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anyone know what the cosplay was?

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This one

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thanks. not even close to blackface, lol
just another nontroversy I guess.

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I think nowadays people consider this blackface because she’s using the skin color as a costume

it’s not traditional blackface with the caricature aspects. From what I understand (and I could be wrong because this shit is confusing) people are mad because she can take it off and she still has her white privilege, whereas black people can’t do that (?)
Again, kind of a headache but I think that’s why people are mad

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Pyke isn't black hes like Pacific islander.

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Man, if that's the case then it's best to avoid cosplaying a character who either is LGBT in any way, has a disability whether it be mental or physical, is on the autistic spectrum or even is a woman because of course they still suffer nowadays yo.

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that's part of it; yes.
The suit may be prosthetic but prosthetics are a form of makeup ergo it's a brown skin suit ergo it's seen as a form of raceface due to the things you mentioned plus the fact she's white.

This site actually covers a bunch of the replies and retorts and such of the black/raceface issue.


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I mean; if you're gonna take those types of people and cosplay them but do it in a denigrating way; then of course you shouldn't. Cause that'd make you a fat cunt. But otherwise; there's no issue at all with cosplaying a character such as this. Minus disabilities like needing a wheelchair. Don't be a fucking asshole and cosplay someone who is chairbound and actually use a wheelchair. Fuck you if you ever do.

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Fact is there are other skins of the character she could have used, she chose to do that one. The character has an Undead skin with lighter tone and she could have just gone for that one.

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I mean, the difference in that is that skin color is something you can physically see, you can’t look at someone and know for a fact that they’re LGBT or autistic
You tried, though

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Wait so cosplaying professor X or something and using a chair as a prop isn't okay? To me it's the same as adding glasses even if you have good vision or a walking stick/staff for some characters even if you don't need the support. What's the issue with it?

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In this case; you're mimicking an actual disability when you have none. Some people have special needs and you're prop could actually become a hinderance to this. Or; you could take advantage of a situation that a real disabled person could need. Consider it on the same level as taking up a handicap spot and you aren't handicapped. It's considered THAT bad and assholish.

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Oh my god, why don't you go kys SJW chan? No one cares about your feelings,this is a costume

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I hope you aren't a fat cunt to an IRL disabled person with that attitude.

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People talk about glasses as a disability aid a lot in the lolita threads and no ones seems bothered by cosplay glasses.

If they aren't attempting to take advantage of services or aid or get attention for being disabled when they're not and just using it as a prop for photos, but otherwise walking instead of taking up space on ramps and not trying to use handicap parking or something, where is the issue?

As far as I am aware, purchasing a wheelchair or renting one isn't taking it away from someone else right?

It would seem weird to me if someone cosplayed a canonical wheelchair character and ignored their disability; it would almost seem more like erasure which could arguably be worse since many with physical or mental ailments often are disappointed by lack of representation in media.

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My gf is disabled you pissbaby lmao,and if it can give me some extra pity points,i'm a dyke.
You sensitive cunts need to chill out.

Seriously,this whole "blackface" ordeal is ridiculous. The retarded SJWs are going way too far.

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I mean, glasses help disabilities but they aren't on the level of like using a wheelchair when you aren't disabled or a walking stick when you aren't blind but wanna be Daredevil.

Like how you mentioned about space being taken up or taking advantage of services; those are the main issues. There's people who do do this. I remember a disabled cosplayer telling her story how some guy hogged the elevator with his prop chair when he wasn't even disabled whereas she actually needed it.

"Accuracy" is one of the things the black/racefacers say. It's not really needed.

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Well, I hope your gf doesn't ever require a service that someone takes from her or stalls her when she actually needs it. If so; don't get mad at the person as you're totally fine with this happening.

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Isnt it always the case people who are not black or disabled are the ones bitching the loudest?

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Probably because they're picking up the slack cause they were asked too. Because people don't listen to black/disabled people anyways even after explaining things.

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Black person here that isn't a hardcore SJW and while I am less sensitive about it than other black people, I personally don't find actual racist blackface offensive in any intense way, just stupid and tasteless.

Legitimate spray tan or color for a cosplay--a literal high fidelity costume, or even stuff for film (though I see no reason to not just hire a real brown skinned person if it's a movie) seems perfectly fine to me. Prosthetics or things beyond makeup may take it a bit far if it isn't a character with unrealistic facial features or something but the goal is a good representation of the character and if body paint is acceptable for unnatural skin colors it should be acceptable for natural ones too.

I won't judge a cosplay as worse if it has or doesn't have body paint but appreciate the effort. Some people are bothered and if you're white you're walking on eggshells already these days senpai so just be smart and accept the risk of offending more sensitive people.

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>>10269901 I have literally never asked a white person to "pick up the slack" on getting offended about race issues lol you must be joking.

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Not joking. There's been plenty of PoC now (current Livanart issue) and in the past (like 2 months ago minimum) asking non-PoC to talk to their friends/people they know on their behalf. Mostly because said people simply will not listen to a PoC. They're more likely to listen to a friend then random internet stranger number 1928402375. But, they also won't listen to a non-PoC; in many cases. And yet, when a white person says they will only entertain hearing from a black person, they will dismiss them still with "lol i'm gonna do it anyways (darken their skin)". (ONBLUESNOW comes to mind).

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Also black guy non-hardcore SJW. Personally, it doesn't bother me either. But since cosplay is a "world scale" thing; people should be more mindful of these things. As has been said, there's really no excuse when you can Google and find tons of recent examples of raceface and the backlash associated with it.

I remember when a white guy showed up at a con as Emiya Alter from FGO. Like, how could you even think that was a smart idea in this day and age?

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I'm not a black guy I'm a girl senpai.

But yeah even if you don't agree people being so offended over stuff you should still be aware of possible damage it could do to your life if you piss off the wrong crowd.

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>people are mad because she can take it off and she still has her white privilege, whereas black people can’t do that (?)
thats literally the point of cosplay though. To become someone else for a day.

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Why do you americucks have to bring your own problems to Europe? We never had these kinds of problems here, our slavery ended centuries earlier than yours and the southern countries, like Spain, always had traditions with people using make-up for historical representations without anyone making any outrage.

Stay in your shitty country, please.

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That moment when you just can't help but fucking force your skin color and victimization on everyone even if the world literally stopped giving a shit decades ago.

It's like a oppression contest with bonus points for creativity and the most absurd claims win while keeping the whitesupremacy machine running exactly trough that.

Personalities solely build on a victim complex can't exist in a world without racism, so they need to create it on their own if the others stop.

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Color your skin darker? Blackface!
Prosthetic mold since coloring with makeup is forbidden? RACIST!

These people just need to admit they hate white people like the racists they actually are. And these white girls and their beta orbiters need to stop trying to be white saviors for the poor "oppressed" minorities and speak for them. Fuck you for infantilizing PoC by acting like we can't speak for ourselves. Fuck off you projecting racist trash.

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this is genuinly one of the most idiotic things ive ever seen. these people acting fake outraged are always the same idiots that just do it for their own socio monetary gain, never actual black people or people that are level headed

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>our slavery ended centuries earlier than yours

And who do you think went to America to have slaves there, hmm?

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Britcucks and some Germanic protestant losers.

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You really thing Eurofags don't/didn't have/do racism towards blacks? bwahahaha.

99% of the black cos community won't call whitewashing on a white person doing a black character. I'm not talking elitists who say that shit; i'm talkin' actual black cosplayers. On the average, you are not going to be accused of whitewashing. That is such a non-issue that I can't believe people still attempt to use it as reinforcement for blackfacing arguments.

Ah yes; "You brought it up so you're the racist one!". "Whoever smelt it; dealt it" has never been a valid thing. Stop blackfacing and you won't get called on your shit.

A common misconcesption. I can pooint you right now to a bunch of black people outraged by it. Why do people think actual black people don't call this shit out? You must not hang around enough black cosers online otherwise you'd easily see.

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>You must not hang around enough black cosers online otherwise you'd easily see.
ive only met like 2 black people. i dont give a fuck when people do "yellow" face or whatever, and i dont think know any that would. please do, point out black people that match the criteria i laid out

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We already solved our problems ages ago. You are the only ones starting shit. Please keep it to yourselves.

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Chair or walking stick prop becomes an issue in busier cons because you’re taking up space in the walkway and people have to make room for you. Walking stick is fine unless you’re actually using it as a walking stick. Stuff like chairs wouldn’t be allowed in, for example, NYCC because it’s so crowded and there limited accessibility for people who legitamely need additional support to get around. If you want to use a big mobility prop, fine, just don’t bring it with you to a con and expect too many accommodations

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I'm literally a black person and another black person and I both expressed how little we care about your SJW bullshit upthread.

>> No.10269974


I have no intention of doing that sort of cosplay but I was just curious if the issue is the action of having a wheelchair as a prop itself or the likelihood or frequency of people attempting to scam or take advantage of the system with their prop and it seems to really just be the latter. (also when I thought walking stick I was thinking more old anime man sensei wooden staff not blind person daredevil stick)

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>>You're literally a fucking retard. kill yourself at your earliest convenience, racist fucking loser.

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Correct. "Blackface" today isn't the same as blackface in the 1920s when people were running around with charcoal faces and red lips. She isn't blackfacing to be disrespectful but cosplay doesn't exist in a bubble. When a black person cosplays they're often ignored or receive hate because of their skintone, so it's so it's disrespectful to then turn around and instead applaud a white person for "being" black. They are profiting (receiving money or fame) off of being black without any of the disadvantages that actual POCs have to deal with.

So many people in these twitter threads are crying that they aren't personally racist so it's okay to do this, but that doesn't matter because of the world we live in. Convince everyone in the world to stop being racist and then maybe blackfacing will be okay.

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holy shit good troll dude

>> No.10270030


and then you have shit like this which really makes the french side look super open to learning and having a dialogue. hope MCM bans this girl for life at this point, this whole thing is stupid

>> No.10270032

desu; it's not just the French. The Russians and a lot of Europeans are the same way.

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I'm yet to see anyone on that side of this shitstorm who is actually looking to listen to why people are offended. It's either people screaming that anyone who thinks it's racist is insane or a baby, or people who are just trying to pick fights.

Even the original cosplayer is now calling for a boycott of eurocosplay instead of a acknowledging that her cosplay offended some people. She's looking like an idiot in front of the global community.

>> No.10270109

well yeah argue it from a non american pov and the argument doesnt hold up in any way. its an american problem, not a european one. and like i said earlier, as a chinese idgaf what someone wears on their face, whether its yellow or whatever.

the reason im reading is because of historical context and claiming that this is "modern" blackface.
1)theyre not american so why should it matter
2)how is it even remotely the same, people are claiming its a caricature when its clearly not. its a costume of a character and doesnt make fun of them at all
3)its not even "black". holy shit.

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Nobody is claiming it's a blackface characture and it doesn't have anything to do with America. See >>10269993 s summary.

>> No.10270117

this summary doesnt make sense, we should hate black cosplayers and white cosplayers who do blackface? wyta? also examples of hate? especially to the scale of being blacklisted from a con? if anything it shows theres an issue with black cosplayers that needs to be addressed but is being ignored.

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>Nobody is claiming it's a blackface characture
The original tweet disagrees with you.

>> No.10270144

No it doesn't. Learn to read.

>> No.10270150

uh what's wrong with it? I thought it was sum girl with her tits out or somethin

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>They are profiting (receiving money or fame) off of being black
She is profiting off being a good cosplayer. If you get offended over someone being better than you, thats your own problem.

>> No.10270166

the comments of the tweet

>> No.10270195

Eurocos had no options.

The dumb bitch knew that this was considered blackfacing by some, in April. She did not contact anybody if this was OK, she just carried on until mcm has to deal with it. And they do, because otherwise they will be known as racist con.

Then the French start crying because blackface is only blackface if it are others, not when it is one of your own. Adding some memes and an organisation hell bent on adding fuel to the fire. And now she is their hero.

And, fuck, here comes the beauty part: she is pressuring other contestant to drop out, asking her followers to do the same and some contestants have even received death threats by those followers. And she keeps egging those on.

That with some clear transphobic slurs.

But, yeah, the cosplayer is the victim... Cry me a fucking river.

>> No.10270208

>buzzwords, buzzwords, buzzwords
Holy shit, this fucking site became more of a tumblr infested shithole than ever before

>> No.10270215

How is she profiting from being black? She didn't receive any food stamps or get a free chicken leg and a slice of watermelon

>> No.10270224

>bwaa my racist safe space is being taken over by ess jay dubyas

>> No.10270236

So you are perfectly fine with cosplayers getting death threats for participating...

>> No.10270245

Considering how antiblack you assholes can be/ are toward black and brown people, and just claim ignorance when the internet exists??
I can't be surprised you said this.....

>> No.10270249

Or you could just be a better cosplayer and use your own skin color??? You see plenty of black and brown cosplayers wear cosplays without having to make themselves white, and you can instantly tell who they are.
If the cosplay is accurate, you have no need of coloring yourself.
You look like you end up rolling in dog shit anyway; it doesn't really have anything to do with the fact that you're white.

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I'm so angry that I found this funny and laughed.....

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Now that "guide" was quite cringe fest, felt like reading something like of bible of BLM.

Oh god this is so so so retarded, nobody should bend a knee towards the butthurt snowflakes.

They should just reverse the decision and nothing would happen and earth would keep turning instead of giving the fuel for silent majority than please the loud minority sjw snowflakes.

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Eurocosplay event was bashed by SJWs to remove this cosplay (not the cosplayer, she was asked to choose another cosplay to wear for the contest) so they did. Now they are bashed by livanart fans and French community in general, the fact France hosts ECG, the only direct competitor to Eurocosplay, and given long not the best history of UK-FR relations only gives them motivation.
As a public event, Eurocosplay will bend to those who bashes them harder and expresses their disagreement more vocal.
Remember how 5 years ago or so no one even cared about blackface in cosplay? The situation has changed.
SJWs need to show it's actually bad to do blackface and it's bad to support those who does blackface on this very example since other side is trying to make a movement out of this, asking others competitors to drop out of the event and shaming/sending death threats to those who will still take part, which will eventually kill the event.
If you will show it's allowed to act like this, no other event will cater to your blackface opinion, so you need to act.
Attack livanart opinions, voice your own opinions proving her wrong, do your best to deplatform her and her supporters by sending racism reports to facebook, instagram or wherever she is, do the same with those who support her.
She is doing a bad thing in your eyes, right? Make sure you work on it.

>> No.10270262

Majority problem it's silent so that's a good time for them to actually voice their own opinion and stand against people trying to bend cosplay freedom to their own social and political forced agenda.

>> No.10270264

You are the ones with a still functioning open anti-black organization
Don't assume the entire world is as shitty as you

>> No.10270266

She didn't even know she was going to go to the EC finals, the only reason they picked the winner of the French Cosplay Cup is because few people give a shit about Eurocosplay these days in France and no one applied for the prelims at Mangazur this year.

>> No.10270277

This cosplay is racist whether it's going to EC or not.

>> No.10270279

>cosplay lets you be anything your heart wants for a day
>you decide to be a nigger

what a dumb idea

>> No.10270307

>Even the original cosplayer is now calling for a boycott of eurocosplay
based french

>> No.10270308

>That with some clear transphobic slurs.
Even more based

>> No.10270326


You people keep claiming that commenters need to "prove" that racism exists or prove that blackfacing is bad, while simultaneously ignoring all of the explanations and links that people have posted. It's not their fault if you choose not to listen.

>> No.10270331

>Even the original cosplayer is now calling for a boycott of eurocosplay instead of a acknowledging that her cosplay offended some people. She's looking like an idiot in front of the global community.
No, the people who did this are looking like idiots. You cannot censure stuff like cosplay just because some people may feel offended. Otherwise you should ban most of the Japanese stuff because some Japs may think you are stealing their culture. I know you are just baiting, but there some actual autists out there actually think that way.

>> No.10270333

first of all pyke is more like jamaican secondly does this mean anyone else cant do iron man, super man all that other shit? disgusting hypocrites

>> No.10270334

Why are you replying to my post where I call actual SJWs to action against that blackface Pyke cosplayer with "you people"?

>> No.10270337

Pyke is black and that's confirmed, please do your math.
How are white male iron man and super man related?

>> No.10270349

I saw that some people would use a wheelchair but then donate it afterward so someone who needed it could have access to it, to me that’s perfectly okay

>> No.10270350

>it’s not racist!
>posts this shit

>> No.10270355

This whiny shit is why nobody takes the cosplay community seriously.

>> No.10270359

This is what I did. I used mine, only sat in it for photos and a few antics at a gathering, never asked for amenities and was always up front about its use, avoided getting in people's way as much as I could, and then when a friend needed one but couldn't afford it, I passed it off to them for free. Not everyone who uses one as a prop is going to be a dick about it.

>> No.10270362

>Anon's racist logic proves that random cosplayer is racist as well!

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Gtfo crossboarder

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You experience doesn’t speak for everyone

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nayrt but neither does yours is their point, so they'd prefer if you didn't claim to be their mouthpiece.

>> No.10270433

That's not how offensive content works. If two people are uncomfortable with something but three are fine with it, that doesn't mean the thing is fine because majority rules. It doesn't erase the fact that some POC find something disrespectful, even if others don't care.

>> No.10270439

>but do it in a denigrating way
Since when was this a qualifier?
Blackface has always been regarded as a "respectfulness doesn't matter, don't do it ever" regardless of the minstrel origins and no amount of logic will ever convince the screeching fucking hyenas

>> No.10270441

So we just need ALL POC to not find something disrespectful in order for the white people who are claiming to be offended for them to be put in their place? That doesn't seem that hard honestly, there are only 38,093,725 African Americans in the United States. If we were to convince all of them that this cosplay isn't racist then it would surely deal a crippling blow to anyone trying to speak for them from another ethnicity.

>> No.10270443

Typical of a wannabe white savior/communist to tell a PoC that their experience as an individual doesn't matter while trying to speak for an entire group of people.

Fuck you

>> No.10270444

No they are right, that PoC is just misinformed and would surely empathize with their fellow people if they weren't so oppressed by whites. We see this a lot with "Uncle Toms" who are reviled by the majority of people of color just saying

>> No.10270459

I'm not the person they were replying to. Some people not being offended doesn't undo the harm that was done. It's not a matter of being a mouthpiece. Saying some people were hurt doesn't erase the people that weren't offended, just like >>10270433 said

Lmao get a load of this fuck, white people are far more likely to claim "black friends weren't offended" to justify their stupid behaviour. Saying that it's not offensive because a couple of people that might have been fabricated by an anonymous internet user said so is doing the exact thing you warn against you fucking buffoon

They aren't necessarily misinformed. Different people just interact with and experience racism differently. We fix society so that people who feel the effects of harm are treated equally. To keep things stagnant because some people don't experience negative effects is irresponsible and unproductive. "Hospitals are not for the healthy" and whatnot.

>> No.10270464

You are a racist that believes minorities have no agency and need white people to fight for them and assume they need to be offended on their behalf because "muh privilege"

Shut your fucking mouth.

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>thinking that I’m saying the cosplayer is racist by calling out actual racism

Love your logic

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>saying that some people are offended is the same as saying that minorities have no agency


Picture this. Imagine there are four people on a rock climbing trip. One falls and needs to get to a hospital. The other three say "I'm fine though, let's keep climbing."

That's how fucking stupid you sound, but whatever helps you sleep at night, whitey LARPer.

>> No.10270501

"If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor"

-Desmond Tutu

It's not fighting for them it's about standing with people in solidarity. Have fun with your selfish existence, I bet you would have sold your neighbors out to the gestapo lmao, but I guess that wouldn't be much of an insult to you.

>> No.10270513

don't feed the troll, the summerfags are already overstaying their welcome

>> No.10270515

Ayrt and if you actually read what me and the other poster said instead of insulting PoC and treating us like we're too stupid or 'brainwashed' by white people to have valid opinions or experiences just because we disagree with you you would have seen that me and the one or two other black posters said while we personally don't feel offended and dislike a lot of over-sensitivity, we also understand some people are bothered by it and think the smarter thing to do to avoid upsetting them is steer clear of controversial actions/practices.

I am not misinformed and I can empathize with people who are offended while not being offended or wanting to silence or exclude people myself.

I fucking hate white people who pretend they're the savior to every black person on the planet but really they don't give two fucks about how black people feel unless they agree with them.

The same way my words and opinions as a black person don't speak for all black people, some SJW white person's don't speak for all black people either.

The fact that one of you even had the nerve to use the term Uncle Tom or imply a black person can't be intelligent enough to disagree with you just to try to shut someone up who disagrees with you shows you care nothing about the agency of black people and just want to use them to strengthen your own arguments or ideas by considering them brainwashed if they think differently than you.

TL;DR Blackface is offensive to some but not all. In general it's polite to avoid doing things that offend people, within reason, so probably try to avoid doing anything equivalent if you want to stay on people's good side. And white savior complex anons itt can go fuck themselves

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>> No.10270523

Well if you actually read what I said you would see that I never said that your experiences and opinions don't matter. I just said that your experiences aren't universal and if you can't see that I don't know what to tell you

>> No.10270531

>>1027051 bruh you literally said that your words don't speak for all people which is literally what >>10270399 said, someone's being a piss baby looks like

>> No.10270532


>> No.10270537

As opposed to you saying you have a right to be offended on pocs behalf and they are just too stupid to know better? To remove a person's agency and deny them their opinion because by having it they are an uncle tom? Who is the real racist here?

>> No.10270540

They said my words don't speak for everyone but they or others literally claimed that someone who they aren't speaking for and thinks differently must be a misinformed Uncle Tom bootlicker. That's just bullshit. I treat everyone the fucking same and I'm not some The cosplay in question is such a high fidelity costume I don't even see why people are bothered by the skin tone issue. Instead of thinking "oh, well it's cool they recreated a whole human face and body structure of a character they like" people instead think "wow this white girl is a racist piece of shit for liking a black character enough to literally want to wear their skin"?

It really makes no sense and while I dislike racism, etc., obviously, I find the desire of white people to silence minorities that don't feel oppressed or think too optimistically to be angry or sad about the supposed racism in everything that white people do sinister and likely to do more harm than good to the people these white saviors think they're helping.

Being so hell bent on seeing everything as racist or intentionally choosing not to give people the benefit of the doubt when there was no ill intent is harmful and silly. So is claiming you want agency for POC and then denying it to them when they don't agree and treating them as defective or otherwise lesser. How is that any different than actual racism?

>> No.10270549

Not only are you a racist but you are also intellectually dishonest by strawmanning and making shit up.

You can go now.

>> No.10270564

This is unironically a pretty racist post.

>> No.10270565

It's sad you keep dismissing the opinions of other POC cosplayers who are bothered by it, just because you personally aren't. There's plenty of people who are pissed off about it and don't care how much money and effort she put into her black man skin suit.

>> No.10270567

>The cosplay in question is such a high fidelity costume I don't even see why people are bothered by the skin tone issue

So if she'd done a bad job constructing it, then it WOULD be racist....?

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File: 124 KB, 1600x900, AP_420201061-e1549904553420[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If it looked anything like pic related it'd be racist.

Not the person you replied to, but I think intent matters. The cosplayers intent was to make a detailed and accurate cosplay of the character. The intent was not to exaggerate features on black people like pic related. I think it's cool that she like a character so much she'd find a way to cosplay it accurately despite how different the character looks are from her own. I'm not black, but I am a POC and I know I'm only one opinion, but I also believe her cosplay is fine and love the effort put into it.

>> No.10270571

Intent is always one of the cited responses. But, anything like darkening your skin brown is going to be linked to blackface simply due to history. There's no escaping this fact. But people just wanna use the textbook definition/minstrel shows version as the only acceptable example of blackface.

>> No.10270573

I mean that makes sense right? It shows she's dedicated to her artistic pursuit and very talented, therefore her work is less likely to have a racial intent. Please show me an example of something as exquisitely well-made or demonstrating such artistic ability as this cosplay that was intended to be racist otherwise what you've said doesn't really apply.

As an aisde, a person of color is mentioning the craftsmanship of their cosplay, so evidently it does mean something to them. I would say it means something to people in general, regardless of ethnicity.

>> No.10270579

>darkening your skin brown is going to be linked to blackface simply due to history
I agree. It's just my opinion on the matter. I can't tell other people to not be offended because I can not dictate the way another human feels. I do hope one day one can see intent is what matters because I don't like the idea of certain races not able to cosplay certain characters when it's all fictional at the end of the day. In my eyes seeing a white person wanting to cosplay a character who isn't their own race is really neat, but again I understand others will not share this view with me.

>> No.10270581

The point I was making is that there was no ill intent; she put a lot of effort into respectfully depicting a character she revered; she didn't pull a Justin Trudeau and put tar colored paint on her face to make a mockery of dark people.

I am not dismissing their opinions, I literally said that since some people are bothered by it you should probably avoid it if you want to avoid upsetting those who find it offensive. It's sad that you keep dismissing the opinions of other POC just because they aren't the same as those of the people you agree with.

The opinions of myself and all the other people itt who weren't particularly bothered or severely emotionally affected by this cosplay have pretty much been:
>We don't care but obviously others do so don't do it unless you're willing to accept the consequences of seriously upsetting those that are bothered by it, the polite thing to do knowing that the internet is global is to avoid offense when possible.

How or why is having a neutral non-hateful or non SJW level opinion that takes into account everyone's feelings somehow sad or dismissive?

Those pissed off people have the right to be pissed off and I get that they are more sensitive to the subject than me but I also have a right to not find it racist and just think her black man skin suit is pretty cool technically speaking.

>> No.10270590

> I don't like the idea of certain races not able to cosplay certain characters

See; people keep saying this b ut literally nobody is saying they CAN'T cosplay the character. Just don't paint your skin. That is ALL that is being asked. People are acting like they're being fully banned when they aren't. NOBODY is going to care if a white guy cosplay's Black Panther. Just. Don't. Paint. Your. Skin. It's so simple but people are acting like that request = "I can't cosplay this character at ALL."

>> No.10270602

See the third sentence on >>10269943

>> No.10270606

>NOBODY is going to care if a white guy cosplay's Black Panther
Some absolutely will.

>Just don't paint your skin
The they're not cosplaying the character accurately then. Not that it's an absolute necessity, but I'd understand some cosplayers wants to make it as accurate to the character as possible. I mean shit RDJ got away with worse in Tropic Thunder and he was probably the most liked character in that shitty movie.

Again, I understand why some would be offended I just think intent is still more important in the grand scheme of things. We should always remember our history and keep those memories forever, but I feel like at a point we should grow from it not be restricted from it. My opinion on the matter anyway.

>> No.10270613

>they're not cosplaying the character accurately
This, so much
I think ultimately autism will overpower sjws in the end. Nerds just want to be 100% accurate, there's nothing racist about it.

>> No.10270620

Nobody can give an actual instance of whitewashing claims being done. It's like when someone says, "I know some thot in a Harley Quinn bikini won a cosplay contest at a con."; there's never any proof.

On the EXTREMELY low chance someone did claim whitewashing; they'd be told to fuck off for being an elitist. Guarantee you the poc upset about Livanart would shut down anyone who claimed whitewashing.

>> No.10270622

Of course someone will. It's the internet. Someone always does "something". Guarantee you one thing; the odds of it being a poc cosplayer will be next to none.

If we can't tell who you are simply because you didn't wear a black person's skin tone as a costume; then your cosplay is shit and you need to git gud.

As for Tropic Thunder, there WAS a point to that. It wasn't simply RDJ being a blackface character. But people who haven't watched the movie bring it up as if it was done without an actual meaning behind it.

>> No.10270623

Even if it’s a straw man it’s still comparable anon. You don’t ignore people in bad situations because others are fine. Sounds like someone just can’t take the L, you’re embarrassing yourself

>> No.10270624

>>10270623 its not even a straw man, its an analogy

>> No.10270626

This. There’s a reason nobody is upset with the many people cosplaying Asian characters that don’t attempt to look like the race.

>> No.10270627
File: 38 KB, 960x614, 52720897_10157032723274376_7872209418983571456_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

responding to bait thread, but

I mean, you have to be a little bit obtuse to be a <40 yr old living in le current year to not see why people might have a problem with this. It's a huge reach to suggest that the girl should be ~cancelled and that there was deliberate racist intent; I think some of the arguments are pretty valid wrt cultural crossed wires (I've read some claims that blackface isn't really recognised in France, among other things) but you'd have to be kind of wilfully ignorant to engage in English-speaking social media and not realise that constructing a skin suit of a person of colour is incredibly tone deaf.

>Being so hell bent on seeing everything as racist or intentionally choosing not to give people the benefit of the doubt when there was no ill intent is harmful and silly. So is claiming you want agency for POC and then denying it to them when they don't agree and treating them as defective or otherwise lesser. How is that any different than actual racism?
pic related

>> No.10270629

>If we can't tell who you are simply because you didn't wear a black person's skin tone as a costume; then your cosplay is shit and you need to git gud.
Agreed. I couldn't tell the cosplay above it was a white French girl cosplaying Pyke. It's part of why I liked it.

>As for Tropic Thunder, there WAS a point to that.
>people who haven't watched the movie bring it up as if it was done without an actual meaning behind it.
You say there was a point to it. You say there was an actual meaning behind it. A point and meaning behind RDJ being a blackface character. Almost as if.. the intent matters more than the actual blackface cosume. Kind of like how I've repeated in this conversation that intent should matter for these kind of situations.

>> No.10270632

There were arguments for years that all anime characters were actually white and not asian based on their cartoon features; plus most asian characters tend to have a similar skin shade and just different tone than whites so there is less of a difference from the original for many people at a glance. Some characters are hard to recognize though even with the skin matching. For some people it isn't about being recognized but about how skilled they are at transforming their body into their favorite characters. Plus as >>10270613
said it is not even done with racist intent. Intent matters.

>> No.10270635

Seconding this. This whole situation seems incredibly calculated. Cosplayers are incredibly attention hungry and this has done nothing but give this girl hordes of white knights. People give her a pass because the execution of the project was good, it feels like that’s probably intentional. Even if this situation isn’t racist, the cosplayer is still a dumbass if she didn’t think this would have negative repercussions.

>> No.10270637

Bruh white people literally cosplay Hanson who is clearly not white and nobody cares. Cherrypick harder.

>> No.10270639


(Edit: hell white people even cosplay Lucio, just look at every cosplayer of Overwatch. Nobody cares.)

>> No.10270640

I literally said that I see why others are bothered and that while not personally offended I find it tasteless and not necessary, which I have repeated multiple times already. It's like people refuse to read anything except the part they can twist into being a disagreement when I have acknowledged the feelings of those hurt or upset by it already. I also agree in the end that it is in poor taste to do and is considered impolite to do things that would hurt people so I've said white people prolly shouldn't change their skin for cosplay even if my own perspective and feelings differ.

>> No.10270641

I'm not cherrypicking I'm just saying pale pink toned skin and pale warmer toned skin can look pretty close compared to white and dark skin for a recognizable costume.

I'm also not saying people should even do blackface, they probably shouldn't cause it's usually rude to do stuff that you are aware is hurting others in some way but I'm not evil or an Uncle Tom for not being severely distraught by a costume.

Watching actual movies made by black creators depicting racism and slavery is more upsetting to me than white people being naive and accidentally 'racist' because of their ignorance or insensitivity.

>> No.10270644

The analogy was not the strawman. You know what you did when you purposely misinterpreted my post, so lets go down the list. You are: Racist, intellectually dishonest, and also a dumbass troll.

Stick to twitter where this shit will get you some seal-clapping by drones.

>> No.10270645
File: 201 KB, 899x863, EGYk-mAXkAATdhw.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

All of this. The original tweets didn't even call to cancel Livenart, only to remove her from a high profile, public contest. Maybe this cosplay was fine in France but a big international contest like this is going to be seen by people around the world who don't necessarily share her values (not even to say anything about the all-American judging panel). According to her original tweet she already knew that it might be a problem.

>> No.10270646

Lmao people on twitter are less SJW than this board

>my point is correct because I’m totally not white which is totally a valid point on an anonymous image posting board

Pro tip: using “as a ___ person,” especially on an anonymous board makes your point look really weak.

>> No.10270647

That doesn’t explain why people are fine with white people cosplaying black characters given they don’t darken their skin. Once again, white people cosplay Korra, Lucio, Demoman and Lifeline. None of them are pale skinned.

>> No.10270652

She knew it would be because apparently back in April she asked followers about it and people told her then that it would be seen as offensive. She KNEW it would be and did it anyways. You can't claim to be the victim when you KNEW it would be an issue and were told this.

>> No.10270653

As other POC have stated; intent doesn't matter. The action is inherently racist. This is never going to change. Thank the shitty racists of the past for it. RDJ DID get flack for that part. At the same time, people who didn't watch the movie lack the knowledge of his character in that movie. If I have to spell it out for you, THIS DOES NOT GIVE RDJ A FREE PASS.

>> No.10270656

I think that the groups it pertains to, e,g, people of color, could change the association with the act if they wanted to.

If you want proof of this, why are they going back to being called people of color when that was considered racist at a time? Pretty sure white people didn't ordain that for them..

>> No.10270657 [DELETED] 

Fuck niggers
Fuck SJWs

>t. Shitskin

>> No.10270659

"Colored" is not the same as "Person of Color". You're an idiot.

>> No.10270660

That's against the rules of this forum, please don't troll.

>> No.10270661

>The term "colored" was originally equivalent in use to the term person of color, but usage of the appellation "colored" in the Southern United States gradually came to be restricted to "negroes"

Source: https://books.google.com/books?id=EX_hAAAAMAAJ

>> No.10270662


It is in the UK.

>> No.10270665

I don't see what you're trying to prove here. Nobody in 2019 refers to themselves as "colored".

>> No.10270669

At this point, the moral outcry against blackface has little to do with the historical act of blackface, and more to do with taking on the physical characteristics that people are disciminated for and can’t change. Additionally, ut has to do with the fact that black cosplayers that cosplay outside their race are often met with harassment, whereas individuals like this one will be idolized for portraying those same qualities.

>> No.10270675

>gets upset at an anon for using strawman fallacy
>resorts to using ad hominem fallacy

try harder, kek

>> No.10270681

This is a very succinct summary of the real issue that so many people are ignoring. This is why the cosplayer's intent does not matter to some, and why it doesn't matter which country it takes place in. Until these social issues go away and POC are treated with respect both in and out of cosplay, it's going to be perceived as disrespectful when a white person "plays" at being black.

>> No.10270688

>As other POC have stated
As a POC myself I say intent does matter so whatever.

>The action is inherently racist.
I disagree. It's the intent behind the action that makes it racist.

>RDJ DID get flack for that part
Yet the overwhelming majority enjoyed his character in that movie and any complaint was drowned out.

It literally did during the run of the movie. He still got to do the part, he still got paid. As opposed to the cosplayer who is not allowed to cosplay at whatever event she was going to and is forced to change her cosplay or not go. in comparison RDJ absolutely got a free pass.

Lets just agree to disagree at this point. I see it my way and you see it your way.

>> No.10270722 [DELETED] 

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>> No.10270728

But CHUDS told me no one cares about blackface outside america

>> No.10270731

SJWism is a plague ruining every hobby

>> No.10270747

uncle tom take

>> No.10270763

Bruh, Amazonian was saying her comm was going to shred her if she wore it to MCM, that soudns fairly cancel-y to me

>> No.10270767

One person making a hyperbolic statement isn't the same thing as a "cancel" movement that requires mass call out posts by lots of people. Hell, most of the "I'm anti blackfacing" posts going around don't even mention the cosplayer by name. Try reaching harder.

>> No.10270770

Also if anyone is getting attacked it's the two people who made the original posts after Livanart blamed them. I don't see anyone leaving death threats for her or spamming her post so much she has to take it down despite the french crying that she's such a "victim".

>> No.10270831

This, I can’t have any sympathy for a person who sics her white knights on people and refuses to acknowledge that maybe, just maybe she hurt some people with her actions. She’s really been handling this like a child. Considering there’s evidence that she knew that there would be repercussions for her actions, it seems like she really did do this for the sake of causing a shitstorm. Doubt she’d be able to get attention any other way, if it wasn’t for her sculpting skill I would say her craftsmanship is incredibly mediocre because the rest of the costume really isn’t all that great. But that’s beside the point, she’s either a cunt or a dumbass.

>> No.10270850

I love how so many people try to defend black people regardless of what black people actually think.

Black people, you better get offended, or else ... !

The despotism is real.

>> No.10270867

Regardless of what anyone thinks it was a dumbass move to try to cosplay a black character for something so official, brownfacing or not. the cosplay looks pretty good but if you think it might be controversial you should probably stay the hell away from it

>> No.10270874

no its not and this literally only started in the cosplay community recently honestly i think its just petty jealously i notice its virtually almost always black women leading these crusades not black men

perpetually always offended over nonsensical bullshit. these women are always fat and unattractive

>> No.10270891

Oh fun, two black people who think just because they kiss ass, white people will pick them.
Newsflash, you don't speak for the rest of us. The majority of black cosplayers have said it's offensive.

>> No.10270892

The entire world IS that shitty to black and brown people but ok friend.

>> No.10270902

u gais are on crack. just dont darken ur skin for cosplay. or if u do dont cry like a baby when people say youre being dumb. no one is saying you cant cosplay in dark skin. u just look like a chose and don't get to go on the big boy rides.

>> No.10270910

She literally knew/was aware that ppl found it offensive back in April, chose to ignore/laugh it off and didn't communicate with mcm about any of it till it was too late and mcm HAD to take action to avoid even more of a drama fest. She then decides to pull of the worst kind of responses in succession by first acting like all of this is a big shock, then acting like she's an uwu victim and now her fanbase are putting pressure on other cosplayers to drop out of the comp to support her cause otherwise they're meanies.

There's even a Pyke skin with lighter skin she could have done/changed to back in April. She made her choice.

For the people going ''well I'M not offended so that means it ain't'' please learn how to separate opinion from fact.

If you're white you don't even know what you're talking about, y'all legit can't handle something not revolving around your opinions like they matter most otl

>> No.10270911

>Art should be censored if there is a risk of offending someone
Do you realize that you could basically ban all exposing cosplays just to prevent offending the most conservative minorities?

>> No.10270912

>For the people going ''well I'M not offended so that means it ain't'' please learn how to separate opinion from fact.
People being offended is not excuse to censor anything, retard. You should censor your existence, because I take personal offense by it.

>> No.10270915

Blackface is just a thing for Americans. Why we should care about a thing we didn't do because some little dipshits in the other side of the world find it offensive?

>> No.10270916
File: 1.17 MB, 480x270, acb2a1a7-0679-4554-a8db-bf8d7264f9a4.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>blackface is just a thing for Americans
read a book.
not a specific book.
any book.
im not even sure how you managed to access a keyboard.

>> No.10270918

Can you read? That is literally my damn point
I'll spell it out real special for you ok, get ready its a lot to take in I know

you personal opinion/being personally offended, doesn't matter

get it? Ok a lil more

whether you are either personally offended or not, the FACT is that mcm had to take action due to the outrage, cause otherwise they would have gotten themselves into even more drama.

Cosplayer made her choice with full knowledge of drama inbound if she went ahead. She went ahead and there were consequences. The end aka what you personally find offensive or not don't matter. Take a seat and a breather ok I know that's hard for you to come to terms with.

>> No.10270933
File: 40 KB, 562x437, 1325966622158.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>conflating offence at blackface with historic censorship of art
You have to be at least 18 to post here

>> No.10270952
File: 100 KB, 480x720, 57795686.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How does it feel when Japanese people can do "blackface" and no one gives a shit about it there?

>> No.10270958

It is. Fuck US american cultural imperialism.

>> No.10270959
File: 41 KB, 720x719, 5969977e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


What is cosplay if not people pretending and dressing up to be fictional characters oh my fucking god

>> No.10270970

>being a decent person is “cultural imperialism”

lol, imagine having a “culture” based around demeaning other people for their skin color

>> No.10270971

>She literally knew/was aware that ppl found it offensive back in April, chose to ignore/laugh it off and didn't communicate with mcm about any of it till it was too late and mcm HAD to take action to avoid even more of a drama fest. She then decides to pull of the worst kind of responses in succession by first acting like all of this is a big shock, then acting like she's an uwu victim and now her fanbase are putting pressure on other cosplayers to drop out of the comp to support her cause otherwise they're meanies.

A white woman choosing to cosplay something like Pyke instead of the typical bimbo fare is pretty suspect

She knows what she is doing

>> No.10270972

google the old calpico logo idiot it's a good place for someone like you to start

>> No.10270985

This isn’t recent. Rufflebutt cosplay got in a lot of trouble in 2010 for darkening her skin for an anthy cosplay. That’s almost a decade ago. There have been debates about this stuff ever since, and even if it were a recent issue that doesn’t make it invalid.

>> No.10270986

“Yeah, there totally aren’t black people who aren’t offended by this! They all agree with ME and I am not offended!” Lmao

>> No.10270988

Which tard wrangler let you off your leash? Blackface has been a problem in Europe and other non-US countries for centuries.

Also, see>>10270669

>> No.10270994

Mostly because the Japanese and western cosplay communities don’t overlap, so people never see it. Additionally, the Japanese don’t have a history of historically systematically oppressing black people. There simply aren’t many black people living in Japan.

>> No.10270997

> no one gives a shit about it there?

they are beginning to recognize blackface now, welcome to globalism

>> No.10271007

Well, tell me, where are the crowd of offended black people ? The thousands of people from african origins who went after Eurocosplay for this "Blackaface". No, it's only a handfull of "not even really black/barely tanned" people and a loaded truck of white idiots.
But what's funny with what you just said, is that with a slight bend, it totally sounds like this white idiots with blue hairs who got offended on the behalf of black people and went after Eurocosplay.
But then again, i might be wrong, let's play a game, you show me all the offended black people you can find on that subject, and i show you ten time that amount of black people who aren't offended/don't care.

>> No.10271011

Welcome to the SJW board. Shall I piss in your cornflakes?

>> No.10271017

>i show you ten time that amount of black people who aren't offended/don't care.


>> No.10271018

>you have to be black to recognize blackface

brainlet take

>> No.10271032

Try me. We're gonna have a lot of fun.

>> No.10271034

Recognize, no, be offended by, yes.

>> No.10271061

>Non blacks cant sympathize with blacks

l o l

>> No.10271062

I regret making this thread

>> No.10271063

Go ahead with your cherrypicking game

Appealing to the majority doesnt make something true

>> No.10271067

This brainlet apparently can’t read the point that’s been brought up throughout the thread.

It doesn’t matter if the majority doesn’t find it offensive. Even if that were true, people are still hurt by it and it’s better to just not do the thing. There are endless possibilities for other things the girl could have cosplayed.

>> No.10271073

If i go by your logic, mass murdering is a good thing, school shooting are a good thing, raping a little girl is ok... simply because the majority thinks otherwise.


>> No.10271075

This is not what i said.

"Sympathizing" and "speaking for someone" are two things really different.

>> No.10271085

No, my point would be closer to “we shouldn’t ignore the murder of a few because the majority of people aren’t being murdered.”

Get out of here with that weak ass false equivalency

>> No.10271087

Nobody is speaking for black people. Saying blackface is wrong is not silencing anybody. Hence, why you’re stull able to say stupid shit.

>> No.10271095

Well, ok, where was the murder then, show me the offence.

>> No.10271097

>compares blackface to murder
>screams at someone else about false equivalency

The intellectual dishonesty in this thread is astounding.

>> No.10271098

You really should go on Twitter and look at the people we responded to the original Tweet. You'll notice that it wasn't initiated by black people.

>> No.10271111

It’s hypothetical you tard, like your example. Reading comprehension, much?

>> No.10271113

Hey dumbass>>10271073 was the one that made the original murder comparison

>> No.10271115

Can you actually answer a question, or you're gonna keep avoiding it?

Where's the offence in this context ?

>> No.10271117

I made an extrapolation, not a comparison. Learn the difference.

>> No.10271119

It’s not really intellectual dishonesty, you’re just shitting out buzzwords in absence of an argument.

Go lick Livanart’s asshole with her other WKs and stop samefagging, it’s embarrassing.

>> No.10271131

They brought it up, and you corrected it to fit your view. You compared them to murder in your own post. Dont blame others for what you wrote.

Accusing others of samefagging is the defense of someone who cannot comprehend that more than one person could possibly disagree with you. Accusing someone of being a wk is done to insult a person's sexuality and remove their agency of having an independent opinion different from yours. Both of these knee jerk reactions are done by people losing an argument who are also insecure in themselves and projects them on others. Its transparent and sad.

Maybe if you removed your head from your ass.

>> No.10271134

Just clarified my position but go off I guess

THE POST misunderstood my point and I corrected their misunderstanding.

>> No.10271137

>expecting formal adherence to debate conventions on 4chan


>> No.10271153

What I find intresting about the black face/ race face issue, is that as a French person I never thought that painting your skin a color lighter than the one of a black person would be considered offensive. I obviously can't know how people of every ethnicity is treated in the country but we don't really have a lot of discrimination toward hispanics or east asians that is directly toward skin color ( maybe arabs on that level ). The discrimination is more based on the person culture, way of speaking and face/body shape/hair. I remembered the story of an armenian lady who never faced blatant rascim in France, but when she travelled to the US, shop clercs would treat her like shit but not her white husband and she didn't understood why.
Same thing with box braids/cornrows : I couldn't understood that black people could get shit for wearing they hairs natural or have traditional haistyles because it never caused probleme in my schools ( but my city is chill so it could be diffrent in the country). When I see other countries getting angry at people darkening they skin for a fantasy character/ without a specific race I find it quite weird. So cultural diffrences can be really big and we honestly can't choose a worldwide rule that easly.

Also come on since the girl was aware of the black face issues she could had least make it look more like a corpes since the character is deseaced ( I thought is was an orc with the shade on some pictures )

>> No.10271177
File: 273 KB, 1080x1353, B48CB85D-257E-4D9D-8423-D9C64C0105B2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lets play a game

>> No.10271186

>I put your valid point in a box filled with commonly brought up valid points
>now they are no longer valid
>because they are in a box, see?
Doesn't work like that sweaty.

>> No.10271190


nayrt but

>valid point

please tell me which of those points is in any way valid anon

>> No.10271217

All the points that deny Fatmerican suburb wimps another victim bonus just for having a specific skin color. I know this "I'm xy% victim" stuff is the hot shit for the bourgeoise in Degeneratistan but for the rest of the world its just annoying.

>> No.10271225

I have heard this as well. It seems to me that if french people understand that racial discrimination is a very big problem in other countries they should acknowledge that instead of saying that the cosplayer should be able to compete with and in those countries without being judged. If you travel to another country you should abide by their cultural norms. If she had just stayed in france with a french contest this would probably not be happening.

>> No.10271249

This is buzzword spaghetti if I've ever seen it holy shit

>> No.10271251
File: 581 KB, 1733x2600, lkdjs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I gotta say, it's so funny to me how people are acting like she would have won if she hadn't been disqualified. One of the only costumes she frequently posts is this incredibly mediocre zach fischer/gijinka kindred. Just seems like she's one of those 15 foot rule people, up close her craftsmanship is nothing special. Her sculpting is pretty good sure, but it seems like she only got this far due to the novelty of a molded suit considering how inaccessible silicone is to most cosplayers. I don't think that suit alone could make up for the rest of the costume.

>> No.10271261

I wouldn't even call this mediocre. The coloring in the fur is splotchy as hell and the wolf head she's holding looks misshapen as hell.

I'm not sure why but every time I see people do this version of kindred the top always looks like a cut up t-shirt subjected to babby's first tie dye job. Wish people would just cosplay the actual character.

>> No.10271267

It looks great anon, there's literally nothing wrong with it

>> No.10271277

You can thank your country's ancestors then for inventing racism to justify their inhuman acts. Europeans created this problem and now they want to act like it's not their fault.

>> No.10271298

>"literally nothing wrong with it"
>That splotchy gradient
>That raw edge unhemmed suede fabric with the inner seam showing
>Those raw, fraying edges on the white bands on her wrist, weapon, and head ties
>Whatever is going on with the raw edge at the fabric at her knee.... is it pinned together?

None of these things are nightmare tier, but if you're touting this cosplayer as the "obvious" craftsmanship champion and this is her go-to cosplay.... yikes.

>> No.10271302
File: 237 KB, 2016x980, 69699823_675185452992154_3247637184408190976_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You aren't wrong. Even her skinsuit is not well finished. Don't get me wrong it's impressive that she sculpted a piece that big but she didn't smooth out her clay, especially around the pecs and collarbone which makes the whole thing look lumpy and unfinished.

>> No.10271304
File: 84 KB, 466x960, 70608755_675185782992121_7581921706252435456_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It also looks like she patched some places but didn't blend the edges back in.

>> No.10271337

Salty jealous bitches. The lot of ya.

>> No.10271339

I would imagine that the average cosplay judge isn't fully prepared to judge silicone work since y'know, it's incredibly rare to be able to afford the supplies in the first place. Perhaps these issues simply slipped past. Makes me curious to know what cosplays this apparently ranked ahead of.

>> No.10271345

Can you blame them for being jealous though? Who wouldn't want to be the person that makes a stupid mistake despite being fully conscious that your actions will have negative repercussions, only to be rewarded with and coddled by hordes of thirsty white knights and admirers with the only negative consequence being that you are disqualified from a contest you had no chance of winning in the first place?

>> No.10271351

Man I wish I was so mediocre that I had to resort to starting controversies to get attention

>> No.10271368

Recently? Dude, it's been going on for more than 10 years. That's not recent by any stretch unless you use it in a biblical sense.

You do realize women are the dominant gender in cosplay; right? Of course it's almost always black women.

Yes; they're all fat and unattractive. Suuuuure.

>> No.10271370


You two jealous idiot have looked at the finished cosplay? A lot of the torso is covered by cloth and armor.
Stop bitching, will you?

>> No.10271372

>Cosplayer gets her country disqualified by behaving in an idiotic, easily preventable way

Stay mad

>> No.10271379

How do you link my comment about judging the quality of the cosplay to what happened at the event ?

How is your brain wired ?

>> No.10271382

So white people are no longer allowed to cosplay as 99% of anime characters since they're all Japanese and thus it'd be yellowface to dress as them?

>> No.10271466

>Cosplayer gets disqualified because another country is still angry about its own past

>> No.10271468
File: 359 KB, 977x1390, the-adoration-of-the-magi-the-miniature-of-the-adoration-of-the-magi-is-a-cutting-from-a-sequence-illustrating-the-story-of-jesus-life-in-a-thirteenth-century-psalter-the-artist-illustrated.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Any representation of the Three Wise Men is blackface
>Even when it's done in adoration of a religious figure and the Three Magi are children's idols and treated with the utmost respect and with not mockery intent
Alright, we should go back to have the three of them being white as originally intended.

>> No.10271472

>Nobody will see it, therefore I should half ass it”

Sorry buddy, that’s still bad craftsmanship. There’s a reason why cosplay judges will often flip seams and check the inside of the garment. What isn’t seen is still important.

>> No.10271473

You and others are crying that anyone who isn't supporting or praising her must be just jealous of her skills. But in fact her cosplays are just okay, there's nothing to be jealous about.

>> No.10271475

>>10271468 >>10271382

Read the rest of the thread. As long as you aren’t painting your face or trying to make yourself look like another race through any other means (like eye taping and yes silicone suits are included), it isn’t blackface. The willful ignorance in this thread is astounding.

It’s funny how Livanart wks come in here acting like they have fresh points when they’ve all been debunked at least twice earlier in the thread.

>> No.10271476

Even the portions that are shown are lumpy, though. The abdominal muscles aren’t even symmetrical. The arms look good, but she really didn’t even try to finish the rest of the torso properly. Not to mention, whenever the costume isn’t in dramatic lighting, the painting job still looks like shit and makes the whole costume look plasticky and glossy

>> No.10271477

le false equivalence maymay

>> No.10271480

It takes an extra hour tops to smooth out your clay.

She spent months on this, adding an extra hour is nothing, and just proves that her craftsmanship is mediocre if she's not willing to do even that. Finishing and clean work is often what separates the best cosplayers from everyone else.

>> No.10271483


Listen to all those cosplay experts. Who probably dress as slutty/cheap characters and never compete on a professionnal level.

Yeah, please tell me more.

>> No.10271485


Actually, it's the original statement of the people who heard about this. All this shotstorm was started by her opponents because her cospaly was just too good.

>> No.10271489

>All this shotstorm was started by her opponents because her cospaly was just too good.

YES. Who cares about a few bumps or bad paint or whatever. She made a SKIN out of SILICONE. That's pro. Show me just one of her competitors who's done that. Even show me one cosplayer anywhere who's ever done that.

>> No.10271494

Many of the competitors used sculpting and resin casting, which shares many of the base skills with silicone casting.

The materials that go into silicone casting are expensive and when all is said and done, takes up a lot of space (especially when using a stiffer mold, like livanart did.) On top of having to pay top dollar for silicone, you have to spend a shit ton of cash on the mold itself. Most cosplayers are going to use their budget to make sure that the whole cosplay is up to standard instead of hoping that the one good thing about their cosplay carries them to victory.

And bumps and bad paint matter, just because you use a rare method doesn't mean you're "pro." Anyone can misuse their tools, just like using expensive oil paints doesn't make you a better artist. Cosplay contests are judged on technique, not wow-factor. For instance, worbla is often too expensive for most cosplayers to use, but if you don't file down the seams or prime it properly, you're going to fucking lose because your craftsmanship is lazy and poor.

And plenty of cosplayers make use of silicone casting. Cowbuttcrunchies and KeltonFX instantly come to mind off the top of my head.

Stop making excuses for lazy work.

>> No.10271495

Whatever helps you sleep at knight, wk

>> No.10271497

I would love to be the judge in the contests you compete in if you think this shit is passable

>> No.10271500

I feel like it's also worth mentioning that this is an INTERNATIONAL contest that you have to qualify to get into. Sure, maybe livanart's cosplay would do well in a smaller constest like it somehow did in France, but this is not the workmanship of a person that is emblematic of the best that European cosplay has to offer.

>> No.10271506


EggSisters cosplay also

>> No.10271507

>Cowbuttcrunchies and KeltonFX instantly come to mind off the top of my head.

Cowbuttcrunchies is the judge for this contest too so you better believe she would have gotten ripped for a half-assed job.

>> No.10271511


That's funny, because everyone in this contest said that she had a good chance to win. You guys really should go and look what people say on the Eurocosplay Twitter and Facebook.
But hey, keep calling me a white knight, right. Because no girl can ever be defended unless you masturbate to her, right ?

>> No.10271514

So what? That doesn't mean that everyone who criticises her behavior is just jealous of her amazing "skills".

>> No.10271515

It's funny to call you a white knight because it pisses you off enough that you complain about it instead of just ignoring it. Have fun with your shitty unfinished cosplays, lazy bitch.

>> No.10271518

There's a chance the other competitors had only seen her costume from the heavily produced pictures of it, and haven't seen it in real life. They probably hadn't seen the progress pictures either since livanart was a literally who until the controversy. A lot of the flaws are only visible up close. The judges would have spotted them easily and deducted points accordingly, especially since Cowbuttcrunchies has experience with silicone casting.

>all the other contestants said

That doesn't matter. Plenty of contestants in other contests have been of the opinion that a certain contestant would win (especially if their cosplay has some flashy element to it, like with the silicone suit) and they don't place. The other contestants' opinions don't matter, they aren't the one giving the awards.

>> No.10271522

Would it be racist to cosplay a brown girl character in a kigurumi?

>> No.10271523

If you paint your skin brown, yes
If you don't paint your skin brown, no

That's all there is to it.

>> No.10271524

(Provided you mean she's a POC and not brown for some other reason like she's an elf or a tree)

>> No.10271527

You are a white knight.

>> No.10271528

can POC paint their skin? What if I am already brown but wanted a darker shade. I can't be considered racist because i'm a POC?

>> No.10271532

That would be colorist in that case. It's an increasingly common opinion that darkening your skin for cosplay in general isn't a good idea. The reason POC aren't instantly safe from this is due to the fact that darker skinned POC are discriminated against more strongly than light skinned POC, and it's not out of the question that the latter can discriminate against the former. Even in so-called SJW circles, POC aren't granted immunity from accusations of prejudice, it just has a different name because it refers to prejudice based on skin tone rather than strictly on race. Hence the term "colorism."

>> No.10271533

>just do what I say
>intent , quality and respect of character do not matter
>the willful ignorance of the poc posters in this thread who disagree with me is unbelievable
>how dare they have a different opinion
>they just do not know what's best for them
Just kys you literal white knight. This is white people creating a spectacle getting unnecessarily assblasted on behalf of minorities everywhere over something completely benign of actual racist behavior. "Just dont do it because I say it's bad okay" what gives you that kind of authority? Honestly the people who bow down to this shit. You make it about race when before it was not. Literal race baiting.

>all the salt from people who think they are better than her
>the CBC deliberate self promotion
Honestly if you think you are better let's see some progress pics from what you are currently working on.

>> No.10271534

Yes, it's the magic of the SJW's logic. If you're white, you can't darken your skin. If you're not white, you can do whatever the fuck you want.

Your ancestors have been oppressed by white people, so this is your reward.

>> No.10271536

Dude, they already answered to that. They have an undefeatable argument for that. Brace yourself...

"It's not because the majority think it's ok, that it's ok"

Good luck beating the logic of someone stupid.

>> No.10271542

>calling them white knight while literally bending over backwards to defend an untalented hack with a pretty face

>> No.10271543

see >>10270669

It's already been explained why it's bad throughout the thread. Stop playing dumb, ignoring points that have been made doesn't make your point correct.

lmao why would they doxx themselves to satisfy anonymous idiots online who can't read a fucking thread. This is literally on the level of people who think you can't criticize media if you can't make something better. kys

>> No.10271544

What if I'm wearing someone's skin?

>> No.10271545

Shitting on people's cosplays is part of board culture, newfag. gtfo

>> No.10271546

Then it smells really bad unless you make sure to tan the hide properly, though that might make the final result less realistic.

>> No.10271548

I didnt mention anything about her appearance. The fact that you cant defend attacking her without calling anyone who defends her a thirsty beta wk is your insecure way of saying "I cant deny anything you have said so I will call you a name." Pathetic. Insecure. Sad. I know this is a challenging concept, but sometimes, people defend something because they actually believe in it and not because "pretty person" is the center of the controversy.

I did not ignore the other points. I disagreed with them. Is it really such a foreign concept to you? Do you always conflate the two purposefully? I guess that is a way to safe guard yourself and your opinions from being challenged.

And who said anything about doxing? Progress pics do not require a username or instatag attached. You can criticize her all you want but if you cant do better, then you are talking out your ass. It comes off as petty, salty and again, insecure. Sour grapes from an untalented internet mob.

>> No.10271549

pretty much this entire thread in a nutshell

>> No.10271554

>I didn’t ignore them, I just disagreed with them
>boils down previous points to “its bad because I said so” despite detailed explanations as to why this shit isn’t okay
>provides no counterpoints

(Really sounds like you’re ignoring the points if you’re not going to respond to them )

>> No.10271557

There’s always a chance that progress pics will be recognized from external sources considering how many cosplayer post progress pics. Reverse image search exists, after all. Better not to take the chance.

Also you gotta love how instead of responding to the mentioned points you resort to writing essays about how you’re totally not a white knight when that isn’t even being used as an argument, it’s just a supplementary insult and as long as you keep pissing your pants over it people are going to call you a wk because you keep getting defensive about it and it’s fucking hilarious. If there’s one thing crossboarders are good for, it’s for providing endless entertainment.

>> No.10271570

So which racist country are you from? Funny how you can easily tell who is from where by how bad their point is

>> No.10271591
File: 443 KB, 1233x1586, 1570495709283.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There's no point in trying to find middle ground on stuff like this anymore.

>> No.10271595

Blackface is just a retarded American thing, sorry.
You don't get to call other countries' folklore offensive.

>> No.10271600


Once again the cross borders prove that they can’t lurk through a thread before posting something that’s already been posted and debunked

>> No.10271602

Pic id: cherrypicking and a lack of understanding of the concept of a dogwhistle

You realize that news sites want to get clicks right? They’re going to post the stupid shit that gets attention because it gets them money. It’s not reflective of actual talking points and if you believe that this is reflective of the political sphere I’m begging you to please get out of your house and talk to somebody, anybody. I hear more people complaining about people complaining than I hear people actually making these claims.

>> No.10271605

There’s not really any evidence that CBC is self promoting themselves, people are just bringing them up because 1. They’re literally judges in the fucking competition 2. They work with silicone casting, which is being discussed in this thread 3. They don’t need self-promotion when they’ve got tens of thousands of followers and have already won best in show at several highly prestigious competitions, unlike Livanart who felt compelled to deliberately cause controversy for attention. CBC doesn’t need the approval of a handful of 4chan posters, stop diverting attention from your lack of an argument

>> No.10271612

Headlines tend to say controversial clicks because they’re supposed to get attention.

For instance, the sandwich one was taken out of context and it’s literally a news report about an innocuous remark made by a literally who, this shit is supposed to make you mad.

>> No.10271656


What about that headline?

"In Joker, Black Women Are Visible But They Are Not Seen"

>> No.10271664

This was nothing but a (successful) pr stunt for a mediocre cosplayer to gain recognition. She knew what she was doing.

The suit is lumpy looking and awful. But the community is talking about her and acting like she would have won otherwise. It worked.

>> No.10271666
File: 83 KB, 600x448, 1408210622698.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's definitely not okay to refer to POC as "coloured" in the UK. The Wikipedia article is wrong on this. The "citation" is a book from 1970 which - understandably, given the era - uses the term as a descriptor, but it's not really acceptable use it nowadays. Literally [citation needed]

I think you need to take some time away from this website

>> No.10271677

It's still meant to get people mad. It's not any different. It's people making mindless criticism to get clicks.

>> No.10271687

I'm black and I'm enjoying seeing all these white people get fucked over by SJW bullshit. Why are you capping for them? They won't ever do the same for you lol

>> No.10271690

It's kinda sad how much fake news has taken over the internet, these idiots will believe anything if you make it look credible enough

>> No.10271692

Even if it was PR stunt, the fact that eurocosplay banned the costume is still outrageous.

>> No.10271793

>I haven't given a single argument in the entire thread but I'm still in the right

>> No.10271834

>can’t read

>> No.10271850

What caused such a huge fucking invasion of crossboarders that we have fap threads for the first time in fucking eons and shit tons of bait posters? Jesus Christ janitors please lock this shit

>> No.10271852

it was maga hat

>> No.10271853

around blacks never relax, dumb coal bitch

>> No.10271856

I find it super funny these entitled rich kid idiots bend over to us blacks like this and don't even realize that black people would just spit on their face for being white if it was a black nation and they were minority white.

>> No.10271857

Belle Delphine’s ass lickers discovered cosplay and came here looking for more egirls

>> No.10271858

i think that is solid 8/10

>> No.10271859

That is how discrimination works yes

Majority usually discriminates against the minority

>> No.10271860


>> No.10271861

That’s the point, 8/10s don’t win international cosplay contests. And if they do, it’s a shame

>> No.10271902

And yet no one here is willing to show they can do better. Just a bunch of bored, salty, untalented and probably fat bitches causing a problem for everyone because they got "triggered".

>> No.10271953

Because it isn’t relevant. Roger Ebert never made a movie and yet he was the most respected film critic of all time. That goes for all art fields, you don’t have to prove you’re capable of making said art to be able to criticize it. What you’re demanding is literally on the level of 13 year olds saying “go make a better movie” whenever somebody criticizes something like Twilight.

Even then, if anybody proves their worth, it wouldn’t matter because you tards can’t come up with counterpoints and only demand things that allow you to confirm your artificial superiority. And if their work was up to par, you fucks would still keep moving the goalposts and talk about other irrelevant shit. It’s better not to give you newfags the satisfaction. Gulls shit on others’ cosplays and the fact that you aren’t aware of that makes it abundantly clear that you don’t know what you’re talking about and need to lurk more.

>> No.10271958

Lmao “you’re just jealous” is about the most insecure response you can give kek.

None of us are so insecure that we feel we have something to prove to a Livanart foot sucker. You guys are just ironically so easily offended that it’s incredibly entertaining to fuck with you, and it’s fun to shit on attention whores, especially when their white knights come to cry about how they’re “totally not white knights guise!!!” Even considering how many insecure gulls there are here, none of them are as insecure as you pathetic incels.

>> No.10271963

japan is notorious for its xenophobia/racism so that would be why

>> No.10271964

>It’s not blackface, it’s appreciation for the character, intent matters
>Livanart says “Pyke is important to me, he’s my baby

For all you who believe that intent matters, she intended to offend people, end of story. It’s pretty sus how according to OP.GG she appears to have only one game as Pyke, and he’s one of the least played champs that she owns. Doesn’t sound like the character means all that much to her, more that she chose something that she knew would spark outrage as part of her PR stunt.

>> No.10271982

>Us blacks
You’re a fucking cumskinned cracker, stop larping

>> No.10272002
File: 71 KB, 930x916, 1544958352398.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So I suppose the question is, where do we go from here? Make it illegal for people with a white skin to cosplay what they want? Make countries to create laws saying you have to be a percentage of non-European decent to cosplay what you want? Legally recognize black face and punish the cosplayers who do so by forcing them to make cosplays for blacks?
The entire thread is a pointless bitchfest about morality yet no one could be bothered to talk about application of legality. Either "art" like this is kept legal regardless of skin color or you make cosplaying outside a skin color punishable by law. So which is it?

>> No.10272013

Or; you know, stop painting/using makeup to darken your skin aka a racist act with historical implications. This isn't hard to do yet people make it seem like you're spitting in their mother's face. People bitch saying "I can't cosplay how I want!" and yet you can; you'll just suffer ramifications for doing certain things.
Cosplay a Nazi? Risk getting punched or something else. Darken skin with makeup/prosthetic makeup? Get blasted online, get disqualified from competitions.

The phrase, "Cosplay how you like!" may as well have a * next to it which means - don't cosplay historically offensive and cultural things. Wow; SO limiting! I could never figure out who to cosplay with SUCH a limit on options!

>> No.10272021
File: 560 KB, 2048x2048, B56733E8-6234-4C24-94C0-385BAD3C419E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm genuinely curious why no one cares that Ariana Grande intentionally makes herself 10 shades darker, but people in niche hobbies care so much about things like this?

>> No.10272022

The moment someone gets physically hurt for their cosplay is the moment governments will start taking action to place limitations. This girl in combination with Trudeau is already bringing up questions of the legality of blackface.
Because you've already implied there has to be an "asterisk" in cosplay, that means limitations have to be placed. There is no cosplaying as you like. There cannot be no legal ramifications if cosplays like this will be the cause of civil unrest and violence.

>> No.10272033

You must not be around enough black people. She's been talked about many times.

>> No.10272035

Violence? Where's there been violence?

People HAVE been hurt for their cosplays. https://gawker.com/autopsy-cops-shot-black-anime-cosplayer-four-times-in-1652268367

This incident alone put black cosplayers on defensive about carrying their props.

>> No.10272036

Black people love her as much as other races, she's still popular and rich, and still allowed in the music scene. Unlike this cosplayer who got ran out immediately.

>> No.10272039

she didn't get ran out at all. She hasn't been shunned at all. Oh no; she couldn't compete with this one cosplay that you knew was offensive; too bad.

She's suffered nothing amongst her European community. She's now viewed as another white girl blackface martyr. She's the perfect saint who can do no wrong. And if she does (and she did); the white people and others who don't mind it will forgive her (and have).

>> No.10272040

The cosplay community is the worst part about cosplay and blackface is literally the most retarded non-issue I've ever seen. Why do people like being mad for no fuckin reason? Is the fake moral high ground that emotionally rewarding? Like seriously how desperate for wins do you have to be to reach this hard.

Half of you are actually retarded. Spend less time getting mad and more time cosplaying. The only thing that matters is intent; if the intent is to look as close to the character as possible, it's fine.

>> No.10272042

see >>10271964

It's blackface in cosplay has been an issue for over 10 years. That's 10 years of incidents people can draw upon and not claim "I didn't know!". Get fucked.

>> No.10272049
File: 22 KB, 347x201, 1567565029037.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ironic it's only become a problem when PC culture started dominating the internet...which started hmm about 10 years ago? Maybe the problem isn't people's skin color but a generation of people like yourself with the inability to not take everything so seriously.

>> No.10272052

Its not blackface its more like a bad tan

>> No.10272054

blackface has been considered offensive for decades you fucking mong

>> No.10272055

It was a problem before then. Blackface itself has been a problem for many years. I use 10 as a minimum time scale cause I know a cosplayer who's known of it and she's been cosplaying for over 10 years. So 10 isn't even a hard baseline.

>> No.10272081

>Blackface only became offensive with the internet

brainlet take

>> No.10272088
File: 293 KB, 1412x820, marelise-blackface2_subbed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are you too retarded to understand it's in response to >>10272042 in context of people doing COSPLAY, not pic related?

It's hardly been a problem for decades because we've had generations of people who have been taught in school racism was bad, everyone is equal and grew up together with people of different ethnicities.
Here's what was the norm around 10 years ago give or take: the US president was black and everyone would roll their eyes at the dudes who thought he was a Muslim because we KNEW that was dumb, one of the top Youtubers [Ray William Johnson] at the time would crack jokes by throwing a toy black baby into the wall as his dumb ass style of comedy, and everyone was memeing about Gangnam style - though nowadays the snowflakes would probably cry that's appropriating Korean culture.
It took less than 10 years for the SJW lot to make everyone and their mother tense about doing ANYTHING they enjoy. We used to just ignore shit if we didn't like it or just put our money where our mouths were and support the opposite, like supporting black cosplayers instead if we didn't like the white cosplayer's portrayal of a character.
Regardless if this cosplaying French bitch did this on purpose, her cosplay has shined a light on how petty this shit has gotten. Less than 10 years ago we were concerned about actual things that harmed people like joblessness (Occupy Wallstreet protested about) and schooling (Standardized testing). Now we're fucking screeching about if some bitch on twitch puts on makeup that's a shade too darker than her skin color or punching people because they decided to cosplay a nazi for the lulz.
Cosplay is supposed to be a hobby where no one has to think about stupid political shit and don't have to take things seriously but no we can't even have that anymore because y'all think you have ownership on some worthless fictional character because of their SKIN COLOR.

>> No.10272089
File: 126 KB, 500x500, Picture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>it's only become a problem when PC culture started dominating the internet
Holy shit go fuck yourself with a rusty rake

>> No.10272090

>because we've had generations of people who have been taught in school racism was bad,
Seems like 50% of america and the rest of the world forgot that lesson. Since hatred against minorities is in an all time high

>> No.10272092

Oh fucking jump off a cliff you drama whoring wannabe. You are the fucking cancer killing cosplay.

>> No.10272093

french people please go the fuck home; your entire community has shown its ass. it's a sad fucking day when the average fat american has a better understanding of race issues than all of you. learn your country's history and then come back with this "internet sjws invented racism boohoo u retards"

this is why there are literally no world-class french cosplayers or champions. you're incapable of behaving in civilized company.

>> No.10272095
File: 345 KB, 1080x1595, 1556192410410.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10272098

>in this post; white people cause shit for hundreds of years and modern not-racists expect everyone ELSE to move on from said shit that caused so many problems

Makes sense.

>> No.10272099 [DELETED] 
File: 94 KB, 507x600, 991767709794066432.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10272100

Instead of being the better person and incite change you choose to continue the cycle of the bigoted generation that preceded you?

Crackas are dumb

>> No.10272101


>> No.10272155

Idgaf how long it's been an issue, it's an issue propagated by people that want to be mad for no reason but to feel morally superior which makes it a literal non-issue. Blackface is only shit when the intent is to hurt others with a shitty caricature, which is clearly not present in nearly all cosplay.

This is a bait thread and there's no way this many people can be retarded, or maybe it's all crossboarders or something.

>> No.10272270

just because your tumblr yaoi blog got shut down, doesn't mean you can be retarded on the rest of the internet.

>> No.10272271

fap threads are older than you newfag

>> No.10272273

only high IQ post itt

>> No.10272350

Hence why I said eons you dumb fuck. The originals were made by crossboarders, they went away, and then they came back to ruin the board again.

>> No.10272353

Ariana does get shit for it, her hordes of fans tend to speak over it.

>> No.10272354

It doesn’t have to be made a legal issue. After all, yelling at your wife isn’t illegal but it reflects poorly on you as a person. People will just be expected to take the consequences of their actions. In Livanart’s case, she got disqualified and she should take it instead of trying to drag people into her personal drama.

>> No.10272355

Ten years ago is about when cosplay as a hobby really started to go mainstream, especially with the rise of JNig a year before. At that point, the hobby started to have a lot more eyes on it and a lot more criticism.

>> No.10272469

This thread is pure gold.

I especially love all those ameritards who are going full geopolitics, spreading their lack of knowledge and their narrowed view of their own country to everyone else, claiming they are right and if we don't agree, we're the stupid ones.

Remember Ameritards, you guys barely know where your country is on a map, you worship your flag and your guns like sheeps, you have the highest rate of mass murdering in a first world country, and half of you still believe that brown cows make chocolate milk. But please,keep the world amused with your view on all of us.

>> No.10272545

>Thinking only Americans have or care about racism

You're cute. :)

>> No.10272546

Funny, when non-Americans bring all this various stuff up in this topic; the non-Americans dismiss them, call them Americans in disguise, and/or just refuse to listen to anyone else on the subject matter. Cause somehow racism is ONLY an American concept. Not that Europe didn't start it and bring it over here.

>> No.10272599

>being so buttblasted that youre typing ESSAYS
cope harder,tranny

>> No.10272795

Or, you know, remember that being offended is something completely personal and that people may take offense for anything and just stop caring about it.

You know, the usual mature response.

>> No.10273217

At this point, it's all just painfully clear that everyone who isn't white enjoys pulling this kind of shit to make white people look bad. Most are probably not even actually offended. They just like watching us struggle for their amusement.

>> No.10273437

Like 90% of the people bitching about muh brownface are white bitches. And the rest are black/white mixed thots can't make good cosplays so they resort to getting social media clout by milking SJW issues because simply the virtue of being brown doesn't carry them that far. I've never seen actual, talented black cosplayers say anything else than "I don't care" or very minimal frustration. They get the recognition they deserve by being skillful cosplayers, not by easy mode chaos marketing.

>> No.10273581

Did it occur to you that it's mostly white people complaining because it's white people that are the majority and they're the ones who will see it before black cosplayers do? Cause if it wasn't obvious then you're fucking blind.

> I've never seen actual, talented black cosplayers say anything else than "I don't care" or very minimal frustration.

get out of your thin white circle of follows then.

>> No.10274026

And now Pixelmania on some shit.

Pushup bras are appropriating big tit people. Wut

>> No.10276050

Frogs really think they can scream SJW and jealous like it’s an argument. One person gets called out and you all act like it’s a declaration of war.

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