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>Do you wear hoodie/sweatshirt/parka with lolita?
>Where do you get them? Brand/offbrand?

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I recently got an AP hoodie and I'm really disappointed with the fit even though I'm well within the measurements. I'm 5' and it's still looks so short and blocky on me, my boobs sit right in the middle and it's not very kawaii

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Arms are shorter than I'd like them to be too.

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Contemplating wearing an offbrand hoodie instead but cgl is always bitchy about the ones who incorporate offbrand stuff in their coords so idk...

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Hoodies without a zipper I wear under my JSKs.

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only if it looks bad anon. there's nothing wrong with good looking offbrand.
also, wear what you want?

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NAYRT but good looking offbrand is also criticised often. May be due to salt/jealousy. I agree with your second point though.

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I feel like a cardigan is always going to look better in a coordinate than a hoodie will, especially since the fit of brand hoodies are so awkward/weird. And something about the zipper placement looks weird to me, too. All the coordinates posted would look better with a cardigan in the same design/color i m o but the ones with the hoodies open like >>10254428 are okay-ish

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why on earth would you care what people on this site say?

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I can't even imagine what that looks like, but I'm not imagining anything good.

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Consider this: Why do you care what /cgl/ thinks?
Alternatively, if you're that concerned, don't post it to CoF. Easy.

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I think it's cute in a casual coord. however the issue is finding a hoodie that is short enough to look cute instead of bulky esp at the waist

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this is bordering on ita

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You’re joking, right?

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in relation to this, can anyone share tutorials on altering the length of hoodies, jackets, blazers, etc.? I have cute hoodies that would work great with lolita if they were just like half as long.

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hoodie time

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It's the same thing as wearing a knitted cutsew or a sailor blouse.

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Hoodies are ever acceptable for a coord IMO. Am I just an oldfag?

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>Do you wear hoodie/sweatshirt/parka with lolita?
Not very often, hoodies just seem too casual to me. I do have a pastel pink cropped parka that I got at H&M last year, sometimes I'll throw that on over casual coords if the colors match and its cool out.

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I have this fluffy putumayo (rip) hoodie with rabbit ears that's adorable as fuck (and i got it secondhand from WW for really cheap) but it's definitely too long to wear with lolita. I'm kinda sad about it but I wear it with other jfash coords

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Loving all the sweeties.

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Not oldfag enough if you don't remember all the old-school hoodie blouses with tacky bunny or cat ears.

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I don't have a specific tutorial, but here goes:
Cut along the line where the normal fabric meets the jersey ribbing so you separate the two. Put aside the ribbing and measure its width. Cut the hoodie to desired length, subtracting the width of the hoodie but adding in some seam allowance. Sew the jersey back in along the raw edge. Tada! Shorter hoodie :)

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almost looks like a miku outfit.

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off topic but I could not tell what was happening here for a second kek

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Anyone seen this coorded?

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I've never seen this but I would imagine its super warm. Maybe next time it snows I'll do this.

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>good looking offbrand is also criticised often
Yea cause that's subjective


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I really hope anyone who coords this doesn't wear it with a petticoat because I absolutely hate the shape the petti is creating in that photo

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I think hoodies work with salos because they're already pretty casual and barely even lolita, if you consider them lolita at all.

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I coorded it with a low fluff petticoat. Full poof looked weird. It was a pretty casual coord from the start so that might be why.
I saw a lot of people excited about this but no one seems to be posting coords. I guess it makes sense since it is so casual, but I would love to see other people's ideas.

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I'm in the same position re: AP hoodies being ridiculously short even on short people. I have one that fits perfectly in the shoulders and arm size/length....but goddamn if it wouldn't barely cover my stomach if I were to try and wear it with normie pants. It's cute under JSKs or tucked in to a skirt but, it feels like a missed opportunity for something with such an adorable print.

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I like this styling. I don't consider it lolita but it's cute. I'm genuinely unsure if she's wearing a small petti or not but the low floof is good, it looks overstuffed in the stock photo

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is it a zip-up or pullover hoodie?

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I have it, but with a petti, even a low poof one is a bit much.

It's too heavy for a really light petti. But it's not full enough for a low to medium poof.

It's comfy as hell though.

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I own this as well and can confirm looks best with no petti. It’s too hot right now to coord though

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God, I love that bodyline skirt.

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This is gross

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Zip-up but the sort of zipper where you can zip it from both sides (two way zipper)

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I'm literally wearing this hoodie right now. The silhouette is waay better with my low poof petti, but the flaring looks way better than just letting it hang down.

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First wave oldfags - actual oldfags, remember the days of actual oldschool.
Second wave oldfags - 'by the book' lolitas. Stick to the rules. Hate experimentation.

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I also have a long brand hoodie with the same type of zipper. I like it over a cutsew and shortish skirt but with anything longer & less casual it just looks too frumpy and weird. wish i could wear it with more lolita coords </3

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It's Bodyline? Shit, it's beautiful. Fucking BL never rereleases their actual good stuff.

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It's really nice quality. The heart lace is so, so good. I hope with their new management we'll get some old stuff rereleased because they had some gems for sure.

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I think it depends on the hoodie because some are pretty long

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ot but this is such a creative coord with the lil drifloon bag against misty sky

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I love this so much???

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with the recent rerelease and release of both this cutsew op and the holy lantern one, I'm interested to see literally any photos of it worn. I think this is the only one I've seen.

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oof it looks so short on her

>> No.10261248

yikes that's waaaay to short for her. Like, its on the middle of her bust instead of under. And I usually like her outfits

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I love this!

Here are a few I've saved, on the more casual side.

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It’s going to be that way for a bunch of you the torso is super small

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no shit it looks short she's like 5'8" wearing something made for someone that's 5'2"

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most hoodie coordinates I can find are with fancy box, probably because that series had so many cutsews and hoodies released with it

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>2 invisible cocks

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This is getting delivered to my house soon and now I'm scared cause I always thought she had small boobs but they look like they're actually fairly large. I have a fairly large bust too which is easy to hide in regular lolita cuts but I think I made the mistake of assuming cutsew meant it would fit me better.

I have some fairly small cut sews but I wear them under JSKs so I don't know what I was thinking.

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How much does this whole outfit cost, would you say about £500?

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This is adorable (desu sweet is pretty much the only style hoodies look cute with)

>> No.10267573

Cutsews could fit you well but this one won’t, and skip the Hl one in this cut too.its just cut high at the waist

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