trust your life to them. If it's just for looks? Should be easy, but probably won't look authentic unless you buy strong enough materials, which will be hard to work with.

desu as long as you do it in the right place (a convention), do justice to the character (actually putting in effort for uniform details, wig, etc.) and source for the character (maybe carry a physical copy or a link to the material) I don't think anyone would get upset unless they're specifically looking to get upset in the first place.

Autistic people, in MY military/cosplay crossover community?!

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Uniform History's discord is an alt-right recruiting ground. Given the content of the video, I wouldn't be surprised it the channel has similar sympathies.

>> No.10383389 [DELETED] 

If you bring politics into your hobbies you're a fucking loser. Just don't associate with the Discord if you don't care for the people in it, chances are nobody other than the actual producer has anything to offer, anyway.

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>bartack sewing machine
My friend has one, also one for leather work. I'm just trying to find a decent pattern.

>> No.10383434 [DELETED] 

I'm saying that this military cosplay isn't going to be even marginally socially acceptable soon considering how far the alt right and worse have infiltrated it. Many in the hobby have left since it's devolved into little more than ideological band merch collecting. Remember: even the FBI considers this subculture a threat and the content creators themselves post political content.

>> No.10383436 [DELETED] 

lol no, altrighters have not ruined the entire aspect of military cosplay.

>> No.10383437 [DELETED] 

The creator himself has the same sympathies:

>green over brown, rhodesia is back in town

This rhyme is clearly a dogwhistle to the racist fetishists in his audience.

>> No.10383443 [DELETED] 

You're either new, willfully ignorant, or being disingenuous. I'm saying it's heading in that direction right now, that the hobby is being associated with alt righters. Look at the explosion of tacticool fashion pop-up shops selling low quality goods, emblazoned with increasingly violent alt-right memes. Look at the members of the communities (discord, telegram, facebook pages, and other chat groups) associated with those shops, invariably a heavy alt-right presence. Anyone with a brain who legitimately enjoyed the old objects for what they are and who cares about legitimate historical preservation and knowledge has left years ago. It's only a matter of time until one of those spergs loses control trying to reenact his revisionist memes and permanently sears military cosplay = far right Nazism into the public consciousness.


>> No.10383462 [DELETED] 

ngl, between that post and >>10383437 I'm seeing some serious panic attacking over nothing. The FBI also considers ANTIFA a terrorist threat, do you avoid music and other things you like simply because they associate with the anti-fascist movement? I can tell you now that I don't live a single moment in fear of my life because of someone's political ideologies regardless of how radical they are. Being pushed out of a scene you like because of people's political opinions (something that shouldn't be in the scene in the first place) you should just start your own subsection.

For what it's worth, I don't think anyone who actively goes to conventions is looking to have an alt right con bash, and chances are if they didn't it wouldn't go well considering the number of staff and police officers that go to every event to keep the place levelheaded.

Lmao that's literally a reference to the fact that Zimbabwean brush stroke has brown print over green print whereas Rhodesian brush stroke has green print over brown print. How often do you stretch, because most people would've pulled a muscle on that reach.

I find this laugable as someone who attends reenacting events and other milcos type events where there are literally gay orgies among the WWII german factions. There are entire Facebook groups that are private and called Nazis on the outside where every single member of the page votes left. Ricochet isn't a news site, it's trash, and people who cite that are just fear mongering.

>> No.10383465 [DELETED] 

Of course I'm concerned, along with nearly everyone else those Nazis have forced out due to how this could effect our public reputations and livelihoods. You do realize with red flag laws being more common that this sort of shit could be used as evidence for you to be legally SWATed? I don't know about you, but dying over a hobby seems a little much.

>> No.10383466 [DELETED] 

So why not simply state the fact as opposed to making the rhyme? He was clearly pandering to a certain audience. Good luck with getting/keeping a job, or staying in school when there's articles with your name and "racist" attached to it all over the internet. But of course, I'm sure those rightwingers would love to cover for that seeing how they treat others in their own circle who have had similar things happen...oh wait.
Methinks you're one of those alt-righters trying to gaslight people with legitimate concerns.

>> No.10383468 [DELETED] 

Ok, so once again start your own community subsection that doesn't allow for political discourse within the hobby, as any hobby should be? Maybe the problem is articles like the one linked where someone's political opinions make them subject to being raided and killed by a police officer in a no knock raid because of what they do off the clock?

I've almost died over my hobbies multiple times before, twice by the federal government and many other times due to reckless behavior on my part or the part of those around me, but at the end of the day everything you do in life is dangerous, and chances are dressing up in military costume for a convention and the government making the assumption that you are a member of a neo nazi movement then raiding your house and shoving a flashbang down your throat is probably nowhere near the most dangerous thing you do.

>> No.10383469 [DELETED] 

Probably because he's a content creator and making a rhyme is more entertaining than stating a fact. People don't tune into short youtube videos on a subject they want to learn to be bored to death. If they wanted to that, they'd read source material themselves.

Think all you want, you're clearly not very good at it.

>> No.10383472 [DELETED] 

The red flag laws are here right now and will very likely stay. You have no control over that fact, like you have no control over whether or not a bear mauls you, period. This is not up for debate.
I'm advising people to do things to not fucking die and not ruin their lives for no reason, such as not participate in the current scene. Like it or not, I'm pretty sure the militaria scene has never been that big, and given the current circumstances the only apolitical ones left are who you would call "boomers", who are rapidly dying off. Meanwhile, their younger replacements are nothing more than ideological band merch hoarders. I'm perfectly fine with mil cosplay, so long as it's respectful and apolitical, but the current scene can't seem to do any of that. The best thing to do right now if you don't share those same beliefs is to not participate. The moment one of them fucks up, which is an inevitability at this point, is the moment a lot of innocent people in this harmless hobby get fucked. Don't let that be you.

>> No.10383475 [DELETED] 

>government making the assumption that you are a member of a neo nazi movement then raiding your house and shoving a flashbang down your throat
Not how it works. More like your coworkers, classmates, or neighbors catch wind of this, use this as evidence of your nazism (in good faith or not, it doesn't matter), then gets the SWAT team to shove the flashbang up your rectum. This, by the way, is 100% preventable if you don't go advertising the fact you're into these things. Why the fuck would you help other people kill you?

> almost died over my hobbies multiple times before, twice by the federal government
This is preventable, by not being around retards and edgelords such as the kind currently occupying the mil cosplay hobby.

>> No.10383477 [DELETED] 

I unno, I've never seemed to have an issue finding apolitical militaria scenes or even leftest ones. Hell, even the milsurp general thread on /k/ has a prominent transsexual member which clearly shows a level of tolerance.

>Not how it works.
I'm willing to bet I'm significantly more intimately familiar with how both "this" and red flag laws work. I've known multiple people who have been (and beaten) red flag laws. I myself as I have stated have had two prior run ins with federal agencies who believed I was an extremist terrorist for making an anti-Trump post.

>by not being around retards and edgelords such as the kind currently occupying the mil cosplay hobby.
Then start your own community, as previously stated.

>> No.10383480 [DELETED] 

/k/ hasn't had a milsurp fashion thread in years. People openly act disgusted at her in those right wing echo chamber militaria discords, so I really don't think this is tolerance. Your info is out of date or you're not arguing in good faith.

>start your own community
With whom? The few people who left for the political bullshit wouldn't fill a chatroom. And due to sheer numbers, the face of the scene will be the Nazi merch hoarders in the public's eye, and guess who would have to pay the price? Like I said, the best thing to do right now is to stay the fuck away.

>> No.10383482 [DELETED] 

Probably out of date, I stopped caring about most of 4Chan years ago until I got into cosplay. /k/ sucked because it's typical 4Chan minmax no-inbetween my-opinion-matters-most garbage.

>With whom?
The people you claim have been pushed out of the community due not wanting to keep things apolitical. You don't have to have a large group at first, no ten thousand+ follower community starts halfway there. If you look for faults or negatives in everything in life, you'll never have anything positive or make anything positive. Carve out your own space or face the fact that everything you love will eventually be trampled because you're unwilling to defend it.

>> No.10383483 [DELETED] 

There's a point where you know you're beat and you have to give up. They can recruit faster than our little apolitical community on top of making milsurp dress become a sort of team jersey for the alt right.

>> No.10383503

The invite is invalid, can a new one be made? I've been looking into sewing a few things out of 50/50 nyco once I finally get my hands on the fabric with these delayed shipping times.

>> No.10383508 [DELETED] 

>willingly entrapping yourself

Write me a letter from ADX Florence if you can, m'kay? I'd be interested to see how the prison stationary looks like.

>> No.10383509 [DELETED] 
File: 6 KB, 243x207, huh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Umm what? I just want to discuss sewing with /cgl/

>> No.10383511 [DELETED] 

You're honestly better off posting in specialized threads here. Nobody in the discords knows how to actually operate a sewing machine, and there's also the fact that the last few we know of switched to bomb making once enough people joined.

>> No.10383757 [DELETED] 

def out of date. all the legit reenactment groups that are registered with an association and have a website around me became inactive around 2016. we all knew who in the groups were in because of the politics and they turned up with the /pol/ crowd using their reenactment gear as a badge of honor. everyone else packed up and left since they knew what was coming.

>> No.10383759 [DELETED] 

How many of the dumbasses in full tactical gear out there protesting for haircuts are from such forums?

>> No.10383760 [DELETED] 

reenactors from the old days? i'd say sizeable, but less than 50% and that's just because there's so many new ones from the tacticool fashion scene (task force doomer, boogaloo retards).

>> No.10383782 [DELETED] 

Legitimate reenactors groups have been dead much longer than 2016, though they may have been active the physical health of members, the accuracy of their displays, and the effort put into the community has been gone much longer. The zoomer reenactors are edgy, but they’re certainly not alt right and they definitely have more spirit, fervor for accuracy, and are in better physical condition than the last generation.

You either carve out a section of a scene for yourself or you quit and have nobody but yourself to blame.

TFPeePeePoomers and Boog Morons are in no way a large representation of the re-enactment scene and if you believe that you’ve pretty much given away that you’re not a part of the community.

>> No.10383789

To add onto this: most boogtards and PeePeePoomers aren’t even alt right, most are just super edgy normie hypebeast types that buy shit from a meme aesthetic producer who has shitty political views. No more evil than buying tyson’s chicken or any product made in China.

>> No.10383803 [DELETED] 

If you hang around long enough with the shit, eventually you adopt the same views. If they aren't "alt right" and their politics totally aren't molded by the content producers, then why are they showing up to political rallies endorsed by that sector, open carrying firearms? Sounds to me like something only a believer would do. Denying the obvious won't make the problem go away.

Before you tell me how it's just coincidentally a guy in a hawaiian shirt with a privacy protecting mask, let me remind you that the hawaiian shirt + tactical gear motif features heavily in the boogaloo fantasy and that the skull mask is heavily associated with violent extremists like atomwaffen, the base, and other "siege" cults.

>> No.10383804 [DELETED] 
File: 2.44 MB, 2500x1667, 200417-michigan-protest-ew-210p_14e11d0ae3659efe4208a8b2f2f06f80.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you hang around long enough with the shit, eventually you adopt the same views. If the views are so abhorrent, you'd think they have left after realizing that those views don't represent them? But no, they're clearly sticking around and turning the military a e s t h e t i c or whatever faggy term they are using into the team jersey. If they aren't "alt right" and their politics totally aren't molded by the content producers, then why are they showing up to political rallies endorsed by that sector, open carrying firearms? Sounds to me like something only a believer would do. Denying the obvious won't make the problem go away.

Before you tell me how it's just coincidentally a guy in a hawaiian shirt with a privacy protecting mask, let me remind you that the hawaiian shirt + tactical gear motif features heavily in the boogaloo fantasy and that the skull mask is heavily associated with violent extremists like atomwaffen, the base, and other "siege" cults.

>> No.10383805

It's a good outfit, with a different mask and shirt, you'd make a great HUNK.

>> No.10383813 [DELETED] 

>TFPeePeePoomers and Boog Morons are in no way a large representation of the re-enactment scene
Which is totally why so many supposed military collectors and reenactors are active on those subcultures' social media communities, why they post their memes in comments, and why they own their merch.
Also, you're implying that all reenactors are "authentic". Some put a lot more effort into it than others, and in general those are the older and apolitical sets that are losing ground. The edgy zoomers you seem to tolerate for some reason trashing the place only want to go as far as to create some aesthetic, not even to actually learn about the past.

>> No.10383815 [DELETED] 

>If you hang around long enough with the shit, eventually you adopt the same views
Not those anons, and I know how far fetched this sounds, but you could just think for yourself.

>> No.10383818 [DELETED] 

You can, but apparently they won't. And there's a lot more of them, than us, and they have a tendency to make big, spergy displays that attract media attention. So who eventually becomes the face of the hobby? Who becomes the archetype the public thinks of when someone says "reenactor"? Put those critical thinking skills to work, anon.

>> No.10383845 [DELETED] 

Do you know what confirmation bias is? It should be pretty obvious that not everyone who owns guns and shitty patches supports a shitty company’s shitty political views. Just because they go to a Trump rally or pro gun rally also doesn’t make them alt right, there are tons of people on both sides of the spectrum that have shown up to rallies with guns and stupid patches. If you’re just looking for a reason not to participate in the hobby, why are you here? I feel like 99% of people on 4chan are opinionated enough to make their own decision whether or not they want to hang with a group or if they should start their own or just drop out of the hobby.

For what it’s worth, I’ve been stalked by a gay Atomwaffen fanboy who’s been seen at those rallies. He’s not even remotely a neo nazi terrorist, just a creepy weirdo I don’t want to be around because he wrote a fanfic about wanting me to fuck him.

Old dudes do NOT put anywhere near as much effort in as younger kids. There are entire Facebook groups dedicated to tearing apart boomers for ruining reenacting. Look up farb fest on Facebook.

It’s just a pity party at this point.

>> No.10383865 [DELETED] 

>Old dudes do NOT put anywhere near as much effort in as younger kids.
That's because the boomers who knew what they are doing left due to politics, bad health, or being dead. This is why only the idiots are left.

>> No.10383868 [DELETED] 

>Who becomes the archetype the public thinks of when someone says "reenactor"?
I've lived my whole life not giving a damn of what the public thinks or would label me as. I'm not going to start caring now.

It's no different than business. Do you have to agree with everything your client believes in to do business with them? No. And anytime you go to a social gathering, do you have to agree with everything everyone else believes in? If you're not insecure and looking for a herd to disappear into, again, the answer is no.

I have many acquaintances, some solid friends and I don't see eye to eye with most of them on points. But if someone is upset by someone I hang out with I'll point out that they are a sheep and they think like a sheep, the world is not a safe place for sheep. They should go back to their fenced in communities and discord servers.

As you say, critical thinking.

>> No.10383890 [DELETED] 


You'll definitely care a bunch when you get socially ostracized, lose professional opportunities and perhaps what you worked your whole life for, maybe even get a SWAT team to red flag raid you one day, all because some normies stereotyped you as a potential terrorist. Sure, it's wrong, like rape and murder, but who the fuck are you going to complain you? And what good is that going to do? Nothing is going to un-rape and un-murder you, so why not avoid it in the first place? I don't make the rules, I just tell you how it is.
Believing you exist in a vacuum and that your actions have no consequences is peak autism. As they say, we live in a society. From my own life experience, intentionally courting preventable harm doesn't prove you're a macho manly alpha male, it just shows you're a fucking idiot.

>> No.10383899 [DELETED] 
File: 58 KB, 699x389, Ohio-St-Riot.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>hang around with people whooping and cheering for a sportsball team
>wear the same gear
>go to the same games, drink at the same bars, but don't riot
>fans wearing fan apparel riot
>why do people think I am a hooligan?

>hang around with people screeching alt-right memes in public
>wear the same costume
>go to the same cons/shows, reenact at the same events, but don't go to protests
>spergout happens and /pol/-reenactor gets d0xed with images showing him in reenactment costume
>why do people think I'm a nazi alt-righter?

>> No.10383900 [DELETED] 

>not everyone who owns guns and shitty patches supports a shitty company’s shitty political views
So why buy a patch with an edgy slogan made by people with obviously politicized marketing if you're uncomfortable with it? That makes no fucking sense.

>> No.10383936 [DELETED] 

>You'll definitely care a bunch when you get socially ostracized
Hasn't happened. The reenactor group I'm part of is full of lifetime professional, doctors, lawyers, psychologists, etc. We have SWAT and police members. You better believe there will be at the very least counter lawsuits if anyone fucks with us.
>Nothing is going to un-rape and un-murder you
Your post is peak autism.

Oh, I know what you were implying, your analogy is really a narrow point of view.
Not all reenactors are the same. And at least +10,000 reenactors that I meet with don't screech alt-right memes in the gathering. The media press we've had over the past years has been very positive. I think you follow social media too much.

But by all means, please go on living in fear. Sheep.

>> No.10383941 [DELETED] 

OK, sure thing tough guy. Sue them and see if those articles and other peoples' memories with your name attached to the word "Nazi" go away. Once it's on the internet, it's on there forever. Surely, a seasoned oldfag like you would know that, right? See if you can ever get those patients and clients back to pay for the legal fees.
Or you could just not deal with this by staying the fuck away? Sounds like much less trouble to me.

>Hasn't happened.
Want to be the first? No? That's what I thought.

>> No.10383960 [DELETED] 

Some real circular logic there, they've always been shitty, this isn't new. Don't try and say reenactors 20 years ago predicted the rise of the alt right and decided to put no effort into their impressions lmao.

How have you gotten through life to this point, are you like scared that one day you're going to trip on a crack in the sidewalk and fall over and die? That's the level of shit you're worrying about. I've never once been socially ostracized for calling people out for being politically vocal in our shared spaces.

Does anything people do make sense? No, because normies who are into Hawaiian shirts are fucking stupid. Hawaiian shirts didn't pop up because of boog memes, they popped up because of GarandThumb, which is why so many normies buy them. People buy pepe patches and Doomer patches because they're your average 4Chan user, not necessarily because they're alt right (most people I know on that spectrum thing Doomer shit is cringe actually).

He's not even a tough guy, he's just not so incredibly concerned about an Applebees job finding out that people in his hobby are racist and they'll fire him for being within a 1000ft radius of them. How many furries are incredibly successful and never get shit for being complete weirdos?

>> No.10383963 [DELETED] 

I'm the anon you were responding too.
You're missing the point because you're emotionally invested. Think about what I've said, and you'll understand why it's not going to happen. The term "nazi" will never be applied to our group.

>> No.10383965 [DELETED] 

Normies don't care about the origins of symbols, only what they mean at the present. You won't have enough time to explain when they start the takedown.

I never found "trust me, bro, everything will be fine, or ur a cuck!!!!!" to be a convincing argument either, btw.

>Applebees job
Projecting, much? Right on time too, every time someone makes an argument for hiding your power level and staying away from toxic subcultures, something akin to "just settle for low status jobs!" comes up.

>> No.10383970 [DELETED] 

Your entire logic is circular as a reason for why you specifically don't go to reenacting events that doesn't apply to anyone else. It's fine if you don't want to go, just don't participate in threads revolving around it if your entire contribution is going to be "don't go to events because I don't go".

I'm not really trying to convince you to go, I'm just saying your reasons for not going are stupid. I've got significantly more to lose than you more than likely (fortune 50 management job, youngest promotion into the specific management position I occupy, promote above peers year after year, etc.) and have STILL managed to get in trouble with the government for issues involving firearms, some bullshit lies forwarded about my political beliefs, and so on and so forth and yet never once has it become an issue that has harmed me in my life.

>Hiding your power level, toxic subcultures, etc.
lol, same thing I said to the other person: keep thinking as long as you want, you're not very good at it. Don't participate if you have nothing to add. I literally run a major apolitical reenacting/modern event group and being honest I wouldn't fucking take you with an attitude like the one you've got.

>> No.10383971 [DELETED] 

Pray tell, which group is this? If you're so confident that the legit Nazis won't slip in due to pure probability, surely you'll tell us. And while you're at it, show me your linked in profile too. I'm sure reenacting has been excellent for your career and will never be used against you...

>> No.10383975 [DELETED] 

It's a private group and we don't allow people we don't deem worthy in specifically because we don't want open association with groups and people we don't believe are worth our time. 95 members currently, grows every day, everyone has at least one historically accurate impression.

Maybe if you were a little better at thinking you'd know how to keep your public and private life separate, and wouldn't have the issue.

>> No.10383981 [DELETED] 

> youngest promotion into the specific management position
Figured you were some kind of useless middle manager type since you believe you can browbeat people into being delusionally optimistic instead of giving them any real reason to be happy, and ignoring basic facts that contradicts your forced optimism.

>> No.10383983 [DELETED] 

Nice how many TFDoomer patches do you own?

>> No.10383985 [DELETED] 

None, because I don't believe in intimidating people to pretend to be happy. Your team must absolutely hate you.

>> No.10383986 [DELETED] 

The typical chan sperg won't enter the reenactment scene through a curated, private group like yours. It will be through one of the public groups, which includes the doomer and boogaloofags.

>> No.10383989 [DELETED] 

>doesn't apply to anyone else
>95 members
> lifetime professional, doctors, lawyers, psychologists, etc.

huh? you directly contradict yourself considering you listed a lot of people with a lot to lose.

>> No.10383991 [DELETED] 

Actually my team would do anything for me because unlike most people I'm actually competent :^)

I, too, hate middle and upper management, but I also have to make money for the hobbies I actually participate in.

Actually come out to an event one day, or don't and just stop posting.

You're not replying to one person lmao

>> No.10383992 [DELETED] 

So there you have it, folks. You can join the military cosplay and reenactment scene currently infested with the alt-right, Nazis, actual future mass shooters, and their enablers who willingly turn a blind eye and will mercilessly mock you until you do to keep their delusions intact, and risk all your future prospects without learning a thing about the past. Or you can just avoid this toxic cesspit like anyone with common sense and find something better to do.

I remember you from a thread long ago on /k/. Just some naive tradie fresh out of school who thinks being given a position in the front office counts as becoming an executive and spouting the same tired slogans at people sick of your shit who have real work experience with assholes like you.

>> No.10383993 [DELETED] 

lmao, you're actually schizoposting rn, I don't even have a degree.

>> No.10383994 [DELETED] 

>trade school
Quit playing dumb.

>> No.10383995 [DELETED] 

I never went to trade school either :^)

>> No.10383996 [DELETED] 

If your only response is plugging your ears and screaming LALALALALALALALA and namecalling, I think it's safe to say your case holds no water and you lost. Fully expecting you to call mommy mod in to clean up this thread to hide your shame at this point. Not a problem, archive saves all.

>> No.10384002 [DELETED] 

Projecting much? I'm just saying leave the thread if you don't want anything to do with the hobby. I, personally, would love go to back to actually talking milcos with people who care and participate and want to grow the community.

>> No.10384006 [DELETED] 

Just doing a public service to protect spergs from themselves.

>> No.10384008
File: 158 KB, 1280x1761, XOF 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nobody asked for your sevice. Are you gonna participate?

So back to on topic:
I'm looking to get a mask for XOF cosplay and I've heard varying reports of it either being a Scott AV2000 or AV3000 with a non-existent litter for the SCBA tank. Anyone have any idea which it more closely resembles? I've also heard there is a T bone filter adapter for the mask that looks just like the one in game but I can't find it, I have seen a few people make their own but it looks huge. Any chance anybody has a source for the real deal?

>> No.10384010 [DELETED] 

Nobody asked for your lies. You gonna stop ignoring reality?

>> No.10384011

>T bone filter adapter for the mask
You might have more luck getting it 3D printed. I've never seen one in the wild.

>> No.10384013
File: 304 KB, 1187x435, XOF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There's these if it helps, not sure what they're made of.

>> No.10384020

Nah just gonna start ignoring you.

They that rare?

Hm, I know Oxide made his for AWA out of PVC pipe which is why it looks huge and kinda janky, but if 3d printing is the best way to go I'll do that. I think the guy on the far left has a real one.

>> No.10384022 [DELETED] 

Classic, when you get blown out by facts and logic, you just plug your ears and scream. Don't worry, these facts will be repeated as often as necessary for the safety of the community.

>> No.10384067 [DELETED] 

Nope, just good memory. Here's the thread:

Read the responses to that post and follow the rest of the conversation. Recognize the same smarmy cunt? The accusations that you're a doomer for mentioning that pretending everything is OK is delusional? Recognize the same flippant gaslighting tactics?

Simply more evidence to counter the none (zero, 0) that you have presented beyond the typically useless "trust me, or else".

>> No.10384071 [DELETED] 

You've provided so much evidence yourself. Not saying the modern world doesn't suck, it's specifically why I advocate actually enjoying your hobbies rather than sperging out and getting upset. I won't work with any electronic shit, schematics confuse the fuck out of me.

Back to on topic for me, end of responding to woeismeposting.

>> No.10384076 [DELETED] 

>You've provided so much evidence yourself.
Finally, the single acknowledgement of truth from the optimistic hostage taker himself. It took that fucking long, 1 archived thread >>10384067, 2 news articles >>10383443 , a video >>10383437 and several anons' experiences that coincide with mine, for the sake of leniency to your gaping boipussy I'll let slide.

Hard to enjoy your hobbies if they result in you getting bureaucratically tortured to death, or worse. Maybe if that's the consequences of your hobby as it is right now in 2020, then you should keep all the happy memories you already have and do something else before a shitload of bad memories replace them. If you're too far in, that's your problem, but please stop tricking more innocent people into fucking themselves for no reason.

>> No.10384092 [DELETED] 
File: 6 KB, 521x176, arrested.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lol holy shit an admin is under investigation by the police

>> No.10384093 [DELETED] 
File: 88 KB, 1418x1317, red_flagged_2019.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lmao you want to be associated with these people?

>> No.10384094 [DELETED] 
File: 303 KB, 1268x1963, recruitment.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10384095 [DELETED] 
File: 59 KB, 1427x759, A.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10384097 [DELETED] 
File: 4 KB, 564x91, muslim.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lot of wannabe tarrants in here

>> No.10384098 [DELETED] 
File: 20 KB, 1175x436, muslim2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10384099 [DELETED] 
File: 22 KB, 1106x409, race.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10384100 [DELETED] 
File: 57 KB, 611x667, racism.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10384103

Why do mil fabric suppliers have to be such boomer companies without online storefronts

>Have to request a catalog
>Send them back an email with what I want and an order form
>They send me quotes
>Call their office about payment options
>Then have to send signed documents for a credit card purchase

>> No.10384105 [DELETED] 
File: 145 KB, 750x742, 1580196218086.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's true, the alt right have a monopoly on the potential for effective violence and military dress. You're 100 years too late to compete kid. Stay out of our terrorwave and right wing death squads. Better not cosplay as any military anime either, wouldn't want to be tangentially related to any unsavory values.

>> No.10384108 [DELETED] 
File: 10 KB, 252x200, 1573279184588.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I am into these things (far right-ism and military equipment collecting) and it perfectly within my right to be into those things. Anyone infringing on my personal liberty because of those things will be in the wrong. Imagine having built up such bad relationships with your co-workers and neighbors that someone coming with a bad faith Nazi accusation will be believed.

And finally, imagine being scare of being associated with what you clearly detest because you share a few similar interests or hobbies. Of course you don't want to associate with retards and edgelords, but it is completely possible to maintain your hobby while not associating with them.

>> No.10384109

No, there is a very high concentration of alt right among the boog crowd. Most of them just keep very quiet about their true political beliefs because they know alt right-ism is unpopular with normies.

>> No.10384110 [DELETED] 


and here they are. took them long enough lmfao. the plausible deniability appeal of your fandom stops working once people find out.

>> No.10384111 [DELETED] 

Yes, it's a massive paramilitary group, they're almost all alt right and there are even many more who just stay at home and watch videos and daydream while fondling their ar-15s.

>> No.10384114 [DELETED] 

Can you guys take it to pol

>> No.10384116 [DELETED] 

Imagine getting red flagged for dressing up in some military surplus. Haha sounds to me like you are very paranoid.

>> No.10384117 [DELETED] 

lol tacticool cosplayers seething at being exposed

>> No.10384119 [DELETED] 

You're not allowed to enjoy things because we Nazis are already enjoying them and you will be associated with us if you even dare.

>> No.10384120

Imagine talking about social stigma alongside lolitas of all people. Who cares if you own a pair of fucking camo pants, why are you even afraid of social ridicule and your safety if you’re just cosplaying? Why would any of your neighbours and coworkers even find out about that? If you’re not cosplaying go to /fa/ I guess.

>> No.10384121 [DELETED] 

Quiver in fear and stay away from Nazi hobbies you small small person.

I will spell it out for you since sarcasm doesn't communicate well through text. Who cares if Nazis are also enjoying the hobby you are? It's not a dangerous hobby unless you are breaking the law like building bombs or illegal firearms. And you have absolutely nothing to worry about if you aren't even including real guns with the military getup. Which if you are interested in going to events I would guess guns aren't allowed. Stop being paranoid and just enjoy the dress up. There are plenty of moderates to associate with in nearly every large city.

>> No.10384122 [DELETED] 

The consequences for being found out for being into lolita fashion is social embarassment. The lolita/j-fashion subculture is merely considered a little odd and has no alt-right connotations whereas this one can make you seem like a terrorist and danger to society. The modern tacticool scene is in a whole different league in terms of negative consequences since it can result in death and actual career-ending nightmares.

>> No.10384124 [DELETED] 

Don’t post yourself online then? Like what’s a fucking problem, it’s not your daily wear. Wear something that covers your face at cons and change your privacy setting so that nobody can automatically tag you in photos. Make a second account for cosplay. There is no danger there. Also all your potential employers thinking you are a pervert is a bit more than “embarrassment”

>> No.10384125 [DELETED] 

A woman wearing excessively frilly clothes to tea parties is less dangerous than a guy holding a gun wearing the alt-right uniform with a bunch of similar guys.

>> No.10384126 [DELETED] 

If you reserve a cafe and organise a tea party with your alt-right uniform wearing pals I assure you no one will question your motives.

>> No.10384210

Military industrial companies are really fucking outdated for so much shit, it’s wild. Even companies at the top of the line that’s produce the gear itself have horrible websites. I remember when Crye was selling their surplus production uniforms a year or two ago and a few thousand people crashed the website for a week.

>> No.10384211 [DELETED] 

God I wish they would fuck off so we could just, you know, have a fucking productive thread rather than “pity me” and “I am a Nazi”

P. Much.

You’re wasting you’re breath, these people are so fucking invested in their potential self image and circle logic that they’re not even worth replying to.

>> No.10387178 [DELETED] 
File: 39 KB, 468x510, 1508612518029.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

christ what a mess

>> No.10387654 [DELETED] 

The only thing I'm seeing is Nazi seethe at being found out.

>> No.10387943 [DELETED] 

So, it seems extra care has to be taken for cosplaying with pre-1950s military uniforms and accessories like Sam Browne belts and knee-length jackboots because some alt-right groups appropriate it for their uniforms...

Some tutorials even have disclaimers to alter your products a bit a little to avoid resemblance to political uniforms.

>> No.10388016

Some clerical issues with Paypal and the bank fucked me in the ass, so online shopping on foreign sites is off-limits for now.

>> No.10388024

Invite expired. Pls send new link. Preferably immortal.

>> No.10391702

Do combat shirt sewing patterns exist?

>> No.10391775
File: 808 KB, 549x779, Ghost-Museum-snow.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I can't find a decent Ghost balaclava. All the stuff on amazon has bad reviews and is cheap chinesium. Anyone know where I can get a good one or have a custom one made? Seems like something you could get someone to make.

>> No.10392660

I think they do, but very rare. I might give you a shirtjacket pattern, but its in Chinese.

Alternatively I could give you some 1950s German and British safari shirt patterns.

>> No.10392662
File: 228 KB, 667x900, 150428110702_big.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh, anyways, I have this one. Russian text but its a translation of a German pattern system BTW.

>> No.10392663
File: 248 KB, 667x900, 150428110740_big.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10392664


>> No.10392665
File: 231 KB, 667x900, 150428110802_big.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10392666
File: 263 KB, 667x900, 150428110829_big.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10393324
File: 83 KB, 720x960, 56551786_393983231157190_8797736504328716288_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

seeing as you can get custom shirts in obtuse or obscure camos, somebody must have patterns
failing that you could look around for guys doing custom combat shirts

>> No.10393644

I thought he meant SEWING patterns for jackets cut like dress shirts.

>> No.10393661

Because people asked for some Taobao:

>> No.10394403

Sorry I'm the original one who started this, yeah I meant combat shirts like that tiger stripe one. I've been thinking of making my own since even the smallest size of crye shirts is far too big for me.

>> No.10394646

I've actually got a full set of the Crye tiger stripe combat uniform from Roman Kurmaz on facebook. Its very good quality and exactly what I wanted but it was like $300 total shipped to the US. He also custom makes everything so if you need small maybe talk to him.

>> No.10394808

Last time I ordered from a facebook replica seller they used fake printed fabric with colors that were way off instead of authentic multicam, so I'm a bit weary of buying custom stuff

>> No.10395299

I'm looking to buy blueberry camo fabric. Prefer cotton/canvas. Need like 6 yards.

>> No.10396492

Actual mil-fag here, modern (as in 100% current) uniform regulations are publically published on the internet for anyone to see. The US military has everything in english published pretty much as they change it

USAF: AFI 36-2903
US Army: AR670-1
US Navy: NAVPERS 15665I
US Marines: MCO 1020.34(Letter)

There are a few rules for civilians wearing the uniform though
>Don't do anything or act in a way that would disrespect the uniform or the US Military
This will get you arrested and charged cause its literally a crime in the US
>Don't fuck up the uniform
If you do, stolen valor fags will rightfully harass you over it
>Always wear a hat outdoors, never wear a hat indoors
You'll look like a retard if you do
>Never say or pretend like you're actually in the military
Always tell people you're just cosplaying to like "honor our troops" or something. Especially if the people talking to you look like they can bench more than 200 pounds

Basically, just don't be a retard

>> No.10396494

Oh and if you want to dress like an operator ask questions here >>>/k/gq

>> No.10397040
File: 851 KB, 507x677, loewr res.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh anon, what have you done.

In other news, I hate raidmodding shirts.

>> No.10397053

Remember to always keep your hands in your pockets and wear shades, so that you can flex on actual milfags.

>> No.10397408

Custom pockets? Most raid mod BDUs I've seen just lifted the waist pockets

wear a baseball cap and grow a beard too for maximum flex

>> No.10397412

Just sewing velcro on, then i'm putting them on the sleeves.

>> No.10400280
File: 2.84 MB, 5150x3507, 4de18a7f441d2074bbd170134c1ae728.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here's a sewing pattern for that

>> No.10401198



Yeah, no, you can go fuck youself with fake statistics like that.

Part of wearing a current uniform is that it reflects on the service itself. People pretending to be soldiers/sailors/etc. undermines the basic ethics and integrity of what they claim to represent. The public isn't smart enough on the whole to realize it, and members of the public will invariably heap praise on liars and then blame the service as a whole foe liars getting away with it, rather than the stolen valor asshole, when the latter is unmasked. It doesn't matter if all service members did was guard a random train crossing in Montana, they're still right to be calling out the medal-festooned liar as the liar undermines what little they and their fellow vets have been able to work towards.

>> No.10401410

puddle pirate spotted

>> No.10402737

Is this the thread for mil lolita as well?

>> No.10402859
File: 12 KB, 261x221, 1493299735350.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mil lolita

>> No.10402871


I think they mean military lolita

>> No.10403441

Yes, I'm curious what military lolita looks like

>> No.10403535
File: 84 KB, 620x860, ml.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Military lolita is creating old fashion officer looks, its not so much about tactical modern wear. I love the aesthetic of it

>> No.10403681

Looks nice. Yeah I don't see why that wouldn't fit this thread.

>> No.10403780

I should add to this (not him) propel basically only ever care about stolen valor in dress uniforms. Whatever tactical gear you’re probably looking at won’t offend anyone

ALSO, friendly reminder to fill your mag pouches with something mag sized so that you don’t get that “super skinny looking cosplayer” look

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I know it's been done to death, but I want my first cosplay to be a Ranger Vet from fallout NV.
However, I want to make a functional helmet/mask that doesn't need to look exactly like the one in game. I've currently got a similar looking surplus helmet on the way and I'm looking at voice amplifiers and any sort of mini air conditioner that I can add to the side of the helmet (like where the flashlight is, which can also be added).
Any advise for this sort of thing? also what do cosplayers do for hearing? should I bother looking into some sort of mic system so I can hear people clearly around me? I can possibly jury rig any electronic object to have on/off switches to a wrist band depending on the attachments I get and how they are laid out internally.

>> No.10406111

You can get cheap amplified earpro, like howard leights.

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