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Is it ok to cosplay sexy versions of underage characters?

What if you claim they are "aged up?" (e.g. cosplaying adult Wednesday Addams)

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Who even cares.

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The people who keep moaning about how its pedophilic

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Ok pedo

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It's stupid but sex sells. I know the pokemon girls are extremely popular despite their age being what, 10?

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moralfaggot police, pls

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I don't think the intention of these "influencers" are supposed to be pedophilic at all, it's just an excuse to thot out but make it interesting.

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This is another sneak fetish thread where OP asks a stupid question so he can posts pictures of it. Don't take the pedobait

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>This is another sneak fetish thread where OP asks a stupid question so he can posts pictures of it.


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Honestly, I much prefer when people stick to the character's personality. If you want to be a thot, that fine by me but cosplay a thot character.
Don't lewd-ify non-sexual characters.

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>Don't lewd-ify non-sexual characters.
y tho?

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>Is it ok to
Does it harm someone else? No? Then its ok

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There were a billion "sexy" Harry Potter costumes at Halloween and no one cared or called that pedo

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Ok but who genuinely cares about what some thot does?

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lolcow does

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They're faggots. Who cares about them?

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very good point

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>Cosplayer: Dollilicious (me)

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Good god OP stop samefagging.

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I want Gumshoe back

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couldn't care less

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Would you cover up a sexy character? No. It's stupid both ways

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>Would you cover up a sexy character?
could be funny/original, so why not?

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It makes me angy but it's not illegal

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