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>utks are hideous on 95% of coords

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MTO Honey Cake being poly is an upgrade actually

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Vast majority of westerners look cringe as hell.

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There is nothing more embarrassing than seeing a flock of north american lolitas in a public place, with their teaparties in hand and dirty sneakers on their feet.

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Modern lolita just reminds me of children's princess dresses and general cosplay/costume shit.

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Old school is ugly as hell and went out of style for a reason.

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Every now and then I see random lolita groups in meets going from tea houses to antique places.

They are just adorable. I want to hug each one of them and take pictures, but I'm sure that would be weird af so I say and do nothing.

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I rather die then go to a fucking tea party at a convention center or worse an anime con like apparently all american events are held on.

Also, fuck mingling with cringy teenage cosplayers.

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Elisabeth op is an ugly ita dress. Expencive af ugly ita dress.

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Going to cons dressed like a normie is more fun than going in lolita. Fuck these weebs fawning over my brand and wanting pictures.

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UTKs look good if you're skinny, it's too bad most lolitas are fat

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now fight

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Even skinny girls would look better in otks than utks

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Utks have major ddlg vibes to them.

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I don't think UTKs are hideous, but yea OTKs look better 90% of the time

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It's totally understandable when a normie asks if you're "little bo peep" when you're wearing a sax and pink coord

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And a bonnet

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I hate bonnets so much, they're not cute on anyone

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I want to give a lolita rough anal sex, she has to be wearing a sweet coord, prefferably pink and with the skirt a bit too short, if u poast me lolitas in coords that match the description ur my hero, the coord has to look good, to me specifically, yes I'm picky. Bonus points for virginal vibes

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They look cringe because they're old

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I mean come on, you can't tell me there's no resemblance. Sax x pink is the best colorway btw she's so gorgeous, bring it on normies

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are socks + tights a thing?

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Ur wrong

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Many people don't know there are different types of bonnets for different face shapes.

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Lolita who disdain weebs are hypocrites, especially the ones who learned about lolita from cosplay adjacent events to begin with.

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Ah, you're right anon. I lied anyway, I actually have seen girls that look cute with certain bonnets.

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sounds like you want a twink sissy, not a lolita, bye bye now

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fat women shouldnt dress in lolita.

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absolute nonsense, who said I don't want the pussy too? and no trans axe wounds won't do, sry
I want my female born lolita with good taste and short skirt

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I hate american youtube lolitas. Big ugly fat bodies with butterfaces, wasting their husbands money on new release dresses that they strain at the seams. Ugly asian with buckteeth, cosplay wigs and an annoying voice. Too much fucking angelic pretty. No curation, just money lashed at new release after new release. I just wasted an hour watching wardrobe posts on there and now want to stab my own eyes out, god.

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socks and tights together look like trash unless the tights are skintone/sheer.

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For years now, yes newfag
Only comment so far that's right

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I'm so grateful to be in Europe. It's the next best thing after Japan when it comes to lolita imo. Even some of our cheapest meets are at castles.

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sack dresses make almost everyone look pregnant. why is everyone afraid of having a waist

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Shamefully agreed.

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UTKs, like many things in Japanese girly styles, are not worn to look attractive to other people

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omg this. I hate sack dresses and hate they're trending. They don't even look good on supremely skinny people, why does anyone wear them

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The dude is a dirty scrote that deserves to be put to death, notice how he wants a lolita in a short skirt of all things and the usage of that reaction image. He doesn't even know what lolita is.

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tbf he's in the right thread, the unpopular opinions thread. He did indeed give an unpopular opinion relating to lolita

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Solids are better than prints. Most prints will just bleed into each other at a distance and just look like a massive multi-colored blob.

>t. classic lolita

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I think most of you are retarded and don't understand lolita fashion. Protip: it doesn't exist to be attractive to other people. Nobody cares if you think bonnets, UTKs or sack dresses look unflattering.

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Why is this so gross? I think it's the tights and shoes, the color combo with just the other items might still be unsettling though. She doesn't look good in such bright pastels

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it isn't gross, what? I found it as an example of how normies could draw the connection between little bo peep and lolitas, not as a "this is ugly" post. I think she's perfect and there's nothing wrong with this coord, except (very very nitpick) the color of the socks sort of clash with the whitish pink tights

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thanks for the laf though salty chan, I'm by no means an expert, but I've probably seen arround 1000-5000 lolita coords in the time I've been here. That's why I specified the short skirt, give a horny dude a break

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that's more of a popular opinion on here than unpopular. i think they look good, but i feel I'm in the minority.

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Casual is better than OTT.
Learn how to wear cutsews and take the stick out, ffs.

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I don't think you know what "butterface" means if you're describing the bodies they're attached to as ugly and fat

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Okay, I guess my unpopular opinion is that I prefer UTKs. But I also like old school...
UTKs are more comfortable for me to wear, OTKs always roll down. I’m sick of always having to fix my socks and I’m not using sock glue or whatever.

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so many girls wear them though. the worst is wearing printed tight with printed socks.

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Lolitas who rage at scalpers but buy brand they cant fit into or hoard and never wear are hypocrites

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go away bonner-kun

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I do printed socks over tights of a similar base colour in the winter. It gets way too cold here to wear just socks. You can barely see the tights anyway.

I will never understand why cutsews aren't more popular. They're so fucking comfy and they still have lots of cute details and lace.

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I'm a short girl whose dresses hit me at the knee, so lace-topped OTKs just make me look like I'm wearing tights, without the convenience of not falling down my legs every five seconds. I always buy and wear UTKs because you can actually see the lace on the top of my socks, and they'll stay on better than OTKs.

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I'm sorry salty-chan, but no, I actually enjoy this board and it's lolita content, ur lucky I don't coment 90% of what I think

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'Tea length' and other long dresses are NOT Lolita, neither are sack dresses. They ruin the silhouette and they make you look like either an ageplayer or a renfair/vintage roleplaying dipshit.

>> No.10330805

I ended up with utks accidentally after I kept hearing they were unflattering on everyone and never bought them intentionally. Surprise, they look great on me and now they're my favourite socks. I think this goes to show that you should always try something for yourself.

My also unpopular opinion is that I fucking love salopettes. I have a small frame and they're flattering and cute on me (I wear a lot of normie overalls too fwiw). I wish there were more salopette releases.

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Salopettes are super cute and comfortable, you have good taste anon

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if you compliment anyone on cgl youll get some ugly fatty responding to say "no they're ugly/gross". it's inevitable.

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i don't know if this is even unpopular, but no one ever talks about it.
more often than not i find black colourways of pastel/light prints to be somewhat of an eyesore and i cant put my finger on why, other than the light colours and black fabric kinda clash.

>> No.10330952

It looks hella off unless it’s like star themed

>> No.10330953

They remind me of images with transparency being copy-pasted into MSPaint.

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SoapboxSirensandCliffhangerCherubs on lacemarket is fucking annoying

>> No.10330959

I know this isn't the stupid questions thread, but can you elaborate on that?

>> No.10330961

literally came here to say the exact same thing. bitch if i have to read the words “singles awareness day” one more time i’m gonna lose it

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And some of the shit they sell is just basic normie crap

Not to mention their word salad titles; its like they say a chinese listing on amazon and tried to copy it

>> No.10330986

I don't think this is unpopular. She's a huge bitch as well. I haven't visited LM in so long but last time I did she'd put up a new listing and mark it as on sale too, so it'd clog up the new and dropped price listings with her stupid shit. And she lists things as "set of 2/etc" when it's really just a skirt with its detachable waist ties or something dumb. Insufferable cunt.

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This desu. If I wanted to wear flattering clothes I would wear jeans.

>> No.10330995

I love sack dresses, I even bought a binder so my titties stay down and look flattering. I live in sack dresses and I will be very sad when this trend passes.

>> No.10331001

Sweet has always looked like that

>> No.10331002

A friend told me she heard she is very close to being banned for her shit. So if you see any bs like that, report it

>> No.10331004

>muh silhouette

Unp. opinion: anyone who puts more value in the lolita "silhouette" over things like fabrics, laces, and other details doesn't really "get" lolita. The silhouette isn't an exact standard--cupcake and A-line to start, ap dresses meant to have crazy poof and old school meant to be very light or even pettiless. None of these silhouettes are the same and they're all still lolita.

>> No.10331008

Are you implying sack dresses are made from nice lolita-fitting fabrics and laces because I personally don't associate cheap seethrough polyester with lolita fashion.

>> No.10331029

Grateful to be in Tokyo and be in well organized meetups. Every American community I’ve read about on /cgl/ had issues like the host not showing up on time

>> No.10331030

100% agree.

As a white girl, I sadly have to agree. Unironically forever wished I was asian. Nobody will ever look as good in lolita as they do.

The size of your calves is something that sadly can be hardly controlled. I could sit in a wheelchair for a year and I'd still be too muscular to look good in them.

I don't like them either but shorties seem to love them.

My unpopular opinions: I can't stand Fanny and Tyler. The former because her personality just rubs me the wrong way (that plus I'm jealous) and the latter because her hair is hideous, her face is not much better than Lor's, her coords are so underwhelmingly boring and her holier-than-thou attitude is absolutely grating.
Also, wigs and hair in unnatural colours need to go.

>> No.10331040

Agreed, and I include myself in this.

Also agreed. I constantly see people saying that sack dresses only look good on skinny girls and if you look bad in them you must be a jealous fatty, but they make skinny girls look pregnant. The only people who look ‘good’ in sack dresses are fat apple shapes who get to hide a thick midsection.

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I want anything born with a penis to be OUT of lolita, permanently. I hate brolitas, transwomen, whatever the fuck they are, they don't belong unless they were born with a vagina.

>> No.10331045

Not so much an unpopular opinion but a fact

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Lolita will never look good on you if you're fat or ugly. Any lolita who complains about regularly getting negative comments from normies probably just looks bad. If lolita suits you, most normies will compliment you or say nothing at all. The more outrageous the style, the more you have to look cute and youthful to pull it off; hence why sweet lolita looks ridiculous most of the time, whereas toned down classic or gothic also works on plainer girls.

>> No.10331063

I agree with you on Fanny and Tyler. Absolutely can't stand them

>> No.10331067

Most of sweet lolitas DO look like they trying to be a 5 years old girls smd and this is no surprise people thinks they are into ageplay kink

>> No.10331068

>If lolita suits you, most normies will compliment you or say nothing at all.
Keep telling yourself that mate.

>> No.10331092

I used to like Fanny but one time she posted somewhat normie outfit and on the next post said she wouldn't do that anymore as it didn't get as many likes as her other ones. Efame-hungry much?

>> No.10331093

whats ageplay? is that some kind of fetish where you pretend to be a lower age than you are? wouldn't that just attract pedos???

I'm not english first language btw

>> No.10331096

Also is the point to attract men or are they the sweet lolitas actually aroused by it?

>> No.10331110

Glad I didn’t learn about lolita from weeb shit then so I can rightfully feel like I’m better than those that did

>> No.10331113

Agreed. Whenever I look at CoF threads it makes me wonder if I actually like this fashion with how cringy and unflattering it looks on every person. But then I see coords by Asian girls and I remember why I fell in love with lolita in the first place.

>> No.10331125

I hate all this "lolitas should be pretty" shit. Fuck insta filters, fuck false eyelashes, fuck enlargening eyelences.

It turns fashion into some living doll cosplay shit.

>> No.10331132

This is literally based on my personal experience wearing lolita semi-daily. If I'm out alone I basically never get any negative reaction beyond maybe stares, or a group of teenage boys giggling, and I'm not sure anyone should put much stock in the opinions of teenage boys. The only time I get bothered is when I have to walk around with my comm where half of everyone looks like a goddamn clown.

>> No.10331134

Same my dude, but also I wear classic and gothic. I think daily sweets get much more negative attention, even if they're quite casual and look good.

>> No.10331136

This. Lolitas who are genuinely having fun look much better than ones who are trying to look pretty or perfect. Fuck this world's perfectionism.

And fuck the racewank in this thread too. Hate how you look in lolita? Stop blaming your damn race and go wear something else you feel better in.

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What's ageplay? Please answer my question, you know English better than me.

>> No.10331139

It is a famous play by mid-century playwright Dolores Amet about a woman who lies to every man she meets in her life about her age. In the final scene, she is revealed to not be older or younger, but to be three babies in a trench coat. The scene in which this is revealed is unfortunately very sexualised. It was so controversial that to this day, people go into mad rages and cyberbully and hate brigade anyone who claims to like or be aroused by ending.

>> No.10331142

It's >>10331093

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>> No.10331169

fuckkkk false eyelashes, here here!

>> No.10331175

This is gold. Thank you,.

>> No.10331194

People use filters and shit with literally any and every kind of fashion. Almost everyone wants to look "pretty" or attractive by some measure, no matter what they're wearing. If lolita isn't supposed to be pretty, what do you think it's supposed to be? Ugly?

>> No.10331195

Anon is talking about this trend towards needing to look insta-perfect always everywhere in lolita. I can see it for sure, but I also think it's a much better outcome than a trend towards itaization of lolita.

>> No.10331197 [DELETED] 

You want people to pretend they put so much effort into coord photos but don't want people to like them?

>> No.10331200

I don't care for polyester myself, but I get why people like them I guess. That being said I'm into older cotton stuff and my bad opinion didn't have to do with my thoughts on the chiffon craze tarnishing lolita (dramatic but you get it) so I won't object.

>> No.10331201

Agreed, being a Japan-based lolita is a dream come true. There are so many lovely spots for meets and general hangouts. Imagining moving back to the west makes me feel so sad, I've been so spoiled here.

>> No.10331206

>enlargening eyelences
OT but that’s really cute. The term you’re looking for is „circle lenses“

>> No.10331208

The only reason you’d think the average Asian Lolita doesn’t look cringe is because you’re biased or you’ve only seen them in the GLB or something. We all look ridiculous to normies. Even the ones in japan.

>> No.10331220

I only get compliments when I wear sweet. Normies don't care about classic or gothic.

>> No.10331221

She complains about muh engagement all the time, she just dresses classy but she's as much of an efame thot as the rest of them.
I used to like her coords before finding out how insufferably vapid she is.

>> No.10331222

I think it's because lolita is meant for people with tiny physiques. Like it literally isn't designed for bigger people with bigger boobs so things don't fall right and will look awful.

My unpopular opinion: conventional lolita that sits just above the natural waist looks unflattering and bad. I've felt so bad when I put a dress on and it either pancakes or makes me look like I have a pregnant pooch. I used to think it was just me until I realized that is actually how it's supposed to look, because it is not meant to curve in at the natural waist to give it a more youthful appearance.

We need more flattering lolita because on women with tits it tends to look dumpy.

>> No.10331224

People, who wear cheap, bad quality tao-tier main pieces should be claimed ita, no matter how good they coord is

>> No.10331227
File: 22 KB, 480x360, c48e026bccee788e6e36e5a6075d1746.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

nayrt, but there are "enlargening" lenses. They're bigger than normal circle lenses and such more harmful to the eye. It makes that animey cute big eye look.

>> No.10331231

Or you could just wear skirts at your natural waist. That look isn't popular with lolitas.

>> No.10331232

You're retarded if you thought people who put so much effort into photos and online presence don't want likes. Just be happy there are people out there who make the fashion look good and are an inspiration to newbies.

>> No.10331235

Yes what you just described are circle lenses. Ones that don't enlarge the eye are just called contact lenses.

>> No.10331239

Have to agree with the original sentiment, I generally don't get any negative attention unless my outfit is outrageous in a provoking way. People might stare but no not even rowdy teenage boys have given me grief about my sweet coords. Simpler classic and gothic def go right under the radar with most normies though.

Honestly the rampant immaturity and special snowflake syndrome is what turns me off from the fashion most of the time. It helps to take a step back from the bigger community and focus more on having fun with your friends in the fashion.

>> No.10331250

Shut up Fanny licker

There are more inspiring lolitas out there and they aren't up their own asses like Fanny the Whiney

>> No.10331253

Unpopular but I don't get whats wrong with "wanting likes" and Engagement.
For me its ok that people who love something, want to share it and feel good if they get reconition (likes) from others in the same hobby.

>> No.10331254

Imo there's nothing wrong with it, it's just sad. Social media is made to be addictive as hell and it's easy to get carried away

>> No.10331258

It's retarded that they put so much effort into their photos /because/ they want likes. At what point are they doing this because they actually want to and not because it's getting them attention? Fanny obviously likes wearing quirky normie outfits but other people didn't find them interesting and she threw a fit because of it. It's kind of pathetic that she's letting something like likes dictate what she can do and enjoy.
>Just be happy there are people out there who make the fashion look good and are an inspiration to newbies.
Oh wow, they're doing the community SUCH a favor! There's countless lolitas who serve as good inspiration and aren't concerned with their engagement or their stupid e-fame anon, we can do without the Fannies.

>> No.10331261

People complaining about Fanny in this thread must have never been in that discord server with all the e-famous lolitas complaining about their engagement and not getting enough likes. Mintkismet was a part of that too and yet I don't see anyone shitting on her.

>> No.10331262

Caps or you're talking out of your arse

>> No.10331263

Imagine unironically being this new

>> No.10331264

Please, looking forward to your post on the farm! Oh wait, there won't be one kek

>> No.10331265

Too many creepy TiMs who are AGP in disguise and magicgender snowflakes. They are way more than they used to be and they are accepted rather than laughed at and told not to act like autists. I miss the LJ days where we could shun them.

>> No.10331267

Amen. Lots of retard ITT who think it's all about being the pwettiest pwincess. Newsflash,it's not,it's for yourself,if you're that brainwashed (aka everything i do is to please other people) you need to take a seat and ponder.
>inb4 lololol you're just fat/ugly/old/a troon/...

>> No.10331268

Minkismet isn't as ~inspirational~ as FR so of course she's not mentioned as often, but when she is, it's not favorably.

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>> No.10331270

Damn, I really should have capped it when I was in there. It was her and a whole bunch of low tier e-fame girls like lotv/Tyler (not lwln) complaining about how their pods weren't boosting their engagement and shit. So embarrassing.

>> No.10331271

my apparently unpopular opinion is that I still like Fanny and give no shits if she wants likes on IG or where ever.

>> No.10331272

>I want anything born with a penis to be OUT of lolita, permanently. I hate brolitas, transwomen, whatever the fuck they are, they don't belong unless they were born with a vagina.
all of this thx
but it's bigotry to want spaces to ourselves and being uncomfortable around penis havers (because nowadays saying all men have penises/women don't have penises is a controversial statement,i want to go back)

>> No.10331273

and asian normies are jealous of white girls because they can never have the sexy hourglass bodies that we do. everybody wants what they can't have i guess

>> No.10331274

kind of agree honestly. it seems like there's no such thing as women's spaces anymore, not even feminism itself.

>> No.10331275

Seriously. You're wearing pastel teddy bears and unicorns on a dress with a big bow or bonnet, and people are NOT supposed to think you're an ageplayer?

>> No.10331276

the point of ageplay is to attract men who are into "daddy" shit, yeah

>> No.10331277

Yup, agree

>> No.10331279

She only gets posted here because of ~kawaii anachan thinspo~, she fell out of cgl's favor once people found out she keeps + resells people's brand gifts on their orders while she's an SS

>> No.10331280

concepts of gender segregation need to die a horrible death, there's nothing special about "women" that make it anything less than discrimination to create spaces exclusively for them (same goes with men's spaces as well)

inb4 "tranny! Scrote!" nope I have a vagina and XX and love it ty

>> No.10331281

At least lotv has a reason for wanting engagement, she has a business and exposure = sales.

>> No.10331282

Because so few brands make decent ones anymore

>> No.10331283

Hardcore agree. Lolita was originally known as "ugly fat girl fashion" in Japan, the intent was never to look polished and perfect

>> No.10331284

It's just a recipe for disaster to rely on fickle, faceless internetgoers for validation. Seeing a "like" as proof that there's a like-minded person out there enjoying your work and getting a good feeling from that doesn't seem like a bad thing, yet most people who experience that good feeling end up creating a void in their enjoyment of their hobby that can only be filled by a consistent or ever-growing amount of virtual praise. A person who's careless enough to crave the shallow attention of a mouseclick from someone rapidly scrolling through their social media feed at any given time of day almost always lacks the mental fortitude to handle it when they're not getting as much of that attention as they expect; it tanks their enjoyment in their hobby and their self-worth.

>> No.10331286

The extremely sexist culture hasn't bothered you?

>> No.10331287

I feel the same and I am from the US. I am embarrassed about our lolita events at anime cons.

>> No.10331288

Sooo... people who wear modern AP then?

>> No.10331289

kek i'm guessing you also "don't see color"

>> No.10331294

>there's nothing special about "women" that make it anything less than discrimination to create spaces exclusively for them
you mean other than the fact that they don’t engage in violent crime anywhere near as often as men do?

>> No.10331295

I also agree with you about all this chiffon nonsense ruining lolita. Like >>10330661 said, lolitas now look like they’re playing princess dress up, not actually wearing a fashion. This also why I agree with >>10330772 it’s a fashion meant to be worn, not weirdo escapist fantasy dress up time like most of the western lolitas look like

>> No.10331296

Outside of those who criticize people who misuse lolita (sissies, ddlg) how often do you experience this? I've never even heard of a male only meetup. If you're speaking in a generalized broader concept, I don't think you are accounting for the actual physiological differences. t

>> No.10331297

In the real world, a great many women experience trauma from men that makes them desire the comfort of spaces without men. I would love it if gender segregation could be wiped out and people of any gender could freely and comfortably participate in any hobby, but that's not going to happen. It's not abnormal or wrong for a woman to feel uncomfortable (or unsafe) around men the same way they could feel uncomfortable around heights, deep water, or fire because of the way that a human's animal brain develops to protect them from discomfort. It's unacceptable in the current world to demand that there be no "safe" spaces to engage in recreational activities.

>> No.10331301

I agree so much. I think the best makeup for lolita will always be basic natural makeup. Even beyond that, that heavy blush e-girl makeup or gothic makeup isn't a look for everyone.

>> No.10331303

I think haul videos are stupid af. Yeah, bitch, i guess you have enough money for new AP but can i at least get a review and coord ideas?
No, "it has cute lace and a ribbon" isn't a review, i have my eyes to tell me that.

>> No.10331308

>inb4 "tranny! Scrote!" nope I have a vagina and XX and love it ty
I think we have all been on tumblr to know a handmaiden lib fem faux feminist when we see one.

I personally have no issue with men only clubs and stuff. Instead of us women complaining that it is misogynist, i'd prefer we just make our own club. That also means that us as women are entitled to have spaces where we can comfortable exclude all males. I really hope one day you will realise that the scrotes you bend backwards to defend fucking hate you and are jealous of you.

>> No.10331310

That’s because the same people who would benefit from a skirt (busty lolitas) will also have a hard time finding cutsews that fit right or blouses that don’t gap between buttons. I say this from experience as a busty lolita

>> No.10331318

She’s also always posting about Baby’s releases and I feel like she’s trying to mislead newbies into thinking you need a shopping service to order from Baby’s japan site

>> No.10331320

The new lolita thread there has already been derailed with nonmilk over Lor and cries of vendetta. what’s the point?

>> No.10331331

that's the same logic as "a black guy sexually harassed and black girls bullied me me so I want to create non-black spaces where I can feel safe"

It's the exact same logic- and yes, that's discrimination.

also unpopular opinion: trans women are women, they belong in female-only spaces as much as any other girl

>> No.10331332

Lolita is a self destructive fashion, and its only that way because of cgl.

>> No.10331333

Fair point, all of mine are secondhand and I can see how someone wouldn't want to buy basically a t-shirt secondhand.

>> No.10331337

I mean not to state the obvious but what about Mana?

I somewhat agree but fetishists claiming the trans label do exist which is something I disbelieved until recently. AGP is a real thing and I've seen it myself just popping into trans forums. It's not the bulk of the people there but it's a thing and the "all-inclusive"/anti truscum attitude 100% validates those fetishists being there. You'll see people whose entire identity basically revolves around being a living futa fetish and getting boners every time they go to a bra fitting and still calling themselves "trans".

>> No.10331338

Whoooo buddy you wanna talk about cringe, how about your yellow fever

>> No.10331339

does she even like Baby? I only remember her wearing AP/Emily Temple but its been a few years

>> No.10331348

This is more /cgl/ specific. I hate AGPs and sissies like the rest of us, but I support actual trans people and don't hate them by default like a lot of gulls here do. I don't want any AGP perverts in mine or any comm and I know many claim the trans label, but if a trans woman puts effort into her appearance and can act normally I have no problem. However, in the greater lolita community there is definitely a problem of enabling perverts because no one wants to be the bad guy I guess (see: that r/lolita fiasco).

>> No.10331351

some asian girls and asian lolitas even are hella ugly. anon just can't see through the jitsu.

>> No.10331370

Lol I knew someone was going to say it. I'm Asian myself. I don't have a superiority complex about it, I just believe the clothes tend to fit better and suit them better than Westerners. I'm not saying that all Asian lolitas are perfect, because that's just not true, but in my eyes, the ones that do it right, do it best, and there are a lot more that pull off the cute/elegant look that it's supposed to convey versus what we see in the Western community.
The J-fashion side of cgl on the other hand does suffer from yellow fever. They drool over almost any Asian in J-fashion regardless of how unfortunate they look.
I agree there are attractive and unattractive, well-dressed and poorly dressed people of every race. I just think lolita, especially sweet, tends to suit Asian girls best.

>> No.10331377

Can you go be racist somewhere else? Thanks

>> No.10331379

i can tell you have yellow fever because of how you say "asian girls" when you really mean chinese or japanese (maybe even korean), pale girls. i'm not about to believe you think SEA girls look good in lolita.

>> No.10331382

I think it suits people with small and thin builds and most east asians fit that

>> No.10331383

>fashion based on European history
>suits Asian girls better

tell me more, weeb-chan

>> No.10331387

highly seconding your sentiment anon.
There are MANY AGPs pretending to be transwomen (or even putting effort into it) which is maybe why there is lots of hate against transwomen??? Ever since the trans movement became a trend ,like pretending you're bi in 2007 except worse, there has been a huge influx of pornsick,entitled men pretending to be women because they wish to become an anime catgirl or something.
Which heavily harmed their image as a whole.

>> No.10331390

False equivalency. Males of all races commit over 90% of violent crime and sexual harassment. Therefore women have a legitimate reason to want to avoid them.

>> No.10331395

Honey the men into lolita/ ouji showing up at the lolita meet ain't gonna commit a violent crime against you, I can tell you that. You're just using that as an excuse to justify this paranoia "I don't feel safe around men" BS

"90% of rapes are committed by men therefore any given man in particular makes me feel unsafe" is shit tier logic.

>> No.10331397

You're all getting mad triggered in here. >>10331382 gets the idea. I didn't say anything about skin color like >>10331379 is implying, nor did I say that other races can't look good in lolita. Lots of Western lolitas look cringe to me because they don't dress well for their body type (just see how every other gull here complains about being too tall or fat for brand) or they look too old to suit the more juvenile substyles well.

Yes, and yet the fashion is not a direct copy of historical clothing, but has distinctive cute qualities (in sweet) which suit youthful looks and were made to fit the average Japanese girl so of course it would suit them well when wearing it.

>> No.10331399 [DELETED] 

Do you feel this way because they objectively are cuter, or because you associate cuteness with them because Asian girls are supposed to be submissive and infatile and white girls are supposed to be sexy and outgoing

>> No.10331401

again, this is because of your yellow fever. tons of asian girls look weird and old in lolita as well. you're just letting their neoteny baby noses cloud your mind.

>> No.10331404

Do you feel this way because they objectively are cuter, or because you associate cuteness with them because Asian girls are supposed to be submissive and infatile and white girls are supposed to be sexy and outgoing. Your conscious mind might justify it but we can never truely know if we are unbiased. I think it's interesting because Japanese people have said white girls suit lolita better, because they look more like marie antoinette, alice, etc.

>> No.10331405

Yes, they commit those crimes against their wives and daughters, not at a fancy teahouse.

>> No.10331407 [DELETED] 

Silence, white

>> No.10331411

now I get what POC mean when they use the phrase "white tears" like sheesh the gull that cried racism much?

>> No.10331412

>I think it's interesting because Japanese people have said white girls suit lolita better, because they look more like marie antoinette, alice, etc.
I've heard this too. The Japanese adore Anne of Green Gables and similar stories. It's not uncommon for people to dye their hair red or blonde with the express intent to imitate maidens from classic western lit.
I think making racial arguments for who looks good in lolita is silly anyway because there are many different forms of lolita with different cuts and styles to suit different people, and there's a wide range of sizes and appearances from any given ethnic background.

>> No.10331415

>only because of /cgl
found the newfag that wasn't around for the livejournal days.

>> No.10331416

She wears it a bit and I saw she went to their tea party (probably just to buy stuff). Some anon was posting about a SS recently saying she helped them to buy stuff from Baby and they never told her that she didn’t need to use a SS. I bet it was a MK

>> No.10331418

Personally I always use SS for releases I think will be a bloodbath

>> No.10331421

what a well thought out and reasonable response, i'm totally on your side now

>> No.10331422

Different anon, I think East Asian lolitas look better because the brands just literally sew the clothes to suit their smaller frames:body types. If a lolita brand sewed clothes to fit women with larger breasts I think it would look better on westerners

>> No.10331423

i'm haffu bb :^)

>> No.10331428

Mady magdalene is good for curvy petite women. I'm top heavy with broad shoulders so can only do their skirts as far as I know

>> No.10331429

nayrt but that's still white, unless you're half something else

>> No.10331430

This is an odd generalization though? Sure there are averages but there are plenty of westerners who are short and small-built and have small chests. Who do you think is buying all those XS-sized bralettes?

>> No.10331432

Asian-American women and pre-teens? And of course we’re speaking in generalities, there are people everywhere at all points of the spectrum

>> No.10331433

I think MM looks better on white women because of this

>> No.10331434

no offense dude but I think it's the same person doing this every time and your propensity towards finishing statements with question marks is supremely annoying and makes you sound whiny

>> No.10331436

>half japanese is white

>> No.10331438

One of those statements with a question mark was me, but the others weren’t, but go ahead and play detective.

>> No.10331440

welp in any case it's supremely annoying and makes you sound whiny. I'm sure you're a fine person and I really don't mean this as a personal attack, but someone has to tell you and it might as well be an internet random who doesn't actually know you

>> No.10331441

"im asian myself"
sure, jan

>> No.10331442

half japanese and half white?

>> No.10331445

Literally not true. Asians only pretend to find whites attractive but they secretly feel superior. Especially lolitas, why wish for a body that would make you unable to fit into your dream fashion?

I don't even think the body of white girls is the problem, just because some are also short doesn't mean they look good. The only white girls who can pull it off don't have ugly, oldlooking faces. That's the main problem of most of us, not our body, our haggard face.
I'm not only shitting on others, I'm including myself, it's simply the sad reality lol

>> No.10331448

are you too dense to realize that the girls they mean are the white burando models? we get it, you're a self-hating white girl now go back to contemplating removing a rib or cutting off your toes to fit into your precious burando better.

>> No.10331452

It's not. I'm honestly not sure who you're referring to as this is the first time I've taken part in this debate. I'll keep in mind though.

>> No.10331454

>Asian-American women and pre-teens?
My sister-in-law is built like that and she's almost 30. I also have white relatives and friends with that body type.

>> No.10331458

>Asians only pretend to find whites attractive but they secretly feel superior.
Right, which is why asian-American men complain about not being able to get asian gfs because they all want to date white guys

>> No.10331459

I think they mean asians in the east.

>> No.10331460


>> No.10331462

Oh yeah I can't realy speak to that then. There are an awful lot of blonde people in anime tho.

>> No.10331463

i mean it makes sense because asians aren't white, people are always curious and sometimes envious of what they're not. that's why "asians are the best lolitas" anon is so obsessed with asian girls.

>> No.10331464

Whining in a discord server is not the same as publicly whining in your IG stories every week

>> No.10331469

Please seek therapy for your extreme BDD and race envy.

>> No.10331470

Not sure if this is unpopular but I can’t stand it when people wear sneakers in lolita and I hate thats it’s been picking up recently. Sneakers only look good if you are going for very casual looks and honestly I don’t understand why people are all like “muh comfort!” when there’s shoes out there that are comfortable and much more suitable for lolita than a pair of sneakers.

>> No.10331471

Kawaii pateen makeup are crap and don't suit their models with monolid

>> No.10331472

She didn't mention that at all in her reply to my post. Nobody is talking about models, we're talking about ourselves.

>> No.10331476

sorry you can't follow conversations. when japanese lolitas say white girls look better, they (the japanese girls) are talking about white models, not randos on CoF.

>> No.10331477

i agree, just get some insoles and get over it. if you want to prioritize comfort why wear lolita at all?

>> No.10331478

Nayrt but why would they pretend and say lolita looks better on white girls out of nowhere? Were they trying to throw shade because I'm part indo?

>> No.10331479

but lolita is comfy, plastic shoes aren't

>> No.10331480

>sneakers aren't plastic

>> No.10331481

Canvas is made from hemp lol... and there are leather sneakers as well.

>> No.10331483
File: 343 KB, 1600x1600, IMG_20170707_172455_342.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10331484 [DELETED] 

>Japanese people have said white girls suit lolita better, because they look more like marie antoinette, alice, etc.
Exactly. They have this ideal image of lolita based on historical European fashion and fairytales, but as worn by beautiful rich ladies, not the tramps with smallpox.

>> No.10331485
File: 92 KB, 900x675, tea_party_party_with_misako_aoki_by_pinapplesaddict_d4jk6t8-fullview.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This. The only white girls they find attractive are disney princesses - idealized images of teens - and not your average white woman.

>> No.10331487

Putting an overweight person beside a literal model is not exactly making for the best argument here. I can find pictures of an ugly asian girl beside a gorgeous white model too, but I won't, because that's a stupid and fallacious non-argument.

>> No.10331488
File: 1.36 MB, 1129x1693, 5622_original.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This woman is slim, somewhat attractive and her coord is not bad, yet she still doesn't look as good as asian girls in lolita...

>> No.10331489

>somewhat attractive

You know she isn’t. Terrible example.

>> No.10331490

lmao why are all your examples of misako

>> No.10331492

Majority of people among most races are ugly though, it's not fair to compare them to a model. I've seen plenty of ugly japanese lolitas, although most of them use face stickers anyway.

>> No.10331493
File: 340 KB, 1500x2000, C6dl-jJUoAAiek1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Japanese people have said white girls suit lolita better, because they look more like marie antoinette, alice, etc.
Exactly. They have this ideal image of lolita based on historical European fashion and fairytales. But as worn by beautiful rich ladies, not the tramps with smallpox which I descended from. Luckily there truely is a lolita style for every type of person and I can wear sailor or maid to match the aesthetic of my ugly face.

Had to change my comment to end on a positive note.

>> No.10331494
File: 154 KB, 545x768, fruits2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here's an average person off the street and not a literal fucking model. She looks about as good as your average white girl in lolita.

>> No.10331495
File: 211 KB, 800x1301, 800px-Gothic_lolita_takeshita_street.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

more street snaps of average Japanese folk because why not

>> No.10331497
File: 133 KB, 800x1201, 800px-Gothic_lolita_dress.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10331498

Don't forget pirate lolita! Pirates have busted faces!

>> No.10331499

She might be a butterface but nevertheless she just suits lolita better than most of us
She looks ugly-cute and not like a hideous hag

>> No.10331500

Im sorry but she looks bad because her coord isnt really good.Especially next to Misako.

>> No.10331501

I'm starting to think anon is right and you do have BDD. Please get help and stop fetishizing east asians.

>> No.10331503
File: 66 KB, 600x657, 7084.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10331504

What dress is that?

>> No.10331505

Yeah you have yellow fever get help

>> No.10331506

Thank you for confirming that you're just a jealous white girl that can't handle Asians feeling comfortable and confident with their appearances.

>> No.10331507

Says it's from Meta, not sure which dress but you could prob dig it up in lolibrary

>> No.10331510

You know I kind of understand why anon thinks the way they do. Most of the Japanese girls we see wearing the fashion are models and most of the white girls we see are randos (except the few white models who work for Innocent World, Bodyline, etc). If you weren't consciously thinking about it I see how you could generate a weird race bias in your mind because your images for comparison are of exceptionally beautiful people, vs normal average people.

>> No.10331514

Misako is ugly and moreover she looks hilarious wearing sweet in her mid-30s

>> No.10331516

Actual unpopular opinion right here, I applaud your bravery

>> No.10331519

I don't think she's ugly per se, but imo she's super average looking and kind of frog-like. It's not like her coords are anything to write home about anyway so I don't see why she's regarded as the epitome of lolita perfection.

>> No.10331521

Of whom are we talking about? The first release ctp girls that all started YouTube at the same time last year?

>> No.10331522

I think AP has awful prints, shitty quality and most of it's dresses already looks like a replica. Even at old school era it was not so gorgeous as Btssb, Meta or IW

>> No.10331523

“It’s not like her coords are anything to write home about” what do you guys expect or want out of her?

>> No.10331524

Lolita is a fashion, there is nothing to talk about besides clothes

>> No.10331525

Her wig looks a little awkward and she’s not as confident in front of the camera. Misako is a working model who has 20+ years of Lolita modeling experience, she started as a teenager. Of course she knows how to take a photo.

>> No.10331526

Oh I hate their attitudes it's just cringe worthy by now.
If you compare their instagram to their YouTube videos you wouldn't recognize them most of the time

>> No.10331527
File: 1.90 MB, 1242x1518, C8D53728-DA47-45FB-A361-16E74478A09C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But with Instagram and Facebook it’s easier than ever to see what the average japanese Lolita looks like because they use hashtags. Most of them are average looking, and that’s on top of using a bunch of filters and makeup!

And that’s fine. Nobody in Lolita is hot and I’m including myself in this. We’re all a little plain and boring, because most people on earth are average looking no matter what race they are. Very few people are 10/10 gorgeous. And those people usually end up being famous and becoming actors or models. And even those people wouldn’t look 10/10 without access to surgery, personal trainers, dieticians, and expensive skin care treatments.

Pic relayed, a japanese Lolita that isn’t super skinny! Because chubby Asian lolitas exist no matter how thick your rose tinted glasses are

>> No.10331530

Bless you for having a reasonable viewpoint.

>> No.10331534

I'm just saying nothing she's done is innovative or creative by any means, which is fine. But if her face is average and her coords are average, I don't understand why she's treated as some type of deity.

>> No.10331536

Because is a model for a billion different brands

>> No.10331538
File: 82 KB, 633x541, A8DFF37C-1928-4306-9A6C-B1684B8E34C7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She’s not supposed to be creative. She’s a model. It was only recently that she’s been wearing actual Lolita during her downtime- back 10 years ago it was accepted that Misako usually wore Milk and other brands on her time off and was just a model.

>> No.10331539
File: 144 KB, 640x640, 10540286_280034515524334_1933585117_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What a brilliant idea, let's make asian girls feel bad, because we can't handle the truth

Your average asian girl is still cuter than your average white girl.

Peak jealousy.

>> No.10331541

The face is cute but this coord makes my eyes bleed

>> No.10331542

I’m sorry about your yellow fever, anon. You aren’t doing Asian girls any favors by placing them on a pedestal like this. Most of them would resent you for it and think you’re a weirdo.

>> No.10331543

>posting below average white girls is fine but posting below average asian girls is boolying
The insecurity is palpable. also
>the average asian girl
Simply delusional.

>> No.10331545
File: 81 KB, 500x610, tumblr_nrr33man3s1s0oljio3_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Find me the asian version of this

>> No.10331548
File: 75 KB, 800x450, 800px_COLOURBOX11162041.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Careful, your fallacy is showing. I hear they make creams for that.

>> No.10331549
File: 628 KB, 540x801, 1095e5a5d436fde8a5d396e34088386f.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She's cute and you know it

>> No.10331550

clearly you’re just an anachan. fat Asian girls exist but culture towards fat women is different, they’re a lot more likely to hide and not dress that way at all.

>> No.10331552

I didn't say she wasn't. On top of your insecurity you lack basic reading comprehension skills, marvelous.

>> No.10331553
File: 96 KB, 588x983, 1499112824618.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pretty old school lolita

>> No.10331554

Speaking as an Asian, the ratio of average looking and attractive Asians is the same as any other ethnicity. You tend to see more attractive and well-dressed Asians in lolita, at least from Eastern sources, because of survivorship bias- the bad ones just get filtered out or ignored

>> No.10331556
File: 67 KB, 392x600, 82727467-B94A-494B-BEC0-F64CD2C45D99.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No one said she’s not cute, but streetsnaps are always going to look for and publish the photos of the cuter girls, so you’re picking from biased sources anyway.

>> No.10331557
File: 96 KB, 500x500, D6D8D62A-D10C-4DAA-B3CB-F330A1AB1D4D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Isn’t that Sachi? She’s not an everyday Lolita on the street, she’s a musician

>> No.10331558
File: 234 KB, 417x835, EF3E17DF-0428-4BD9-A3BE-77FA994B0915.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Also don’t westerners have different standards for attractive Asians? Chinese netizens were pissed about the actor cast as Shang Chi for marvel, and they think Lucy Liu is hideous.

>> No.10331560

There actually is some hambeast Japanese lolita who shoops her face to alien levels but I don’t know her name otherwise I would post her

>> No.10331566

a lot of chinese lolitas shoop themselves into nightmare fuel bjds with 10ft legs.

>> No.10331570

Not really, I don't experience it much in my circles and job. I'm also not the type to let microaggressions bother me. For where I am in life right now, the pros of living here vastly outweigh the cons.

>> No.10331571

reminder to ignore and report obvious bait

>> No.10331572

I couldn’t give a single shit about AP now, especially since got to see their new dresses up close in the Paris store...
But I have a solid AP dress from sometime between 2006 and 2008 and it’s the most gorgeous piece I own. Hands down. I’ve got Baby, IW, AatP, JetJ, Atelier Boz, Metamorphose etc. (lots of older pieces too) and nothing comes close to this dress. The details, the oodles of lace and ruffles, the thick cotton, it even has a pocket in the side seam. I prefer Classic/Gothic and yet this pink x white dress is just so well-made I can’t part with it.

>> No.10331573


>> No.10331574

Anon you are blinded by your fetishization of azns

>> No.10331587

Lmao what organized meets? There's barely three in a year and half the attendees who mark themselves as going flake out last minute. Not to mention some of the members and one of the mods is insufferable

>> No.10331594

foreigners are basically treated like they're invisible most of the time, so it's great.

>> No.10331595

All men are potential rapists and harassers. By "shit logic" you mean "actual proven facts"?

>> No.10331597

I still like most of fannys outfits but following her is very depressing. She doesnt seem to enjoy anything, only is motivated by likes. her feed for a long time was how much she hated living wherever she was and now shes always sick and hates her job and drops hints about being depressed and lonely all the time.

>> No.10331599

Lmao @ you thinking sexual harassment doesn't happen daily with random men on the streets and shit. You are most definitely a scrote

>> No.10331601

If your dad is a white fetishizing creep and your mom is a self hating asian, you are basically just white yeah

>> No.10331602

Did you just lump all of SEA into some miscellaneous skin tone? A lot of them have Chinese ancestry so they just look Chinese anyways. I wonder what the typical person from SEA looks like for you.

>> No.10331603

a lot of northern euro descendant white women (wasp) have rectangle bodies with flat tits and no ass. how do you not notice that

>> No.10331606

God I hate this fat bitch

>> No.10331607


ah yes, the fact that all men can potentially commit crimes. You've changed my mind with your deep understanding of statistics, gender, and human nature

>> No.10331609

Are her nips showing?

>> No.10331610

yeah no, i quite enjoy having an actual feminine figure

>> No.10331614

Yeah she sounds like a really sad person actually. But all she can talk about is herself so it's not like she's the easiest person to be around either.

>> No.10331618

>an actual feminine figure
Yawn. Can you come up with something new for once?

>> No.10331619

Pretty sure the Shang Chi actor would be considered ugly anywhere. Or average at best. He's not much to look at

>> No.10331620

Mana is an exception and is kind of grandfathered in because of his presence in the early days of the fashion.

Plus he's Japanese.

>> No.10331622

Same experience living there. I got a few looks when I wore a halter top in the summer, but mostly I was left alone.

>> No.10331623
File: 77 KB, 1080x1440, FB_IMG_1580521256292.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Possibly not an unpopular opinion, but the only reason why the New Honey Cake is getting so much hate is because it was made accessible to the fatties and uggos with the MTO.
The constant stream of mediocre posts has dragged down its popularity immensely, when before it was more exclusive to people who had taste and money to spend.

>> No.10331624

Who is it?

>> No.10331625


>> No.10331626

the fact that they are 90% more likely to commit violent crime than any woman, yeah. sorry, scrote

>> No.10331631

I forgot, but she scalped the dress I was thinking of getting.
Shitty hambeast.

>> No.10331632

I get compliments in classic, you must be doing it wrong. I wear a lot of IW and normies think it's cute

>> No.10331634

90%, read it and weep scrotes, you should all be locked away for this level of violence

>> No.10331637

Wait is that gemgem? Holy crap how can she fit in HD and I can’t and I’m nowhere near that fat

>> No.10331638

Oh quoting crime statistics now? This is truly fempol

>> No.10331640

I think you misunderstand? I'm trying to cure the other anon's azn fetishization lol...

>> No.10331641

Filipino girls are generally fat and bad at makeup so what's your point

>> No.10331642

time for you to get out, butthurt scrote

>> No.10331643

filipinos aren't east asians. but a lot of korean girls including lolitas are pretty fat, to your point.

>> No.10331646

Short squishy fats can cram into dresses that smaller yet taller people with a solider build can't

>> No.10331661

If livejournal is a requirement for being an oldfag, 80% of current lolitas are newfags.

>> No.10331671
File: 985 KB, 500x282, AmazingSpiritedDotterel-small.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm a short squishy fatty chan who likes laughing at talls who can't fit into brand that I can, is that a bad thing?

>> No.10331673

No, but you look horrible

>> No.10331674

At least I never have to fear hitting my head on a door.

>> No.10331679

Your English is so shitty I can't make out what you're even saying. The models do their own makeup you walnut

>> No.10331681

and you look like an ageplayer

>> No.10331684

Right? Especially the giants who wear sweet, at best you'll look like an ageplayer and at worst you'll look like a sissy.

>> No.10331686

Is that gem gem? I only know her by her face, not by her lacemarket handle.

That explains so much

>> No.10331688

Tfw is an asian with an hourglass body

>> No.10331689

east asian? extremely doubtful
southeast, well yeah that's common

>> No.10331692

My bad, sage for mistake

>> No.10331695

Yes east asian. But you're speaking in generalizations so you probably have a set opinion.

>> No.10331699

I'm 5"3 and thin but ok fatty, keep cramming yourself into dresses that don't fit

>> No.10331700

No it's not. I don't know who this is but it doesn't look like gem gem

>> No.10331703

or i know factual stats on breast and hip sizes in asia.

>> No.10331711

That lady's arms look that they come down to almost her damn knees. Is it camera/Photoshop fuckery or does she have some kind of condition?

>> No.10331729

The angle might be causing some lens distortion.

>> No.10331740

I didn't really feel like that until that guy trying to cross drag and lolita posted on COF. Lolita is all about the ultra feminine expression of women in the face of conformity, and the way he tried to explain lolita to us was really out of line as it wasn't a fashion for him to take. Men either need to gtfo the fashion or realise they have no say in it as it isn't for them and they will never truly understand why women wear it.

>> No.10331743

No offense but your opinion is kinda wrong. Westerners look objectively better in classic and new AP sweet. So many Japanese girls look swamped in those dresses, it looks like they're playing dress up in mommy's clothes. I'll agree that 2010 sweet looks better on a small frame, but I genuinely think that the people who wear that style the best are a mixture of Western and Eastern girls.
Your racist bias is showing and it's bad anon.

>> No.10331749

>your opinion is wrong
>mine is objectively right
Are you sure you're not just offended that someone said they like how lolita looks on people who are not white or black?

>> No.10331785

True. On tall girls lolita simply always looks like a costume and not like actual fashion.

>> No.10331852

I doubt any tall lolitas fear that larper

>> No.10331870

No, I'm just intelligent.

>> No.10332232

This, if the girl had better posture and a better wig, she would look suit it just as well as misako

>> No.10332325
File: 334 KB, 640x464, stare.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

non-goth people wearing gothic lolita is pretty cringe

>> No.10332428


>> No.10332429


>> No.10334818

i hate lolita youtubers, i've never found a single one who can talk to a camera naturally and not like they're coddling a child

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