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Is anyone going to this?

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Its not the real anime california

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That one is kill

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Yeah, since I live like 10 minutes from it. I don't know if I'll even go to the con proper though, it's a party con so I might just uber over there at night for parties.

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In going for only a day. It’s not worth the whole weekend since it’s small and has very little to be offered.

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Had a surprisingly great time last year, this year I hope will be good. Planning to do more and socialize more.

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It was so small last year that I ran out of things to do in the first two hours of the weekend. I won't be going back until it grows a little bit.

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I'm just gonna go party desu

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how do i find parties to go to :(

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>live five minutes away
>driving five hours to magic fest instead

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Honestly I'm not sure these days either. I know enough people in the scene that usually I'll either hit somebody up or just bump into a friend and get invited to something, but when I've found myself at cons where that wasn't an option in the last few years I haven't been able to find anything. It's probably a lot easier if you're younger and hipper than I am.

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ill be there
anyone cosplaying at this event? I'm thinking about it but im not 100% sure I will.

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3 days

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me too, only been to 2 cons before but cosplayed every time but this time I think I'll just go in comfy clothes especially since it's the hottest time of summer right now.

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yeah its gonna be a scorcher that weekend
are you going all three days?

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anyone want to meet up on Friday?
in be in this area around 2-3 if anyone wants to say hi

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According to who, Ryan Kopf?

If they aren't the real Anime California, how do they own the trademark?

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I’m only going Saturday but I’ll be cosplaying. I have no intention on going outside much though.

>> No.10244181

who are you cosplaying as?

>> No.10244235

Portia from the arcana.

>> No.10244671

One day left!
Who’s hyped?

>> No.10244750

I wouldn’t say hyped, but def looking forward to the weekend.

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I'm at this shit and it seems like nobody else I know is. Anything worthwhile going on?

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I live not too far, but fuck that. I'm down in Anaheim for D23.

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This is my first year at this con and I’m rather enjoying it. It’s a cute little con. The vendors hall has some nice merch and the people are friendly for the most part. I’m here from a few hours away and am enjoying it. Hotel rooms are clean, the staff is nice and the rooms are not crazy expensive. Not a bad small con.

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I still have no clue how to feel about this con. Even before the revival, it kind of seemed to be somewhat directionless, just kind of shoehorned into existence. Couldn’t do it Labor Day weekend, because of larger more established events that pull more, so it would fall before or after. Really just seemed to exist for the sake of the local con-goer scene, and desu that kind of saps some of the fun of going in the first place.

Hentai Con is run by the same people, and even though has an age barrier for entry as well as the adult, seemed pretty solid last year, but I think it mostly may have been a “fuck it” attitude by a lot of the people working.

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I want pics of all the thotsplayers there, I bet there's gonna be a ton of them.

>> No.10245598

so what's it like?

>> No.10245620

It’s a very relaxed and laid-back con, it’s definitely a nice change of pace from the other cons in SoCal. Staff is friendly and helpful and it’s cool being able to interact one on one with some of the major guests.

>> No.10245652


Thank you for the kind words! We're definitely trying.

And yep, we monitor /cgl/. Some of us used to be tripfags.

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there’s been sightings of an infamous sexual predator/con creep around the con, hope girls watch out.

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I'm fucking pissed it took me over an hour to get my badge and get inside the con. Your shit management and staff made me miss a panel which was the only reason I decided to go to this shitty ass con. Fuck Anime California.

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The con took until 2-3 pm to get fun. Did you all sleep in or something?

>> No.10246248

Depends on how someone frames their expectations.

If they wanted a small, social con to hang out and make friends, it was wonderful.

If they wanted a packed program with dozens of things happening simultaneously, basically a mini Anime Expo, they will not like the con.

Personally, the only issue I had was that the con didn't book the entire hotel so everything felt more compact. They could have spread the con out more or did things in rooms just to keep people busy, like where was Karaoke or why not have the tournament room in something bigger than a shoebox?

>> No.10246838

Hi Ryan, go away.

Let it go

>> No.10246874

I went every one of the days and only saw the line form when the con wasn’t open yet. Either you didn’t go to the con, or are just salty you couldn’t go.

>> No.10247813


considering how long it can take to get a badge at other conventions, that’s not the worst problem to have for an up and coming convention

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