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I'm the Ryu in the middle. Pretty sure I'm the fittest guy in the picture. Do you agree?

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>Hanzo cosplay.
Based and Samurai shodown pilled.

Oh yeah, you're also fine OP.

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You posted this picture on /fit/ last week and everyone one Saw through your bullshit. You were trying to fish for compliments

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>most fit in the picture
>jacked up Scorpion right there

Ooof. You goofed.

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I mean you're not fat and you're clearly pretty muscular, but you have just enough pudge over those muscles that you just look stocky instead of fit. Ryu doesn't have a muffin top last time I checked. You're not unattractive, but your insecurity and fishing for compliments sure is.

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What the fuck is that what passes as jacked to normalfags?

>Not fat

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good lord look at the tits on the girl on the right

imma fap now

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