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One of these days ill meet one of you at a con IRL and we'll hit it off and build a relationship, and eventually fall for each other and become inseparable. Our love of weebshit and shitty nerd culture will bring us together, just wait. There's a special someone for all of us at these cons.

See you out there!

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Not sure if this is based or creepy

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Based if they're cute, creepy if they aren't.

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OP here

I've actually had sex and been on dates with attractive girls so I have to be at least a little cute :3

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Met my current Bf because of this board. There is hope.

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>I've actually had sex
saying that like this is really creepy, anon.

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what's the tumblr accepted terminology?

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god i hope not

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God, I fucking hope. My dream husband is out there somewhere.
Cute wealthy nerdy men that like to party hmu.

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godl digger alert

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Literally any woman you find on /cgl/ will be one if she’s not already wealthy. And the wealthy ones don’t want poorfags.

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whew, thanks for the warning

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some of us just want good dick.

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kek, based

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By "wealthy" I mostly mean "self sustaining non-poor", which I am as well.

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>"self sustaining non-poor"
well that's one thing and a whole another one is "some dumb richfag I can leech off"

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Did I ever say the latter or anything close?

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no but the first posters sort of implied it

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That's generally what's implied by "wealthy."

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The word wealthy just means wealthy.
"Dumb" and "leech off" were nowhere close.

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>tfw I spend my conventions responding to guys paying to text me to be their gf

I've always wondered if I'd run into one of them at a convention.

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it is completely implied c'mon, what you want a wealthy smart guy for, so you can no longer gold-dig the shit out of him and get him to buy you over 9000 dresses?

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>guys paying to text me to be their gf
isn't it sould draining? like, don't you feel bad?

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that's how I find my dudes. Lonely virginal tech boys in cities with bad gender ratios-- lots of money they'll want to spend on you, no worry of cheating, don't have an appreciation for how cute they are because girls never paid attention to them so they feel even more loved when you gush at them, extremely ready to make a commitment.

They're the best, highly recommend

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You sound like a coping poorfag

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God, that sounds nice.
What cities, might I ask?

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I'm not, I just don't like gold-diggers, sry

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Not really? They contact me through a texting service so they know what they're getting. Some are strictly lewd but I made $50 just chatting with a guy about the latest anime once and what weird shit I saw at the convention I was at.

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>God, that sounds nice.

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low empathy 4 sure

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Bay area or tech cities like Seattle im mostly thinking of

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Whatever you want to think. I mean they are paying me to give them attention so it's pretty much on their terms. I'm obligated to respond to them no matter what time it is or what I'm doing so the money makes the exchange equal.

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big money tech is either sanfancisco or california I've heard, but you girls are just vampires by the way you put it, absolutely do not want

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>I'm obligated to respond to them no matter what time it is or what I'm doing
you should change that for your own sanity my girl, like... free hours for yourself, days off, you know the basic working rights

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I have a posted schedule on my profile but I never stick to it so I just set it to available 24/7. If I get sick or I'm traveling I adjust as needed.
Plus half of them never bother to check before texting me

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oh come on, this is absolutely no different than going to some meetup hoping to meet people who are compatible with you. It's not leeching if you are genuinely trying to meet quality people. Also surprise surprise, people like being with those who have money.

and come on dude if you met a cutie pie lolita irl and she was all "omggggg I LOVEEE this dress I want it so much~~~~" and you were sitting on a pile of untouched cash from your 100k / year job you'd fucking buy it for her and love every second of her in it

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well, just remember, if you need some pause, take it, humans are not supposed to be on demand 24/7

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you fuck, yeah I can see a few scenarios where that would work on me, fml, you're good at beautifying ugly things though, fml I don't know if I want a gf or a daughter, you really reached my soft side. But believe me, I absolutely despise gold diggers. I mean, I much rather me buying her a dress and giving her money for another one of her liking as something special maybe once a year, other than that is absolutely not ok. I actually made a deal like that with my gf, I buy her one thingy and she can chose another one of her liking.

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Thanks Anon. I'll keep that in mind.

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This honestly. It's less about the more eye and more about being a functioning responsible adult. Typically if I meet a guy that has a bit of money, he tends to have a stable job and a steady life (therefore, a level headed individual in society), and vice versa.

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*money, not more eye
Jesus christ, phone

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>I absolutely despise gold diggers
I don’t really get men’s aversion to gold diggers. Like if you’re hooking up with a young hot girl, what other things is she supposed to like you for? Men really can’t be that delusional, right? You can’t give her your time since you’re working. Plus you probably have the personality of a wet towel if you’re a lonely tech boy, and/or won’t be able to talk to her about her own interests. Most men have hang-ups about caring for their own hygiene and appearance, so they’re physically unattractive on average. ‘Gold digger’ is just a term to fault someone who is openly willing to put up with a lack of interpersonal connection in exchange for having their material wants met. They have value on the dating market, but I guess those women should just settle out of the goodness of their hearts like in them Hollywood movies... If a girl likes a guy for the comforts he can offer, then that’s as valid a reason as a guy liking a girl because she’s hot.

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>I dont know if I want a gf
>I made a deal with my gf

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>tl;dr I'm just a prostitute lulz
then stop LARPing as you are in a relationship, retard

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Some guys just expect a 20/10 hottie just because they think they deserve one without thinking of what they're offering in return. Why would someone like that be with you unless you have money or are also a 20/10 hot guy?

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I understand you concern, but you seem like, really high strung and paranoid about this. Did someone try and take advantage of you in the past or something?

>> No.10320995

Whoops, meant to respond to>>10320967

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I've never had an experience with a gold-digger, but the mere fact that they exist is really disgusting to me 2bh. Just the concept, somebody that drains your funds with completely stupid shit that is only good to show status, status that you're leeching off someone else and you don't really have at all by your own means. Like off gets on my nerves just to think about it. Sadly I've seen this behaviour accepted and even encouraged in some circles, like, did you family not show you basic morals? Well I guess it's also the case of my family coming from very humble origins, and making it, and not making it based on throwing money at stupid shit but saving money and puting it where it matters. I've seen it even here "lol who needs savings anyways". Recipe for poberty.

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where in all of this are you missing the "ITS CONSENSUAL" part? The guy KNOWS she is doing this and is okay with it in exchange for having armcandy and maybe getting sex from a super sexy girl. It isn't just one or the other dude, it's an exchange.

If you don't want a girl who only likes you for your money, then don't date one! It's not rocket science dude. Let people live the superficial materialistic lives they want to live.

Some people think it's worth it- sexy girl, great sex, in exchange for money and fabulous trips. Why do you care so much about what other people think is worthwhile?

If you're worried about getting taken advantage of or whatever, make boundaries. Don't buy them random shit they ask for, until you trust them or are committed to them in some important way. Don't be okay with them quitting their jobs and going to pilates and hanging out with their ladies at the coffee shop all day. It really isn't that difficult, you sound like you're blaming nebulous women who don't exist as a way of excusing your own weakness or lack of self control or resentment that hot materialistic women don't like you

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Granted some women are definitely underhanded and manipulative but I feel like youd have to be blind to not notice someone only liking you for money

>> No.10321009

I'll take the hot non-materialistic ones, ur right. But to me, that's pretty much prostitution poorly disguised as a relationship.

>> No.10321012

were you the guy posting rants about how prostitution is a sin that I didn't read at all?

ill bite tho: why do you give a crap whether other people exchange sex for money

>> No.10321014

because it speaks about the world arround me going to shit

>> No.10321017

I mean, I don't want my children to be raised in an enviroment where prostitution is a form of relationship and is glorified, wtf man

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Washington DC also has that tech, government and law money and is full of nerds and weebs pulling $60-150k+ salaries. Check out Katsucon, Awesome Con and Otakon and you will run into some lonely government workaholic.

>> No.10321021

This already happened to me but I'm rooting for you anon!! Good luck!

>> No.10321024

>tfw met a DC chad on tinder that probably had money but he was too much of a smug liberal elite to be able to put up with.

>> No.10321030

details? Sounds juicy desu

>> No.10321036

Nothing too particularly interesting, honestly.
We talked in dms for a while and we ended up in a political debate, which typically I dont really mind but you could tell he was someone who really loved to be right and kept on it when I would try and steer the conversation towards other stuff like anime and hobbies. Nail in the coffin was when I tried to talk about cancel culture and he pretty much dismissed it as if people dont get swatted, jobs called, doxxed, ect.
I said goodnight to bail out of the conversation and didnt talk to him when he messaged me like 5 times after that night.

>> No.10321037

aw that's actually kind of sad. I always feel sort of bad for clueless assholes who think they're great and can't tell why people don't like them

>> No.10321042

Yeah, he was also leaving for dc in a few months and it's like, yeah I'm not going to be your fling before you leave town

>> No.10321071

So did I actually. Sometimes you gotta trust guys who seem creepy

>> No.10321074

based af

>> No.10321087

>50 50 shot I'll either die or find love
I'm going for it

>> No.10321092

I got my firs gf by ultra stalking her for like a year or two and literally showing at her work place at the coffee break, while she was leaving work place to grabb a coffee, we lasted 5 years, and we loved eachother to death, until it all failed misserably

>> No.10321093

>ultra stalking her
* on social media, just comenting on her social media being a smug flirty mofo, she had a bf and I didn't knew it, the fucker liked it and it showed

>> No.10321095

Are you that guy that stalked a 16 year old that worked at a starbucks

>> No.10321102

I wish, no.

>> No.10321122

I know for a fact that the homely government guys get snapped up by the foreign contractors they work with. Case in point: There is this nerdy black dude at my job that fits this profile to a T. I know the guy is making at least 100k, has his own home in DC and he somehow ended up with a Bangladeshi woman that works on a different floor. Another one of these dudes in my agency is now married to a Japanese woman. The older coworkers will be quick to set them up with some type of FOB woman that works there.

>> No.10321150


>> No.10321160

Its not fair bros why can't I meet a 4channeler gf

>> No.10321162

The guy with the supreme telomeres sperm or something?

>> No.10321164

this is gonna sound a little mean but sometimes I wonder if foreigners rush relationships like this so they can stay in the states. I wonder what the long-term prospective of these relationships is like

>> No.10321168

pm me qt ;D

>> No.10321173

Only if u live in Denver i don't do long distance meme shit anymore sorry ;)

>> No.10321178

They're probably trying to catch that rich American tail

>> No.10321185

what a coincidence! I am in denver

>> No.10321187

Pls stop larping and getting my hopes up, anon. Trying to be positive with this thread, don't kick me down

>> No.10321189

okay fine I lied, I'm just outside of denver

>> No.10321194

It could be in some cases, but these contractors here are also pulling pretty high salaries. The Bangladeshi woman thats with the black weeb is a solutions architect for one of my agency's legacy systems, so its more of a DINK situation with them. My agency is very STEM and law heavy so YMMV.

>> No.10321195

If you actually do live near Denver and do cosplay, then we can chat about upcoming cons and stuff and maybe meet up, but I'm just shit posting saying I want a 4chan gf, I'm not that desperate.

>> No.10321198

I'm a lolita, not a cosplayer. Sorry anon guess it will never work out

>> No.10321204

Guess not, if you were a cutie pie id put up with u tho :3

Are you at least into video games and shit or are you full blown lolita auts

>> No.10321209

honey a way to a woman's heart is not by hearing that she likes X going "well do you at least have better hobbies or are you just autistically into X"

>> No.10321217

Not trying to get into your heart, in my mind youre a LARPer and in just talking shit. Chances of asking if youre in or near Denver and it being true is just too big of a coincidence for this site. If youre actually a cutie and youre telling the truth then god can strike me down where I stand

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How the hell do you even approach girls you think are cute at cons? I mean if she's wearing cosplay from a game I like can I just go up to her and talk about the series? I consider myself a good looking guy so I don't think id come off as creepy?

>> No.10321292

This is fine as long as you dont do it in an annoying gate keepy manner. Also do not treat them like they are the character they are cosplaying, that is super creepy

>> No.10321294

Dont speak for everyone on that last part. I love being treated like the character I'm cosplaying

>> No.10321295

Lolita is a bad hobby tho.

>> No.10321315

Annoying gate keepy manner?
I might open with a reference to their cosplay and if they play along see where it goes, I can read most situations well.
Based truth poster

>> No.10321365

If you were actually good looking, women would be approaching you instead.

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I met a qt cosplay girl last year who seemed really into me. Unfortunately we lived quite a long ways away from each other, but made plans to meet up again next year at the same con. We were talking nearly everyday and then slowly started talking less and less and now not at all.


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