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This is a robbery, give me all your archives!(egl/daily lolita and general livejournal,avant gauche,translations of japanese stuff,magazine scans,...)

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You need to start off a thread with a dump of at least 3 images newfag

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I honestly think we need to start some kind of rescue and archivement mission but idek where to start.

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fuck off i'm on my phone i got no good shit there, give me a break

yeah idk either that's why i started this bread

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Did anyone else save loli-secrets before the wayback machine killed half their lj pages? I only have about the first 20 posts.

I think we could start by asking the lj mods of egl, btb and daily-lolita if they could backup their communities. If I remember correctly lj has an archieval function for mods.

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That’s no excuse. You could have waited to start the thread when you have access to a computer to not be a complete lazy shit.

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Correction, I saved the first 48 posts minus post #36 for some reason. Pic related was in the second loli_secrets post, back in 2007 lol.

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*in the second lolisecrets post
Anyway, someone tell me a good website to upload zip files please.

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This may be a stupid question but why did the Wayback Machine delete the archive? I didn't know that was a thing that could happen.

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Onedrive and Dropbox are good ones.

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You mean everything before 2011? I don't know either. I emailed them 5 times, first they played dumb and then they ghosted me. Or do you mean something else?

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We need to find people who have more content to share! I have very little sadly but i saved like, all of Lunie and her friend outfits from back then on my old PC bc i was obsessed

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i'm so salty about tinypic shutting down and those greedy shits at photobucket we can't EVER retrieve that shit

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I've always preached about lolitas getting an archive of their own as a community - like an extended LolitaHistory. There is just so much scattered sparkle through every corner of the internet...

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get three more of your kind and fund it, ez, and I would say cheap even, just... get a lawyer on the team, for what you can or can't archive, archive.org is getting away with archiving literally everything though so idk

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we need one place to regroup it all in,it's far too scattered for our own good desu

wait why would we need a lawyer to archive? Also honestly wondering how we should start to do so. An event on FB where we organize each other on a specific discord maybe?

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How about a wikia/fandom page?

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Get Bulk Image Downloader already, it's only $12 for a year.
If you don't mind playing around with command prompts, you don't even have to pay, gallery-dl supports photobucket too.

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not a bad idea desu,with galleries,LOTS of galleries

wait what do you mean command prompts? That sounds awesome, does it actually bypass the photobucket fuckery of blurring and watermarking shit?

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It IS awesome, gallery-dl is the best bulk download tool I ever used. They offer download options for a ton of sites and you can even ask them to add more. With it, you download via the command window (cmd). You just type in "gallery-dl *webpage*" and it downloads every gallery image of the link destination, sorted neatly in folders and subfolders. And yes, for photobucket everything is downloaded without the blurring and watermarks. But as of now, gallery-dl only supports the bulk download of albums. So if you want to download all images of the user's Bucket, you have to enter every image page manually. It still downloads without the watermarking shit though.
Honestly the only downside is that it's kind of a pain to set up as someone who has absolutely no knowledge of programming. It took me a few tries and googling.

Here's the page: https://github.com/mikf/gallery-dl

Here's the supported sites:

If there's interest, I can try to write a tutorial how to install it properly.

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Honestly write one, i'd be willing to spare 12 bucks a year if that means i get to host a lolita archive for all the community to see

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This is great. Thank you for sharing this.

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Yeah and we could include download links for scans and more, pages with descriptions for deleted webpages, comms or anything else from the past that is mostly forgotten - all with sources.

But on the other hand, this would be an excellent opportunity to lure people into a new lolita platforms for those who aren't satisfied or tired with the usal social media ones.
You know, like a forum for example..

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I miss forums

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I'll see what I can dig up. I wish I had properly archived avant gauche, but it's possible that someone had saved things on imgur - iirc, there is an old school lolita gallery there

some things don't change

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big same. Waiting around for some nostalgic tech bro to adapt that format onto the smart phone

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do you happen to have saved some lolita valentines? I feel like upon archiving lj era stuff, it'd be good to see the sweeter side of the community too.

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I'm slapping my younger self for not saving this comic in the original English, so now I can only find one page of this in Portuguese

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Also kicking my younger self for losing the physical issue of this magazine. the fuck.

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I just realized that it'd be really nice if someone managed to save and re-upload higher quality versions of old footage involving the fashion.

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>This is a robbery

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I was feeling pretty nostalgic and trying to find the original online guide I used when I first got into the fashion in 2008. While I was able to remember the name, unfortunately it looks like the site isn't the same anymore, and in fact, seems to not even be functioning (https://www.lolitafashion.org/).

However, I was able to find it on the Wayback Machine! I downloaded screen captures of the old website that I'd be happy to dump here, if anyone is interested. I just spent an hour going down memory lane exploring the old website. This was my first real introduction to Lolita before I discovered the EGL Community on livejournal. (https://web.archive.org/web/20080907183857/http://www.lolitafashion.org/index.php)

I miss how connected LJ made me feel to other Lolitas, not just around my country but around the world. I think I miss daily_lolita most of all, though. There were so many inspirational girls posting all the time. Casual outfits that weren't really up to "Lolita standards" or whatever, but were comfy and wearable; groundbreaking OTT sweet Lolitas wearing coveted prints and split-colored wigs; and really, just a bunch of cool girls wearing cool clothes who I felt like I could be friends with.

Maybe I'm remembering this all through rose-tinted glasses, but I do get a bit misty eyed when I think about what Lolita was to me and how I experienced it those first few years. I really hope we can try to conserve and archive some of this history.

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I'm slapping myself bc I cut up that article to make into a collage

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I'm interested, anon! That was the site I first used when I was learning about lolita, too!

I remember pining after Anna House dresses because I never thought I would ever be able to afford or buy brand...

>now has a closet full of brand

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Not OP but i'm thinking that maybe we should make a discord to try and make something together? Or would you rather do it on here?

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Yeah i contacted the author a few months ago over twitter asking her if she ever thought about republishing it because the links were dead and she just vaguely answered saying you could still find it but it's impossible to find anything else than two pages

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wait who's the author? maybe if we contact her ,several of us, she might consider

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I'll dump what I have saved over the years. Mainly stock images:


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ntayrt, but her name's Lilly Higgs. Thankfully her website is back up because it was down for years and it was impossible to contact her. Her twitter handle is saccharinesylph

rip. I miss that site. Thank you for saving what you could. I wonder if anyone's saved screen shots from Hello Lace. I know some anon made a new lolita guideline tumblr borrowing much of the pictures from it, but seeing the actual site would be nice.

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ok, I lied, I cannot access her twitter. Still has a tumblr but her instagram is the same name, and her tumblr is PinkLikeMe. Really disappointed that the lolita comic was never restored because that was her best work and I'm not even being biased. Her recent illustrations is very Cal Arts (sorry if you're reading this - there are definitely ones I like). I guess she's into LARPing now.

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^ok, not calarts, but tumblr-y.

Thanks for doing this anon. We should paste this link every time an OP makes a new archive thread

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Any lolita with a twitter would be willing to contact her and ask on our behalf? I did before but she answered me vaguely saying it was still available when it clearly isn't...

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Not much better but I found 2 more pages

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Iirc she never rele

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*shit I got cut off
Iirc she never did more than one chapter anyways. I would always go back and check every few months and then gave up after a few years and then the website it was hosted on crashed anyways.

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Can anyone at least fill me on the story? Like,where did it stop? I am so curious

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Yeah, she never did more than one chapter of this. I'd just like this restored. It seems pretty clear according to her social media handles that she's distanced herself from lolita.

>Emily is a lone lolita in her town (and doesn't mind)
>has a circle of friends online to talk about lolita with and a supportive photographer bf
>one day decides to buy a new ott sweet set
>feels very self conscious wearing the set (upon realizing how crazy it looked - cake hat and all), but does so anyway during her photoshoot
>gets loads of positive comments on the comic's version of egl/daily_lolita
>Emily discovers that she was posted and got negative reactions from a wank community
(this was before cgl)
>goes into a depressive spiral; I think she stops wearing it for a while
>gets support from her bf and her circle of friends online (I think they reach out to her for being inactive?)
>decides to use this experience as a lesson to ignore the haters and resumes wearing lolita

I kind of wonder if the artist flounced for finding the lolita comm too intimidating or what.

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Did anyone by chance save stuff from polyvore before it went down.

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What’s the site? Can we find it on some web archive?

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I can dump some sets i made, but warning, some of them are pretty ita.

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Yeah.. these sets are pretty gross, sorry.

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I haven’t checked, but the original link to the only chapter was
mewing dot nu slash confessions

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These articles are so encouraging and inspiring.
Thank you anons. Sincerely!
I'm a lonelita and it's often taxing trying to discuss the core motivations and delightful obsessions of this fashion with folks who get so tripped up by sex.
I want to be beautiful and fantastical, not sexually desirable.
These articles are really perking me up, especially now with the crossboarding cumbrains infiltrating the board.

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I really like this idea, I know I for one would be really excited to contribute and I'm sure lots other people would be too! There's so much old lolita content that has been effectively lost due to poor archiving and I think that's something that will only continue unless we have somewhere permanent and centralised to keep it.

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Sakura Fairy's kiseke dolls were important to me

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So semi related/mildly off topic, this crazy bitch popped up in my feed today. I had completely forgotten she had existed until I saw her twitter handle. Did she finally fuck off from Lolita after posting her comm to a porn site?

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Shit, what a blast from the past. Makes me think of getoffegl.

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are they not there anymore???

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This thread is pretty great! Not sure how to properly archive it, would archive.li work for this kind of thing?

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Deets for new fags?

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I can't believe it's been 9 years since her last drama. What the fuck, I'm so old.

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Anons start saving everything you want to keep from yaplog blogs, they are closing down in January 31th.

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