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We've had these before. I'm planning my trip for November, and I'm sure other anons are traveling soon, too!

Some topics of interest:
>Shops to visit (lolita, j-fash, vintage shops)
>Best themed cafes
>Areas to stay in; Airbnb vs hotels
>Tips to make traveling easier (JR pass? Suica? What about getting from aiport to lodging?)

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Never skimp on the Bookoffs with clothes (Plus, Super Bazaar, maybe others)

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So I'm thinking about staying in Omotesando. Has anyone stayed in that area before? I've visited it briefly about five years ago.

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Omotesando's super nice/known for the close-by area Aoyama for designer brand flagships (Undercover, Yohji, etc...), so if you stay there it would be nice; easily walkable to Harajuku and Ginza line takes you to most of where you'd want to go. (Akihabara, Ginza, Asakusa, etc.)

That being said, I'd recommend maybe trying fo a spot in Meiji-jingumae. That area is right in the middle of Harajuku and Shibuya, and also very close to Omotesando.

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I will look there too, then! Thank you.

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I have a trip in November as well. I've actually been every year for the last 4 years and had no intention of going this year but the flight center offered insanely cheap return fares (about $380usd?) And I couldn't resist.

For me I like to spend as little as possible on the holiday itself so I can maximise shopping. I will only stay in AirBnB and so far have had no issues with any in Japan as far as cleanliness and security goes. And the price is unbeatable.. most for Tokyo are around $30 a night and if all you want is somewhere yo put your stuff and sleep, I would definitely recommend it.

As for train passes foreigners can get 72 hours unlimited use passes on Tokyo metro lines for only about ¥1500 I think? I wouldn't bother with the JR Rail pass unless you're travelling across the country otherwise you can't really justify the price.

All up my trip last year including flights, accommodation, train passes (inc JR as I went to Osaka) a pocket Wi-Fi and a small food budget I managed to keep at around $1000USD for 3 weeks travel.

You just have to he suuuper cheap about where you stay. I think accommodation blows most of the budget and in somewhere like Tokyo where the trains get you anywhere in such a short time I didn't see the point in staying somewhere like Shinjuku where airbnb would cost me $100 a night vs. Ueno area where airbnb was $40?

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Anyone have cute shop recommendations in shibuya and harajuku? I know there’s wego, wc, liz lisa, listen flavor and nile perch in harajuku and 109 in shibuya with lost of stores, any other good places in the area? Looking for more cutesy and pastel shops.

Was super sad to learn that swimmer, milklim and kokokim no longer exist, they had super cute clothes. :(

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>train passes

I looked into this on my last trip and ended up buying one since much of Tokyo was a lot more densely located to each other than I expected. It might be good to get a set pass if you plan on going to several neighborhoods within the days you needed, but for me, I ended up just paying as I go and doing more walking since a lot of stuff I wanted to do was nearby each other. Google maps is surprisingly good about calculating fares.

btw, newbies might enjoy the convenience of being able to return their train passes before they depart, otherwise, they're a cute souvenir you can still use within ten years of original purchase.

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>train passes

I looked into this on my last trip and ended not up buying one since much of Tokyo was a lot more densely located to each other than I expected. It might be good to get a set pass if you plan on going to several neighborhoods within the days you needed, but for me, I ended up just paying as I go (as it was cheaper) and I was doing more walking than taking transit; lots of stuff I wanted to do was nearby each other, and I also wound up spending more time in one or two neighborhoods per day.

Google maps is surprisingly good about calculating fares.

btw, newbies might enjoy the convenience of being able to return their train passes before they depart, otherwise, they're a cute souvenir you can still use within ten years of original purchase.

Not a whole lot in Harajuku and Shibuya these days since a lot of DC brands and Japanese shops are getting eaten up by gentrification via Western brands. Definitely visit street shops away from Takeshita Dori. Listen Flavor is still there.

I'd at least pay a visit to QPot while in Harajuku and spend more time in Shinjuku than Shibuya since most of the lolita stores are there now.

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Anon - can I get some more Info here? I was rather stupid last year and only visited Maidenclothing and CC..

Also any places where I can pick up some used Liz Liza ?

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Is it worth visiting Akihibara or is does it only have stuff targeted towards men? I want to visit Otome Road in Ikebukuro, has anyone else been there? I wonder if they still have Hakuoki merchandise.

Also, dumb question, but what are you expected to wear while bar-hopping? Reading online, all people say is that Japanese women are extremely fashionable and that I’ll probably look sloppy in comparison. I want to avoid that...

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Book-offs are everywhere. Pretty sure the clothing version is Mode Off, though. It's just just a secondhand store - I went to one a few years ago, and they had some high-end designers items there, along with racks upon racks of women's clothing.

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Visiting Akihabara is worth visiting on it's own.
I don't think it's just aimed at men. In general It could also be extremely rewarding if you are interested in gaming / retro gaming too.

>Otome Road
Yes, I was there, and I highly recommend it! You can pick up so much Ikemen shit it' s insane. There's also an extra Mandarake store just for BL stuff. As far as I know there is also a butler cafe there, but I wasn't able to visit it. Don't miss out on Otome Road!

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I guess the question goes here, is a physical Closetchild store really worth visiting? Their stock online hasn't been great in the last year or two, do they still have as much offline stock as before?

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Fuck yes.
They have TONS of clothing.
Many items aren't listed online at all. e.g. sale items or articles for a very small price. I was able to pick up an Axes Femme bag for 3€, or an Angelic Pretty Bolero for 10€. They really had meters of j-fashion for under 20€. Tip: Visit Maidenclothing in Osaka too.

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Definitely go visit them. AP is selling little heart purses for $150 and I bought it for 3200 yen at the CC! Plus you can try on rings there!

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Physical stores are a million times better than the online shop, which I suspect is just full of items they've been trying to sell for a while. Item turnover in the stores is high so you'll find both rare items and bargains A few times I was waiting for a store to open there would be some locals also waiting who seemed excited to go in and browse. You won't regret going.

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I heard a rumor that they’re no longer accepting Gothic stuff like MMM
And another one of the CC locations is closing

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Theres too many porn shops there. Shinjuku is littered with them too and even a damn hooters. It’s just weeb stuff for guys like $300 naked figurines. I don’t think most women want to see “used” cosplays with jizz on them for $700.
Just go to the Pokemon center in Ikebukuro

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Mode Off or Hard Off. Hard Off has other things too but they’re often filled with Axes Femme and occasionally Liz Lisa. Just keep your eyes peeled

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Swimmer is reopening!
It’s unfortunate the other shops clothes though.

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Yes! There are so many things that never get listed online. I bought a ton of stuff like socks and necklaces for dirt cheap

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The physical stores tend to drop REALLY cute dresses but there will only be 1 or 2 of them and you can only buy it in store. It’s worth going.

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They won't be re-opening any time soon right? I'm going this month.

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Kokokim was pretty short lived! I had no idea they had gone under

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There's pics of the store posted and it already has the electronic sign up

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Where? There are only pics up of old (now closed) Swimmer stores.
The news about Patty’s acquiring Swimmer was just announced. Some Twitter users reported they got a Swimmer lucky pack at some Patty store location back in March.
Patty’s is a cutesy small life goods store, most of their locations in metropolitan areas are not central at all though

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Like the other anons said, the clothing only ones are called Mode Off, but like I said don’t skimp on the Book Off Plus’s, especially if you’re outside major cities (since I don’t think mode offs are that common). They have a clothing section with brand and offbrand. Tons of 200-700円 stuff in the latter. I’ve seen BTSSB in the “other brand” section for 5000円 before.
Worth visiting but highly overrated. Very touristy. Ikebukuro and Nakano are better if you’re in Tokyo.

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FYI Liz Lisa is closed in Harajuku. You can only find them in Shibuya 109 in that area

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Definitely get the JR pass unless you pretty much plan to stay in one hotel the whole time and take only 1-2 trains (roundtrip) per day. If your vacation is 100% shopping, yeah, that's feasible, but if you plan to do a lot of touristy stuff on top of shopping, or if you leave Tokyo even once, especially on one of the shinkansen lines that the pass covers, you'll come out on top with the pass.

ABSOLUTELY visit the physical Closet Child stores. There's SO much stuff there that isn't ever listed online - and all of it is the less expensive stuff.

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>not hostels
Waste of money when travelling to a foreign county desu

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The JR pass is only a good deal if you are going at least to Osaka & back, or multiple shinkansen trips. If you’re just hanging around 1 city or not taking shinkansen long/multiple trips, get a rechargeable IC card

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How is it a waste of money to have your own bathroom? I don't want to share my private space with a bunch of annoying college students. And the hostels with private rooms are priced pretty much the same as hotel rooms.

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I mean if you have the money go for it but every night that’s 5000-10000円 you could be spending elsewhere for the cost of being around other people for 2 waking hours. It’s not all college kids at all, and of all the times I’ve stayed only one group talked to eachother. Most people are there alone or with a boyfriend (who is in the male room) so the online noise is suitcase zipping. Silicone earplugs are amazing. The best is when you stay out late the night before at arcades or izakaya and sleep in the next day, waking up to find the room empty at only 10am.

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*only noise

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People have different priorities. Like why spend money to go to glorious Nippon at all when you have so many good SS these days? I don't really want to interact with strangers when I don't want to and be comfortable spreading my haul out in my own space. And yes, I can more than afford it. Japan is a splurge for me and I intend to make every aspect as enjoyable as possible

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Because some of us are old, have money, and want to enjoy our vacation?

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Why so defensive lol

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Why would you want to be around other people especially if you're shopping and having to repack a bag all the time? Airbnb is cheap if you don't want to go to a hotel, and sharing a bathroom sucks if you like long baths and not having other people's hair everywhere.>>10189086

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I get it but just saying, Japanese standards are extremely clean. I’ve stayed in many hostels and the bathrooms/showers have all been impeccable. I think you all underestimate the “Japanese Quality” phrase you see on English language national advertisements everywhere.

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Lurk more

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I’ve read all the Japanese articles and looked through Twitter so

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You're not really the best advertisement. You just referenced going out drinking and coming back late, you know. When you start talking about how silent the hostel is it creates a scene where you are the noisy oblivious traveller that other people are trying to avoid...

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Only photos I've seen have been of old stores and some sources have stated they're opening in 2020. Are you sure you're not just confused?

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Does anyone have recommendations for shops that aren't so well known for cute j-fashion? I plan on hitting up brand shops, LL, Amavel, Mars, but I'm curious about the ones that don't have such an online presence.

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Has anybody traveled there alone? I've taken solo domestic trips often, but never overseas.

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I think they're just referring to the lack of house keeping staff and dealing with gross roommates in an Airbnb. That being said, you're right about cleanliness. I had reverse culture shock when I came back to my home country at how gross our streets are.

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Different people have different priorities. When I take a vacation, I want to be super comfy in a nice room.

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Try again. Izakaya aren’t just for drinking. And desu I’ve never stayed out at one, I just threw it in there so no one would laugh at me for staying til midnight at an arcade lol. They are the only two things open past 10-11pm in Japan.
Yes, just learn how the train schedule and typing works and it’s fine.

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Not when your stuff is stolen, or you want to sleep and other people are being noisy.

Try Juyoh Hotel if you want a happy medium between the budget of a hostel but also your own room key. The showers and bathrooms are shared but your room is your own, so if you’re shopping brand for yourself and your friends back home, it’s a good place to store your bags. There’s also a bathtub that holds two people on the top floor; you can reserve and rent it for an hour for a small fee. The place is on a bus line to the closest train station.

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Yes, it isn’t that much different than traveling alone in other countries.

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Yeah, it's generally pretty good and safe. I prefer traveling to Japan alone rather than with friends/with SO. I spent six months in Japan (mostly Tokyo but also traveling on other parts of the country, I had an apartment in Tokyo but while I was traveling I stayed in hostels etc.) Just get a Suica and an internet connection so you can check the trains and you're good to go. I'm a super petite woman with no muscle mass and never felt unsafe. Remember to check your surroundings if you're alone at night tho, sometimes creeps try to follow women home.

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Yep, Swallowtail Butler Cafe!

Heads up, when I was visiting you had to make reservations in advance. It may still be so.

>> No.10190044

Yes, the only way to reserve is via email.

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Akihabara is worth it just for the arcades, Gundam cafe and the Super Potato store. There's also this taiyaki place that sell Magikarp shaped ones.

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Im heading to Osaka and Kyoto in the fall. Anyone have any recommendations for jfashion/second hand clothing shops in either of the cities? Are there any? I'm mostly interested in larme and lolita in terms of jfash.

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>Also, dumb question, but what are you expected to wear while bar-hopping?

If you’re just going to a regular bar or club, Japanese girls don’t really tend to dress up. If you’re going to an event/place that’s directed towards fashion subcultures, you can just go for whatever the theme is.

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Osaka has a few stores Maiden Clothing, Closet Child, Near, there are more stores in that area. You also have Mandarake (Grand Chaos), but they only have a few Lolita items though.

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Holy shit you need to go to this secondhand store called Three Star in Kyoto, at this one shopping arcade I forget the name of. My fave secondhand store in Japan. Absolutely awesome curation and cheap. Idk larme rules but they have lots of cute and natural lookin stuff, mori-lite, otome, artsy...I guess it’s like what we’d call hipster or “vintage” in the states.

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Thanks a lot! I'll be sure to check those out.

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Does closet child get lots of obscure old school pieces from any of your experiences or are there better places to look? Hoping to find some of my dream dresses while I'm there hopefully.

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From my experience (last year), not at all.

There are two CCs in Shinjuku and the one on google map's listed as Closet Child Shinjuku 2nd used to sell old school pieces, but now only have CDs and other V-kei merch (which btw, a lot of CCs that sell V-kei merch are closing down).

The others CCs in Tokyo primarily sell newer items - Harajuku CC having the highest merch turnover rate. You might have more lucky digging through Ikebukuro's if that's what you're looking for, otherwise, everything is pretty close by each other in Tokyo that it's easy to hit them all in one day.

If anyone visiting the CCs outside of Tokyo could add onto OP's question, that's be helpful. I've always wanted to know what Osaka's and Yokohama's stock is like.

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I went to the on in Harajuku looking for old school and really found....nothing

>> No.10193232

I got an old school b/w btssb jsk for ¥1000.

>> No.10193259

Maiden Clothing (both the Shinjuku and Osaka locations) is better for old-school than CC in my experience.

CC doesn't have a ton of old-school stock but what they do have is generally very cheap (probably why they don't stock much). They seem to bring it out for sales, I managed to score three nice old-school pieces for under 10,000 at a new year's sale in Harajuku.

Yokahama's stock is a bit like Ikebukuro, but the location is bigger (so there's more stuff overall) and their turnover isn't quite as fast. They also seem to accept items in worse condition than other CC locations, so if you do go there, I'd check stuff over more carefully than at the central Tokyo shops. I've had some great luck with rare items here (a MM floral parasol, for instance) but it's a long trip from central Tokyo and is only worth doing if you want to see other stuff nearby or have a longer stay and can spare a half-day for a single shop (there is the Yokahama Doll Museum in the area, their standing exhibit wasn't that great but their special exhibits are sometimes fantastic, depending on your interests).

Some Mandarake locations have a small stock of lolita, and when they do, it tends to be older pieces and quite cheap. It gets filed in with the cosplay, generally; I've had best luck with the Nakano Broadway location for this.

>> No.10193272

Sorry to be that guy but it's spelled Yokohama.

It depends on your taste. If you want what I would call "pristine old school", like BABY's karami jsk or other old school which is in high demand with Japanese and Chinese lolitas, you either won't find it or cc will charge a lot for it. If you're ok with not so popular, slightly beat up C level MAM, Cornet or Meta, you could find a gem. You're not likely to find hospitality doll or other famous old school. It's just luck. Harajuku has the most turnaround and tourists, so you'll have to fight other Westerners and shopping services. If you're on vacation might as well check all the ccs.

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Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the shinjuku maiden clothing doesn't exist anymore, at least for lolita

>> No.10193958

Yup, it's super safe. I do pretty much all my travel solo and Japan was one of my favourite places because you don't have to worry as much about being out at night.

>> No.10193980

It seems to be visual kei/band stuff only now

>> No.10193981

That's a shame. I haven't been in about 1.5 years so my info's a bit out of date, but I hadn't heard that they got rid of their stock entirely. Thanks for the update.

>> No.10194079

My dreams were crushed, revived, and then crushed yet again.

>> No.10194108

Harajuku cc is the most picked over out of all the ccs, this should be no surprise

>> No.10194113

Rumor sounds baseless and the closing store caters to men. Masculine fashion isn't in right now, so that's no surprise.

Lolita is bigger today than it ever has been, not in JP, but abroad. Westerners forget that burgers and eurofags are not the only markets buying up stock.

>> No.10194119

It’s indeed only the Pure Sound now. I always though that Puresound was the head store and that Maiden Clothing was just part of it. (The Osaka store still exist and is located inside the Puresound as well.)

>> No.10197124

I heard that the Takeshita location was also where their outlet was. Does Liz Lisa no longer have a physical outlet / sale store?

>> No.10197152

Where is a fancy place to have tea in Kyoto, any suggestions for me please?

>> No.10197168

That doesn’t even make sense, at least look at CC stock before posting stupid stuff. Ozzon is gothic shit they stock a ton of, MMM is there now and then.

>> No.10197169

There are several but I like chorakukan, especially if you're a classic lolita

>> No.10198410

Liz Lisa still has a physical shop on Takeshita Dori. It's got two levels. If you go, prepare for the peppy salesgirls chatting non-stop and possibly following you (then again this is fairly commonplace).

>> No.10198671

No it doesn't? Anon, it's been closed for like 5-6 months now...

>> No.10198686

I've been following this thread & taking note of all the suggestions (much thanks) as my husband & I are going to be in Japan for the first time (a little after January into February).

I know that wearing Lolita fashion is already a subculture in the Tokyo area, but what about other areas (like Kyoto/Osaka or Hiroshima)? Is it looked at as strangely, if not more so? Thanks for any input.

>> No.10198694

Can anyone list second-hand lolita shops?

>> No.10198699

Stop spreading misinformation. Going on vacation to Japan for a week doesn't make you an authority on the country after you leave. Liz Lisa closed on January 31.

People will look at you strangely. The average Japanese person doesn't actually know what lolita fashion is. But since Japanese people are polite they'll largely ignore you. I wouldn't recommend wearing lolita if you go to the atomic bomb museum in Hiroshima, it's a very somber place.

>> No.10198710

Wunderwelt, Fril jp (now combined with rakuten), Closet Child (this has a physical location), and Mercari jp.
Wunderwelt is kind of shit though because they mark up heavily, closet child is nice and have tons of blouses, jewelry and bags if you need any, and fril & mercari are pretty generously priced. You’ll see dresses for ¥10000 or less sometimes or damaged AP shoes for ¥3000 (which can easily be repaired with leather paint).

>> No.10198742


It was only strange when I went about 5 years ago. Met Japanese people who reacted with curiosity, shock and some kind awe? wonder?

My last trip was a couple of years back, included Kyoto and Tokyo -- and everyplace touristy was fully packed with chinese tourists, and in that throng there was usually at least one lolita, if not 3-5 seperate ones. Some complete with their own selfie sticks or boyfriend photogs. So I'd say by now most of them aren't batting an eye when seeing oddly frilly tourists.

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File: 32 KB, 345x437, 1558642749656.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dang, that really sucks to hear. Their Takeshita storefront looked gorgeous. So would that mean their outlet is only online now? Their remaining locations look to all be inside malls, so at most I should probably just expect a small sale section, right?

>> No.10198905


Thanks for the tip on Hiroshima, I will definitely listen to your advice about being respectful.

Thank you!

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This is a traveling in Japan thread, why would you list online shops?

>> No.10199155

they listed secondhand shops.

>> No.10199193


Online shops in a travelling in Japan thread.

>> No.10199215

Any recs for cute stores and cafes in Sendai? I know it’s not as popular as other major cities but it’s big enough to have an AP so I figured I’d ask.

>> No.10199222

I love Sendai. E-Beans for secondhand anime stuff, second street for clothes. Unfortunately I didn’t get to spend enough time there to find much else since I spent half the day out at the museum and climbing up to see the Date Masamune statue (not worth it if you’re not in walking shoes). I think the layout, green, and E-Beans make it my favorite city behind the usual ones.

>> No.10199487

I'll be traveling in Japan during Winter as well and was wondering if their cold is more 'dry' or 'wet'? I'm thinking of investing in a cute Lolita coat (either AP or Baby) that will hold up in either. What kind of material should I be looking for (fur, wool, etc.) Thanks for any suggestions (or photos even).

>> No.10199687

Since I see people talking about it,
I'm going to Sendai for a week and I don't know which shop to visit. For cosplay and I know they have a maple wig store ( I hope it's still open ), but I wonder too what they have for j fashion, maybe a closet child/ second hand store ? What type of store there is at E beans ? What store is good to buy cosmetic/ color contacts ?

I will also have a bit of time to visit harajuku, akihabara and shibuya. Is there still some good shop for gyaru there ? Even second hand . Also is there cosmetic brand I should not miss out that you can find only in tokyo. Is there is shop for wig/ cosplay that you recommend in tokyo too.
Sorry for all those questions

>> No.10199691

In the EBeans basement there is a big and super cool thrift store called Don Don Down On Wednesday. The prices are all in tiers that are symbolized by fruit and veggies, so super cute. There’s another thrift store on the same floor and a cosplay wig store. On higher levels there is a Rashinban (my fave secondhand anime merch store) and a few other similar stores. Apparently nearby in the city there is an anime apparel place but I haven’t been.
Look for ACOS stores in Tokyo. I know off the top of my head there is one on Otome Road and another wig specific shop right on the street in Ikebukuro. Ikebukuro also has a Closet Child. I got a 700円 real fur collar there.

>> No.10201013

Does Bodyline's physical store have a lot of sales like the online store? There's a lot of very low-priced items that are tempting me right now, but I'd rather wait until I can go in person later this year to see the items in real life before I purchase.

>> No.10201433

i don't think so, but their physical store is very well stocked so theres that.

>> No.10201531

It depends on the area, but if you're sticking to the typical Tokyo-Kyoto-Osaka tourist zones, it's a very dry winter with almost no rain or snow. I don't find Japanese winter to be very cold (out of doors, it's more cold in homes/apartments), so a wool coat with a scarf is plenty sufficient. I wear a half coat on most lolita days since the layers keep me warm. The average high temperature will be 10c/50f in midwinter, low of about 3c/36f, but often warmer in recent years. Fur is a bit overkill and not so popular now.

>> No.10201538
File: 71 KB, 480x640, 26a2c5c9-acfc-5b6c-bcfe-554eee1dde53.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you go for a short coat, ones made of a higher percentage of wool will be warmer.
The wool coats tend to have a higher price. Pic related is an example. Baby and other brands make ones from polyester blends too, but the wind gets through those easier

You could also do a full length coat if you like which might be warmer even if it's polyester since more of you is covered. Closet Child has really great deals on coats in store since they don't sell as quickly as dresses. Look for 毛 or ウール on the tag if you want wool, ポリエステル for polyester.

>> No.10201658

For anyone who wants to book a hotel for their trip- I'd highly recommend APA Hotels. I was just in Japan for 3 weeks and only paid $2000 AUD for the whole trip for a single room. That includes private bathroom, TV, double bed, amenities and daily housekeeping.

I had to book late notice due to a change of plans (I was originally in AirBnBs) and the price was only a little more than the AirBnBs overall, plus a lot more convenient.

>> No.10201671

the physical store charges full price even when they have an online sale on. The shop is also pretty small and dark, so it's not worth waiting to visit to decide on items to buy unless you need something specific that's sold out online. You're much better off looking for product reviews and ordering from the website.

>> No.10201943


Thanks so much anon, I'll keep this in mind when searching for the coat!

>> No.10202227

Actually, the physical shop has different sales than the online shop--sometimes they're better, but sometimes worse

>> No.10202293

Question, what do you guys do regarding phone battery life? My phone battery doesn't last very long and if I have to constantly be using it for directions, taking pics, ect. should I be worried? I'm planning on taking a portable charger but it might not be enough

>> No.10202321
File: 488 KB, 1046x434, JAPAN BAGS.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I spent the big bucks and got the biggest life span at the lowest weight. Definitely worth it and when I go this year I will most likely get a second on so I can leave on charging at the hotel and swap it out if I have night tours/ clubbing. I also used it for my wifi and my partners phone. The bigger problem was finding a cute bag that didn't screw my shoulders. Bags I recommend would be a convertible backpack and as I was buying lots of whiskey, I took an ultra compact folding backpack when I went to the distilleries.

>> No.10202372

Just an aside if you run out of charge you’re SOL finding an outlet. There are outlets in random places at home like in restaurants and stuff but there are virtually none in Japan. I walked around for half an hour looking for one, and even asked some famimart employees where is best to find them. Unfortunately not all McDonald’s or baskin Robbins have them. I finally found one next to a money exchange machine in a mall. A few times I was almost dead so I went to a non-busy bathroom and swapped out the cord in the outlet next to the toilet (always replaced it obviously). Next time I’m for sure going to have a portable charger like everyone else.

>> No.10202378


In general for travel you're always at risk of being SoL if you run out of battery so I'd recommend just carrying along two portable chargers. My SO just got some really nice ones from slickdeals so maybe check that out (they're 2 for $30 and lasted all of 8 hours of playing Pokemon Go with half juice left).

>> No.10202777

APA are run by right-wing Japanese nationalists. Every room there has a book of revisionist Japanese history in it (removal of war crimes), and their management also has strong ties with the yakuza. Many foreigners refuse to stay there for that reason. Their rooms are basically the same quality/price as any other business hotel.

>> No.10202786

Sendai is a great choice anon. You may already know these but
- parco at Sendai station had a Liz Lisa with very friendly staff last time I was there. It may have closed since but there were other good shops in that parco. The building next to parco has a viewing platform you can view the whole city from
- Sendai forus has all the lolita shops plus other good everyday and gyaru brands
- Mitsui outlet park is an easy bus ride from Sendai station. I went there for the axes femme outlet but you can check the shop list in their site

I couldn’t find any secondhand lolita shops in Sendai

>> No.10203619

What are good shops for cute stationery in tokyo? Washi tapes, pens, letter sets, highlighters, stuff like that?

>> No.10203784

Itoya in ginza is really nice. There’s 2 buildings across the road from eachother, the bigger one is crafty stuff and the smaller one is proper art supplies. It’s also a great place to buy copic markers as they have a huge selection and it’s way cheaper than buying them back home

>> No.10203787

Oh also the bigger building has a whole floor for letter stuff

>> No.10203860

Its be great to see some travel fashion shots. In lolita and other jfashion styles of people visiting Japan for inspo

>> No.10203868

Itoya, Loft and Donki are all good for general stuff. Sekaido is a huge stationary/art store, the bottom floor and third floor are good for stationary. The flag ship Kiddy Land store in Harajuku is amazing for character stuff. Also in general, most themed stores will have a stationary section (like the Pokemon centres or Ghibli stores)

>> No.10203926

This is super fascinating to me for some reason. Do you have a link or anything where I can read about this in English? I'm assuming most sources would be in Japanese.

>> No.10203929


>> No.10204162

One long-span portable charger is enough. Mine lasts through four full charges and is compact.

Highway buses that go from major city to major city have outlets. The bullet train has outlets near the window, just ask to use it and the person beside you will.

Most convenience stores have an outlet for phone charging. If you walk into a family mart, Lawson's, or 7-11 and there is a small seating area you can charge your phone there. It's not 24 hours though, usually by dinner time more suburban convenience stores close down that area. Just buy a cheap snack before using like a 30 yen chocolate. Starbucks and McDonalds also usually have charging outlets near the single seating section.

You can download Google maps to view offline before you arrive too. That will save some battery life.

>> No.10205231

What seriously? What the fuck

I didn't see a book like that in my hotel room, I didn't really look around it that much though

>> No.10205234

Not to go too OT but I did just do some research and yeah, anon is right

I feel really awful now, I booked through a third party website and had no idea, I just went with them based on prices and being english friendly
At the very least I know not to book with them again

>> No.10205332

Don't beat yourself up over it, it's just a normal hotel from the inside, but good that you know

>> No.10207095

Going to Kyoto, Osaka and Tokyo in the winter and looking for recommendations for areas to check out in Osaka?

It’ll be my first time there and I’ll be staying in Amerikamura (found a hotel room for a pretty good price), which seems to be where the lolita shops are.

Are there any other areas to check out for jfashion? I’m into larme, lolita, otome, vintage shops, and my SO is into vintage menswear. Also looking for recommendations for cute cafes and art galleries.

I’ll be there on Jan 1 so I might try to get a luckybag.

I’ll be checking out Three Star recommended by anon above when in Kyoto.

>> No.10207098

Go to Kinji when in Amerikamura. I also thought the area sucked ass but maybe I didn’t explore enough.

>> No.10207750

Yodobashi Camera in Akiba has a lot of cute stationery!

>> No.10208923

I finally booked tickets to Japan in August (it's the only extended period of time I'll have off). How fucked am I for the weather? Should I even bring lolita to wear?

>> No.10208956

I’ll check them out. What didn’t you like about the area? I won’t be changing my hotel but curious.

>> No.10209126

Every store was western or Chinese hip hop lookin. There were foreigners everywhere obviously but also a lot of shady-looking one’s standing around. Like the African immigrant kind that try to get you to go to clubs in kabukicho.

>> No.10209173

Eh, I had a feeling it would be pretty westernized considering what Harajuku’s like now, and it’s called America town, but still kind of a shame. I’m good at ignoring shady individuals so I won’t let them bother me.

>> No.10209191

Is harajuku that bad now? I was there two years ago and yeah there are tourists but all the clothes are still Japanese. Amemura is like NYC Chinatown or LA. Maybe you will find good places though. I didn’t stay there long.

>> No.10209202

I was there around the same time but I heard it’s gotten more westernized since. I guess I’ll see when I get there. I’m imagining Amemura to be like the shops along Takeshita Dori from your description..

>> No.10209207

Which ClosetChilds have the best selection of casual stuff?

>> No.10209229

Honestly I wouldn’t bother unless you’re going to be way up north

>> No.10209231

Most of the clothes for sale on Takeshita are marked up stuff from Taobao, you can see the same clothes over and over

Ikebukuro has a ton of axes femme and pink house, Harajuku is a bit more varied

>> No.10209255
File: 130 KB, 800x509, 52ACD705-1F25-4C64-B99E-00B584CC2DEB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nah Amemura is like this shit. That is fucking sad if Harajuku looks closer to this now. The Westernization of big japanese cities is sad, period and it’ll only spread outwards to the smaller cities. I get wanting to make money off of tacky or rich tourists who don’t care for authentic Japanese gifts and would rather go for I <3 Tokyo shirts or Gucci bags from a Tokyo shop respectively but I can’t imagine it being a sustainable strategy in the long run. Everything will just become a tourist trap everyone has been to before and they’ll look elsewhere.

>> No.10209262

I see. That’s sad then. Though I found Takeshita Street pretty bad >>10209231 is accurate.

>> No.10209283

I'm visiting a friend in Nagoya in Dec. We're planning a trip to Nara while there. I know it's probably a long shot but any recommendations for stores (including second hand shops) there?

>> No.10209290

Can your friend recommend anything in Nagoya? I’m moving there for my new job in a few months and have never been. I can’t trade Nara reccs in exchange so its only fair if you can’t. Nara WAS my favorite experience out of both of my trips so the least I can say is that you’ll have a blast.

>> No.10209327

I love Nagoya, but hate to recommend it because I don't want it to become another tourist city (though it's been filled with Filipinos lately).

The brand shops are great in Sakae Nova. If you go down to the subway area, it's an underground mall (great for when the weather is sweltering). Nova is excellent for gothic with large shops for Atelier Boz and Na+H. Violet blue is also in Nagoya for secondhand and has a neat normie shopping area the street behind it. They sometimes have festivals there.
Parco also has another Baby store and it's nice to shop around in that building.
There's also Nagoya Dome mall for even more normie shopping.

>> No.10209339
File: 77 KB, 1093x694, near1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Damn, that's sad to hear. I saw a lot of sites recommending Amerikamura for secondhand lolita shops like Near, and the Shinsaibashi Big Step.

>> No.10209371

She would but she just moved there. sorry! Good to hear Nara is a good choice.

Thanks for the recs. I had heard it's a great place to shop but figured it was mostly normie stuff. I'll definitely check out those places.

>> No.10209411

I wouldn’t know because I’m not a lolita and didn’t search for lolita shops (at the time. I plan on building babby’s first coord at secondhand shops when I move >>10209290 so I’m taking down all reccs in Osaka especially). I was just into general jfashion, clothes that are different from urban American style. So when I walked around there was not one shop I wanted to stop into, which happened nowhere else in all the places I went to. I hope there are good places there like you heard.
More on Kinji just because — it’s secondhand and pretty big. I found a 800円 lavender amavel JSK I regret not buying. I remember a rack of brand lolita in the cheaper more general store. There is a nicer more niche store next to it that I believe is still Kinji and it probably had more lolita.

>> No.10210461

Help question:
so I am wearing some lolita coords but have larger feet. Size 25.5. I dont want just pink basic shoes, what shoes can I buy for my sweet coords and look decent? I just cant wear heels all day while touring Japan. I'm going in November also so I dont want to freeze either.

>> No.10210463

It depends on the coords and this question would be better suited for the coord help or stupid questions thread

>> No.10210470

Has anyone ever tried selling to closet child or mandarake before? I get that the money will be very little, I'm mainly thinking of packing my suitcase with unpopular accessories anime toys, and whatever money I get I'd probably spend it on buying a dress or another toy from the same store, which isn't too bad.

>> No.10210474

I don’t think you can do that for Closet Child as a tourist. You need to ship it from your address and such. (They will also send the money to the address.)

>> No.10210477

25.5 is high side of average, most brands have something for you.

>> No.10210492

Big Step is more visual kei than lolita now.

>> No.10210512

This is not true. You just go in with your passport and make a seller's account, give them your stuff, and come back in like an hour for an estimate. I'd you accept they'll give you the cash then. They have been known to offer as little as 10 yen so don't be surprised though if your suitcase of stuff doesn't sell for much.

>> No.10210532


Yeah, I figured their prices must be dirt cheap in order to keep running. Nice to know it can be done though. Thanks!

>> No.10213453

Does anyone know if Grimoire is still open? Google Maps says it is but I've known it to not be accurate.

>> No.10213586

They said they were having a summer sale on twitter. But instead of looking up stuff on google maps, you could check their website for the information you need.

>> No.10213592


Shit lol.

Well we're planning to go to Hokkaido... Is that far enough?

>> No.10213757

Next year I'm going to be in Tokyo (most likely will visit Kyoto whilst there too) in between late July and early August. How am I for shops and their summer sales? Am I most likely going to have to buy most of my direct brand full price, or is there still a chance the sales will be on? (I've never paid attention what time summer sales are on instore, as I've never needed to know before)

>> No.10213957

Thank you! I'm a little confused now, I thought Grimoire was what the-virgin-mary was now called? Or are they two different shops? As in, the-virgin-mary where Cult Party originated?

>> No.10214462

I'm looking to pick up some of Baby's classical series items (the stuff they continuously re-release) while I'm in Japan. However they always seem to be sold out online. Does that mean it's unlikely they'll have it in-store?

>> No.10214495

No? The Virgin Mary shop is another kind of store.

>> No.10214514

I seem to be running on my moron brain today thank you so much. I don't even know where and how I got those two mixed up.

>> No.10214551

Depends on what kind of sold out sign they have. One is that it is completely sold out and the other is that it is sold out online but still available in store. I do believe my friend said that last time he went to Baby in Tokyo they had a lot of the Classical pieces. I think he was talking about Baby Shinjuku.

>> No.10214636

Any recommendations for stores where I can buy brands like Hachi Balmung?

>> No.10214857

Which sold out sign means it's still in stores?

>> No.10214860

My bf sold some trading cards to mandarake to get rid of them, there was a bit of a language barrier but we managed. I wouldn't expect much unless you have a rare or in-demand item though, I got the impression most secondhand stores know you're using them for the convenience of not having to sell items yourself and will offer low buying prices accordingly.

>> No.10215332


Thank you, good to hear about Mandarake side as well. I think for travellers they're also aware you'd rather throw away the item than haul it back, so yeah, I'm not expecting anything, really.

It's really just that I always go to Japan with a nearly empty luggage (so that I can fill it with haul to bring back), and this time I will have a higher luggage allowance that's not getting used. So I think bringing whatever I already couldn't sell here, and give that item a chance to find another owner by giving it to Manda/CC is a better fate than me simply throwing it out because no one here seems to want it. That's why the money matters a lot less to me than not filling up the landfill.

Thanks for the heads-up on how little they'll offer, though, it might not be worth my time to wait for them to process the item, especially with CC taking an hour to assess it.

>> No.10215428

With cc you can leave and come back, you don't need to stay in the store for that hour

>> No.10215544


That's it though, we might not want to come back -- the last time we did Harajuku it was a straight path from the station, we hit up all the shops along the street and then La Foret, then to Kiddyland, then Q-pot, and we took the train from Omotesando station. So we never doubled back to CC after we'd hit it.

We'll think a bit about this. Ikebu CC might be more doable, and if we have reservations at Swallowtail it looks like we'd be wandering around in circles there anyhow.

>> No.10220106

thank you anons, it's very kind and helpfull

On the subject of >>10203619 , which stores are good for fabrics/ sewing or craft/resin, and is there specific retail chain for those hobbies you can find all over Japan ( like mickeal's or joann in the USA). I think Annika Victoria have videos on the subject but I don't know if it's still up to date. If there specific supplies from japan that you like I love to know some .

>> No.10220123


Last time I went 3-4 years ago, I found a lot at Tokyu Hands, and then the dollar stores including Daiso and another popular one that escapes my memory. Lots of good molds and little accessories for resin.

>> No.10220218

Is a visit to Sanrio Puroland worth it? I didn’t go last time I was in Tokyo because I prioritized other things. From what I’ve seen, reviews are mixed and it seems children oriented. The food and photo ops look cute though. I’m not sure if I should take a day out of my trip for it, especially since I’m already going to Disney Sea and possibly USJ.

>> No.10220230

Kiwaseisakujo has a shop in La Foret. Also Okadaya which has multiple shops. Check their websites to see if they have things you're interested in. Also Nippori if you want fabric, lace and all things for sewing. I can recommend other stores depending on where you're going. Above are shops in Tokyo though they have branches elsewhere.

>> No.10220777

When taking the shinkansen from Tokyo to Osaka, is it possible to get off at Nagoya station, or is that only for the super slow (8+ hour) trips?
I want to check out Cafe Gentiane and Pass'e but the rest of Nagoya doesn't appeal enough to set aside a whole day for it.

>> No.10220948

Yes, it's possible. I took one of the services covered by the JR pass, and it stopped at Nagoya

>> No.10220987

You're probably already back home, but man I miss Omotesando. It's such a cool area

>> No.10221001

It'll be humid, but you should be fine as long as you take breaks to visit places with air conditioning. It won't be comfortable, but I think it'll be worth it

>> No.10221148

Thank you ! I will check those shops
I will stay a good part of my trip in Sendai

>> No.10221215

If you’re on a JR pass, you can get on/off freely and use the unreserved cars.
If you’re not on a pass and bought a ticket instead, as long as you don’t exit the shinkansen gates

>> No.10221228
File: 35 KB, 326x235, gentiane.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Beautiful! Thank you!

>> No.10221394

I'm scared of staying near Shinjuku Station because of how busy it is but I want to be close enough to shopping in Harajuku and LaForet. Does anyone have suggestions on areas or stations to stay near that are a short ride away to those areas but are less busy?

>> No.10221435

Sorry I don’t have any suggestions for other places, but I stayed near Shinjuku station on my trip and honestly it was fine. I’ll be staying in the same area on my trip this winter also.

I stayed on the outskirts of kabukicho so I was worried going in, but honestly I felt a lot safer at night than in my own city. The only area I would stay away from is around the Robot restaurant because it was surrounded by rowdy white tourists.

The station itself takes some getting used to (I got lost a couple times) but once you do, it’s nice to be so central. It’s also within walking distance of Marui Annex and some interesting department stores if you’re into that.

I can see why others prefer to stay further away for cost reasons, but the convenience and ability to stay out late was worth it for me.

>> No.10221543

This is helpful. Thank you :)

>> No.10221555


>> No.10221593

Anyone have good shop recommendations for dolly kei and natural kei clothes?

>> No.10222530

i know La Carmina is persona non grata for most lolitas, but she actually just had a post about a place in Hiroshima called Sunmall that was selling a bunch of lolita/alt fashion stuff. From the photos, leaned pretty gothic with lots of MMM and Sheglit.

>> No.10223007

Any good recommendations for cute stores, cafes, etc in Kobe? I'm mainly going for food purposes but I'd love to see any local cute things too.

>> No.10228119

I know they dress more conservatively over there, but will I get any shit if I wear a V-neck as an obvious foreigner?

>> No.10228120

No, no one will give you shit

>> No.10228141

Tits out or covered? If your boobs are out people will probably pause before talking to you or give you resting shit face.

>> No.10228240

Well, no, Japan's not a fucking Muslim regime, but yeah don't go bouncing around all floppy like. Have some self respect.

>> No.10230028

People actually travel to a country because of the fashion? Like, you can't just get shit online, or on etsy or support local businesses, you actually travel to a foreign country for fashion?

>inb4 I don't just travel for the fashion
You travel for literally nothing but your orientalism and yellow fever from manga and anime. If all the other Japan bullshit like samurais and what not was from Angola or Peru you wouldn't bother.

>> No.10230040

Yoyogi, the station in between Shinjuku & Harajuku

>> No.10230061

It's cheaper to fly myself there, do mad shopping and come back than deal with the customs office. Stay salty.

>> No.10230079

Does it matter why anyone goes to go visit? Whether it's fashion or for sight seeing, it's irrelevant. You realize tourism is essential to their economy, right Stan? You sound like someone who is mad because they can't afford to travel abroad

>> No.10230082

Is this the power of ESL?

>> No.10230103

What is this odd language on my southeast Asian shadow puppet board?

>> No.10230468
File: 64 KB, 335x335, 1559017305388.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

People actually travel to Paris because of their architecture?
If the Eiffel Tower or whatnot was from Angola or Peru they wouldn't bother
People actually travel to Italy because of their art?
If their statues or whatnot were from Angola or Peru they wouldn't bother.

People actually travel to England because of their history?
If their churches or whatnot were from Angola or Peru they wouldn't bother.

>> No.10230485

How do you guys bring your stuff back from your trips? I plan on going and shopping heavily and im worried about how i will bring the stuff back.

>> No.10230488

90% of Japanese people will literally never give you shit to your face about anything. If you care about what they think of you or tell their friends later that’s a different thing, but since you’re a tourist there’s no need to gaf if you don’t want to fit in

>> No.10230494

You can just ship a parcel to your house if you have too much to fit into your luggage.

>> No.10230505

Im worried that the package will be missed and sent back

>> No.10230530

If you send it a day or two before you leave, that shouldn't be a problem. You'll get home before your package does. Iirc most postal services will attempt delivery a few times before they send it back anyways.

>> No.10232497

How do shopgirls tend to react if you're wearing a main piece from another brand? Is it awkward?
I really wanted to wear a full-brand coord for visiting both AP and BTSSB, but since they're in the same mall, that makes it kind of difficult unless I want to visit two days in a row or bring my second outfit and change somewhere.

>> No.10232506

From my experience they don’t care. It’s not a competition really

>> No.10232516

the only shop they listed that has a physical location is CC. This is a traveling thread. >>10198694 Is obviously asking for physical second hand shops in japan to visit.

>> No.10232519

I doubt the young shop girls have memorized every release ever of the brand, so unless it's a dress that says another brand's name, they may not even notice.

>> No.10232531
File: 2.36 MB, 4032x3024, CDFBF55E-0606-43BC-B67F-FA6103FD235D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Kobe Harborland is good to go to. There’s a huge mall there, a great view, and nice photo opportunity with the B E K O B E statue near the water.
As an aside Sannomiya is amazing for secondhand anime merch shopping and cheap offbrand clothes.

>> No.10232536

White tourists and black dudes fresh off the boat working for sketchy shit...but nah I agree even on a Saturday night it’s safer than my US city on a weekday evening. They don’t seem to bother you if you’re a girl, or a girl with a bf.

>> No.10233519

The main Japanese brands have very recognizable styles. It's pretty easy to tell what brand main piece someone is wearing unless it's a really obscure brand.

>> No.10233534

I really need to be spoon feed here. What are good sites to plan a trip for Japan? It's been my dream to go both to Japan and to watch the Olympic games, and with the Olympics being hosted next year I need to go. The thing is, I have never been outside the US for any trips. What sites are,good for planing trips and what tips can you guys give me?

>> No.10233588

Don’t. It’s going to be extremely crowded and expensive. Tickets to events will be next to impossible. Not to mention unbearably hot and humid, now at 6am it’s 28C and 90% humidity (feels like 34C)

>> No.10233783


I know but I NEED to go. It's a once in a life time chance.

>> No.10233795

good luck anon.

tbqh, I depended a lot on google maps, docs, translation, and spreadsheets on my trip to keep myself organized. Maps has a nice feature where you can save places you want to visit, but it's also useful for live commute planning (train times and fare).

>> No.10233816

Then use the Japan general

>> No.10233839


Anyone in Tokyo going to this? I'm super lucky it coincides with my trip!

>> No.10234033

Would you guys recomend wearing lolita around? Where would be the best places for that?

>> No.10234097


Man, I've seen Chinese tourists fully lolita it up with a full poof petti, makeup, wig, the works, even one carrying a parasol to the Osaka Aquarium, so I think you can wear it wherever makes you happy, as long as the space isn't too cramped or too small.

I'll suggest taking into consideration your comfort level, though. Like wearing it to Swallowtail seems wonderful, but keep in mind it's on otome road with Sunshine 60, an Animate, Kbooks and Closet Child. If you want to dress up and shop, at least make sure you can still comfortably haul all your shopping back into crowded trains and back to your hotel, or at least have enough money to call a cab.

For AP-fags, Saturdays at La Foret, of course. There is also a Vampire Cafe in Ginza that is currently in the middle of a collab with Moitie as well.

>> No.10234162

Can definitely recommend wearing Gothic Lolita/Moitié to the Vampire Café and just the Café itself. It was awesome! My friends and I also got complimented by the staff on our looks. I still want to wear it/go to Christon Café as well, if it still exists. You also have the Kawaii Monster Café. There is a cute photo space in Shibuya 109 as well, but it was always super crowded when I was there. Same was for certain purikura machines in Takeshita Dori.

I want to add that if you wear it to Harajuku/Takeshita dori, you will be stopped for photos a lot and it might get cramped. Ikebukuro was fine for me in Lolita as well. For a shopping trip I personally wouldn’t wear a petticoat. (I always tend to knock things of tables.)

>> No.10234165

Beamerkitten on Snapchat super cute and sexy

>> No.10235106

I came here to specifically ask about tips wearing full lolita when shopping around. This helps. Thanks :)

>> No.10237225

Which type of store could sell old fashion magazine ?( preferably alt fashion, but even photography or music magazine could be cool ) I was thinking thrift shops or book off but I honestly have not a lot of idea.

>> No.10237248

Try the Mandarake at Nakano Broadway. It's huge with like 5-6 different shops set up. Bring images on your phone to show staff of what type of magazine you're looking for and they can direct you towards the right shop area.

Old reply, but ime, shopgirls will treat any lolita coord well regardless of brand, because it shows that you've spent money on the style before, making you a better prospect than someone in normie clothes.

>> No.10237257

Bookoff is the best for old magazines I would just try to visit as many of thise as possible. Mandarake might indeed also have some. There are also a few shops similair to Bookoff like Mitsubachi. If you like magazines like Shoxx you can look at shops like ClosetChild CD and Puresound as well.

>> No.10238860

>black dudes fresh off the boat working for sketchy shit
nta but I used to feel super safe in Tokyo 6 years ago but holy shit it has changed. There's an increase of Nigerian con artists/mafia that stand around in Harajuku, Shinjuku etc.
Anons that are going to Tokyo, stay away from those men even if they're super friendly. I've heard that they take you to their clubs and drug you.
There's also groups of white scammers now who make you sign petitions or some shit? Don't sign anything. A lot of them pretend to be deaf for some reason too. This shit exists in many touristy european cities but I guess Tokyo has gotten so touristy that they've come here too.

>> No.10238863

>sign petitions
>pretend to be deaf
Huh my college campus in Ohio USA used to have guys that did this, but only in like my first year. I wonder what was up with that.

>> No.10238866

With the Olympics coming up, wouldn't they crack down on that and remove them?

>> No.10238875

I was in Harajuku a month ago and there were tons of black dudes in the middle of Takeshita dori, seemingly trying to advertise something but what they said got lost in the overall noise. Are those the ones you're talking about? I was wondering who they were and what they were doing.

>> No.10238911

Have any gulls ever stayed in any Sakura House accommodation? I'm considering one of their apartments as an alternative to airbnb but can't find many recent reviews.

>> No.10238973

Yeah I remember seeing way more of these dudes on Takeshita Dori than anywhere else in Tokyo. I’m not sure what they were trying to do, I just ignore them.

>scammers with petitions pretending to be deaf
I remember seeing a lot of these in France maybe 7 years ago. I wonder if it’s the same group.

>> No.10238978

They want to sell you "hip hop clothing". If you're wearing anything mildly sporty looking they will try to stop you and show you a sign with what they have available in their shop and try to get you to go back there. Just ignore them, they're not dangerous if you don't engage.

>> No.10239255

When I was in Takeshita dori one of those black dudes grabbed the hand of an Asian guy and you could see the guys face turn to complete shock and horror. Had no idea what they wanted though, I tried my best to ignore them and pay no attention.

>> No.10239277

Tbh unless you met him at work and personally vetted him, I wouldn't suggest trusting any black guys, here or abroad.

>> No.10239832

Konbini have outlets if they're big enough to have seating areas usually.

>> No.10241007

About how much does a suitcase go for on average in a Tokyo secondhand shop?

>> No.10241009

Am I tripping or wasn't this thread full of cool j-fash pictures that are no longer in the thread?

>> No.10241082

Based, now I know what hotels I'm gonna be searching for next time I'm in Japan.

>> No.10241236

I'll be staying in Tokyo for a month and I was wondering if it was possible to buy stuff directly from Mercari, Frill.jp, Y!JA or Amazon.jp with a foreign credit card. Has anyone tried?

>> No.10241247

I think any credit card could work, and if not, you can always pay in the convenience store. I only wonder if having a foreign phone number could be a problem.

>> No.10241498

What's better? Going mid-late April or early-mid May? I know to avoid early April because of sakura tourists but beyond that I'm not sure and I don't want to go when it's too hot.

>> No.10241700

pretty sure they don't accept foreign cards

>> No.10243063

For Mercari you indeed need a Japanese phonenumber and Yahoo Auction actually refuses foreign creditcards. Fril is connected to Rakuten and on Rakuten foreign creditcards do work, but I haven’t tried ordering from Fril yet. (It is the only one I was able to create an account for.) Have to say often sellers want you to message them first, so I would say knowledge of Japanese is also a pre if you want to order from them.

>> No.10243073

Not sure about second-hand shops, but I picked up a huge suitcase at the Bic Camera outlet in Ikebukuro for about 6000 yen. I'd expect second-hand to be even cheaper.

>> No.10246371

Any idea where I could find kitchy chunky/platform shoes that have a good size selection ( like 25 jpn women/25.4 centimeter ) ? I tought of bodyline already but no idea if they have the large size in store

>> No.10248867

In Takeshita Dori there is this store that sells all kind of platforms shoes for low prices, they also offer size LL (25.0-25.5). It is called Atta Girl. Bodyline is in the street as well, so you can still check there too.

>> No.10252035

any good jfash or anime stores in fukuoka? I know ap has a store and there’s also the mandarake but that’s all I know of right now

>> No.10252141
File: 58 KB, 495x623, 1474837322842.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thank you so much anon

>> No.10252333

I don’t know if it is of any use, but I know these stores are located in Fukuoka as well.
-Kera Shop
-Maison de Rosenkreuzer
-Jane Marple

>> No.10252869

I know its buzzkill but its easier to find and buy stuff just by using a Japanese buying service. (google japan buying service.)

Save the yen and time for experiences. Tokyo Disneysea is so badass.

>> No.10256719

Any good brand of color contact you can find ? I know they got some at donkihote, but I don't know any other place. I also wonder where you can find cosplay one without it being cheap halloween stuff.

>> No.10256975

I am not a cosplayer, but Animate sells cosplays that look very good. They also have a secondhand section. Mandarake also has a lot of secondhand cosplays. Animate has lenses as well, Okadaya also sells a lot of lenses (and wigs.) There are probably also plenty of stores in Akihabara that sell okay cosplays.
Most lenses in store are only 1 day/1month lenses, for those that are 1 year you should look online. (Barbie, Queenlenses, Amazon)

>> No.10257137

What the fuck is wrong with the people of Tokyo, compared to the people from Osaka or Kyoto? I’ve had so many people in Tokyo come up to me and it always feels like they’re trying to take advantage of me or recruit me to their weird religion, they seemed way more aggressive. People in Osaka seemed way more genuinely friendly. I’m not even staying in Roppongi or Kabukicho.

>> No.10257138

that’s pretty much the nature of tokyo. my theory is because tokyo gets most of the tourists, especially people like logan paul, they don’t like foreigners very much. therefore most of the people who will talk to you are people who are trying to dupe you into something. Osakans are always cool as fuck, okinawans too.

>> No.10257148

It’s kind of depressing because I’m not even doing anything sketchy, just walking around the train station or looking for restaurants and I genuinely wasn’t expecting this at all in Tokyo. I had such a good time in Osaka just sightseeing without any issues.

>> No.10258912
File: 857 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20190918-004727_Gallery.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Any stores that carries men stuff? bf wants to try something too, even better if its something matching like pic related

>> No.10259091

Every dumbfuck ends up in Tokyo. Generally the people who travel to Kyoto, Okinawa are interested in culture and scenery.

>> No.10260766

What size is he? Japanese men are really skinny.

>> No.10260787


Closet Child has a 2nd location in Harajuku that has Vivienne, Comme des Garcons and Yohji for guys.

>> No.10261074

Closet child wrecking shit on Bodyline.

>> No.10261233

The same guy that made me make this post approached me again at the exact same place in Ikebukuro during the day. I don’t know if he remembered me. This has to be some sort of cult thing, right? Approach foreigners, bombard them with a million questions, and try to recruit them? Why are people in Tokyo so aggressive, everyone told me they were shy.

>> No.10261234

That never happened to me, you're just unlucky mate

>> No.10261923

So I'm going to Japan soon, and because I wear lolita almost all the time on my days off I was planning on doing the same in Japan. I will bring some other clothes for weather emergencies etc. but I'm basically planning on wearing lolita to everything unless I absolutely can't.

Do you know if there will be any backlash? Will I be considered rude on subways or something like that? Obviously I'm not going OTT, mostly planning on casual old school coords and some fancier stuff for restaurants e.g.

>> No.10261977

Nobody will give a shit about what you’re wearing, just act like a decent human being.

Spending every day in Tokyo in lolita will be a nightmare for the same reasons it would be in any very large city but you do you

>> No.10262005

Wearing a petticoat on the subway is considered pretty rude, especially if it’s super poofy.
Take it off until you reach your destination and you’ll be totally fine.

>> No.10262076


I'm a tourist and with the way Japanese view us gaijin already I basically didn't give a shit. I didn't get harassed extra or anything, and I was in kabukicho for my stay on top of that.

IMO >>10262005 is a bit much. none of my friends who live there took off their petti on the subway and it's a big hassle especially considering you have to look for a bathroom every time you get off or get on.

Tokyo is a city of 37 million people, it's extremely unlikely strangers you bump into will matter. Just live your life. I love dressing in lolita in Japan, even if it's considered very 'alternative' there, it sparks a lot of conversation with shop ladies who are very enthusiastic about it. Plus, you have the feeling of wearing lolita in the land of its origin, which I think is priceless.

>> No.10262235

It might be uncomfortable for you if you're in a very crowded area, especially in the evenings, but I don't think there's a backlash in any way. I don't know what >>10262005 is on because I've seen plenty of lolitas around the subway and stations, especially in Shinjuku in the evening. As long as you're not wearing a hoop skirt and keep the poof to a daily level you'll be fine.

>> No.10262278

Where do you keep the petti while on the train? Did you just hold it or crush it up in a bag?

>> No.10262514

I’m >>10262005 and some Japanese people I knew would talk about taking their petticoats off for the train. I should have been more specific but if it’s a small amount of poof then obviously you don’t need to take it off. If you’re wearing a super fluffy petti then it’d be viewed as rude during rush hour/when the train is busy. In these cases you’d be best putting it in a bag until you reach your destination.
If it’s an quiet train then I doubt anybody would care.
It’s kind of like carrying a big rucksack - It’s only a problem when it’s entering other people’s personal space.

>> No.10262522

>Why are people in Tokyo so aggressive,
Because no one wanted to deal with their weirdness in the countryside or they've adapted to aggression for their low-paying careers.

Tokyo has a lot of great people, just walk away when a weirdo bothers you or walk them to the police station if they're persistent. The biggest thing that helped me in Tokyo was having my loud Osakajin boyfriend with me. People hate his accent, but no one bothered me for the first time in Tokyo and it was great. No grabbing, no questions, no attempts to make me go to their shop, just a normal vacation.I

Try to avoid rush hour and you'll be fine. Don't stress out about it.

>> No.10262532

thank you

6'3 and quite muscular lol

>> No.10263213

Anybody as been to the ganguro cafe ? How is it ? Which shop is nice for oldschool gyaru in shibuya 109 ?

>> No.10263253

I'll be in Tokyo during the second and third week of January. I've always wanted to hunt down lucky packs but I know it'll be too late for all the major brands by then. Will some stores still be selling Jfash related lucky packs when I'm there or shouldn't I expect much at that point?

>> No.10263292

Some will have leftovers. I recommend you search twitter for the lucky packs you’re thinking of buying if you’re looking at leftover bags, because some people will post reveals on there of what was inside. This saved me from buying a few crap bags last year

>> No.10265498

Out of interest and to know how much I should expect to be spending, what's the budget you guys set yourselves for just lolita shopping (or including other jfashions if you wear those)?

Did you buy new in store or did you mostly raid Closet Childs etcetera?

>> No.10265538

I mostly shop at Closet Child. However when I do buy stuff at brand stores the amount of purchase is often similar to when I shop at Closet Child, however the quantity is of course less. Never set myself a budget, I suck at budgets.

>> No.10265561


It really depends on what you're looking for and what you want to buy. On the most extreme end, a newbie looking to fill a completely empty wardrobe with the latest hypest prints, would probably spend upwards of $5k -- that's about 10 dress sets, which is what you'd be able to fit into your luggage anyway, assuming you go with a suitcase that's half full. If you have a thing for fanciful stuff you're likely to drop additional $1~2k here and there for a fanciful bonnet or headpiece, or ram's horns or whatever. Even if you're only hitting up closet child, they're not above scalping the latest hype prints at above retail, so it's still gonna be expensive if you have a thing for only the latest and newest.

On the other extreme, someone who is only looking for something specific, or specific sizing, or simply already has a full wardrobe and is picky about what to add to that wardrobe, they're gonna end up doing a lot more looking and a lot less buying, so they may end up spending less than $1k on one particular dress and a bunch of accessories.

Personally I wouldn't bother with a trip if I don't already have $2.5k spare dosh just to spend on jfash alone, I always think it's better to go knowing you have the means to buy all of the $70 brand dresses you like, even if you end up only buying one $100 Meta dress you just come back under budget rather than being sad you had to hold yourself back so much.

>> No.10267636

When I went there was only one new release I wanted and I got it shipped to my friend in advance as it released the week before I arrived. I think in total I spent around ¥60000 while I was there on clothing, and mostly at Maiden Clothing and CC (10 days spent in Tokyo then Osaka)

>> No.10271794

a friend told me that closet child are starting to move all their lolita stuff to the harajuku location and all the other stores are mostly normieable/otome stuff now, she said the other locations aren’t really worth going to. is this true? It sounds a little off to me, but I’m going soon and will only have so much time in Tokyo and want to make the most of what time I have

>> No.10271796

Not at all! While Harajuku has a lot of Lolita (as they have a Lolita only floor and the Otome stuff is on another) the other stores still have plenty. Have to say I prefer Ikebukuro over Shinjuku, but Shinjuku has a big Lolita section as well. I really wonder why people keep coming up with these false rumours on Closet Child.

>> No.10271819

Your friend is a filthy liar who wants to keep all the burando bargains for herself.
Honestly I think Ikebukuro has a high turnover and therefore good stock, but I've probably seen more rare/valuable pieces in Shinjuku. While going to all three is ideal, if there's not much you want to do in that suburb then don't feel compelled to go just to visit CC. You can also browse each CC's twitter to see if they have any new arrivals you're interested in.

>> No.10272223

Anyone know of any cool jfashion/lolita Halloween events in Tokyo? I thought for sure there'd be something but so far I've come up dry, or the events are before I'm there.

>> No.10272242


There's a bunch on twitter, actually. I'm pretty sure Vampire Cafe and Innocent World announced something at some point. hNaoto and Ozz On were announcing multiple things happening throughout Sept, I'm not sure if they continued into October. I'd start by looking up each brand's Japanese twitter and seeing if they posted any special events.

Though it depends on what you consider a Halloween "event". The IW and Ozz On events seem to be mostly shopping.

>> No.10272272

There is a Harajuku Fashion Halloween walk with after-party, Atelier Pierrot has this thing with the Hilton Hotel, Vampire Cafe has Halloween and Moitié menu.

>> No.10275357

Sharing this tidbit that if anyone is planning to go fukubukuro shopping for lolita in Tokyo: don't. The deals seem to be getting worse and worse year after year. Instead, wait a month after during Laforet Grand Bazar sale. They knock down prices for some of the dresses for half or more as they reduce their stock for the new year.

Chiming in that yes, Closet Child is worth checking out in person. Past new years I remember them having racks of casual items (think Axes Femme cutsews, h.Naoto tshirts, simpler cuts or solids) for under 500 yen. Only catch is that they may not let you try it on but most of that stuff is stretch jersey and rather forgiving.

>> No.10275360

Why would they not let you try it on though? Is it just if you look like you wouldn't fit in it?

>> No.10275370

Nayrt they don't let you try on dresses or blouses no matter what. I was allowed to try on a skirt over my clothes last time I was there 2 years ago, not sure if that changed

>> No.10275373

>Shops to visit (lolita, j-fash, vintage shops)
I would recommend Tenten if you are into indie artist goods or fairy kei but it's pretty hidden

>> No.10275386

You can't even try on dresses if you're wearing a blouse underneath? That entirely defeats the purpose of shopping irl over online then. Pretty lame.

>> No.10275481

You can try on main pieces but not tops. Sale items cannot try on

>> No.10275513


They usually have stuff in store that hasn't been put online yet. Scored a lot of classic main pieces that I wanted but had never been put online, so that was the draw for me.

>> No.10275541

Like what >>10275481 says, it's their rules on sale items. I have no problem getting to try on other items at Closet Child.

There's so much they do not post online. I'm thinking it can be because the item is not even be worth it for them to mail around due to the price point. I have also seen same print dresses be selling for less in store than on-line. You can always shop with a measuring tape.

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