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Hey, can we get a things you hate about cons thread? One thing I hate about going to cons is the loud unfunny people spouting dead memes or screaming. Literally had someone who cosplayed filthy frank every year and theyd play "i turned a bad copypasta into a rap" thing on speakers.

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I hate when security/line managers at crowded panels all tell you different things about lining up

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Deadpool cosplayers thinking it's okay to photobomb a photoshoot. I don't care if you're "in character", some photographers have a schedule to run and you're wasting our time and even money to reshoot.

Some security guards who are extremely strict for no reason and have to be a hardass on everything possible. They don't give a shit and will take away "dangerous" props and toss them around in a bin and sometimes leaving them out in the rain. NYCC is known for this shit. This also holds up the line.

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Furry conga lines in the courtyard.

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>went to cons around 9, 10 years ago
>everyone is friendly, will adopt you into their group if you are cosplaying the same character
>go to cons now
>everyone is weirdly distant
God what happened

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muh followers, muh patreon donations, muh popularity contest!

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more or less the same issue
>live rural australia
>whole family always used to go to the few cons a year
>got super into vidya and table top cause of them which was super alien to where i lived so con time was the one time a year i was surrounded by things i liked
>grow up and through chance and work my family moves away and im the only one left
>few years back decided to treat myself and go to a conventions again even if it was by myself. how bad could it be?
>the entire thing is just avengers and pokemon.
>only cool thing is cosplay of stuff i like
>try to talk to people but all they want is you to take a photo or they will just keep walking

I not dumb enough to think everyone is there to entertain me but just feels like i may as well stay at home and browse 4chan and i would make more meaningful connections with people with the same interests.

A may be looking into it to much but it seems most conventions now are less about about going somewhere to be around your hobby and more just a sunday market based around your hobby that you go to buy a few over priced gimmicks and leave

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I agree

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people are afraid of seeming creepy or cringey

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too many bad experiences with assholes and creepers. last time I had a friendly conversation with a stranger, they spent the next three hours trying to follow us around. easier to just stick with your friends

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Bad layouts.

If there's not enough space for someone to be browsing the tables on both side of the aisle and still leaving enough room for someone to walk down the middle, then you need to move the tables further apart. It's a fucking nightmare getting around even moderately full cons if they don't do this.

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Vendors are mostly funko pops, i understand that they sell. But some people should try and stand out

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Honestly funko pops are the worst blight on any pop culture anything now a days, they are cheap and ugly, but they are so easy to get that people still buy them because its 'a figure of a thing I like'

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Funko looks like a portmanteau of “fun” and “unko”, both of which mean shit in Japanese

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Creepy male photographers who want to take pics even when you're not cosplaying

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I got back from a con last weekend, and there were a few times that I thought I was walking in circles in the dealer's room. Every couple of tables there was yet another food vendor, or another kawaii-dress-and-accessories store with the exact same layout every time.

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I hate when they don't even know where the line starts/ends and do nothing to fix this lapse in knowledge

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Fucking this!!! Especially when there is so much space at the other end of the same hall that's being used for art installations or some shit that could absolutely be held somewhere else.

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how old were you then, and how old are you now? Probably just an age thing.

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Considering i havent aged a day (asian genes) id assume not. More likely has to deal with the fact im socializing in west coast cons now instead of midwestern/east coast ones

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I'm okay with expensive cons, but there's a limit. Supanova charging $40 for day passes and not having decent guests, and charging extra to see the boomer celebs they do get? Nah son that's fucking bogus

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How people willingly admit they ignore male cosplayers and they don't get their fair shake.

When panels are nothing but QA and lectures and entertainment/interactive content is non existent

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>charging for shoots

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Some big cons really need to prohibit big cosplay from entering the crowded exhibit halls

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This. I love big costumes, but having a community cosplay area somewhere in the epicenter of the convention like AX's main hall if it weren't literally the central walkway, would be really helpful.

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I don't like how some people behave with disrespect.
Not even getting into the sexual side, but ie. people coming to hug you without paying attention to your cosplay (and sometimes breaking parts of it), or punching your neck because you're cosplay a character from a shounen anime "who could take it" (I hate dumb teenagers).

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Also, I believe smartphones impacted cons negatively. Feels like people were more interested in meeting new people at cons back then than now. Guess having such an easy way to distract yourself if you're not in a group does cause this.

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FUCKING THIS, back in the day brought your dumb internetless phone and a potato digicamera and YEARNED for fellow weeb interaction, as did everyone else.

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Anime Expo every goddam year in the Artist Alley

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Lmao this is a thing, shit being a woman must be wild. Why can't they be smart and just wear a camera wire for upkirts lmao

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Artists who sell crossover art that dont make a lick of sense

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>mystery boxes
Stop getting scammed you fucking idiots

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>go to a con this weekend
>bring and buy has JAPANESE MYSTERY SNACK BOXES with disclaimers "these are out of date" and "i can't read Japanese so can't tell you if they're vegetarian/contain nuts"

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Yeah, I had that experience just last year when all I did was wear a hufflepuff school uniform I got from party city. I was 15 at the time and I was weirded out, because he didn't even know harry potter, he just liked that it looked like a school uniform.

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cosplayers too imo. No one wants to see a Stormtrooper Disney princess at an anime convention.

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This! Thank you! Those Disney girls are obnoxious trying to make sure everyone sees them.

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right, anime conventions are already a dying breed

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You never know if the person you talk to or get approached by will turn out to be a weirdo trying to get laid

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The "professional" cosplayers that put the lowest effort possible into their costumes. It bothers me seeing someone selling prints with their aliexpress costume on.

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I agree. Also how ridiculously over priced evrything is now. Cons are like 100 dollars plus in my area to attend versus the 35 dollar weekend they were just a few years ago. Everything they sell in a dealers room can be bought locally for like 20 bucks cheaper and nothings really exclusive. Nobody is welcoming anymore and everything is about popularity and money. Just because being nerdy became trendy.

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I hate the paparazzi taking photos of cosplayers eating on their free time

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The cosplayer you are happy to see might be one of those weirdos too, happened to me

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volunteers who can't seem to get off their high horses

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No quality control on panels to make sure they’re actually interesting or entertaining.
Recently went to a con and saw a panel about yokai where the panelists just read off a handwritten script while flipping through a PowerPoint presentation. They weren’t able to read their own writing, got confused by the script, had no cultural awareness regarding the yokai beyond what they read and copied from Wikipedia, and didn’t even try to pronounce the names of the yokai correctly. It was like a fucking high school assignment.
I also don’t like when there are off topic panels about social justice or LGBT issues. If I wanted to go to a lecture I’d sign up for a college class. These panels are usually preaching to the choir anyway.

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Peace bonding when they have no idea what an air soft weapon looks like. My M-16 is bright green, hallow, with an orange tip and no moving parts. I swear sometimes I think they get a bonus for every prop they reject.

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Trying to get laid is normal. Are you a virgin?

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Not to one up you but this makes me sad, in Oklahoma we have like 2 tiny ass cons a year with f list funimation actors that charge 60-70, feels bad

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What's wrong with trying to get laid at a con? You some kind of incel?

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Meant to respond to this

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Not going to lie, I saw a Venomized Bakugo at Oni-con and it was pretty lit.

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I can see the social justice and LGBT panels if they're talking about it in regrds to anime, comic books, cosplay etc, which is what I usually see.
As for quality control on panels, I'm glad that the ask panels for fandom characters thing is not as big anymore. Sometimes they're not half-bad, but usually that's not the case.

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NAYRT but do you even know what the word incel means?

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Cons that have poor, bare bones options for food that its mandatory to just Carry boxed lunch from your house/outside

Im sorry but $8 nacho cheese, one pizza slice or a cinnamon bun during/after a day of activities is NOT it

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>I also don’t like when there are off topic panels about social justice or LGBT issues. If I wanted to go to a lecture I’d sign up for a college class
Theres nothing wrong with convention panels imparting a lecture. Thats how non-geek/fiction conventions work anyway

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>I also don’t like when there are off topic panels about social justice or LGBT issues.

Theyre not off topic though

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Off topic as in not having anything to do with anime/manga or japanese culture.

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Honestly my con squad sticks to food trucks and restaurants surrounding the con, and usually on Saturday we order a pizza to our hotel room in the lull between the dealer room closing and the late night events. And we carry snacks from home.
My friend and I also made the excellent choice of staying at a hotel this year that wasn't partnered with the con and one of the perks was a free (and extensive) continental breakfast. I'm usually not very hungry though, and I just substitute breakfast for a cup of coffee if the hotel doesn't have it complimentary.

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Weekend-long Kpop Korners(tm). You just know those girls think they’re better than you for knowing every single kpop dance instead of every anime airing this season, at an anime convention.
And I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, be a 4/10 asian guy and jump into the circle to instantly become a 9 to yellow-fevered teenagers in samey bastardized hip hop clothes.

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>LGBT and politics dont exist in japan


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Im grateful for food trucks when i went to Wondercon. If it werent for them, the only choices would be Jack in the Box or a 5 star steakhouse

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i see what you mean

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Lolita tea-parties. They look very out of place and always cause drama with the organisation. Lolitas have certain expectations that the con never lives up to, because cons are not meant to give you an experience like going to a fairytale castle or high fashion event.

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Exihibitors that have ZERO i mean ZERO relations to anime cons like Insurance brokers and military recruiters

>> No.10290757

This reminds me: I once went to a panel which was clearly made just for a free passes to con. The title and synopsis sounded interesting but the whole thing were just laughing at fart etc jokes. I left after 10 minutes or so, and I weren't the only one. There were four panelists in this clusterfuck so it was kinda clear they just wanted free entry.

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the staff. ALWAYS the staff.

I don't meet friendly people so much at conventions anymore. I miss the cons of 10 years ago.

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what cons are you going to?
The only time I've ever seen something that's not at least somewhat vaguely anime-adjacent is edible vendors which obviously they're going to be there since people gotta eat.

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