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Let's bring this back.
Post all J-fashion discord servers here.

1) Please add the name of the server, so that we don't end up linking communities twice.
2) Permanent invites are preferred but not mandatory.
3) Add info about the servers (how much a

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Requesting a lolita discord that isn't the vetting server (shit and cliquey, run by circlejerking mediocres) or ita.

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No such thing

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Op can't even start a thread right.

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Whoever edited this erased her left boob.

>> No.10285339

Anyone interested in a Tekko Jfashion discord? It'd have a fashion show channel, roomshare options and tea party discussions.

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Didn't an anon from here make a server for experienced lolitas?

>> No.10285495

Didn't the vetted server implode due to some drama?

It was just a joke set up by people from the vetted server if you mean that

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Vetting server is still going strong. You’re thinking of the old goose server that exploded like three years ago

>> No.10285523

If by "going strong" you mean "run by circlejerking mediocres", you're correct.

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Damn sorry you're banned. I've been a member for years and it's the only place I can get honest feedback on my coord. Have no complaints

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It's been a long time since I left the server, but it was garbage at least when I was in it, just a bunch of otherwise boring women acting like hot shit for being in a "vetted" server (like that means it was actually hard to get into?). Being in a place so void of positivity was absolutely draining, say what you will about ass-patting but it was too much.

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Suteki server

>> No.10286598

i'm in desperate need of jfash servers pls drop invites

>> No.10286894

General lolita server

Vetted lolita server

Fairy kei server

>> No.10286897

someone sounds salty they got kicked from the vetted server or weren't liked because they were an unsufferable cunt lol

>> No.10286898

Let me in, I'm bored of the vetted one. They suck.

>> No.10286900

Same and I know a few of the girls in it too but I feel like asking about it would instantly mark you as uncool

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what's the suteki server anyway?

>> No.10286913

seconding this.

>> No.10286928

SF lolitas

>> No.10286997

a private server for friends, not just SF though

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I thought the suteki was B's server, which has a lot of efame jfash people

>> No.10287052

I thought the suteki was B's server, which has a lot of efame jfash people

>> No.10287089

Is fa cgl still around? And if so is there a link for it?

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borders closed

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Nice! Not who you replied to but thank you! Now that I'm out of retail I'm going to have a lot more time/money for lolita and I want to be active in online comms again! (And hopefully find some local people so I can be way more active offline as well...)

>> No.10287282

Fair enough lol, do you know when invites will go out again?

>> No.10287284

Efame friends!!!!!

>> No.10287286

Jfc i have to doxx myself to join lolita discord? Why don't they just make us get on voice to prove we are female to keep creeps out?

>> No.10287291

because men wear the fashion too dumbass.

>> No.10287307

No thanks.

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>posting a picture of a coord and ur username is doxing now
roleplayer detected

>> No.10287459

You will know.

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Anyone have an invite for the frillymemes server?

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reply for invites

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forgot to drop pic

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Could any give me an invite for Acgl-CglC?

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Could anyone give me an invite to join

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Could someone get an invite for Acgl-CglC?

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because some females have awful voices and its kind of shitty to have to sound like a kawaii uguu anime girl to be considered female. I'd much rather post a picture of myself.

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I'm mainly into more casual styles like himekaji. Any server where I'm welcome?

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