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Who’s doing noteworthy Halloween (or fall in general) releases?

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Perfect for going to the meet at lunch and going to the club at nighy

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They really trying to make me buy a special bra

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Like a strapless one? Pretty versatile bra so it’s worth it

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I have a lot of pit fat so I feel like I should invest in those squeezy chick cutlet bras

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I'm trying to remember what that bra was called that had all the ads on Instagram a couple months ago, that was advertised as really seamless and you could put the straps in a ton of different positions, wish I'd thought to bookmark it

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All i know is that i will be in New York during halloween. I have no idea what i will be doing though, but I plan to wear lolita at least once.

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Meanwhile Petit Heart is making back! Anyone’s getting this one?

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Got my Halloween coord all ready. Probably going to go on a ghost tour l, then for drinks.

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cgl hates this series so harsh if compared to how hard it is to get one second hand.

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bbb has a pumpkin release. I like the small versions better. there’s something about those lines on the pumpkins I don’t like.

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not today capitalists

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Puvithel is doing some sort of mustache release. I’m spooked

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Wow, that is scary.

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Is OP living in the future?

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Oh shit, I guess I am. 2019 isn’t real for me.

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Get a stick on one

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This is a Halloween thread idiots

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How do you gulls feel about FNO exclusive stuff?

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halloween 2020?
thats not for awhile buddy

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Pink. It’s really pink.

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I have a strong feeling that those are recycled leftovers from Be Pink party.

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Can we post coord inspo here?

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I want to go as a nurse but I don't have a nurse main-piece

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bless you, they're not for sale yet but they are bookmarked!

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Why do I keep seeing this stuff get shilled so often? It looks so cheap.

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I'm really liking Meta's Halloween print. I hope there's a primarily black version though. I missed Grimoire last year and have been kicking myself ever since, especially since only the pink/green and red/blue ever seem to come up secondhand and I want the black/grey.

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I'm going to have a Halloween meet at my home and damn it's hard to find lolita worthy Halloween decorations, it all looks cheap and shitty.

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I can barely see it, are there no detail pictures?

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have you tried Marshall's Home Goods? They had pastel halloween decor a few years back and they're sort of going through a pastel phase

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I'm such an idiot for not buying the blackxwhite op when I could have :(

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You'll probably have to make your own, but sometimes antique stores will have some nice vintage decorations. There's also the option to buy regular fall decorations, but make them spooky

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Because they are. I have the Be Pink bear and the ribbon is super easy to remove and replace

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Horror nurse aesthetic needs to die

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No you.

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Fanny shopped her self but not her friend what a B

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Qpot has a Halloween collection

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I feel like Qpot just regurgitates the same molds

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why did fanny get shooped and not the other girl? lol

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because puvithel or whatever sent a bunch out to her friends or what not to shill.

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The cap is too flat. it's supposed to be bent in at the sides and looks retarded like this

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I don't make my own things. I've been looking for vintage decorations for over an hour now but my country doesn't celebrate Halloween so it's hard. I might have to buy shit from the US.

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Puvithel stuff looks cheap and nasty, it's not just you. I have no idea why people love it so much.

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Weird, because I've been able to collect a good amount of good looking halloween decoration. Costs more, but looks good. Where are you looking?

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I looked literally everywhere, not kidding. All the good stuff I've found is actually from taobao but I don't trust their shooped pictures.

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I wonder if you just have lower standards than me

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Her purses are fine, but I really think she should keep to menhera; her non-purse stuff is stylized and cartoonish. Not saying I dislike her stuff, just that the style doesn't mesh with lolita very well.

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Her purses look like grandma stitched them for the church craft fair.

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>my country doesn’t celebrate Halloween

Well no shit, there’s your problem.

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Some seasonal taobao brand coordinates

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damn it posted wrong image

Overall I’m really let down

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Never trust someone who doesn't shoop their friend too

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I’m glad someone else said it.

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It doesn't look well made

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Oh please anon, Fanny is perfect and born that way. She never needs to shoop herself, don't be jelly/s

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Wait is that actually one of their releases? I thought anon had shopped it. It looks like craft store jewlery.

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This is so adorable wtf


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I'll say I dislike her stuff, beyond being ugly as sin it's low quality. Everything I've gotten from her broke or has defects.

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sauce on top left?

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the best dress AATP has ever had

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Pity Leif did it first

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Lmao you think some Korean indie brand came out first with solid color nurse themed dresses?

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YOU need to die

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i read this in johnny kitagawa's voice

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Let's talk costume ideas.

Personally I'm tired of seeing so many witches. I like one or two witches but last year I felt like almost everyone was a witch. It would be nice to see more monsters, ghosts, evil fairytale characters, queens that were sentenced to death, princes that died of the plague, impersonations of Mana or Misako...

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Would you have any inspo for a ghost inspired coord? I've seen some attempts, but none that were unquestioningly lolita.

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Sauce on the top middle? I think I like the print but can't tell. The left is not bad either but the rest don't interest me. I wish there were more brand Halloween/spooky prints this year. Just seems like less this year than last.

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>none that were unquestioningly lolita.
Can you post them please?

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Does anyone want to post coords that are pretty good but not amazing?

The Halloween meet of my comm will be my first time ever at a meet and I'm really insecure about how basic I look. Especially my hair and make-up but I don't want to go full OTT with my make-up or wear a wig since I just started learning how to style my hair and do makeup a few weeks ago. I want to start small.

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Even her style in menhera is ugly. Girl has no taste

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how'd her stuff even get popular in the first place?

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Pre-order closes today and I'm still not sure

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