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I’m gonna dress up as pic related at a convention. I’m a cosplayer, but I’ve never done cross-play before. Anything I should know ahead of time? Any advice?

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try posting in the crossplay thread... or help thread..

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As someone who's cosplayed Madotsuki years ago; don't close your eyes for hall pics, it looks weird.

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Huh... interesting. I’ll keep that in mind, because I was totally going to do that.

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What con?

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Anime Expo

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>Any advice?
Yeah. Don't. Seek help.

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There’s stupid question threads for you. Try harder on searching please.

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You're going to bake alive in a real sweater
Find a way to mitigate that problem
Get a good wig too, styling your hair will generally look like shit unless you know how to do it
Same thing with makeup, basic layering is easy enough to learn and will unfuck your (no doubt) masculine face
If that's too much for you then don't crossplay

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Not gonna lie, I’m not the most masculine guy, but I’m a hairy mother fucker. If I go through with this, it’s gonna be kinda like pic related.

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check the catalog before posting >>10239756

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