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Can we please have a mature conversation about this?

Brought this topic up because I saw a picture today that really tipped me over to the side of believing that weight really is important when choosing who to cosplay.

The person I’m focusing on is the girl on the left. When I first saw this, I was incredibly confused because of how much of a missed opportunity this cosplay is. Her outfit is good. Her wig is good. Her skin is clear and her makeup is nice.

But she’s fat. She’s practically bulging out of the collar and I think it’s a real shame because all of the other parts of her composition are great. She knows how to dress, how to do makeup etc but all of her efforts are brought down by a physicality that frankly just does not match the character she’s dressed as in any way.

I really can’t put the question any other way than this: If you have the dedication to learn all the skills necessary to cosplay, why can’t you lose weight and take your cosplay from a 5 to a 10?

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I agree
That being said it's still better that they're out and being social than cooped up and eating more.
I always figured that one of the best motivators for getting your weight under control is to be around people of a healthy weight.

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because the dopamine rush from eating carbs is too hard to resist if you've been eating sugar for years
some people just have fucked priorities, and combined with the whole fat acceptance shit going on in the west it makes people feel content with their fatness

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Dont body shame plus size girls

Many make a lot of money selling lewds so just because you find it ugly doesnt mean everyone does

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Because they don't want to? Some people do shit for fun, anon.

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I gotta agree. You have to cosplay characters that match your body type, otherwise it just looks incredibly weird. For example I have alot of respect for the big belly cosplayers who do Roadhog from Overwatch.

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Does this apply to small tit cosplayers who cosplay big tit characters

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>mature discussion about fatties on 4chan
in an ideal parallel universe maybe.
But seriously,i've seen cute people be overweight,as long as it's not hambeast level with disgusting rolls everywhere i think it's fine. Past a certain point it's not "endearingly chubby",just frightening

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I think character hair choice has a lot to do with it sometimes. Imo short hair like the girl in OP doesn't flatter her much but maybe if she cosplayed a girl character with a hairstyle that frames her face better it wouldn't be so jarring. Still would look better if she lost weight though.

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The character is recognizable and the construction is nice, literally what more do you want?

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no, dummy. only fat people arent allowed to cosplay thin characters. do you know where you are?

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To be honest, I think she looks adorable as Naofumi...

As you mentioned, the cosplay, wig, and makeup look nice so it turned out great.

Would it look nicer if she was thinner? Yes. But does she really need to be that invested in a cosplay? No, she doesn't.

I know some people really like to go all out and get fit for cosplay, but not everyone is like this.

Cosplay is a hobby, she isn't an actress that needs to be x shape to get the part.

You can have the dedication to learn all the necessary skills to cosplay, but you don't need to change your lifestyle for a hobby.

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plus size is beautiful

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i honestly didn't even notice she was fat until i read the full post. it's a weird angle and a good cosplay, does it matter if she's not a boywaif?

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I am incredibly confused. I know this person from their duo page and they post nothing that looks like this on their Instagram. However, I saw they have absolutely NO tagged pictures despite having 3k followers. I'm very shocked.

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Keep telling yourself that, kek.

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The power of instagram angles my dear

You can in that photo she’s hiding her neck and has no doubt done some thinning with an app. Can’t hide those flaws at a con where everyone has a camera unfortunately

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Everything moomoo posts is shopped to shit.

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Dude I'm a hardcore chubby chaser but c'mon. Don't use her as a poster child for plus size acceptance in cosplay. She's a horrible person, plus size or not.

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yes unless they can simulate it with padding.

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when you cosplay as a character, you need to essentially be just like that character. therefore, if your cosplaying a skinny and attractive character and your not both of those things, you failed at that cosplay

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This. You're cosplaying, not Christian Bale.

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Oh, wait. I quoted the wrong person. >>10258137

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But seriously, a lot of the fat girls I know come from families of fat people. They're genetically destined to be fatties and losing weight either takes longer for them or reverses when they so much as look at something with more than ten calories

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>Genetically destined to be fatties
This is complete bullshit. They come from families of fat people because they grow up their entire lives with awful lifestyle habits.

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Metabolism is different from person to person but it can be changed just like everything else. The same PROVEN weight loss practices work for every single person that walks on this Earth. If you eat more than you need, you will gain weight. If you eat less than you need, you will lose weight.

Stop putting up mental barriers to reality.

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so no white people cosplaying japanese characters either?

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Nobody is bringing up race except you. Bait someone else.

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They just have to look Japanese or like the character. A white person cosplaying a "Japanese" character with green eyes and blonde hair would probably do a letter cosplay than a Japanese person

Unless your a nigger, you can fit any race

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Imagine if your art teacher asked you to redraw the Mona Lisa, and you turned this in instead. You’d fail.

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Maybe only in the same way that someone would need to put in effort to pad out to the right size like how a fat person may need to put in effort to lose weight.

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Not an excuse at all lmao
Even shitty as an explanation. Genetics can matter sure, but what matters most is lifestyle and the people you surround yourself with.
Unfortunately from a young age they've been living a shitty lifestyle courtesy of their family.

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>why can’t you lose weight and take your cosplay from a 5 to a 10?
Thyroid problem is what all fat people say.

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That’s pretty much epigenetics though. Being overexposed to food at a young age predisposes you to obesity partially because your gene expression has been altered. Of course, like you said, it’s also partially because of learned behaviours. If simplified, losing weight is predominantly still calories in calories out. But human behaviour is complex and it’s silly simplify. If your goal really is to help someone lose weight, you have to take into account that a messed up metabolism does indeed have an effect on their motivation to diet.

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If it’s a character like Mulan it would look weird too see a white person cosplaying her but if it’s like, a generic anime character then I think the anime character is probably more likely to look white than Asian in a lot of cases, like a lot of anime characters having blonde hair and blue eyes for example.

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This is kinda cute looking in a weird way.

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Fat people are fucking disgusting

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why are you so bitter, anon?

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Anime characters are drawn ‘default’, kind of like how stickmen are. If you live in a western society, you probably see them as white. It’s not like pink hair is tied to any ethnicity. Sometimes, there are anime characters who are specifically pointed out to be a certain ethnicity though and are given extra attributes. If American, they tend to be blonde, blue eyed (and have huge noses and/or tits). If Arabic, dark skin, some sort of headscarf, gold jewellery. If Chinese, extra squinty eyed, qi pao, aru.

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Sure, but that's a far cry from "genetically destined to be a lardass"

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Freaks will fetishize and pay big bucks for anything they can jack off to, just because some fatass can make money off of selling nudes to fetishists doesn't mean it's not just as creepy disgusting and gross as any other weird fetish

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Even babies probably see thin people as more attractive.

Landing around and breathing through your mouth is gross.

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Because I was fat with fat parents and still lost the weight, and fully expect others to put in a similar level of effort
(1st poster)

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It to be visually pleasing to look at.

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Oof don't set that standard too low, you don't want to trip over the bar.

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you're both right to a point - nobody is born destined to be moomoo levels of obese, but there's definitely people with genetics that mean their overall frames will be larger, or the places they store fat more unfortunate. somebody who carries their weight in their ass/thighs/boobs can play it off a lot easier than in their gut.

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I can always count on /cgl/ to keep the fat shaming alive and well.

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>Chunk li

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Effort in fitness is just as important in serious cosplay as effort in craftsmanship. Your body is just as much a prop as paint, foam, etc.

Casual cosplay is fine, doesn't really matter, but if you're really serious about a cosplay, you shouldn't expect to be taken seriously if your physique doesn't match that of the character at least somewhat. Being too lazy for the gym is no excuse if you're investing hundreds of dollars and/or hours into a cosplay.

Convince me otherwise.

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>be overweight
>obviously too fat to cosplay normal characters
>not fat enough to cosplay fat characters
When I had long hair, I could easily pass for Yajirobe, but I just couldn't pack on the pounds.

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Sometimes people are currently working to lose weight, but struggles because of genetics/medication etc make it a much longer process. It's not healthy to lose weight quickly, and people might not want to wait until they hit theirideal weight to cosplay.

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just eat less lmao

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That makes sense - as long as they're making an effort, body transformations take time.

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You can see that she didn't adapt the cosplay design to her bodytype ( letting the wig's back longer and making the shoulders stronger ) I think it's very important to make your cosplay look good. I have short legs so I make my pants waistline higger and I shape my jackets so it don't emphatize my hips too much for crossplay.

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Can I ask a tangentially related question?
There's this girl in my cosplay friend group that is obscenely fat, yet she thinks she's a supermodel. This in itself isn't a problem, if she's happy with herself that doesn't effect me, but the problem is that she has this obsessive idea that guys are trying to "creep" on her or try to flirt with her or whatever when they are clearly not even close to interested in her. How do I break it to her that she's absolutely delusional and 99.9% of men are likely not attracted with her and likely would not "creep" on her like she thinks they do.
I don't think its healthy for her to continue on being this delusional but at the same time I think telling her the truth will do more harm then good.
What do?

>> No.10260171

Are you her friend? If no, no need to do anything. If yes, then you can put in your input. I.e. Oh I didn’t interpret his actions as flirting, what makes you say so? Basically the same way you would tell a delusional ugly friend. Though honestly, there are probably more deep seated issues behind her delusions and you’ll have to dig them up if you really want her to see the light.

>> No.10260207

Don't say anything, there is basically a 0% chance of being able to tell her the truth in a way where she won't be hurt by it or treat it as a personal insult.

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Put it this way, how would you like it if someone told the same thing to you?

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>Going to Japan around Halloween
>most early events are anime/manga cosplay events
>that'd be so cool to participate in
>Lost 100 pounds this year, but still in size 42 pants and XL shirts

I'd love to go and participate in the Ikebukuro event, but I feel ya. Too fat to do something I'd love, not fat enough to go as something like Yajirobe.

When local conventions start next year I'll be in a better spot physique-wise to dress up. I hope.

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Not the same anon, but here’s an example of a small chested cosplayer using makeup and lots of padding

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Not to mention Thyroid only accounts for roughly 10-15 pounds

>> No.10260261

I’d want the truth. Problem is I am not a delusional fat fuck. Just a plain fat fuck.

See how your question doesn’t help?

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My guess is your friend is actually hot and you are just jelly

Like how do you know what guys creep on her?

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I just want a chubby cosplay gf to snuggle

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Therein lies the problem. There's no way to tell her without it being hurtful but at the same time is it really okay to let her keep going the way she is?
This poster isn't me

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what’s going on w her tits

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I have this issue. Pretty much a skinny girl but all my faves have big tits, I plan on getting one of those drag chests and removing a little bit of the stuffing so theyre more natural. I wish i didn't have A cups, stuffing is soooo hard.

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But getting thin is not just beneficial to cosplay, or are you one of those science deniers who say that fatness doesn't equal health issues?

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Why do I get the feeling this thread is full of jealous flat women annoyed their chubby friends get more attention than they do?

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Why do I have the feeling this thread is full of people fed up of the "thicc" meme that obese people hide behind, as well as fed up of the smell of them all at cons :^)

A bit of chub hurts no one, but christ, I'm fed up of obese people in cosplay. Usually excessive makeup in 7xl taobao cosplay with the wig that barely fits their heads.

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Push up bra.

>> No.10260465

I would love to rest my head in her chest. I'd never want to have massive tits, especially when i am 5'1, have a short torso and I would like to fit into brand. But i like it on other people.

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Just like how white people shouldn't cosplay black characters, fat people shouldn't cosplay slim characters, the inverse is also true.

>> No.10260512

Like people can lose their blackness if they want to be a white character? GTFO troll.

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so you cant cosplay buff characters unless you are buff? even if they are pretty much beyond natural proportions?

>> No.10260516

Like people can lose their whiteness if they want to be a black character? GTFO troll.

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Hey just wanna say, congrats on that very impressive amount of weight loss.

>> No.10260622

Wow the point went whoosh over your head. You can stop being fat but you can't change your skin colour.

>> No.10260624

kekku, like it's not possible to have a chest and be skinny. I wouldn't want cowtits, I'm satisfied with DDs on a BMI of 19.

>> No.10260626

You can change your skin color though, you absolute retard.

>> No.10260738

That sounds like a realistic standard.

>> No.10260740

GREAT work! Wow!
Keep it up. That's very inspiring.

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Thanks! Honestly, starting cosplay has been one of my motivators. I mean, not being a lard ass is helpful, but someday looking decent in a costume is my goal.

Dropping from 385 to 280 in 9 months wasn't terrible, so i'm hoping by May I can be down to 210ish. This thread helps reinforce that I made the right decision. My Jabba the Hutt chin wouldn't look good peeking from under a helmet.

>> No.10260750

And neither is the pic anon posted.
Btw DDs aren't as big as they sound if you measure properly, they're just average. Literally just means 5" difference between underbust and bust.

>> No.10260752

i... have you just never seen boobs before? they look normal wtf

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I can smell the BPD on your post.

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should this woman lose weight

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nah bro, that one goes straight to the slaughter house for fat pigs


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I don't post here, or on this site in general a lot.
But i have a dead vital organ in my body
And the name of my condition is confused with fat people.
So i hate fat people more then anyone hates anything.
More then nazi's hate jews.
Look you know how cons ban weapons and sexual harrasment?
Just ban people over a certain weight.
Anything over 180 pounds is fat.
Unless you have less then 15% bmi.
Anyways weapons, and sexual harrasment are bad, but they are better then fat people.
You can't prove me wrong.
I'm basically saying 2+2=4.
What are fat people going to do?
March in protest?
That would be good exercise.
We help them by banning them.
Do you not want to help?
Are you a monster?

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I can smell the xl milkshake and burgers off yours.

>> No.10260896

As long as they are enjoying it then I don't see a problem. It ain't the 50s where Barbie is white and 75lbs.
I've seen outta shape Batman's, Superman's, etc and so what. Least they are walking and standing for a lil bit compared to their typical day isolating themselves in the dark and eating cheese mummies.
Maybe going to a con and realizing what physical work it is will motivate them to get into shape for next year.

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I have PCOS. I am insulin resistant. I exercise 5 times a week and eat healthy. But unless I severely restrict my diet I gain weight eating what a normal person eats to lose weight. But also fuck right the fuck off. Anyone can cosplay anything they want and whether you find it nice or not based on their weight is no fucking problem of theirs. Go fuck yourself if you think people shouldn't cosplay characters they love because of their weight.

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support chubby cosplayers

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shes so cute wtf

>> No.10260942

wtf are you okay?

babies dont have a preference. hell even most little kids don't.

source: am fat. was babysitter. had kids telling me how pretty i was constantly despite being fat and at best a 4/10.

if they like your face, then you're pretty.

I know it wasn't just these kids because I got asked to watch them while a friend was over, and told her to just drop em off.

They kept making fun of my friend/calling her ugly until I gave them a talking to and told them to go apologize. I was embarrassed, she was embarrassed. Not a good time.

The weird thing was I still think that friend is prettier than I am. She's smaller than me and has really pretty hazel eyes.

>inb4 blogposting

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gajucacosplay its on the pic

>> No.10261072

Can smell in between the folds from here.

>> No.10261101

This is one of the first times ive laughed on 4chan and i laughed at a stupid pun like this. God i hate myself.

>> No.10261105

I got back pain just by looking at this

>> No.10261144

You asked for a mature discussion, here is a mature question:

Should she just NOT cosplay until your ideal dimension is reached?

>> No.10261196

uhhh no because it's not a natural preference. it's societal. there are several points in history where overweight women were considered the most attractive. see: paintings from those times

>> No.10261197

slightly chubby with fat distributed in the hips and breasts is not the same thing as being a 200+ lb landwhale.

>> No.10261363

Being overweight back then was a sign of wealth and thus was seen as desirable because it meant they could afford to eat in excess. The lower class were always thin and malnourished because there was no money for food. So yes 200 lb 'landwhales' back then would have made them loose their fucking minds in desire because it would mean that the woman was extremely wealthy. It was the flapper fashion movement and twiggy that really changed society's preference to 'skinny'. There were literally adverts in the victorian times and even some in the 40s and 50s selling things that's sole purpose was to gain weight for women to be more desirable. People were obsessed with Marilyn Monroe who wasn't plus sized by any means but she had more meat on her then the norm and people aspired to gain her shapeliness. The entire 'skinny is most desired' is a clever marketing ploy that really sells us a numerous amount of products, so hats off to them I must say. It really is a show of how this world is pretty much run by the marketing and fashion industry on a society that enjoys pitting everyone against one another and banking on our shame and dissatisfaction with ourselves.

>> No.10261386

NAYRT, but that actually sounds really interesting! Do you have any of those victorian era adverts etc. you can share? Would love to learn more about this.

>> No.10261392
File: 204 KB, 407x500, 500-1933-mar-p-97-dangerous-to-be-skinny-ad-ironized-yeast-top-measurements.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here's just one of the many that were around! let me try and hunt some more for you!

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File: 138 KB, 520x792, VINTAGE-WEIGHT-GAIN-AD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 80 KB, 640x457, funny_vintage_weight_gain_ads_2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 160 KB, 640x1036, vintage-weight-gain-ads-14.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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I'll find some more but here is a victorian/early era one. Its fascinating to see how marketing has changed over the years but also somewhat horrifying at the same time how people follow these things in droves.

>> No.10261467

Thanks for posting these anon! It's genuinely really interesting to see how beauty standards change over the years, and like you said how marketing essentially decides what people want to look like, whether it's being thin or thick.

>> No.10261475

The invention of slim fit people is new. Don’t tell us a healthy fit model wouldn’t look good in the 1800’s?

>> No.10261483

Did you even read any of this interaction? they weren't talking about what LOOKED good, they were talking about marketing and how it dictated people's everyday lives. And as anon said the change of beauty standards and its effects. Don't join a conversation if you haven't even bothered to read or comprehend any of it, just makes you look like a complete and utter moron.

>> No.10261508

all of these are exactly the same as...

all of these

Clearly the Victorian era beauty standards understood that you can be healthy at any size and that being obese is beautiful!

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File: 229 KB, 800x1270, 800px-Willendorf-Venus-1468.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10261515

It literally gives two arguments in the article that indicate it was not an indicator of beauty standards at the time. That it is a fertility statue with exaggerated features.

"Catherine McCoid and LeRoy McDermott hypothesize that the figurines may have been created as self-portraits by women. This theory stems from the correlation of the proportions of the statues to how the proportions of women's bodies would seem if they were looking down at themselves, which would have been the only way to view their bodies during this period. They speculate that the complete lack of facial features could be accounted for by the fact that sculptors did not own mirrors. This reasoning has been criticized by Michael S. Bisson, who notes that water pools and puddles would have been readily-available natural mirrors for Paleolithic humans"

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Deal with it, flatfags

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File: 159 KB, 1024x683, boobs_by_sauronushka-d8bfcxp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10261612

Depends on how severe it is. I had a thyroid disease that affected me so badly that I became dangerously underweight and my neck swelled up noticeably. It required surgery to remove it in order to solve it. Not that I’m defending people who easily use this as an excuse but extreme cases do exist.

>> No.10261616

Is that why momo got lipo? She doesn't naturally have that figure, it's surgery and photoshop. Pretty ironic for a 'plus size positive' person.

P.S., the lipo makes her torso look fucking weird. Not attractive.

>> No.10261717

She got a Patreon? Some chubby chasers would pay money for that.

>> No.10261718

Tired of this non-argument being brought up by people who've never read a book on anthropology in their lives.

>> No.10261735

None of these would be overweight kek. They didn't want to be "skin and bones" but you're retarded if you think fat women have been in vogue.

These are basically irl vintage THICC memes

>> No.10261760

>if you think fat women have been in vogue

Oh so Rebel Wilson, Adele, Ashley Graham and the Italian 'Belle Vere' editions don't count then huh? do some fucking research before you speak, you gigantic spluttering horse cock.

>> No.10261783

ntayrt, but I mean, yeah, individual fat women have been in vogue, despite being fat.
That doesn't mean the same thing as fatness ITSELF being in vogue.
You're kinda dumb huh?

>> No.10261793

is that what the anon specified though? they said 'fat women' not 'fatness' as a whole being in vogue. Not to mention the fact that there have been NUMEROUS editions of vogue spanning many years with fat women in several photoshoots and Vogue's 125th anniversary edition that celebrated diversity in women. Yes they may not 'focus' on the fat body shape but they have certainly had fat women in their issues/photoshoots and even did a segment on the fall 2017 'curve runway phenomenon'. As the anon's were talking about above, they were discussing body type trends that have gone through the media. The fads that go in and out with certain body shapes and how society is dictated to on how their bodies should be presented. But please continue to smugly butt into conversations that you haven't even bothered to familiarise yourself with by all means.

>> No.10261799

>But please continue to smugly butt into conversations that you haven't even bothered to familiarise yourself with by all means.

I don't have a smug enough anime girl jpg for this, but thanks, will do!

>> No.10261801
File: 161 KB, 1100x667, the-triumph-of-victory.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the only retard here is you. ever heard of the 1600s?

>> No.10261812
File: 18 KB, 400x225, 2c49of.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10261868
File: 2.08 MB, 4186x3307, peter-paul-rubens-werkstatt-6002409[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>but you're retarded if you think fat women have been in vogue
You're not familiar with Rubens or any other artists (both sculptors and painters) are you?

>> No.10262301 [DELETED] 

lmao the fatties on this board are delusional

just lose weight

>> No.10262356

By not banning all fat people from all cons, we are hurting them.
People here are abusive and would rather hurt them help.
That's why no one has banned all fat people from cons.
Prove me wrong.
You can't.

>> No.10262364
File: 81 KB, 500x450, 797985687473.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No one takes glorified dress up conventions seriously. The likelihood is that someone's gonna have to really consider their health and well-being to lose weight rather than be pathetically hung up over convincing others they're actually a 2D character.

A convention's original purpose was for people to gather to express their interests and make new friends. If it happened that they were accurate, then that was cool. If they weren't, it wasn't a big deal.
Things are chill among mature con attendees who don't take themselves too seriously.

The only types of people losing sleep over not being able to accurately skinwalk a cartoon character are people who failed in their respective educations and careers, who now have the miserable task of either turning their hobby into a workhorse; or desperately clinging to relevancy by claiming to be king or queen of costhot mountain.

Finding yourself not obese, as if that's not the outcome for most people who've lived on earth, isn't an accomplishment. You're still a loser gatekeeping other losers.

>> No.10262368

Unfortunately we can also prove your mom didn’t swallow when she should have.

>> No.10262410

It's ok since i fucked your mom.

I wouldn't fuck her now that shes fat though.

Your mom is so fat...

...that i'm guessing she passed it on to you

(thanks for the well thought out response)

>> No.10262413

tired of hearing cosplayers say "i wont cosplay until i lose 150 lbs!!" and then they cosplay anyway

>> No.10262435


They care, people do take it seriously. I've seen cosplayers choosing a salad over pasta or steak because they have a photoshoot afterwards and they don't want to deal with a bloated-looking belly in photos.

Though, all the ones that care are the ones that are already skinny and pretty with near-perfect skin and decent cosplays.

So pretty much, it's more like they already take it seriously, they care. If they don't already care, they don't.

>> No.10262458

Looks like a titty version of a L4D Boomer

>> No.10262481

They we're clearly talking about people in general you turbo autist, as they mentioned the thots who care and obsess are fucking losers who must be deeply unaccomplished and insecure.

>> No.10262491

Shes using the wig and collar + apps to make her face look thinner. don’t be fooled

>> No.10262492

Keep telling yourself that fatty

>> No.10262555

Rubens is brought up a lot specifically because he had an unusual fixation on fatness due to the way rolls of fat and muscle allowed for more dramatic shadows and forms. Even his horses and other animals are rippling with fat.

If you look at other nudes from the time, such as Bernini's sculptures (Apollo and Daphne for example), they are more slender.

>> No.10262576

trips of truth

>> No.10262580
File: 1022 KB, 689x905, ass2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

muh rubenesque figure

>> No.10262623

Did momo get a nose job at some point? cause i swear to god her nose looks fine in some pictures and completely fucked in others.

>> No.10262624

You know, the crappy "armor" of the one next to her jumps out at me way more than her weight.

>> No.10262630


>> No.10262978

Tfw lardasses will ruin their face by gaining 300 pounds but I'll never be anywhere near as pretty as them

>> No.10263030

agreed. most cosplayers only care about how they look & how skinny or “canon” they are. especially with the way things are nobody is going to openly or blunty to someone who is overweight or unattractive. if anything it can gain them some brownie points for being ~diverse~ but for the most part people only give a shit about how they look & how much they weigh, unless like they are projecting asshole.

>> No.10263077

>fat ppl need to be burned for fuel, thats their only use.

>> No.10263129

whats ass1 anon

>> No.10263139

I was 300ish pounds at 5'11.
I lost 120 pounds and got shredded to cosplay Uncle Dante.
Where there's a will, there's a way.
If you don't look like an absolute ogre and don't stink, do what you want, but don't expect people to praise you for your #bravery

>> No.10263203

What a shame the Neolithic women couldn't just look at other Neolithic women's bodies behind their hijabs.

>> No.10263363

All I want in life is for a fat Morrigan cosplayer to sit on me.

>> No.10263364

even if I was indeed flat I sure wouldn't feel jelly of an obese cosplayer, anon-kun. fat is disgusting and must be shamed.

>> No.10263366

cosplay has always been a place for 5/10 girls to get male attention, that's kind of the point. its a feel-good event for low self-esteem females and trying to stifle that is antithetical to cosplay itself

>> No.10263401

you're a man aren't you

>> No.10263658

On the reverse, of this topic whats the best way for a skinny person to cosplay a fat character?

For example, I'm wanting to do Roadhog for a group overwatch cosplay because I main him, but I'm a lanklet.

Do i just accept I don't look like him and, or is there a decent way to pad myself out

>> No.10263710

Obviously. If scrotes don't want 5/10 women to get attention, then maybe they should ignore them instead of whining.

>> No.10263830

No you fucking idiot. Learn history.

>> No.10263841

Anon is right. In fact, obesity is still associated with wealth to this day in many countries in the world. Maybe you should do some research before insulting people because you think anon is trying to defend being obese and it hurts your feelings.

>> No.10263842
File: 2.76 MB, 2048x1365, 1562452640278.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10263847

Oh, god, look at that grody unwashed nude bra

>> No.10263854 [DELETED] 

everybody in this thread shut the fuck up and watch this


you'll look better than stacy. you can do it you fat sluts.

>> No.10263859

They used male models.

>> No.10263860 [DELETED] 



>> No.10263862
File: 55 KB, 281x355, 1474311286198.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

absolutely repulsive

>> No.10263864
File: 1.86 MB, 640x1138, 1548186793331.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


And yet she makes more money off her body than you or any of the jealous stick insects in this thread

Deal with it

>> No.10263865
File: 2.84 MB, 960x540, Rose.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


absolutely homosexual

>> No.10263877

>stick insects
anon... you do realize it's possible to have curves and a good waist-hip ratio without being a hippo, right?

>> No.10263879

This is the most cringeworthy thing I've ever seen, her disgusting facial expressions ruin the entire video.

>> No.10263881


Its possible but rare. And I doubt anyone on /cgl/ has it.

Don't even bother replying to me saying how you've got big boobs/hips and a tiny waist I don't believe you.

fact is 99% of the time a big ass big thighs and big boobs means a big belly too

>> No.10263893
File: 16 KB, 360x284, stats.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Did all the fat go to your brain, too?
Waist to hip ratio, on average, is lower with a lower BMI.
High BMI is correlated with a high WHR due to increased relative fat deposits in the abdomen and decreased relative fat deposits in the buttocks.
In other words, thinner people tend to have a greater percentage difference between their waist and hips.

>> No.10264082

Do junkrat instead? that or a fatsuit, but if you're dyel it might be legit too heavy

There's a difference between ratio and raw mass.

>> No.10264148


Yep. Just part of having girl body. Any weight fluctuations you roll the dice where the fat went/left from. Gain weight? First time round suddenly grow big fat hips. Loose weight? Suddenly boobs appear (same bust width but your waist is suddenly 3 inches smaller and you're now three cup letters bigger). Gain weight again? Suddenly become horrible barrel shape. Loose weight again? Say goodbye to boobs and become banana. Gain weight again? Oh you're a rectangular fridge now. Loose weight? Good knows, maybe you'll turn into a cloud shape.

Sometimes I think god was high or drunk when he made human girls. Dudes? Yeah, all straight lines and easy to sew for. Girls? Throw in a bunch genetic code and sqoushed out some silly putty, they come out all weird different body shapes and then companies make "standard size" sewing patterns that "fit most common bodies", which means they fit no body because nobody is "common" apparently, so everybody's walking around in clothes that don't fit them, we need changing rooms and an actual fashion industry to figure out what we can wear and look good in, and also fuck periods because they suck.

But hey chocolate is great so plus points for creating that.

>> No.10264191

honestly I don't think we can make/sell clothing that correctly fit people at the skale the industy is. Some company tried " semi- mesure " with larger seem allowance so adgustement can be made but it's not very convenient.

>> No.10264203

losing weight is hard

why are you so big pissed about someone else being kinda fat

is it really that big of a fucking deal to you that you need to judge and control another person's body

jesus fuck get over yourself, bitch

>> No.10264205

you're not their fucking mom

they're fat, not fucking stupid, and they don't belong to you

so why don't you go to hell and be a cute lolita there

>> No.10264226

This is a nice containment thread.

>> No.10264236
File: 9 KB, 300x168, Mother_fuck.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I regret every post I've made in this dumb thread

>> No.10264256

fuck, how does she have 3k followers. i barely have 500 and i'm not fat.

>> No.10264265


Because you ugly

>> No.10264272

But you aren't just like the character if you aren't the same race.

>> No.10264288

I guess I'm in two minds. There are characters I know I might want to do but I'd look ridiculous as. I'm built a little like a power lifter so I'd be shit as spiderman but could pull Bane. I'd be shit as Cloud but ok as Barret minus blackface. So I get what point OP is making about selecting a character to fit your look. I'm thinking about being Chain'n'Toad for our One Punch group even though there are other characters I like better.

On the other hand thick sister did an awesome job with her attention to detail. She looks happy and is clearly having fun.

So I guess I'm in the camp of let her have her fun. I'm still wearing a frog head and karate gi

>> No.10264667

Those are “pity” en vogues. Those women have been on magazine covers purely so other women can go “oh at least I’m not as fat as her. If she’s that fat and can be on a magazine cover then I’m fine.” It’s a marketing ploy to keep the first world fat and consuming.

>> No.10264780
File: 440 KB, 3317x1263, 46733051_1463074607158517_6522551246551777280_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10264878

I honestly feel sorry for obese people. It just seems like such a hard life. But I also don't care enough to try and get them to change their lifestyle or try and lose weight. That's their choice and if they wanna look like that, I guess go ahead. None of my business.

T b h, even though >>10257757 pic is pretty fat, she's still cute. It's weird, kind of like seeing a really fat cat or dog and thinking, "Oh you poor thing, but you are still adorable in your own way."

I don't really understand it myself.

>> No.10264881

I'm fat and there are a lot of cosplays I haven't done because I'm too big. I will just stick to Mario because the overalls hide things enough.
Also if anyone calls me fat or says my cosplay is shit I typically agree

>> No.10264885
File: 204 KB, 1316x1658, 12341235215.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think cosplaying a character that fits your body type is just the logical thing to do and will look the best. Do what makes you happy though, but if you're cosplaying a thin character unironically when you're very overweight just know some people will look at you and think certain ways. It's unavoidable. If that doesn't bother you and it makes you happy then great; keep doing what you do.

>> No.10264891

i feel like people should have this attitude. is it ideal to go for best appearance? yes, but if people want to cosplay outside of their weight that should totally be allowed.

>> No.10264903
File: 119 KB, 1440x1440, 14991118_1257080927696701_4617028034089300164_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Why don't you just become a plus size e-girl there are many of them
It would help your confidence

>> No.10264906

jesus, is this dude that much of a absolute unit or is the suit oversized and styled to make him look massive? im impressed either way

>> No.10264911

i feel like it's a bit of both. it's so well executed too!

>> No.10264912
File: 48 KB, 480x720, 68.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10264963

Because I am a straight white male

>> No.10264967
File: 110 KB, 643x960, _2280408150020.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10264985

>asks for a mature discussion then proceeds to imply fat people just choose to be like that

The misunderstanding that fat folks could just easily decide not to be fat is an incredibly harmful one. There are genetic factors, metabolic factors, psychological factors, and no two people are exactly the same in these areas, meaning something that maybe comes very easily for you will be much more difficult for another person. You might enjoy working out, you might be able to change your weight very easily, you might naturally crave healthy foods or have a faster metabolism that makes you naturally thin. Another person may have factors that make those things very difficult, and forcing themselves to do them may actually be more harmful than good.

I was a skinny, active kid and then I got fat the instant I hit puberty. I've had stretchmarks on my boobs and hips since I was 12, I put on weight so fast. I was physically active, in sports, had a normal relationship with food, but I still got fat. When I was in my early twenties I decided I really wanted to get thinner, and I exercised hard every day for a year, dieted, and all that happened was I put on muscle and got thicker.

This is the body I have and I've accepted I'm not going to have another one. Accepting that and still allowing myself to indulge in the things I enjoy isn't "being lazy" or "promoting an unhealthy lifestyle." It's accepting that there will be things I won't be able to change about myself without making unhealthy choices. I'm not going to develop an eating disorder just so other people will think I'm acceptable to look at.

"Just eat less" is an unhealthy behavior.

>> No.10265024

It's not "developing an eating disorder" to eat less if the current amount you are eating is too much. If anything, right now you have an eating disorder.

>> No.10265029

You're assuming that because a person is fat that they are eating too much/have an eating disorder and I've just explained why that's a simplistic and wrongheaded viewpoint. Calories describe units of energy, not nutrition, vitamins etc, and they don't take into account someone's other dietary requirements. Starving yourself can actually trigger your body to store more fat.

But you won't listen because you're likely someone who thinks fat folks are just deciding to be fat and turn into uncontrollable animals around food.

>> No.10265030

>You're assuming that because a person is fat that they are eating too much

It's not an assumption, it is objective reality. If you are fat, you are eating more than your body needs so it stores the excess calories as fat. If you are eating too many calories while not getting enough vitamins and minerals, your dietary choices are to blame.

>> No.10265033

>I exercised hard every day for a year, dieted, and all that happened was I put on muscle and got thicker.
You need to count calories. Losing weight doesn't happen in the gym. It happens in the kitchen. An overwhelming majority of people who don't count calories yet say they're dieting grossly underestimate how much they're eating.

If you were counting calories and not losing weight then it could be a thyroid issue. Otherwise if you're happy the way you are then that's great too.

>> No.10265040

>Otherwise if you're happy the way you are then that's great too.

No one that makes blog posts about how "happy" they are with a certain flaw is happy.

>> No.10265042


>Total energy expenditure and resting metabolic rate in the subjects with diet resistance (group 1) were within 5 percent of the predicted values for body composition, and there was no significant difference between groups 1 and 2 in the thermic effects of food and exercise.
>Low energy expenditure was thus excluded as a mechanism of self-reported diet resistance.
>In contrast, the subjects in group 1 underreported their actual food intake by an average (+/- SD) of 47 +/- 16 percent and overreported their physical activity by 51 +/- 75 percent.
>Although the subjects in group 1 had no distinct psychopathologic characteristics, they perceived a genetic cause for their obesity, used thyroid medication at a high frequency, and described their eating behavior as relatively normal (all P < 0.05 as compared with group 2).

>The failure of some obese subjects to lose weight while eating a diet they report as low in calories is due to an energy intake substantially higher than reported and an overestimation of physical activity, not to an abnormality in thermogenesis.

>> No.10265083

that corset wants to die
it is working though, for sure

>> No.10265086

Perhaps you legitimately have a thyroid condition then and need treatment. That being said after you get treatment you can probably drop the weight
Also it's not an eating disorder if you know when to stop, and exercises in mental self control and abstinence are healthy.
>t. fasted for two weeks
That being said I'm a guy so you may have some additional difficulty doing that courtesy of your hormones. You also can't completely cut carbs because of that. All the same you can still portion restrict or do OMAD.
I was pretty much the opposite of you, chubby throughout life until I realized I wanted to drop the weight in my early 20s and did so.

>> No.10265090
File: 135 KB, 3000x2995, Rhyaniwyn_Seals-Spinner_Fullsize.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Because they don't want to? Some people do shit for fun, anon.

I used to think like OP too. Why do the cosplay if your weight it going to make it look bad...

But then I was like...bitch, some people aren't being super cereal about this and just want to have some fun on a random weekend of the year.

Let people enjoy things. They don't need my approval.

>> No.10265094

>Waist to hip ratio, on average, is lower with a lower BMI
Was your pic supposed to support your statement? Because it fucking doesn't. Learn to statistic.

>> No.10265201

Looks like a slight positive correlation to me.

>> No.10265205

Yeah, exactly. It's obviously a small study but it's borne out by multiple.

>> No.10265207
File: 362 KB, 1536x2048, 21055895_1493348780700192_348432601473910800_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10265214

>0 reverse image search results

>> No.10265216

and it's not even cosplay ouch

>> No.10265217


GIS got fucked a while back, fren. Sorry you couldnt find more fap material.

>> No.10265218

>implying I used jewgle
yandex is 1000x better

>> No.10265219


Its Pam from Archer
Back tro reddit, newfag

>> No.10265220

>and it's not even cosplay ouch
It's clearly Pam from Archer, anon...

>> No.10265271

I'm fat, and I admit it
I could do more, but I don't, and as a result my cosplay suck and nobody likes them
I just thought I'd post so some can get enjoyment from justified derision :)

>> No.10265281

Oh, I see it now. I can't stand Archer so it's not something I recognize easily.

>> No.10265294

Yeah, choosing a character that matches your body type is a great idea, but the fact is there aren't that many fat characters to cosplay and personally, I think you're way better off cosplaying characters you're actually passionate about rather than doing something you don't care/know about.

>> No.10265330

>there aren't that many fat characters to cosplay
It's a good thing weight is something that is changeable.

>> No.10265826
File: 79 KB, 960x894, 53201C97-4C78-40E9-9166-F3DE0D88473A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10265829


>> No.10265830
File: 392 KB, 1200x1600, 1406074491882.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10265832

>the same website several years later:


But hey, you aren't interested in the science. You're going to believe whatever you want to believe that makes you feel better about yourself, and you're going to find the one source that supports it.

>> No.10265848

Omg this is cute

>> No.10265889

>heart disease, stroke, and diabetes account for like 1/3 of deaths in the US
>fatties still try to justify being fat because they can't fucking put the fork down

>> No.10265989

You cannot just say "several points in time" with your source as "paintings from those times" without either posting a painting OR naming the times

t. /his/

>> No.10266007

way 2 fat 4 me

>> No.10266051

All great cosplays

>> No.10266054

What events are in Ikebukuro for Halloween?

>> No.10266085 [DELETED] 
File: 572 KB, 1200x1200, momokun.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Gaining this much weight in three years is ugly and should be shamed. Also kek at the shooped pic you posted

>> No.10266107

What a disgusting thread, just lose weight it's not hard instead of giving shitty excuses you lazy landwhales.

>> No.10266117

All the fat fetishists came out to play on this thread.

>> No.10266121
File: 71 KB, 640x799, 1568847239891.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How bout a magic trick?
I'm gonna make your face....disappear!

>> No.10266147

people did both of those already.

>> No.10266149
File: 56 KB, 1133x259, moomoo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Momokun is the icon for all the overweight girls out there

Look at how popular she is and how much money she makes

You should use her as an inspiration and not feel bad about yourself

>> No.10266158
File: 183 KB, 1474x988, 6ff76d2db2418f13681d1c5359b4e749.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Also reminder for any plus size girls that you don't need to take your clothes off to look good (but if you want to it's totally cool)

Girls like Momokun can look sexy but also cute or elegant or whatever

>> No.10266159

>Just stop smoking its not that hard
>Just stop doing drugs its not that hard

>> No.10266201

Nobody tries to argue that smoking and drugs is healthy though.

>> No.10266204

Smokers are even more disgusting and worthless than fatties

>> No.10266247

Are you actually retarded?

>> No.10266291

Pretty much. A lot of dudes like the thicker type, it's totally normal. There's no reason for other women to be pissed off just cause patty's got a bit of the chub tum.

I wouldn't say the same for 999lb+ hambeasts who have triple layers of cellulite and can't move an inch though, that shit really is gross. just stop it before it gets worse for fuck's sake lol.

>> No.10266292

desu it really isn't hard. people just fry their dopamine receptors and fuck the behavioral reward centers of their brains because they don't have the rest of their lives sorted out.

>> No.10266305

you've never met a weed evangelist?

>> No.10266307

Weed doesn't really count as per anon's post, since it's not addictive.

>> No.10266310

Can we post cute girls instead of fighting

>> No.10266311

People can be addicted to literally anything, and many people are indeed addicted to weed.

>> No.10266314


Losing weight or fighting an addiction is physically not too hard (except for the potential withdrawals with things like caffeine or harder drugs), but with weight loss there is the issue of food addiction being mentally really difficult to get over just like lots of other addictions. Maintaining weight is easy as fuck but losing is super hard for people with legit food addictions that have to consume a little of their drug daily to survive but stop themselves from over indulging. If it was easy to do fewer people would be obese. Being fat is easy so a good chunk of people in places that make it easy to get fat stay fat.

>> No.10266320

I like the cold turkey approach
Most people can really just stop eating for a week and reset.

>> No.10266325

oh yeah, telling people to literally starve themselves is a great idea. ew.

>> No.10266329

That wouldn't be on topic either.

>> No.10266341

Fasting actually can have positive health benefits, yes. Also you type like a 12 year old girl.

>> No.10266346

starving yourself is never healthy, you anorexic twit.

>> No.10266350

but they're right.

"In another study, Mattson and colleagues explored the effects of intermittent and continuous energy restriction on weight loss and various biomarkers (for conditions including breast cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease) among young overweight woman [...]. They found that intermittent restriction was as effective as continuous restriction for improving weight loss, insulin sensitivity and other health biomarkers.

Mattson has also researched the protective benefits of fasting to neurons. If you don’t eat for 10–16 hours, your body will go to its fat stores for energy, and fatty acids called ketones will be released into the bloodstream. This has been shown to protect memory and learning functionality, says Mattson, as well as slow disease processes in the brain."
"“Caloric restriction, undernutrition without malnutrition, is the only experimental approach consistently shown to prolong survival in animal models,” Freedland and colleagues stated in a study on the effects of intermittent fasting on prostate cancer growth in mice [...]. In the study, mice fasted twice a week for 24 hours, but were otherwise permitted to eat at liberty. During nonfasting days, the mice overate. Overall, they did not lose weight, counteracting whatever benefits they might have seen from fasting. Intermittent fasting with compensatory overeating “did not improve mouse survival nor did it delay prostrate tumor growth,” the study concluded.

To improve health, the goal should be to lose weight by reducing the total amount of calories consumed, suggests Freedland, rather than focusing on when those calories are consumed. “If you [don’t] eat two days a week, and limit what you eat the other five days, you will lose weight. It’s one approach to losing weight,” he says. “I’m not sure it works any better than cutting down slightly seven days a week.”"

Why can nobody in this thread do a basic search.

>> No.10266351

Starving is defined as "suffering or dying from hunger," so yes I agree it is never healthy. Good thing I'm talking about fasting, right?

>> No.10266353

they are telling people to starve themselves for a WEEK, not "10-16 hours." learn to read

>> No.10266354

"fasting" (starving yourself) would cause suffering for the majority of people. eating healthy is the right way to go about it, not starvation.

>> No.10266355

OK yeah a week is a bit excessive, but 2 days a week of total fasting is fine for weight loss as long as you continue to restrict your intake for the other 5 days and don't binge to compensate.

>> No.10266357

Not the anon you were replying to but how do you not get light-headed or avoid feeling like shit in general while doing that?
I have tried but I always got dizzy and just felt horrible in general, I sure as shit couldn't do it on days to go to work.

>> No.10266358

That's a question that I cannot answer. I've occasionally not ate all day just due to forgetting or getting really absorbed in shit, and your body does kind of forget after a while, but it's probably a terrible idea if you do any kind of exercise or have a heart condition or something.

>> No.10266359

*does kind of forget that you're hungry after a while, I mean.

>> No.10266360

No heart condition and fine otherwise as far as I know but I can't go an entire day without eating at all or I get dizzy and find it hard to function. Maybe its one of those things that goes away if you work up slowly to it.

>> No.10266361

Maybe yeah. I still forget breakfast/lunch sometimes, but most recently, I had to do a 24 hr fast for a colonoscopy, and the not eating part did kinda suck because it was imposed and I was hyperconscious of it. (But it was far outweighed by how horrible the rest of the prep was. Fuck that bubblegum vomit shit they make you drink.)

>> No.10266362

>for a colonoscopy
...anon how old are you?

>> No.10266363

You definitely get used to it. If you spend all day thinking about how much you aren't eating then yeah you'll be hungry, but your body has plenty of glycogen stores and can go without food for longer than most people think. Being busy certainly helps, especially something that gets the adrenaline going which further suppresses appetite.

>> No.10266365

Not all of us are blessed with healthy bodies. It was diagnostic, not routine.

>> No.10266367
File: 292 KB, 952x1769, 1717173987234908234.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

u sure bout that?

>> No.10266368


Someone once mentioned this is due to lack of electrolytes. If you want to fast but get electrolytes in, you can make your own sweat drink -- artificial sweetener and salt added to water (optional fruit flavouring), or sparkling water, it tastes somewhat awful but will get you your salt.

>> No.10266376

I went on a two week fast and had no issues. Women have some issues with this because their hormones are different, but just have a few grams of carbs every day.

>> No.10266377

>want to lose weight
>Constantly thinking about eating, especially eating sugary/fried/unhealthy foods

How do I overcome this? It's really difficult to make good choices when the bad ones are in my head nonstop.

>> No.10266378


Holy shit!

>> No.10266379

I used to have those nice proportions but got fat later unfortunately. It does exist though

>> No.10266380

Rare for whites and asians, sure. Blacks and latinas have that type of body all the time.

>> No.10266381

get hobbies that are more exciting than food. youtube can teach how to get started in various hobbies.

>> No.10266382

weight loss surgery, weight loss balloon, etc

>> No.10266383

Ok I will give that a try then, thank you.

>> No.10266384


This makes the little pp become the big pp

>> No.10266385

stop thinking about food. rationalize it in your mind as simply not being a possibility unless it is a scheduled specific mealtime with a specific menu. Once your allow for a degree of flexibility, all bets are off. Eventually you will learn to build good habits and can ease off, but first you have to break the bad ones.

>> No.10266386

Some of this is posing and a push-up bra, but she does have very nice proportions

>> No.10266390

yeah I mean she is clearly vacuuming her stomach, but even that considered it's still a pretty good figure.

>> No.10266407

>How to make fatties seethe 101

>> No.10266413

Pick a new time consuming and somewhat difficult hobby. For me, i used to be a lardass until i started devoting most of my free time to trying new things and that did most of the work for me. The weight just kind of falls off if you find things to do instead of binging.

>> No.10266477

How she be fat but have no ass

>> No.10266480


Eh not bad. Nice lower half. Boobs probably not that big when the bra comes off.
Are you some Patreon thot or e-girl?

>> No.10266484


>> No.10266506

Are those mesh panties on the outside of her bodysuit???

>> No.10266510

Im sure this has been said a million times already in this thread, but it cant be said enough times since its really hard to get through some of you cunts:
Not everyone cosplays professionally or for competitions. I know its a really usual concept for you unnecessarily competitive bitches to understand since youre too busy constantly comparing yourselves to others, but a lot of cosplayers at cons dress up purely for fun. Like a majority of the cosplayers at cons do casual cosplay or dress up not expecting their picture to be taken. They dress up for the same reason people dress up for halloween despite not having the body type: for fun.
People can take the time to learn all the necessary skills for cosplay and not lose any weight because its just a hobby.

>> No.10266515
File: 137 KB, 1080x1080, 49321457_224103801858543_9203450293382188410_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


She has a big beautiful ass
Much better than >>10266367

>> No.10266516

She doesn't. Anybody can look like they have a big ass of they bend over a bit.

>> No.10266520

Y is her butt falling off

>> No.10266523
File: 1.16 MB, 750x1334, 1567817685731.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Certified caucasian flat

>> No.10266524


She is Arab though

>> No.10266526

Arab but flatter than a white bitch? Unfortunate

>> No.10266529


Ok first off the shorts are compressing the ass second of all her thighs are so thicc it makes the ass look smaller by proportion

Just Google momokun ass/butt you'll get a billion images proving how great her ass is

But instead you cherry pick images from hate sites like lolcow and kiwifarms

>> No.10266531 [DELETED] 

Cope more whitey

>> No.10266546

>Maybe if I defend her on the internet momokun will touch my pp.

>> No.10266560

Lol cherry pick ive seen momo kun in person she isnt thick or reallly curvy she is fat with a flabby ass. Its hilarioys how non white have takin the word thick and changed it to fat women when us blacks used the word was mesnt to describe girls shaped like video vixens and the body shape kim k and all these instagram models try to fake using plastic surgery. Momo stomach is literally spilling over her gut, she has had had lipo annd wears waists trainers/shape wear. Lol withput all that bitch is fat as fuck only lame ass weebs boost this ugly plain bitch up. I swear cosplay is safe haven for ugly average looking white women who would never get sny attention from men in a real world context.

>> No.10266562

Lol these neckbeards think these cosplay thots actually care about them which is why they spend so much time white knighting them.

>> No.10266563

I never understood how people like that can be so pathetic.

>> No.10266565

Fr fr

>> No.10266614

This. Sure, OP's pic would be better if she wasn't fat, but she's not doing this as professional or competitive thing. Lots of people have fun with cosplay without setting out to be the very best of all time and the most perfect 1:1 representation of the character possible.

>> No.10266652

Knowing that some men think slothface is attractive, makes me feel ugly when I’m complimented...

Like do I really look that bad that you think I’m attractive?

>> No.10266654
File: 71 KB, 640x653, 69274519_392286961440797_769930934143574868_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


She is the 3rd most popular cosplayer on Patreon
She is far, FAR more attractive than anyone on /cgl/
Both her body AND her face

>> No.10266658

Whatever floats your boat, I guess. It's amazing how different people's tastes are.

>> No.10266672


are you sure she isn't just attractive to you because you can pretend she's available to you for a small fee?

>> No.10266808
File: 28 KB, 276x552, bw8xodv8k3rz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10266810

More cushion for the pushin

>> No.10266811

She was hot as thicc samus but now shes just a gross acne riddled blob

>> No.10266823

Chun li is literally an incredibly fit swole af pro fighter with almost no body fat

U tried

>> No.10266824
File: 8 KB, 240x210, happy-cry-pepe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

kek best cosplay ever

>> No.10266850
File: 64 KB, 750x888, jameelasize1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10266851

damn sometimes women are more cruel to eachother about looks... than men are to women

ya'll are straight up abusive

>> No.10266852


Because it takes 1-2 years to lose significant amounts of weight. Dieting/exercising/cooking/shopping become a part time job on top of whatever else you have to do. And chances are, the moment you fall off the stringent diet/exercise plan, you’re going to fucking balloon. So that’s if you get sick, if you get hurt, or if you work some extra overtime, you’re pissing away all that time and effort.

No one wants to invest 10-15 hours a week for two years to look slightly nicer in their hobby, which is dressing up like cartoon characters. That’s stupid.

>> No.10266854

You vastly overestimate the amount of effort it takes to lose weight. Just eat less, lmfao.

>> No.10266869

Lmfao just eat healthy holy shit I workout and plan my meals and it does NOT take anywhere near 15 hours a week. If you dont have the time all you have to do is eat less quantity.

Excuses for laziness.

>> No.10266893

id smash and coom.
fuck what this site says

>> No.10266895

Desperation for e-thot pussy is a bad look man

>> No.10266940

Only virgin neckbeards who like fat over weight chicks think she is hot . you already proved ur a loser donating to patreon i can tell u get no pussy at all and lol at momkun being far more attractive than anyone on here yet she has to photoshop her gut out of all her pictures and has a flat ass in real life lmaoo. I dont have to wear a corset to get my shape lol . lol at her only fanboys being ugly ass virgin neck beards eho get no pussy 90% of male fans of cosplay thots are ugly and broke ass fuck. If your gpin to be a thot why not aim for high status men not losers who have donate to women on patreon to get any type of female attention.

>> No.10266942

Lol this is the chick he claims looks better than all of cgl lmaoooo.

Pretty ugly liar forum has a pic of her during one of her shoots that clearly shows her ass is flat as fuck and that she has a gut. Its funny how she went from a skinny chick with a ruler body to this montrosity like the new mariah looks like she ate the old one.

>> No.10267018


Why do we take this bitch seriously? Bitch won't even change her world knowledge if she's presented with evidence to the contrary

>> No.10267076

Hey bros, what's a good cosplay for a 172cm brown fat manlet
Asking for a friend

>> No.10267095

Mr Popo

>> No.10267144

yeah honestly shes p cute and has cool hobbies, idk

>> No.10267146

tfw this whole thread is a bunch of self-hating gulls who want to take their misery out on people who actually feel good and are living life

>> No.10267172
File: 38 KB, 960x640, 65772781_1669332399878369_8166266081481064448_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Momo does look better than all of /cgl/

You flat chested stick insects

Sorry you're patreons failed lol

>> No.10267281

I personally don't like cosplaying a character if my weight is bad, as it feels like I'm doing a disservice to the character and also I don't want to look like shit in public.

Cospay has actually helped me come to terms with how bad my weight is now and is motivating me to try and lose it.

About 5 years ago my thyroid went all shit and I put on a ton of weight super quick. Then it just became easy to pile it on and I've been eating more and more crap etc etc.

There's a load of cosplays I wanna make now I can sew and craft better but I don't wanna be overweight while wearing them.

So there's some positivity for the thread I guess?

Also jealous of women who can put on weight but it doesn't go straight to their arms. My arms look huge, red and gross right now and I'm always confused seeing girls with skinny faces and arms yet they're HUGE everywhere else. Like, wtf.

>> No.10267286

Not black enough desu

>> No.10267311

stay mad fatty-chan

>> No.10267334

Cope harder

>> No.10267339

Momokun internet defense force is out in force today.

>> No.10267384

Focus on bettering yourself instead of comparing yourself to others. Easier said than done I know.

>> No.10267395

Maybe focus on behind the scenes instead? Have a friend model them for you.

Someone make the new thread.

>> No.10267522

This cosplayer looks like she smells weird, does momokun smell in public?

>> No.10267570

>I swear cosplay is safe haven for ugly average looking white women who would never get sny attention from men in a real world context.
100% true but they winning the game out here with milking these lonely ass weeb dudes with that IT helpdesk money. Funny enough when them same dudes move on from helpdesk to Sysadmin/Network Engineer money, they flying their ass straight over to Thailand.

>> No.10267791

Like cigarettes, BO, pussy, and cheap body spray

>> No.10267792

Does momokun have fetal alcohol syndrome? She has those weird downsie facial features

>> No.10268038

She looks more to me like she got a bad nosejob and just has a weak chin/too much photoshop

>> No.10268304

Would smash but not admit it.

>> No.10268383


Is that even a girl? It looks like a guy

>> No.10269964

make the fucking pie disappear

>> No.10270666

Whatever app this is, I need it. My chin isn't as big but my apps are not cutting it.

>> No.10270718

>pounds of makeup and filters
>cherry picking photos to look good, also photoshopping the crap out of everything
lol the delusion

>> No.10271889

Its considered OK to genderbend a character. We frequently see chibi versions of a character. If it becomes a thing to depict thicc versions of a character, Id be OK with that.

Artistically, a thicc version would be more successful with characatured armor and accessories. But bad cosplay is still better than no cosplay.

>> No.10272191

If you think being fat especially as fat as these cosplayersd you anons have posted is healthy in any manner....You must be ants on head retarded. These people are SICK and will DIE from heart disease before 40. You are not only promoting their lifestyle, you ENCOURAGE IT! It would be like telling a schizo to listen to the voices that they hear! it's okay to listen to the voices in your head anon! You should do whatever they say no matter what.
I never say this usually, but kill your selves. Because all you're doing is encouraging others to ruin their lives even further

>> No.10272207

The whole fat acceptance thing is being used as a crutch for some of these cows and to me when I see fat cosplayers all I can think is lack of self control and no real consciousness of what they ACTUALLY look like as a blobulous form that waddles around cons.

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