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How come female cosplay fans do not support make cosplayers like gi males support females?

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I think men in cosplay, especially 'dressed' (undressed) really provocatively, is feminine and vaguely revolting.

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Harley's Joker tried to be a malethot after getting a lot of attention and it flopped

Girls wont blow their disposable income on guys, its always throughout history been the men who pay the women.

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all men are thots.

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If I'm going to give a man money for doing practically nothing, it's going to be a twitch streamer because at least they made me laugh or entertained me in some way. There are so many pictures of handsome men on the internet to look at for free and even then, I have no desire to go hunting for them because I don't care.

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I feel the same about women. If I want to see Harley Quinn with her tits out, I can see that for free.

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The men who support those patreons don’t really care about the cosplay so much as the wildy delusional idea that supporting them will “give them a shot” at romancing said cosplayer

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>Girls wont blow their disposable income on guys, its always throughout history been the men who pay the women.

Well, its only the past few decades that women have actually had a disposible income, since before they weren't allowed to work for equal pay.
anyways, women spend their money more on k-pop idols and dating sims.

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Tbh it’s almost certainly because female cosplay fans masturbate to fanfic and don’t need/want cosplay photos to get off.

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If I want nudes of a hot guy or even to full-on fuck a hot guy, I can literally just go on Tinder for free. There's no reason for women to pay for those things.

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I mean, girls do it too like what >>10286318 said. Women are willing to drop big money on idolshit and husbandos. I just think that male cosplayers are low quality and don’t put in as much effort as female cosplayers, who have to compete in a more saturated environment. They don’t really hustle as much or have as much charisma.

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Then why are so many lonely virgins?

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Males also spend their money on kpop idols

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Only scrotes are retarded enough to throw money at a chick that will never fuck you. It's within their biological purpose to spend resources on attractive women and we should all be taking advantage of this.

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I might if there were any twinks doing this that showed boner buldge

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What's your patreon so I can throw money at you? Let's see dem feet girl.

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Tools wont support me anymore if they know i think they're tools, sorry

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Nice bait

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I would if one of them looked like a shota and cosplayed shota characters.

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3D men are disgusting and women are better at cosplaying beautiful male characters than men are. Won't be giving malethots a cent of my money.

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Because no one wants to fuck someone who doesnt know what a shower is. Given the oppurtunity they'd fuck anything.

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When it comes to girls who are into anime/other weeby activies, many seem to gravitate towards the dynamic between characters rather than just fapping to a certain character. Fujoshits especially want to see two (usually attractive) male characters do gay shit together. Even if girls are not fujos, many of them seem to appreciate the character dynamics more. Male thots can't provide that, unless they do pair shoots with their friends etc (and even then it feels a bit disgusting because most males are not that good looking and there's no actual story/dynamic)

Also just the fact that females and males might find different things tasteful. Guys might like costhots in their underwear, girls might like a more well-dressed male (like in a suit) but just in a slightly suggestive scenario, or a more thotty outfit presented in otherwise more tasteful way.

Pic related is @Bishoujo on twitter, a god-tier tasteful male costhot

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this guy just look super gay. not very appealing to straight women

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In advertising and promotion, girls care a lot more about the fine details in an outfit. A titty cosplay can get a lot of guys, but a girl will think about how the fabric looks against the body, how the boobs look in the bra, instead of just the boobs look on their own. So guys who are advertising to a female audience for patreon/ko-fi/etc. are going to need to up their attention to detail in construction/scenery/etc. They don't need to be as naked, they just need to know aesthetics

>>10287503 is a pretty good example of something more tastefully put together and would appeal more to a girl than a guy just based on composition, versus say a guy in boxers on a bed with poor lighting and wrinkly sheets

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> straight women don't like super gay guys
oh sweet summer child.

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I'm a woman and I agree with >>10287636
literally nothing appealing about this, and nothing appealing with gay guys, either.

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Seconding. Not all of us are fujoshits.

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Honestly don't find this attractive at all, which makes sense since i'm pretty sure females aren't the demographic for this shoot

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Why would I spend money on a dude whose dick I can't ride when I can go to a con and fuck a rando lmfao

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I hard swallowed scrolling down the fullsize. wew.
but I guess I'm in the minority here. or are y'all just being contrary for fun?
the waistcoat could be better quality but damn, those legs. loving the sexy but dignified vibe. 9/10 would bite.

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I'm not into men dressed like women... I think a lot of girls here feel the same

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Men's fashion sucks, just the same combination of polos, jeans, suits and such. Casual clothes are preppy guy, jock, hip hop or slob. It's all the same bland outline

As such male character designs are just as bland. You can only see so much armor, jumpsuits and spandex till it all looks the same

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I'm a fujoshit and don't find it appealing at all. The face looks like Michael Jackson and the whole costume is just done in bad taste. It could work in a drawing but irl it looks tacky.

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I want him to sit in a chair and make me rub his legs. After I'll let him pee on my and I'll thank mr. succubus man for his blessings.

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The only successful male thots are the ones who appeal to gay men

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Why do they not call themselves bi but only date men?They could appeal to chicks that way.

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All men are thots by default, that's just the way satan made them. Every single one of them is a pornsick potential rapist that isn't capable of monogamy. They're controlled by greed and their dicks.

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Because most women don't have orgasms from sex with a man, especially one they don't have previous experience with

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You have no idea how female sex drive works. I'll give you a hint most of the time they don't care about orgasms.

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They're not thirsty porn addicts.

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If you want women's money you need to threaten, assault, and blackmail them, like transbians do with their dicks.

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He'll do fine on patreon, plenty of old guys who want to do him in the butt.

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Found the robot lmao.

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Its because women don't think of support as providing resources like money. They think of support as emotional support, being there for someone, cheering them on, saying nice things to them etc. Really men should just collectively stop giving any money to women and the problem will solve itself. But it will never reverse, women are just not wired to want to give any money to a man other than their son.

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Bottom left looks like retarded adam sandler, and bottom right Leto joker will never be hot, stop tryna make it happen, Gretchen.

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>how come
Because women earn less money than men and are on average poorer and need it more. If men were the ones who earned less and seen by society as needing help then I'm sure males would receive money too.

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>how come

Because men earn more money than women and have more to throw away. Women are poorer so they cant afford to give money away, it has nothing to do with gender just the available funds. As a certain Dutchman once said, "poverty is not a lack of character. It's a lack of cash."

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>has a penis
>has 593 patrons

Whats your excuse /cgl/?

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I give my money to people who draw good fanart etc.

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See you are paying for a reliable possible future reward (getting new artwork that you like to see).

This isn't the same at all as when you give money in support of a patreon thot just to make her happy. That's the kind of behavior that only men do, and women will never engage in unless they are mentally ill.

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>tfw there are no petite male costhots to cosplay my favorite shotas
Feels bad

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What about girls who cosplay shotas? They look better anyway.

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I just dont think it's hot when they are girls, it's not like they can do shirt less or something and there's no buldge pics

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>they don't care about orgasms

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Monosexuals tend to dislike bisexuals.

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Women will spend money towards men as long as they remain distant and unavailable, like K-Pop idols or better yet if they are the "character" rather than the actor himself. You have to keep women interested with layers of abstraction and the unknown if you want their money. It can't be direct e-thottery or prostitution like with men paying women.

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i dont support anyone cause im not a cuck

>> No.10290590

how is his skin better than mine?! fuck there is no justice in the world.

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I wouldn't even feel like a man if I was being "supported" like that. The only reason I'd even consider something like sexy cosplay is for the exhibitionism of it.

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This is actually a really interesting point because I personally really liked the picture and thought that I'd love to see more stuff like that, but then again I'm solely attracted to girls. So for me the more traditional type of manly men are visually really off-putting, and even if I'm not attracted to more feminine guys romantically, I do like looking at them because they're cute. Not to mention the gap between male features and feminine clothing is god tier, and works the other way around too: cute girls in mens clothing is amazing, even though usually the clothes themselves or when worn by a traditionally good looking guy aren't even worth a look.
So I guess it really only boils down to different strokes for different folks. But I'm sure everyone can still admit that the picture in question had a lot more effort and thought put into it than just a guy with a wig and no shirt, which is what makes it stand out even if it's not your cup of tea.

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Girls just want to COOOOOOOOOMMMM too?

>> No.10290630

This is what porn does to men

>> No.10290631

Keep believing what your wife tells you. I'm sure she loves your tiny dick, too.

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this is your brain in r9k

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Do you enjoy being crazy or is it something you just do over the weekend?

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When a nerdy guy is horny they pay for sexy photos.

When a nerdy girl is horny they grab the nearest chad available and smash for absolutely free.

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Girls do spend money on things they are attracted to though.

Many things have successfully marketed themselves toward female sexuality e.g. Yaoi, Twilight, Boy Bands, 50 Shades ect.

I think there is a market there in the cosplay/nerd comunity but people just havent figured out what "clicks" yet.

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