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Hey, can we get a things you hate about cons thread? One thing I hate about going to cons is the loud unfunny people spouting dead memes or screaming. Literally had someone who cosplayed filthy frank every year and theyd play "i turned a bad copypasta into a rap" thing on speakers.

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I hate when security/line managers at crowded panels all tell you different things about lining up

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Deadpool cosplayers thinking it's okay to photobomb a photoshoot. I don't care if you're "in character", some photographers have a schedule to run and you're wasting our time and even money to reshoot.

Some security guards who are extremely strict for no reason and have to be a hardass on everything possible. They don't give a shit and will take away "dangerous" props and toss them around in a bin and sometimes leaving them out in the rain. NYCC is known for this shit. This also holds up the line.

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Furry conga lines in the courtyard.

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>went to cons around 9, 10 years ago
>everyone is friendly, will adopt you into their group if you are cosplaying the same character
>go to cons now
>everyone is weirdly distant
God what happened

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muh followers, muh patreon donations, muh popularity contest!

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more or less the same issue
>live rural australia
>whole family always used to go to the few cons a year
>got super into vidya and table top cause of them which was super alien to where i lived so con time was the one time a year i was surrounded by things i liked
>grow up and through chance and work my family moves away and im the only one left
>few years back decided to treat myself and go to a conventions again even if it was by myself. how bad could it be?
>the entire thing is just avengers and pokemon.
>only cool thing is cosplay of stuff i like
>try to talk to people but all they want is you to take a photo or they will just keep walking

I not dumb enough to think everyone is there to entertain me but just feels like i may as well stay at home and browse 4chan and i would make more meaningful connections with people with the same interests.

A may be looking into it to much but it seems most conventions now are less about about going somewhere to be around your hobby and more just a sunday market based around your hobby that you go to buy a few over priced gimmicks and leave

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I agree

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people are afraid of seeming creepy or cringey

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too many bad experiences with assholes and creepers. last time I had a friendly conversation with a stranger, they spent the next three hours trying to follow us around. easier to just stick with your friends

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Bad layouts.

If there's not enough space for someone to be browsing the tables on both side of the aisle and still leaving enough room for someone to walk down the middle, then you need to move the tables further apart. It's a fucking nightmare getting around even moderately full cons if they don't do this.

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Vendors are mostly funko pops, i understand that they sell. But some people should try and stand out

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Honestly funko pops are the worst blight on any pop culture anything now a days, they are cheap and ugly, but they are so easy to get that people still buy them because its 'a figure of a thing I like'

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Funko looks like a portmanteau of “fun” and “unko”, both of which mean shit in Japanese

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Creepy male photographers who want to take pics even when you're not cosplaying

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I got back from a con last weekend, and there were a few times that I thought I was walking in circles in the dealer's room. Every couple of tables there was yet another food vendor, or another kawaii-dress-and-accessories store with the exact same layout every time.

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I hate when they don't even know where the line starts/ends and do nothing to fix this lapse in knowledge

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Fucking this!!! Especially when there is so much space at the other end of the same hall that's being used for art installations or some shit that could absolutely be held somewhere else.

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how old were you then, and how old are you now? Probably just an age thing.

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Considering i havent aged a day (asian genes) id assume not. More likely has to deal with the fact im socializing in west coast cons now instead of midwestern/east coast ones

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I'm okay with expensive cons, but there's a limit. Supanova charging $40 for day passes and not having decent guests, and charging extra to see the boomer celebs they do get? Nah son that's fucking bogus

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How people willingly admit they ignore male cosplayers and they don't get their fair shake.

When panels are nothing but QA and lectures and entertainment/interactive content is non existent

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>charging for shoots

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Some big cons really need to prohibit big cosplay from entering the crowded exhibit halls

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This. I love big costumes, but having a community cosplay area somewhere in the epicenter of the convention like AX's main hall if it weren't literally the central walkway, would be really helpful.

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I don't like how some people behave with disrespect.
Not even getting into the sexual side, but ie. people coming to hug you without paying attention to your cosplay (and sometimes breaking parts of it), or punching your neck because you're cosplay a character from a shounen anime "who could take it" (I hate dumb teenagers).

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Also, I believe smartphones impacted cons negatively. Feels like people were more interested in meeting new people at cons back then than now. Guess having such an easy way to distract yourself if you're not in a group does cause this.

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FUCKING THIS, back in the day brought your dumb internetless phone and a potato digicamera and YEARNED for fellow weeb interaction, as did everyone else.

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Anime Expo every goddam year in the Artist Alley

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Lmao this is a thing, shit being a woman must be wild. Why can't they be smart and just wear a camera wire for upkirts lmao

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Artists who sell crossover art that dont make a lick of sense

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>mystery boxes
Stop getting scammed you fucking idiots

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>go to a con this weekend
>bring and buy has JAPANESE MYSTERY SNACK BOXES with disclaimers "these are out of date" and "i can't read Japanese so can't tell you if they're vegetarian/contain nuts"

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Yeah, I had that experience just last year when all I did was wear a hufflepuff school uniform I got from party city. I was 15 at the time and I was weirded out, because he didn't even know harry potter, he just liked that it looked like a school uniform.

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cosplayers too imo. No one wants to see a Stormtrooper Disney princess at an anime convention.

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This! Thank you! Those Disney girls are obnoxious trying to make sure everyone sees them.

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right, anime conventions are already a dying breed

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You never know if the person you talk to or get approached by will turn out to be a weirdo trying to get laid

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The "professional" cosplayers that put the lowest effort possible into their costumes. It bothers me seeing someone selling prints with their aliexpress costume on.

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I agree. Also how ridiculously over priced evrything is now. Cons are like 100 dollars plus in my area to attend versus the 35 dollar weekend they were just a few years ago. Everything they sell in a dealers room can be bought locally for like 20 bucks cheaper and nothings really exclusive. Nobody is welcoming anymore and everything is about popularity and money. Just because being nerdy became trendy.

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I hate the paparazzi taking photos of cosplayers eating on their free time

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The cosplayer you are happy to see might be one of those weirdos too, happened to me

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volunteers who can't seem to get off their high horses

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No quality control on panels to make sure they’re actually interesting or entertaining.
Recently went to a con and saw a panel about yokai where the panelists just read off a handwritten script while flipping through a PowerPoint presentation. They weren’t able to read their own writing, got confused by the script, had no cultural awareness regarding the yokai beyond what they read and copied from Wikipedia, and didn’t even try to pronounce the names of the yokai correctly. It was like a fucking high school assignment.
I also don’t like when there are off topic panels about social justice or LGBT issues. If I wanted to go to a lecture I’d sign up for a college class. These panels are usually preaching to the choir anyway.

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Peace bonding when they have no idea what an air soft weapon looks like. My M-16 is bright green, hallow, with an orange tip and no moving parts. I swear sometimes I think they get a bonus for every prop they reject.

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Trying to get laid is normal. Are you a virgin?

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Not to one up you but this makes me sad, in Oklahoma we have like 2 tiny ass cons a year with f list funimation actors that charge 60-70, feels bad

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What's wrong with trying to get laid at a con? You some kind of incel?

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Meant to respond to this

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Not going to lie, I saw a Venomized Bakugo at Oni-con and it was pretty lit.

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I can see the social justice and LGBT panels if they're talking about it in regrds to anime, comic books, cosplay etc, which is what I usually see.
As for quality control on panels, I'm glad that the ask panels for fandom characters thing is not as big anymore. Sometimes they're not half-bad, but usually that's not the case.

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NAYRT but do you even know what the word incel means?

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Cons that have poor, bare bones options for food that its mandatory to just Carry boxed lunch from your house/outside

Im sorry but $8 nacho cheese, one pizza slice or a cinnamon bun during/after a day of activities is NOT it

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>I also don’t like when there are off topic panels about social justice or LGBT issues. If I wanted to go to a lecture I’d sign up for a college class
Theres nothing wrong with convention panels imparting a lecture. Thats how non-geek/fiction conventions work anyway

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>I also don’t like when there are off topic panels about social justice or LGBT issues.

Theyre not off topic though

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Off topic as in not having anything to do with anime/manga or japanese culture.

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Honestly my con squad sticks to food trucks and restaurants surrounding the con, and usually on Saturday we order a pizza to our hotel room in the lull between the dealer room closing and the late night events. And we carry snacks from home.
My friend and I also made the excellent choice of staying at a hotel this year that wasn't partnered with the con and one of the perks was a free (and extensive) continental breakfast. I'm usually not very hungry though, and I just substitute breakfast for a cup of coffee if the hotel doesn't have it complimentary.

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Weekend-long Kpop Korners(tm). You just know those girls think they’re better than you for knowing every single kpop dance instead of every anime airing this season, at an anime convention.
And I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, be a 4/10 asian guy and jump into the circle to instantly become a 9 to yellow-fevered teenagers in samey bastardized hip hop clothes.

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>LGBT and politics dont exist in japan


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Im grateful for food trucks when i went to Wondercon. If it werent for them, the only choices would be Jack in the Box or a 5 star steakhouse

>> No.10290735

i see what you mean

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Lolita tea-parties. They look very out of place and always cause drama with the organisation. Lolitas have certain expectations that the con never lives up to, because cons are not meant to give you an experience like going to a fairytale castle or high fashion event.

>> No.10290737

Exihibitors that have ZERO i mean ZERO relations to anime cons like Insurance brokers and military recruiters

>> No.10290757

This reminds me: I once went to a panel which was clearly made just for a free passes to con. The title and synopsis sounded interesting but the whole thing were just laughing at fart etc jokes. I left after 10 minutes or so, and I weren't the only one. There were four panelists in this clusterfuck so it was kinda clear they just wanted free entry.

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the staff. ALWAYS the staff.

I don't meet friendly people so much at conventions anymore. I miss the cons of 10 years ago.

>> No.10290803

what cons are you going to?
The only time I've ever seen something that's not at least somewhat vaguely anime-adjacent is edible vendors which obviously they're going to be there since people gotta eat.

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Other cgl first and foremost, virtually every con I avoid you faggots at makes the con 9001% better. This place is to cons what /v/ is to videogames. Never met more insufferable, drama starting, and shit talkers possible.

Also this, lolitas are pretty insufferable to begin with. I think in my 8 years of doing cons I could count the good lolitas on like one hand

>> No.10290839


I mean I'm a lolita and I agree with you. I'd rather spend a good time and pay more at a separate venue than rely on a con to give us subpar service.

>> No.10290841

based on the way you talk it doesn't seem like you're much better...

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nah, I meet up with a few gulls at cons but seriously every fucking time with you all.

>did you know X is actually a piece of shit sleeze bag? I saw him using tinder at the con
>hold on you talk to X on discord... uhh weird
>Anon, it's only lunch having a second beer? hope you aren't driving
>holy shit this con is terrible... see you next year!
>ugh how can you not go to this panel it's literally the best! what do you mean you want to go get pics with people?
>anon no beer in this room drinking at cons is super cringe

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Not the same anon, but I completely agree.
This board baits drama so fucking hard it's almost alien.

>> No.10290898

Nah nothing to do with age, cosplay and conventions are now too advanced in terms of "professionalism" and mainstream appeal, it no longer feels like a comfy sikrit club unironically, but more like PR meetings.

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Depending on what state/locale you are in cgl can be cool as shit, or more horrible than you can imagine. I've up and stopped doing cgl meetups for the sole reason that times with cgl have actively made cons far worse for me, not to mention this board has some drama queen seeking idiots who will do anything. Virtually all my con horror stories come from me dealing with some anon from a cgl thread or discord/chatthing/whatever.

Sure the post you are referring to sounds a bit bitchy, but it's still fairly on point. lolitas and cgl are the most infuriating combination out there, I don't understand how anyone who is not insane wants to combine the two willingly. I know, I cosplay in a fucking dress and it drives me up a wall every time some stupid as shit lolita from cgl wants to ask me about shit or rather brag about how they spent time making their dress and "just to fix your dress/cosplay you should consider X... you know it's easy!'. That passive agressive BS is insane, I hate it I can't stand lolita cosplayer

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>things you hate about cons thread?
also here a few
>how old are you?
>did you make that dress yourself? Oh no you bought it? hmmmmm
>un-needed discord/chat drama from fucking no where
>he/she said BS
>random story about things that totally happened, my dad works at nintendo so it's true!
>people who get uppity about someone doing some weed or drinking a beer when it doesn't affect anyone
>people who do drugs/alcohol and can't handle themselves
>random furries who show up in a huge cosplay blocking isles and shit
>assholes who stop in hallways/vendor halls for pictures rather than moving like 3 feet over so people can walk around them

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Too many people to really get to know someone. Everyone being super awkward. Too many young people so I don't talk to out of fear of being branded a pedo.

>> No.10291577

This happens where I live too in the midwest. Additionally couple of Texas cons I’ve gone to have a lot of service providers like ATT or T-mobile too.

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Its a board made mostly of women, of course it baits drama.

>> No.10294141

It happens in some Mid to small sized cons

>> No.10294349

Fair, though it seems no one at a gull meetup is a girl. Though the ones that do show up start the most shit.

Will say that dropping /cgl/ from my con meetup/social aspect at cons did increase my fun level quite a bit.

People who bring up age are the bane of my existence at cons. It's always some fuckhead too.

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Yea the social justice thing is really getting out of hand as far as convention’s go. Just today a con I go to has it’s list of fandom meetup/photoshoots posted and “People of Color” was one of the listed fandoms.

I’m sorry but treating your race like a fandom is pretty ethno-nationalist in my book. Don’t see why we’re encouraging it.

>> No.10294390

> mystery boxes by dealers
The ones in AA are usually good if you like the artsyle/most of teh artist's works, but jeezus are teh dealer ones terrible.

>> No.10294391

Huge cons like NYCC/SDCC have those because of the sheer amount of people going there

>> No.10294496

Men that like nerd shit are the most insufferable faggots ever. I want to meet chicks that like nerd shit, but the dudes in all of their faggotry can not be ignored.

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>> No.10294729

>Anon, it's only lunch having a second beer? I hope you aren't driving

Everything else is understandable but god forbid someone worries about drinking and driving when it's a fucking plague

>> No.10294751

>mystery boxes

holy shit this one is the worst, and isnt Lootcrate bankrupt? Several years ago my big sister goaded me to buy a mystery box for the giggles and all whats inside was assorted crap


>> No.10294835

Going to an anime con and seeing an overload of western nerd stuff/cosplay that aren't anime or Japanese in origin at all.

>> No.10294855

>anon no beer in this room drinking at cons is super cringe
Where do you even meet people like this?

>> No.10294875

Sounds like standard lolitas.

>> No.10294916

Can confirm. They only eat macarons and drink tea in porcelain cups and since it's fucking impossible to find either at cons, they're extra bitchy.

>> No.10294923

I hate smartphones.
I hate them outside of cons too. Smartphones were a mistake

>> No.10294928

Holy fuck.

>> No.10294971

I would say I'm friendly af, but the combination of other people being weird as fuck and autistic (to a "worrying about my/friends personal safety" degree), and not wanting to seem like the aforementioned people is what causes me to stick to the group. Unless, I see either a fellow gull or a group of normies in cosplay that I know won't get all weird.

It's kind of weird, there's no way these people don't function IRL, right? Like, they have jobs, college classes and shit? Or are they all NEETs? They should at least be able to fake the bare minimum of socializing, right?

>> No.10295004

I'm just sick of hearing 10 different things from different volunteers and having rules interpreted or only applied at the whim of power hungry volunteers.

>> No.10295017

this is what growing up addicted to screens does to people

>> No.10295018

So, you look young? You might have my issue. The people you're trying to socialize with all think you're a teenager, and are acting distant for it. All my friends are either way older than me (50+) past the 'creepy stage' or quite younger (20-22). Most mistake me for about 19-21, and a lot of people my actual age range, 30's, assume I'm 'too young'. Feels bad.

>> No.10295022

People not bathing. Honestly I’ll never understand how people can’t smell themselves when they’re that rank.

People making such a big stink about pronouns and their identity. No one gives a shit so long as your a decent human being. Just tell me your name and get on with it.

People who trash hotel rooms and bathrooms. I can’t imagine what their houses look like.

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File: 103 KB, 618x720, 1280969344656.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This fucked me up so hard at AX19. I thought I was in good shape for autographs with Ash's seiyuu and the two movie directors since I got a guaranteed autograph ticket after camping overnight. I arrived ~30 mins before the autograph session only to be yelled at and told to come back in 15 mins by a volunteer. When I finally entered the autograph area, there was already a crowd of people who clearly waited longer than 15 mins. The worst part: the staff informed us that they would cap at 25 people per guest at the very last minute. And of course, the line for Ash's seiyuu had already capped. It was also infuriating seeing a faggot at the end of the Ash line trying to scalp his spot. Needless to say, I was fucking pissed and still am.

>> No.10295094

Lolitas must be very different here, then. The few I've hung out with at our con drink almost as hard as I do. Hell, we got one to slav squat and down an entire bottle of bailey's, which she accomplished in about 15 seconds.

>> No.10295216

>People who trash hotel rooms and bathrooms
Leaving towels on the floor? Or breaking plumbing/fixtures?

>> No.10295339

Doesn't an autograph ticket guarantee a space for an autograph though...?

>> No.10295455

2 beers during lunchbreak on a con will not make you too drunk to drive assuming you are going to walk around the con any length of time, hell even with 2 beers you shouldn't be that intoxicated. If you do get drunk off two beers then you know you're a lightweight to begin with. Though I'm going to assume it's like most people who stay within walking distance to the con so some beers isn't that big a deal, rarely know anyone willing to drive/uber outside the con area.

Lolita's and internet white knights I've found.

>> No.10295460

>leave towels after use in my hotel room with friends
>What? you have to do that these days so the people know it's to be changed out, if you don't they will assume you're trying to "save water" or some bs. I ain't reusing towels.
Left them in a non walking place but to show they were used left them on the floor. You stay in a hotel like twice a year, this is how places do it now.
>show anon in room that yo here is the thing stating what I am doing is correct
>anon still doesn't believe me
>guess they stayed in the room and picked stuff up
>come back after a long day want shower, none of the towels got replaced since not on the floor
>other anon "What? they didn't replace them!"
>notice they put the towels up off the floor
>ask if they were placed back up off the floor after I left
>Yes anon, it's gross and wrong to leave shit on the floor like that! I bet it's because we didn't tip...
>this nigga..
>get towels walk down to reception and ask for new ones
>reception gives us new ones and tells us to leave towels used that we need to clean on the floor.
>anon all pissy about how it's gross and wrong

>> No.10295463

lol sorry about your dumb friends, sounds like they never stayed in a hotel before

>> No.10295489

The solution here is to just leave them on the floor before you leave.

>> No.10295491

The /cgl/ thing is true. People sound like they know what they're talking about online but in person seagulls are pretty cringe. I don't understand how you can be that bitchy about what other people do for fun only to be even worse examples of human beings.

>> No.10295492

I went to daisho con last week and constantly bounced from group to group and got a ton of new friens
Scrotes who go to cons just to get a con gf

>> No.10295493

Consider yourself lucky then, my local cgl group was nothing to praise but was over all chill till our group became like 50% lolitas because people were being driven away.

>every conversation became some passive agressive jab between them
>drama from <insert_platform_here> kept coming up into everything
>X person slept with someone last year so we gotta bring up both are either creeps/sluts
Most of the shit in

Last I heard was that the FB group for our area was still a posting but no one was talking to anyone about anything

>> No.10295497

>. I don't understand how you can be that bitchy about what other people do for fun only to be even worse examples of human beings.
I go to cons as a way to relax and do a "mini-vacation" without using much if any time off from work. Yeah I go drink, but can handle my alcohol, like to attend the dance/rave if it's decent, and overall just have fun in cosplay. I stopped listening to /cgl/ when I met up with a group from here only to get told how I was doing cons for the wrong reasons and shit from people who were in their mid/late 20's living off mom and dads fun money. "cons aren't vacations there very real and serious things to people, you can't just treat it like some 3 day party people work hard to be here for cosplay and don't need a bunch of drunk people devaluing it."

That's when I basically started distancing myself from /cgl/ in person. Since I've had way better times at cons from people who never even heard of /cgl/.

>> No.10295502

>Le quirky flavor of the month/year meme fandom QA hosted
>All of the presenters are high schoolers, mentally high schoolers, or nervous and shy despite willingly signing up for the panel
>It ends up being the most popular panel at the con

>> No.10295506

Im talking about the people who dye their hair in the tub, leave behind all their cosplay scraps and shit. I don’t share rooms with people like that but it still irks me

>> No.10295520
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There were only 75 guaranteed autograph tickets and 3 Japanese Pokemon guests for the session. The staff decided to cap at 25 people per guest at the very last minute

>> No.10295577

i honestly get way to insecure about how i bath at cons, like even if ive bathed right before the con opens ill still get concerned enough to bring along some deodorant just in case

like i cant understand other than literally not giving a shit about you smell

>> No.10296402

I doubt its like that anon. Its (probably) being used more like a meet similar to when someone hosts a lolita photoshoot - to find others who are dressed like you; only in this case, more black/asian/hispanic/what have you nerds that like cosplaying. I personally find its easier to talk to people you meet at photoshoots that just walking up on them in AA or whatever. But thats just my experience - I don't go to ohayo and the so-called poc photoshoots I've been to have been more unofficial instead of on the actual meetup list so maybe I'm wrong here.

>> No.10296706

People who use their cellphones to take pictures, use a real camera or get out

>> No.10296708

That’s hot

>> No.10296726

It was pretty hot, yeah.

>> No.10296818

Are you talking about actual photographers or just randos getting hall shots of cosplayers they like?

>> No.10297454

As long as you've showered that day, wear fresh clothes and have deodorant on you're fine unless you have some kind of condition or something. The people that really reek seriously don't do any of that.

>> No.10297468

anime became a catch-all for "weird" things up to and including the mentallly ill, blackbots that just like DBZ or naruto, and those people you know are brought to maybe two cons a year by their beleaguered parents.
It's fractured a base of people that used to be a little more homogenous and chill.
Now you have spindly lanklets in tranny socks and "ayo gurl are you naruto" (and other IRL cringelords) along with normies that treat the place like a curiousity zoo, lowering feelings of cohesion and collective belonging

>> No.10297469
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So it's ok if it's not white people doing it to them?

>> No.10297479

How is that not obvious? Making decisions for themselves to support each other vs putting people in a shitty box.

>> No.10297481

>local gull group is 80% male
>most don't cosplay
>literally just people to drink and chill with during a lull at the con

It's very based

>> No.10297483

They're putting themselves in an exclusionary box instead of being put there, in my eyes.
What would the reaction be to a "white people" cosplay group? Bad vibes

>> No.10297485

Did you even read? There's a reason they want to exclude people like you. First reason being it's not about you.

>> No.10297489

Same question:
>What would the reaction be to a "white people" cosplay group?
if it's not ok for everyone to do it it's not ok for anyone to do it

>> No.10297490
File: 230 KB, 800x560, 994ef4[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10297501

or maybe people with dark skin need different photography techniques to keep them from looking like shit and this is an easy way to make sure your photographer knows what the fuck theyre doing

>> No.10297502

That's the best response I've heard when positing questions like this, but that can be just as easily obtained through a portfolio viewing. Even calling the group "multi ethnic" would solve the issue, but they go for the "color" label

>> No.10297504


at least the amateur whore isn't a fat-ass

>> No.10297505


In the case of the anon you responded to "color" is the literal issue here. Color photography was never designed for people who had darker skin and even with modern improvements if you are darker than a medium tan/olive you need extra or strategic lighting or angles to help you look your best that are different at times than those for lighter skin.

Ethnicity/genetic origin is irrelevant in this case because it is exactly about making sure the colors come out well and you can be ethnically African or Asian or whatever with light, easy to photograph skin or those same ethnicities with darker and harder to photograph skin tones.

>> No.10297510


THIS, lolitas are cringey AF and contribute nothing but drama. If you're too lazy and poorly connected to pull off a nice event for you and your dumb "fashion" don't expect an anime con to be able to meet your needs!

>> No.10297511

Yes, voluntarily choosing to do something is different from being forced to.

>> No.10297588

>What would the reaction be to a "white people" cosplay group?
Literally none since thats 90% of the cosplay group photoshoots anyways so what are you getting at. Just stop being an obtuse little shit and go do something else at that time. Not like they're gonna mob you if you happened to walk through it anyway - get over yourself.

>> No.10297592

Everything isn't for you. Get over it.

>> No.10297898

>laughs in Google Pixel

>> No.10298055
File: 174 KB, 512x512, file_3185970.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>People not bathing. Honestly I’ll never understand how people can’t smell themselves when they’re that rank.

>be me
>have barely any sense of smell at all
>can't tell if me or others are smeeling good or bad
>always keep my hygiene because it's gross otherwise
Mixed feelings about it. I can't tell if I smell bad, but hey, I shower every day and always bring deodorant to cons. On the plus side, if someone smells bad, it doesn't affect me at all.

>> No.10298111

The influx of "GAY POC AUTISM" panels.

Fuck you there are plenty of spaces to talk about those issues. Let me get shitfaced and play waifu wars or whatever the fuck.

>> No.10298192

I hate being expected to share a bed with gay/bi girls and no im no homophobe I wouldnt share with a man so why is it different

>> No.10298664

Pay for your own room then honey. Homophobia is expensive :^)

>> No.10298751


same, If i go to cons usually people will stop and take pictures if I ask and be nice and polite (even asked that dude that cosplays the witcher at a con in Granada when I was studying abroad if he'd take a picture and he was really nice and said "yeah sure, a quick one though") but i feel like no one actually wants to interact. Feels like a con is for two things: Buying niche shit at exorbitant prices and professional cosplayers and photographers to take pictures.

>> No.10298761

Get your own room, then? Stay with someone else? I don't get the issue here, no one's making you stay with them.

>> No.10299066

Lmao you don't know who half the bi/gay people are, if you didn't ask/they didn't tell, it's none of your business. Sharing a bed ain't a sexual thing until you make it one. It's different because you're just broadcasting your insecurity. It's only the same if you're doing it on a case-by-case basis where the person in particular is known to flirt/be inappropriate in bed. Otherwise, yes, you're being well, if not homophobic, judgmental of people in general.

>> No.10299068


Am I being heterophobic if I dont share a bed with a guy? Would you share a bed with a guy?

>> No.10299078

is the guy a long time male friend? nut to butt homie.

is the guy some person you barely know? i'll sleep in my car thanks

>> No.10299084

>Sharing a bed ain't a sexual thing until you make it one.

I guess women really are this gullible

>> No.10299092

Women can sleep with women platonically. Maybe you're just gay dude

>> No.10299095

It's the same with guys, but you're missing the part where they're gay/bi.

Don't forget to comment on the size of my dick in the next post so I can fill that space out on my "Passive Aggressive Social Justice Hero" bingo card.

>> No.10299316

Based on my experience with lesbians, I'm with you on that one. They are just as pervy and scummy as straight men. Bi girls might be ok I guess.

>> No.10299347

One time at a con the staff made the line going up a set of fucking stairs

>> No.10299359

Fucking this. A girl I know acts like she’s a saint for volunteering at a con. This girl is pretty narcissistic in general tho

>> No.10299362

I honestly have not had this experience at all. Idk what kinds of cons you're going to.
Maybe it's because I'm a girl so I have more social mobility, but at ACEN last year i spent a total of maybe two hours with the people I actually knew and came with, and just flew solo the rest of the time making friends along the way.

>> No.10299544

Volunters who think their shit don't stink.

Stupid crossovers. No, you're not totally original for cosplaying Sailor Cinderella.

Cons doing jack shit about bootlegs in their dealers' rooms.

Too many loud teenagers.

Too many adult children with autism who never admit it when their begavior is repulsive.

People sneezing and coughing into the open air.

People taking pictures in crowded areas and blocking traffic.

Food at con venue sucks and there are no restaurants within reasonable walking distance.

Obnoxious drunk people in viewing rooms. No, you're not funny.

Wannabe frat boys.

Poor communication among staff and volunteers.

Adults acting like toddlers.

>> No.10299637

Yeah.. While I don't support it myself(Kicking someone out of bed and running for help is easier when there are two women as opposed to a woman and a man), I can see where it's coming from.

>> No.10299640


Unironically minorities, feminists and fags. You can't do shit now with out one of them being offended and forcing the entire con to shut down over their feelings.

>> No.10299643

NAYRT but the thought makes me very uncomfortable in all honesty.

>> No.10299734

>Unironically minorities, feminists and fags. You can't do shit now with out one of them being offended and forcing the entire con to shut down over their feelings.
That's just society as a whole now

>> No.10299746

Poor innocent white men :(
You sound like such a victim.

>> No.10299751 [DELETED] 

I'd tell you to kill yourself but I'm sure either AIDS or your fellow ethnics will get the job done anyway.

>> No.10299770

Another one for the bingo card...

>> No.10300001


>> No.10300030

Nice b8, m8 8/8

>> No.10300138

ok boomer

>> No.10300160

I think you can attribute all of that mostly on white women.
They have a real knack for ruining fun things.

>> No.10300194

People who don't drink telling me how to drink or about my drinking at a con.

>have some drinks at the bar during lunch because kitchen is overloaded and foods going to take 45min to an hour to get to me
>have 3-4 beers or something during this time
>Whoa anon that's a lot you need a water or something? This ain't some party con you know!
>"dude what"
>You had a lot you okay to walk around
>"I had like 4 drinks and even ate something, barely even have a buzz"
>Idk anon that' a looot of booze
>in the room charging phone uploading photos and checking stuff for later tonight
>have 2 maybe 3 vodka cranberries
>HAHA 5 oclock somewhere right anon?! Going hard huh?
>"Eh just need something to do while I chill, drinks are pretty pricey down there"
>wait you're going back to the con? After drinking?

This is why I like to room alone

>> No.10300201

>3-4 beers in such a small amount of time
>solving boredom with alcohol
Uh, you do sound a little alcoholic

>> No.10300216

>3 or 4 beers during a long wait for a meal is a lot
>doing something while passing the time BAD!

sound real fun at parties.

>> No.10300243

>thinks a few beers makes u an alcoholic
Laughs in sailor

>> No.10300282

People I barely know intruding my personal space... I mean please notice me stepping away from you. Also pls pls plsss brush your teeth

>> No.10300340

The associated costs to attend the big cons now. Attending something like Dragoncon will cost you over $1000 once you factor in hotel and travel.

>> No.10300341

I see drunkos at cons and can tell you you're one of them. I don't drink but if you have or choose to drink at a con to have fun you're an alcoholic. I'm just thankful maid cafes and tea parties ban that filth last thing anyone needs is a party dude bro puking on someone's dress

>> No.10300348

not a race thing, but pc babies creating more hostile environments.

>> No.10300358

Spending 1200 on my hotel for acen over here
reeeeeeee nobody is allowed to have fun

Pls stay in your containment tea party with the rest of the prudes.

>> No.10300371
File: 348 KB, 767x776, drinkchart.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


> [if you] choose to drink at a con to have fun you're an alcoholic.

is abstinence-only bullshit, but 3-4 beers in an hour before lunch puts you firmly into "heavier drinker than most" territory, and doing it with "barely a buzz" says you've built up quite a decent tolerance unless you're drinking low-alcohol beer. As a rule of thumb you're probably not safe to drive for another 3-4 hours at that point.

>> No.10300444
File: 55 KB, 500x411, 1542639429947.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10300469

>doing something while passing the time BAD!
If you think drinking alone is just a way to pass the time, you are an alcoholic.

>> No.10300489

Wow ask me how I know you're a lolita person who feels like they need to run the con.
It's a fucking convention anon, my time off work and time to break free of all the BS. I'm going to enjoy myself, if 3-4 beers gets you drunk you seriously are a lightweight. In Japan when I drink I go hard with everyone else, same as after work. Besides, i am walking it mostly off not drinking and sitting the entire time. Also american piss is only 5% usually, hardly considered beer ask me how i know you don't go abroad.
>As a rule of thumb you're probably not safe to drive for another 3-4 hours at that point.
Yeah I'm at the convention, hence not driving... learn to read.
Who said I was drinking alone I specifically said others were in the room, besides nothing wrong with drinking alone. Fuck, it's nice to chat online have some beers and chill after being in a crowded con for 6 hours.

>> No.10300504

>that chart
You know how many people actually lie about that stuff? You could throw that metric to the wind. Most cons, last I checked, don't allow people to walk around with open drinks so getting 3-4 at a table while you have it only to go waltz around for another hour or 2 is easy. For most 3-4 with a meal like the post you are replying to, will suppress or kill the buzz fairly well if any was even gained.

I won't defend drinking, but for me and others conventions are time off from work/life for a bit. I may drink a bit more than I usually would during the work week on friday or a random night with coworkers, but that's because this to me is a mini-vacation. I can handle my drinks, know easily when to cut myself off, or if go a bit far head back to my room to sober up.

This is not at you specifically or anything but I find most people who bring up issues with someone having drinks at cons, often tend to be the people who do not work 40hrs(or more) a week with a full time job, still living with ma/pa(not paying rent/bills), etc. I don't mean to stereotype because some of by good friends just straight up don't drink but they never comment on me having some drinks, we both just understand we relax differently. When I am at a convention I'm going to walk around buzzed, but I'm not going to walk around like a frat bro dude trying to prove I drink n shit. I'll just stick to myself and enjoy the feeling I got while I make my way through 10k weebs of varying hygine levels and room temperatures.

No idea why consuming alcohol at a convention which many people come to get away from it all or have fun, triggers /cgl/ so much. So long as you can hold your beer, not be a jackass, puke/pass-out on anyone, and just mind your own business. What's the harm?

>> No.10300505

>I specifically said others were in the room
No one was DRINKING in the room besides you.

>besides nothing wrong with drinking alone.
Literal alcoholic logic. Jesus, you need help.

>> No.10300513

>No one was DRINKING in the room besides you.
I know people who smoke weed, I don't but they will around me. I don't go DUDE STONER HELLA EPIC 420!!!! Do you not go out with your coworkers after work for drinks, chill with other friends who you may just not want to drink that night but they are? Grow up.

>Literal alcoholic logic. Jesus, you need help.
That's a hugely skewed version of alcoholism to nearly the same as going "okay boomer" and meaning it to someone who is 30. A few drinks while charging your phone and talking to people on discord for a few minutes isn't anything. If you go to a con bar and order a drink but your friends are there yet so you start, are you literally an alcoholic because at that exact moment you are drinking alone for a second? Alcoholic would probably just stick in the room the entire time doing nothing but drinking, read the post you replied to anon was out for 6 hours. I know for a fact I'd wanna be alone too for a short bit, besides charging a phone takes like 30(assuming quick charge) minutes a drink to pass the time doesn't seem that bad, saves money from the bars down stairs.

Seriously get a reality check.

>> No.10300515

So drink with your dog in the room.

>> No.10300522

>doing this much mental gymnastics to defend your alcoholism

>> No.10300526

You’re getting really upset about people saying that you’re drinking a fair bit, even when StatsAnon is being pretty nonjudgmental about it. Two or three times legal limit should have you past “barely buzzed”.

>> No.10300531

Room drama. Ffs why are weebs full of drama.
People taking pictures in crowded areas.
Weebs standing too close to people trying out games in the game room.
People loudly and rudely talking about peoples costumes as they walk by.

>> No.10300532

>2 or 3 times the legal limit on 4 beers
Anon you'd have to weigh like 80 pounds....
4 Beers in 1 hour for someone who is at least 160, is going to be .09 BARELY over the legal limit to drive(.08), not to mention eating food will sober anyone up quicker. If you go back to the con to walk around, you'll burn that off quicker as well. You'd most likely be unbuzzed within the hour or so if you head back to the con to just walk around getting pictures and such.

It's pretty obvious you don't drink or you wouldn't make that comment unless you're just fishing for (you)'s. It's fine if you don't want to drink, but like I posted in >>10300504 , realize people drink at cons without being complete smashed dudebro frat boys. Most people I drink with from work can down about 6 before getting a bit loose, that's sitting only no food and no walking. At cons, I'll enjoy some beers and mind my own business just can't understand why people won't do the same and mind their business.

I don't care what you really want to think it doesn't bother me, I was just sharing a viewpoint for you. Up to you how you view it, not like it matters to me who does/doesn't drink at cons.

>> No.10300561

Another anon here, what the everloving hell are you going on about? I generally have a few drinks a night at a con, because it's a con. Sometimes friends and I will go up to the room to relax and have a drink because I don't like being around tons of people for hours at a time despite loving the fun atmosphere of cons. It takes me 3 margaritas to really feel it. A beer is way more watered down. You really really hate alcohol, don't you? It shows.

People can drink responsibly and you don't even know it because it's not affecting you. Get off your high horse. I understand to some extent because I used to be just like you, but this is ridiculous.

>> No.10300562
File: 11 KB, 309x310, 11902297_10206209002577509_1554824377966436075_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Two or three times legal limit should have you past “barely buzzed”.
>4 beers

Anon, please eat something for god's sake

>> No.10300568
File: 681 KB, 3998x2998, IMG_20191015_151114.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>It takes me 3 margaritas to really feel it.
Takes about 5-6 strong 0's for me, every time I am back home and go to a con I can drink a shit load and no one really can keep pace.

>> No.10300577

what i'm seeing here is anons basically admitting they're fat af and therefore need a ton more alcohol

>> No.10300585

Everyone has their own tolerance levels, but BAC is normally calculated by weight booze and time. You would actually have to be 80 pounds to be 2x legal limit.

That said, everyone has their own tolerance levels based on a shit ton of factors. I can do a good amount however someone the exact same build as me does like 2 shots worth and is done. I drink probably twice a week, maybe 3 times depending how long I get stuck in airports for work.

Main point of all this is just handle your booze well, if you see someone drinking don't make a huge deal out of it, and have fun. If people wanna drink let them, don't pull a holier than thou because anyone drinking will admit it's not the best thing for you.

>> No.10300596

I looked kind of side-eyed at that graph the first time, but then it feels like the crowd is divided between "you're an alcoholic if you even like to drink" and "no better way to wake up than downing a six-pack", so...

>> No.10300603

I hate conventions, this board, and cosplayers.

>> No.10300604

Most people I know completely flat out lie about how much they had and low ball it. My coworker is constantly "on a diet" which means he can go drinking at night because he ate a salad for lunch and "it evens out". He says he drinks only on weekends but every other day at work he's coming in hungover. People who don't care just will say a high number for shits n giggles. These series of posts kinda prove how annoying it is to the original post in question about someone having some booze and never hearing the ever-loving end of it. Most weebs don't know how to handle the alcohol, and the ones that do generally are chill but they are few and far between.

>> No.10300610

You don't need to be fat to handle 4 beers retard
Is this a concept you can't grasp? Are you a bubble boy or something?

>> No.10300613
File: 26 KB, 722x553, BAC.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No clue where these people are getting shit from but this is a study done and shows over 1 hour what your average BAC would be with X beers by weight. Keep in mind moving, drinking water, or eating could change these metrics drastically.

I'm 180 give or take, 4 beers in 1 hour would put me at .06 still under legal driving limit even though I would never, especially at a con who the fuck is going to give up their parking space? You would have to be 140 to be over legal driving limit of .088

>> No.10300862

Revenge porn or revenge photos in general in fandoms. A married e person took unwanted photos of me once.
I still go to anime cons and try to stay silent however. I just dont make friends or send contact

>> No.10300871

Depending on where you live, revenge porn is illegal.

>> No.10300892


I personally think cons are more fun with a little social lubricant (and I usually have a flask or two hidden in all my con kit), but it's worth pointing out that the drinks/hour tables are all built around "alcohol units" - 10ml of actual ethanol. The "drinks" we talk about conversationally are *way* stiffer; a 12 oz can of 5% beer is 1.7 units; a 16 oz pour is more than two. The full imperial pint is nearly three.

>> No.10300893


Why were you messing with a married e person in the first place?

>> No.10301124
File: 212 KB, 1800x1578, 1532968583987.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10301128


The chart you were referring to, took that into account

>> No.10301201


Oh, cool. That's unusual; thanks for correcting me.

They're still low for the common 16-oz beer pour, but "hugely off".

>> No.10301213

Why the fuck do they think they're welcome at cons

>> No.10302009

All the girls at cons are sluts

>> No.10302152

Alcoholics need to kill themselves. I fucking can't stand people who drink. How the hell are you suppose to show people your cosplay if all you do is eat drink 5 beers at the bar then walk around and pass out.

Most men that aren't fit and healthy should be banned from cons

>> No.10302188

>Parking Garage
Con goers who drive down the middle to ensure that anyone coming from the opposite direction cannot drive past them.
>Elevator Etiquette
Stop pressing the button. The elevator wont LEAVE until you stop pressing the button requesting an elevator. Then maybe the next one that comes to get you wont be packed with bodies.
Also, if you're the last one on I think you should be the same person to get off the elevator if it senses that its overweight. I usually have no qualms about getting off because I'm never in a hurry to be anywhere but there are times when I do just wanna head to my room for a nap. So forgive me if I don't wanna elevator party with you.
Also, don't barrage the damn elevator.
>People just standing around blasting music from their boom box
Bee bop to your tunes elsewhere, please. Maybe somewhere in a not so crowded place. Like outside.
>Manners or lack thereof
Young people I can forgive. People my own age and older pushing past each other without so much as an "excuse me?" Ridiculous and very upsetting. But this could be said in any given situation. I'm tempted to throw elbows next time someone decides to shove past me. Knockn' my shit around....the fuck is wrong with people?
>Hecklers at Panels
you better be funny. Seriously, why don't these people get kicked out?

>> No.10302295

BDSM/Collars with Leashes stuff couples

>> No.10302297

Agreed. People who engage in their kinks publicly are unwelcome literally everywhere and should go back to their dungeons or wherever the fuck.

>> No.10302340

Honestly wish that people could be charged for public indecency for this shit.

>> No.10302342 [DELETED] 

How come 14 year old girls who just post bikini pictures like Emily Feld can have thousands of followers while your Instagram barely gets any?

>> No.10302545

People took just as many pictures of me when I was shitfaced as when I was sober, pal

>> No.10302562

I miss those days where people would walk each other around on a leash. It was great con cringe.

>> No.10302563

it's been a great joy to me for years as a convention staffer to go up to these people and make them stop/put the leash away because the dragging chain between two people is a "safety hazard"

>> No.10302577

>people who get uppity about someone doing some weed or drinking a beer when it doesn't affect anyone
>people who do drugs/alcohol and can't handle themselves
You have valid points, but these are probably related.

>> No.10302596

NAYRT but maybe they didn't know at the time, that happens you know. not every e-person is well known outside of social media or even in it

>> No.10302597

Stay home then incel

>> No.10302663

The crowds. Anime is too mainstream now.

>> No.10302699

I hate when they've got no info from higher up so they never had that info in the first place.

>> No.10302703

Most of the kawaii/otaku shit is just bought from AliExpress and resold for big money too, it's hard to find anything unique

>> No.10302872

Latex suits are aesthetic as fuck desu

>> No.10303187

I don't go to conventions anymore. I get sick easily and kept contracting con flu at every convention. Also conventions need a stink ban and have no tolerance for stinky people.

>> No.10303190



>> No.10303231

I had to share the bed with my gay friend at multiple cons and she was fuckin cute as shit and she used to just walk around in her underwear and really short t-shirts and i used to get to squeeze her tits a lot so i think its pretty great desu

>> No.10303242

I hate pretentious shits who hate on people who dont cosplay
Some people can't afford it and just want to meet up with pals, stop being a fag because you spent £400 on your Naruto cosplay made from authentic ninja textiles

>> No.10303279

Holy fuck is there a lot of people glued to their phones during a con. It's not even really a peeve, it's just sorta disconcerting.

>> No.10303290

No straight woman has the desire to squeeze other girl's tits, so your gay/bi opinion doesn't count.

>> No.10303331

>When panels are nothing but QA and lectures and entertainment/interactive content is non existent

So fucking gay. There was a LARP panel every year at the con in my city, where you got to swing swords and shoot foam arrows at each other, but then someone got hurt so their mom sued, and now it's literally "No-Fun-Allowed: The Con". Now there's literally NOTHING to do. Wow, lecture panel #997? I LOVE lecture panel 997. Please. Tell me more about bipolar characters in anime who express their mental issues through transgender sexual tropes. I love it.

>> No.10303332

Not to be boomer-core, but I fucking hate smartphones. I literally only have one for work, and I'm not even an introvert. Worst thing to happen to face-to-face communication since the newspaper, and you'll always have zoomer fucking idiots saying shit like "hurr durr it just anecdotal evidence bro, haha, we're not addicted to smartphones you're just acting like a boomer bro haha OK BOOMER haha".

Even if it is anecdotal, you'd have to be doing some extreme mental gymnastics to convince yourself smartphones aren't contributing anything meaningful to human-on-human interaction.

>> No.10303340

lmao shut the fuck up, weeb

>> No.10303343
File: 1.95 MB, 450x188, im out.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>all these people complaining about alcohol
im sorry i need it to function at this point, just pretend you dont see the flask

>> No.10303348

I need to be at least buzzed to be sociable. There's no point in going to a con if I'm just going to hang out in the corner all day so I spend the whole weekend drinking moderately and it works out great.
I honestly don't see the problem and these folks need to chill. I'm sorry you guys hang out with sloppy drunks. Go find some functioning alcoholics and have some actual fun.

>> No.10303349

Are you drunk, anon? You replied to the wrong post...

>> No.10303352

>Are you drunk, anon?
I meant to delete the reply text after clicking the post number to bring up the quick reply

>> No.10303358

Damn, dude. People who need to drink to have fun are, in my experience, insecure bores who can't cut loose without getting all BTFO thinking about what other people might think of them.

I went to a con and there was supposed to be this late-night rave thing, and literally everyone just stood by the sides texting and drinking overpriced beers while me and a handful of my friends were the only ones dancing. FUCK you nerds for being insecure pieces of shit. Why even go to a rave if you're going to be total fucking downers?

>> No.10303368

this but unironically


yeah...really puts it into perspective...

>> No.10303376

Lol ok. Enjoy your no-fun zone, I'll be over here doing what works and making friends.

>> No.10303383

Even when you idiots drink, you're not even the fun type of drinker that gets wild and has a blast. Literally just sitting in the corner watching everyone else like some sort of edgy Dungeons and Dragons roleplayer; "He sits in the corner and drinks mysteriously".

Wow, gaaaaaaaaaaaaay.

>> No.10303385

>you're not even the fun type of drinker that gets wild and has a blast
But that's exactly what I do. Maybe not "wild" but I'm out in the crowd and actually doing things whereas I'd be sitting in the corner if I was 100% sober.
I don't understand why you're so angry. Were your parents angry drunks?

>> No.10303386

If you actually get down and go nuts, then you're not the person I'm talking about. The lame-o of which I speak just drinks themselves on the sidelines because they're too pussy to go out and dance, both literally and metaphorically.

Boozing is on the same level of interesting as those zoomies who just stare at their phones all day.

>> No.10303388
File: 21 KB, 580x548, ee1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't know how to get down and dance though anon.

Fuck people that stand completely stiff in a crowd though. I at least know how to -move- a little bit to the music, but you see some people standing like robots and it just feels bad. Saturday's AX dance 2019 was cool though. Dance pits, thick crowd, good energy.

>> No.10303393

This is good, anon. You contributed to the crowd, and thus prevented the rave from becoming gay. My dance was literally 300x300 feet of empty dance floor, except for maybe a dozen people, and upwards of 60 to 70 introverted losers drinking and texting on the side.

Look, it's cool if you're an introvert, I get that, maybe you're not comfortable being outgoing in public, but don't go to a concert and totally kill the vibe for the people who DO go to have fun, and also don't take pictures of us and make snide jokes behind our backs like you're "too cool" for dancing or some shit. It's true what they say that nerds are actually more vindictive and petty than jocks or preps could ever hope to be.

>> No.10303426

That one makes sense with his character since one of the first major scenes we see him in is when he's being taken over by the slime though. It only applies to crossovers that don't make any sense. Plus, BNHA is a superhero story, so crossover with other heroes is pretty in theme

>> No.10303572

>tfw your bf keeps checking out all the consluts
>tfw he isn't your bf any more

Fuck men

>> No.10303579

I broke up with a guy once bc he kept sending me pictures of consluts asses.

Look, I get it, we're all human. If theres a hot girl you're gonna look at her. But jesus christ I dont want/need to know about it.

>> No.10303596

You have never been in a woman's dressing room

>> No.10303620

Lol what? Rp a bit better

>> No.10303699

I stand on the side. I go to live vicariously because I love seeing people dance and look cool, but I make a fool of myself every damn time I try. And I've tried. Once in a while I'll forget it and go dance like an autistic squirrel with two left feet and then after a song or two regret having stepped out, and go hide at the wall again.

>> No.10303701

Social media turned people into this.

>> No.10303717

You watch way too much porn, scrote.

>> No.10304034

>People who use their cellphones to take pictures, use a real camera or get out
I'd rather have someone who knows what they're doing take the picture, no matter their equipment. Just because someone uses a DSLR or mirrorless camera doesn't mean they know and understand the basic rules of composition, exposure, how and when to use a flash, how to instruct your model and what not. Not to mention poor post processing means ending up with shots that look worse than what a smart phone spits out based on fancy algorithms.

>> No.10304036


I suggest you visit r/bigboobproblems and you can see for yourself how bad straight girls are at groping boobs

But I suppose they are all larping too

>> No.10304076

Does anyone else remember the Hygiene Ninja who was running around with the soap/shower packs back in the early 2000s? He needs to make a comeback.

>> No.10304103

Ever since they made that yugioh rule about hygiene I've considered going to events and backpack vending deodorant

>> No.10304143

Sorry you're ugly

>> No.10304148

ppl who drink alcohol at cons like wtf stop

>> No.10304201


>> No.10304390

No can do, friendo. First thing I do when I check in to the hotel is fill the fridge with beer.

>> No.10304415

ITT: Friends of Bill W have invaded the thread.

>> No.10304417

>treats the place like a curiosity zoo
My fucking mom does this.
"Oh all the costumes are so cool, I love seeing them all!"

>> No.10304940

>has never been in a woman's dressing room
Were you the type that was too self-conscious about your body and changed in the bathrooms instead?

>> No.10304944

>go to a panel
>45 minutes of convo
>cool obscure person visiting or popular person
>Okay we will now take questions from the audience
Weeb #1
>Uhh so (easily google answer to question here stated like 10k times)
Weeb #2
>How did you get into (easily google question here)
Weeb #3
>Dumb question about what they think of fans or cons or some bullshit asked a bunch already

>> No.10305113

Casually taking pictures of cosplayers with my phone is like half the reason I go to cons now. I've got over 1,000 pictures at this point. Go eat a barrel of dicks.

>> No.10305201

I absolutely hate when panelists allot only 5-10 mins for Q&A and there always has to be that one faggot who has to read a long essay

>> No.10305548

Admittedly I don't do cosplay, but I do admire people who clearly put a lot of effort into it.

>went to first con years ago
>live in a coastal town that's basically the suburb of the small city con was in, so the con was held half outdoors and half inside a large shack
>not much shit to buy, but still had a ton of fun and dumb things to do
>main stage usually had cringey shit but in a funny, lighthearted, good way; that sasuke kid knew he wasn't good, everyone else knew he wasn't good, he still did ninjutsus and tricks with """kunai""" on a string and everyone including him had a nice giggle
>cosplayers tried very hard even if they weren't good or limited by being poorfags, it had soul, especially the women

>every con after that
>travel to the national capital where all the huge cons are
>basically every weeb store in the country setting up a stall occupying 80% of floorspace and selling merch, mostly bootlegs at that
>there's an occulus VR or two but the line for it is 100 people long, that's about it as far as shit to do goes
>the stage is good for the one (1) hour-long cosplay competition where you get that guy with the fully illuminated and articulated Iron Man suit (and his mini Iron Man kid) or the guy who makes an Ultramarine setup so fucking wicked he needs staff help to get up the stairs
>the women are all soulless and just looking to be the hottest thot for the cosplay prize money, no joke, all characters MUST be at least 70% skin
>after that the main stage is incredible tryhards who are mostly awful singers doing covers of anime or comic shit that couldn't hack it absolutely anywhere else
>regional voice dubber of Vegeta from Dragonball is here for the 718th time, every male except me apparently loses their god damn minds yet again as soon as he says "Fucking Kakarot!" on mic and leaves collecting his paycheck

Don't even get me started on the one time I went to that overnight rave type shit, Jesus Christ, that was absolutely horrifying.

>> No.10305555

Uhhh anon most Japanese beers I try are 4 or 5%. American craft beers are generally much stronger than Japanese beer. Haven't lived in Europe but you are underestimating American beer, even cheap lite swill is usually 3.5% iirc

I drink a beer or cocktail or two every day and you do sound like an annoying drunk, why are you so defensive about your habits

>> No.10308494

I've considered implementing a full weaponized system where people are forcibly removed and shown to a nearby hazmat-like shower as part of their condition to remain able to attend.

>> No.10308498

It -is- a safety hazard. They're not allowed in something something organizations camps. The moment someone trips it will go right into the neck.

You were doing the kink world a favor by embarrassing those tumblr50shades morons.

>> No.10308518
File: 32 KB, 600x223, alcohol-tolerance-men-vs-women.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Given how he referenced frat-bros as the too-drunk example, I'm thinking 3-4 beers is a dude and doesn't realize that gives him a higher alcohol tolerance.

>> No.10308529
File: 138 KB, 948x752, OriginalCommentsNotChana.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

inappropriate attire at family cons

>> No.10308544

>dressing like a whore is ART!!!

>> No.10308561

I feel like most cosplays are about as covered up as lingerie posters at malls.

>> No.10308800

If she was truly pro-family friendly they wouldn't try to stop cosplayers from making families in cons.

>> No.10309020


>> No.10309465

gull meetups do not exist and will never be a thing

>> No.10309496


They used to be
Tripfag meets before janny banned them all

>> No.10309512

>though it seems no one at a gull meetup is a girl
For good reason. I would only go to a girl-only gull meetup. I don't want to be anywhere near the dumb scrotes from this board.

>> No.10309591


What do you even talk about at seagull meets??

>> No.10309601

Attacking people for food, random squaking, just the usual stuff.

>> No.10309605


Our hatred of men.

>> No.10309635

...lolita and cosplay?

>> No.10309655
File: 113 KB, 800x800, 1541756981310.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10309660

When I'm in the toilet blowing out a huge shit and the guy next to me judges me and I can hear him coughing in an attempted response to my aggressively blowing out turds.

>> No.10309793

Cgl, I don't know how but you all make cons insufferable most the time.
before finding this place
>cons drama free mostly
>enjoy panels a bunch
>never really think too hard about the vendor halls
>get along with everyone fine
after cgl
>bullshit driscord/tumblr level drama
>constant complaining about the convention
>everything is either full shit or full fun
>everyone complaing cosplay

I have more fun avoiding you fucks than anything

>> No.10309795

Reading this thread you can tell who actually understands how cons work internally and those who think they do.

also s/o my local gulls for being literally one of the highlights of my con, lol

>> No.10310051

The one thing I love about my convention is that the judges don't let pre-bought or lazy costumes win. Last year, some shitty cuphead cosplay won because, while it was the worst costume at the competition, it was the only one that was hand-made.
Some thots got furious about it but fuck them, their cosplays were literally from ali express

>> No.10310763
File: 174 KB, 700x950, 1504192944460.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Counter-point: the existence of "family" cons themselves, and prudes like (You).

>> No.10310819

They really need a vetted Q&A along with a FAQ sheet so that no repeat or off-limits questions can be asked. It would make miles of a difference.

>> No.10310821

op, you want free A-grade photos of your costume, don't you? Pay up, you square. Phone photos are just for the benefit of the person taking them and their social media, not for you

>> No.10311341

If you don't drink, you're a fucking weirdo and you probably didn't socialize in uni.

>> No.10311342

>ppl who drink alcohol at cons
So, anyone who isn't an incel or a mentally ill lolita?

>> No.10311368

honestly this kinda kills it for me. and the worst thing is i used to be the kind of autismo that made it this way :'(

>> No.10314591

I use this board to avoid cgl at cons, I use to heavily look forward to the meets then I stopped as discord got more popular. Every single time with a meetup it's cutting the air with a knife since you know half the people don't want the other half there. If you go with the wrong group or wrong person, regardless how cool they seemed to act you may hit a bombshell and be associated with some dicord/gull bullshit drama that follows you.

Furthermore, so help you if your cosplay is the same as someone else's and you just straight up don't care it's from aliexpress and try to justify it by something like "well cosplay is just for fun and this fits so works fine for me". Then enjoy mega talking behind your back because you insulted the cosplay community by not making it #1 life goal.

5 beers is not a lot for someone who is /fit/ and social, protip: people who drink at bars tend to be social.

Also 5 beers is great way to kill feet pain, give you carbs for walking energy, and unless you slam 5 back in 30 minutes(lol no bar will let you do it that fast), you'd be barely over the legal driving limit.

>> No.10314594

Some people go to university to study and make sure they do well so they can continue to grad school. Not to party.

>> No.10314595

Some people also work and take time off for these conventions and want to unwind a bit with the help of booze.

Wasn't this in the thread already

>> No.10314596

and some people are autistic.

>> No.10314610

>work 40-50 hours a week + commute + gym + other responsibilities and social activities
>use conventions to take time off work for a "mini get away" since I can cut lose a bit and don't usually need to travel to far
>cosplay at cons try to enjoy my time
>drink a bit as a way to lighten the mood, forget a tad bit of the work week that came before the convention
>want to get buzzed to help fight off any lines for a panel, wading through weebs who think Axe is a shower, etc
>get told by someone who doesn't work full time/at all, probably living dirt cheap with parents or some shit rent free how beer is horrible at conventions
>tells me the 2 or so beers I have during my meal is going to get me wasted since they don't know how any of drinking works
>end up drinking more because of the nonsensical ranting about how I should live my life at cons

I can see why people would be pissed off by frat boy level antics from drunk people, but most people just get a buzz going walk around and you probably don't even realize they have been drinking.

>> No.10314740


Its because of the single white dude weirdos desperate for friends who cant take a hint. I talk to this one guy who i see only at cons. He does magic tricks and was hanging out with a group doing tricks. We thought they were his friends. Our group went up to say hi to our magician friend like normal.
He leaves and almost indirectly dumps this creepy weirdo with us that was probably following him around because he then started following us for no reason. We didnt invite him to tag along or even tried to make convo. We didnt even know his name. We tried to escape by being polite and saying we are going to carls jr to eat and that we will see him later. He somehow interpreted that as an invite even though we constantly tried to walk ahead of him to lose him in the crowd.
He even sat down at our table and tried to get free pity food from us by saying he had no money. We tried to ignore him as much as we could. He even got upset when he asked for a french fry and we said no.
This happened around 8 yrs ago. I dont even remember how we ditched him, BUT OH WE DID asap.

People are distant now because we are trying to avoid having gum stick to our shoes and invading our circles. Its ok to be friendly but there is definitely such a thing as overstaying your welcome.
We didnt even have any girls in our group. We are a group of 5 guys and this guy creeped US out.

He looked like he was wearing a black Tripp trenchcoat from head to toe. Like a wannabe trigun oc.

>> No.10314743

That's fucking gross, sorry you had that happen anon. This sort of bullshit is also why my friends and I go to smaller more specific cons or do our own fangatherings now. Nerd culture needs to be less accepting of this sort of terrible behaviour, not everyone involved is like that. I'm autistic as fuck but I was taught how to behave as a kid. People that far gone need handlers or something, just like people with physical disabilities often have carers or helpers.

>> No.10314745

It's possible to do a larp panel with interactive games, roleplay, and character design without giving the kiddos and autismos access to things they could hurt someone with. Especially bows and arrows, they seem stupid because of the huge foam tips but in eleven years of larp, they're responsible for more serious larp injuries in the UK than any other weapon. Not just because of bruising and actually piercing people if the tip falls off; a guy at Maelstrom lost an eye when the plastic fletching of a larp arrow slashed it. They can be genuinely dangerous in the hands of idiots and I'd never lend mine to a con panel.
Sounds like your local con is run by uncreative asshats, though. That sucks.

>> No.10314747 [DELETED] 

You contributed to the crowd, and thus prevented the rave from becoming gay.
>plot twist: I'm a massive faggot
C'mon anon, you know your raves would suck without a few glowstick gays.

>> No.10314750

>You contributed to the crowd, and thus prevented the rave from becoming gay.
C'mon anon, you know raves would suck without a few glowstick gays jumping around like human highlighters on molly

>> No.10314751

Random strangers trying to make friends with you by showing you unfunny memes on their phone. Stop. We are at a CON. not online. Im not in your group chat. Im a real person you can talk to. Dont waste my time showing me stupid memes

>> No.10314789

I hope you never go to a beach with your family.

>> No.10315634

Those panels where a bunch of cosplayers from a show hold a "Q&A" where they answer questions from the audience in the fanfiction-y way they think their cosplayed character would. Absolute cringefests that waste panel slots

>> No.10315859

In Italy many cons happen in the middle of towns or even when in special areas you always get:
>old guys just wandering by and harassing the young girls
>couples with babies and huge strollers in cramped spaces
>cramped spaces
>loud "entertainment" coming from the stage at all times
>funko pops everywhere

>> No.10316108

Triggered femcels found

>> No.10316109

Completely true

>> No.10316112
File: 395 KB, 506x900, 1572373839921.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I hate that its turned into a magnet for mentally ill girls who are shunned by functional humans to congregate at and the absolute dregs of mankind that will orbit such people.

>> No.10316318

Con staff here and I would say way too much. I am about to sleep but on top of my head:
>Lack of hygiene
>Power tripping staff
>Local cosplay guest/performers that thing they are bigger than they actually are
>Kpop dance cover groups

>> No.10316324

karaoke is fun though, it's like a mini american idol try out session but then there's a random opera singer and the fat weebs get jelly.

>> No.10316347

There's such an epidemic of teenage fujoshis wearing nsfw shit. I saw a bnha character in a maid dress and a dog collar being led around. I almost feel bad, since they're probably around 15-16 and aren't fully aware of how embaressing and gross they're being

>> No.10316508

just admit that you're too broke/cheep to pay for your own room, faggot.

>> No.10316510

>people are having fun and I don't like it!
is it the mentally ill part or the girl part that you're having issues with. I'm betting it's the latter.

>> No.10316522


>> No.10316572

Quit bringing your fucking kids to cons

>> No.10316609

Bruh you’re the one that can’t afford a room lmao

>> No.10316626

>Cons doing jack shit about bootlegs in their dealers' rooms.

i've run across so many bootleg items at cons its fucking insane.

>> No.10316647

My con's karaoke is in a semi open area so if you are in that general area, you will hear bad karaoke singing.
If I want to see a mini American Idol, I will go to my con's idol contest

>> No.10316754

if they banned bootleg items, they would have to ban fanart products too since selling that is also illegal. it's just too much work to comb for all these things

>> No.10318893

modern day culture doesn't help this. Everyone too afraid to say hi to their peers for fear of them having non-typical pronouns, or how it's now popular to be into what was once typically nerdy, or bc of muh-popularity and ego.

>> No.10322224

>Hey you filthy weebs do you want to see the world and serve uncle sam?
>Well you can be stationed in Okinawa. It's in Japan and you will be close to your weeb shit. All expenses paid by the good old US of A
>Just on that dotted line, you have to go to BMQ and you will be on an express way to be stationed in Japan

Actually get sent to the coast of africa to protect some shipping lane

>> No.10322238

This shit has been going on since the mid-2000s. No one called them out back then, sp now it's out of control.

>> No.10322826
File: 401 KB, 750x563, 20190427_130908.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Funny enough the CIA had a recruiting booth at AwesomeCon in DC last year so you nailed it.

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