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You know the drill gulls, post em.

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I think lolitas who have bright hair (magenta, purple, bright blue, etc) look awful because 99% of the time their hair clashes with their coord. It also makes coord a look costumer. Toned down colors, pastels, or natural colors are the way to go.

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Triple Fortune is worse than Taobao both quality and design-wise.

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It's not bad to be fat in lolita, but healthy ways to lose weight such as diet and exercise should be encouraged as much as possible to those who wanna lose weight and fit into dream dresses and whatnot.

I know this is a popular opinion in hugbox-y places but here there are tons of anachans and /fit/ bros calling anyone over 55kg at 5ft 5 fat.

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Also, buying only sets makes it obvious that you can't coord for shit. A few sets is fine but if you only wear sets you're uncreative and your coords are cookie cutter at best

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Agreed but only because fatlitas always look awful since lolita accentuates their fatness and they stretch clothes out. Lolita looks better on thinner people whether you want to admit it or not.

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I hate wigs. All wigs.

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I seriously can't enjoy a coord if the girl is fat or something it looks awful. Most of them just look bulky and awful. How can you afford all that shit and not be able to hit the gym or diet?

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Why is the CoF thread filled with so many ugly fatty chans?

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BSoLF is a cesspool of shitty advice, sissies, and sissy acceptance

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The reason is that lolita and a lot of j fashions aren't flattering if you're not thin. Think of all the poof and layers you wear in lolita. It makes you look bigger than you are. So while in normie fashion you might look fine, unless you're very short, you'll look fatter in most j fashions.

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I love jfashion but most of the western fanbase can't dress for in it shit and 99% of western indie jfashion brands looks like garbage. Terrible artwork from people that have had 0 artistic training on a*****w shirts that don't think about actual design, at all

the western jfashion scene is insufferable, which is a bummer because I love the clothes so much.
Will just keep being a lonelita/whatever the equivalent of lonelita is for general jfashion.

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totally agree! on that note, I'm tired of seeing nothing but dollskill/thot/rave looks being passed off as yumekawaii/fairy kei as they're so far gone from the glory days of 2010-2013 fairy kei

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I have a fetish for sissy's and traps and I welcome them in lolita. This isn't trolling and it's not bait.

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i don't mind those looks SOMETIMES but I think thats what people in the west think the entirety of jfashion is, these super OTT party looks, when no one in japan actually is dressing like that
Sick of mismatched decora kids that dont know anything about color theory and think they're hot shit because they've got 50 hairclips in their hair and some shitty ota-q dress on

call me elitist but if 90% of your closet isn't from japanese brands is it really j-fashion and not some weird bastardization of it?

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I think so many lolitas online take the fashion too seriously. The ones who concern themselves with how others choose to wear their clothes as if they are public property are really lame.

It just results in almost everyone putting out the same formulaic boring coords or being too scared to alter things to suit them. A dress only belongs to the person who owns it, they can do whatever they want with it. As long as they are honest when/if they sell who gives a fuck?

In a similar vein I don't care if someone only wears the fashion to cons and meets. People have different priorities. The lolitas who act all high and mighty about wearing it daily or being lifestyle lolitas just seem dull and sad. I get that the fashion and community has a significance to some people but at the end of the day clothes are just clothes.

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Hello, yes, normies? I'm here to defend you.

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It's one thing to photoshop your cosplay photos to spruce up stray hairs, textured skin, unflattering lines, etc. but it's another to edit and entire costume onto your body and post it as if it were a finished product. It's like calling a closet cosplay a finished product.
Yes, this post is about someone in particular, just visit the cosplay tag on insta and you're sure to find them.

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Jesus fuck

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can you post an example pic lmao
i cant imagine that would end up looking too well

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fegalvao, especially her Total Drama Island ones

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Mocking lolcow teir behavior isn't exactly an unpopular opinion just saying

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I have sex and drink beer in my lolita XD

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>People taking the fashion too seriously
THIS!!! The worst is when people are too scared to wash things. I live in FL, it's hot all year. Wash your damn brand.

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Holy shit look at this fucking badass I can't belive you'd drink the devil's piss in your brand Mana forgive you bc you're going straight to ita hell

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"XD", really?

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Lolita shoes aren't that bad quality overall. Look at the shitty fast fashion shoes most girls wear. Lolita shoes are trash compared to GOOD quality normie shoes but they're similar to or better than the average normie shoe.

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This. I hate to admit it, but I am very cookie cutter. The normies all around me don't realize this, however. Most seem to think I'm very unique or adorable, so ????

But the lolita internet culture makes me try to shove the basic rules down the throat of friends getting into the fashion to help them not have a severe ita phase. They resist so hard, which is baffling because I tell them how hard they'll get slammed online if they consider posting whatever they've concocted online.
I guess itas will ita, no matter how much you want to help guide and protect your friends.

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Though I find it really interesting how wigs were a staple of the fashion for a moment and now most people hate them.

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Yeah, I'd probably agree, it still tend to buy offbrand shoes for lolita though. Outside lolita i live in doc martens and newrocks which are built to last, so I kinda grudge paying a lot of money for something that won't withstand a bit of wear and tear, especially when i only wear lolita a couple time a month max

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Docs are middling quality at best with subpar leather.
It bums me out that people don't know what a real buy it for life shoe looks and feels like these days. The industrial revolution killed so many artisanal skills.

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They're still going to last way longer than most shoes though, I've got a pair of docs that are ten years old, and apart from scuffs, have no damage at all.
Don't get me wrong though, new docs dont have the same life in them as the older ones which is a shame

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Quick rec for people who like docs, try Solovair. Made in the original factory in the UK where docs used to be made to their original standards using their original machines.

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Oh damn, I've not heard of them, thanks for the rec!

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This. I’ve been growing mine out for two years and it looks so much better with my coords.

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I only love them if they’re really OTT hime style, and anything casual just...looks like a wig when it’s intended to look natural.

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I prefer them for ott, but i pretty much always have to wear wigs with lolita because i have short-short hair and berets get boring pretty fast

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I don't wear lolita to feel creative. I wear it because I want to cover myself head to toe in cute shit.

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This hasn't been an unpopular opinion for at least 4 years.

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I don't dislike oldschool but I feel like having oldschool elements in a genuinely bad coord nowadays somehow blinds people to its badness. I can't seem to understand why pic related was defended when it was posted

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I think any coord that's really polarizing like this one has to have something going for it, almost by default. And that makes me think it's basically a success, in a certain way.

There's definitely something about it that's interesting.

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Well, I guess that's what this thread is for anyway.
I just don't know how anyone can see the normie boots and bizarre checkered red polo shirt and think "ah yes, this reads as lolita"

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This look like casual country lolita to me?

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I actually disagree with this, to an extent. If you wear well fitting clothes, even if you're a bit chubby, the layering can make you seem thinner because you're wearing more. it's like how chubby girls wear a big sweater and you can't really tell if they're chubby or if its just the sweater. If you also wear form fitting clothing, then it can make you appear thinner too. I've noticed a lot of my a-line dresses make me look thinner in general. That being said i do agree to an extent if the person has boobs. Lolita makes people with bigger boobs look fat even if they're a normally skinny or average girl with a chest.

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not opinion, just fact.
I've noticed that theres a decent amount of western lolitas who dress well, but when it comes to stuff like yumekawaii mori gyaru or other jfashions people are just horrible and bastardize it. I feel like westerners need to be handheld to figure things out or really desperately want to break rules to be unique, to the point that the fashion doesn't resemble the fashion anymore. The only real reason lolita seems to resemble lolita in the west after all these years, to me, is the elitism, constant guides, and online community. It's a necessary evil. When I imagine what lolita would be like in the west if there were no rules and people encouraged people to be "special and unique" it honestly scares me. thank god for bitches.
to go with my last point, this mentality shouldn't be coddled. It's the exact mentality that ruined "fairy kei" and turned it into edgy american shit. Keep taking your hobby seriously, guys, keep gatekeeping people. Forever.

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I think it's much more simple than that. Lolitas invest in their wardrobe, whereas with gyaru, mori, yumekawa and other styles they try to do it clothing they already owned, found in their own city, or from aliexpress.

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Any lolita who judges others for not worshiping/being obsessed with brand absolutely grew up in a comfortably middle/upper class family. No one who has ever been poor would judge people for such dumb shit.

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buying expensive brand name things you can't afford to flex on others is a poor thing though?

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Wearing socks over tights is dumb as shit if it's done for aesthetics. I give a pass to people wearing flesh-toned tights that aren't visible if it's done for medical reasons or warmth.

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This is absolutely not a popular opinion in hugbox-y places. It's all about body positivity and even implying you're not 100% happy and in love with your body at this precise moment isn't "bodyposi" enough. Most hugboxes require trigger warnings for any mention of weight loss.

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Mods/janis on this board should be more active. The influx of retarded newfags who can't use the catalog and/or think they're special enough for their own thread is getting out of hand. The cosplay help and stupid questions threads should be pinned and the board rules are in desperate need of being updated.

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Eh, at least it doesn't take me more than 45 minutes to get ready

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Because all of the lurkers are also fatty would be itas

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>call me elitist but if 90% of your closet isn't from japanese brands is it really j-fashion and not some weird bastardization of it?
Strongly agree, and it's sad and says a lot about the state of western jfash that this is an unpopular opinion. So many of these types scream about cultural appropriation and then just go ahead and create their own "jfashion brand" or their own "kei." Fucking embarrassing.

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Hard agree. We've been raided to shit recently too, and even reporting isn't getting all the off topic bullshit deleted.

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bitch do you not plan your coords the night before???

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I've got a confession. I understand that's strange/weird and all that, but here me out here. I mean, I believe this is a matter of fact than opinion. And here I'm objective. This is known to very few individuals on this board, but I have known this for a long time. After this thread was created, I thought this for a moment. It leads me to this conclusion only then: /cgl/ a shit.

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I am poor currently and I wrote >>10282222.

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Most people think this but there aren't many other places we can talk anonymously. I go to a few anon memes but cgl is the worst.

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>It just results in almost everyone putting out the same formulaic boring coords

What. People still swing and miss all the time, just look at CoF, it's so bad these days.

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Samefag, but in the same vein, I love 'basic bitch' coordinates, particularly classic ones. They look comfortable and effortless. I also feel like people bitching about these coordinates are con lolitas who never tried wearing a lolita coord through a day of doing errands and activities.

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>if 90% of your closet isn't from japanese brands is it really j-fashion
Hard agree. It’s crazy that this is an unpopular opinion.
We get it, you hate her coord. You don’t have to post this here and in every ita thread. I personally find it cute in a kitschy way but it’d be better if the lace on the skirt wasn’t so shitty. I wouldn’t call it lolita though.

This. I genuinely like toned down classic coords that sit on the border between lolita and vintage like Fanny Rose’s coords. It looks elegant and just dressy enough that it’s clear that you put effort into your look.

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I think fashion is only truly creative when you're the person creating it. If anything else we're all just models. And some are better at modeling than others.

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That's not an unpopular opinion on this board stupid

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>They resist so hard
Yea because people don't care for that.
I can't believe you find this baffling. It's common for people to not enjoy being bossed around.

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That's how you know it's a troll.

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Posting an example like this just comes off like you're upset that other people didn't hate it like you do.
Your opinion is subjective and not everyone is going to feel the same way you do about a specific coord. Get used to it.

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>taking a whole day to figure out what to wear

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I agree with you, but i think that could also stem from the lack of direction. Lolitas do encourage second hand shopping, but never for main pieces. if someone said they got a second hand off brand main piece from a second hand store and had no intention of modifying it, i'd assume they were ita, and i would tell them that. Whereas in other fashions, that behavior isn't necessarily encouraged, but it isn't condemned either. Same with buying pieces from ali.

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I see nothing wrong with this, I wear lolita because I think it's cute, not because I want to be unique or creative.

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Are you the anon who keeps posting this in all the ita threads?

>> No.10282367

nah I just like to be organized and on time for meetups

>> No.10282378

Fair enough, but it feels like it when said cosplayers are making the discover page with every ""cosplay'" and an insane amount of likes/engagement

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I perhaps should have been a little less buttmad when writing this post, apologies.I do come off like a salty cow.

She posted the side-by-side

I wasn't thinking of her when I made the post, but you're absolutely right. It's a common trend with instagram cosplayers. Too common.

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I'm so tired of seeing 5-6 posts for a single question. At the very least a "look through the catalog to find the right question thread" should be in the sticky

>> No.10282388

It's fine that you want to be organised, but some people aren't organised and don't enjoy it at all. Maybe they have other qualities that you don't have. Idk I find it weird that you assumed everyone is so into planning as you are.

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>is it really j-fashion and not some weird bastardization of it
Things don't have to be made in Japan to fit the aesthetic though. Like indie lolita brand dresses fit the lolita aesthetic just as much as Japanese brands. They just tend to be lower quality.

>> No.10282394

Lolitas should be more brave with incorporating more non-lolita j-fashion brands into their closets. It's much more fun to coord this way instead of desperately clinging to the lolita label.

>> No.10282405

I agree. I love incorporating thrifted finds into my wardrobe and looking for loliable blouses and accessories is really fun.

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The shoop isn’t even good and it’s super obvious. I can’t believe I’m saying this but even those “FiRsT!!!!!” cosplayers that at least made a really shitty costume are better than this.

Depends on the brand and item. Lolita with normie brands incorporated can either look really cute or like a hot mess. Ted Baker, Samantha Vega, and other super feminine brands look cute with lolita. Old style Kate Spade was so cute and had loliable pieces but the brand is an ugly disaster now that they switched head designers.
>pic related, one of the best normie brand purses ever made.

>> No.10282413

Thank you. How hard is it to find a fucking basic t-shirt instead of a button down? She couldn't even be assed to fold under both collar pieces - just one!! The lack of effort here is astounding.

>> No.10282423

I agree with this. Jfash and general alt fashion brands often put out stuff that can coord really well. Mixing lolita main pieces with cheapo fast fashion trash usually looks bad because of the stark difference in quality but even mid tier normie brands can look good when they put our certain pieces.

I feel like the purist types who only wear lolita 'approved' things are the kinds of people who just don't have an eye for putting outfits together. They need an exact formula to be able to dress themselves. Outfits that veer away from the lolita label can still be good outfits and people shouldn't act so afraid to wear and post them. Personally I found myself loving my closet way more when I started incorporating different things and buying/wearing more versatile pieces that could be worn outside of lolita.

>Kate Spade

This bag is cute but does anyone remember that one anon who kept shilling their ugliest shit because she worked there? This just reminded me.

>> No.10282429

Because planning out clothes is so hard. You must be a disaster
Loliable isn't a real thing. It's a made up thing by poorfags. You can wear non lolita stuff with your dresses, but it's not lolita. Otherwise how is it lolita if you're not wearing lolita.

>> No.10282452

You still can find stuff occasionally at thrift stores, but it's rare. It use to be a lot more common, but I don't think the rarity is... any effort to cling to a label? Use to, you could, as far as lolita went, find cute blouses, shoes, and even the occasional cutsew in stores back during the mid-2000's. The same went for gyaru; you could find plenty of skirts, sandals, off-shoulder tops, and the ilk. I think what happened is leggings. In the U.S. especially, everyone wears leggings, and you can't really pair much with leggings outside a t-shirt, sweatshirt, or tank top. Western clothing brands just kind of stopped making clothing that worked with cutesy styles.

>> No.10282469

I don't lol
I just pick a dress/skirt to wear and then grab socks/shoes/hairbow/purse that match in the morning, cardigan/bolero if it's cold
I'm also a daily lolita though so I don't plan super elaborate coords or anything.

>> No.10282473

What the fuck are you talking about? Lolitas consistently encourage buying secondhand main pieces. That's pretty much the entire concept of a dream dress--one that you have to hunt down. How do you think people do wear old school or OTT sweet? Wearing secondhand brand doesn't make you an ita at all. Ita is about how you wear clothes, not where the clothes come from.

>> No.10282476

How exactly do you define lolita? Is something that perfectly fits the aesthetic of lolita not lolita unless it's manufactured by a Japanese lolita brand?

>> No.10282477

Nta but I'm guessing by secondhand shopping they meant thrifting. Lolitas obviously do buy secondhand but we buy it either directly from other lolitas through our specialised sales groups, marketplaces and physical stores.

>> No.10282500

I'm really not, but it's futile to say that on an anonymous board.

>> No.10282504

>that one anon who kept shilling their ugliest shit because she worked there
Yeah I remember that lmfao. She kept acting like it was a Sooper Speshul Job and like she had insider knowledge. I wonder if she still thinks she's special for working a basic retail job that anyone can get just by applying.

>> No.10282539

I'm the opposite. It's crazy to me that people think this way. There are many indie brands and taobao brands that have quality, and what about people who sew their own stuff? The fashion has evolved outside of it's tiny Japanese scope. Look at how many Chinese buy lolita. Of course brand names always carry important lolita history and should be honoured, but that doesn't mean anything outside of it is automatically garbage.

>> No.10282540

different anon, but I just haven't seen anything from a taobao brand that I like and that looks high quality. Even the prints just kinda look like deviantART quality drawings.

I'm happy to be proven wrong.

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I mean personally I agree to a certain extent that a lot of prints can be grainy and crummy, but brands like sibyl heisei have released some very nice solids. I own a couple pieces from them and although it's not brand quality persay, it's definitely better than bodyline and some other indie brands. Pic related is quite nice.

>> No.10282554

Krad Lanrete

>> No.10282563

nayrt but that’s exactly what it means.

>> No.10282567

Don't they use hot glue on their expensive ass bonnets?

>> No.10282570

Yeah they do. On the decorations iirc. A girl in my comm was complaining about it.

>> No.10282575

Can confirm, only the decorations are hot glued though. Honestly due to the construction of the bonnet it would be a bit hard to sew those flowers on instead since it would have to be sewn once the pleated interior is prepared but would have to avoid puncturing the back of the bonnet. It's much harder than it sounds and wouldn't provide a more reliable hold in this case. From a manufacturing/professionalism point of view, considering their price and the time and effort it would take to put together one of these bonnets, this IS an acceptable use for hot glue.

The problem comes when whoever is doing their gluing leaves strings all over the bonnet. That's unacceptable finishing, it only takes a few seconds to remove hot glue strings and to lift and cut any visible glue with an xacto blade. Personally, I think they should retrain whoever is doing it and issue partial refunds to people who recieve stringy bonnets and complain.

Also, the base of the bonnet that rests on the head has some very obvious serged seams. It doesn't mean that these will ever be visible or that their bonnets are poorly constructed, if anything it's due to that that I can see how solidly my two are made. There are no hanging threads or anything. But still, they should consider putting a strip of fabric over the base, or maybe cover the serged edges with bias tape so they look cleaner.

>> No.10282580

I think it was rare in the early 2000s to find stuff because it was all double denim/grunge/90s shit that had been donated and 90s was pretty far away from lolita. But as boho, ruffles and lace trim became things as well as victorian-influenced clothing in the mid 2000s it definitely started being easier to find items that worked with lolita.

>> No.10282583

Partial disagree. I grew up being very poor and I mean this kind of poor where you don´t have food for several days, otherwise minimal food, living without electricity and washing mashine because parents couldn´t pay bills, blah, blah.
However, I judge people in Lolita very harshly because it is about the overal look.
Firstly you shouldn´t do an expensive thing like Lolita if you do not have the funds to do it right. Most of the common japanese brands do have a better quality than the major group of chinese and other indie brands. This counts at least for clothing. Let´s be honest, accessories like jewelry, shoes and bags are shitier from Lolita brands, I prefer buying that stuff from more quality (non-Lolita) brands.

Bragging about that you can do nice Lolita without the so expensive burando is as bad as the ones who claim being a brandwhore is the ultimate goal. This behaviour shows that you are an immature person with a low self-esteem who doesn´t know a shit.

>> No.10282585

I always wear flesh-toned tights under ankle socks, sometimes under OTK too for aesthetics because I have a lot of visible veins and they also can help for body forming. Seeing people wearing colourful tights AND socks makes me cringe inside. It´s the same with wearing wristcuffs and scrunchies on your ankles, it just looks silly to me.

>> No.10282591

Thirding this, really sick of the dumbasses coming here with one easy as fuck question that could have been solved by googling it but no they have to make an entire thread for it.

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I love looking-up cosplay photos of female characters that have completely hidden faces like Spider-Gwen because of how funny it is to me that about 50% or more of the pics the mask is completely off, but with masked male characters 80% or more of the pics have the mask on.

But also, cosplay isn't about attention-whoring.

>> No.10282605

Oh, you think you're badass? Well I'll have you know I've done class A drugs in lolita, AND had sex, so I am more of a 100% certified badass than you.

Go back to weenie hut jr, kiddo.

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File: 166 KB, 894x894, dota_63__antimage_by_sieyarelow-d9avtia.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There is literally nothing wrong with sexy cosplays. If you have the confidence to show off your body and you want to do so, then by all means do it and have fun.
Good post. Losing weight (if you are overweight) and being fit should be encouraged.

>> No.10282693

Yeah i did mean thrifting.

>> No.10282702

It's not about whether planning is objectively hard or not, some people just don't like planning or aren't good at it, so why would they ruin their hobby with that behaviour

>> No.10282703

Aren't the designers a bit creepy too?

>> No.10282704

I don't think non-Japanese brands are garbage. I think jfashion brands (aka Japanese fashion brands) are Japanese brands and not Chinese brands. You can have a Chinese lolita brand but not a Chinese J-fashion brand.

>> No.10282714

I think tea party shoes look as awful and unflattering as any normie flats.

>> No.10282715

Goddamn itas

>> No.10282739

that seems to be a relatively popular opinion here. even a low heel looks good compared to most tea parties desu

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I´ve read Nabokov´s book and kinda liked it in a literary way (there was a reason it was a bestseller). I also think most Lolitas who go aggressive against this book have never read it otherwise they would talk differently. This goes for all normies too who think Nabokov´s Lolita is a nymphette or whatever you might see in her.

>> No.10282763

>I also think most Lolitas who go aggressive against this book have never read it otherwise they would talk differently
Nah most people just don't want to be associated with the subject matter

>> No.10282771

In a literary sense it’s a great book, but lolitas as a whole still don’t appreciate being associated with it due to the negative connotations, which stem less so from the book itself, and moreso from the horrible misinterpretation of the book by readers.
So many people still paint the relationship between Dolores and Humbert as a romance story founded on Dolores “seducing” him, completely ignoring the fact that she’s a very young child, and I think that is largely why people are misinformed into thinking the fashion is intended to be provocative. In their mind they think the book is this pedophilia romance story, and they project that onto us.
> sage for blogpost

>> No.10282777

Peeking bloomers with modern lolita always look like little Bo Peep costume, it's only suitable for oldschool

>> No.10282785

dollskill is shit from every ugly piece of clothing to the way they run their ugly brand. how all the jfashion kawaii sjws continue to support them is beyond me, but its ok bc their clothes are soo unique & kawaiiiiii!!!

>> No.10282787

I have a really hard time believing that someone who grew up in poverty thinks it's reasonable for used dresses to cost hundreds of dollars and judge others for disagreeing...

>> No.10282791

It's an incredible book and got completely bastardized by the movie.

It's so ahead of its time as an exploration of victim-blaming pedophilic mindset.

>> No.10282792

secondhand brand is a thing you can frequently get them for $50-$100

>> No.10282793

this girl is shit at cosplay & looks shit in lolita we get it im tired of seeing her face all over instagram & /cgl/

>> No.10282795

But it IS associated whether you like it or not. Japanese people have always known exactly what "lolita" refers to, that's why they coined "lolicon" too. It's an unfortunate choice of naming but it is related, even Misako confirmed this in her book.

>> No.10282797

Not if you're a sweet who likes any decent prints.

>> No.10282799

Most of the misinformations comes from the movies. While I liked both movies in their own way, they both don´t reflect the book very well. It´s the same phenomena like the Harry Potter books vs. movies.
Especially the 90´s movie gave the impression Lolita is a seducer. And since most people have such a short memory they only can remember the erotic scenes.
It just annoys me to see the rant online from Lolitas who go on a witch hunt about this book. They apear uneducated to me.

>> No.10282800

Lolicon was just an old name for shoujo and other movies about cute girls. It became sexually associated much later

>> No.10282801


This will always be my favourite take on it.

>> No.10282802

that doesn't matter, the point is you can still be a brandwhore if you're poor

>> No.10282803

I was a homeless child, lived in a tent at one point, and I think it's reasonable. Not everyone who grew up in poverty will blame other people for their poverty... To think otherwise, is a fault the person in question must overcome before they can succeed. I wouldn't fault someone for ever being unable to afford a fashion style, no. However, I won't sympathize with someone seeking to make it out that the price point would make those involved some sort of devil.

>> No.10282805

I'm really indulging in salt here to say, but she now has a sponsor from a fucking glitter brand aka the worst feature of all her costumes that people far and wide on here agree ruins a majority of her costumes.

>> No.10282807

Not that they were stunning without the glitter or anything, but I genuinely don't understand how a person can get such a big following while producing low quality content.

>> No.10282811

I´ve never said that I defend the prices for japanese brands and btw. chinese brands can cost equal sometimes. I just defend that the japanese items are better quality, they put in more thought into the design, detail and product itself. You can see and feel it. I have to admit that I don´t like this polyester trend which is going on for the last years though.
And the reason that used dresses go for high prices is that there are idiots which pay that. I have a settled limit what I want to spend on a dress for example and even a dream dress has it´s price limits for me. If I don´t get it for the price I think it´s acceptable I just wait. Like this year I got a dream dress which came out 2012. At the release I didn´t wanted to shell out that much and now I got it as a set for the 1/3 of the original new price. I judge people for what I think is bad taste and laziness. Like this anon said >>10282792
it is so easy to get cheap high quality brand this days, everything else are just lazy excuses to me.

>> No.10282822

99% of lolitas are fucking obnoxious and I wish they had a separate board.

>> No.10282824

*separate from cosplay.

>> No.10282825

Gulls I was talking about non-lolita j-fashion brands, not thifting or western normie brands even though I think the last one is pretty nice too.

Your posts are really recognizable, keep it down a bit with the salt.

>> No.10282826

Agreed Anon, cosfags annoy us too.

>> No.10282827

I like the book in a literary way too, but I’ll still go after it because I don’t want people to think my fashion choices have anything to do with it. It’s hard enough already

>> No.10282828

Misako didn’t name the fashion.

>> No.10282831

this desu
fat, whiny, vapid cunts

>> No.10282835

No, random Japanese girls did, and they knew exactly what it meant.

Exactly, Japanese people knew the original meaning is "cute little girl." Which makes sense that they named the fashion after that, as it looks like Victorian children/teen clothing.

>> No.10282836

okay, then leave

>> No.10282837

I've seen people on here saying that a long time lolita had its own separate board for a while, what happened to that?

>> No.10282838

It was Lolicom. Short for "Lolita Complex"

>> No.10282841

Really? Because this is my second post. Stay on topic.
I agree, at the time the fashion was named the movie was super popular. It's a fashion about being cute. All cutesy j fashions are about being childlike. It's up to the person to think it's a bad or sexual thing.
Personally I like looking cute and younger. I don't care about the name being lolita. If other people want to sexualize kids, that's their problem.

>> No.10282848

I prefer seeing coords of really nice handmade to seeing complete sets from whichever brand. It’s just nice to see something new once in a while.

>> No.10282849

The fashion was named lolita in the 80s, long before the 1996 movie and long after the 60s one

>> No.10282868

How jfashion sjws support dollskill is a mystery to me too bc they've done enough stuff to get "yikes cancelled uwu", like the goth is white shirt and art theft

>> No.10282869

Oh. I missed that. Whoops. I might if it was more accessible, but I guess it's just so easy to stick with the well-known brands. I know if I ever went to Japan, hell to the fuck yeah I'd check out their department stores instead of just hitting up well-known retailers like Galaxxxy or Listen Flavor.

>> No.10282871

Also... I am aware those places don't sell lolita. I just used personal examples.

>> No.10282885

>No, random Japanese girls did, and they knew exactly what it meant.
Wasn't the name coined by a magazine? The people who wore the fashion didn't name it. And the association is still sketchy to me because the fashion doesn't resemble the literature aesthetically or in practice.
At this point it's just an unfortunate homonym, regardless of how the name came to be.

>> No.10282887
File: 114 KB, 453x553, 1894-Jordan-MArsh-dress-boys-suit-clothingVictorian-girl-dress-fashion.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Victorian children/teen clothing.
Victorian children literally just wore smaller versions of what adults wore, try again

>> No.10282893
File: 297 KB, 850x1150, 0d70aaf805299667ac64e0f8aded2be7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Alice in Wonderland's original illustrations, anyone? This is literally the lolita aesthetic.

>> No.10282895

It's very similar to oldey time little girls clothes, ie Alice. So whomever coined the name absolutely meant it to reflect little girls old style clothes.

>> No.10282896

I think it's a bit of a misunderstanding.
People thought 'lolita = cute young girl, western-sounding name' and hadn't actually read the book so didn't know what it was about.
There are many reports from people who live in Japan that Japanese lolitas were (are?) unfamiliar with the novel and disgusted when they learn about it.

>> No.10282899
File: 315 KB, 600x440, Fashion_plate_1839b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>this is the aesthetic
Yeah fuck the florals, the capelets, the punk shoes, the bonnets, and the corset lacing, all original lolitas looked like alice.

>> No.10282900

"The Victorian era was an interesting time for boys and girls fashion. Victorian children’s clothing for middle and upper classes were smaller versions of adult clothing with shorter hemlines and sturdier materials. Poor children wore simplified hand me down versions of outdated rich kids clothing."

>> No.10282901

But what about the prominent punk rock aspect of the fashion? Are we all just collectively going to pretend it didn't exist?

>> No.10282907

Actually first lolitas were only goth and took inspiration from 80s goth scene as it was quite popular back then. It was a mixture of gothic punk and visual kei

>> No.10282909

I didn't disagree with that friendo

>> No.10282926

People seems to have a special set of blinders specifically for when dollskill fucks up. I’ve also heard that working for them sucks and that their corporate level employees barely make above minimum wage.

>> No.10282931
File: 12 KB, 341x321, ECR5q7LX4AEpIml.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Cons should only allow people 18 and older.
Retarded kids and their parents need to piss off

>> No.10282932

Western indie weeb designers all have ugly clothes and will probably never be on the same level as japanese indie designers.

>> No.10282940

This is esp true for lolita. Brands like spooky sparkle party just look ugly and ita to me

>> No.10282945


>> No.10282950

this especially with brands like omocat and ATS
the shit they churn out is either ugly or tacky lmao

>> No.10282964

Spooky Sparkle Party and other regretsy stuff doesn't represent all western indie though. Stuff like Mossbadger and IDD is on par with brand if not better quality imo.

>> No.10282966

>first lolitas
Were more like quirky weird fans of the Nagomu music label and Jun Togawa who started to shorten their Pink House skirts. But the goths very quickly drowned those out.

>> No.10282967

If you're talking about Crystal Cafe, no one fucking used it. Idk if it's even alive but last time I checked it was just femcels.

>> No.10282970

No, they're quite nice. Some people find their shtick weird and because a lot of people dig their "visual kei prince" aesthetic they often raffle kabedon pics at events. But no one is forced into those, I won one at an event and turned it down because I'm married and I felt weird. They were very respectful and kind about it, they let me give it to another girl and had a nice conversation with me through their translator about travel and lolita events. I'm not into their brand or aesthetic, but I do think they are nice people who are genuinely enthusiastic about the fashion and about travelling.

>> No.10282975

No, I heard that once upon a time, cosplay and egl were separated to their own boards here on 4ch, then later put back into one

>> No.10282977

Alice provided the general silhouette that all lolita abides by, yes. And she is a Victorian child dressed in the child clothes of the time.

>> No.10282985 [DELETED] 

I believe some kikes or ultra sjw tumblarinas are here to oppose anything slightly smelling of malepost to start some shit with u and get u banned for off topic when ur talking about the board or things that affect the board or it's people, or just putting that tumbltina in her place

must thank al the gulls who just take other opinions in a mature way, that's what I'm looking for

oh and stop hating males, and males stop hating females, is what (((they))) want u to do

>> No.10282992

I've been here since 2008 off and on and I've never heard anyone say that and offer any actual evidence.

>> No.10283002

Lolitas were a mistake and AT MOST deserve a thread on /fa/.

>> No.10283012

Same here. People who plan elaborate coords and only go to meetups seem like they’re wearing costumes. It’s a fashion, just wear it without adding antler ears and three shawls or whatever stupid stuff people wear with dumb meetup costume/coords. Basic coords are actually wearable as fashion if you’re a lifestyle who wears it every day

>> No.10283026

Can we just stop with the ~~lifestyler~~ superiority complex already? Some people either can't or don't feel like wearing lolita every day, prefer wearing OTT to basic coords, or only feel like wearing it to meetups and cons. Looking down on any of those people isn't an unpopular opinion and is frankly the reason why people think lolitas take the fashion way too seriously.

>> No.10283028

Do people not realize planning your outfit the night before is normal even with normie clothes? It doesn't have to take a long time

>> No.10283031

Arguing with you is like arguing with a stick on the sidewalk. Keep finding weird satisfaction in wearing "children's clothes" you creepy ageplayer

>> No.10283034

I'd rather not share a board with ana-chan men who think black jeans and logo t-shirts are the pinnacle of fashion

>> No.10283037

I’m not looking down on people who don’t wear it everyday. But people who wear it every day tend to treat it like the fashion it is and not as a costume. I look down on people who make it look like a ridiculous costume. They’re just clothes. Wear them like clothes. I also agree with the gull who said she wished more people wore other j-fashion stuff with their lolita.

>> No.10283039
File: 1016 KB, 1800x2500, 1533166189968.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10283040

This is a really weird projection, anon. I'm merely giving context to why it's related to the word "lolita" which is associated with a young girl. Sorry about your issues

>> No.10283041

Using cosplay as an excuse to thot out is perfectly valid, but you have to own up to it.

>> No.10283057

Eh... That's not what the word means except in modern vernacular. To anyone picking up the book back when it was first published, they would've instantly assumed that the book was about a woman named Dolores; equally, they would've instantly assumed a book named 'Dick' was about a man named Harry. We came to associate the word with pedophilia because people stopped naming their kids Dolores. If you look at birth records, you can even find people named Lolita prior to and after the book's publication.

Honestly... look how 'menhera' came out of the word 'mental healther'; an archaic term that was once used in the 70's for what we now call psychologists and psychiatrists. No one in any English speaking country uses that word, but it found its way into Japanese culture.

Lolita was likely the same. In the 80's, someone likely just thought it was a nice nickname for a young lady, and that it likely sounded highly Western given the 'L' repetition... It's also old fashion. It likely just seemed like a good name for what resembled fancy dresses that looked distinctly European.

Damn...the book has always been notoriously hard to get ahold of, and that's why most haven't read it. It's only with the invention of the internet that most could even get their hands on it considering its a banned book in the U.S. and many other countries. Most book stores have never stocked it.

>> No.10283058

This, anime, cosplay, and any related art have never been family friendly. The vast majority isn't age appropriate for the age ranges of children that you see at conventions and it's a fucking crime that parents expose their children to such a loud, noisy, and infectious environment. They're willingly giving their kids con plague. Also no one is there to regulate the behavior or teens below 18 who cause the most public disturbances.

>> No.10283060

Making excuses for why you're not """really""" thotsplaying just furthers an environment where any woman cosplaying is expected to have lewd patreons or do revealing cosplays. Just be upfront. There's always an audience for it.

>> No.10283062

For non-U.S. gulls, a banned book in the U.S. is one many book stories & most public libraries will not stock in their regular circulation. It's sort of how most won't have... 'Mein Kampf' if you ask.

>> No.10283066

>someone likely just thought it was a nice nickname for a young lady
But they already had "lolicon" by then and knew what it meant. Why do people like you try to act like the Japanese were illiterate retards who had no idea what Lolita (the book) was?

>> No.10283067

Exactly!! Thot out with confidence or don't thot at all

>> No.10283069

Was there even a Japanese translation of Lolita at that time?

>> No.10283072

In 1970, the word lolicon appeared in a Western work by Russell Trainer. It didn't originate in Japan... In 1980, it's not unlikely that someone with no interest in prepubescent pornography to be unfamiliar with the term 'lolicon'.

No. It's because the Japanese are highly literate that they likely wouldn't assume it meant pedophilia at the time. I mean, shit, it was an actual name. In 1980, a dictionary would explain it was diminutive for Dolores, not about being sexually attracted to a young girl. It was an actual name.

>> No.10283077

The only thing they wouldn't be familiar with is why it might've been considered controversial in America because we're weird fuckers who decided the name of the girl meant pedophilia instead of 'nymphet'. Kind of like how an American might not realise '4' in certain usages is really bad over there. (I think it's 4 that's like our 13.)

>> No.10283081

It's really not banned, my local library had it, then i decided I wanted to buy it and my local book store had it as well. "Lolita" came to mean a young girl who was precocious and promiscuous, like a little seductress. The jap name came from mana calling it "gothic lolita" because the fashion resembles little girl clothes. He probably knew what it meant.

>> No.10283082

Lmao nice reach

>> No.10283084

It came to mean... He likely didn't think it was that big of a deal & that it was a pretty name even if he first saw the word on a copy of the book. That's what I'm trying to say. It still would've not carried that definition in the 80's. We really only got to that point in the 90's with the movie. When Thorn wrote that phrase, he was referencing the book, but not really connecting the name itself... Electra complex being another example.

>> No.10283085 [DELETED] 

Pretty much... no, he likely didn't mean that at all; that's not what it meant for him. He didn't mean for people to be arguing it's synonymous with pedophilia into the 2000's.

>> No.10283087 [DELETED] 

Pretty much... no, he likely didn't mean that at all; that's not what it meant for him. He didn't mean for people to be arguing it's synonymous with pedophilia into the 2000's. It was just a Western sounding name for young women.

>> No.10283093
File: 47 KB, 392x577, theprincesselopes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Again, I get what's being point out here, but, yeah, again, it resembles clothing that a debutante would wear. I mean, in most Western history, European or otherwise, women were either had 'came of age' or were married. Younger, but not children. 'Lolita' would've been used for a woman of that age.

That's sort of kind of the irony of the book too. Many of her relatives and the ilk used terms more appropriate for a child of her age: 'Lo', 'Lola', or 'Dolly'. You would've used 'Lolita' really to refer to a beautiful young woman... a teenager or someone in their 20's. You may have also used it for your loved one if her name was Dolores. It's an aspect often overlooked. He used a term of a woman close to or of age for a young child.

>> No.10283094


>> No.10283097

The book was very popular and controversial when it was first released, people stopped naming their kids Lolita pretty much right away because of the association. Also it's not synonymous with pedophile, it's a young girl who knows too much for her age and acts sexy. Lolita was 12, it's not like she was 8 12 year olds were in relationships with 16 year olds back then and no one saw anything wrong with it.

>> No.10283100

What the fuck

>> No.10283102

t. hasn't actually read the book

>> No.10283104

I have, not everyone interpreted it the way it was probably meant to be interpreted, hence why a lolita is a flirty young girl. The way humpbert describes her.

>> No.10283105

It actually peaked in 1960. That's when the highest number of people naming their children 'Lolita' occurred... 20 years before 1980. The association is modern, and is in part due to the names Lolita and Dolores falling out of favor. There's many names that had such a fate.

>> No.10283107

Oh wow, look at how special and intelligent you are, no one understands book, not like you

>> No.10283109

We don't need to be mean. We'll get the thread deleted if we do that.

>> No.10283110

Not really. People stopped naming their kids lolita because of the association, which existed back then. There's no way he couldn't have known the connotation in the 90's when he called it that

>> No.10283114

Some people take shit at face value dog, they saw a sexy ass little girl and ran with it.

>> No.10283116

It peaked in the late 1960's, if anything, it's popularity was furthered by the book's publication. You know what the name Dolores, and Lolita, mean? It means 'sorrows'... 'a deep sadness, regret, or deep distress'. That's why it was so appropriate for such a book character.

>> No.10283118

Humbert Humbert is an intentionally unreliable narrator. His perception of Lolita as "asking for it" is transparently his own. She does normal kid shit and his boner thinks it's her showing off for him.
"She seduced me, believe it or not!" is basically his argument against the court and it's obviously an argument spun from delusions.
She was never intended to be a sex symbol.

>> No.10283121

this has to be a troll

>> No.10283122

That's what I'm saying, but not everyone who reads it thinks that and there really were people back then who saw her as promiscuous. That's why lolita came to mean a girl who flirts with older men.

>> No.10283123

It's true. His thoughts read completely insane & grandiose in the book.

>> No.10283124

We're asking you accept that the naming of the fashion had absolutely nothing to do with girls who flirt with older men, and that it's merely an unfortunate coincidence of both time & translation even if the book title was where he per chance first saw the name.

>> No.10283126

I think it's better to say it's connotative with "youth" rather than "children." Although it does crack me up when someone who wears something like Lovely Baby Room screeches about how the fashion isn't meant to be child-like.

>> No.10283127

Agreed. Lolita sounds cute and European. It’s not deeper than that.

>> No.10283128

Who is "he"? Mana? Do people seriously think Mana named the fashion?

>> No.10283129

OK, I understand what you meant by your post now.

For real. He's a great character, immensely vile.

>> No.10283132

Indeed, it is youthful, and one might be advised to stay away from nursery prints to avoid confusion albeit it's not unlikely nor in anyway odd for young women to be thinking about babies.

>> No.10283133

It doesn't sound European at all. It sounds very Hispanic, which it is.

>> No.10283135

Dog. DOG. Japanese know what the term meant. Lolicon=lolita complex. People knew what the word meant. He probably called it lolita because it's like a little girl fashion for adults or something.

>> No.10283138

Seriously, who is this “he”?

>> No.10283139

>it's like a little girl fashion for adults
While a lot of sweet fits that definition (honestly), it doesn't apply for classic or gothic tho.

>> No.10283142

Whoever the fuck 'he' is who named the fashion which is collaborative. Just roll with it, okay? It's not worth arguing when it's more about whether or not we're girls flirting with older men by proxy.

>> No.10283143

Think of how Americans group together Asians and don’t know the difference between Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc, names. They’re hardly the only ones who do this.

>> No.10283146

See 'Russell Trainer' in >>10283072.

>> No.10283148

This. So much gets lost in translation, and there was no internet back then, either. I have no doubt that the term wasn't particularly calculated. They just found something that felt vaguely appropriate (youthful! western-sounding!) and rolled with it.

>> No.10283155

Is Spain not in Europe now or?

>> No.10283157

It was a popular term in Japan and people knew what it meant at the time. >>10283138
Mana is the one who popularized calling it "lolita" though the fashion had existed for a while. He called it so back when the word "lolicon" was in use

>> No.10283160

Anon... your logic has failed you. I can't argue with your statement because it's a nonsensical connection that assumes all would know highly specific terms for kiddie porn rooted in Western terminology.

>> No.10283162

>It doesn't sound European at all
>It sounds very Hispanic
Guess where Spain is.

>> No.10283164

Has anyone ever in the history of time thought of southern europe when someone says "european"? The mind immediately goes to france or england because that's almsot always what people mean

>> No.10283166

Anon... if you're American... as a fellow American, I hereby disown acceptance of you as a citizen of my country.

>> No.10283168

...no? Italy and Spain is very European idk what you're saying. I think you're projecting your own imagination

>> No.10283171

Furthermore, 'Mediterranean' is something I think of when I think 'European' just as I might think 'Scandinavian'.

>> No.10283174

>The mind immediately goes to france or england
>france or england
>when someone says "european"
I'm offended. Don't group the English in with mainland Euroshits. If Spain isn't a part of Europe now, then we sure as hell aren't.

>> No.10283177 [DELETED] 

If your mind jumps to Turkey, Bosnia & Herzegovina, & Turkey when you think 'Southern Europe'... I'm fucking sorry. That's really dark. I promise Spain is much nicer then those places.

>> No.10283179

If your mind jumps to Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, & Turkey when you think 'Southern Europe'... I'm fucking sorry. That's really dark. I promise Spain is much nicer then those places. Do you like reading about war and human rights violations per chance?

>> No.10283187

Lolita from the get go is described as
>Written by an unreliable narrator describing a ultimately "victim" in such a way to make her seem promiscuous.

It is not surprising that many people have negative reactions to the book. This is because it brings about uncomfortable feelings and is a book about a pedos feelings. The scariest monsters in life are other humans and deep uncomfortable feelings brought about by that so yeah.

Tldr also a lolita who enjoyed the book in a literary sense

>> No.10283209

I don't wash my brand. I don't want the colors to fade. I also don't wear underwear. What's the point? You have bloomers and even without them panties effect nothing.

>> No.10283216

this. they recently hired someone to model before finding out they were disabled & then said they didn’t need models at the time. then not long after they contacted one of the girls friends to model for them. but they have thotty animu clothes so nobody cares enough. also their clothes are just overpriced & low quality

>> No.10283217

god more acne looking glitter highlight paired with a cosplay falling apart on my instagram explore page with 10k likes i can’t wait

>> No.10283219

i feel like people have lowered their standards so much that if a cosplayer is actively following trends and makes ANYTHING they get a big following and people think they are a cosplay god.

>> No.10283255

Gross. You must stink.

>> No.10283260

Cosplay should be about fun and being in character.

Otherwise it's just wearing a costume.

>> No.10283265

I miss the days of in character videos on youtube. Sure, it was cringy, but I had so much fun watching cosplayers geek around in stupid scenarios

>> No.10283268

musty & rank

>> No.10283269

I saw a chick with a white t-shirt and fucking TULLE tied around her neck in what was supposed to be a Mako Manshouko cosplay on my explore page yesterday. I nearly popped a vessel when I saw that it had over 1k likes. There are zero standards.

Couldn't have said it better myself.

>> No.10283270

Old school lolita looks bad, unflattering and tacky. People should leave it in the past where it belongs.
It never makes anyone look good, actually most of old school coords are totally ita nowadays but people give it a pass idkw.

>> No.10283272

another unpopular opinion: if your lolita closet is mostly taobao/indie or sewn yourself gtfo, it's like an automatic sign of an ita

>They just tend to be lower quality.
wow it's almost as if that is exactly my point

>> No.10283274

>I'm a massive snob and a corporate whore

>> No.10283277


No. As someone who owns Krad and burando, still no. They're still always one step below, their fabric thinner, shinier, more plasticky, cheap-feeling. And this is already giving face, comparing one of their print dresses to some of the more shiny satin polyester brand dresses. They rapidly fall behind once you add in the full range of textured fabrics that brands like to switch up, you don't even go back 10 Krad releases before you hit their older stuff that's just your average meh-tier taobao.

nayrt, btw.

>> No.10283279


I really don't want to agree with this since I sometimes sew my own dresses as well, but I have to admit there's very few girls without Japanese brand that dress well. Even then those are kinda flawed, I've seen LOTV's first few wardrobe posts on egl and they were kinda natty. Meanwhile that other homemade lolita girl has problems with her bodice construction and as soon as she posted an ootd with her first brand dress you can really see the difference.

I wouldn't go so far to say it's automatic ita, but chances are pretty high that they're ita, I think.

>> No.10283280 [DELETED] 
File: 224 KB, 670x500, 1557211451457.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want men out of lolita and to leave a space just for women for once

>> No.10283287

Absolutely disgusting. Bet you wear IW's Union Jack dresses unironically, you weak-chinned tasteless cow.

>> No.10283288

>you shouldn´t do an expensive thing like Lolita if you do not have the funds to do it right

Unpopular opinion: Doing lolita right doesn't have anything to do with funds. If you can recognize quality you can find it cheap and if you know how to style you can look damn good in it. There are as many brand itas as offbrand ones but people tend to ignore those.

>> No.10283292 [DELETED] 
File: 189 KB, 1024x937, Southern_Europe_-_Broad_definition.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Let's settle this for once and for all. Geographically speaking, Southern Europe is everything on the European continent that is located below the Alps. "European" is a diffrent term though. If we are talking in a sense of common culture and shared values, then a lot of countries that were historically under muslim-occupation are not European because they adapted a lot of oriental values over time and they even genetically intermixed with orientals. Spain used to be under muslim occupation at some point in the early middle ages, but the native population refused to submit and they managed to completely get rid off the invaders and all their influences. Then were are countries like Bosnia and Albania who were also under muslim rule for a long time under the Ottoman Empire. But other than Spain those countries submitted, intermixed with their occupants and even assimilated to their religion and customs and hold those values until today.

>> No.10283294

Please kill yourself

>> No.10283295

Dude calm down who the fuck cares

>> No.10283296

That'll never happen. Scrotes rely on female attention the way junkies need crack, without it schools get shot up.

>> No.10283299

If you're too much of a coward to wash your clothes, you better drop the coin on dry cleaning.

You don't have to wash them EVERY time you wear something- at least if you wear it often(if you wear it rarely and sweat in it, you're gonna get stains, like it or not). If you wear it daily, washing or getting it dry cleaned on every 3rd wear is good for your dresses and JSKs, although if you sweat in them, wash them after that use.
White vinegar helps to set color. Color catching sheets catch bleeding colors. Sweater and bra bags prevent delicate clothes from getting caught up in the machine. You have no excuse to act like a filthy animal.

>> No.10283303

I don't have white blouses so the pits don't get stains, but they do smell. My jsks arent too bad, but my OP dresses can get sweaty because I don't wear anything under them. I don't wear the bloomers during summer and I also dont wear panties, so the insides have spots im them from where i was sitting from my vaginal fluid. I wear perfume so people don't notice the smell and wear tampons during my period. Dry cleaning costs too much, i would rather spend that money on other things. My socks can also get pretty bad but the dirty soles of the socks are hidden by shoes.

>> No.10283304

This is why I don't buy secondhand. This anon may as well be troll but considering the condition of some secondhand dresses I've seen I know there are people who do nasty shit like this. No, thanks, I'm not paying 100~ dollars for some vaginal fluid stained dress. Honestly I'm happy with my Taobao and bought directly from brand dresses, at least I get to support the brands I like instead of giving money to a nasty bitch.

>> No.10283309

From what I understood from Mariko Suzuki, MILK first used "lolita" to describe one of their collections in magazine promotions, and magazines continued using it for clothes that they considered the same style. There's a reason a lot of people in Japan name MILK the first lolita brand.

>> No.10283316

What the fuck is wrong with you?

>> No.10283322

If I had plenty of money I would buy from disgusting people, just to publicly shame them for their filth and make sure nobody ever buys anything from them again

>> No.10283324

Just wash your brand after buying it, ya know, the thing you keep trying to shame me into doing.

>> No.10283327

Milkbbi is good

>> No.10283330

why do you sound so proud of being so repulsive and disgusting

>> No.10283331

I would fund this

>> No.10283334

The longer stains sit without being treated, the harder they are to get out. Yours are probably impossible by now.

>> No.10283335

Still nasty even if stains get out. You need to burn it to make it clean.

>> No.10283336

Stop replying to the bad bait

>> No.10283338


>> No.10283340

Omg, ewww, bodily fluids! I've never touched that before! It's not like it's lurking on every doorknob or something. And don't even get me started on sweat! What kind of animal does that?

>> No.10283344

Agreed. This thread derailed a long time ago

>> No.10283345 [DELETED] 

Stop typing like a mongoloid.

>> No.10283346

>touching doorknobs with bare hands
Why are you so proud of being nasty?

>> No.10283347

People stopped posting there after it was discovered that one of the mods had an /r9k/ boyfriend that she gave her password to. She's still a mod.

>> No.10283352

you would have to name and shame quite a few japanese lolitas, ive bought too much disgusting brand from mercari

>> No.10283359

Yeah, you’re right. Shouldn’t feed the trolls.

>> No.10283360

this is the part I don’t get most. It’s really not an accomplishment to be this repulsively disgusting, but they’re coming off like they’re bragging about getting vaginal fluids on everything they touch.

>> No.10283367

>replying to unwashed bait anon
While it's obviously nasty if true I kind of accept the possibility of the previous owner being gross when buying secondhand brand. I use public transport a lot and sure, I know every bus seat is covered in a dozen mystery stains but in the end I still prefer it over paying for gas.
On top of that, if the clothes you sell smell bad or are otherwise gross you'll get negative feedback soon enough. If you make sure to buy from people with a lot of feedback chances of the dress turning out disgusting are really low.

>> No.10283375

Hard agree. Some old school looks great, but it's when people actually have pieces that are flattering for their body.

>> No.10283377


>> No.10283378 [DELETED] 

not when it's done right. it's a shame most old schoolers coord it so thoughtlessly though

>> No.10283379

If you don't have white blouses surely washing should be even easier? Most black blouses you can throw in with the rest of your black wash. Buy from taobao if you know you're going to be too scared of buying a brand blouse. I'm sure you're a troll, but if not, do better.

>> No.10283380

I bought a dress that had a dead spider in it's web in it from y!A. Vom.

>> No.10283387

If you think people don't notice the odor because you douse yourself in perfume, you're wrong.
Also, perfume on fabric is damaging to the fabric. White vinegar not only helps color to hold fast, when added to the rinse cycle it eliminates odors. Try again.

Also, black blouses, wash them and when they fade, re-dye them. It's not hard.

>> No.10283404

it makes me sad looking at cosplayers because even if they look good i know their personalities are so broken and fragile they might as well have a soul made of gravel
like, you cant even be too nice to them because they either cant handle positive reinforcement and shut down, or they are starved for friends and get clingy

>> No.10283406

>Kind of like how an American might not realise '4' in certain usages is really bad over there. (I think it's 4 that's like our 13.)
>be me, an american
yep, no idea what that means kek

>> No.10283419

All I know is that in Harvest Moon for the GBA if you check the TV at 4:44 it's all corrupted and freaky

>> No.10283431

One of the words for "4" is "shi" which is the same sound as the word for "death."

>> No.10283456

sounds like some AGP shit

>> No.10283462

How did the seller not notice that before they shipped it?

>> No.10283463

If what this poster saying is true, though I suspect they’re a troll, their dresses are probably unsalvageable anyway. Vaginal discharge bleaches clothes, and there’s really no coming back from that.

>> No.10283464

Randoseru bags with sweet lolita is cute. Fight me

>> No.10283470

If people that have legitimate cosplay insta and buys all their cosplays were barred from cons, quality would improve several hundredfold.

Also, cosplay has one of the most autistic general fanbases I've ever seen, and I hate the way everyone interacts in it. I just like making cosplays and being a dramatic dork, but some of the people in the fanbase are such preachy weirdoes it's insane.

>> No.10283475

A man posted this. How can anyone possibly think otherwise? Why does this have so many yous?
Get your shit together cgl.

>> No.10283483

I agree, but some bait is so hard not to bite. Even though this is an obvious troll I’m sure there are people this utterly disgusting

>> No.10283487

Anon in >>10283431 knew a bit more of the details then me; I didn't want to outright say because it is associated with death. Yeah, it's associated with death, and sometimes you might see things like apartments which skip the number '4' entirely kind of like how in the U.S., you can technically get your social security number changed if it includes the number 13 or 666. See, >>10283406, you weren't familiar with the negative connotation, and >>10283419 could only remember that there's a really strange Easter egg related to '4' in a Japanese game.

>> No.10283493

It's never been a separate board, no. It's not been in the almost 14 years I've browsed. There was confusion when /fa/ first came out as to whether or not it was where lolita belonged, but the site was pretty quick to point out the 'gl' in /cgl/ has always stood for 'gothic lolita'. I can share that bit of 'once upon a time' with you, yes.

>> No.10283497

This. I'm not against buying costumes if you are doing it for fun but if you think you are a pro or something with a Facebook fanpage and insta it's just cringeworthy.

>> No.10283509

Most clothes I see these days from jfashion brands are just printed baggy t-shirts and it’s uninspired and boring

>> No.10283510
File: 197 KB, 249x699, 1548730711008.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>leave a space just for women for once
I kinda' like lurking here, I am not really into Lolita fashion (although a friend of mine put it on my radar) but some of the pictures you guys put out are pretty damn good. So I'll probably continue to lurk. Pic related, actually one of my favorites from this board.

>> No.10283513

>some bait is so hard not to bite
The absolute state of /cgl/

>> No.10283514

These new old-school coords look 10x better than actual old-school from the past.

>> No.10283516 [DELETED] 

Really depends who's coords you're referring to because there's a lot of bad old school right now (mostly the edgelords) eclipsing the good

>> No.10283527

Oldschool nowadays is either copy-pasted or a hot mess. Western community just lacks the soul and creativity existed in the past.

>> No.10283529 [DELETED] 

overall, I agree with a few exceptions

>> No.10283535

Hardcore agree. Especially when it's mini skirts, that shit hasn't been lolita for 20 years.

>> No.10283537

People don't seem to get that the point of it was to be punk as fuck.
When you're punk as fuck you don't care if your clothes don't match.
That's the intention.

>> No.10283538

Oh, there's the "southern euros aren't TRUE WHITES" guy. I was wondering when you would pop up.

>> No.10283543

That's a pretty popular opinion actually. Those of us that wear mostly indie have to deal with people thinking we're not "real lolitas" all the time.

>> No.10283546 [DELETED] 

I wish O****** would shut up and stop pretending to be ~Queen~ of Old School already.

>> No.10283552

This. Also if you're gonna drag your bf to high teas and whatnot, please make sure he actually wants to be there AND IS WELL PUT TOGETHER. I'm sick of fucking greasy crustlord scrotes just standing around playing Pokemon go while their gf socialises

>> No.10283554 [DELETED] 

kek yes

>> No.10283557

Samefag, This is a specific example because one of the girls in my comm does this constantly and everyone hates her bf

>> No.10283559

This is not an unpopular opinion. Will y'all ever shut up about her?

>> No.10283560

how does a greasy crustlord scrote even get a gf anyway?

>> No.10283561

low standards on both sides

>> No.10283567

>please make sure he actually wants to be there
thank you, holy shit
please stop asking us to go to shit like this, we have nothing to contribute besides small talk

>> No.10283568


>> No.10283571

They're both furries so I think that speaks for itself

>> No.10283590

your $50 taobao dress looks like shit, sorry

99% of the people that think their hand-sewn dresses look good, don't
and 99% of people with taobao/indie closets that go "i-its just as good guise i swear!" it more often than not isn't.

are there people that have beautiful dresses they made themselves? yes.
Is there good indie/taobao? yes.
but 99% of people don't fall into this category

>tfw my original posts weren't even talking about lolita

it's always been one, this is true

>> No.10283620


>> No.10283640


>> No.10283644
File: 176 KB, 378x396, a82[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

just because of this I'm going to shove my male opinions about lolita x9 times harder

>> No.10283645
File: 622 KB, 510x512, 1572583063250.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not for weeb childrens
lmfao granny, it's about time for you to retire

>> No.10283667
File: 405 KB, 557x537, borg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>exposing your kids tp basement dwellers and cosplayers with tits&ass out
>bringing strollers into over crowded cons and blocking shit
>underagers are annoying as sin and most don't have money to spend to begin with

It's like you didn't even try lmao

>> No.10283681

>anime is for adults
manchildren, when will they ever learn!

>> No.10283691

T b h I can agree since the same people who bring their kids to cons are the same people who'd name their kid Naruto KEK

I cannot tell you how many times I've seen kids running around cons unsupervised. Cosplayers are not babysitters people.

>> No.10283735

They're not though and they never have been. If there really is such a demand for younger con spaces then there needs to be a separate space where their age specific needs can be met because the general con floor definitely is not. Anime isn't only for adults, but it's an open minefield for immature audiences that is widely unmonitored. And it isn't anime's fault for being that way. Parents and interested parties need to create that space for children, families, and teens rather than thrusting them into an adult space and expect that space to suddenly conform to child-friendly standards (which are bullshit anyway since they only can manage vendors and panels, leaving the near nude cosplayers and dudes wearing nudes still out in the open).

>> No.10283755

Children don’t have money. Their parents do, sure, but with some exceptions most parents aren’t going to be shelling out the kind of money that adult weebs will at cons.

>> No.10283837

I hate this plaque doctor coord Trend.
Stop it.

>> No.10283867

>muh keeds ruining muh thotsplay safe space
adult only cons where. thotsplayers get sexualized twice as much and molested twice as much when?

on the other hand, think about all the kids that want to get their hands on on ultra violent and hentai content, why would we stop them really by segregating them to a kids only con

>> No.10283868

only truly argument with weight, ur bigger consoomers, but with most manchildren being NEETs some kids might get even more money on goods that the average NEET

>> No.10283872

>f you can recognize quality you can find it cheap

Cheap isn't free, anon. It'll still cost you some funds.

I think what you mean is "lolita doesn't have to mean dropping a bomb on brand", but you do need funds for lolita. Even if you go 100% thriftstore and handsewn you're gonna need that dollar or ten for that secondhand dress or fabric or whatever. And we haven't even discussed shoes, they're the one item I'd say if you're going cheap, buy them firsthand from a budget store. Secondhand shoes usually have already been depressed into cardboard and are sometimes falling apart already.

>> No.10283917

I mean, of course, you have so spend some money but it's nothing extra if you are not homeless or something. I live in a literal 3rd world country and I changed my whole wardrobe just by going for lolita appropriate items when I needed something new. My first lolita item was shoes and they were the only shoes I had that time; so actually the money wasn't spent on a hobby but on something I needed.

>> No.10284011

I didn't say that but ok lmao

This. Adult weebs are the biggest spenders because they actually have jobs and no kids.

>> No.10284170

>plaque doctor
oh you mean dentist?

>> No.10284225
File: 311 KB, 560x560, 1558749429725.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What the fuck why was my reply about men in lolita deleted

>> No.10285413

>they still have the mary janes
bless you for this information anon

>> No.10285885

Uh it's offensive to people with pee pee duh this is 4chan you need to tred lightly

>> No.10286688 [DELETED] 

People who say they like taobao prints more than brand prints only do so because they have never seen a brand dress irl or because they can't afford one so they're lying to themselves.

>> No.10287570

Because it's fun, unlike you apparently.

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