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Do you have a handler yet?

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Portable slave? Yeah, his nickname is "bf".

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Um ya, this is basically what friends do for each other, we don't need a dedicated handler. I'll help fix a friend's cosplay and shit even if I'm in cosplay too, and I can put my stuff down to take a picture.
Unless you have a significant other who is cool with following you around doing all of this for you, you should be prepared to do it yourself. Otherwise, don't cosplay anything big/restrictive.
I have 1 costume that I can barely move in, and I can't dress myself in. But you can bet I worked it out so I could wear it without issue and didn't need someone to follow me around. You never know what's going to happen, if you'll lose your friends etc. You need to be self sufficient.

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Only pussies need handlers.

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Can I get paid for this

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that’s what boyfriends and orbiters are for

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Handler is job for friend zone level 100.

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I wish, but I go to pretty much every con by myself. I do hang out with friends there but we're not there as a group so they can't really act as a handler. I have to make every costume while keeping in mind I need to be able to put it on and take it off by myself, carry my stuff and navigate public transportation. It can be somewhat limiting.

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I do occasionally. Us friends look out for each other, hold bags, hide badges, fix hair and all that.

But if my husband and I are together for a stretch of the con we are each other's handler. He does it more than me, as I cosplay more elaborate stuff, but there are times when I hold his things and make sure he looks nice.

I've even had a celebrity handle my stuff while someone took a photo. It was odd but very nice of them.

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Are any of these positions ever paid?

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No, I do not have a dedicated tard wrangler.

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Honestly, I love being a handler.
People in this community are (understandably) wary of every guy they meet. I'm a tall fuck and kinda awkward so it makes meeting people much easier.
I've never been paid though, usually me and said cosplayer will just grab dinner on her afterword. plus it gets me invited to parties I wouldn't normally go to so its a good trade off.

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When in some big armor I have a friend or my gf help me navigate. The biggest help was having someone to notify me when someone was asking for a photo, because I couldn't hear most of the time and my helmet gave me wicked bad tunnel vision. I would make sure to buy tickets or food for whoever helped me though.

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Why not call them squires or squiresses?


Every single female is a fucking whore.

Every last one.

They fuck other guys so males like you can pick up the scraps at the end of her life.

Females are mindless creatures. They don't think. They don't have feelings. They're objects.


Every single last one, every single girl you've ever met is a whore. And you're going to settle for those used goods.

How does it feel to know that your girlfriend has fucked other guys? Enjoy dating another man's discarded cumhole.

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Even your mom?

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She was raped as a child and then went on to be a club slut.

All women are whores.

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Wow, you really came out of left field with that one. Did Kyuubey's contract suction cup your panties to your ass that badly? Anon didn't even specify that the handler was for a woman or that the handler was a man. Are you okay?

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Wow, your snatch really looks like shredded roast beef doesn't it?

How often are you confused for a man with that face of yours, sweetie?

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My friends and I kind of do it for each other, but it really does help to have a non-cosplaying friend around. I doubt anyone would swipe my shit, but it makes me nervous to put my stuff down when having a photo taken or trying to buy something.

Where was this originally posted and why?

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Grandma? Both sides?

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This conversation wasn't even centered around women but you brought it out of nowhere which is what I was pointing out. You ironically need therapy.

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*unironically, lmao. Imagine ironically getting therapy though. Wild.

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It was posted here

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This is a copypasta from reddit btw everyone who is seriously replying to this post should be aware that the content of the post after the first line is a verbatim copypasta commonly seen on /pol/ and /v/

Also I think it would be cute if the handler was also in cosplay as some sort of helper-girl, maid, assistant etc

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This girl looks like she has a roast beef vag.

No man will ever truly love her.

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You are retarded

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How does it feel to have that open wound between your legs, you inferior cunt?

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Thanks for the sauce, boss

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>Also I think it would be cute if the handler was also in cosplay as some sort of helper-girl, maid, assistant etc
I once saw this picture of an idol cosplayer with her boyfriend dressed up as her biggest fan. I can't describe his outfit well, but imagine pic related with the headband and glowstick

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>samefagging anons creating a controversy over literally fucking nothing

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I was a handler bf who did cosplays with the gf. She joined a ffxiv erp group and dumped me. Now I have no inspiration to get anything done by myself. It was fun while it lasted I guess.

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>all the retards and/or newfags replying to obvious bait

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What does your handler have to say?

Oh wait your bitch ass doesn’t have one.

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u again? get over it bro

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Yes. That confidence will make panties wet everywhere.

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