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Aktualny its not A cosplay but what do you think about reenactment?

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Why don't you ask the larp thread, they are the only ones who would give a shit.

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reenactment is different then larp you uncultured weeb form /fa/gs

where do you buy your gear for reenactment i heard they are hella strict about being historicly accurate

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But people in the larp thread would know more and be more likely to point you in the right direction.

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you are both true, but a lot of people in the larp thread also reenact. let just get there and let this thread die.


There are as many casual to tryhard shades of reenactment than of gamer, larper, or cosplayer.

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You have many Many craftsmen who are doing this

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In reeneactment you have to have historical Source for every piece od equipment and in high Level reeneactment communities like in Poland even visible additions which provide aditional safety are banned.

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For example I have moto protectors under armor but i could't have lattices in my helmet visors

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Fags are only interested in weaboo shits tryingto be the Asian women that they are not.

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>Aktualny its not A cosplay but what do you think about reenactment?

ACKSHUALLY it is cosplay. You're just portraying dead people rather than fictional ones.

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