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Previous thread: >>10305280

For cosplay go to the help thread

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Can anyone please recommend brands that are similar to MILKBOY?

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Btw I know listen flavor but I think that brand si a bit more childish no offense

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Does anyone know how many pieces are usually being made for average major brand release?

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Some brands that have similar items:
MALKOMALKA, Heihei, Civarize, Candy Stripper, H>FRACTAL, w<3c, Acdc rag, Honey Cinnamon, Ank Rouge, Jamie, Jouetie, Listen Flavor, WRouge, Travas Tokyo

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Heihei is one of my current favorites. I sew a ton and most of their outfits look like what I'd make for myself and I love it.

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Is there like one site I can buy stuff from a different brands from the way the Larme shop was?

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There are a lot but the one I use sometimes is Luke and Stella

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How can you tell which karami release you own?

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I asked this in the last thread, but didn't really get an answer. One anon said this was leftovers from the previous tea party gift, which is wrong because the crystals are a different color, and the earrings have a different middle segment. So I'll ask again...

Was the Brilliant Jewel Tiara & Earring Set an exclusive to Japan/Tokyo? I believe the related set was already released in the US, with no tiara set. Anyone know?

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Bought pic related a few days back on impulse off of Mercari because cute, but I normally wear yami kawaii so I have no idea what style(s) this dress can fall under and therefore how to properly coord it.

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I want to order something custom size from the soufflesong website, but I don't see a spot to put my measurements in? do I just order it and they email me for my measurements afterwards?

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what dress is this?

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It's a knee-length dress by a brand "Amabel" I've never heard of; I can't really find much on the brand other than other Mercari listings either.

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I'm sorry for being retarded, it's "Amavel".

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I don’t believe you when you say you couldn’t find much. The bare minimum google search returns a ton. They’re relatively well known and have an entire physical and online store presence.

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Second post was after I found that I misspelled and could afterwards indeed easily find them online. Again, I'm sorry for being retarded.

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So it turns out I need glasses, and I'm planning on purchasing my first set of circle lenses from PP for everyday wear with lolita to keep the glasses from throwing off my outfits (GEO Ultra CK105). I've watched lots of reviews, but I've never worn prescription contacts before, only costume ones a few years back for cosplay. None of the reviews I watched mentioned whether they were prescription or not, so I'm assuming not. Does anyone here have experience with prescription circle lenses, and what was your experience like?

I know it probably doesn't make a difference but that's why I put this in the stupid questions thread, lol.

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I got a pair of prescription color contacts online once, and it didn't feel comfortable.

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Instead of yearly contacts I would recommend daily ones. They'll be much more comfortable in the long run.

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to clarify, the right one feels totally fine, but the left one feels like when you get dirt in your eye, so they're unwearable. I've tried them on multiple times hoping it was a temporary thing, but it's not. I'm guessing it's the curve that's off.

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I've worn a few different circle lenses, with different degrees of comfort. The most comfortable ones I wore were the Geo Holicat Lovely Cat. I feel like it probably varies based on the type of lens - some are a thicker material than others, and some have a higher circumference than others.
None have come close to how comfortable my regular contacts have felt, though. If you plan on wearing the circle lenses daily, I'd recommend getting some lens-safe eye drops to re-hydrate your eyes, as that is a significant problem that circle lenses have due to their thickness and size.
For reference, my eyesight is a -4.50 and my base curve is 8.6mm.

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Thank you for your thoughts!

Economically speaking, would the monthly lenses be more comfortable while also having more wear time, do you think? I doubt I'll be wearing them actually daily (my bad cause that's what I said). Probably more like once a week, sometimes twice? And that's high-balling it assuming that I end up REALLY hating how my glasses look with certain outfits. lol.

I'm starting to think maybe getting one of each kind might be a good idea (one daily, one monthly, and one yearly).

Yikes, I'm sorry that happened! :c

Thank you! I'll definitely grab some eye drops when I make the order, that sounds like a good idea.

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When I wear contacts rarely, I prefer dailies. They are the softest, so they're easiest to adjust to after not having worn some for a while.

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they are extremely wasteful though...

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Someone please tell me how to wear a headbow

>> No.10316052

Like one on a headband...?

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If I bought some Taobao dresses I ended up not liking, what should I do with them? They're definitely not going to sell on LM or at a swap meet. Give it to Goodwill or something?

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Instagram giveaway for followers?

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Just wear glasses then.

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Sell them on ebay.

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Which dresses do you want to sell? Asking out of curiosity.

If it's from a somewhat well-known taobao shop or a popular dress or has certain similarities to a popular dress/brand, it will still sell. Other options could be FB sales groups or ebay. That's where I usually get rid of my cheap shit no one on LM wants, mostly due to shipping costs.

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Your glasses prescription is different from a contact lens prescription, so make sure you get both from your doctor. Also good to get a quick course in care & how to take in/out from them

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Buffalo exchange. I keep seeing bodyline and shitty taobao at the one near me

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Oh wow thank you for the heads up.

Do you think I'm going to get shit from the eye doctor for getting contacts online/circle lenses? I'd really rather not deal with that. I'm going to a large retail eyeglasses place.

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It all depends on the doctor. Mine gave me shit for ordering from my country's very popular online retailer (Clearly Contacts) despite almost everyone using them and them being very safe. He offered to price match anything from Clearly, so I think it had more to do with money than anything else.
In terms of you ordering online from a foreign country, most optos are probably going to say it's a terrible idea (and I'm sure we can all understand why, the general consumer is a fucking idiot and would most likely buy cheap AliExpress-tier garbage and ruin their eyes for good.)
Many anons have told the opto that they're just looking to see what their new prescription in order to keep track of their health, not necessarily for purchasing anything, leaving out the circle lens bit entirely. My doctor claimed that it's illegal for him to tell me my new prescription without a purchase, I'm not sure if that's actually true or not. I was able to see my info as he was typing it into the computer anyways so it didn't matter in the end.

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There's a chance that they'll do well on LM honestly. There's always lolitas looking for cheaper everyday items. My friend listed several TaoBao blouses just recently and they all sold quickly.

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afaik it's illegal for the doctor to not tell you your prescription because you have the right to any health information you choose to pursue, it's your personal health info. imagine how ridiculous it would be if your doctor withheld your diagnosis for like an ear infection because you said you wouldn't want the medicine if you had one.

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US insurance usually only covers either glasses or contacts, so I alternate them. But you can pay out of pocket to get both. The contacts prescription is pricy. You can say you're thinking of getting contacts to wear for special occasions as your reason for the prescription. If you say you're getting circle lenses they must give you shit because the international stuff is not well-regulated and is the cause of some infections they have seen, so if you're socially awkward then just avoid saying that part.

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Anyone know where I can find a simple black bow with a similar shape to pic related? I tried to purchase this one but just got an email informing me it was sold out so I'm pretty bummed.

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Baby’s first sewing project?

>> No.10316372

Yes, because circle lenses aren't really regulated in the US and if you aren't that experienced in how contacts should feel and fit then you can fuck your corneas up big time. Lens material also changes what your base curve should be (e.g. in thinner daily lenses my base curve is COMPLETELY different to monthly lenses despite the lenses being the same diameter, and the fit on both was checked by my optometrist) so your base curve on prescription is not a reliable indicator that a lens will fit your eye shape, which is where all the issues with corneal abrasion and neovascularisation can come in.

>> No.10316384

Pretty much any indie brand on Etsy can make that for you. I know melikestea and summertales boutique often premake quite plain versatile accessories, you should check those two out. You may need to commission if you want that exact shape but remember that a wired bow can be bent into any shape you like.

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Did the BTSSB SF sale sell out at midnight? Clicking on the winter sale button leads to a 404 page

>> No.10316431

oh man i haven't sewn in years, maybe this would be a good way to get back into it!
I hadn't even considered commissioning one, good idea. The ones on Melikestea are pretty cute but sadly it looks like they're all sold out. Thanks regardless!!

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why does nana kato on her ig have the dutch flag on her bio

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Always get a prescription for contacts. Every aspect is important even the curve etc, if you don't want to damage your eyes you really need a prescription and check EVERY value not just the strength

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When selling on lacemarket, do you ever just put a flat fee for shipping, even if it ends up more or less expensive than you charged?

>> No.10316856

She has a Dutch parent

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Can you put this flocked print on gauze in the washing machine? It's too dirty for handwash.

>> No.10316870

Always. It evens out over time, and I can’t be bothered refunding someone 0.35 dollars or whatever

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It’s okay, anon. It is the stupid questions thread after all. You will find more things like this under older himekaji or “seiso” style brands. *Old* Ank Rouge has a similar style and much higher quality stuff. You may also like some of Axes Femme’s things, which you can pick up for cheap on mercari

>> No.10316890

Try different sizes styles and placements. If you think the one you have doesn’t suit you, the next time you shop look for one completely different and see if that helps. (ex: off to the side instead of in the middle, sitting up instead of flat on the head, etc)

>> No.10316891

For what it’s worth, the headbow i got from mlt was falling apart on arrival so you are not missing out on much. Everything else from them has been good to great however

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Personally no, I always list with flexible and try to charge people the exact amount. However I'd be fine with someone else doing that as long as the difference wasn't exorbitant.

>> No.10316911

Withholding your prescription is withholding something you paid for and I'm pretty sure that's legally considered theft of some kind. Get a different doctor if he won't cooperate.

>> No.10316915

it’s not theft, but in the us doctors are required to provide patients with their medical information. anon should insist and tell him they are going to another doctor if he won’t comply

>> No.10316918

What's the best SS to use with Mercari? Do any of them not have absurdly high fees?

>> No.10316920

i get what anon means, it's almost theft in a way. you paid for the doctor to get your prescription.

>> No.10316922

Click from link on the bottom right of the page and not the banner

>> No.10316923

I use a flat fee for the sake of convenience. If shipping ends up less than the buyer paid I pay back the difference (they can see it on the label anyway so it feels kinda scummy not to). If it's more expensive I pay for the difference myself if it's less than 10 bucks depending on the price of the item I sold. If it's more than that I'll send them a message about it.

>> No.10316937

it’s definitely not legally theft, though. that doesn’t make sense

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is it dumb af to try and get 2 of an official brand's lucky pack, when they list the content so you know what dresses etc you're getting? Like the only difference will (possibly) be the colourway/cut. Is getting 2 even worth it then?

(context: I got a btssb lp along with someone I know, but they're thinking of selling theirs on without ever opening cause of sudden money trouble. I'm thinking of buying it off her to help her but eh if it leaves me with literally the same stuff...)

>> No.10317053

iirc baby has some small randomized things in theirs but for the most part it will be exactly the same

>> No.10317054


If the dress they named had an overwhelmingly unpopular cut/colourway there's a chance you'd end up with two of those in the same cut/colourway. Other than that it probably depends on your closet and how much "random" stuff you feel like adding. It's great if you're wardrobe-building and kind of don't really mind which direction your wardrobe is going in, but if you have one of those tightly controlled capsule wardrobes you'd have to be prepared to resell a lot of it.

Unrelated, but you'd have to approach the subject a little carefully. If you come across too much like you're doing her a favour she might resent the pity party, or worse, she might start to think of you as someone she could sponge off. If you sound a little too eager to take it off her hands, sell everything and make some money out of it she might resent you for that too.

If you feel iffy about purchasing it, might be a better idea to help her organise selling it off or some other help rather than purchasing the LP off her.

>> No.10317056


thanks for the info & input! I think I'm going to wait till I actually open mine before I decide anything. Maybe it'd be better for her to open hers up too and just sell one or two of the dresses she gets

>> No.10317058

Spoiler: She won't open the packs because she knows the items are not worth what she's charging.

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Unrelated to OPs ask, but is having a capsule wardrobe *actually* socially acceptable in lolita? I know in theory people say it’s great, but then wardrobe posts happen and suddenly everyone is complaining that the wardrobes are too small.

I only have a very small amount of carefully selected pieces. Like, less than 20 despite wearing lolita for over five years. I’d love to do a wardrobe post since I put a lot of thought into what I have, but I’m afraid it will be ignored... or worse. Would anyone want to see that?

I guess there’s my stupid question

>> No.10317080

It's like booster packs for card games, the total value of the contents is lower than the asking price for the unopened pack

>> No.10317082

I love small, highly thought out wardrobes. Please do share yours!

>> No.10317090

I’m aware, but anon literally said she wants to open it first. Just because I know it’s a better idea to sell my Innistrad pack sealed doesn’t mean my lizard brain won’t open it first to see if there’s a LotV inside and I know that. I don’t see what your comment was adding.

>> No.10317091

Thanks! Maybe I’ll do a nice write up about how I chose what I have and what I want to add this year... That might make it feel more substantial

>> No.10317095

If they’re a good eye doctor, yes, because they aren’t approved by the US and there’s a reason they aren’t sold in stores here.

>> No.10317096

Sure, if you want to ruin it.

>> No.10317097

>doesn’t know the FDA hasn’t updated their cosmetics regulations since the 1970s
Not everything that the FDA doesn’t approve is unsafe. They are strapped for resources and don’t always update things they really should be. Doctors will always default to the law since it’s their profession. Anon can do their own research and be an informed consumer if they want

>> No.10317112

Why is everyone going apeshit for the bodyline RHS? I have a pair I bought in 2015 and there's nothing really special about them... It's like the shoes you would find at forever 21 or something just in a unique style

>> No.10317121

they are better quality than chinese seller shoes and limited stock. RHS are a jfashion staple.

>> No.10317122

>too dirty for handwash
wtf did you do, anon?

>> No.10317125

I put it on delicate cycle and it turned out fine and clean

>> No.10317131

Yes! While a large wardrobe is impressive at first, a smaller, more consistent wardrobe is what leaves me stunned. Seeing someone with a cohesive and clear style is very inspiring for me personally, even if they only have a small selection. If anything, the smaller size makes everything seem more special and treasured. Reminds me of the good ol' days when people had maybe 2 or 3 brand dresses that were basically their most prized possessions.

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File: 47 KB, 720x960, v2-ae508499b5d09b4d6574d2e703faf6c2_hd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Okay I know qipao/cheongsam isn't Japanese, but I figured if anyone knew it was another gull.
Where is a good place to buy REAL silk qipao? I keep getting a bunch of questionable sites (or just places that have really fugly designs) and because silk is so expensive I don't want to wasn't my money on subpar construction and I definitely don't wanna try my luck with taobao or ali (but if you know of a good seller on there that's fine). It's something I would sew for myself but I've sewn with silk before and it was such a train wreck. I'm willing to spend up to about $350
>sjws plz fuck off

>> No.10317182

Because we can’t afford VW

>> No.10317187

what do sjws have to do with any of that

>> No.10317194

One time my real contact lenses didn't arrive when I needed to change them, so I put in my huge circle lenses with the same prescription instead. I could see just fine and freaked out a bunch of people on campus kek
I have discarded them since though cause they weren't the most comfortable to wear daily and I had no occasion for them. Kinda playing with the thought of getting some more natural ones though, but not anytime soon. I just wear monthly lenses on the daily, make sure to get the soft ones if you're worried about sensitivity. The only issue I've had with mine is when I put them on early in the morning and my eyes are too dry. Eye drops are your friend in that case.

>> No.10317223

what kind are you wanting to wear, modern or more traditional?

anon is prolly worried about "muh appropriashun" anons coming out of the woodwork.

>> No.10317231

You really can't tell that she's mixed? She looks more white than asian

>> No.10317235
File: 64 KB, 469x671, af24296cad8ceaf244bf25cce7fe5e7d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

More traditional but I don't mean like, Qing dynasty traditional. I guess the word I'm looking for is classic. The iconic form-fitting silhouette with a slit in the skirt. What most people think of when they think of a "china dress". I noticed a lot of modern ones tend to go for a fuller skirt or just no defined waistline whatsoever.

>> No.10317236

oh, i thought it might have something to do with the horrifically brutal way silk is made

>> No.10317264

They’ll sell on LM. I had some in my watchlist and the next day all of them were bought with lots of time left in the auction. What dresses are you selling? You can list them in the BST thread too

>> No.10317269

Can you still e-mail Atelier Pierrot about selling something to you directly without taxes and with free shipping (when you spend over a certain amount)? Or are we forced to use the shitty shopping service they partnered with?

>> No.10317283


The qipao silhoutte you picked out is pretty form-fitting, so most of the high-end designer ones aren't really sold online, they're usually sold in boutiques and then the shop will generally offer some minor alterations for free when you buy the dress. Though, real silk qipaos are pretty rare now, even designer brands prefer to go with interesting fabric rather than stick solely to traditional silk.

I'd suggest looking up the closest Chinatown to you, it's even close to Chinese New Year now so there's probably some shops that will carry traditional chinese stuff when they normally wouldn't. If you really want to buy it online, I'd suggest sticking to taobao rather than aliexpress, and use the right keywords -- 旗袍 真丝 "real silk qipao", "旗袍 真丝 桑蚕丝" "mulberry silk real silk qipao" should weed out a lot of the riffraff. Sort by sales and then you can see the ones that other people (presumably chinese girls) think look good and have bought.

Though, I should add the style you chose is pretty closely associated with KTV GRO/hostesses, and waitresses, so try not to pick something too shiny, has the slit too high or looks too cheap.

DIY route is still open, you can make them with another fabric other than silk. Personally I'd go for a stretch fabric for the comfort (and also if it's cotton it'll probably wrinkle across your stomach when you sit down), if you want to go posh I'd suggest burnout velvet, lace/burnout fabric overlay, pre-embroidered faric, all sorts of interesting stuff. Or buy the silk and hire a competent tailor to sew it for you.

>> No.10317291


here you go bb. my fiance's mom recommended this site.

>> No.10317308

You can order through email or their regular shopping cart as long as you don’t need English support

>> No.10317346

I don't know that they offer the free shipping any more but you can order directly

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File: 61 KB, 561x842, 91162945b5792fb6f8d483e70eae176c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What kind of fashion would you call this outfit?

>> No.10317452

taobao’s bad impression of dolly kei

>> No.10317459

I saw it on Pinterest, it's kind of a weird blend between traditional Swiss alps clothing and japanese stuff? And I have no idea what's going on with those tassels

>> No.10317464

dude just google dolly kei

>> No.10317874

Which btssb accessories are worth the money? I'm going today and while I might buy a dress, I wanna get some little things too

>> No.10317876
File: 99 KB, 480x640, pridrop.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I went to a few BTSSBs and was kind of disappointed that they were mostly out of stock of what I was looking for. I did grab a Princess Drop Headdress though (pic related) and it's really lovely. I feel like for 4,400円 it's a steal.

>> No.10317878

I don’t know about their current accessories, but most of my fave head bows are from them

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File: 411 KB, 480x640, P15PT602-iv.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Recently I got the Vintage Label Stamp pants from Alice and the Pirates, pictured (in red which I couldn't find the picture of again but, whatever). This is the first piece I've bought (fairly new to this hobby, and not a lot of disposable income to spend on it often) that doesn't fit me great. It does around the waist; it feels slightly loose maybe but not really noticeable. However, they're kind of baggy. And too long. I tried pairing them with boots, tried both over the boots and tucked in, and they just look really awkward and bunched up no matter what I do. So at this point I'm just trying to decide what to do and looking for advice. I'm considering alterations, but I'm not sure if I should just hem them, or consider altering the fit as well. Is there any way I could make a baggier fit work, or does it just not suit the style/piece at all?

>> No.10317922

Japan shopping service dude

>> No.10317930

i want to try making vlogs but i don't know where to start. my friends all keep telling me i'd become popular.

>i have a kawaii house
>i am constantly buying jfash clothes/makeup/cute crap
>i'm not bad looking

i'm not really looking to make money or become famous, i just thought it'd be fun i guess. any ideas?

>> No.10317933

do you want to do it or are you just doing it because people said you should? everyone tells me i should get an instagram because i have cute coords. but i hate taking photos so every time i try i get board and give up. don’t do things because people compliment you

>> No.10317941

maybe both? i guess i kind of feel the same way as you tho desu.

>> No.10317956

There's no harm in trying it out and seeing if you like it. It's hard to really tell what something is like until you do it. When I sat down to film my first video, I realized all my preconceived notions of what that would feel like were totally wrong.
And if you decide it's not for you, you can just stop filming, and even delete your videos if you feel that strongly about it.

>> No.10317960

i’m >>10317933 and >>10317956
is right. you can always try and delete later. one of the key parts is i tried and realized it’s not my thing. just don’t feel pressure to do it for others if you don’t love it

>> No.10318289

What's the most reliable forward service you use nowadays for JP orders? My SS isn't taking this kind of order anymore and I'm lost.

>> No.10318291

If you can order it yourself, Tenso is always a good option. Unless it's something that can't be exported due to the law, it's unlikely any forwarding service or ss will be able to help with that.

>> No.10318292

Thanks a lot! I want to buy some pieces from WW, but they don't lower the value of the package, so I'll need the forwarder. I'll try tenso! Thank you!

>> No.10318294

I've used Tenso a couple times for WW and it worked out really well anon. Glad I could help!

>> No.10318301

Where can I get size 11 us womens shoes? Like Rocking horses/Tea parties? Bodyline is always sold out

>> No.10318303


>> No.10318304

seconding tenso. nothing but good experiences with them

>> No.10318306

Oh shit, thanks senpai

>> No.10318307

There's a seller on taobao that sells BL shoes, incl. rocking horse shoes. WPhoenix https://shop107567742.taobao.com

>> No.10318320

I was wondering if there is a high-waist skirt that still has a big waist ribbon. I think it might be too much so I'd like to check if any brands have done that before.

>> No.10318324
File: 199 KB, 500x600, A57930D8-0E63-49DE-AC1B-17C45D6F02D2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lolibrary search skirt + high waist + detachable waist ties to see a million of them

>> No.10318326

Of course, my stupid ass searched for these exact terms but somehow didn't remember to search through all brands, not just gothic. Thanks a lot anon.

>> No.10318328

A lot of classic brands have them in solid colors if you are looking for something more to your taste. good luck!

>> No.10318330

I have a recent beret and headdress from them and they're nice.

>> No.10318354

Thanks to you too, anon! I've saved it and I will surely use it soon!

>> No.10318362

i've had good luck with tenso and fromjapan.

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File: 127 KB, 600x600, 508794-01[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

anyone know where to find these in US size 10-11 (26-27) even just plain ones with a heart heel are find, i can doll them up myself.

>> No.10318390

thanks for breaking my heart.

they are from dreamv and they’ve gone mostly normie these days. they have larger sizes that should fit us if they ever decide to make them again (and make them up to that size) but.... it’s unlikely

>> No.10318405
File: 108 KB, 700x700, ACSH-0060Y_00.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anyone own these shoes from Bodyline? Are they worth buying? How's the quality?

>> No.10318445

Sorry, second stupid question coming through.
Does this mean they don't know any English at all and I have to send all e-mails in Japanese? Or do they know enough basic English for me to be able to put in an order in English and only run into trouble if I need details or have questions about an item?

>> No.10318460

I'm going to sound like a bitch but if you have to ask for ideas you're already starting off on the wrong foot. It shows you don't have enough passion for it to come up with your own ideas or even enough interest to research what others are doing. Not to mention, owning cute things isn't enough, you have to have an interesting personality. Which, maybe you do, but it's not one of the reasons you mentioned.
If making vlogs was for yourself that'd be fine, but the fact that your friends are the ones who put the idea into your head and that you're here asking strangers for input leads me to believe it's not.

>> No.10318482
File: 13 KB, 250x334, 2413a5969bcccddaacf76568513c76d5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just bought this dress on impulse however I can't really find coords of people wearing it. How can I elevate this dress?

>> No.10318485

I own multiple pairs. They're my favourite shoes. I find them really comfortable and versatile.
Quality is on par with other Bodyline shoes. They scuff easily, but they're well-constructed.

>> No.10318486

What style are you going for? I would personally go home and pull out the blacks and maybe the reds in a more jesus diamante style. Black bolero, black tights, pink shoes, big wig and glittery, bold jewelry. However, I am a slut for hime so that might not be your thing

>> No.10318487


>> No.10318488

Heck! I don't own any black or red in my wardrobe. I sold off a lot of my old school items welp. What other colors could possibly go well with it?

>> No.10318489

My wardobe is mainly 2010 era sweet

>> No.10318493

An old school coord with white blouse, shoes, socks and purse would be cute with a pink bow. Sounds boring but I get a lot of compliments when I do this. It’s not common anymore, even with modern “old school” wearers, so it comes off bold despite being simple

>> No.10318533

Well, how are they supposed to fit? Do you have any blog or shop photos you can reference? Do you have a specific style goal or look you're trying to achieve?

>> No.10318551

I do all white with the few pink pieces I have and I think it's a really good and striking look, so I'll second this

>> No.10318556

Thanks. Every time I suggest it here someone jumps down my throat haha. If you try it, it does look very good.

>> No.10318557

Sounds like boots just won't work with it, wear different shoes. I feel like oxfords would be cute, and a loose frilly blouse tucked into the waistband.

>> No.10318559

I would invest in some red pieces! I also wear 2010 sweet and contrasting red looks great with pastels

>> No.10318592

I'm kind of retarded but I wanted to buy a ribbon heart bag from baby but the colorway I wanted already sold out, do they even restock? If not I'll suck it up and buy a different color I guess.

>> No.10318728
File: 77 KB, 540x720, m93618589552_2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bought pink x white rectangle torchon lace headress from baby and some torchon lace white knee socks as well! I'm gonna follow y'alls advice and get some white shoes for some stark contrast! Thank ya! Turns out this dress does not have red? Just dark pink apparently which I'm confused by

>> No.10318757

Have you tried buying off Mercari and fril?

>> No.10318760
File: 64 KB, 532x405, 757819B2-CE23-4674-978F-0462A2B121BF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What would be a unique way to coord Honey Cake in Yellow/Ivory without looking odd?

>> No.10318775

the most unique (not necessarily great) way I remember from the HC hype thread was with the green accents. I also don't remember anyone playing up the darker blue, only the sax.

>> No.10318799
File: 139 KB, 960x960, 1559702191543.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

if you weren't around for that thread and want to look it up in the archives, it was called "Honey cake Mania". I dug up the green coord I was talking about, though I think this could be done better with a less dark green. And I looked again for a dark blue but didn't see one.

>> No.10318821

yikes, this is horrible. that green doesn't match the green in the dress at all.

>> No.10318848

i know these are from dreamv, i was hoping someone had a link to knockoffs i have 2 pairs of heat heels i got from some italian brand but i want pink. only others i've found are on aliexpress from show story in size 9 (25.5)

>> No.10318909

My god, you sound like one of those basic bitches that wears a white blouse with everything

>> No.10318918

Those are usually used and you don't know how sturdy they still are

>> No.10318919

They might still have it in a physical store, just send them an email

>> No.10318933

Thank you!

>> No.10318998

Help gulls. I need a really graphic example of how shitty a replica can look to convince someone stubborn not to try and buy any. A comparison would be the best.

>> No.10319027

can corsets be worn under dresses to make your bust or waist smaller?

>> No.10319030

I know this is the stupid questions thread, but do you know what a corset is?

>> No.10319031

A corset can make the waist smaller if you tightlace in a corset meant for that, but you also need to account for the added bulk of the corset around your ribcage. An underbust corset would be your best bet. Your bust can't be compressed like your waist can, and an overbust corset is just going to push your boobs up. It also takes time to get used to wearing one enough that you can lace down more than an inch or two.

>> No.10319103

it doesn't always look shitty though? like the melty cream donut replica that looks exactly like the real thing. just let her buy what she wants.

>> No.10319111

Let them learn from their mistakes on their own, eventually they'll get jealous of gulls who have real brand and will be too embarrassed to wear their replica out.

>> No.10319129

Just search for Milanoo replicas.

>> No.10319139

Yes, but you'll have to do the math. Rib and hip spring is very important, so is the quality of the corset. Look for a custom corset or an off the rack one that matches your springs & lengths perfectly (MCC has great ones imo), look for one intended as a waist training corset and not a fashion corset (fashion corsets do jack shit when it comes to reduction). Do not cheap out and expect a good functioning corset. When purchasing the proper corset, you also have to make a seasoning plan to either fully close a corset or a 1 to 2 inch gap (depends on what you like better). You can't just put it on and expect a huge reduction right away. Please realize this is not an easy fast fix and it may not do what you want it to do. Be realistic when you think about what you want to achieve. I recommend Lucy's blog, look her up and educate yourself about corsetry. Here's the link https://lucycorsetry.com.

>> No.10319144

Oh and any corset can add bulk, the sizes indicated by the seller are meant to be the waist circumference inside the corset when it's fully closed. So when you measure your waist (even with a fully closed corset) it will be a few cm's larger than the size you've picked.

>> No.10319155

Buying replica hurts brand

>> No.10319166

it’s not trying to? good lord are you that bad at color theory?

>> No.10319174

buying ap replicas for sure doesn't hurt anyone, they're rolling in dough. also it's laughable that you think any brand depends on westerner purchases to keep them afloat. as long as china likes a company, they're golden.

>> No.10319177

This. I do have a corset that I wear with lolit’s, but it’s mostly to provide structure beneath high waist pieces. They wont simply make you a size smaller if you don’t waist train, and they will likely add a cm to your measurements due to bulk

>> No.10319178

lmao I would love to know how many dresses you think AP sells per run

>> No.10319179

ap is not h&m. they are a small, independent niche fashion retailer. are you an idiot?

>> No.10319181

i know that china is obsessed with them, so they're not struggling financially whatsoever. you could make that claim about any other brand, but not ap.

>> No.10319182

no, but you are for not realizing just how much $$$ china drops on them.

>> No.10319222

And buying solely secondhand doesn't? There's not much of a difference there.

>> No.10319231

If you think buying replicas and buying secondhand brand is the same thing you’re too stupid to insult.

>> No.10319233

Even if that were true, supporting art theft is shitty.

>> No.10319234 [DELETED] 

in your opinion

>> No.10319235

In both cases, no money goes to the brand. That's not debatable.

>> No.10319249
File: 96 KB, 338x178, 1570652509403.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

As an artist, fuck you

>> No.10319250

Money goes to people who tend to buy brand. It's cyclical.

>> No.10319251


Alternatively, search for Dream of Lolita or Oo Jia replicas. I think there's a horror story on LJ where a DoL dress came covered in glue and they pretty much just ignored the buyer entirely. There is also comparisons on old egl where some girl pretty much says "my replicas look good because I have to take them apart and fix up a lot of problems" -- so even if replicas look good in worn photos, it's possible the owner fixed the dress or applied photoshop to make the replica look better.

Or, you could look for the word "replica" in old archives of the ita thread. The girl can look good, but the comments turn downright snarky once people realise she's wearing a replica. Ask her if she really wants that kind of burden where she has to think twice to go to any meetup or post any photos.


No, the hem lace is a dead giveaway. Don't mislead the newbies.

>> No.10319252

Brands still lose sales from secondhand-only buyers. Then there's the fact that a lot of secondhand sales are "leaving lolita" ones. Again, it's not really debatable.

>> No.10319253 [DELETED] 
File: 151 KB, 600x800, T2dh6iXJdaXXXXXXXX-1911817902.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Don't mislead the newbies.
i didn't say it's exactly like the real thing. but it's really good, not "shitty" at all. especially compared to oojia/dol which look very fake even from far away

>> No.10319260

ok, but it doesn't look "shitty" at all, and still doesn't do any harm

>> No.10319268

it's not debatable because 2nd hand isn't competing with items that are currently on the market being sold, and also it shows the demand for items which then can sway the brands to do rereleases. AP will never do rereleases of items with popular replicas because there is no more demand for them. where as 2nd hand items with high resale have a chance of rereleases.

>> No.10319271


This is lolita, anon. The moitiefags are debating the density of the tulle netting of new Moitie lace. The tulle netting. That the lace is embroidered on. Not even the lace itself, or how it's ruffled. Just the netting.

And you think the hem lace not being ruffled enough is not "shit"? Anon.

The harm is towards the newbies. Let's be clear, when you buy a replica you're not "saving" $100. You're wasting $100 gambling that it won't be shit, even if it's good it still comes with a shitton of social issues, and it's going to be difficult to resell the dress later on.

It's one thing if people know all these issues and still want to saddle themselves with all the problems. It's another thing to post in the newbies thread and actively encourage people to go shit all over themselves.

>> No.10319277

I don’t fully understand waist training. Is it making their waists smaller or just used to a corset

>> No.10319292

>thinking western purchases affect what brands do at all

>> No.10319300
File: 151 KB, 600x800, T2dh6iXJdaXXXXXXXX-1911817902.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

people who would ever consider buying replicas in the first place are not going to care about something small like that. they're going to care if they can get the print they want. and the print looks really good on this one. when it comes to dol/oojia replicas, yeah the whole dress looks horrible. my point was just to point out that it depends.

>> No.10319327
File: 768 KB, 987x584, Clipboard.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are there any other prints with mineral crystals?

>> No.10319360


yes, anon.......that's why they're freely shat on in the ita thread, the immediate assumption is they don't care about much beyond childish selfish gratification, not even that the lace does look like shit.

Anyway, I just wanted to mention that negatives so that newbies itt don't get the wrong idea. Especially MCD replicas actually being recogniseable even from a distance. So having said my piece, I'll leave the rest of you alone to buy whatever you want.

>> No.10319361

Are you only looking for uncut rocks or are jewel cuts fine as well?

>> No.10319366

Jewel cuts are fine but I don’t like prints with random jewelry in them. There’s too many of those.

>> No.10319367

Is swimmer still supposed to reopen?

>> No.10319369

That Meta print is so cute, but the cut is horrid. What a shame.

>> No.10319389

>they're rolling in dough.
My favourite brands already went bankrupt/out of business but okay

>> No.10319403

That planet where they make jewelry from baby the stars shine bright has pieces in little wagons and on a scale

>> No.10319405
File: 434 KB, 480x640, ac44edd97f3cc5346623e376d502a72e.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Jewelry world on the clouds

>> No.10319414

When I was very new to lolita, I almost bought Cream Cookie Collection on MLW because I didn’t see it said replica. I searched high and low in 2016. Then I was on the AP website and saw it was on sale and instantly bought it. I wear it quite often, my wardrobe is small (6 dresses) but I wear it the most because it was my favorite and my dream dress for 3 years straight. I didn’t have to buy it at a heavily scalped price either so it’s my favorite

>> No.10319417

That’s super cute. I’m proud of you.

>> No.10319438

Super cute! I’m happy to know I can buy this style from all of my 3 favorite brands!

>> No.10319442

Aww :’) I hardly ever visit the AP USA website and I randomly did and I was so fortunate it was there

>> No.10319503

Is there a coord planning app? Something where you cann add all you things and creat coords on your phone?

>> No.10319507

Not really a stupid question but I wonder which European Lolita event you guys think will be best this year? I've never been to any so don't have experience with previous events. I noticed some are more expensive than others and not sure why since they all have brand guests.

>> No.10319511
File: 396 KB, 480x640, B43BO110-cha.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Am I a fatty-chan or are brand boleros and cardigans really hard to put on over blouses? I feel like the sleeves bunch up really weirdly and it takes me a few minutes to put on a cardigan. Brand blouses fit me just fine so I don't know what's going on. Is there some trick to putting them on that doesn't let the blouse sleeve get stuck or bunch up?
Pic related is the one I have.

>> No.10319512

Depending on what brands you are into? Ap always has a big one in Paris around summer.

>> No.10319513

I don't have any particular recommendations, but the price usually depends on the country and city. Some venues are more expensive than others by far which eats into the event budget quite a lot, some might have better extras like gift bags for attendees.

>> No.10319521

I agree with >>10319512, just pick one where you care about the brands attending. That, and distance/cost of travel are the biggest factors for me. I don't care for AP at all for example, so if AP is a guest then it doesn't really draw me in. The event in Brussels is quite close for me and I like Baby so it's an easy pick. Other than that, see how many lolitas you know are going, if you know no one it's hard to meet new people as well.

>> No.10319538

Newbie question, where can I find more info on those EU events? Not knowing the names f.e is making it quite hard to find them on fb

>> No.10319561

This only works with long sleeved blouses, but I kind of "grab" the sleeve cuff of the blouse, and then I put on the cardigan, so the blouse sleeve doesn't get as bunched up while putting it on
Idk if I explained that right but I hope that makes sense?

>> No.10319620

Not specifically for lolita, but stylebook.

>> No.10319643

For high-waisted jsks, should I also wear my petticoat higher? I guess I'm just confused on how to wear them correctly

>> No.10319649

i said ap specifically. not any other brands

>> No.10319778

Hey, I'm looking to buy some shoes for sweet/old school cords and I'm kinda stuck on what colors to get.

I already have a pair of black rocking horse, so should my other two colors be white and what else?

>> No.10319820
File: 23 KB, 500x500, Philosoraptor.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Holy Lantern is by far the most popular replica

>Holy Lantern has been re-released repeatedly

>> No.10319843

There is a fb group to promote european events. Although not everyone posts there

>> No.10319844

Look in the mirror and wear it how it looks best

>> No.10319846

If you really want to be accurate you only wear 1 pair of shoes

>> No.10319848

If you only wear oldschool you could get away with just having black and white shoes.
I've found that black, white, brown and cream are the only shoe colors I need and I wear classic/gothic/oldschool.

>> No.10319852

Not always. For some dresses it's more about the poof at the bottom that looks better and you don't want to make your torso too stuffed either.

>> No.10319858

Why do everyone go nuts over HC? I never thought it was that cute to begin with, and now every girl and their mothers own like at least one... Where's the appeal with that print?

>> No.10319894
File: 136 KB, 500x600, nT70g3wP8SDsafg7dXuVd0mFprtvftmqR5dgXHtg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

how would one go about making acrylic pendants like the ones AP make? are the supplies easy to obtain in the same way as resin is, or do I need some machine to do it? or is it just easier to pay for my design to be produced by someone else?

>> No.10319908

Holy Lantern is far and away an outlier and therefore a shit example for any comparisons. Try again.

>> No.10319910

Thing is, acrylic is laser cut, which requires a laser cutter. Resin just requires some molds, the resin itself, and stuff to put in it, which is significantly cheaper. So having a manufacturer produce them is probably a much better option for acrylic.

>> No.10319917

Like cats tea party it was only released once a decade ago

>> No.10319923

Some Korean brands are licensed to sell in Europe but don't. They just got it to show how save they are since Europe has some of the most strict savety regulations on health care. The shit you get is more out of not knowing for sure people do their research and POSSIBLY screw up badly than that everything not sold in the US is bad because else it would be sold.

>> No.10319926

For the current ones like in the picture, T-mall/taobao does have a few respected brands but you have to measure yourself well. Good qipao are made to measure or you must be super lucky to fit regular sizing. The cut requires that otherwise it won't look good, and the right cut is important.

If you want the historic style ones I don't know.

350 is a very limited budget btw. Silk might be hard. Modern ones are also made of cotton, velvet, imitation silk, etc. Might want to consider switching fabric.

>> No.10319931

Kek, that's true, black shoes go with everything

On a side note, anyone ever buy from cotton candy shoes? This fashion not having a "main forum" makes life hard for finding reviews

>> No.10319933

Thank you for the advice!

>> No.10319939

Yeah, but cat prints in general are popular. I just don't get it with HC

>> No.10319945

It hits that sweet spot thats gothic and cute

>> No.10319946

In what world is HC gothic?

>> No.10319970

I think this goes here, though I seen there’s a thread talking about this. Is it a bad thing to wear jfashion or lolita as a cosplay for a character? So if I got some jfashion clothes, put on a wig, and have like a prop of some sort, is that okay? Or does it harm and encourage the “Lolita/Jfashion is cosplay” mindset and that just makes it harder for you guys? I thought doing this is similar to like wearing swimsuit versions of characters or something.

>> No.10319977

There are certain sweet prints that are popular. Another reason why it could be popular is the purse because with cat prints and HC, they’re shaped and designed like cats or the pancake and waffle mix box. I think the most popular sweet prints like unicorn or bunny ones tend to have really unique bags which make the coord stand out more than ones with mediocre bags.
This is just a theory. A bag theory

>> No.10319979

It's gothic for those who don't wear gothic

>> No.10319980

More like, It'll look like shit

>> No.10320013

Saw a pair of tea parties and the bag this weekend. Less impressed with the shoes than I expected, more impressed with the bag than I expected. Basically their pleather is better suited for bags than shoes. It’s very thin and doesn’t hold its shape well in shoes.

>> No.10320016

>Misty Sky is the next most popular replica

>Misty Sky has been re-released repeatedly

Anon, how long do you want to do this before admitting you're wrong...? Replica sales have no correlation with re-releases.

>> No.10320020

Agreed. I have the deluxe heart bag and I really like it but the shoes I got (which I resold) were pretty meh.

>> No.10320021

anon i think they are talking about honey cake and not holy cross... though shoutout to anyone who thinks honey cake is gothic.

>> No.10320023

I liked the heart bag well enough that i’m actually considering it over a milk heart bag, and I am a brand whore (esp about bags)

>> No.10320024

It's not just you. I'm thin-armed and I only wear them as an alternative to blouses with a dickey collar underneath if needed. Baby cardigans have such tight sleeves that I don't think they're meant to be worn over anything long-sleeved.

>> No.10320025

If you aren’t a skilled lolita, this will look like ass. That being said, I am putting together a nurse joy coord, so I can’t really talk...

>> No.10320037

Anon here, I misread "HC" as "HL", so I'm just a retard today

>> No.10320038

It’s okay; I almost did the same thing

>> No.10320047
File: 532 KB, 220x165, tenor.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

my brother

>> No.10320080

I always thought it was weird when there was HL replicas being sold for cheap but theres so many indie companies selling dresses with cloud prints that look very similar to MS
Although MS has been rereleased a lot lately, they’ve been releasing the gross gradient ones only. I just want sax at retail price not $800

>> No.10320081

I see the sax OP and jsk come up for around 300-350 a lot. Never 800

>> No.10320099


Yeah I've seen both cuts in sax on LM nonstop, always under $400
Where are you checking?

>> No.10320558

There's proper MS replicas and then there's the ones with the little unicorns hidden in the clouds added that makes it technically not a replica I guess. With the recent release of that CTP redraw-not-replica dress, I also wonder why they're bothering changing things when they can sell straight replicas just fine. It's interesting.

>> No.10321639

Does anyone have suggestions for old school appropriate shoes that would be flattering on huge (US size 10) feet? Those chunky demonia Mary Jane platforms everyone wears look cute on small feet, but I’m certain they would look terrible on me

>> No.10321643


Since it's the stupid questions thread.

The replicas are clearly illegal and even chinese comms sometimes have drama over them -- there's a Berry Q dress that was teased and never made it into production after Chinese girls kicked up a fuss that the fabric was replica fabric. The brand owner apologised and said they didn't realise. So even within chinese comms replicas are looked down on.

The "inspired-by" dresses give you a lot more wriggle room. There's always girls who say they don't like the original cut or print, it looks like pyjamas, etc. So instead of the original it makes sense that they may go for a print with unicorns rather than skies, or a cut that's different from the original. Comms can't really ban them as the artwork is original and not stolen. So it's a much better purchase than getting a replica and then having to worry about whatever.

>> No.10321671

Im thinking about turning my old school wardrobe into capsule one

However, when i try to write down what i need to leave in my wardrobe it looks like too much...

I wear lolita weekly mostly in summer, so i thought about
2 white long sleeve blouses
2 black long sleeve blouses
1 dress (with buttoned sleeves)
2 jsk
2 skirts
Black tights
3 utks (white, black, bxw)
2 short bloomers,
2 long bloomers
3 bows
2 bonnets
• hat
4 shoes (2 mj 2 rhs)
2 boots

Is this ok or could i go less?

>> No.10321673

A capsule wardrobe should hold as much items as you need, without being "too much". By too much they mean that no item will go unworn or rot in the back of your closet. You can always get rid of stuff you find you don't need after all.

>> No.10321676

I'm trying to ID a dress from Innocent World but I have already checked every single dress from IW they have on Lolibrary and checked all GLB up to 36 to see if IW had published about this release, but no luck.

Where else could I check for info? It's quite old.

>> No.10321678

ouch, it's okay, I just finished checking all sold out listings for IW on WW and found it.

>> No.10321775

Isn't it about making as many coords as possible from as many little pieces as possible?

>> No.10321777

This girl looks like she might have big feet in Demonia platforms >>10321622.
I don't have specific shoe recs for a size 10, but try to focus on shoes that have heels. Raised heels give the illusion of a smaller foot.

>> No.10321779

also nayrt

They both work hand in hand. If you are going to only wear lolita sometimes then your capsule will need to be smaller than if you need to wear it daily. The quantity of total outfits you need matters when you say “as many as possible”

>> No.10321780

I wear size 10 and chunky stripper height shoes look great on me. The height the heel the better

>> No.10321807
File: 506 KB, 667x813, spankzinesc.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anybody know anything about this and where it can be ordered from? Apparently pre-orders start tonight but I can't seem to find where to do that

>> No.10321851

Where would I be able to see a schedule of when the annual BTSSB/AP fashion show/tea parties are in Tokyo? I’m planning a trip later this year and want to go to one, but I want to make sure I book the right dates to fly out.

>> No.10322255

do jp shops let you try on shoes? i hear they let you try on a sample dress

>> No.10322265

Anyone know where I can get strap extenders for a jsk?

>> No.10322266

Does Atelier Pierrot sell shoes? I see shoe close-ups on their instagram, but I don't see a shoe section on their site.

>> No.10322304

If you're wearing socks or tights usually yes.

>> No.10322314

I checked LM again after i posted and i only see the brilliant print/gradient ones for much cheaper but its not sax. Where tf are you checking?

>> No.10322323

Yes but they don't have many sizes. They carry Queen B or something like that in store

>> No.10322324

I have a large amount of photos I need help IDing but I don't want to shit up threads, where would a good place to do that?

>> No.10322330


Might as well start another thread. Dunno how useful it'll be though, you'd have to bump the thread and there's a chance no one knows where it's from anyway.

There's a Moitie thread and a classic thread up atm, anything that you can id as being that brand/style I'd start there first.

>> No.10322334

Any unfortunate anons with a big bust? How do you flatten your chest? I’m one of the many people whose one the pill and my chest grew to 109cm and I hate it

>> No.10322370

Yeah they sell quite a few brands in store. If you email them and ask for a specific pair by a brand they sell, they can get it for you. I've also bought the yosuke platform pumps from them in store.

>> No.10322483
File: 384 KB, 1125x1105, 012D758F-6464-4C19-B639-46E720DEE9D3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Atelier pierrot is hit or miss, but is this an original design from them or is this another etsy steampunk concept? I need to know before I waste my money.

>> No.10322485

Also, my shoe size is 42. Am I doomed or can I wear burando shoes? I really don't wanna wear huezillian shoes.

>> No.10322487

I’m a 41 and I can’t fit brand. sorry bb

>> No.10322497

Cheap lace topped knee socks? Tried searching through TB but I'm not very good at getting the right keywords

>> No.10322502

I have eu size 39 and i can't fit Asian shoe brands unless they produce for the European market

>> No.10322503

can you not fit LL for meta or queen b? i honestly don’t know. my feet are so big that i have no hope

>> No.10322506

The 2015 cut sax jsk recently sold for 300 on LM, the sax OP was on a japanese shop for a while for 350 (dont remember which but I think it was closetchild)

>> No.10322509

You can buy regular socks and sew on lace. It's pretty easy.

>> No.10322567

My chest is 102cm. Your options are to go for full back shirring jsks or to use a binder. I find binders really uncomfortable, but gc2b makes good quality ones if you want to go that route.

>> No.10322586

Has anyone ordered shoes from BTSSB Japan and sent them to the US?
How much did the shipping end up being?

>> No.10322589

do binders reduce the size of your chest or just flatten it? I have a 94 cm chest and there are some 90cm dresses I want to wear, but I’m pretty sure binding won’t help

>> No.10322670

Looks like it was available on Fancy Collective's Etsy, but is sold out now.
You should try contacting them and see if you can still order!

>> No.10322673
File: 167 KB, 800x800, detach.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

For any anons who wear detachable collars, do you find they slide / shift around a lot? How do you secure them in place?

>> No.10322702

Usually there's a button or buttons on the garment underneath that keeps it pretty secure.
If it's a detachable collar that doesn't go as a set with the piece you're wearing, idk.

>> No.10322712

Discrete safety pins

>> No.10322765

what >>10322712 said. also, I sometimes use decorative lapel pins and tack them down to the layer underneath when I pin them down

>> No.10322847

What's some good, basic starter jewelry and accessories for a gothic leaning wardrobe? Sometimes I'll see a piece of jewelry and like it, but I find myself wondering if it's a bit too mall goth-y to wear with lolita and then just never buy anything.

>> No.10322856

Nayrt but where do you get high quality lace from?

>> No.10322889

How do I properly collapse / fold up a cage skirt, specifically the Boguta adjustable one?
I probably should have never unpacked it, but now I have and need to pack it for travel and have no idea how on earth it ever fit into the package it came in.

>> No.10323013

Where would a good place to find Princess Sleeve blouses on? I really dig the Atelier Pierrot ones in black but it seems impossible to find off brand
A lot of the body line blouses are out of stock as well

>> No.10323015

Swing a bat, hit a hime blouse on taobao. Go look at literally any chinese brand

>> No.10323057
File: 216 KB, 1829x1830, IMG_5096_original.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Google "bronze bat ring" or wrap around bat ring and you will find a bunch for under $10 on storenvy etc so its not an original design

>> No.10323084

What pettis are worth the money? I don't want to constantly have to replace them

>> No.10323086

MeLikesTea has organza pettis that are well constructed

>> No.10323089

Seconding this although I get the voile ones. I wear lolita several times a week and I've found them to hold up really well and be easy to wash.

>> No.10323090

>checks my order notes
actually yeah mine are voile too. get those

>> No.10323095

Maxicimam and And Romeo (on rakuten)

>> No.10323207

I'm using SpreeNow for the first time and just submitted my first order for review. When the items are approved, will I get an email saying its ready or do I have to manually keep checking my account? Also, how long does it typically take to be approved?

>> No.10323249

first time ordering from chinese lolita updates, how should I declare? I spent less than $100 and lor's video makes me worried

>> No.10323268

You will get an e-mail saying "New messages from Spreenow" or something like that. Mine always go to spam, so make sure you check that too. In my experience, it only takes them about 1-2 business days to approve everything.

>> No.10323317

Has anyone ever ordered from AnnahouseFashion before? I need worn photos STAT.

My boyfriend(bless his heart) bought me a dress from them and dear lord all their crap is ugly.From what I gather their clothes are made wonderfully, just designed ugly, but hopefully it looks better in RL.

it's a gift, so of course I'm going to wear it but I just want to prepare myself for this

>> No.10323367

I have some of their stuff and it's fine, theyre a legit indie brand.

But yeah, most of their clothes are fugly lol

>> No.10323613

how do you guys keep your velvet pieces dust and hair free? I have a cat and dog so I need to use the lint roller every time I wear velvet lol. is there a more effective way to keep fur off?

>> No.10323619

I keep them inside out and hang on over another non-velvet piece if possible. That way minimum dust is on the velvet.

E.g. hanger, than normal skirt, than velvet skirt inside out.

>> No.10323628

Aurora & Ariel

>> No.10323649
File: 17 KB, 340x270, il_340x270.736414688_48tu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

craft stores can have some nice ones sometimes if you're willing to dig past the cheap stuff first, for buying online I quite like Laceking on etsy too

>> No.10324070
File: 77 KB, 645x572, 17103690_401197473570703_7475313243981072420_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How's btssb dresses on tall lolitas?
esp interested in this and similar ones

>> No.10324095
File: 16 KB, 240x320, b52937ea-f725-51f5-b139-4a07ce225acc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have this guy, looks very similar to your example. I'm 5'1 and it covers my knees. The bodices on these JSKs are fairly short, so keep that in mind. It hits me at my natural waist, so if you're tall or very busty it'll probably look more empire and unflattering. Honestly, I see a lot of taller lolitas wear old baby pieces and it never looks right, it comes across like sissy clothes when the dress squishes your bust, emphasizing your shoulders and legs. bonus points for peeking bloomers to try and salvage the inappropriate length which makes it look even more like the dress shrunk. Maybe anons can post examples of lolitas making it work, I want to believe, but I haven't seen it myself.

>> No.10324104

>tfw 5'8
welp time to find a new dream dress probably,thanks for the info!
Maybe someone knows similar alternatives that size up well in height?

>> No.10324115


IW used to make their long jsks with an extra inch in the bodice. Couple that with adjustable shoulder straps, it's one of your better options if you're slender. They're well-known for boobloafing anything over B cup and their long jsks are narrower in the skirts (hence you gotta be slender... sorry).

Triple Fortune generally looks too big on Asian models and work much better on taller, bigger girls with taller frames as well. The fully shirred bodices are a toss-up whether it looks good or not though, you might want to pick up a cincher or corset to go with it.

Maybe we need another tallita thread, I'm a short girl just regurgitating what I remember from older tallita threads.

>> No.10324119

I have the jsk anon pictured, and I completely agree with you. The bodice is fairly short, and the total length only around 94cm. I'm also 5'1 and this dress hits the knees for me too. I think it'll start looking really short on someone over 5'3 probably. The sizing is small too, the bodice isn't very forgiving even though it has a shirring panel in the back.
I'm a huge velveteen fan and honestly there is nothing that comes close to looking like VLF that has the right length for you. Can you (or someone you know) sew? Probably not what you want to hear but there are similar Otome no Sewing patterns available (especially if you franken-pattern) and you could make it to size/length.

>> No.10324123

I'm 5'9" and that exact red dress is one of my most flattering. I think it depends on where it hits you. The shirring is forgiving enough to not cause boob loaf and it is long enough that it doesn't look like ageplay.
It is way better than AP for tall lolitas.

>> No.10324124

Anyone ever had a broken zipper replaced on a dress professionally? How open to doing this are tailors? Should I look for bridal alteration places?

>> No.10324132

I'm looking for plus size bloomers for my mom. Does anyone know which brands to check? Or maybe a pattern? She can sew but is not good at adjusting the size of a pattern.

>> No.10324138

Seconding IW for tall-friendly old school. I know they've done velveteen bustier + skirt sets which might work for you.

post pics?

>> No.10324140

I keep a plastic garbage bag over my velvet things. It’s not kawaii, but it works.

>> No.10324141

Why tf would you post yourself to 4chan

>> No.10324143

I’m not sure if this is helpful, but I’m 5’7” and newer baby does look very good on me. Athens waist hits at least somewhat close to my natural waist and total length wise it’s much better than AP. Their newer old school style releases might work okay for you.

That being said: metamorphose is a tallitas dream. everything I’ve bought has adjustable straps and is plenty longbow in the skirt. you may really like their basics line.

>> No.10324144

*the waist
*long in the
fuck autocorrect

>> No.10324157

it's for reference, your newfaggotry is showing. you can post a pic of yourself in a dress to show how it fits and not reveal anything personal.

also let's be real. people self post all the time. maybe if we didn't have to filter ourselves through an ironic, shattered self-esteem of a lens we could just be honest and help each other.

>> No.10324160

My first baby dress has a awkward bodice and I’m kind of busty so it makes me look fat as fuck

>> No.10324176

i would really like to see that ! also what's the size of the one you own?
im pretty alright at hand sewing but not good enough, tho been working on altering a plain jsk type dress
>honestly there is nothing that comes close to looking like VLF
thanks for the tip,i haven't ever looked into IW's releases that much
sorry to hear that ;_;"

>> No.10324225

How soon should a new lolita join a comm? I've been interested for 6 years but have only been wearing lolita for almost a year (since I turned 18 so I can buy stuff online by myself). I only have 8 main pieces, 3 of which are brand, and a few brand blouses and kcs. Should I wait longer so I have more brand and more to talk about? I don't want to seem weird or be an ita or make others feel like the comm is getting worse.

>> No.10324276

is this site alright?

>> No.10324279

short answer: no, because they're unreasonably expensive

>> No.10324287

do you recommend any other sites
im from europe, balkans to be more precise

>> No.10324313

You can get nice bloomers on Etsy with custom sizing. I like the ones by nemethwild.

>> No.10324322


are all taobao resellers just like devilinspired, but cheaper and also more or less reliable

>> No.10324413

Can anyone who speaks Japanese translate this? https://www.instagram.com/p/B7hUo_hn4kv/?igshid=xpbev9jzg6m2

Google translator seems to say something that will make a lot of lolitas butthurt kek. Although, going with the google translated text, I'd love to see a lolita style that has an adult twist and larme pickings.

>> No.10324582

zipper repair is one of the most common repairs done, See if you have any dry cleaners near you that also do alterations, they'll be cheaper than going to anything bridal related. I swear just mentioning the word 'wedding' can make the price on alterations go up by at least 25%.

>> No.10324675

Something to the effect of, "When one hears the word 'lolita', they might think of pink or black. Please enjoy the new world of lolita fashion with a mature brown color."
I think it's easy to misinterpret it to be insulting lolita, but the word for "mature" has a different meaning in Japanese. You could interpret it to mean something like ladylike or poised. Whereas in English, the use of "mature" would imply that lolita, pink, and black are all "immature," which isn't the case here.
I find a lot of jfash publications have attempted to call their new style "new lolita" or "neo-lolita" without much success. The die-hards who are still wearing lolita (in Japan) aren't the same audience as those who are looking at these magazines and brands. At least I find, anyways. Maybe they're trying to reel-in OLs who used to be lolitas back in the day and are looking for something reminiscent of the style? Who knows.

>> No.10324804

Where can I buy high platform Mary Janes like these >>10322964 online?

>> No.10324903

What is the best SS for fril since tenshi is on holiday? Should I just use all other SS I can think of or would that be rude? This is a dream dress emergency

>> No.10324905

Metamorphose temps de fille sometimes has them

>> No.10324911

Ay, thank you so much for translation! Yes, so many jfash publications did, even misako attempted it with her soft lolita style but it never seems to have much success. I guess (sadly because I was kinda interested) larme will not succeed either.

>> No.10325119

Where I can look for hair inspo without bangs?

>> No.10325133

I feel you. I definitely feel like there's a market for a "neo-lolita"-esque fashion, but as long as these people aggressively push it as the 'new, improved' version of lolita, it'll always ruffle some feathers.
Can't just say "it's like lolita but more casual, toned down, and everyday appropriate" or "if you like lolita, this style is very similar", I guess. It's always got to be the newest, coolest, bestest style and all other styles are ugly and outdated in comparison. I think it comes down to current magazine writers and trend-pushers being out of touch with lolita and other older jfashion, as lolita has always been a rather insular and isolated community. So they don't understand why lolitas hate hearing "lol your fashion is so old, why not get with the current trends, lady?"
Obviously that doesn't include Misako, of course. I think she just gets bored with plain lolita style after all this time. I don't think anyone can blame her.

>> No.10325716
File: 3.07 MB, 2592x3001, 20200121_170057.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What can I do to make this look better? I have a short petticoat under it but I'm a bit iffy on the shape.

>> No.10325919

Grandbazar specials sets are also gonna be available on AP USA??

>> No.10330381

Going off of this: does anyone have recommendations for gothic style brands that are good for tall lolitas? I'm 5'11" and have been despairing searching for anything that isn't too short.

>> No.10331246

Is there such a thing is normie j-fashion? Like wearing clothing from Japanese brands that have a slight Japanese flavor to it, but not something that fits into a specific fashion style like gothic lolita or gyaru. Basically I want to wear some cool Japanese type fashion but not be a part of some subculture type thing.

>> No.10332354
File: 1.82 MB, 1080x1349, 1579663169485.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what dress is this?

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