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Racist western cosplayers are only ruining Anime characters whic hurt millions of Anime fans because they are not cute, too masculine and look too old. The pic you see on the right is a racist western girl who try hard to look like Asian in her fail Cosplay pic using heavy filter.

Any Anime fans who agree can join the group on : web.facebook com/groups/AntiWesternCosplayers

Japanese agreed Anime characters based on Asians : http://www.antiwesterncosplayers.asia/2018/09/japanese-spoken-up-against-racist.html

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western cosplayers will never be look like this.

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Could you at least post some new pics

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Nope, too busy.

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>look Ma, I posted it again

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The site seems like it’s down.
Also, isn’t the person on the right Asian too? Just without extreme liquify tool.

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The cosplayer on the right is a western girl who try very hard to look like Asian.

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Shitty racebait

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I have evidence she is a western girl.

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You're a SEA Monkey. You're not asian. You're as white as the wetbacks.

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Someone can,t accept she is a western girl, awful.

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western gitls are just not cute, too masculine and look too old.

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go troll somewhere else

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Nah no troll, this is the truth.

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This nigga actually comes in here and rips off a troll that hasn't posted here in 10 years, damn

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western cosplayers will never be look like Anime characters because Anime characters are based on Asians.

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I only like Asian cosplayers.

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Explain this then

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Explain this too?

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What about this? She's western and looks more accurate in motion than 90% of asian cosplayers

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