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Anyone else ready for the inevitable shitshow of registration going live today?

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This really is a video game convention, complete with their own loot boxes.

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Too poorfag to even do supporter tier. Whats 10 bucks get me?

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it'll get you a fake 10 dollar bill. Fool all of your friends into think you've got 10 dollars.

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MAGFest always have stuff like this for over a decade now!

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Anyone heading to Mag-West, the Cali-based spinoff? It's this weekend.

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Never heard of it, first year con?

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3rd year

This one looks really good too

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i chose magfest over katsu to get away from anime, and now all of the katsu cosplayers are just going to magfest for the gazebo. ugh.

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Hotels are soon. Anyone else stressed?

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Bandwagonning bullshit

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Here are all of the arcade cabinet providers for MAGfest 2020. Wonder who ate crow for Tokyo Attack to return

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Anthony is not showing up if he isn't paid a lot so someone got the cash together.

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I want to finally beat Bishi Bashi

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>700 people in
>out of gaylords

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How is this? Last year I was 1500 out of like 5000 and still got a Gaylord room.

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Im guessing the fact that people used multi devices to hold several spots in line and they all drop upon getting a single room, it cleared faster. This year, you could only do 1 device in line per account ID.

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This. Last year was a clusterfuck of people using workarounds.

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>tfw when 4 of my friends including myself ended up with numbers 4k-5k
>tfw when one stray friend happened to get top 200 out of nowhere
my heart cant handle this

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Are you proud or sad?

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Considering it's their first time trying to get a room, I'm a little bit of both. We were happy, but we honestly couldn't believe it. Either way, this lottery crap kills me.

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MAGfest continues to use Experiant, who once again fucked up with the hotel reservation rush.
Good thing that faggot CEO Nick left, since he's the one that pushed hard for magfest to use Experient. Little ass was even on a podcast with them. https://blog.experient-inc.com/2019/05/28/a-group-of-hippies-took-an-magfest-from-200-guests-to-23000/

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>people who preorder tickets should get first dibs on rooms
>after staff, randomly selecting those who had preordered and are voluntarily wanting to get a room can fairly be selected randomly without additional priority requirements via the lotto system
This concept up to this point I think is fair. May not be the only fair solution, but it works up to this point.
That said, how do they keep fucking this up and not having to do anything in fixing afterwards?

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Anyone ever been to that club up at the top floor of the Gaylord?

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Yes, the last two years Pose has been taken over by magfest + shows are thrown there

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