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Shop in Wonderland is dying and DM is leaving Lolita. Guess the Leighs are finally losing money and AM is out the door soon too.

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>Shop in Wonderland is dying and DM is leaving Lolita. Guess the Leighs are finally losing money and AM is out the door soon too.

Sad as hell. Only 3 more weeks to visit before its all done.

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Good fucking riddance

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Damn. What did they do to you?

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>dosnt know about John and Deneice Leigh
Wew lad

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I hope you're trolling my dude. Literally nobody in the texas comms supports SIW and we're all rejoicing that it's gone

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How new are you that you don't know about the Leighs?

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Have you ever designed a weapon or an armor?

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why the fuck are you asking that in this thread, dumbass?

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Ok I'll be the only spoonfeeder here, but here you go: http://buttcape.blogspot.com/2015/06/onlyatam-behind-scenes-tale-of-buttcape.html
One of the many accusations made against John and Deneice Leigh.

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And this is worth reading too.

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Fucking BYEEEE
But also.... I feel like a newfriend...
Who is DM?

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She's the Leighs' number 1 cocksucker. She ran the j-fashion programming and fashion show at AM this year.

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>DM is leaving Lolita

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How the hell does one "leave" Lolita.

We just switch to age appropriate dress.

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It's all over her public posts. I'll post some of them.

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Idk why she's posting about it so much. She wasn't really that important in the community and we're happy she's gone.

If you have a large wardrobe you need to get rid of your stuff, right? When they say "leaving" they mean getting rid of their shit, anon.

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Think she's hoping for people to beg her to stay. Girl bye

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She's not reading the room. Bye Felicia.

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Anyone going to Oni-Con? Is fanart still banned in artist alley?

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>Sad as hell.

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AHAHAHA you must be REAL new

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Or able to Google because her thumbs are broken.

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kek. Masterful troll.

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I wonder what happened with her husband I think he was also in the fashion, but I always lowkey thought she married for that sweet citizenship

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Good riddance, she was a pretentious little shit who had no place here anyway

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This mean she gonna go back to her home country or....

Not being that dick, I'm genuinely curious what she's gonna do now that it seems she's not sucking the Leigh's off anymore.

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>Not being that dick, I'm genuinely curious what she's gonna do now that it seems she's not sucking the Leigh's off anymore.

New dick?

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>not sucking the Leighs off

She still is, she's a manager for SiW and made a post about continuing to be the manager for them when the shop goes online only.
I think they're going to branch away from j-fashion programming at AM since the community refuses to support them after all the bullshit they've pulled, so DM is trying to gain attention by 'leaving the fashion'

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I am. Their fashion guests are lit this year.

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Are you going to try and model for anyone?

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A-kon and dreamhack dallas are merging for next year

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Where did you see that? Neither of their sites are updated for 2020

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A guy posted it in the fb group, his friend broke nda and told him allegedly, so he told the group, thread got deleted shortly after

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Guess this confirms a-kon at KBH if nothing else

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I want to apply for Hellcat Punks! Their designs are really cute.

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I wonder has she caught on that we don't give an iota of a fuck and wishes she'd just go away altogether....

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Good luck, anon! Hope you get a spot

No, then she'd have to face the harsh reality that she doesn't matter and that the world is better with her gone.

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Thank god finally the evil has been defeated. They deserved it.

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Oh god that chick. She was such an asshole always blaming her shitty personality as “i gotta do it for business”. Like damn man doesn’t mean you have to be a jerk to people.

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Suck off her husbands since he makes all the money? Maybe become an at home wife?

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Dude nobody likes AM or SIW or the Leigh's here you’re fighting a one way battle that you will lose. Let’s face the facts AM is slowly dying and loosing money. It’s not rocket-science.

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Anyone headed to Delta next weekend?

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mfw, eat it mushroomp boi

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its ironic how many people are posting in all caps to not go to the con. some hypocrites who had been going for years and even performed at the con are currently begging their friends to not go.
you guys are just sheep

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It's almost like...we learned new information and made a decision based on it.

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Has attendance declined at AM between the past shows?

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They’re notorious for sexual harassment amongst young women (some which have been underaged), they’ve tried to push and start fights amongst people, been straight up rude to people unless you were there to spend money then they’d treat you nice, and recently haven’t been paying any of their workers.

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If I recall, this year was just pitiful compared to past years, but the pics they posted made it seem like everything was hunky dory.

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Of course they did. They're trying to make people attend in the future.

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Fat chance. They're the literal devil in the anime world lol

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The cropped off a lot of the photos to give the illusion of a lot of people. It really was extremely sparse and empty this year. Kind of pitiful to be honest

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So I WAS remembering correctly.
Thanks anon.

LOL may that con and every business they attempt thereafter burn to ashes

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im talking about people who love something and when someone says theyre problematic, they say,"oh i hate them too!1!"
make up your mind and dont be a sheep. ive never attended and it'll stay that way. some idiots still go. some want to go but are terrified of being banished by their friends. it's a fucking convention, let your friends go if they really want to without feeling like shit or scared that youll abandon them

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>it's a fucking convention, let your friends go if they really want to without feeling like shit or scared that youll abandon them
Comm leaders need to take the high road and voice this.

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It's beautiful seeing this right after kuroshiro met it's Kickstarter to start a shop. Proof that the boycotts work

>> No.10256445

I think it’s awesome too! The fact that Kuroshiro also has other jfash brands makes me even more psyched, I love me some Sexpot Revenge and can’t wait to go see it in person.

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Some did and were persecuted for it. But I think it's better to support other things so toxic ones like AM die out like this. No one thought it would work but it seems eventually it did.

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Karma's a bitch lmao

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They deserve every little bit of karma fucking their stuck up asses.

I'm waiting to see the next round of lawsuits to show up on the Houston court searches. I want to see whom they fucked over in 2019.

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Just a question, why is it ok for san japan to do all the same crap, or even worse, but they are defended tooth and nail?

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Because no one ever has any proof or receipts of anything San Japan "did" so no one believes you nutcases.

>> No.10257636

If I’m not mistaken quite a few hate SanJapan too

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Yeah there’s literally zero evidence of SJ doing anything AM did, ever.

Maybe related, but does anyone know what is happening to Alamo City Comic Con/Big Texas CC? I feel like I missed something.

>> No.10258494

Alamo City CC has burned a tremendous number of bridges all around SA. Big Tex is the result.

>> No.10258498

Did they not pay guests or something?

>> No.10258518

They didn't pay a shit ton of bills.

>> No.10259118

Two weeks till this abortion is out. The comm cleaning out their inventory at discounts?

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Their last day has been pushed up to this Monday. They can't even get their closing day right

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You'd think they'd discount everything more just to get rid of it at this point.... unless someone actually is buying the shit???

>> No.10259963

Guys I'm swimming to Delta H

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I made you a kawayak so you won't get your petticoat wet

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Hey. Nobody cares nigger.

>> No.10260741

People care enough that the physical store can't sustain itself, and hasn't for a while without weeb shit.

If you don't care about harassment to other human beings, unpaid bills/loans, and the general slimball consistently that is their personalities, then no one wants you here either.

This store is finally getting what it deserves, I really hope they just sell everything and stop.

>> No.10260755

If nobody cared the Leighs wouldn't have tried to sue a girl calling out their bullshit to shut her up. Their convention wouldn't be next to empty and as >>10260741 said they would be able to keep their store open. Shut the fuck up and get your waifu body pillows somewhere else you pathetic incel.

>> No.10261226

Are you 12?

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Fucking yikes. Imagine being like this because people don't like you bitching about a con.

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Why do these all read like an angst filled teenager waxing poetical for the first time?

>> No.10262578

Cons need to ban him already. He is the next mass shooter in the making

>> No.10262579

Probably because she's ESL and so far up her own ass she doesn't smell the bullshit anymore

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I'd believe you, but he's such a little bitch that he demands people face off with him in a video game instead of being a fucking adult about conflict. Hell, I'd take him more seriously if he actually punched someone instead of pressing buttons

>> No.10262589

The YouTube version of his rant is hilarious

>> No.10262599

>22 minutes
I don't know if I can sit through that much whiny bullshit.

>> No.10262738

Isn't this the same dude that keeps claiming SJ and Ninetails are out to get him?

>> No.10262747

Yep same idiot. I saw him so many times wandering the halls at Delta with that autistic grin on his face. I hope he gets banned from Delta. If S.S. knows whats good for the con she will, cause hes only gonna make things worse.

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Where is this post? I cant find it on his "review" post or on his page next to this lovely gem of retardation

>> No.10262777

It's a public post on his profile. Made last night.

>> No.10262780

I hope she makes a video about that dumb fuck so he gets even more triggered

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File: 314 KB, 540x1224, Screenshot_20190924-185737_Chrome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So this retard thinks that the AA staff head daring him to shadow her and see how hard they work is some sort of legal "in" to the convention. What a fucking retard. All this going down on the post made last night on his own page, so the video must be about the AA manager.

>> No.10262808

He makes actual retards seem smart.

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File: 238 KB, 512x458, douse canoes.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He tried so hard to insult everyone.
So close.

>> No.10262860

YES PLEASE CALL OUT JK. He is a complete creep toward underage and adult lewd female cosplayers and blamed an anime themed charity event and the disabled cosplay host on the failiure of his sailor moon event.

>> No.10262864

He cried like a little bitch and threw a tantrum because the Magical Girl Day event he tried to organize in the BASEMENT GARAGE under Ooples failed. Fucking no shit you fucking idiot, what made you think that girls and women would feel safe going to an event in a basement garage of an anime shop?!

>> No.10262865

>AA staff head daring him to shadow her
Wow she is making a huge mistake here.

>> No.10262867

Sorry, the post in>>10262583 was made earlier this month on his profile, around the 9th or 10th I believe.

>> No.10262871

Its ok i figured it out. Thanks tho lol

>> No.10262882

Why does this thread get to stay up while the youmacon drama thread was taken down?

>> No.10262884

Maybe dont name drop, turn it into a witch hunt, or make a whole thread about one person?

>> No.10262885

Because the faggots in the Youmacon thread kept namedropping. Learn to block them out or use initials if you want to shitpost

>> No.10262886

I'm not watching that shit and no one can pay me to.

>> No.10262888

That's a level of creepy incel even I can't comprehend

>> No.10262911

I watched it. It was everything you thought it would be.

It was horrible. I feel 10000% more retarded after watching the whole thing.

>> No.10263126

If you met him in person you will feel 100000% retarded.

>> No.10263127

I guess the Leigh's are the exception

>> No.10263135

The Leighs are public figures. Their names are allowed

>> No.10263194

I watched about 10 minutes of this before turning it off. His voice is so annoying I'd rather listen to Gilbert Gottfried.

It's clear he only hates SS because she has more than 29 subscribers and she gets invited to guest at conventions because people actually like her.

>> No.10266826

So what Texas cons are actually fun/worth going to?

>> No.10267029

San Japan
Maybe Ikkicon

>> No.10267385

Lmao A-kon. I wouldn't, honestly. The new management hasn't shown any signs of improving. Still no venue announcement.

>> No.10267545

They are probably just sharing the same venue.

>> No.10268108

Two for the price of one works for me.

>> No.10268214

Anime Frontier is a new Convention over at the Convention Center in Downtown Fort Worth.

Will it be good? Can't possibly be worse than A-kon was this year.

>> No.10268781

>Because no one ever has any proof or receipts of anything San Japan "did" so no one believes you nutcases.

Every time I have posted proof, it is ignored, then subsequently deleted. Doesnt matter what sj does, there is always a defence force to deny and report posts.

>> No.10269070

What the fuck are you talking about? Even if you did post them it would show up in cgl archives even when they're deleted on here. You can't even show receipts. Full of shit once again.

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File: 225 KB, 1080x1920, FB_IMG_1570726561334.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm shocked that he actually deleted this.

>> No.10270490

lmao this is a legit post

>> No.10270566

He didn't. I just checked. You have to scroll through all the bullshit posts the weebs are making, but its there.

>> No.10270901

This has to be one of the boldest things I've read from him.
And I've read a lot of shit from him....

>> No.10271003

At this point he doesn't give a fuck. I'm still waiting for the yearly lawsuits to show to see who they fucked over in 2019.

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File: 322 KB, 2583x2801, PussyDestoyer.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone here have nude pix?

>> No.10271362

He's being a bit of a dick, but he's also kinda right? It kind of amused me with all the cons earlier this year that cancelled Vic and people on the con social media would be tripping over themselves to go "OMG thank you so much now ALL the attendees are safe WOW this shows you care so much about our safety."

Like, regardless of what Vic may or may not have done (and I find the more serious allegations pretty incredulous), he's still just a dude. He's not secretly a T-Rex that will you eat you. He doesn't emit some kind of molestation field that gropes everyone within 20 meters when he walks into a room. Calm down.

>> No.10271363

So what about the people whose exes come to the event to stalk them?
This con doesn't even run background checks for their volunteers. They need to do something besides just pretend that a celebrity is the only issue.

>> No.10271622

Name one con in Texas that runs background checks.

I'm waiting.

>> No.10271680

A-Kon and Animefest. I've volunteered for both and they won't hire you if anything pops up.
How did you not know this?

>> No.10271682
File: 37 KB, 861x272, background check.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Since you clearly need to be spoonfed.

>> No.10271966

Ah, yes, let me post personally identifiable information so you know who to doxx. Lmao, you think these scam artist running conventions are going to hand out receipts for hours worked, when they break their end of the agreement? You are either incompetent or malicious, hard to differentiate.

Fun fact about kickvic, marzgurl and dave are top organizers of the kickvic group. Dave post under the name d_chairman. But guess I need to show proof of that. Better clone a cell phone or else thats not good enough evidence.

>> No.10272038

Just admit you're a dumb ass, admit your fuck up and stay quiet.
You're full of shit and need to stay silent.

>> No.10272208

You're on a solo boat to retard island. If there was a shred of truth to what you said the ISWV people would have been up his ass doxxing him. They would go further in making it seem like he shits in the mouth of Vic himself then post about it on YouTube.

You are a full-fledged retard. Let's see what else you can shit out at this point because no one will believe your dumb ass.

>> No.10272347 [DELETED] 


If we want to talk about cons in kickvic we can just look at the meltdown Nomikai had.

>> No.10272348

If we want to talk about cons in kickvic we can just look at the meltdown Nomikai had

>> No.10272695

Hi J. Karsten. Still bitter I see

>> No.10272696

What meltdown? The fact that they banned some autist who threatened their staff on fb? Hardly a meltdown.

>> No.10272701

So uuuhh, anybody planning on going to Anime Dallas?

>> No.10272846

Isnt it owned by the same people who run Icky?

>> No.10272852

You're confusing with Anime North Texas who got bumped to be after January.

>> No.10273031

It's right down the street from me so yep. Hosting a panel and possibly competing just to have something to do.

>> No.10273045

No, AD is run by nobody "underappreciated" voice actors who think they can run a con because they guested a con once.

>> No.10273177

Who bans someone as they're leaving and then brags about it on the internet for 3 days? I don't know what's worse, banning someone who didn't do anything at the con or being concerned about this guy but taking so long to realize he's there you ban him on his way out.

It's especially sad because the attendance is so low. Y'all can't keep tabs on 50 people?

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File: 85 KB, 1242x632, 056cbdf50a32f3fb1e8383fd6e181973.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You mean we should be shocked when a con owner shits all over Twitter for months which deters people to go to a con that takes place in a cement room?

>> No.10275774

Crazy weather tonight! Hope everyone is safe!

>> No.10276254

Any texas cgl discords around here?

>> No.10278218


>> No.10278233

They're atrocious about communication.

>> No.10279003

Are any cons worth going to besides Ikki coming up before the end of the year? I have a couple more days of PTO and don't know what to do with them

>> No.10279092

>worth going to
No. I think the only TX cons before Ikki now are AD and Oni.

>> No.10279167

There's only the seventeen thousand comic cons

>> No.10279431

And they all suck.

>> No.10279895 [DELETED] 

You suck if you say that Oni and AD are not good enough for you.

>> No.10279896

Have you gone to all these cons to prove it?

>> No.10280062

Most of them on various occasions, yes.

>> No.10283791

anyone over here watching the onicon loli head make a fool of herself on fb

>> No.10283792

yep. the guy who runs a lot of them is a scam artist and they end up being train wrecks

>> No.10283809

Is it that "apple" dude?

>> No.10284024

That guy has burned all good faith

>> No.10284255


>> No.10284809

i'm sorry but who the fuck is apple dude.

>> No.10284918

Nickname of the guy who started and runs Alamo City Comic Con (and a few other themed cons in SA).

>> No.10284927


Looks like ACCC got into a squabble with the lawyer who helped get them venues for cheap and blew all their spare money trying to sue him to the point they couldn't pay the city what they owed.

>> No.10285406

Victoria comic con is back this year guys.

>> No.10286624

A-Kon moved back to May.

>> No.10287155

They move it to Memorial Day weekend but aren't actually operating that Monday. They should've done it the last weekend of may if they're ignoring the work holiday.

>> No.10288609

Anyone got details on what happened? I heard S and V talking shit about a girl at oni on Friday who I guess is lying about something but I couldn't find anything about who was lying, only that S and B apparently were trying to tell people to ask them about screencaps. Anyone know what happened?

>> No.10288922

This sucks. While I only went to one ACCC and met Apple once and thought he seemed fine, there always seemed to be something off about him. I don't know whether to call him a scam artist or something to that degree, but he's pretty damn close to being that, imo.

>> No.10288947

Does anyone have any idea how SiW's sales are doing now? I'm sure they're slow as hell, but if anyone has any further insights on how stagnant it really is, do tell.

>> No.10288948

The drama isn't juicy at all, just fucking petty and stupid. S just loves to ban people from modeling and gets so easily offended, but V started this dramafest by messing with an autistic girl's head. It's all about the fashion show but it's funny that S posted a status about invisible diseases when she's talking shit about an actual autistic girl who was worried her health issues would act up during the con.

>> No.10288949

I agree with you regarding the iffy date change, but I hear of rumors about A-kon collaborating with Dreamhack this year. I mostly doubt that's the case, but that would be neat if it really *was* the case. It's not at Fair Park this year, so I'm hoping for the best.

>> No.10289056

They only really do anime selling shows and some kind of weird anime bar but they usually only get at most 30 people in a show/stream so their not doing too hot.

>> No.10289642

Wow that is really petty. Leave it to Houston to have shitbags in charge of things, with S being in charge of oni and V being an hls admin. I know we mock autistic people on this board but it feels like a new low.

>> No.10289730

Houston's lolita community is extremely broken, and honestly with shit like this happening, as a 5 year lonelita in Houston, it's what we deserve with shitbags like S, B, and V in the comm.

>> No.10289747

Wait, I think you meant to say this:

A high-functioning autistic girl didn't get the brand she wanted for the show, so she tried to drop out by citing a bunch of issues, knowing this would probably lead to a ban (which it did). Autistic girl throws a semi-public hissy fit, cusses out S, S apologizes and lets autistic girl back in, and austistic girl CONTINUES to talk sh*t about the situation on ig and in chats. S finds out. So she gets re-banned from show and almost gets a temporary comm ban for dragging out private issues all over the comm.

I think that's what you meant, anon.

>5 year lonelita
So you basically have no clue what the comm is like since the AM sh*t went down, and you're relying on this board to judge that? You're an idiot and probably ita.

>> No.10289770

I already bought tickets to Anime Frontier that month, and can't afford a second con. I don't trust A-kon after everything though, so no big loss there.

>> No.10289787

The separate venues after the con ends completely kills the after party life which is what makes anime cons what they are. I see this as a perpetual decline.

We'll see if Anime Frontier is like Crunchyroll Expo since it use to be run by the same people in shutting down in the evening or if they'll try to do something after midnight.

>> No.10289834

The distance between the after-hours and convention center is less than the distance between the Omni and sharaton in ft.wortn and way closer than the Anatole and dart station.

>> No.10289911

I like calling people on 4chan autists but fucking wih actual disabled people is truly degenerate

>> No.10289936


Was this girl at the tea party on Sunday?

>> No.10290032

Didn't she want to drop out because she was too poor to get stuff for that brand and because she's not just autistic but has other health issues too? Either eay, S and V definitely didn't act any better with all the "teehee dm us for screenshots". I do think this situation was stupid on both parts because if both parties knew how to communicate, none of this would've happen. All three of them are awful people and worth avoiding.

>> No.10290130


>> No.10290131

No because she’s a classic and didn’t have items to use for the brand she was chosen for.

She has health issues but oni staff bent over backwards trying to accommodate for these things. The girl kept claiming she had to ‘fight’ for accommodations but it’s very obvious from the screencaps that she was given whatever she asked for.

She also lied about the extent of accommodations offered to her, making it seem like the staff was unreasonable when they basically gave her whatever she asked for and more.

S was a little trigger happy with the ban hammer I’ll give you that but she’s not in the wrong here (for once).

>> No.10290263

Is there a reason for that? I didn't go last year because of the venue, but I'm a teacher and now it's on the literal last two days of the school year, so there's no way I can take off.

>> No.10290838

Anyone at the Austin Fall Festival? I met a couple cosplayers and Lolita girls.

>> No.10290842 [DELETED] 


JASGA event? Almost went; I knew some people from the local comm were going but had prior obligations. Did they do the fashion show yet? How was it?

>> No.10290847

The fashion show doesn't start for another hour. The rest of the event is pretty neat. A showcase of traditional items and clothes. Some origami and calligraphy art. They have a long ass line for some Japanese food.

>> No.10291011

Next year is going to be my first full year in East Texas. Any cons that are highly recommended/must attends? Seems like every con has a lot of negative stuff attached to it.

>> No.10293482

How is the dealers room/AA at ikkicon? I haven’t been since 2012

>> No.10293540

Worse than it was in 2012 because the new venue's artist alley/dealers hall is tiny and you can really feel it while you're in there.

>> No.10293568

Well shit. I was thinking of getting a badge to pop in on one of the days to check the dealers room and AA out but if it’s that bad I will probably skip it.

>> No.10294911

Is anyone here going to Anime North Texas? It'll be my first time and I have no clue what to expect.

>> No.10294927
File: 196 KB, 600x587, 1489266771455.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No one will, it's moving and will be end of January now.

>> No.10295838 [DELETED] 

Y’all are fucking stupid, all three of them were just doing their jobs and M manipulated the shit out of the situation even after she was accommodated, and PLUS some

>> No.10295844 [DELETED] 

M dropped because she didn’t want to model for the brand she was chosen for. She claimed it was because she wouldn’t have the stuff for that brand, but she had at least 4 of us Houston lolitas offer to let her borrow whatever she needed, plus the Oni staff (S and B included) offering the same, so that should’ve been a non-issue. Her other complaints around needing accommodations for her illnesses, which are totally valid requests, were met with concession after concession. They offered her food. They offered her use of a specific restroom so she wouldn’t be seen by the audience before the show. They confirmed with her any specific sensory issues and gave her assurances that they wouldn’t be an issue. Every legitimate concern she had was answered as best any volunteer con organization can do. But regardless of their efforts to make it work, M decided she didn’t want to model, which was her choice (albeit a poor one, imo). Oni J Fash team which includes S and B decided that if she dropped like that it would result in a ban, which they then discussed after the fact with M and tried to come to a better understanding.

The drama that ensued is that M then started complaining to nearly any Houston Lolita that would listen that S was ableist and V was somehow a monster over this after M being called out on her hysterics. If it was just complaints to friends, that’s be one thing, but M is making it her personal mission to turn everyone against V and S, spreading vicious lies about what really happened. It’s also curious that M has no proof to back up her side except for screenshots that conspicuously cut out parts of the conversation as if they’re curated specifically to make M seem like the reasonable one.....

>> No.10295846

Suuuuure S

>> No.10295850

Lol try again.

>> No.10295856

Anyone who has seen the caps and talked to M would know that >>10295844
is completely right. Wouldn't be surprised if M was wking herself on here earlier. I'm surprised there are still people in the comm who believe her side of the story when it's so easily disproven

>> No.10295933

jfc, catching up on this drama. Coming in with no knowledge of any of this until today and a mild dislike for S, M is being hella overdramatic.

It looks like Oni did everything that they could to accommodate M. M didn't get the brand she wanted and all of this seems like excuses and stirred up drama for a pity party so her leaving the show wouldn't be perceived in a negative spotlight.

>> No.10296193

Not a reliable source.
>more reasons to hate anime matsuri
Not surprising that that cunt is a KickVicker

>> No.10296201

Not after they moved. Also there is a My Hero Acadamia con that same weekend.

>> No.10304611

Ha, they are losing money but they are spending it like crazy. They just literally posted of them getting themselves a Tesla and I’m like

>> No.10304620 [DELETED] 

Ha, they are losing money but they are spending it like crazy. They just literally posted in one of their IG stories that they are getting themselves a Tesla and I’m like “how the hell you getting this money?”

>> No.10305720

>Loosing money
>Can afford a Tesla

Pick one

>> No.10306171

The post you are responding to spelled “lose” correctly, so you had to go out of your way to be retarded. Incredible.

>> No.10306287


You also know auto loans exist right.

>> No.10306294

Ikkicon sucks if you arent at the hotel bc wristband party con

>> No.10306301

no ones gunna approve you for a loan for a 200k car if you’re in the red. (idk which model they got so ballparking here). They gotta be siphoning more from the con budget or from the little they made in siw

>> No.10306303


Either way it's a good guess he's probably doing something fishy so we're in agreement there.

>> No.10306307 [DELETED] 


Ok hucow chan.

>> No.10306310

It's ridiculously easy to get upstairs. After a while they stop giving a shit on wristbands.

>> No.10306471

If you saw the content they are showing right now, they are making their own female staff look slutty. If they want to show people they are improving, it will be once they actually do go to jail.

>> No.10306473

The leighs are well known for somehow getting people to give them ridiculous loans despite their track record of not paying loans

>> No.10307083

The time it will take for them to mark bankruptcy will be once a big lawsuit gets to them that they will not be able to afford.

>> No.10307090

Seriously?? Ikkicon is great and the dealers room is a reasonable size, the schedule this year also looks great and there's a jfash meet

>> No.10307098

Where the hell did you get a schedule?

>> No.10307103

its probably someone from staff trying to make the con look good and they forgot the schedule wasn't out yet

>> No.10307110

It's on their Facebook group only. You can't read it as it's pixelated.

>> No.10307137

What the anon above you said. There's no way anyone can read the schedule for ants that's up right now.

>> No.10307207

the dealers room is tiny compared the size of the con though, its even tinier than when it was back at the hilton
the artist alley should take up that whole basement room and the dealers hall should be in another whole room at least that size or bigger for it to be good

>> No.10307242

Kek too bad Shop in Wonderland is dead now for them.

>> No.10307244

It’s the only way they can sell badges. Pump out some titties and tight clothing so we can at least get neckbeard horny guys to come because no one else will step anywhere near AM anymore.

>> No.10307974

They really getting rid of their JFashion items since they are having a 80% on all Metamorphoses and Liz Lisa items they have in stock still.

>> No.10307991


Just checked and yeah it seems they don't even have any meta on their site and most left is LizLisa

>> No.10308226

They are even doing a livestream. They know they are not going to sell much unless they give it out for free.

>> No.10308259

It’s only a matter of time before they die off completely and Houston won’t have to deal with them anymore

>> No.10308290

I heard it's because they're merging with Dreamhack Dallas.

>> No.10308342

It really sucks to consistently see this type of statement for years lol, just hurry up and be true already dammit
Santa? Hello?

>> No.10308362

They're both in the same building in 2019 but no one has announce that they merged. KBH is big enough to support both of them.

>> No.10308399

We really can’t do nothing unless something majorly wrong does happen, if it’s behind the scenes throughout the year or while the convention is happening. Unless we have a major piece that would actually tarnish their convention’s reputation, we will not see them gone anytime soon. If you know someone that has a juicy declaration against them, you better have good evidence to counterattack them.

>> No.10308552

With what's already been revealed yet still can bounce back it's going to take video evidence of John raping an underage girl before anything will be done.

>> No.10308693

I actually do know someone but she’s fed up with them and wants nothing to do with then anymore

>> No.10308737 [DELETED] 

Wouldn’t be surprised about it.
The fact that a lot of the female staff in AM are girls over 20 and is clueless of what the guy has done or doesn’t care of his history, I’m just going to say they psychologically brainwashing them, especially if a few of them is giving them loans because there’s no way they are getting staff that are financially broke and have a bad credit. Another thing to also consider is how hidden the fights between John and Deneice is because the fact that Deneice is not going to seat playing the mom 24/7 while he’s not putting much effort to take care of their children at least a whole day but instead is flirting with the female staff at his own workplace.

>> No.10308739

Wouldn’t be surprised about it. At least she knows at least not bothering about it.

The fact that a lot of the female staff in AM are girls over 20 and is clueless of what the guy has done or doesn’t care of his history, I’m just going to say they have psychologically brainwashing them, especially if a few of them is giving them loans because there’s no way they are getting staff that are financially broke and have a bad credit.

Another thing to also consider is how hidden the fights between John and Deneice is because the fact that Deneice is not going to sit playing the mom 24/7 while he’s not putting much effort to take care of his own children at least a whole day but instead is flirting with the female staff at his own workplace is pretty sad. Their children should be top priority than a convention and they don’t think their children pay attention to everything they do, including the bickering they have in front of the little ones. It’s straightforward that Deneice can get jealous and John really doesn’t care about it. Their relationship looks more business than actual lovey-dovey from the very start.

>> No.10309477

You just have to zoom in on the pdf and it clears up

>> No.10310103

Happy holidays to everyone!

>> No.10310109

Sounds like such a shitty relationship. Feel bad for those kids man. They shouldn’t have to be raised by such horrid people.

>> No.10310111

Good riddance. The chicks got a forehead the size of Mount Everest. Kick that trash to the curb lol

>> No.10310116

Merry Christmas!

>> No.10310130

Has anyone else here bought from Kuroshiro Kawaii yet? I bought from them during their Black Friday sale and didn't have any issues. I'm curious whether they'll actually be able to pull off a brick-and-mortar location. I'm hopeful because it would be convenient, but I'm also super skeptical.

>> No.10310177

I bought from them--totally satisfied. I think if they have a range of jfash and not just lolita (which they do), they'll be able to pull it off.

>> No.10311010

I think it’ll work well. A lot of the comm around here supports them since they’re run by good people who care about the fashion. I’ve bought from them before and was super satisfied. Plus they take suuuuper good care of the clothes unlike siw did (selling used clothing for full price those cheap idiots lol).

>> No.10311996

General purpose texas cosplay discord but /cgl/ welcome

>> No.10312067

Haven’t bought from them online but bought in person. Very satisfied with my item, and I wish them good luck opening up a store. It would be nice having a jfashion store that isn’t run by garbage!

>> No.10314002

Fucking late reply I know but what? Victoria has cons? Will our Queen attend?

>> No.10314029

They really suck at announcing stuff. AM is bringing Racing Miku to AM.

>> No.10314085

Where? I'm not seeing shit.

>> No.10314322

Based on Deneice’s InstaStories and what they been sharing on the Facebook group, plus what they were selling on that bids crap last night on their YouTube channel. They really suck at keeping the announcement low/secret.

>> No.10314365


>> No.10314370

Anime Matsuri

>Buys Tesla

Is for sure

>takes several international trips

Running out of money

>AM sponsors Good smile racing

I knew you gulls were delusional, but at this point it's just getting kind of sad... But hey, surely THIS year will be the one...R-right gulls? Hahaha.

>> No.10314372

It's amazing what you can do when you don't care about running yourself into crippling debt!

>> No.10314377

And the gulls quintuple down ladies and gentlemen! Hey you'll prove everyone wrong THIS time. It's crazy how you seem to have intimate knowledge of their finances. Yet miss the mark and say it's their last con.


Its like the gull who cried wolf.

You can't possibly think for a second that maybe...just MAYBE you could be wrong?Oh no, that is impossible, isn't it? You are infallible, aren't you?
All you are doing is showing everyone that you are incapable of reasoning, and that's exactly why the boycott failed miserably.

The rest of us will be having a good time with friends at our local event....But you? You go have fun in your small corner of delusion. Let us know when you are ready come out and face reality.

>> No.10314381

Jokes on you, someone mentioned in here that they taking loans from their own staff.

>> No.10314382

You really think a handful of teenage weebs have the cash to buy a Tesla, fund international trips, and sponsor one of the biggest racing teams on the planet?

Ok...Whatever you gotta tell yourself, Sister.

>> No.10314403

LMAO when did I say this was their last year? I said they are willing to go deeply into debt to maintain this "cool weeb" lifestyle they've built.

I mean, you really want to argue someone who has had to shut down 2 store fronts, has lawsuits over unpaid bills and constantly buys designer goods IS good with money?

>> No.10314454

Their staff are over 25 and with interesting jobs. With how this cult is handling their staff, especially with their leadership staff, a lot of them would be willing to satisfy the Leighs with more money to fund “the weeb haven”.

>> No.10314714

You obviously haven’t seen the public court orders on how much money they owe and how much in debt they are. Cmon dude it’s not that hard to do research or is it that perhaps you’re the one who’s delusional and idolizing a crappy company. It’s okay we understand you’re brainwashed kid but really now it’s time to wake up from your fantasy land.

>> No.10314716

I used to go way back then and it used to be huge compared to what it’s like now. Not saying this is it’s last year but they’re definitely not doing so hot. They used to have Japanese arcade machines, fashion guests from all over japan, voice actors and entertainment who didn’t “cancel” on them, etc. This past AM was so bad and lackluster that they even had an Air Conditioning unit vendor to fill up spots and things completely unrelated to anime or japan whatsoever.

>> No.10314717

You know that they’re grown ass adults right? Do you even know what you’re even talking about?

>> No.10314718

Sometimes I hate that I missed out on 90's mall culture.

>> No.10314719

Honestly just rather go to AnimeExpo . Way bigger and better in my opinion

>> No.10314759

AX is another cult-like craziness since apparently both Deneice and the head of AX are friends.

>> No.10314825

>44,000 attendees announced
>Pictures, videos and testimonials say otherwise every single year.
>Dozens post every year that it's the worst con ever.

Keep drinking that hot shit koolaid.

>> No.10315514


>Air conditioner vendor
1.) Where? https://animematsuri2019.sched.com/directory/exhibitors

2.) You're saying that selling booths is a bad thing?

> guests from all over japan

In 2019 AM had
1.) Reika ( marking her 5th appearance at the event, despite being "abused" as so many claim. She comes back so often, Im beginning doubt any of those rumors are true)

2.)Wataru Hatano

Tenshi Yuri in Saint Beast: Kouin Jojishi Tenshitan, Gajeel in Fairy Tail, Yūto Ayase in Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu, Georgi Popovich in Yuri!!! on Ice and many others. He also sings the ending theme for Yuri!!! on Ice titled 'You Only Live Once'. (marking his first ever US appearance)

3.) Junko Iwao
Tomoyo Daidōji in Cardcaptor Sakura, Hikari Horaki in Neon Genesis Evangelion, Mima Kirigoe in Perfect Blue, and Kenta Hasegawa in Chibi Maruko-chan among others. (Marking her first ever US appearance)

4.) Aina Kusuda

Nozomi Tojo in the Love Live! series. Her other majors roles include Nyururin in Nyuru Nyuru!! Kakusen-kun, Sūko in Million Doll, and Rose in Rilu Rilu Fairilu
(Marking her first ever US appearance)

5.) Ladybaby - band
(Their first convention appearance)

6.) DJ Misaki P
(Her second appearance at AM)

7.) Nobuhiko Okamoto

Rin Okumura, the hero of "Blue Exorcist," Eiji Niizuma of "Bakuman," Ivan Karelin a.k.a. Origami Cyclone of "Tiger & Bunny," and Accelerator of "Toaru Majutsuno Index" just to name a few.

8.)Harumo Sanazaki - manga artist

9.)Nozomu Sasaki (HUGE DEAL btw, he has made it known through the years that he DOES NOT do conventions)

voice of Tetsuo in the ground-breaking 1988 movie, Akira. He also voices the main character, Yusuke Urameshi, in the anime Yu Yu Hakusho, among many other notable characters. (Marking his first ever US appearance)

Not to mention

10.) A-list K-pop group A-pink from South korea

11.) A-list DJ duo NERVO from Australia (fresh off of Coachella)

And that's not even all the guests, that's just the intercontinental ones..

>> No.10315516

For comparison, A-kon (the only Texas con comparable in size and nature) had 3 intercontinental guests

ACME - band

Haruka Kurebayashi - fashion model

Saki Tachibana - fashion designer

>> No.10315521

You forgot gacharic spin, they came in 2019 too.

>> No.10315543

Oops, you right. I missed that one. And for their 3rd appearance too!

>> No.10316628

That’s because the international guests are under contract plus with an NDA of a certain amount of years of what they cannot say about them and a lot of the domestic VAs and entertainment people knows the issue with AM.

Plus, didn’t you heard of the incident of what happened to a JFashion staff was harassed by not DM but by the other Jfashion staff? Or the fact that she herself saw how one of the staff had drugged a few guests so they can sleep with them?

>> No.10316693

It's 2020 why is one sad anon out here shilling for Anime Matsuri???

You can book every big guest in the world, doesn't matter if you are too incompetent to RUN PROGRAMMING ON TIME.

>> No.10316726

to be fair a lot of cons suffer from this

>> No.10316733
File: 528 KB, 1242x2208, B3898356-F12D-4A4C-98BE-E6FE1DFED2B3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sorry it was some gutter thing not air conditioning that was my bad but same basic concept. What in the world is that even doing at an anime convention?! Nobody gives a crap about leaf filters lol.
And hate to tell you but A-pink isn’t really that big of a group. Now if they got BTS or Blackpink or something then come to talk to me but a-pink is low tier k-pop dude.
And those other guests aren’t really big either. The big guests like the steven universe voice actors cancelled and the vocaloid IA group cancelled too. They’ve got lowball guests that not much really care about.

>> No.10316735

What about San-Japan. Their guest list is actually pretty decent. Better than AM atleast.

>> No.10316738

You know Reika is under contract right? She’s stuck coming for a few years. The past year was metamorphose last year on contract so they’re definitely not stepping near AM ever again.(Hence why they closed their shop and getting rid of all the J-fashion stuff of their website because no j-fashion brand wants to step near them anyone now that their contracts are over)

>> No.10316739


>> No.10316740

Because they have one single brainwashed fanboy trying to back them up lol.

>> No.10316780

Single? Say more than 50+ of these volunteers that are as dedicated staff.

>> No.10316794

To be fair Anime Matsuri is the only con I've ever been to where major events start 2 hours late consistently. It goes far beyond the standard "cons run behind" thing.

The fashion show was hours late consistently for years. I remember one year finally getting into the room at the time it was scheduled to end.
One year they started hentai fest almost an hour late but didn't run over so they essentially cut the event in half. Charged for it too.
Or the year they scheduled a game tournament to happen during the cosplay contest so the contest started over an hour late.

>> No.10316932

San Japan had these intercontinental guests in 2019

1.) Nobutoshi Canna - voice actor

Lancer in Fate/Stay Night and Unlimited Blade Works, Kabuto Yakushi in Naruto, Guts in Berserk (1997), Masato Inohara in Little Busters!, Tasuki in Fushigi Yuugi, Ban Mido in GetBackers, Nnoitra Gilga in Bleach, Basara Nekki in Macross 7, and more.

2.) Do as infinity - band

3.) Toshio Maeda - erotic manga artist

4.) Shihori Nakane - singer / songwriter

5.) Elise Zhang - voice actress
chinese : We Bare Bears, P King Duckling, Lego Nexo Knights, Lily's Driftwood Bay, Ruby Gloom

USA : Mei from overwatch

That's 5

So...less than half of the 12 that AM brought

>> No.10316933

You know for a fact that Reika is under contract? Mind providing a source for your claim?

If she is "stuck coming for a few years"
as you like to say. Why didn't she come in 2018?

>> No.10316936













>> No.10316953


> A pink isn't really a big deal

They had chart topping songs (#1 on three different charts) in 2019 you clearly have no clue about K-pop


>Other guests really aren't that big

Uhh...NERVO had 3 billboard No.1 hits, 7 billboard top 10 hits and played Coachella


Nozomu sasaki is considered a living legend. He played the protagonist in what is arguably the most influential anime of all time AKIRA






Steven universe is good, but akira is leagues above.

Plus sasaki DOES NOT do cons. It was a very special occasion

Look how many appearances... ONE

Anime Matsuri 2019


>> No.10316957

You clearly don’t know how the entertainment business works, do you? You got to have a legal contract to work for anything, like a fashion show to even a commercial, for a certain amount of years. I heard crazier stories of how people got themselves in a ten year contracts without fully checking on what they are getting themselves into.

Also, Reika had business in Taiwan during 2018, so she got lucky that she couldn’t go. She’s more like first come first serve type of person since she has a schedule to go to other conventions other than the US you know, plus she has her own cosplay cafe in Akihabara.

>> No.10316979

So did she have an existing contract with AM? Because she came 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2019.

Smaybe her contract expired and she signed on AGAIN in 2019?

Or maybe ( most likely ) she gets invited each year, and comes each year on a new contract, and was busy in Taiwan in 2018. Which is why she couldn't come.

Which means either

A.) She is being abused by AM and is just insane or a masochist and decides to come every year. (Very unlikely)


B.) She is a normal guest who is invited, and comes like anyone else.

>> No.10316983

Jesus, why do you have AM’s cock so far down your throat? Can you fit their balls too?

AM is terrible, and you won’t convince most of us otherwise. Anyone who believes you deserves to be fucked over

>> No.10316993

Nice argument you got there, champ.

>> No.10317014

Reika gets heavily promoted at AM with its posters and banners - it makes guests feel very important and since she can fend for herself, she probably thinks it's a fairly good deal on her end since they pay for international travel, hotel, food, etc. Never forget that they can be incompetent with visa issues for cosplayers and got Yuegene Fay stuck in customs jail for an entire weekend with no support on con's end to help her out. http://www.boycottam.com/personal-testimonies/yuegene-fays-story/

Sorry that AM is the only anime con in Texas that brings in big name guests that YOU like, but a lot of people will still be boycotting anyways because the whole thing is run by corrupt creeps. They should be paying all of their staff FYI as a for-profit convention, anyone volunteering for free is getting scammed since they're not supposed to do that legally (all ReedPop and LeftField Media events pay all their staff)

>> No.10317016

Oh I have no intention of arguing with you or anyone who gargles AM’s ballsack so intensely. Y’all are the same idiots who still think Vic Mangina is innocent. I’m just trying to figure out who’s paying you to defend them so heavily, or if you’re one of the Leigh’s themselves.

>> No.10317044

apple runs sweatshops in China
Amazon uses slave labor
Nike dumps waste in Jakarta
Walmart doesn't pay it's employees

Welcome to the world. Sounds like yugene should have gotten their shit straight before trying to work in the US illegally.

AM should have applied for the proper visa, sure. But yugene was just as in the wrong, and holds equal blame for what happened. Yugene knew she didn't sign any sort of visa paperwork.

Lesson learned. it was years and years ago, And it hasn't happen since.

Meanwhile, Anime Midwest did it this season, and with much more, and much bigger guests



(notice the cancellation date is the same as day 1 of the con....they were stopped at the border)


Reika saiki said she had to "leave the USA in a hurry"

>> No.10317242

Going to be honest never heard of them.

>> No.10317243

Dude look.

>> No.10317246

Or she likes the free alcohol, drugs, and sex offered.
But lets see if she comes again this year and we’ll test your little theory~

>> No.10317247

Jason just stop lol it’s embarrassing

>> No.10317248

Probably one of their “staff” whom they never pay

>> No.10317249

>Peaked in 2013

nice try dude they’re old news.

>> No.10317250

And how many people showed up to see sasaki hmm? Those photos looked pretty lackluster. He won’t be back after such a shitty turnout at a shitty con.

>> No.10317424

"Somboby help! I heard someone read on the internet once that this poor innocent cosplayer is being abused. She deserves so much better!!"

>Reika suffers no abuse
>makes good money
>and thus, resumes going to con yearly

"Wow, what a drunken drug addicted slut"

Boy, that escalated quickly.

>> No.10317429

The band is Literally releasing CHART TOPPING music in 2019. LITERALLY. I gave you the chart

>Pfft, nobody listens to them.

Well SOMEBODY is, you don't get a #1 Naver music (Korean iTunes) hit by receiving zero plays. You can read, can't you?


>> No.10317430

He didn't allow photos, and signings were a limited, ticketed thing. they were 100% sold out before lunch on day one. (I tried to get one, but no luck) Plus, signings were held in a private area, ya dingus.

>> No.10317432

They had two designers from Baby, Selene and Brian the Sun as well. They had another single woman artist as well.
They also had animation guests, those are just the ones I saw. Don't lie.

>> No.10317435

Hell, they did outstanding in the AMERICAN charts. Billboard ranked A-pink #2 in K-pop TEN DAYS AGO


As usual, you haters have NO CLUE wtf you are talking about. You want to know why nobody takes you, or the boycott seriously?

Because y'all just make shit up. You regurgitate bullshit into each other's mouths and never leave your tiny little circle. You just sit around and re-affirm to each other the lies that you tell yourselves.

It's pathetic and sad. Come join reality. You'll have alot more fun. You don't have to sit around all day lying to yourself and hating on everything just to feel important.

>> No.10317436
File: 548 KB, 1152x2048, Screenshot_20200108-110343.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]




>> No.10317439

Dude, look. #2


>> No.10317456

Yes I can read you brainwashed retard. They’re just not mainstream k-pop that most people like just chill. Sorry people don’t like your crappy kpop girl group. Plus wtf is KOREAN pop music even doing at a JAPANESE anime festival. It shows how hard they’re grasping at other media to get people to come. It’s pathetic.

>> No.10317458

Then AM must’ve invaded his privacy then because there were photos on one of the social media sites.

>> No.10317460

>Nobody takes you seriously
Lol I myself alone have gotten 32 people to ditch Anime Matsuri and boycott them to go to other cons and thats just myself alone not including others who also fight against them. We are making an impact no matter how delusional you are.
And I actually am having fun I just don’t go to that one crappy con. It’s not worth the money in my opinion. There’s other cons in Texas that I feel surpass AM by a landslide. So, sorry I guess?

>> No.10317465


>> No.10317477

I don't even live in the US and the only con I've been to in Texas is A-Kon, but I've heard about AM and seen these threads. I'll always take the side of pro AM anons and pretend like I'm some super die hard fan or staff because it's fun to watch the other side seethe and also anti AM people are cringe incarnate.

>> No.10317531
File: 64 KB, 335x335, 1541097552933.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>i'm proud of my shitposting!
the only cringe here is you

>> No.10317566

Atleast you’re not an insane idiot actually liking AM

>> No.10317618

John is kinda a DILF, not gonna lie

>> No.10317626

Something is literally wrong with you.

>> No.10317642

fuck off denise

>> No.10317685

You're the type of person who thought Ted Bundy was hot even thought you knew in the back of your head he would kill you but you're okay with it.

>> No.10317690

>none of these posts actually disagreed with what I said
I knew you guys would see it my way

>> No.10317708
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>> No.10317716


Like some weeb is confused about where Texas is in relation to Japan so you have to specify "not just international, a whole nother CoNtInEnT!"

Stay delulu

>> No.10317740

You go ahead fucking a bag of shit.

>> No.10317742

I don't know where that list is from, but it is incomplete.
I went to the concert/panels. You can check the Instagram hashtag or some people interviewed them and put out an article on it.

Not looking to die on this hill, but that information via just incorrect.

>> No.10317755

And good job I puked

>> No.10318096

I though she was already Kawaii Ambassador before meeting the Leighs and the fiasco in 2015.

>> No.10323445

AM should really reconsider not bringing the Spanish guests. It’s the third year they bring them and no much promotion for them. Is either promote them or don’t bring them at all.

>> No.10323482

I'm guessing from your broken english that you are one of the spanish guests?

>> No.10323584

Kek my thoughts exactly

>> No.10323825

Do you think a guest has the time of their hands to check 4chan? You make me laugh. If that was them, then clearly they have a right to complain and the time to being shady too.

>> No.10323826

What Spanish guests?

>> No.10323843
File: 296 KB, 1124x2320, FF7E7FBA-6353-4200-955C-BB312BF68314.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Better be careful with this if you're an iPhone user.

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