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guess the last thread died.
new lolita discord though, doesn't appear to be any vetting
any updates on that voice chat server?

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is there a j-fashion/lolita discord for people in the southeast US? I'm thinking about making one. I hate that most local groups are facebook only and I don't want to join that cancer site.

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i don’t know about southeast us but it would be nice if we could have a database of comm discords since a lot of groups seem to be moving there from facebook leaving a lot of groups to appear dead.

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It says it's a beginner one. I was kind of looking for one with more experienced lolitas in it. Any links? I didn't much care for the cliqueyness of the old vetted server. Seemed like a bunch of girls who just wanted to whine about their lives and then conversely talk about how superior they are to everyone else.

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I don't understand why it's so hard to find an active server on here, isn't there like one big main server or something?

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What is the suteki server ?

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>newbies that dont talk about lolita at all or just ask for spoonfeeding
>vets who actually wear and talk lolita
you must pick one, there is no middle ground.

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Is frillymemes server worth joining?

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Not really, I just didn't find the crowd that nice/ people I wanted to interact with. Some of them seemed a bit self absorbed.

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the vetted server and the mentoring server are probably the most active

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Vetted women’s server of experienced lolitas when?

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there already is one but feel free to make your own. its not like it costs anything to make a server.

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Well I do not need to make a new one if there is one already but I do want to join a server that is women-only.

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sounds like something a troon would say

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Wondering this too

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>I do want to join a server that is women-only.
sexism like this is why I feared joining lolita.

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Stay out then

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Troons can’t easily pass into a vetted server with proof pix or a quick on-camera interview required, I think. Some of us are just tired of men in the fashion, period and want one little private place to ourselves? Is that so heinous?

A women’s server doesn’t take anything away from anyone. Most other places are open. Not everything needs to be.

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I already nearly got kicked out of the local com because of someone like you, but luckily the rest of the com likes me and she ended up moving to another city, so I got to stay.

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Alright, I created a server for people in southeast US. Mainly as an alternative to facebook to join local comms and plan meets. Verification required to join the chats involving comm and meet discussions to make sure only people actually into the fashion show up to meets.

I'm going to bed soon, so if you join tonight, it will be a few hours until I can verify you

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Fuck no. It's just constant cringe.

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So when are we going to get a link

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That's too bad.

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Why can't you exist in your own spaces and let other people enjoy themselves? it's a women's fashion bottom-line

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let the terfs have their own containment server. they’re going to exist, so just let the be sandy cunts on their own.

>inb4 i never said i was a terf
y’all know damn well what “women only” is a dog whistle for on this thread, don’t play dumb

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If it's fine for the Japanese, it's fine for the Westies. Don't @ me.

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Have fun on your server

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Enjoy being excluded.

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You sound entitled.

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I am entitled to not be discriminated against for my sex.

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Being kept out of what is basically a private gathering and social hen party that no one really has any ‘rights’ to attend is not ‘facing discrimination’. You should wake up and see that behavior like this actually dilutes the serious issues when people are carping about this kind of petty-ass shit.

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>Being kept out of what is basically a private gathering and social hen party that no one really has any ‘rights’ to attend is not ‘facing discrimination’

What do you think sex discrimination is if its not discriminating against someone due to their sex?

>actually dilutes the serious issues

Sorry, but sexism is a serious issue.

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Boo hoo. Women get shit on all the time in male hobbies. Who gives a fuck if your pee pee can't get into our groups? Not me. The way you talk in >>10200923 is the most entitled shit. What is it with men thinking they immediately deserve to insert themselves into our spaces? This isn't made for you, you're a secondary and unecessary component.

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>Women get shit on all the time in male hobbies.
yes, and that is wrong too.

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You’re a man, you’re not entitled to jack shit. Be thankful you trannies are allowed into our bathrooms and other sex segregated spaces while we have to shut up and deal with it, even while we get assaulted. Now shoo, we won’t validate you here. Go find some handmaiden to sexually harass and leave us alone.

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Fuck off. If you can understand that women being excluded is wrong but can't understand why we won't open you into our arms with immediate showers of praise, then I don't know what to tell you. Make your own sissy jerk off server if you want.

I couldn't have put it better myself. I'm not even in any discord servers but I hate that dick's attitude.

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Sexism in employment, not getting hired, promoted, wages lower, no insurance . Housing discrimination, education...so many more but you get the idea...you know the ACTUAL issues, not merely crying because you can’t go to certain social parties in your frills.

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>be male
>have no actual problems with sexism/discrimination, so when some random communities around the niche hobby of Japanese Lolita fashion want to be female-only, you lose your shit and start screaming and crying about discrimination
What was that about "life on easy mode"? Lmao.
Why not start your own men's Lolita group? I promise you, none of us will give a fuck or try to bother you. I'm sure you won't do that, though, because you most likely have gross ulterior motives in pushing your way into groups of women in the first place. It'd defeat the point, wouldn't it?

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Always remember to sage and report bait

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>>have no actual problems with sexism/discrimination
>Why not start your own men's Lolita group?
because i'm not sexist

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are there any new england servers that are similar? regional servers sound like a good idea

>> No.10203042

no idea. probably not if none have been listed in this thread yet.

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As far as your actual civil rights as a citizen go, absolutely you (and everyone) deserve a discrimination-free life. I absolutely stand with this platform of equal civil rights for all and put my vote behind this as well.

However please don’t conflate equality in society's civil rights with something very different, social privilege, and the clout and cred that this brings, ‘which is the very different entity!’ No you don’t get to come to my tea party.

This is something with entirely different rules and everyone also needs to clarify the this:
Everyone has every right to make a group and only invite whomever they want to do group activities and they do not ‘need’ to tell you (or ask you) anything

Trans people would get ahead in the vital areas within their lives that they desperately NEED to establish, (namely all the civil rights equalities) and if they would fuck off of invading women’s spaces long enough to see that what they vitally need is civil rights equality in the public spaces and places, (the freedom to do as you please unless you are harming someone else), and need a space of their own. We all do.
Both of these things I will fight for, for you, or any other oppressed and marginalized population in the society I also inhabit. It matters to society, it matters personally to me.

BUT... that does NOT mean that I will accept you within my private life, my private space, my dating apps, or any other social arena, especially closed or private groups of friends as well as who I choose to date, have romance and sex with or take as my life partner.
/Polite sage for my essay

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As a cis girl who gets along better with trans girls this thread is an interesting read. The ones i know are just like cis girls but with better taste in videogames, a kinder heart and crippling depression. I don't tend to hang out with hons tho.

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newbie server is already shitting the bed due to poor moderation and tolerance of creeps. dont start a server that you can't mod.

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Just say you're not like other women and that you'd rather hang out with men, special snowflake.

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That's got absolutely nothing to do with what I said but okay Brenda. Isn't this a little far from your native Mumsnet?

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I've been sexually assaulted by both men and women (someone who acted a whole lot like you, too) but never once has a transgender person i've seen in a bathroom done anything more than go pee and wash their hands after

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> anime screenshot reaction pic
> unironically using "cis"
> "girl" instead of "woman"
> "just like girls but better"
Try harder next time, troon.

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>being so bewildered by someone not hating trans people that you assume they must be one

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If you get along better with these kinds of people and honestly think they have "kinder hearts", it says more about you than about us, anon, lmao

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Jesus christ Janny, get to sweeping would you please?

>> No.10204015 [DELETED] 

So what about the women and young girls that have been sexually assaulted by TIMs in bathrooms and changing rooms anon? Oh wait, it totally doesn’t matter because you’ve never been sexually assaulted by one so this isn’t a problem. My bad.

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>grills hating on trannies
this gave me hope, I might come back here in the future to state the cosplays that I like and trying to low key obtain some sexy time with you grills

>> No.10204026 [DELETED] 

wow those are a lot generalisations you've made. Why do so many girls hate on other girls or complain they are inferior? it's so boring and tired and yet never seems to stop.

>> No.10204035 [DELETED] 

Why do so many girls hate on other girls or complain they are inferior? it's so boring and tired and yet never seems to stop. I'd really love to have a close friendship with another women, but they constantly choose men over me because i'm female, and even tell me they "hate women", or tell me that women are all catty bitches and they're more like a guy or something. Feels like it's so rare to meet a girl who doesn't have "not like most girl syndrome" in the lolita and cosplay community. Like seriously, kinder hearts? better taste in video games? Just admit you're super judgemental.

>> No.10204055 [DELETED] 

the girls who hate on girls are trouble, and massive dick enthusiasts
t. hetero non cosplayer male

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Vetted Lolita Server
Lolita Fashion Mentoring server

Unfortunately nobody really talks in the voice chat one and there are less than 10 members there. The beginner one is going through a lot of reworks and I'm not sure what they're doing, really. Happy place isn't really a lolita server at all.

>> No.10212754

I'm in the mentoring server but I feel like it's still pretty slow. Is there a more active lolita only server out there??

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