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It's been a while since we had our last coord help thread.

Any type of advice request regarding coording. Pictures of pieces or details for reference are appreciated.

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I have this sailor moitie op in black/grey and don't know what to do with my hair. Up until now I've just worn it casual with no head accessories at all.

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Twin french braids +rectangle headband ? Thats my go-to desu

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Seconding this, I think it would look lovely.

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What would be good shoes and wig for this coord I'm working on?

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Any pair of red classic shoes would work, but if you are new, go with ivory.

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if you are going for a red riding hood vibe, some light brown boots with ribbon instead of laces could be cute. Either that, or I'd try to match the shoes of the girl in the necklace.

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>try to match the shoes of the girl in the necklace
Honest question, do people actually shop and build coordinates like this? I’m not trying to start shit, I just tend to think of my closet as a whole and couldn’t imagine buying shoes to match one necklace

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They're a very simple style so if you're already in the market for a pair of red shoes, why not? They'd match most other coordinates you might want red shoes for anyway. Looks like about the same style of shoes in the print too.

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Fair. That makes sense

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Thanks for the suggestions anons!

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it's not like I'm suggesting this person buy a pair of red shoes to wear just once, anon

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What color blouse would work best with this?

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seconding ivory

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What is a good, black, accessible old school blouse/cutsew?

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thank you!

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That makes my hair look flat and thin but maybe I should give it another try

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Try adding in hair pieces? Look up paranda hair pieces that you can braid into your own hair, adding in both volume and length if you want. The Morgan Donner’s Sewing Party guide to Italian hair and braids is really good for this.

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Have you tried pancaking it? Pull out little pieces on the sides to make it bigger. Also maybe tease the top before you braid it

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What are you planning on wearing it with? This is the coord help thread

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you could also go for a bun or even a braided updo, like this.

Alternatively, straight and flat with some sort of hat like a beret.

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For me and others, if it is a dream dress, then yes. Things are bought specifically for that one dress to make the perfect coord(s) for it. I would imagine some do this for event dresses as well. Especially if they are con/meet up only Lolitas. Then they want everything perfect for the very few times a year they will wear a coord.

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I have this and it’s tricky. The bottom trim is ivory but all the other details are white. When I wear a light ivory blouse the white parts in the print are physically closest and it looks weird to be not quite matching but almost. But a pure white looks bad with the “ermine” print trim being ivory. I recommend wearing it with a blouse that’s a dark ivory, almost beige. Also have you considered pink? Pink blouse, pink and brown socks, brown shoes, pink and brown hair accessories. It’s my favorite way to coord it as weird as it sounds.

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>Especially if they are con/meet up only Lolitas. Then they want everything perfect for the very few times a year they will wear a coord.
Yeah, that’s what I thought. The perspective difference between someone who wears lolita regularly and someone who wears it a few times a year is so vastly different. I don’t begrudge people like that, but I can see why some people get a little touchy about the subject.

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I've done this if there's a piece I see that perfectly matches a dress. I wouldn't for shoes, but I would for socks or jewelry.

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The cosplay mentality

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Mustard yellowish

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Yeah, I could see that for something small like socks or jewelry. Or like, a headbow since matching print headbows don’t get a lot of use outside of the one dress

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*takes notes*

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Nah, no more than when you buy a special purse or pair of shoes to match a certain dress for a special occasion. I’m a close to daily lolita and I’ve bought items specifically for a certain coord before. I end up using them in other ways after that but they were definitely originally bought to make a perfect coord for a special event like a brand tea party or ILD meet or even just for a special dream dress.

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Really?? I have this JSK and that seems like not a good idea but then again I’m the anon above who says she coords it with pink so I guess it’s a versatile dress!

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I use matching print head bows with other dresses all the time, like the brown loyal rosette one above with any other brown coord because it’s just a name ribbon or some of my pink OTT sweet bows with other sweet dresses. On those you usually can’t see much of the print anyways, and especially not after you add a bunch of little clips and hair accessories. As long as the pinks are somewhat close, it’s not too iconic/recognizable of a bow, and the shape fits the accessory look I’m going for that day I mix and match them all the time.

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I'm late but thank you for the ideas!! I just ordered an off-white blouse but I'll definitely look out for the other colors (I love pink and brown together so you're not alone, I can imagine it helps the gold accents pop too!)

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File: 1.19 MB, 1809x1296, coord_concept_1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm a bit iffy on the hat, and I'm not sure if I should style the wig or leave it wavy and down.

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Ditch the wig and tights and go with plain black tights instead. It looks like you're trying to style this simply, so going full black would work better with the goth vibe than tying in another colour. The white on the print is an accent that will look good without white legwear.

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I can swap it for the black version of the wig I have (I have a few in that style because it flatters my face)

Thanks for the advice!

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I disagree, I think the slight contrast is nice, so long as the rest of the accesories are dark, it helps draw the eyes through the coord, and the shoe detailing doesn't dissapear.

If you didn't do white stockings, i'd recommend a sheer black, not quite as solid, might help with drawing the eye.

If you do the white wig, maybe a side braid?

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Please don’t order the dress. I have the jumperskirt and it has walmart bedsheet quality. It’s absolutely terrible

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Oh, I already own it. It feels quite nice to me?

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Yikes. It feels so shitty

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That's your opinion.

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Nayrt but its shit. I wore it at a meet and didn’t care that food got on it either. The print is a rip off of a Haenuli print and the fabric has god awful quality

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I got it at a swap meet, and this is my first coord- like, ever. So I'm going to wear it. I don't mind the fabric at all, in terms of comfort/feeling.

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You swapped another dress for it? Oh god

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Nayrt but if this is your first ever coord it makes sense that you don’t recognise how bad the quality is. You’ll probably end up pawning it off to another newbie a few months down the line.

Swap meets aren’t just for trades. Most people buy and sell there.

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is there a way to coord this that isn't super ott sweet like the way i've always seen it styled? i'm so in love with the og carnival in concept, but i have a much more toned down, old school esque wardrobe and i'm not sure how to wear it and do it justice.

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Is there a reason why you can't treat it like any other black x white oldschool JSK? You don't have to put a merry-go-round on your head just because there's one on the dress.

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it's just a very extravagant dress compared to what i'm used to. when i coord it in a simplistic old school way i feel like the dress is wearing me rather than the other way around and it feels a little unbalanced.

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Not saying you should wear it OTT, but having a piece that's a bit more extravagant in a toned down wardrobe is alright. I totally recommend you get it, I'm a sucker for those fuzz ball trims. I also don't think the dress would end up wearing you if you put a decent amount of effort into your appearance. let me see if i can whip something up, although i can't guarantee it'll be good since it's a bit out of my comfort zone.

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How should I coord this to look more classical? I don't really like dots but I thought it might be cute

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I think some black vintage inspired pieces matched with simple white pearl strands/studs for jewellery would look cute.

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I actually own it already! After admiring it for years I decided to get it when it popped up for a decent price. Problem is I don't think it really suits my style which has gotten me a bit down. I feel like I should sell it to someone who will wear it more and show it more love than I do.

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Looking for ideas on how to coord this more elegantly and less halloweeny. Thanks in advance!

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I'd go with solid black to make it look fancier. Avoid cheap and plastic jewelry and you're golden

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forgot I posted here but in terms of coords, aside from the apparent quality (or lackthereof) of the dress, how is the coord altogether? I took the general lack of 'burn it with fire and start over' as a good sign but I thought I should double check.

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not any of the previous anons but as a first coord attempt, it's okay; as a coord in general, it's pretty plain and cheapy. I think the most quality and high priced item you have pictured is the Arda wig, which isn't really necessary. this can be kind of a nitpick but often beginners have coords that look like they blew their budget on a main piece and had to scrimp on the accessories and this kind of has that same feeling, except Alice Girl is really cheap too so you don't even have that.

my suggestions would be to get some nicer accessories to elevate this how you can. the hat feels too casual for the dress, so instead go for a veil headdress or hairclip with a veil that has pearls or a cross charm to carry more of those dress details throughout. pic related is one from sweet dreamer/cutiecreator on taobao, they have tons of inexpensive accessories that are often modeled after brand ones so they have a nice look to them imo.
instead of plain white tights, black lace or sheer patterned ones would be more interesting and versatile to use in other coords. personally I just don't like plain tights as legwear, they're such a solid, boring block of color where you can include something like a pattern, print, lace, ruffles, etc as another point of detail. this isn't a rule or anything and just my opinion, but I think it's a nice way to step up an outfit.
lastly include some pieces of jewelry. if you're wearing that blouse with the dress, then you would just needs rings and maybe earrings if you wanted. for rings I like to get one or two nice matching ones specially purchased from an indie brand or what have you, and then plainer ones to use as filler that you can get in a set cheaply.

also make sure you apply black lipstick nicely since it's easy to fuck up.

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If you're >>10328180, the line of answers "I already own it", "feels nice to me", "that's just your opinion" kind of sounded like an ita that didn't want to listen, so that's why nobody bothered telling you anything. Just explaining.

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I think it would look really nice with a normal old school coord. If it feels out of balance, maybe go for chunkier shoes and a bigger hair accessory.

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Style it like a Juliette et Justine art print dress, all with black and maybe an accent colour from the print. Tights, heels, elegant blouse, and a headdress. Plain jewellery, choose either silver or gold depending on skin tone, and if you must have motifs like crosses etc go for something like a black and silver rosary inspired necklace rather than a full miniature graveyard

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I want to do ero in this, I already own the headbow. Is ero a bad idea with this dress? (It’s a bustier type). I plan to maybe wear a lacey capelet (milky feather one) over it but want to know your thoughts.

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It is not inherently ero. What else are you planning to coord it with? It is a little hard to picture.

>> No.10347320

like pastel sissy ero..?

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File: 592 KB, 2048x2048, 734ED549-31C9-4E5C-BBAB-60697A6AAD77.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My apologies. Here is what I was thinking so far:

As it is ero I was planning on seeking more transparent tights/socks with some ribbon patterns on them. As for shoes I’m undecided.

Noooo I hate sissys lmao. I am a cis female.

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what makes this ero? i mean, ero isn't real to begin with, but this just seems far off the mark.

>> No.10347340

That’s why I wanted to post for opinions. I felt as though the bustier maybe good for ero lolita if worn Blouseless? Although I see that maybe ita if done wrong? and wanted to double check here first.

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i think it's a good option, but maybe go for something transparent underneath? i know they've made transparent cutsew type tops in the past for other jfashions, maybe something similar with short sleeves. also for the tights maybe do some kind of fishnet rather than just transparent.

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It's cute with so much pink but combining cute with Ero like this, in this day and age just screams ageplay to me.
If you're not going to go with a full blouse, at least try something like this but with shorter sleeves. It still leaves room for cleavage and combined with your shawl, should leave an opening for a slight boob window. This way it's more of a tease than giving it all away.

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I have radiant candlelight in ivory and I always found it very hard to coord as its ivory but also like very yellow ivory so nothing I had already matches it

how should this be coorded? should I just stick to doing all ivory or can I include other colors somehow?

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You could try a black velvet bonnet that is middle-to-big, but keep the rest of the styling more to old school, like a white detachable sleeves peter pan collar blouse (if you have one with like black satin ribbon ties as small details that would be perfect), have some bxw socks and black shoes. I think that way it would lean more Old School-ish, while still having the print balanced on a way that is a bit bigger but not OTT.

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Thank you. I did not realize it was going to give off ageplay vibes. It is disappointing to find that out :( it seems I most likely will scrap the plan for ero. I do like that blouse idea but don’t want to look like I am condoning ageplay at all.

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isn't the print gold? try using more gold.

>> No.10347758


Ivory is traditionally matched with white, treat the ivory as a second colour, so eg- ivory dress+legwear+headbow, white shoes and white blouse.

(If you're wearing this in actual cold weather I always liked the idea of a nearly-white coord underneath a black furry cape, the contrast is interesting)

If you only have ivory dress you can try for white blouse and tights, then gold shoes, gold hair accessory (like a crown or something). I'd say repeating the ivory at least once would be better but it won't be totally awful.

If you're in the mood for experimentation then you could always do the classic route, go with ivory dress and tights, then add a brown or red bolero and matching shoes and bag. Better still if you can do legwear that is ivory base with a bit of brown/red (whichever one you're doing) pattern on it.

Note to be careful on white vs ivory. They're basically two different colours, so try to keep them distinct --hence the white x ivory coord has to be balanced with more ivory. When you mix them carelessly either the ivory starts to look dirty or pure white starts to look grey.

>> No.10347775

>Ivory with white
Next you’ll say to pair navy with black

>> No.10347781

Don't use stark white and ivory, the coolness of the white and the warmness of the ivory are gonna look like ass together. Go for broke on the ivory blouse, even if they aren't a complete shade match, at least they will still both be a warm color. I have an ivory and gold jsk and I coord it with with brown accessories to break up the pallette a bit

>> No.10347782

If you have ivory headwear and shoes then you can use a different color for the blouse and legwear; red, black, or navy would all be nice.
An easier way of coordinating ivory dresses is to use sheer or textured blouse+legwear like with lace or chiffon. Gold accessories to bring out the print would make a good addition for any coordinating color too.

don't mix ivory and white unless you're going for an old school fruits look

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................it's a traditional pairing... like anon says, from days of old school. The pairing doesn't go out of style just because western girls have trouble keeping them as two seperate colours.

But aight, I was just giving coord advice, now that everyone's stepped in whatever, I guess.

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I'd wear this with brown and gold.

>> No.10347922

Thank you so much everyone!
I have a lot of gold accessories so ill try and involve them in here, Ill need to get more ivory stuff before trying to wear it again
I like the idea of trying to pair it with red that someone said so I might lean that way and try to get more ivory stuff

>> No.10347932

I like ivory and white as long as it’s balanced out (just like any other two color pairing), I don’t understand the no ivory with white rule at all. For beginners, maybe

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While we're eon the subject of whites, I posted this at the end of the last thread. This dress is really bordering on light beige, not really ivory. Do I go for a white blouse/socks to match the cool blue roses, or ivory?

>> No.10348048

Innocent world tends to have a lot of beige items so socks and a blouse or bolero from them would coordinate well.
Try it with what you have though and see how they would look laid out together. I would stick to warmer white tones for it.

>> No.10348076

i think it would look amazing with red and gold!

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File: 121 KB, 480x640, AEE0171E-BD12-4DBA-A1E0-45F6790B36BF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I recently got this dress, and I’m sort of stuck on how to coord it. I’m not sure if I want to solely match white and brown and add in blue, but I’m afraid of making it too weird? I’m still fairly new to lolita so I’m not great at coord is. Any help would be much appreciated!!

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For for brown shoes, purse, and if you need a something warmer, a brown cardigan. Sock)stockings to match the white of the dress. Then I'd personally wear a brown beret and embellish it with a book pin, kinda like the ones Peppermintfox makes. Book themed jewelry sounds like a fun addition are well

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I feel like it's a definite cultural difference, kinari x shiro seems to be a staple traditional colour pairing for the Japanese. Whereas for western girls, wikipedia even lists "ivory" under "shades of white".

So if you didn't have a rule like "don't mix white and ivory", you'd end up with girls doing pink x white except the western girl will actually be doing pink x white x ivory x eggshell x cream x light beige x grey x off white x baby cream x antique white x warm white x cold white x "whoops dropped it in bleach" x "whatever, it's almost white".

Could also have something to do with major brands catering to Asian skintones. Most Japanese brand whites will be either warm white or stark white, never cold white as it tends to go badly with most Japanese skintones (which was their OG main market). It would very easy for them to put together kinari x white coords without running into cold whites that look grey next to ivory.

Anyway, for those anons that still doubt it as a "traditional" pairing, try this. Go to lolibrary. Set the filter to "onepiece", the colourway to "ivory". Then look at the dresses that have bibs, large collars, detachable sleeves. A lot of them still use ivory x white, it gives more contrast to the dress than ivory x ivory.

>> No.10348398


I think light beige is actually a good compromise. Usually ivory colourways are the least popular because aside from white x ivory they can be hard to coord, darker blouses tend to look wrong with ivory jsks. The thing about white x ivory is that the white gives a subtle contrast to the ivory, otherwise an all-ivory coord can tend to look like a mushy block of paleness, if that makes sense.

With a darker "ivory"/light beige, there's a good chance you can do both "light" ivory blouse/legwear with it and it would still be a nice contrast with the dress colour, or still go with traditional white and it'd also be a nice contrast.

So I'd say you can do both -- but keep the blouse/socks a matched set (ie- either both blouse+socks are white, or both are ivory) to keep it less messy-looking. And no cold white, as anon mentions.

>> No.10348738

Thanks for your input guys, I really appreciate it. It's a fun dress and I'm excited to wear it!

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File: 283 KB, 500x600, 0cd8ab22-3440-576d-aec1-185392147019.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Any ideas for a coord?

>> No.10348989


I mean, the one that's obvious to even newbies would be black everything, or alternatively red shoes and red bag (maybe a small red hairclip) and then black everything else.

Maybe it would help to explain what you're trying to achieve or what you're having issues with?

>> No.10349008

are you a newfag?

i'd stick to red and white(or ivory/cream), personally but if you want you can bring out the pink with a pink bolero/cardigan or small accessories like jewelry or wrist cuffs. imo white socks or tights (i'm thinking white with red like odekake ribbon otk or similar) with black or red shoes will look nice with this, but less overall black will be better and give you more contrast.

>> No.10349016


.....some of the ideas are so bad I'm not even mad.

ok then.

>> No.10349019

You do sound like a newfag to me too. >>10349008 Sounds perfectly reasonable. Coording all black is a noob mistake, and anon even gave OP some more advanced options for adding in pink (which is in the dress if you couldn't tell)

>> No.10349021

please then anon, enlighten us about what ideas are "so bad"?

>> No.10349239


Answering because ouch, someone has to tell the newbs.

Never coord with a small tiny colour detail. If you have to flex "it's in the dress if you couldn't tell", you can bet some people can't tell, and you just look like you shoved an extra colour in there. This isn't even """advanced""" advice. This is just from watching girls do exactly that and be posted to the ita thread for their trouble. Go on, try that dress with bright pink bolero matching the bows. I dare you.

If you really want to pick up the pink, keep it proportionate to how it appears in the print, ie- small and tiny, so think brooches and rings. Heartbeat Ribbon (dokidoki ri-bon) ring would be a good size to put into the coord, it's small and the bow motif would echo the print. Don't do the necklace, it's still too big and will be distracting.

If you really want to flex that you found a small tiny detail in the dress, take closeup photos and post them to insta or twitter or whatever and gush about it there.

I don't disagree with white socks, I disagree with the reasoning. Black and red are already high-contrast, too much ""high contrast"" and you end up looking like a clusterfuck. Add white socks to "lighten the black", not for contrast, and no, it doesn't make it better than an all-black coord, just different. Don't buy a black dress and then complain it's too black. There's nothing wrong with kurololita.

They're also fairly new if they haven't been here long enough to see anons complain that the coord help thread isn't a "dress me" service. You generally get better responses if you indicated you already put some effort into coording by posting a collage, or have a specific question, or you're struggling with something and want to hear other opinions. I gave her the simplest, most obvious coord and prompted for a reason why she wants other girls to coord something so simple, either she can take the simple coord or she can pipe up requesting less black then.

>> No.10349241

Anon, the ribbons are the size of the cherries.

>> No.10349245


Ah, give people decent advice for free on chinese cartoon board and they give you this response.

Okay. You can wear it with a pink bolero. Go on. rock it.

>> No.10349247

I am not the anon and I appreciate your effort. I also agree with you that all black coords are great and your two suggestions would be my first two thoughts. However, I tend to want to wear my dresses more than two ways and pink would be cute with the right color balance. Half of your very long response was honestly not great advice and seemed more defensive than helpful.

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kuro lolita doesn't utilize prints you fucking larping faggot.

>> No.10349260

are you colourblind?

>> No.10349261

I still kind of want to add a tiny hint of blue, but thank you so much!!!!

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I bought this jsk, but it didn't come with a headbow and now Im struggling to find one that matches. Should I go with yellow or pink?

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How to coord this color?

>> No.10349574

this is shit advice too, jesus.

You can definitely coord >>10348984 with pink, pink x black is really cute, as would pink x red x black. Hell, if you find the right greens, you could pull from the leaves too. Y'all need to read/watch the shelbycloud coordination tutorial again

>i do agree that white would probably be a bad idea though unless that's going to be your main second color
>but then again almost anything can work if you try hard enough/have the right pieces, so

>> No.10349582

White blouse+ red everything else? The dress is hella busy so you should tone down everything else

>> No.10349592

Ntayrt but >>10349008 mentioned white tights, red and white tights actually so idk what >>10349239 was even on about.

>> No.10349641

Why not blue?

>> No.10349764

Oh sorry, I'm actually retarded, I'm looking for headgear that matches the colors, as in like, names or places. I'm having a hard time finding things that match that shade of blue, so I was thinking about trying to match it with pink or yellow since those are easier to find.

>tl:dr Dont know where I can buy a headbow that matches that shade of blue

>> No.10349868
File: 1.02 MB, 1080x1872, crappy-coord-collage.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I would like some feedback on this coord! The neckline is weird to me with that white on the collar and the curved+straps design choice so I would like other blouse suggestions. I am also waffling between these two tights
Also I have a similar starfish clip that isn't as cheap-looking as the photo, it's just the closest match I could find

>> No.10349882

I don't think either stocking goes with the top + dress. The blue one would be better if the theme was marine, and the white stockings would look better if sheeer. Otherwise, this is a cute coord! Only thing I would add are some wristcuffs

>> No.10349887

Its p bad

>> No.10349891

Yeah it’s my second coord ever and also poorfag
How can I make it better?

It is marine themed! There’s fishes n shit on the dress

>> No.10349908

I have this dress in the op version. Something about the light weight overskirt gives this dress a breeziness that makes it nice for more toned down looks, but that's my own personal opinion and I'm basing my suggestions on that.
I think you are going for something "summery" here with the short sleeves, so I'd ditch the tights and go for something shorter, white with nice lace ruffles to match the blouse. I don't know if those are your intended shoes, but they look black here and I would suggest something navy and a little more Lolita compatible, maybe something mary-jane like and not as shiny. The accessories are cute (except the starfish, but I wasn't sure what that was), but you need a larger hair accessory to balance out the poof of the dress. A navy headbow will do just fine, but if you're partial to hats, I wear a boater hat with a navy ribbon with mine.

>> No.10349910

Thanks for the great suggestions! I’m not actually using those shoes, they’re just in the stock image for the tights I bought. I think I’ll do white lace-trimmed ankle socks instead of the tights though. The starfish is a hair clip (that is not as tacky looking as the picture) but a boater sounds cute too! Perhaps I’ll pin the starfish to the hat if it looks okay with it. Also per other anon I’ll do white wristcuffs or bracelets

>> No.10349911


As the other anons have said, switch the tights. Sheer tights with some kind pattern would be okay and are easy to find. I've also seen jellyfish tights around but I can't remember where?

If you can afford to, buy lolita shoes. The current shoes don't really work for this coord and won't work for future coordinates either.

If you're lucky enough to have small feet try one of these (they're only around $20):



Good luck!

>> No.10349913


The anon said they aren't using the shoes; the shoes were just part of the tights stock image. They didn't lost what shoes they were actually going to be wearing though.

>> No.10350769
File: 99 KB, 700x700, CC10FE2E-7427-4427-B370-91230CDCC7BA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i’m having an impossible time figuring out leg wear for my AP Fantasy Theater OP. if anyone has any suggestions i would really appreciate it!

>> No.10350933
File: 42 KB, 480x640, B23544_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I feel like this is the exact situation diamond socks are made for

>> No.10352811
File: 20 KB, 345x437, SVWC-7564.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A listing popped up with the Innocent World Penguindrum set, and part of me really wants it because Penguindrum is one of my absolute favorite animes. The other part of me is scared that I won't be able to coord it well enough with other pieces and it'll feel like a cosplay that I can't separate. Any ideas on how to pair the individual pieces to justify my bad financial decisions?

>> No.10352833

The skirt would be easy to use assuming you wear classic and have other stuff for it. The blouse is a bit awkward though. If you love the anime its worth it, but avoid the wig style and color uses.

>> No.10352882

I wear mine a lot and I just wear my hair up. It is silly but it makes me feel less like I am cosplaying. It is beautiful on its own merit and I don't think most people would know it anyway. I do tend to wear the skirt with other stuff, but don't use the blouse with other things. I hope they release more in this color cause I would buy it.

>> No.10355211

just wanted to add, on your pic, the red and gold trim also helps break it up so you don't just have the white and ivory sitting there glaring at each other.

>> No.10355938
File: 34 KB, 250x333, Innocent World Little Lady JSK.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This was one of the first dresses I got and I still like it despite my style being gothic nowadays.
Could anyone give me advice on how to coord this with more darkly inclined or toned down classic pieces? I worry that it might look bad coorded in any way other than sweet/sweet-classic.

>> No.10355962
File: 3.04 MB, 2896x2741, 20200311_233718.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Please forgive me for the awful collage, dumb phoneposter here.
So I feel like I already know the answer, but could this work? I wanted to wear some stained glass tights with Transylvanian Moonlight for a Castlevania feel but my only other pair are more green. I don't think it helps, but my accessories will be (antique?) silver.

>> No.10355977

If you don't want it looking sweet, use a classic brand peter pan blouse or preferably, a high collar one. Floral printed legwear and a small headbow/one with a little flower on it would also help with the classic look. Then finish it off with a brown bag and shoes.

I think if you have another cool/bluish toned item it could be okay? A cool toned black blouse or silvery back could work.

>> No.10356331

Pair it with brown and a darker jewel tone like wine. You're still likely to want an ivory blouse but will be able to get away with a darker jacket/bolero/cardigan if it has light trim like that one IW bolero everyone and their mother has, ditto with socks if they are jewel tone + ivory, and then shoes and bag can be brown. You may need a mix of ivory and wine in your hair accessory as well

>> No.10356824

I think >>10349882 was refering to the blue tights not being marine themed while the dress is. That is also my biggest issue with them. The other tights have the problem of never staying in place and the lines will be crooked which looks irritating and you have to fix it all the time.

I would propably exchange the blouse because the collar is too big and it can´t be put in the right plaxe to actually look good with the cut of the JSK. I suggest a sheer, short sleeved bolero.

>> No.10356945
File: 84 KB, 640x640, 79762303_182757802849666_6303724109261661471_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I only started in the last couple of years, and I got a secondhand Kuma Kumya Face Bag since it was a cheap way to try it. Now I feel like I should get a "real" Kuma with arms and legs. Is it a dumb idea because it will be too similar to what I already own?

People who own multiple sizes of Usa or multiple sizes of Kuma, how do you choose which size to use in your coord? Do you find the different sizes fill different roles in your wardrobe or you use them interchangeably?

>> No.10356948

Tbh I bought all sizes to increase my kumya clan versatility. But the mini backpack kumya is the best size since its not too big/small and can be turned into a pochette or backpack.

>> No.10357459
File: 116 KB, 640x900, BE29F4EC-5F1A-40EE-87F0-5AF19FB8D54A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is there any way to redeem bodyline l141 into a coord or is cut/fabric just off?

>> No.10357819


>> No.10357831

isn't this made of their scratchy chiffon?

>> No.10358072
File: 156 KB, 484x594, 116CA532-FE55-4BD3-B699-614BF22B115D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It’s a glossy looking material. I don’t have a better pic with me. Here’s one from google

>> No.10358650

It's still a no

>> No.10358675

How bad is the lace? Maybe look at old PINA SWEET coords for ideas. They had a similar silhouette and used a lot of similar floral prints.

>inb4 whatever dumbass hates this dress says I’m a newb

This dress from a distance is very workable for certain styles. The devil is in the details/materials

>> No.10358737

Some sort of sheer overdress might be able to save it

>> No.10364930

I mean, it's pretty classical as is, just white and black. Keep pieces simple. White tights, simple black mary janes, a very simple white short glove.

>> No.10364934

I think the patterns together are a bit too much. Which version of this did you get, out of curiosity? Google images shows 2 styles of jsk?

>> No.10365122
File: 22 KB, 250x333, a9478aef-38ca-5e2d-bd49-a1d62a3f4dd3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Any ideas for a dressed down coord the Angelic Pretty bright party op

>> No.10365138

plain black tights with simple black headbow or beret. i also think if you have a black or blackxwhite AP boston bag it would look super cute! maybe some simple maryjanes or boots for the shoes, even some semi-normie shoes might work!

>> No.10365371
File: 1.44 MB, 2441x2441, 939D1EE1-0DD7-45C6-B7E3-DAF27B8C9172.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Any suggestions on leg wear for this? I have plain cream tights but that’s very boring...

>> No.10365379

do you have some semi-sheer polka dot tights?

>> No.10365454

Thank you !All of that sounds super cute.

>> No.10366232
File: 60 KB, 480x640, 5bda77d15b9f487eba995956b0623c6d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Would it be a poor idea to coord this with pink rather than red? I want to start a pink x black wardrobe, but I don't know if this will fit or not, as though there is pink in the print, most of it is red apples

>> No.10366360
File: 1.80 MB, 3024x3024, C0ADDA2E-5960-43C3-95C4-6A8305CFA193.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is one of my fave coords but I wanna improve it
((Yes it needs a good steaming / ironing))
Any thoughts or any other ideas on how to coord it?

>> No.10366364

I think if you work hard to balance it well it would look really nice personally I would do pink and white to soften it a bit

Pink and white tights
Pink shoes
Pink and white headpiece
White blouse

>> No.10366394

I'm not a stickler for matching colors, but they should go in the same color family/look good together and none of those reds look good with that dress. I would consider pulling in more brown throughout the coord or switching out the red to something less saturated

>> No.10366402

Taobao shop sent the wrong color shoes :,) THEYRE supposed to be wine red

>> No.10366503

No I don't but I like this idea a lot since the dress also has the polka dots in it! I will have to search online for some.

Oh yeah balancing out some of the pink would be a great idea!

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