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The other thread isn't dead yet?

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Oh you know, the usual garbage. Influx of newbies, ita chans, etc.

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>Oh you know, the usual garbage. Influx of newbies, ita chans, etc.

You are a salty gull eating salty crackers all day. We all start somewhere.

>> No.10254729

A handful of my comm mates are active in kink communities and they are always bring it up. That and communism. I was better off a lonelita

>> No.10254736

>That and communism

What in the F? Bet they have done Hetalia inspired coords.

>> No.10254768

Your comm doesn't enforce any rules about that? Lazy mods?

>> No.10254778

Pretty much lazy mods. It always gets them a limp wristed tsk-tsk

>> No.10254797

Gross. I was lucky to have strong mods when I first joined my local comm. Now... I don't know what's happening.

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my comm doesn't have
>drama starters
>underaged kids
all our newbies have good taste and are willing to shell out for quality pieces. we all have a lot in common outside of lolita and hang out often for fun in normie shit too.
i feel very lucky. ily comm.

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Sounds like a dream anon.

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Give it a few years. You'll get characters. Every comm does.

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I wish I still had those rose colored glass on. But those came off years ago and I saw the real people in my comm.

>> No.10254869

It's pretty dead desu

I live pretty far away or I'd try to organize a meet. Maybe come spring.

>> No.10254891

Mine is small but doing better.We even managed to get our meetup attendance up to 10 last time!
However, if I can get even a 7 person per meetup I am happy. We also received a newbie recently, but they are willing to learn and make the correct purchases, which is good!

>> No.10254908

My comm is trying to have more expensive meets with guests but it is killing our cozy small meet ups because no one wants to plan a meet up if a really expensive meet up is right around the corner and everyone is saving up for it. I can't say that they are more fun than regular meet ups.

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I kinda feel this anon. People in my comm keep trying to make things a big production; every time someone suggests a casual meet 5 other people jump in with suggestions on how to make it a bigger thing. It’s a little bit frustrating, because then it’s hard to do the thing casually because now everyone, like you said, wants to save up for the bigger version or try to plan the bigger version.

>> No.10254915

our com has started to pick up with monthly (or even twice a month) meets that have all been successful except for the op pic related incident lol. the ita's in the com are learning and are actually really lovely girls and some of the old lolitas who left due various reasons have come back its been really nice awnd i hope for the best

>> No.10254917

Are you from South America? This sounds just like my comm

>> No.10254930

Same here. My comm is quite large and it’s impossible to organize a small or casual meet without people butting in to try and make it bigger and more formal. I’ve seen girls try to organize something at a certain venue because they like that venue, only for others to complain that the venue only has a limited capacity so the host should change it to somewhere else. Meetups that don’t have a theme from the get-go are assigned a theme by attendees because god forbid a meetup isn’t themed for once. We’ve had two OTT meetups already this year and someone is trying to organize a third, but we haven’t had a single casual wear-what-you-want-and-let’s-just-hang-out meetup that wasn’t a picnic and didn’t get hijacked into something bigger.

I’m salty because I just want to hang out with my comm without it having to be a whole Event where I’m left feeling underdressed because I’m not wearing a hoop and three underskirts, goddamn.

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Why do kink people insist on ruining everything?

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Any meet up we have with less than twelve people is considered a failure nowadays. Seems like people don't even want to go to a meet up with less than 8 people unless they are all close friends. I miss getting to know everyone a little better. It feels cliquey these days.

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I think comms are sorta pointless now, besides having an ILD.

>> No.10255035

I also sort of feel like comms are obsolete but I'm not sure why I feel that way. Maybe it's just that I personally have outgrown them.

>> No.10255038

I think it just depends on what’s going on. A lot of members of my comm are getting older, moving away to a new location, etc. and younger people are coming in. As a thirty year old I don’t really enjoy hanging out with teens/early twenties so my friends have more exclusive friend get togethers without them.

>> No.10255043

I really regret not joining a comm and making friends earlier, because in my comm the older lolitas also tend to stick to private get togethers while I’m the lone (almost) thirty year old surrounded by teens and early twenties girls. They’re nice enough but it gets really old being the only one at the meet who doesn’t still depend on their parents for everything... Plus I kind of feel like a creep hanging out with a bunch of kids.

>> No.10255097

I'm decidedly the baby (22 years old) of my comm and it's super nice. When I was in younger-skewing comms, people would show up knowing nothing about lolita, but my current comm has very few itas and we can discuss the fashion in detail without having to spoonfeed a bodyline-chan and her mother every five minutes.

>> No.10255102

Which comm? My comm is really large too but there are meets with only 3-5 attendees quite often. I've done meets at venues with limited capacity and I couldn't get enough people to fill a table because most of them vote for a certain date only to cancel.

>> No.10255197

A few threads ago, one anon posted about having casual meets with their comm every month or so. I've been trying to do this with my comm and so far it's been pretty successful! Of course I still enjoy the bigger events, but I'm glad to get out more often and see people in settings where I feel like I can actually get to know them.

What are your favorite low-key places/activities for meetups? I have a hard time trying to think of things that will appeal to a wide range of people.

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I am always seeing complaints about my comm not having enough meets, but I am not sure what they mean. I always see people sharing events and things to do... It also seems, no one is attending meets that people are hosting?

>> No.10255228

People want to go to meets, preferably free and in their backyard because they don't want to drive or can't or have no money because they buy dumb shit all the time. So what they really mean is that there are no meets that personally cater to them.

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I know most of you already know about that, but a thing to check before going to an outdoor event is the weather predictions, so you'll get that sunny and not cloudy day where you and your gulls and your coords will shine bright ^^... and your delicate shoes and dress won't get dirty with mud ;3

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is this your kink?

>> No.10255247

lmfao, what do you mean?

>> No.10255251

>your coords will shine bright ^^
>your delicate shoes and dress won't get dirty with mud ;3

this sounds annoying and gross

>> No.10255256

well sorry that I made you feel that way

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Comms are dead.
Being into a specific fashion scene doesn't mean you're automatically friends with everyone in that same fashion scene.

You would never expect guys into Japanese Workwear to all be buddies and have monthly meetups. So why do some Lolitas expect the same?

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You really need a more concrete thing in common than fashion.

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No one says you have to be friends with everyone in the comm.

There are meetups for goths and other fashion subcultures. There are events big and small for other communities.

>> No.10255275

so if we follow this rule, everyone starts accusing people of being cliquey

>> No.10255311

my com tends to do a once a month casual meet. we tend to just see what cute restaurants or cafes opened up or since the weather is getting nicer we have picnics planned now. i suggest having a look around your town or city and see if theres desert specific places or cafes/bakerys/resturants for lunch/even do you have a botanical gardens? they're always fun especially with the season changes! great photo ops too!

>> No.10255320

same here. late twenties and i went through a rough patch in my early-mid twenties that caused me to distance myself from most hobbies including my local comm. now everyone who is older is super close and don't know me well, and there is a new active and inclusive group but it's both "too" active (think low quality, overtly casual meetups that they invite the whole comm to) and "too" inclusive (many attendees do not even wear lolita and encroach on the boundaries of the fashion, i.e. sissies)

lolita isn't a social hobby for me really so it doesn't bother me THAT much, but i get a little sad when i look at old comm meetup photos that i'm having fun in

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There are meets for vintage fashion in my country. I used to think lolita meets were stupid, I just wanted to spend my money on brand and had to work in the weekend. Now I have a normal job, so I can do fun things in the weekend. My normie friends don't want to go to fancy restaurants to drink tea or explore old buildings, so I do that with lolitas.

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My comm had a stall at a con recently selling secondhand stuff from members and they "misplaced" a few hundred dollars. They deducted the loss from our payments. Never letting them sell anything for me ever again.

>> No.10257136

There's an upcoming tea party with Physical drop here, but their stuff is super ugly. I'm glad that they brought in Lief as a second guest, I'm at least a little tempted to go now.

>> No.10257139

So someone stole a few hundred, basically? jfc

>> No.10257142

Physical Drop always looks bad in stock photos but they're the sort of brand that can be layered and coorded in thousands of ways. Their pieces are worth seeing irl, I'm always impressed at how beautifully people coord them. Plus, even if you don't like her style, Kuniko Kato is a really fun person who is a walking trove of lolita history. At least go to meet her!

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Yeah her stuff looks really bad in stock photos, and I don't feel impressed with her items even when seeing them irl (they're really bleh for the price).
But she does seem really nice, so I should probably go to see her in person. Wish she'd go back to her old design style someday, instead of always releasing the same pillow case waist dresses.

>> No.10257181

My comm is pretty small I think, and its very hard to get everyone together for meetups :(

>> No.10257192

Was this at AFW?

>> No.10257196


Tbh I'm freaking jelly. We never get nice toned down classic brands where I am.

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We're from the same comm! Physical Drop is actually growing on me, the good stuff just sells out fast. I'm not sure if I want to go for the tea party either but that's for other reasons.

>> No.10257210

Lief should be the number 1 guest. I'm jealous, I love Lief.

>> No.10257221

They can’t manage their money, I’m not sure why they think that’s your issue. Tbh I’d take them to small claims court.

>> No.10257368

must be awkward having to post that when her new bestie was chased out of the sydney comm for being a little.

>> No.10257687


Well she's also hosting a stuffed animal picnic so I guess ageplay is something they both have in common.

>> No.10257807

Tbqh I’d rather have Physical Drop than Triple Fortune, but apparently the latter is easy to get as a guest. At first I was interested in their bonnets at least but not after seeing the materials in real life.

>> No.10257812

Pretty much, yeah. They put up a feedback thread on the group page and nobody's replied yet. I guess nobody wants to be the first to say don't steal our money.

It was in Melbourne at Animaga.

I didn't lose out enough to make it worthwhile to go to small claims. The Peppermint Fox girls were remote vending though, so I wonder if they even broke even under the circumstances.

>> No.10257831

I want to have a stuffed animal bag themed tea party but I'm not into ageplay. Think everyone with Usakumyas and Lyrical Bunnies matching their coords. How can I organize this to make it sound less like age play?

The west lolita comms really like to get their panties in a bunch over dumb things.

>> No.10257979

The only thing I could think of something similar to like an ita bag meet up, esp since baby just released their version. Maybe do an event themed on coordinating your outfit to your purse? That way it can include stuffed animal bags as well as everyone else.

>> No.10258050

That donesnt sound age play to me, it is just novelty bags

>> No.10258070

I might have overstated the bag thing because I was trying to sound less age play-ey. I specifically want a tea party for the mascot stuffed animals, because I love them.

My comm once had a teddy bear meet I missed and it was the most adorable thing. Some brought actual bears and some had the usakumyas. They all just put them on a separate couch while having tea or whatever. I hate that shitty age players and kink people have to ruin everything fun and cute and innocent. Why must everything get sexualized.

>> No.10258108

I think that idea sounds cute! I think as long as you state its for brand mascots plushies only it should be fine.

>> No.10258153

What about Rilakkumas, though? I feel like those might be Lolita enough, even though they aren't really brand.

>> No.10258162

The deducted amount was 3%. Sell your own stuff next time in that case.

>> No.10258273

seconding small claims especially if you have a paper trail

>> No.10258288

Imagine going to small claims over $5-$15

>> No.10258294

Have a brand Mascot themed meet

>> No.10258314

honestly.... stuff toys aren't a kink thing idk why cgl is trying to say it is. I have heaps, they're great decorations and also good for anxiety. Liking stuffed toys doesn't make someone an age player?? I thought a big thing about lolita was breaking down ideas that women can like what they want and thats why we all dress like this. toys are considered a hyper femimine interest, i dont think liking them or owning soft toys makes you into kink communities
you're right,,, western lolitas are really getting their panties in a bunch here and are the ones sexualising something non sexual.

>> No.10258315

bUt ThAtS eLiTiSt!!!!!!!!!!!
we did that once, got told we were excluding poorfags.

>> No.10258328

I feel like in this case y'all are ruining stuffed animals for yourself. Lots of lolitas in my com still tastefully coordinate usakumas and teddy bears. Just wear what you want

>> No.10258337

Imagine losing peoples money and being like "haha wtf why are you mad its just $5-15 do it yourself next time if you don't want a couple hundred dollars to mysteriously disappear!!"

>> No.10258339

Imagine being dumb and poor enough to think $150 out of $4,000 is ‘hundreds of dollars’, and that paypal fees count as theft

>> No.10258340


>Local mods have entered the game

>> No.10258346

lmfao I'm not even in your comm but go on, keep defending pocketing $150 from your comm members and making them pay for it

>> No.10258348

Rilakkuma might be okay, but you might also get a lot of non lolitas trying to come with their plushies that way.

>> No.10258594

I was at a meetup this weekend and no less than 5/15 people who showed up had autism/Aspergers/a learning disability. I didn’t get into this hobby as a way to babysit special ed kids!

>> No.10258609

Just out if curiosity what kind of kinks are we talking about here

>> No.10258635

yes the amount of effort put in to get this going is worth only 150 dollars. People that were selling at the booth didnt have to pay any fees or do anything so if your stuff is too shit to sell so you are upset of losing 15 dollars go eat a bag of dicks.

>> No.10258636

what? nayrt but money that was supposed to go to sellers got stolen, and the organizers still took fees? This is fishy af

>> No.10258702

new to lolita and my comm but everyone seems pretty nice if not a little less active than i hoped it'd be. was worried everyone would be older than me but there's some people around my age as well.

only downside is that my friend who's also getting into lolita is going thru her ita phase and running around wearing bodyline maid outfits. secondhand embarrassment but oh well we're friends and it's good to have someone who at least knows what lolita is

>> No.10258707

My comm has meets all the time in my state but they're always three hours away, kind of sucks especially when meets start at noon. Also lolitas freak out when I order a beer at the venue and act like it's such a goddamn big deal. I'm an adult, I have a mortgage, I drove three hours in my fancy dress, having a beer isn't weird or scandalous!

>> No.10258709

Unfortunately this is really common in this hobby. Even the ones who don't have Asperger's are overwhelmingly obnoxious and have bad social skills.

>> No.10258753

don't let your friends run around looking like trash, help them jfc.

>> No.10258775

I think it's pretty reasonable to get upset if someone is drinking and driving

>> No.10258783

NAYRT but drinking 1 single beer accompanied by food and/or a few hours of event time is hardly “drinking and driving”.

>> No.10258890

You should have charged a fee from the beginning then. The complete lack of transparency is shameful, and your attitude displayed here is embarrassing.

>> No.10258896


I know I should but I feel bad doing so. Working on a way to try to help her out.

>> No.10258920

Underage b& detected

>> No.10258948

You have to do it in a friendly way of course. It should be more of a suggestion then anything, I've found the best way is to show them the burando light. Quality speaks for itself, brand just fits and looks better. Maybe she doesn't know what an ita is? A lot of people go through that phase, but good friends keep you from staying there. You got this Anon, your friend will probably thank you for it in the end you seem to be coming from a genuine place

>> No.10258950


Thanks for the encouragement. She's so pretty and I know she'd look gorgeous in a good quality dress. I just got my first brand dress so I'm by no means an expert but I'll definitely try to help her out.

>> No.10259197


>> No.10259237

Haha I know a lot of us go here but the mods are pretty paranoid about these things so most of us lay low.
Is that from PD? Looks nice but not typical of their style.

>> No.10259324

One beer isn’t going to do shit to you if you order it with food. You obviously are underaged and or have no control over your own limits to drinking.

>> No.10260461

nayrt, but my medication means any alcohol, even just one beer, makes me so tired i might fall asleep at the wheel.

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>be american
>can't never drink because you always take the fucking car everywhere

>> No.10260466

It depends. I'm small and don't drink often, and also take meds that may or may not affect my tolerance. Half a cider can get me pretty loopy and even before I was on meds one or two drinks would have me walking off-balance.

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