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I know we had a jfashion in the workplace thread awhile back but there were barely any pictures of outfits. I'd love to see how people style their brand for work, whether it's full EGL or just a cardigan or accessory!

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These aren't mine, but I saved some a while ago to inspire me to incorporate Lolita into my work days.

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I've worn white IW blouses to work with a normie black cardigan and pencil skirt. If I had casual jfashion cardigans I'd wear those too, but I'm still new and haven't found one I like enough to buy yet; only the fancy ones feel worth the price tag, even though the casual ones would get more use.

Pic related is a pair of rainboots I just ordered from Fint in black specifically so I could look more professional walking into work on rainy days. My old ones look like they're for gardening.

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Not lolita but still Jfashion oriented, but I've been really digging FINT for jfashion inspired work coords these days.

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Any with slacks? I'd look like a weirdo wearing a skirt to work.

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Does your boss tells you to go under the table more when you're wearing that?

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someone tell me if it's blasphemy to wear mary magdalene and an apron for oktoberfest? my work said i could wear a dirndl to work. for the record i'm a burger

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i can pull from my ouji collection for you

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minus the hat, of course

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What MM dress anon?

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Oh god I love this one, sauce on the pants?

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i don't know, sorry!

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Milk Boy makes a lot of blouses and slacks that can be androgynous and professional (depending on profession)

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Normally I don’t see the appeal of ouji and aristo but this coord is gorgeous and I want it to put together a lolita version of it asap

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live your dreams, anon

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This thread is a fantasy and roleplay central...
You can't wear Lolita to work in an office.

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This is just a guess, but maybe Axes Femme?

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Liz Lisa has been releasing more knee length skirts and dresses lately, so I’ve been wearing those.

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I've been wanting to pivot towards a more feminine, elegant style and these are exactly what I was looking for! Thank you so much for the dump, anon.

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Yeah. Only a handful of these would actually fly in an office. There is a time and place to dress up and be yourself: the office is not it. You’re potentially costing yourself promotions and networking opportunities over getting to wear a cute dress. It’s not worth it. Lots of cute and feminine office appropriate brands out there, though. Ted Baker is what most of my office wardrobe consists of.

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oh no not my promotions and networking opportunities. how will i afford my botox and alcoholism

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lol I took you seriously until you said Ted Baker.

It's not like people are posting pastel AP, I don't even know where your conclusions have jumped to.

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Ted Baker is more work appropriate than AP.

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everything posted past the FINT flatlays look really cheap

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Because as evidenced by this thread, all Jfashion is AP

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That massively depends on where you work.
I know someone who works at a game studio and people literally come in in PJs and wacky shit.

I can easily imagine offices somewhere between that and corporate business on the continuum of seriousness, in which the outfits in this thread would be fine.

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Imagine being a lolita in Japan, during the day you're a boring OL and at night you transform into a frilly fairy

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>Hello, Security? We've received reports of a suspicious person in building A.

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This applies to people in other parts of the world as well.

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Well people at my work literally come in leggings so I think I'll be ok in my fint dress.

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My Fint rainboots arrived, and I love them. I changed to regular shoes once I got to the office because rainboots aren't breathable, but I hope it rains again now.

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They look cute. How is the sizing? I had some of their shoes and I loved the look but I found them very narrow fitting.

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A lot of people who are into alternative fashion seem to think that since people in their specific workplace dress super casually and workplaces usually have an expectation of formality, they'll get away fine with wearing something unusual just because it appears more formal. Unfortunately that's not really how normies read it.

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The only passing Jfash in a professional setting is what could pass as normie. The closest of what I would wear to work is probably Jane Marple Dans le Salon.

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Any sweet work cords?

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I am 24.5cm/US8/EU39. This is the L and fits well over pantyhose, but I don't think I could add a normal sock and still have them fit comfortably. My right foot is a little wider than my left, and it fits very snug, but no pain or discomfort. I live in a warm climate, so lack of socks is not a dealbreaker for me.

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I mean your anecdotal evidence from your workplace is great, but I can tell you right now wearing some Japanese clothes didn't derail my career, quite the opposite lol.

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Lol larper detected..who even bothers typing JM’s full name?

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Yea what >>10281551 said.
You don't wear any clothes!! Get off this board

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>implying Jane Marple is the same as Jane Marple dans the Salon
It's their subbrand with a whole different aesthetic, retards. And I wanted to point that out. If I just meant Jane Marple, I would have typed JM. And yes, I have a wardrobe full of JM, but not any Dans le Salon.

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this thread is awesome, thanks to the contributors

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