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Bad Gyaru, IG Baddie, and drag lite make-up have poisoned the well for cosplayers. The majority of new cosplayers not knowing how to style their make-up to begin with doesn't help.

This thread is for Inspo, advice, and constructive crit from other's to achieve an in character look for your
cosplay. I'll be making an effort to post rarities like natural looking cute make-up for masc dressed men and darker skinned cosplayers.

Pic related if you squint.

I believe this deserves its own thread considering the issue is so large and sooo fcking ugly.

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Randi Nicole Joan is super fcking dreamy but also has some really natural looking make-up looks I think works amazing for more moe and cuter characters, and it doesn't help she has tutorials too. I'll dump some pics in the thread.

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