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Almost a month out!

>are you ready for a con during Halloween?

>have you started working on your cosplays?

>how do you feel about ticket pricing? Parking pricing?

>which cosplays do you think will be most popular?

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I want to see mana

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I wanna see Myth & Roid

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Those tickets are....
Whew boy.

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Me too anon, me too.

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Where does AWA get off thinking they can charge $80.. I'm good but it troubles my poorer friends..

>>how do you feel about ticket pricing? Parking pricing?

What's the deal with parking anyways, are we not allowed to park at the office building parking nearby? Because I guess I've just gotten lucky for years parking there without issue.

There should be especially no issue this year with parking since there is no overlap with Braves shenanigans.

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Then get friends that are not lazy fucks.

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Honestly for the guests, concerts, and events AWA offers I don’t personally think $80 is AWFUL, even as a poor asshole.

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Tell your poor friends to pay attention to pre-registration prices then. I think it's only like $50ish if you register way early I'm pretty sure. They could also do a panel for a discount or volunteer for a free ticket. I always used to register as soon as tickets were up for the next year to ensure I got the best price before I started doing panels and stuff.

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What >>10256502 said. The guests and concerts every year are always great. They get some pretty big names over here every year.

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What is there to do around town on the 31st?

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Get wasted and eat candy

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Tickets are 40 dollars if you buy them on sunday of the con

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First time in Atlanta and only going to the con for a few panels and to see a friend who will be busy most of the time. What are things to do that won’t run me into a bunch of loud drunk people?

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Go during the earlier part of the day, start in the morning and end in the night (i.e. before midnight), you'll easily avoid drunkness then.

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You forgot to ask how much drinking will be done compared to dragon?

>> No.10258115

I can't imagine you would drink more at AWA than Dragoncon..

>> No.10258171

You would be surprised.

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This will be my second AWA and my first time as a guest. Truth be told though the first hardly counts since it was only for 1 day and I had to drive back in a hurry due to work.

Ill be hosting a panel on cosplay materials and one on giant mecha costumes. Ill also have my RX-79G costume on a display mannequin in the cosplay alley. I should be stomping around the halls on Saturday in my Unicorn Gundam.

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I heard that diablo guy wants you to raise your pvp flag and fight him at the secret panel.

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Nara/suergonocdeath/foxdie/uncrowdedking is spineless liar who changes ig handles about as often as he is banned from contests for being a liar and a cheat.

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FFS, how well can you move in that?

>> No.10259120

Stairs are an issue as you might expect, but getting into an elevator or through doorways inst an issue. I can move pretty good actually especially compared to some of my older costumes.

>> No.10260767

If I’m recovered from Dragon hangover by then.

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>which cosplays do you think will be most popular?
Dekutards. Guaranteed.

>> No.10262377

Channeling Kawaiibro energy over here

>> No.10263075

Any tips for going? I havent been to a con since 2011 and even then it was to one in Orlando. I'll be going by myself too. I just thought it would be cool to see. Any specific day I should go? Figured I'd come ask yall for advice.

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Are any of these photographers good? Looking for a photographer.

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any1 got a wooden katana i could borrow
doing a delinquent

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Ever since they moved the stadium to Cobb County, I've been salty as shit because it means I'm not gonna have an easy bus ride to the convention.... They suck for this.....
As for >>10256487? I saved all year for this convention and I *STILL* have a problem with the pricing so you can fuck right the fuck off.

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Then you got bigger issues in life then just a convention you entitled bitch.

>> No.10263485

Chase Lawrence jealous because he got rejected

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I'm staying in the Embassy with about six or seven people crammed in my room. We do this a lot so it isn't a huge deal. How far is the walk from the Embassy to the convention center? I was considering getting an Uber to go there if its too far.

>> No.10264690

yeah it's kind of a painful walk.


you're likely want to uber

>> No.10264692

Someone make that meme with this image please

>> No.10264876

It's Ozeu and I'm showing up to AWA. If anybody from /cgl/ wants to fight me, I'll be down.

>> No.10264977

Any tips for those of us going in Lolita?

>> No.10264981

befriend cat furlita

>> No.10265008

If you're walking? Bring comfy shoes until you get to where you wanna be

>> No.10265352

you need a cute bf?

>> No.10265685

Hi Yeager

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You sound like a straight up bitch that will literally cry and tell security the moment someone bucks in your face.

Sit your ass all the way down.

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Stop taking the troll bait.

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Why is the ARIA concert $60 ON TOP of the $80 con ticket? I was really excited about it but that totally killed the hype.

>> No.10266511

It's called It's Really Fucking Expensive To Put On A Legitimate Vocaloid Concert That Doesn't Look Like Shit But People Who Don't Know How This Works Wouldn't Know This.

The companies that want a legitimate show require equipment and staff that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars. If you don't want to pay, don't pay, but then don't expect to see the show anywhere else as ARIA can not afford to put on the same type of touring show that Hatsune Miku can pull off.

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god I hate the drunks at this con

>> No.10267348

>>Whines about special US premiere concert price of 60 dollars.
>> Spends 600 dollars just to attend Dragoncon to get a chair thrown on them from the balcony.

Social reject logic.

>> No.10267357

The only one I recognize is Marc, he’s a great guy and photos are pretty good.

>> No.10267571

Can confirm, I’ve worked with him before. He’s a sweet guy

>> No.10267661

I may go. I have this very scary Halloween costume it’s not anime related at all. Is this allowed? Not anime focused at all. Just going to have a good time

>> No.10267736

>god I hate the drunks at this con

SAME. Alot of them are underage tards running around drunk as shit blasting shitty EDM on their Bluetooth speakers and being loud and annoying.


>>Whines about special US premiere concert price of 60 dollars.
>> Spends 600 dollars just to attend Dragoncon to get a chair thrown on them from the balcony.

Social reject logic.

HAHAHA. Fuck DragonCon, desu. I don't know what Aria is, but I think $60 isn't THAT bad.

>> No.10267780


Lol don't worry about that all, people dress up as memes, a con is an excuse to dress up as ANYTHING p much

>> No.10269526

Some talk to me about parking. If I get there relatively early each day can I find parking nearby?

>> No.10269541

I'm a lonelita coming from out of town, any lolitas want some company during the con? I'm going to the tea party

>> No.10269554

when is the tea party? I didn't see any info about it on the website

>> No.10269597

Just heard that Kimura Subaru is a guest and I'm considering coming since flights from FL are sub $100 roundtrip. I don't have any friends to go with or a place to stay though. Any fellow Hypmic fans wanna take me in?

>> No.10269640

Godspeed my Buster Bro. I almost got sucked in because of the UtaPri movie and him but if they announce more HypMic guests I'm done for.

>> No.10269823

It’s usually $5 at the convention

>> No.10269975

I assume no in and out privileges, but does it fill up pretty quick? I'm driving in and trying to figure out my plan of attack.

>> No.10270134

Sunday 12-2pm which is a sucky time. Super glad I checked it. I just noticed my flight back overlaps

I would like you but it keeps flagging the FB link as spam

>> No.10270529

I've never had issues finding parking for AWA in the past 6 years I've been and I usually get to the con in the morning sometime between 8-11. It may be tedious finding an open space later in the morning but I have never /not/ been able to find one in any of the close by parking garages.

>> No.10270534

lol the tea party requires separate tickets and they are long past sold out

>> No.10270568

Anyone have any problem parking at the office building lot?

>> No.10270572

Where did you find info about the time for the tea? Even my tickets don't show a time.

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Not that anon but it says on the advertisements they posted on Facebook

>> No.10271398

Is it me or does it seem like theres a sudden influx of crappy photographers with photopasses trying to book shoots this year?

Any word on the rave that's supposed to be Thursday night?

>> No.10272097

No that's just you and your lobby con bitch ass mad because you got rejected.

>> No.10272172

Nah all the approved photogs have inner connections. Thats why they were approved. We all know thats how AWA has run for years. If your not friends with anyone internally, your fucked.

t. Approved last year, ignored this year

>> No.10272209


I'm not a photographer though? And Lobby con? Unlike your neet ass, I've got money to afford a membership.


I know 2 of the photogs don't have any inner connections and one of thems quality is very questionable a best.... I was surprised to see they got accepted - But I also learned it's extra revenue for AWA - So anyone with a "portfolio" got accepted.

>> No.10272210

Anyone selling their ticket?

>> No.10272681

I saw someone on Monochrome Heaven marketplace trying to sell theirs.

>> No.10272721

That is odd. If everyone got approved. Are you saying >>10272172 is a liar? Because that would mean some meaty tea.

What is your photography name that supposedly got ignored? Come on, own up.

>> No.10272724

It might be because the only ones allowed to advertise on the site are the photopass photographers and the ones being cheap while the leech off the con are getting scrubbed. I heard they are also going after lobby conners this year.

>> No.10273145

Little 5 probably will have something going for halloween, permitting you're old enough to drink or have a good fake id

>> No.10273319

jaja gei

>> No.10273465


Must be. Have you seen the portfolio for some of them? A person with an iPhone and photoshop could do the same, if not better quality.

I'm pretty said they said they were only doing like 400 people.... And since there is barely 20 on there, they probably just started approving anyone with a gallery, took their $110 membership fee and ran with it. Easy income for them... There really isn't any benefit to being a photopass holder other than having your name on the website, being able to post that you're charging. That's about it... A photographer with a decent client-base can just post "Offering shoots at the con" and will get clients easily.

I get they all start somewhere, but to me it's just easy / more revenue for the con itself.

>> No.10273531

But this guy claims he got rejected. So who is lying. You or him?

>> No.10273611


Weird that the schedule is only showing photo shoots and the big events like concerts and VA panels. Are they adding the smaller panels, screenings, etc. later on?

>> No.10273769

>What are things to do that won’t run me into a bunch of loud drunk people?
Literally just not going to Atlanta on fucking Halloween weekend, if you must leave the con for some entertainment Coke world is surprisingly dope

>> No.10273803

They said multiple times that schedule is not fully done and panels are not entered. Do you people even read the facebook group?

>> No.10273814

I went to AWA like 15 years ago so whenever I see it I get nostalgic. I'm sure I had lower standards back then but Jesus does the bar seem low on the guests, events, panels, just...everything. Was it always this way? Is the highlight really a VR idol concert?

>> No.10273924

No you just stuck in the irrelevant past, boomer. If you kept up with the times, they pulled some huge guests this year. Not their fault everyone you want as a guest is dead or on trial for sexual assault.

>> No.10273958

Is Mana not a huge guest? wtf

>> No.10274018

> Not their fault everyone you want as a guest is dead or on trial for sexual assault

I'm gonna cry and piss myself from laughing so hard

>> No.10274156

Vic was my first why u bully.

>> No.10274343

For real. I've not gone to AWA for years but I'm going this year basically just for Mana.

>> No.10274352

Yeah like I will admit the past few years there haven't been many guests that interested me but this year is pretty great and I know some of the guests they've had the past few years were still big names even if they weren't names I cared about.

>> No.10274404

Mana will not look at you no matter how hard you remove your bloomers. Stay home.

>> No.10274580

Since we are getting closer here’s some more discussion questions:

>how is con crunch?

>what are some guests you’d like to see in the future?

>how many people are passing out candy?

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>thought my friend was buying my badge like he usually does for cons
>he didn't
>and didn't tell me until today

well at least I got all my other shit already sorted

>> No.10274637

Begone thot

>> No.10274864

how are lines for autographs and concerts like at this con? do i have a chance of getting into shit without waiting 3+ hours?

>> No.10274872

getting into concerts shouldn't be a problem. if you want a good spot better queue up early or buy vip since half of them have some fast pass.

>> No.10274878

For the MMM tea party, do you have to wear full MMM or is an accessory like a bag okay?

>> No.10274937

You go full balls or go home like the ita you are.

>> No.10275019

There's a parking structure right next to the con. You can drive there from your hotel.

>> No.10275066

What hotels have a shuttle?

>> No.10275286

You do realize you can want to attend an event supporting a popular figure without wanting to fuck them, right?

>> No.10275362

If you spent over 500 dollars to go to an event just to shit talk the event, you obviously want to fuck something.

>> No.10275371

Reminder to report all cross players this con. It's highly offensive to the lgbtqai+

>> No.10275416

Reminder that the first person that does this is can sit outside in the mud for the rest of the con.

>> No.10275429

I'm gonna cross-play, and the trannies can just get mad that I make a hotter girl than them.

>> No.10275500

it's in fucking georgia

pretty sure crossplay will be the least offensive thing among all the white supremacists and shit

>> No.10275506

That sounds pretty intolerant. Are you sure you are not a reverse homophobe?

>> No.10275595

Besides the westboro wannabes, you don't really see anything like that at Atlanta area cons, especially one like AWA that mostly takes place indoors. The rednecks and racists don't really go into the city (shocker).

>> No.10275713

Imma just report you instead :)

>> No.10275753

thanks for the response! another question, sorry if i'm being annoying:

is it better to buy a ticket online in advance or wait till I'm there? Since I know pre-reg lines for some cons are insanely long. I'll be getting there early saturday morning.

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File: 124 KB, 960x1280, IMG_20191020_171711_574.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

going to hobby lobby tomorrow or Tuesday to pick up some shit for the extra props because no one will sell me the props separately from the costume

and if they did it wouldn't get here in time

>> No.10275788

Pre-reg actually moves pretty fast. The people whining about it not moving are the ones that line up before it even opens.

>> No.10275919

How has the weather been? I'm gonna be outside for something and I wanted to know if I'm gonna need long sleeves or short sleeves.

>> No.10275928

Oof, my diq.

>> No.10275941

Just look up the weather in Atlanta for the con dates? It's been rainy and a nice temperature the past few days but I wouldn't count on the weather staying the same in Georgia.

>> No.10276005

you won't think that if you actually see me in it, I guarantee

>> No.10276026

I mean that's an option, but since weather changes and the forecast ain't accurate, I wanted to ask

>> No.10276030

I'd be careful about it at least. We always park there because someone in our group works in that building and has a parking pass for it, but there's a card you have to have hanging in your car to be allowed to park there. Not sure what happens if you don't have it or if it's enforced, but that's how they check.

>> No.10276033

Any recommendations for food or quality of life places close to the venue? I'm coming from out of town with a few friends and am unfamiliar with the area. Plan to catch a couple ubers to get liquor and snacks for the room when we get in but if there's also good food options close by that'd be nice to know

>> No.10276075

Expect the Ubers and Lyft to be hostile this year and may not even pickup at the con. A certain loudmouth cosplayer pissed them off.

>> No.10276080



>> No.10276086

oh wow that sucks to hear. We are getting in early Wednesday afternoon so maybe we can still get out and get supplies before things get too hectic

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