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Hello everyone! I'm new here and I'm new to crossplaying. I'm female and I really wanted to cosplay this one character but the character is a male! I was hoping if anyone could give me tips, like how do I make my body look more male? The character is also an adult, so his body will be very masculine! I don't know anything about sewing... I buy most of my stuff online..
I'm really nervous because it's my first time!

Pic is somewhat related because the character and Ren are both masculine! I also want to crossplay and make it believable, and not make it look cringe because I'm afraid to make fun of..

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use the crossplay thread thx

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Oh okay, thank you very much! ^v^

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please read this >>10238574


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If this was on any other board, the anon would call the newbie a fag and screech about spoonfeeding.
The positive interactions on this board have lead me to the conclusion that women are superior to men.

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