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Oh my lord, what awful style...
Why that collar...

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she doesnt deserve that dress

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In all fairness, she said it was an old picture of her first coord and she had shitty mormon parents.

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shitty Mormon parents that prohibited the cleaning of her floor?

I see that gas station big gulp cup next to her feet...

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NAYRT but she might have been struggling really hard with depression and shit. having crazy religious families can do that

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She specifically mentioned the mess, it was probably their living room or something.

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That house is a mess, just like her coord.

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How the fuck are you gonna wear a soft, ruffly, chiffon underskirt with sneakers...

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>what the fuck is lolita even

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The only thing that makes this ita is the cat ears, but yeah the pose/ facial expression is p weird so it makes an otherwise good coord seem off. Doesn't she work for baby?

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What is with fat-itas and the red and blue dress? I only ever see fatty-chans wearing it.

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not ita, she looks cute, fuck off

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A weird part of me doesn't actually hate this. I feel like if she ditched the meme glasses and collar it'd be fine but maybe that's just because she's cute

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I think her post said it was a big bad wolf thing

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She might look cute but it's still ita bro

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Someone’s blind.

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That’s Haenuli for you I guess.

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This might be one of the worst fits I’ve seen in awhile.

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this would be a cute normie outfit tho

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I could see that, anon.

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I think there is a lot wrong with this coord, but I don’t entirely hate it.

It is kind of a mess though.

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kek I was just coming to post that thing.
What a disaster.

>dirty old undershirt
>dress busting at the seems
>folded waist belt
>megaita pose
>randomly placed plastic bracelets
>looks cute

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Haenuli makes dresses for bigger girls, so you’ll see a lot of it. Tbh, I think the dresses can be pretty flattering if you’re not built like a fridge.

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This picture is adorable, she knew what she was doing, it wasn't meant to be a display of super srs coordinates, get a sense of fun you stunod

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Don’t forget the random crap attached to her ankles and her fried hair.

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Ignoring the fact she’s fat, this is pretty yikes.

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Ignoring she’s fat, this is pretty fucking terrible. And whoever took the photo from this angle should be kicked.

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AGHHHH my eyes.
FUCK, why!
She has very nice hair though.

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I just don't understand why you would get into a fashion that's ALL about balancing colours and patterns well and wear fucking... fire truck red socks next to a burgundy dress

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It looks like replica

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As much as I am not into circus themes, horizontal strip socks or that print this would be probably just a lackluster coord if she had better shoes.

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Goddamn you fucking bored housewives. Get a fucking life and stop hiding behind a screen. I hope you all get computer viruses.

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And oh look! It's a white knight chan! Don't you all love that! Juvenile bitches.

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you almost had it gurl :'{

keep it up

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It's no big deal if you got posted, just do better next time.

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Which one was yours?

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its a wig, her natural hair is veryyyyyy thin

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Then why post it????

My favorite part was her comments about her "FtM makeup"

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God you lot are so sensitive. And so much fun to fuck with. Call me...troll chan. :3

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So what its a shitty attempt at lolita? Who really cares?

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dude who are you even talking to lol sorry u got posted
shitty b8 stop screaming into the void

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Why do you think that? Genuinely curious.

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I like the idea of it, only if it were made with better material.

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Bы вce мepзкиe ypoдины и зaвиcтливыe твapи. Чтoб вы вce пoдaвилиcь, жиpныe пeндocкиe cтpaшилищa.

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I thought it was fine until I scrolled to her socks and shoes.
Oh baby, what is you doing?

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Welcome back to kindergarten

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Shes so pretty! Shame she has no taste.

If thats the worst you need to look harder. Its ita, but not lowest tier.

That pose screams ddlg.

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Is it pajama pants under her jsk?

>> No.10252815

lol @ the dude behind her taking a pic of her

>inb4 they're taking a selfie with the skyline
look at their grimaces, they're not taking a picture of themselves

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y-you too

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As bad as this coord is, I can't help but feel sorry that they're taking a picture of her without her permission like that.
It probably has something to do with the fact that no matter how good her coord was, they still would've done that bullshit because normies have no social graces.

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Why does this have so many likes on CoF?

>> No.10252867

I kind of like this. Something about how dorky he looks. When he hits puberty and grows a full mustache I think the look will improve.

>> No.10252868

Needs a face sticker and that hair needs a good brushing but otherwise it looks fine?

>> No.10252872

Oh i totally agree with you there, it's a pretty cursed photo

>> No.10252874

Something about his stance and his face makes me want to bully him.

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Learn to reply properly newfag

>> No.10252877

Becuase the people on CoF are still new to the fashion and don’t know what a good coord looks like from a mediocre one. Plus they get all excited when they see someone dress in aristocrat styles for some weird reason. Maybe it’s because we see the same cycle of 20 outfits over and over that something that isn’t the same catches people off guard and they think it’s really good when it’s actually not. This isn’t bad and doesn’t belong here, it’s just not amazing.

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Can't have good coordination without bad coordination.

>> No.10252898

Her chest is literally about to burst if she inhales the wrong way.... are you blind?

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CoF loves boys and fakebois, anything they are hot for or just for virtue signalling

>> No.10252928


Those virtue signallers are fake as hell.

>> No.10252930

I hate virtue signaling trash. They only do it to deflect their own ugly personality by doing something “inclusive”

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its legit look at the lace on the wrists

>> No.10252962


Wig quality takes away from the overall look.

>> No.10252974

people aren't even that mean on these threads desu. you get posted, then the thread dies and if your next coord is better you don't get posted. don't know why people have to bitch so much.

sorry for discussion post

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I still don’t think it quite makes it to ita. It’s not amazing, but far from awful. I think I could be saved with a better blouse, wig, and more bat accessories. It’s not like it’s avocado-chan

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nayrt but the front wait bow looks very uneven and the ribbon itself doesn't look remotely like the glittery ribbon that AP usually uses. Also the lace on the wrists is not only incorrect, but it's not aligned properly, and the front buttons are sewn weird/unevenly. This is definitely a replica of the 2012 release as the last release iirc that had matching colored lace (from 2017?) used a different collar lace, so when you compare it to 2012 stock photos there's something just off about it.

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nayrt but the front waist bow looks very uneven and the ribbon itself doesn't look remotely like the glittery ribbon that AP usually uses. Also the lace on the wrists is not only incorrect, but it's not aligned properly, and the front buttons are sewn weird/unevenly. This is definitely a replica of the 2012 release as the last release iirc that had matching colored lace (from 2017?) used a different collar lace, so when you compare it to 2012 stock photos there's something just off about it.

>> No.10253002

This is one of those cases where the coord is fine but the person wearing it is so impossibly ugly that they need a face sticker to salvage the picture

>> No.10253013 [DELETED] 

Anyone ever make you feel so bad that you just want to beat the shit out of yourself? I wanna do that rn but everyone is asleep and I would wake them up. Of course, yeeting out a window is an option too.
Y'all would enjoy that I bet.

>> No.10253018

I blocked this person on instagram so I would never have to see her hideous coords again

>> No.10253023

Who is she? Morbid curiosity

>> No.10253024

Honestly, the bar for boys is so low in this fashion, people will ass-pat them over any old thing.

>> No.10253025

Are you okay, anon? You sound like you could use a break from here.

>> No.10253027

And did you see the hilarious attempt to cover up their clown make-up with “oh, my face is so much lighter than my hands because I work at a drive-through!”

Last time I checked, Starbucks baristas don’t shove both their arms out the window each time they serve a drink! LMAO

>> No.10253033

Turn off your computer/phone and stay away from 4chan

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>check my makeup
>u mad?
oh the classics amke a comeback some times

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>showing off knuckles discolored with pre-diabetes symptom acanthosis nigricans
>in a candy store
>peak muh sugahs

>> No.10253051

That's a little harsh, she's kinda cute at a glance.

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Cheap accessories with an expensive dress. If you’re going to commit to the fashion, do it properly.

>> No.10253054

Her knees are folding in on themselves like dimensions from another world.

We're sorry you can't coord, try harder.

>ftm make up
Yet another gender special, it's an epidemic.

>> No.10253057

Burn it to the ground.

>> No.10253058

Nitpick. Switch the socks and t-shirt, done.

>> No.10253059

I agree this one is ita but pls stop digging the same old comm for old shit, it became boring three threads ago.

>> No.10253060

If she can afford Boz, clearly she can get herself a wig or at least a good shampoo.

>> No.10253062

Take a deep breath anon. None of the shit in this thread matters. And half the people in here are just role players being mean girls. I've seen a Kumakumya called a teddy bear on here before.

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File: 44 KB, 250x333, fe7955d4-b0e7-53cb-befa-fb6f7ddebe2c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's because it's a replica my good bitch

>> No.10253070

Ughhh did she call this ftm makeup?
I genuinely dont understand why people do that syle of makeup?? Im a trans guy so i can understand how frustrating it can be, but if you want your face to look different grow up and get hrt like the rest of us. This stuff just makes you look clockable AND like a cosplayer

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>> No.10253074

This doesn’t belong here. There are a few nitpicks, but overall it’s not terrible and she at least looks put together.

>> No.10253076

Yet another nitpick, but it is kind of hard to see all the details.

Now this is some good ita shit.

>> No.10253079

It's not a nitpick if you're switching out 70% of the coord...

>> No.10253097

It looks more like a selfie that they are trying to take, the girl looks uncomfortable that another camera is pointed in her direction.

>> No.10253103

at least her colour coordinating is improving, it’s a step up from some of her previous coords

might want to watch what you say about being trans on cgl, this place is infested with terfs

pajama pants? what? why would you even consider that??

this is nice, I know someone said the accessories look cheap but I don’t think so, it’s hard to see them properly

>> No.10253114

Awe. She looks so happy.

>> No.10253139

Awh I kinda dig this. He looks cute. But lace gloves need to go. And better boots

>> No.10253143

You could also grow up and accept your body and realize dressing gender nonconforming is a thing that doesn’t put male and female into boxes like your trannyism does

>> No.10253166

Yeah im pretty chill with how my body is now to be honest, hormones helped me with that ;)

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>> No.10253173

She's fat,yeah. but she looks fine? Why's she here?

>> No.10253179

This was addressed in the last thread:
Long story short, she covered a decent coord with cheap shitty accessories. Someone here has a hate boner for her. I mean, yeah, she’s pretty ita, but she gets shit on more than she probably deserves

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>> No.10253207

Is this a joke?
I’m getting hard-core 80s sears portrait studio vibes

>> No.10253212

That's a minor. She's a sensation on r/lolita.

>> No.10253216

Honestly, that editing is glorious and i wish i was having as much fun as she is

>> No.10253219

Well sometimes she is great at sewing and sometimes she's ita af>>10253207

>> No.10253223

I haven't really seen any of her "great at sewing" moments, can you enlighten me? Also wishing her all the best, she seems to be a good learner and has been going at it for quite a while.

>> No.10253227

There aren't. Her sewing is clusterfuck when its not very basic pieces

>> No.10253237

> more than she deserves
She deserves it with her shitty know-it-all attitude online imo, don’t act like you’re a seasoned expert when you produce shit coords lol

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>> No.10253299

I miss the days when nitpicks didn't wind up in the ita thread. start your own nitpick thread.

>> No.10253306

>Ywn happily collect pinecones and hold hands with a guy in pine cones
Pinecone-chan is having so much fun and I can't blame her.

>> No.10253318

Yes, she even posted an absolutely cursed image of it in the comments and used the same phrasing again. I don't think she means that she's trans, she's just using it to mean, like, crossplay.

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>> No.10253358

already posted in this thread you autist

>> No.10253364

tbf it could just be normal darker skin hyperpigmentation

>> No.10253374

that death eater tattoo

>> No.10253378

Man did this first chick call it or what

>> No.10253379

These ddlg posts always take ten years off my life every time I see them.

>> No.10253415

It’s almost as if it’s a common occurrence whenever a tranny needs attention and mentions itself, which is always. So yeah not much of a “call”

>> No.10253418

>””infested with “terfs””
>bringing retarded tumblr logic and lingo to 4chan and acting like we’re the trespassers
Go back to your tumblr safe space

>> No.10253432


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>> No.10253459

Ahh se her not being trans explains a lot, either way the makeup needs ditched

And sidenote im well aware of aw the gulls throwing a hissy fit whenever they bump into someone trans, but they can keep yelling on the internet and not affecting my daily life if they want :)

>> No.10253464

The harlot makeup and hooker heels combined with the cherry red everywhere is giving this the other kind of lolita vibes.

>> No.10253465

Yeah, that coord was making me feel uneasy and i couldnt work out why but i think you've hit the nail on the head

>> No.10253468

You’re clearly bothered, girlfriend
>;) :)

>> No.10253471

Which is funny, because most terfs and radfems I know despise lolita and think it's a byproduct of men oppressing women, like high heels

>> No.10253472

Beyond her being overweight, I don't see what the issue is. She could use some headwear but this is a nitpick.

>> No.10253473

Is this the chick from the aliexpress thread?

>> No.10253493

I dunno, I was getting more Mimi from the Drew Carry show.

>> No.10253508

ig is tsumikko. All her recent coords have been with sneakers- they work with the modern sweet/ jfash but not when it’s a classic romantic print.....

>> No.10253550

this is great, whys it here

>> No.10253551

The fat makes it look like her knees are backwards.

>> No.10253598

She’s not wearing a petticoat, which calls to extra attention that the shape is unflattering, her knee socks are stretched to the breaking point, which again, accentuates her legs in the wrong way, the bodice doesn’t fit which flattens out her breasts, her hair is kind of just... there and looks kind of flat and unconsidered.
Nitpicks would be pointing out the lack of extra accessories and that her makeup could be slightly more dramatic. It does look like she cleaned herself up to have neutral makeup, but it looks slightly washed out.
Other than her nail polish, she did color coordinate well, but it’s overshadowed by the fact that things don’t look like they fit.

>> No.10253614

can they please be fucking banned from CoF. No one gives a fuck about your poop smeared makeup

>> No.10253617

I was just thinking that! I know it’s a little sloppy but man, she looks so happy and just like she’s really enjoying herself :)

>> No.10253625

I saved this because I actually like it a lot.
but you're missing a key and obvious element, reach-chan. she's clearly presenting as a grown woman. nothing is ita, so why is it here?

>> No.10253633

Srsly this dude just looks like a dirty potato and I'm tired of all the virtue signalers liking his garbage posts.

>> No.10253644

Please I wish they where removed from CoF. They are not in the fashion for the style but for their “ drag queen” show.

>> No.10253651

>I'm totally not bothered guys
Sure TIMmy

>> No.10253666

Could you clutch your pearls any harder?

>> No.10253668

Meets must be boring af if she’s preparing to fall the fuck asleep at one

>> No.10253679

I wish they'd stop too. You don't have to like garbage tier shit like this to be inclusive.

>> No.10253683

This fabric vomit is not Lolita, not even close. It's so far from Lolita that it can't even be considered Ita.

>> No.10253686

It's not even remotely terfy to
>ban AGPs from coms for showing up in sissy shit
>ban autopedophiles from coms for harassing underage members about sleepovers
>ignore snowflakes who talk about nothing but their special made up tumblr gender bullshit

>> No.10253693
File: 342 KB, 948x1304, 1567877561412.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10253706

Yup, not even feminist, let alone a terf, and I agree with all of what you wrote. Some of us are just tired of all that muh gender bullshit being brought up whenever. And banning sissy's, pedo & hebephiles, who the fuck is against that? They are gross and should be shunned.

>> No.10253708

Hair like this pretty much ruins every coord for me, but in this case the coord is far from good anyway. Girl, either lose some weight or get shit that fits.

>> No.10253710

What's wrong with her sleeves

>> No.10253714

Her arms are too fat.

>> No.10253733
File: 768 KB, 1438x2015, 1567876280251.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10253745

Not ita, not Lolita.
I don’t think they look bad, but I don’t think their silhouettes or hemlines/necklines make it to Lolita. These look like the kind of things people would wear to the goth club in town.

>> No.10253750

It was post at CoF as lolita

>> No.10253752

I was going to post her but she said she was 15 in this pic so I felt bad

>> No.10253758

Maybe the fact that this looks like a bad Jon Snow cosplay?

>> No.10253762

why would you post regular goth people here,retard

>> No.10253763

this was posted onto cof lol

>> No.10253778

and iirc it's the girl on the left that posted it and said it was her first gothic lolita outfit

>> No.10253780
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>> No.10253781

Without the wings, I don't hate this for a casual coord....

>> No.10253785

This is so cute though anon

>> No.10253789
File: 98 KB, 472x354, 1556797257721-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I personally love small wings in old school, but I think this is a particularly weak coord outside of the wings. The clothes are ill fitting on her and I don't love shirts tucked into elastic waistbands most of the time. I also just think all individual elements are just a bit boring t b h and the only interesting thing about this are the angel wings

>> No.10253795

Nice vendetta you've got there.

>> No.10253796

It aint bad. Different neckwear and a petticoat would have been nice.

>> No.10253799

I get ageplay-fibe out of this

>> No.10253800

that's a reach

>> No.10253803

Makes sense. She definitely came closest. I would wear some of that stuff.

>> No.10253805

I disagree. There is a definite mis-match between the wings and everything else. It’s not ita, but it ain’t good.

>> No.10253807


>> No.10253809

The silly fun poses aren’t what makes this ita anon. I’m sure you’re friends are nice but they could use some help in the style department.

>> No.10253810

*your friend is

Apparently I’m not fully awake yet.

>> No.10253816
File: 161 KB, 700x1200, 3248C6A7-8C25-4F0F-B4B6-351755F47BF1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is that a diy bodyline replica?

>> No.10253817

it's fine, not ita. not everything has to always be perfectly cohesive. some people actually wear this fashion often and like to experiment with what they have.

>> No.10253820

it's fine to experiment, no one said otherwise. but this wasn't the best result. not really a big deal

>> No.10253822

>the bar is so low for boys
That’s the case in everything though, men get applauded for things that even toddlers consider basic life skills.

>> No.10253824
File: 514 KB, 1280x1707, tumblr_pxj340qXZN1sdabvro1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>What’s up, my name is Erin and I’m cuter than you (she/her)

>> No.10253826

I don't know if you saw, but that's not a blouse she's wearing under it, and its short sleeved too which doesn't go with that jsk

>> No.10253834

Eww. She looks like a greasy pock faced girl in my comm.
>I’m cuter than you
And the same undeserving egotistic attitude as well.

>> No.10253847

This would be super cute if she had nicer hair and the clothes actually fit her. The photography is nice and she looks so happy.

According to the enbies in my comm, sissies are terven boogeymen and banning them is a hate crime so y’know there’s that

>> No.10253877
File: 137 KB, 1080x1080, FB_IMG_1568052663957.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm disappointed you gulls haven't posted this yet.

>> No.10253878

I don’t think it’s ita. I think it’s just missing something in the bodice.

>> No.10253884

I honestly feel like this is one of her weaker coords. I usually like them but something about this one feels off-balance.

>> No.10253889

Yeah, I don't understand all the likes. This shit isn't even lolita, it's just a Renaissance faire dress.

>> No.10253890

>Put party costume wings on it

>> No.10253898

it's literally his first coord, if he posed better this would be fine.

>> No.10253900

what did I miss??

>> No.10253901

The same can be said for women, sadly.

>> No.10253902

Check the archive, anon. Someone got posted a had a little bit of a tantrum, basically.

>> No.10253903

and had*

>> No.10253904

Bbys first coord is low hanging fruit anyway

>> No.10253910

These are perfectly fine casual.

>> No.10253917

I don't get why she keeps getting posted, she's basic as fuck old school, but it's never ita, just basic as fuck

>> No.10253918

She looks like a man in a dress, kek.

>> No.10253921

It's because she's black, anon. Black lolitas can wear the ugliest shit and still get likes.

>> No.10253923

because it is a man in a dress.

>> No.10253944

Wow I hate that blouse so much. I didn't realize you could achieve "too many pleats" so easily.

>> No.10253951

Im not even a TIM if thats the term yer gonna cling to

>> No.10253955

nayrt, but found it. Lol at her asking for con crit, and then getting butthurt that the crit she got wasn't 'constructive' enough.

>> No.10253956

Is it really? I'd believe it but I've also seen my fair share of bio girls who look like that.

>> No.10253979

That is a shirred sleeve bodyline blouse that is too small for her hambeast arms.

>> No.10253992

I actually really love that blouse tho, w2c?

>> No.10253996

>cuter than you
nice male socialization broski

>> No.10254002

Pretty sure it’s a girl pretended to be a boy wearing a dress. Absolutely loopy

>> No.10254020

For a first attempt at classic this seems okay? It’s hard to see the legwear but it seems to match the blouse which is nice.

Maybe do something with the hair but I don’t know I think this looks not too bad.

>> No.10254021
File: 63 KB, 292x640, 1568064587074.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10254023

this is cool as a cultural thing but definitely not lolita

>> No.10254025

shit bait

>> No.10254039

Doesn’t look very lolita to be but it still looks awesome so whatever.

>> No.10254042

Lol bitch when? Hugboxes and insta thots don’t count.

>> No.10254050

the bar is constantly lowered for women. test scores, fitness related things, etc. women are given a pass just because of their sex so often.

>> No.10254054

>cultural thing

bitch what culture

>> No.10254057

Duh, that’s biological
>test scores
Lol you wish

>> No.10254060

>No tits
>Still doesn't fit

>> No.10254073

As a woman working in tech, it's true that the bar is lowered for women. It's so common that we finally get a new girl and she is so incompetent it sucks and she ends up leaving in a hissy fit in a month or less.

>> No.10254075

and these are women that would have not even been considered if they were men.. but muh diversity quota.

>> No.10254087

Africa, you absolute mong

>> No.10254091

idk what fucking world you guys live in but like the only things i see is trans men and trans women being shot down simply by being trans in the community even when they have surgery and hormones they get nothing but hate for existing in jfashion spaces i've never once seen these people you attack pull a tumblr mogai shit hell star/space/plant gender thing. they're just FtM or MtF and go on hormones +surgeries and get attacked.
i agree about sissys and pedos (we had a MtF in our com we kicked for being a weirdo) but jesus fuck you need to step back and think about why you hate trans people wearing lolita and ouji so much.

>> No.10254094

this is ita thread. lets take the gender talk elsewhere. being trans or cis doesnt make someone ita automatically lets get back to the ita's people.

>> No.10254095

Which part? It's 40 countries.

>> No.10254096

Nyart but where in africa? Which country?

>> No.10254100

But it's a dress she made for a fucking ren faire you imbicile, what does africa have to do with the european renaissance?

>> No.10254112

>what does africa have to do with the european renaissance
hmmm nayrt, but maybe check art history from that time, specially in Italian paintings?
I'll even link it for you https://thewalters.org/wp-content/uploads/revealing-the-african-presence-in-renaissance-europe.pdf

That said, I don't like >>10253877 because things seem a bit unbalanced and mismatched. I don't usually appreciate skirts with only one printed panel in the front, but I wouldn't go as far as to call it ita.

>> No.10254113


>> No.10254115

Men in women’s spaces, it’s that simple.

>> No.10254116
File: 81 KB, 720x916, 67632665_469930280506552_5464963541876342784_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10254122

>wearing glasses over your hair
But why?

>> No.10254125

Africa has many different cultures, dipshit. Lemme guess, I bet you think everyone in Africa is black, too, right?

>> No.10254126

They should consider not announcing their gender all the time like everyone else and see if that helps.

>> No.10254134

Take a hint

>> No.10254163

Role playing man or self hating woman? Those are the only two possibilities for bait this shitty. My money’s on incel type man.

>> No.10254165

>mtf kicked for being a weirdo
Where do you live? I want to go to there.

>> No.10254175

Austin Powers-kei

>> No.10254198

I'm a woman, and I don't hate myself, or other women. I just happen to see the bar lowered for women every day, and those same women giving all others a bad name. Not every woman in tech is horrible, but they should be held to the same standards as a man would be.

>> No.10254203

>women spaces
lol if we're gonna play that game.... most top fashion designers are men. liking fashion is not a gendered hobby

>> No.10254204

i mean.... if a man is called she/her by people he's trying to be friends with/local com i dont think its wrong to go "oh im a boy" and just ask for the right pronouns amongst friend groups??? i've never see trans people "announce" their gender in the way you're trying to imply just asking to be respected.

>> No.10254205

That's a boy LARPING as a girl right?

>> No.10254209

I love this.

>> No.10254210

Because trannies don't ever shut the fuck up about being trannies. The TIMs creep on girls in comms all the fucking time, the only difference is your comm had the sense to kick the tranny out and most comms won't.

I wish there were more terfs in comms, this shit is getting tiring.

>> No.10254213

Yeah well they weren't exactly the ones driving the art and culture of the Renaissance though were they? Renaissance Europe wasn't a vacuum, of course there were black people there but come on. It wasn't their culture it was European culture. I'm tired of black people inserting themselves into everything. They're no better than the genderspecials.

Also, it's a fucking ugly coordinate and isn't lolita.

>> No.10254217

black people existing in europe doesn't mean they fueled european culture or even influenced it in any large way.

>> No.10254218

calm down kkk-chan

>> No.10254234

"Africa" culture. Cmon dude, even on fucking 4chan everyone styled on you for that.

>> No.10254244

Yes. Simply because your trans you are shunned. Go away. Go find a trans activity no one wants you around you make us look like a laughing stock and you’re lucky no one will ever say this to your face. But it’s how we all feel behind closed doors.

>> No.10254245

It should be.

>> No.10254260


Also isn't that the one thing that MRAs whine about consistently is that standardized test scores are skewed towards the higher end for women thus they're sooo unfair? S2g these roleplayers can't even larp correctly.

>> No.10254270
File: 830 KB, 450x254, 9.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>they get nothing but hate for existing in jfashion spaces

>> No.10254275

My family are from Congo and in my culture people would have ROASTED you if you rolled up it that tent. They had no chill at all.

>> No.10254276

You didn't even read, right?
No time to waste with you then>>10254218

>> No.10254291

Clearly you havent been around enough of them. So many trannies (especially transtrenders who do fuck-all to look passing) make being ~uwu twans~ their entire personality. I see it a lot in the fashion community, and ive seen meltdowns when a total stranger doesnt correctly gender them becaus theyre literally in fucking lolita. You cant look like a man and wear lolita.

>> No.10254293

Yeah this. go on any tranny’s facebook profile. 90% of the time their bio will say “cute trans girl” or some variant.

>> No.10254294
File: 408 KB, 810x810, SmartSelect_20190910-183504_Instagram.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You should post this terrible coord in it's full glory

>> No.10254296

That mural in the background is real cute though

>> No.10254299

This issue of misgendering has made so many communities I’m in into a minefield. On the one hand you’ve got nonbinaries and transmen saying that men can wear dresses and makeup and still be men (which I agree with) and on the other hand you have nonpassing transwomen getting offended when you accidentally call them “he” because apparently the dress and makeup should clearly signify that they’re women.
When it comes to long term members I can memorize their pronouns just fine but a lot of these people are transient flakes so I’ve reached a point where I just avoid talking to or about them as much as possible.

>> No.10254300

Not my problem. This is cgl, not some hugbox.
People are tired of gender being brought up when it has NOTHING to do with the subject.
Why bring it up at all? Why announce that you are fm or mtf, that isn't necessary at all. This board is about Cosplay and Lolita, not about being trans.
You have tunnel vision, perhaps it's you who needs to take a step back and also grow a thicker skin.

>> No.10254327

But why? Do you want men to look like unattractive slobs?

>> No.10254330

she obviously doesn't give a fuck about what lolitas think, she's doing her own thing, and ya'll mad af, which is good, mad props to her for rustling your jimmies

>> No.10254345

this thread is literal proof you dumb bitch

>> No.10254351 [DELETED] 
File: 846 KB, 1166x1070, 1562802301930.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How come cosplay doesn't give me a boner?

>> No.10254370
File: 476 KB, 750x768, 626B2926-0598-4A21-AD9D-6C4A43F23B76.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10254373

please stop posting fat fucks, it's disgusting

>> No.10254379

it's because it's not-terrible-handmade, you troglodyte pissbaby.

>> No.10254459

The more I see it the more I like it. I've seen equally nonsensical outfits in street fashion mags and I like those too if only for the chuckle I get out of seeing someone wear something crazy in public. Also she looks comfy. Good for her.

>> No.10254460

You give yourself too much credit

>> No.10254462
File: 821 KB, 1080x1054, 20190910_111746.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't let that distract you from her terrible fashion sense lmao

>> No.10254475

Are you fat and white?

>> No.10254485

I love that this is always the defense for dressing like crap. If itas really don’t care what anyone else thinks then there’s no reason we shouldn’t make fun of them since it doesn’t bother them. Everyone wins.

>> No.10254486
File: 186 KB, 738x669, 1560662473059.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10254489

>being this much of a sociopath

>> No.10254490

I know right? Trannies really are a danger to themselves and society

>> No.10254502

This is the ita thread, surely you're here to be disgusted?

>> No.10254504

We’d have some horribly hideous clothing if only women were allowed to design, idiot.

>> No.10254506
File: 192 KB, 848x1280, CIntM4u3tVs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is being sold as 'sweet lolita set'

>> No.10254507

Aah, thank you. Truly something we can all agree is hideous.

>> No.10254508


>> No.10254509

you think your trolling is cute, but one day you're going to hit yourself in the eye with your own hatewad. it'll be devastating but it's your choice to be like this.

>> No.10254511

No, anon. That’s a girl larping as a boy larping as a girl.

>> No.10254512
File: 53 KB, 640x640, 50858227_281808425822833_1198101085564148281_n[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10254519
File: 186 KB, 1060x1085, 17XPL4ZXntg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Another uwu kawaii nya cosplayer

>> No.10254524
File: 201 KB, 693x598, 1567178489458.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You'll do no such thing you limp wristed melt

>> No.10254529

That's a tranny right?
Kek at that austin power haircut to top those unfortunate face features,bush brows and face shape itself.
>i'm cuter than you
Given that most of us are probably more attractive than sewer goblins i'd say no.

kek at that drawing behind them

>> No.10254543

someone always post this kind of reply whenever that girl gets posted - don't defend yourself/your friend on /cgl/, you're just making it worse. Let people have their opinions about this terrible outfit and ignore, it'll be forgotten by next thread.

>> No.10254547
File: 151 KB, 1200x1200, 1568130103744.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10254548
File: 101 KB, 1080x1080, 1568119355751.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10254549
File: 69 KB, 1080x720, 1568118365388.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10254580

It’s weird that I like/can accept the blouse/socks/accessories, and hate the jsk, which it is the opposite of how I normally feel.

This just looks like old school to me.

>> No.10254585

Minors are regularly posted in ita threads but you still participate

>> No.10254587

She is wearing Vivienne Westwood x Melissa RHS, old school lolitas would attack her

>> No.10254593

lol no they wouldnt

>> No.10254594

Nope, it totally looks like modern shit

>> No.10254605

I... actually think these two outfits are pretty cute? Like chaotic af and a total mess if you look too long, but they're pretty visually appealing in a way.

>> No.10254620
File: 1.78 MB, 1125x1855, 26364681-A720-4D01-AA10-4F8573E12DED.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10254624

Was that green ribbon added to the JSK?

It looks really out of place.

>> No.10254625

the left one is pretty cute with a cohesive theme but wtf is happening on the right

>> No.10254628

This is such a mess.

>> No.10254631

I wish she had different kind of shoes.

>> No.10254632

To steal her shoes maybe.

>> No.10254633

You sound like a Gen X or Gen Y trying to fit in with the cool kids.

Stop that.

>> No.10254634

This looks like an attempt at the other kind of Lolita, just the childhood obesity edition

>> No.10254636

hehehe, you got me, I won't stop though, fuck you

>> No.10254637

Agreed, the one on the left is actually pretty cute

>> No.10254639

..... W o w

>> No.10254644
File: 397 KB, 432x593, milky planet1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Uh. What?

>> No.10254647

That doesn't float here

>> No.10254661

Melissa RHS look terrible, don't kid yourself. The see through plastic is so gross

>> No.10254682

Didn’t say that. Male designers make good clothes sure, but they make it for women not tranny trap fags who just want to insert themselves into something for women. You will never be liked by us just no one will ever say it to your face. You’ll never be one of us, we will all make fun of you behind your back, and continue to giggle when you have to go to the bathroom of how retarded you look.

I hope you realize your advantage on everyone no one can say anything bad to you to your face because once you label someone “transphobic” their life is basically over.

Biological men will never be women. But you keep trying to force yourself onto everyone because you’re special. No ones allowed to have an opinion about you.

No one hates trannies just stay away from OUR hobby. Get your own.

>> No.10254683

Oof, she tried to force this color combo but it’s not working.

>> No.10254685

No, they should try men’s fashion and stay away from lolita.

>> No.10254690

Then you should have clarified that. You basically said that men should stay away from all fashion.

>> No.10254704
File: 532 KB, 750x928, D2643708-7F18-429C-8E05-8AA09C6C69B1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

His entire Instagram is cringe

>> No.10254713

youre actually a horrible person
i hope no one has to deal with you on a daily basis

>> No.10254770

her fucking knees.
looks like a damn clown from the knees down

>> No.10254775

whyd you post a photo of yourself

>> No.10254776

See and this is why Lor combining lolita with clown shit is an abomination.

It greenlights shit like this.

>> No.10254777

she looks like shes having fun and asian lolitas really dont give a fuck about the standards western lolitas hold its wonderful

>> No.10254779

Fuck I own the dress on the right.... I hope I didn't look like this....
I'm almost sure I didn't...

>> No.10254780

damn bitch get well soon i guess take some xanax and get hit by a bus maybe

>> No.10254781

Post yourself and we’ll tell you.

>> No.10254782

i love how the terfs jumped in about MtF when the original thing was about FtM being attacked in the com like ok fatty chan calm down stop clutching your pearls head back to your texan bible school aready

>> No.10254787

I’m just talking about clothes, faggot. I don’t care about the transtelevangelists with their inside out ballsack vagoos.

>> No.10254821

Nah, I'm not emotionally ready for that lol
Plus I just saw the pic. My petti is handing out in front for some unknown reason. I just found my answer kek

>> No.10254867
File: 115 KB, 599x401, 1559065261626.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10254929

>see through plastic
Are you confusing them with YRU’s pseudo rhs?

>> No.10254937
File: 132 KB, 735x1088, F1340BD9-2DF8-4B05-ADC2-A0ECDE068609.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Shuddup TERFs shuddup transphobes shuddup trannies! Post itas!

>> No.10254938
File: 79 KB, 751x1064, 9CC0A7CC-183D-4C69-9B94-89C83A734C2E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10254940
File: 150 KB, 900x675, E595E442-CA6E-4245-920C-02AD0F1CFA4A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10255075

New thread!

>> No.10255092

this is so anti-aesthetic. I love it.

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