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Been a little while, let's get one of these up again.

You know the deal, post yourself, cosplay you'd like to do/have done in the past, give some context, and help others with suggestions.

And as always, give suggestions in order to recieve them (unless you're the first poster)!

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end my misery

(seriously, feel free to suggest ANYTHING, even to the most obscure chinese bootleg flash game you can think of)

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Apologies, I threw this together on the fly and my shitty editing app cant place text worth a damn.
Affordability is pretty open, I could spend maybe 500 absolute max on a costume, and it would have to be pretty spectacular.
I'm fairly novice at sewing and crafting but I'm developing my skills slowly, so some opportunities to exercise that would be great, I love making big props.
I like characters with fun personalities that I can really get into. Usually more of a sporty/alt type.
Willing to cosplay boys but my hips dont really allow it to be done well.
I'm also dropping more weight slowly but surely. Goal is 125lbs.
You could probably pull off bottom right pretty well. Also Akira from Devilman

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You would be a good Marisa or Cirno from Touhou, Him from Powerpuff Girls, Miu Iruma from Danganronpa V3, and Eli Ayase from Love Live!
I could see you as Himiko Toga from BHNA, Maki Harukawa from Danganronpa V3, A Team Skull grunt from Pokemon Sun/Moon, and Yohane from Love Live! Sunshine.

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I actually did team skull grunt before haha! Thank you

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The average /cgl/ poster

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I think you'd make a good Akko from Little Witch Academia

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Had uploaded to one of these before and enjoyed cosplaying some of the suggestions, so why not try it again.
Sorry if the pic is unreadable.
Since the measurements/general info is hard to see i'll put it here: Female, 1.53 m (5'), 48 kg (105), 87 cm, 58 cm and 94 cm.
I'm also open to cosplay men but alas, haven't found one that i wouldn't look like a mess in.
Astolfo would definitely suit you, i'd also go for Josuke Higashikata, maybe Filia from Skullgirls and Ruka Urushibara.
You'd make a really cute Luna, Jill Valentine also comes to mind, Chell from Portal and if you're willing to spend a bit more then Hildegard von Krone would also look really good.
You'd look very good as Yuri and i can't help to suggest Nene because she's best girl, Alyx Vance would also look good, Tsunemori Akane would suit you and if you're comfortable with showing a bit of skin (or a lot desu) Mai Shiranui or Chel from The road to El Dorado.

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Both of you should do Nene already.

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I'm ~6' /184cm, 180lb/81kg. Haven't cosplayed before and am not up to date with many anime. I would like to wear my glasses but it isn't important.

narancia would look good
sakura or Re-l

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Fill out the template chief

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why? anything i would put on it if i were at a computer is in my post

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Why not? It organizes information easily for a person to look at and suggest something for you. It's not like you won't get suggestions, it's just easier to give them. Do as you will.

Also, lay down some ideas (and preferences or comments if you have any) so that we can give you suggestions that suit your taste. What anime do you watch? Other media like video games, webcomics, cartoons, etc. are fine too.

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One thing I forgot to put in notes is that I've done Hitomi before, but I did her steampunk outfit. Also included May because she's probably my favorite video game character ever even if I definitely do not have her body type (and the reason why I've put off doing her).

band: 44
bust w/boobs: 48
bust w/o boobs: 42
Waist: 33
Hips: 39

Do Doppio please!

Plumeria for sure!



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First time I've properly made one of these.
Yes I'm a gijinkafag, don't judge me. I just recently got the disposable income to cosplay and have been wanting to do a gijinka Kirby for ages. Don't know if I'm cute enough though.
But yeah, I'm pretty small. So shotas and teen protags are my forte.
If you like helluva boss, I think you could pull off a Charlie from Hazbin pretty well!
Contrary to your ideas, I think I see more of a Gappy (Part 8 Josuke) in you.
Lady from DMC

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Oh yeah, forgot to mention my money cap. Probably around like... $200/300 max. Thankfully summer jobs help.

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I would love to see your kirby gijinka design. I've seen so many cute ones in person and as a Kirby fan myself it makes me erupt with joy to see more.

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One of the osomatsu brothers
Julie from Motorcity
Kim Pine from the Scott Pilgrim series
Pokemon gym leader Roxie
Genos and Raiden
yugi muto or Viktor Licht from Fire Force
My whole thing is I like cape characters. I love dabbling with heroes a lot, because I have an affinity for fearless/altruistic/always learning characters Not just western comic heroes, but Manga/cartoon/Anime/Vidya stuff as well. One day I will dabble with silicone muscle molding and cosplay as Final Form Frieza or Thanos

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I feel like your face and body were made for Narancia or Doppio, but Astolfo is a good pick too. Gerudo Link seems like he would be right up your alley. You give off some Alois Trancy vibes too.

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Mina absolutely. I also agree with the Akko and Charlie suggestions and add Amanda from LWA.

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its not an anime, but your eyes and nose make me wanna see you do a finn cosplay (the new starwars)

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you can definitely do Narancia


Based on what type of characters you said you liked, Mina seems ideal


do you have a specific style or genre that you like?


If you played VTM:B i think you could make for a good female Tremere

Johnny would be cool and I don't see people doing him often


LOL yeah do backwards cap-kun

you heard of Kengan Asura? You could do a Muteba cosplay on the cheap, you'd just have to get contact lenses, a bald cap, tattoos and a speedo

as for me, I don't have the skills to actually make anything, so I'd have to buy it. I'm growing my hair out too. Hopefully I'll be 15%bf by summer as well.

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Do Mugen, it really suits you or perhaps Spike Spiegel, his costume is relatively easy to put together and i think you'd look nice.

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Your build is perfect for Cyclops, Spiderman too and would love to see you as Ira Gamagori

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I think I could do a good mugen but I think i might be too short/features not sharp enough for Spike

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I love shoujos and slice of lifes!

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I've been cosplaying for a long time but I am going to cons less and less so I keep committing to costumes and then not getting a chance to get anything done. I would love some recommendations to help get me into work mode

I think you could do a very good Narancia you could try Jonny from steel ball too if you like that part

Loona would be awesome so I support that 100%. how about trying Charlotte from hazbin after?

Yuri would be a good choice for sure. it's not super complex and you can get a good group of Doki Doki cosplayers together for a shoot

the doll would be amazing! but I'm a sucker for Bloodborne cosplay and Re-L would also be a fantastic choice!

you have the body to fit most of the KOF cast so I'd just go and pick your fave for sure!

you could do a good pokemon trainer from sword & shield.

MVC cyclops would be awesome! Gohan would be great too!

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>>you have the body to fit most of the KOF cast so I'd just go and pick your fave for sure!
It's funny you say that as I had just cosplayed Mature a couple weekends ago.

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Holy crap dude, your Cap cosplay is spot on. I think you'd look good as any of the characters you've chosen but especially Albert and Chipp, another cosplay i think you'd pull off is All Might or perhaps Mirio, best girl Speedwagon also comes to mind and Vega from Street Fighter

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thanks I was really happy with my cap cosplay. I would love to cos Vega at some point, I saw a good version with his mask broken and I really liked that.

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Narancia is most certainly a good choice, also seconding Akira from "Devilman". I would also like to throw out the idea of Roy Mustang from "FMA" and perhaps Antarcticite from "Land of the Lustrous".

I'm also gonna agree with the Akko from "Little Witch Academia" suggestion. I'm not entirely sure I know what counts as sporty, but Image Comics' character Velocity is certainly boatloads of fun. I'd also like to toss out the idea of Kyoko Sakura from "Madoka Magica" as I'm pretty sure that would be relatively affordable, plus would be able to make her bigass spear!

Gonna suggest Ajna from Indivisible. It's been a relatively popular game so I'd imagine there's at least one person selling her costume, but even if there isn't, her outfit isn't super complex so it shouldn't be too difficult to make.

Bloodborne is one of my favorite vidya games, so I'm always gonna suggest Bloodborne cosplay. If you're looking for something on the simpler side; Mama Isabella from "Promised Neverland" seems like she might be up your alley, especially if you can get her creepy ass dead stare down. This next one might be a bit obscure, but check out Lady Mechanika. Might be a bit complex with some of it's steampunk parts, but all in all I think it should still be less that $1,000 to put together if you're into it.

You pull off blond women really well, so I'm gonna have to INSIST that you consider cosplaying DC's Power Girl.

Hell man, really lay into the whole being short thing, maybe look into cosplaying some traps? Perhaps Nagisa Shiota from "Assassination Clasroom. But I would also say definitely do Deku, you got that one in the bag.

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Continued because I like these threads...

May I just take a moment to say how much I appreciate that you don't arbitrarily limit yourself to black characters! So many of my friends always say "I can't cosplay this character I really like because I'm not X ethnicity" but at the end of the day, we're all just at the con/cosplaying to have a good time. Cosplay whatever the hell ya want! You are my fucking hero right now anon!
If you want something that would probably be a long term project, Geras from "Mortal Kombat 11" would be neat and offers some creativity on your part with the different costumes and sand weapons in the game.

All of the ideas you've got there are pretty perfect for you. Seems like you could pull off a lot of gruff characters, so I'm gonna put out the ideas of Trevor Belmont from "Castlevania" and Pip Bernadotte from "Hellsing: Ultimate".

God dammit you are everything I aspire to be!
You're pretty tall and you rock the blonde hair, so I'm gonna say Char Aznable/Quattro Bajeena/Full Frontal from ANY of his incarnations of the Universal Century Gundam series'. I'm about to get into the weeds here with this next suggestion, but, Himuro Genma from the "Ninja Scroll" movie. I think you'd have fun cosplaying as what is essentially a huge 80's action movie villain.

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Funny you say Char as I've cosplayed him years ago haha , but Himuro Genma would be really fun to cos!

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>>10324682 here, sorry I'm late but I'd like to give some responses and contribute some suggestions

there's an overwhelming response of this, but I feel like my face is too manly and square for him... or maybe my view is distorted? I don't know.

>Contrary to your ideas, I think I see more of a Gappy (Part 8 Josuke) in you.
Been there done that. Many strong memories in that cosplay. I wasn't very satisfied with how it looked though, so maybe I should bring it back and redo it?
Also, suggestion for you: Junpei from Persona.

dude you are PERFECT for Aizawa and Vincent as you are. Please do that.
If you're into crossplay, for some reason Kiryuin Satsuki popped into my head when I looked at you.

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My wife (pictured) and I go to a bunch of Halloween events in New Orleans every year. Parades, pre-parade luncheons, after-parties, VIP rooms, etc. We get a hotel room with a balcony in a busy area, during the day and night we shadow walking tours to make things interesting for the people, we bar hop in the French Quarter, etc. It’s a big weekend of hardcore Halloween.

We choose a time period in history, build a costume and wear it out in the French Quarter. We always alter my wife’s costume to be on the racy (very racy...) side of things. She has long legs and big breasts, so we try to accentuate those things with heels and short skirts and low cut tops, etc. For example, last year we did a Victorian theme, the year before we did the Roaring 20’s.

So here is the dilemma for this year: We are having the cosplay version of writer’s block.

I posted her pic so you could roughly see how she is built.

Do y’all have any ideas? The ones we keep thinking of can get kind of corny, overdone, cheap or cliché. Like cowboy and Indian, Greek themed togas, 60’s hippies, etc.

Any help is appreciated. Now I’ll go scan this thread and make suggestions, thanks.

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Annerose von Grünewald

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You guys could probably do a version of the incroyables and merveilleuses, they were a bunch of people that, after the french revolution and fed up with the gloomy atmosphere, decided to dress up in exaggerated, over the top and ridiculous fashions as a way of protest, it was basically 1790's french fashion but taken to the extreme, it could also get pretty raunchy so i think that'd fit. (Pic related)
Going into the cosplay side, Viola or Aurelia (could modify Aurelia's to show more leg) from Soul Calibur, Phoebe from Battleborn would look nice on her and Nyotengu would look good too.

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Sorry if this request is a bit weird.
I am planning on bringing my accordion to my next con and playing some weeb music for the other congoers. I was hoping to make a cosplay to wear while I'm doing this, but I'm having trouble thinking of ideas.
I don't think I have the skill to make a decent looking Kass, I doubt people would recognize the Soleanna accordion guy, I'm not sure if replacing the music box with a squeezebox makes sense, and Weird Al seems like a cop-out answer.
Also, if a character doesn't play the instrument but has some association with accordion music somehow, I'd be cool with that too. I'm not too picky about this.

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>playing some weeb music for the other congoers.
I love watching videos where people do that. I'm sure you'll make plenty of people smile.
You could modify Kass's design to be more casual. For example, make his clothing and headwear, then add long feather-like sleeves to mimic the real design. Don't bother with facepaint. You could even make his face into a decorative mask that you wear slightly off your face. It's a thought. Otherwise, Music box guy seems fun

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Would I make a good Deadpool?

>> No.10348763

What makes a good deadpool in your opinion?

>> No.10348793

Don't forget to give suggestions in order get suggestions.

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>>10346950 here

Bold of you to assume that I have basic reading comprehension. Apologies for my stupidity.

With all of those JoJos listed I'm amazed you didn't pick Rohan, you even look kinda like him in your pictures.

Nice Holystone from Baccano! might be up your alley. Bonus points if you coerce a friend into doing Jacuzzi with you.

plz do Re-L

Hear me out, Origami Cyclone from Tiger & Bunny. (casual clothes, not superhero getup) For extra shenanigans print out some corporate logos on posterboard and show them off whenever you take pictures.

I could see you pulling off Kyouma from Dimension W

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Not /fit/ but hit your pecs and last a little harder in the gym it'll fill out your figure better/make you look more masculine, which relates in that it'll make you look better in your outfits.

>> No.10352374


I've never seen any CH cosplay these days; it'd be a real treat to see a Ryo!

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i'm no good at photo taking but here's an idea of me at least. also feel free to rec anything! i'm probably gonna look to do something easy first lol. i already have the clothes for ken, i'd just need wig+glasses+clipboard lol

you could do most versions of adult Link pretty well I'd say. hawks is also pretty fitting, i'd say go for that desu!

ken or guile from street fighter. may be a little cliche but i think you'd fit it better than like 90% of people that try.

i think you could pull of most fairy/princess/magical girl type characters really well. sakura would be a great fit. if you've seen kinmoza, alice carelet in regular school uniform would be good!

riamu could be interesting. also look in to kirari and yui from cinderella girls!

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Here's my ugly mug. I'd rather not shave but I can live without my beard for a bit. I haven't seen a lot of anime in a while, but I'm open to it.

Sorry for the capeshit suggestion, but The Deep from the Boys (show, not comic)

Johnny Cage or Johnny Bravo or Alexander Anderson (from Hellsing)

Aizawa would be perfect

Any of the pokemon trainer, especially the early ones

There's not enough Great Sayaman cosplay, I 100% support that decision. Jim Lee Cykes is a close second

You could do Ash from KoF, since he's almost a girl

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Here's my ugly mug. I'd rather keep the beard but I can shave if needed.

Sorry for the capeshit suggestion, but the Deep from the Boys (the show, not the comics)

Johnny Cage, Johnny Bravo or Guile (Street Fighter)

Man, Aizawa is just perfect. Mugen is a close second

There's not enough Great Sayaman cosplay. If not that, then Jim Lee cykes. Also you kinda look like Terry Crews

Any pokemon trainer, really. Especially the early ones

Ash Crimson, from KoF. He's almost a girl so that might count

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