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Previous thread: >>10157745

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Anyone have any pictures of coords with the pink JSK of this print?

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Look up #daydreambed on Instagram, but this question is not really suited to the cof thread...

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Sorry this isn't the cof thread. I'm retarded.

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This is the Lolita general thread, not the cof thread

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Learn 2 read

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Swing and a miss

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Great thread so far guise

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What do we think of Xiu Xiu's assault rifle print? Just curious.

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Here's another pic

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Cheap looking edgy trash.

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Looks like shit. I love edgy military but I’m not into the cheap meme dresses taobao vomits out

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This is very old news, get this bait out of here

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Honestly, I was curious. I don't care so much about gun controversy so much as the fact that it's line drawings, not detailed pics, and why would they do that, and is there a better weaponry print out there. If it's
>very old news
as >>10162532 says, there must be a re-release happening. So somebody liked it.

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I apologize, I assumed you were baiting for a gun debate. I've never seen a better weaponry print unless you count the Guerilla Cats one. There is another one out there based on Assassins Creed with a hood and swords with like one gun, but I think that is also outlines. It's weird that they're both like that, maybe they're from the same shop.

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Weirdly nitpicky, but I don't like the space between the bullets and the waistline. If they would raise em an inch or two the spacing would look way better

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I love military and I love rifles/guns but this is ugly as sin. Cheap looking too.

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This also reminds me of a similar print not long ago that had swords instead of guns. I think it may have been the same store maybe, I liked it though.

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That peppermint fox release was poorly organized.

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remember when people on egl lj made the lolita handbook so newbies wouldn't call their normie sundress with a petticoat lolita? they should have included rules about prints.

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Meta please restock.

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how would you even do that? brand prints vary wildly. taobao prints arent even that bad, it's everything else that sucks

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So wait, how would you police brands like Meta? Their prints and, hell even some non-prints will get wild as hell.

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Meta is just a meme at this point after the regretsy tier toy story collab

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So we're just going to look at one shitty collab from ages ago and ignore the perfectly decent Harry Potter and Disney collabs they've done since then? And all their regular releases, most of which are perfectly normal? Okay then.

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>getting this upset over a joke

Wew lass

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Jokes should be funny to work

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Why are you so triggered about this? Take a few deep breaths you’re gonna make it m8 I promise. Maybe take a shower? When my little sister throws a tantrum a shower always helps her calm down.

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Maybe take a break from cgl if you think me leaving 1 reply means I'm triggered

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I see you’re still cranky. Maybe a nap would help? Usually toddlers feel better after naps, so, should fix you right up.

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This thread barely started and you guys are already shitting it up

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Welcome to /cgl/. I see you’re new here.

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the model isn't even wearing that belt at the right spot. ew

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You are shitting up the thread too

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And so are you. A vicarious cycle.

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And so are you. A vicious cycle.

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and here we see two grown ass adults fighting on a korean basket making website

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You REALLY must be new because this is nothing out of the ordinary for cgl and pointing it out just contributes to the shitposting you’re complaining about

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Tbh meta prints are doing fine. AP prints look like shit now

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Lol this sounds like a summerfag trying to be edgy to fit in

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Yet AP is selling out more and more of their releases lately.

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Not the ones that look like shit

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No shit Sherlock. But AP is selling out way more often than it was for a while, they’re certainly doing better than Meta is.

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/cgl/ said fancy candy looked like shit but that went fast. Even the accessories.

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Explain fleur cat jsk being sold out

>> No.10162634

Explain the OP still sitting on the shelf. People make sacrifices for cats, I almost did even though I don't like more things about it than I like.

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>implying AP doesn't just make smaller stock of shity designs to make them look popular.

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doesn't change that I think they look like shit

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You're just gonna ignore the AP/Toy Story collabs too? Okay then.

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That doesn’t happen, you’re delusional.

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2edgy4me. I like the cut though.

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yeah it is very obvious ap changed their business model over the past few years. lower volume initial release and then an immediate mto if the series sells out fast enough. sucks that when they moved to this model once their designs became shit tho

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Didn't they have stock issues with the heart polka dot dress? It's shit and it sold out.

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It sucks when you don't know if a dress will get re-released or not. But once it does more people have access to the dress which is better for everyone (except scalpers).

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No, you just need to come to realize that your personal taste does not dictate what is popular and what is not.

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what does everyone prefer wearing: just one petticoat, or multiple pettis layered to get a certain shape?

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God I want that bottom left set.

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Anyone else annoyed by the writing style on this? I love the concept but I wish she got someone who could actually write nice calligraphy to do the typography.

Tl;dr why is the lettering so wonky tho?

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Just one petti usually, because I'm a casual fag and wear lolita out to run errands and do regular shit.
If it's a tea party I just pick a floofier petti.

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Depends on on the dress and look I want. If I want to be more OTT I'll wear more pettis. If it looks too weird with too many pettis, I also will stick to maybe one or two.
I also have some pettis that give a better poof but are slightly lumpy so I may wear a thinner, smoother petti over top of that one.

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Depends on how big the skirt is.

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Do you own that IW one too?

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I think it looks cute and a bit spooky.

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Has Lacemarket been glitching for anyone else lately when it comes to sending messages?

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Agreed, it looks amateur.

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Me, too.

Yeah, the lettering is pretty ugly, but I do find it ugly in a charming sort of way, to the point it goes back to cute again.

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Personal taste aside, you could see several loose threads in the stock photo so I can't even imagine how shitty it looks irl.

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I have 4 petticoats with different shapes and I only need to wear 1 at a time to get what I want.

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I prefer one, but if I have a really heavy skirt then two. I have 5 petticoats with a variety of levels of poof, and it's only really wearing heavy wool coats over layers of velvet that means I have to double up.

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I layer. I usually wear at least 2, I feel naked in only one

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For wearing, needing just one petticoat has got to be better than layering 5 over each other, it gets messy when you have that many waistbands to deal with.

For saving space though, if you only own one extra poofy dress that looks better with 5 petticoats layered under it and every other dress only needs one or two particular petticoats, then it makes sense to keep 5 lower poof petticoats and layer up for that one single dress that needs all 5 petticoats layered together.

If about half your wardrobe requires more than one petticoat, it might be tie to just get a more poofy petticoat (keep the lower poof ones for the other half that apparently doesn't require bigger poof).

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Where did you get them? I want to be able to do this.

>> No.10162785

Fucking five??

>> No.10162789


A hyperbole, but if you own a lot of deflated petticoats, I could see it happening. Particularly if you're trying to poof up something heavy like velvet, or one of those heavy underskirts from Little Dipper or Infanta (for those, I'd recommend you go straight to crinoline petticoats)

>> No.10162790

Two are from And Romeo, one from Maxicimam and one from Moitie

>> No.10162797

Where are you all getting your Moitie petticoats from!? I keep seeing posts about them recently but I can never find any

>> No.10162799

I bought mine directly from Moitie, I think I spent more than 200 euro on it but no regrets. I sometimes see them secondhand but can't vouch for the quality of those.

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Is there a FAQ of some kind? I've followed the fashion for years but never participated, I have a few friends who've been helpful with my questions but I'd really prefer not to bother them over stupid shit.

>> No.10162862

Most of the recommended 'FAQs' are pretty outdated imo. I know that our comm has a pretty decent guide, maybe yours does too? If you drop your Discord tag I'd be happy to answer your questions too.

>> No.10162866

I see, thanks for the information. I'm not involved in any strictly lolita comms but I'll check just in case. Not particularly keen on leaving the tag publicly but I sincerely appreciate the offer; thank you.

>> No.10162871

fyeahlolita.com has a lot of information. lolitahistory.com is also interesting.

>> No.10162873 [DELETED] 

If you really have followed the fashion for years why do you need a FAQ guide?

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Mte, just buy clothes from your favourite brand and put them on your body, it's not that hard

>> No.10162884

The Meta pintuck tiered pinafore dress is sold out in my preferred colorway. I should have bought it instead of waiting.

>> No.10162909

>12 secrets
not bad

>> No.10162933

Cgl isn't a reflection of the whole lolita community though

>> No.10162937

Did you email them in case they have some stock in stores?

>> No.10162940 [DELETED] 

But we are on cgl so that’s the opinion that’s being discussed retard

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>remember when teenage westerners made up rules about a fashion they didnt invent

>> No.10163015

>made up rules
They didn't. The rules were made by magazines and got more refined by the years.

>> No.10163020

5 waistbands sounds so unnecessary and uncomfy

>> No.10163051

I didn't. I'll do that. Thank you anon.

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Reminds me of Don't Starve's font. I like it because a sign written like this irl wouldn't be perfect lettering

>> No.10163949

A sign written like this irl would be redone because you don’t pay people for crappy work.

>> No.10164040 [DELETED] 

Maybe I have just traveled a lot but I have seen tons of small shops with signs like these. Sometimes the owner themselves are doing it.

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Let's talk sets!
Do you have a favorite set?
Is there one you're dying to have?
One you're missing pieces of?
Any dresses that look better without the other pieces?

>> No.10164411

I think someone posted in the Lolita general a few threads back asking if Lolita could be considered camp. I’ve been reading up on it (thanks met gala) and imo Lolita is more kitsch than camp. Camp relies on an acknowledgement irony in the art, whereas kitsch is more “loved in spite of its awkwardness” (and sometimes downright tackiness). There are definitely prints which scream kitsch to me but I also think Lolita as a whole has a very kitschy vibe

I’m just throwing ideas out here idk if that anon is still around but I would be interested in others thoughts

>> No.10164431

On the met gala-Leto carries a replica of his own head, similar to the ones Alessandro Michele sent down the runway for Gucci's Fall/Winter 2018 collection.
I am sure there was a guru loli with blue hair & a severed head bag before that. Does anyone have the pic? Are gucci scummy thieves?

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>> No.10164436

Not the anon you were looking for but when you say it like I think old school was more camp and the newer version if lolita is more kitsch.

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I really want to read the new Misako interview. Is anyone a member? I was wondering if anyone could tell me if the interviews are in text or photo form? I can read a bit of Japanese and I’m still learning, so I was wondering if it was possible to copy paste phrases or (kanji mostly) that I’m unfamiliar with into my translator app? I don’t want to pay if I can’t read the content fully.

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Does anyone know if there are scans of the Gothic Lolita & Punk books anywhere? I used to have this one and I've been itching to use it as a reference guide to some older pieces I want to buy but I can't find it for sale anywhere.

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So ETC are having a survey on their Facebook page to possibly re-release some old prints.
What dresses would you like to see released again?

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If I could pick just one it would be this one. I'd also be interested in that cat food print, but I feel like that's an unlikely candidate.

>> No.10164551

All my favourite dresses from ETC are solids

>> No.10164553

I hope people take this opportunity to ask for skirts back. It's been too long since they released a printed skirt.

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File: 106 KB, 444x648, 7f0cc820-06d6-5856-9054-f4679c465c22.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pic related, or the skirt with cat food.

>> No.10164574

Same anon, I'd love for them to release the one in the picture

>> No.10164613

Speaking of ETC, I vaguely remember some anon waiting for the popcorn necklace to be released, did you buy it?

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I'm basic but I would kill for this.

>> No.10164645

There’s no scans available but the books are available on eBay.

>> No.10164650

I put down the cat food print, hope others do too!

>> No.10164665

i see these pop up all the time secondhand

>> No.10164680

Has the lolita community gone soft?
I feel like more and more lolitas are being SJW bitches. We can't even evict sissies without some bitch crying "muh transphobia" anymore.
I said something was retarded and got told it was "ableist", i talked about my cat dying and i got told it was "triggering". I almost got banned and got several angry reacts for telling them to grow thicker skin.
I hate edgelords just as much but the snowflakes in this community need a wake up call.

>> No.10164686

back then little snowflakes (or activist lolitas as we called them) were mocked and so were edgy lolitas but nowadays they are glorified for being woke or breaking the rules yass

>> No.10164688

Yeah, that is extreme. Was this local comm or online?
Usually people are super sensitive in online communities but the local comms are liberal, but still normal people. Like they don't fall over if you say something a little edgy.

>> No.10164690 [DELETED] 

Yes, it’s happening here too. Regular posts are called vendetta and people try to police you for being salty or not uwu lovely even though this is 4ch. I’ve seen some people argue that /cgl/ should be a safe space. I want to go back, gulls.

>> No.10164697

Miss that 2011 era /cgl/ energy.
I came here for the salt. The farm is fine and all but it is not even close to the same.

>> No.10164698

Facebook has always been a PC hugbox and more normies are joining the fashion. They're coming to /cgl/ in droves.

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I think it highly depends on your comm. In my comm people lick your butthole when you wear d.Walkure.

>> No.10164704 [DELETED] 

Thanks for providing an example of what >>10164690 was talking about.

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File: 42 KB, 675x482, bait3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Maybe you need a new comm. Congrats on the (you)s tho

>> No.10164707

the farm is totally different from when it started. it's pathetic how it's now just a circlejerk of plain jane, wanna-be efamous girls desperately obsessing over boring efamous girls. honestly there's not much real milk anymore, except from the people who post there.

>> No.10164708

Discussion in their lolita thread about new, relevant drama always gets derailed by sperging about the same old "cows" the obsessed farmers have been stalking since 2012. It's fucking annoying.

>> No.10164712

I haven't gone on lolcow in a couple of years, since the PULL influx. the general crowd became noticeably more retarded, I can't even read threads if I try cos people don't know how to format their posts or reply. just keep shrieking into their echo chamber and muttering to themselves like lunatics.

>> No.10164719

nah i don't wanna go back it was a hellhole.
There's a fine "just right" area in between a hugbox "don't forget to put trigger warnings!! uwu" (we never needed trigger warnings until those whiny bitches cried enough to have them be a thing, thinking about it) and Salt lake city full of wannabe mean girls and edge

>> No.10164721

I agree with you on almost everything, but I thought it was common knowledge that it's kinda universally frowned upon to use the word "retarded"? At least not use it if you don't know the people you're talking to, maybe it's a cultural/regional thing.

I do wish people had personalities past their personal social crusades though, your comm sounds weird for being upset at you talking about your cat passing away.

>> No.10164722

And the farm is downright sad, they are very obviously super insecure for the most part (just look at some of those threads about past abuse or personnal insecurities etcetc) and projecting their insecurities hardcore, making them almost as pathetic as the lolcows they shit on daily. Some of them are a tad too obsessed with boring ethots probably wishing they were them.

>> No.10164743

Agree. If you say anything that could be misconstrued as a compliment they yell at you "OH YEAH WELL SHE DID THIS AND THAT".
I got banned for saying a cows haircut looked better than their old one. I even saged.

>> No.10164765

>i talked about my cat dying and i got told it was "triggering"

>> No.10164774

I'm going to be attending a big convention with lolita programming in a few months and I was wondering if it would seem pompous to make contact cards? Just some small business-esq cards with my name and social media info. I thought it might be a cute way of keeping in touch with people, but I didn't know if I would seem full of myself, or seem like I'm self-promoting??

>> No.10164778

nayrt but i think it's actually more of an age thing. i notice more older people (25+) use retarded in their normal speech

>> No.10164780 [DELETED] 

Why is being transphobic a bannable offence though. Men cannot change into women. Aren't you pissed having sexual deviant men around vulnerable women just because sissies can cry muh trans now? But I-a 10+ year wearer of Lolita, cannot be in your comm because I'm a terf and I won't pretend to be all rainbows and sparkles.

>> No.10164781

I mean nice bait but also come on

>> No.10164783
File: 57 KB, 500x403, bait_ruined.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10164784

this doesn't even make fucking sense
shit meme

kek now this is brilliant. pure art.

>> No.10164788

just keep your political opinions to yourself like everyone else, it's not hard.

>> No.10164790

Can't tell if serious or taking the piss out of >>10164680

>> No.10164792

What's with the influx of bait?

>> No.10164796

what bait? we've always had terfs on this board, thanks to sissies that try to invade the fashion

>> No.10164799
File: 210 KB, 1280x720, 1554424213388.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What like second from the right here? I'm not such a fucking hypocrite.

>> No.10164800

Yeah but they're usually not reeeeing all over the place. Did one comm have a massive sissy outbreak recently or something?

>> No.10164801

There's been some anon running around trying to bait every lolita thread lately. They've been pretty successful too sadly.

>> No.10164802

I had friends do this for cosplay and I liked it. If you are really worried maybe just put your direct Line/Discord/some sort of messaging screen name first. I feel like that really shows you are looking for friends and not followers.

>> No.10164804

it's literally happening right now. in this thread. one post above yours

>> No.10164806

they do literally every day, every time it's brought up. this is nothing new

>> No.10164808

is someone forcing you to talk to them or touch them? just ignore them the same way I ignore fatties

>> No.10164809

That was me anon, but sadly the blue one has been long since sold out. But I appreciate you thinking of me!

>> No.10164813

It's happening in the lolita comm thread too. Shame there isn't a specific option to report bait. Is it "trolling outside of /b/" or "exceptionally low quality"?

>> No.10164814

off topic posting or trolling should suffice

>> No.10164824

Like how you derailed the lolita general to discuss lolcow?

>> No.10164826

That's pretty weird, I've never heard of a lolita doing that. If you meet someone you want to stay in touch with, just add them on facebook. If you want to see their future coords ask if they have instagram or twitter or something. Contact cards seem very business-like.

>> No.10164831
File: 358 KB, 724x1086, 170528211733babs_l.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So since none of the big brands are doing anything interesting right now, what is your favourite Japanese indie brand and what are they doing recently? I love Fairy Wish even though her designs are a lil hit and miss. I love that she still does everything the old school way. She recently made a new IG, fairywish_info

If you want them to stop, don't engage...

>> No.10164843

>people try to police you
Precisely. No one can actually stop you from doing things here so you might as well ignore it. Or report it.

>> No.10164845
File: 96 KB, 640x640, 904030_09_a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Miho Matsuda recently put out their Guji Skirt in pink. I'm so confused.

>> No.10164852

Usually because they're too retarded to realise that it's a social faux pas

>> No.10164858

It is kind of darling though.

>> No.10164859 [DELETED] 

Or maybe because it was more acceptable back then when everyone wasn't such a crybaby

>> No.10164862

I've been wanting to get some cards made, it'd be great for larger meets where it's hard to keep track or everyone you meet
Small scale it's a little pompous

>> No.10164863

Omfg Gretchen, if you keep using that word when you don't even get where the meme came from, can you fucking please go down the lane next time?

>> No.10164866

I know some people buy dress forms to display dresses on. I have found some basic display ones and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions?

>> No.10164870

I think this could be a good idea for large international meets, where not everyone is going to have tons of data to be pulling up fb all the time to add people. Just be sure to keep them cute & casual, not too business-like.

>> No.10164871

I actually got a few from lolitas at several tpc events. Nothing weird about it, I kinda felt nice about receiving them as they weren’t just randomly giving to everyone. Which is key because giving it to everyone = promotion, whereas a few = friends

>> No.10164894

I do this for people at conventions who want a picture of me. That way they can send it to me later.

>> No.10164905

These replies really showed me a difference between lolitas in my country and lolitas in America. We don't have anything related to lolita at cons (unfortunately, I'd love to see more brands in person) but you would also never have cards made because of your fashion style wtf. If you're a cosplay photographer I could understand but at lolita meets it's nagl.

>> No.10164912

I get that, but as someone who doesn't really use them in business it is kind of like a greeting card that says let's be friends to me.
If you are at a small meet it is dumb, you can just stop and add each other on your phone.
The other girl was saying how it looks bad if you just give them to everyone, so really it probably isn't needed.
Sometimes I like to have a Line group open and add people who are interested in talking more as I walk around.

>> No.10164931

there are people who do them for fandoms and stuff. I know idolm@ster fans make cards in japan and more people overseas started doing it as well

>> No.10164933

I mean, business cards for friendship is abnormal in America as well, but it makes sense I guess if you're trying to keep friends you might never see again.

>> No.10164951

I fuckin love it

>> No.10164954

that's like saying your generation was too "crybaby" to called black people "colored". get with the times oldfag and stop whining about language changing. lolita comms are not going to cater to you if you can't progress past high school

>> No.10164957


this was the smallest I could find. The tits are still a little too big for my taste but you'd be surprised how hard it is to find 24" waisted mannqeuins. I personally like them smaller because it's closer to my size and it's just easier to dress/undress them

>> No.10164959

sorry, also forgot to mention that it does look classy and cute in person, and the height is adjustable. I'm happy with it

>> No.10164964 [DELETED] 

I had a listing up that expired, and now there is a buyer asking a lot questions about it. They’ve sent me links to different sites like discord(I don’t use discord) to ask for comparisons and I’m getting really uncomfortable. Has anyone else had a buyer do this? I’ve sold many times before but I’ve never had a buyer ask this many questions and send links like that.

>> No.10164965

Yet we can call people idiots even though that was a term for retards. Just face the facts. Any term for retards is going to eventually become an insult.

>> No.10164974 [DELETED] 

Oh fuck off, pozzed liberal. You know you are on 4chan, yeah?

>> No.10164976 [DELETED] 
File: 392 KB, 720x1480, Screenshot_20190507-224523_Chrome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sissys and the white knight brigade invading the fashion is pretty relevant and not at all off topic.

>> No.10164977

Comparisons to what?

>> No.10164978 [DELETED] 

Colors. I provided more pictures for them but they still keep sending links for me to click on to tell them what it looks like.

>> No.10164980 [DELETED] 

Tell them you only want to communicate through LM. It’s not like they bought it, they can’t do anything to you

>> No.10164986

Just click the discord link and look if it's a more accurate colour

>> No.10164988

4chan isn't your personal blog, no one cares

>> No.10164989 [DELETED] 

No, I just said I’m uncomfortable with that.

I think I’ll just not relist it any time soon and let them know I’m not selling it. From some of their messages it looks like they’re trying to get me to ship to an address not on their PayPal too.

>> No.10164991

what did you say? this is useless when all we know is that you were posting off-topic.

>> No.10164997 [DELETED] 
File: 502 KB, 720x1480, Screenshot_20190507-181911_Chrome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nothing a vocal percentage on here wants to hear, evidently. Am too old for this shit.

>> No.10164999

you're uncomfortable to look at a dress link? stop being such a fucking pussy, discord is a well known website

>> No.10165001

wow, that wasn't even off topic, it directly had to do with general lolita comms. jesus christ, mods are trash

>> No.10165003 [DELETED] 

Is it an image link, or are they trying to get you to message them on discord? You could tell them to upload the image to an image hosting site like imgur.

>> No.10165006

>kek this is brilliant
Any post that has the phrase "kek" might as well be off topic.

>> No.10165007 [DELETED] 

I’m uncomfortable because this persons alledged question, to have reference of what color it is, was answered with them asking me to choose between two colors on a link AND me posting more pics for them but that somehow doesn’t suffice.

Message them. I’m just not going to reply any more after telling them I’m no longer selling. They already sent me an imgur link that I looked at and answered, and somehow that still wasn’t enough on top of me providing more pictures next to different items.

>> No.10165008

wow was this an earnest post and not satire? damn, I retract my earlier statement, this wasn't art, you're just a smelly old garden variety radfem. at least you go around saying this and not masquerading your malicious bigotry so everybody knows to stay the fuck away

>> No.10165009

>imagine other people calling you out on your cuntish behavior? what is this world coming to?
Maybe you should evict some of the sand from your vagina and stop being a bitch?

>> No.10165011

Ah yes. Good ol sand in vagoo meme.

>> No.10165016

you can tell yourself whatever you want if it makes you feel better about being a shitty human being.

>> No.10165027

Legit trans people exist though? There's occassionally the one-off sissy claiminh trans but generally that's few and far between.

>> No.10165040
File: 259 KB, 500x354, 1380472541057.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Senpai, welcome to fashion where everything's been done before and anything is a rip if you look hard enough. Also large brands are known to "get ideas" from smaller artists and make entire collections based off them all the time.

>> No.10165041

kek are you know? this is run of the mill shit for cgl lolitas

>> No.10165042

ugh speech to text

>> No.10165044

Just one. I have three pettis, a small, medium and large petti and I wear whichever one suits my needs. Small for old school, medium for modern casual and large for when the comm has butthole inspections so they can’t see my butthole because there’s just too much tulle

>> No.10165045

nah just gave them more credit than they deserved. people who have their head buried in far right politics often don't realise how close the skirt the line of hilarity and irony. same goes for incels and the like.

I kindof have this headcanon that radfems and incels just need to fuck and then they will stop being so mad all the time.

>> No.10165047

I love these too, but I think it'll be difficult for them to release it again since it's a collab with Yuko Higuchi. She might agree to it though. I asked for the older popcorn jsk/op.

>> No.10165050

I’m from the uk, not America. The lolitas that gave me them were from different countries around the world and this was before phones/battery banks with long charges and emails were more a nice way to pen pal each other until we felt comfortable enough to share our addresses. Also it was nice to see the blogs they had with their comms and lolita adventures.
Damn I really miss good blogs.

>> No.10165053

Same. There isn't really stuff like that anymore. You can only find mommy blogs and ad ridden recipe blogs these days.

>> No.10165072

I think you should just bring a cute memo pad so you can write your info down for someone if they ask. It would accomplish the same thing but be much less weird.

>> No.10165080

Obligatory we did it first post.
Though really OTT lolita is high camp imo, we could do better than those met gala normies.

>headcanon that radfems and incels just need to fuck and then they will stop being so mad all the time
I ship it

>> No.10165083

So you are seriously saying "kek" out loud into your phone.

Wow... just... wow.

>> No.10165086

nah i edited it then missed that, duh

>> No.10165103

There's some on http://www.lolitahistory.com/gallery/index.php?/category/203
it's low res and incomplete but better than nothing i guess

>> No.10165115
File: 631 KB, 595x842, pop(47).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10165119

I usually love space stuff but I'm torn on this. The colorways make me think of astro regimen but it seems to be missing something.

>> No.10165121 [DELETED] 

I absolutely love it. I don’t normally go for this style but with the “charts” and planetary/astrology symbols I have to have it

>> No.10165125 [DELETED] 

We can't do better than those "Met Gala normies" though. Katy Perry did OTT burgerlita better than anyone ever did or will

>> No.10165127

Wow you are so cute and thin. Unlike the rest of the girls here.

>> No.10165132

Dude just ignore them, it’s not that deep

>> No.10165160

Everything is fine but, that 1st guy from right though...

>> No.10165166

I’ve liked many of ap’s recent releases but to me this is really disappointing, it looks like a run of the mill taobao design.

>> No.10165172
File: 403 KB, 640x960, JetJ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Some new stuff from JetJ. The dress is called Argenterie and the OTKs are Couverts de Chausettes.

>> No.10165179
File: 3.01 MB, 1800x2700, JetJ doodles.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10165189

>Ap is taobao meme

>> No.10165190


You can scream meme all you want, but it's a trend that makes sense since AP's biggest demographic are chinese girls who love flashy prints. They just are cashing in on current trends.

>> No.10165195
File: 1.01 MB, 1377x1400, mmm - SOLD OUT.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Candelabra Charm Lace Barrette (燭台チャームレースバレッタ)
Price: 5940 yen (tax included)
>Blue x White, web store only
>Black x Blue (sold out during the initial sale to salon members)
(Purple x White is a LaForet Private Party exclusive)

Diameter: 16 cm

・Rose Cross Lace (Outer circle)
Tulle base 100% Nylon
Embroidery bobbin thread 100% Rayon
Embroidery base thread 100% Cotton
・Rose Lace (inner circle)
Base fabric 100% Nylon
Embroidery thread 100% Rayon

Item#: x-00215-1 (Black x Blue), x-00215-2 (White x Blue)

Release date:
Regular release: May 7, 6pm JST (sold out)
Private Party: June 7

>> No.10165201

I love the cuts. Print isn't my favourite but I'm considering buying it provided it doesn't sell out instantly. Keep going like this, AP.

>> No.10165204
File: 86 KB, 1200x1200, Sheglit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

"Lupinus" Classical Blouse ("Lupinus"クラシカルブラウス)
Price: 15,660 (tax included)
>Blue (ダルブルー)

Length: 55 cm
Shouler width: 33 cm
Bust: 94 cm
Sleeve length: 34 cm
Sleeve opening: 27 cm

Outer material: polyester 100%
Lace: polyester 100%

Item#: 244070

>> No.10165213

>lolita comic : The Potentials on Webtoon
Why shill such a cringe fest on RC?

>> No.10165216


I think it's the polyester fabric, and that they put ivory front and center. A lot of toabao uses polyester, though usually it's several grades lower than the stuff AP likes to use -- AP is usually either softer and sheerer (snags more easily though) or more textured (and hardier).

This kind of difference is really hard to see on a small online photo, though, the only reason I can point out the difference is from having owned several AP chiffon dresses and taobao releases, so now when I look at a taobao photo I feel like the fabric looks unnatural or with AP the light seems to filter through the chiffon in a different way.

The ivory seems to be the worst colourway to showcase it, too. I bet the navy actually looks decent. Maybe they had the idea that ivory shows the lightness of the chiffon they used much better, but in photos it's kind of coming across as a little blurry and faded rather than emphasising its lightness and sheerness.

>> No.10165242

This is beautiful

>> No.10165248

There are no lolita tea-party's at British cons

>> No.10165249
File: 54 KB, 800x800, HTB1bjjodbGYBuNjy0Foq6AiBFXaS.jpg_q50.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

not as beautiful as you anon

>> No.10165250

I will buy the skirt

>> No.10165276

Not liking some "transwomen" aka trannies doesn't make one far right.

>> No.10165295

>scream meme
Whatever anon. You're reading a tone that isn't there.

>> No.10165297

I absolutely love this design but that print is really ugly. I usually like JetJ's weird prints too.

>> No.10165298

Katy Perry actually tried and so wasn't a Met Gala normie. What I meant there was people like Karlie Kloss who didn't even try.

>> No.10165299

Are they going to rerelease sirene?

>> No.10165310 [DELETED] 

It's the fetishist autogynephile trannies that are exactly like incels though.
>reeeeee Stacey won't sleep with me because I'm not a Chad!
>reeeeee Lesbians won't sleep with me because I have a "feminine" rape stick!
They're both clueless, mentally ill, unstable, violent and/or suicidal, and worse, more often than not lack basic hygiene.

>> No.10165336


Sure. Maybe I did, but calling something a meme is a cheap overused response in this world. It’s a clear trend, get over it.

>> No.10165368

I am going to get it. Thanks, Anon!

>> No.10165448


jfc look at that obnoxious comment. it's not like mana fc members were promised exclusive video content of h.naoto. nobody asked for your advice anyway.

>> No.10165450

Do web developers learn how to market clothing brands? I don't get what she means, the video is just (really cool) music and you can see Naoto talking but you can't hear him. Did she not watch it? Even if they did upload a full interview, she should consider people who only watch it for h.Naoto are never going to join that fan club.

>> No.10165452

do you....think the chinese model is selfposting? lmao retard

>> No.10165455

You are the dumbass for taking such weak bait

>> No.10165456 [DELETED] 

The only “legitimate” trannies are the HSTSs that acknowledge that they are not women and transition because society can’t accept effeminate gay men. There are many agp/sissies that get off on the idea of being a fuck toy like they see in porn (because that’s all women are good for amirite?), it’s not just the “one-off”.

>> No.10165457

Probably a crossboarder who’d heard there were girls here and thought he’d le ebin trollolol us by calling us fat.

>> No.10165458 [DELETED] 

I totally agree that there are fucked up trans people out there who prey on lesbians. I know so many trans women who haven't changed their names, don't try to present as trans, and don't go on hrt but expect to be called women and feel entitled to lesbians. as a lesbian I want to have sex with women bodied people.

That being said there are very many kind trans people. I respect trans people for the most part. most of them are just people who want to be respected, but yeah. Also 99% of trans women in lolita tend to be really creepy, but most normie trans women are fine.

>> No.10165460

nah, i smell genuine crossboarding dipshit

>> No.10165461

I love buttons like this. is there a name for it?
please rerelease sirene!!!!!

>> No.10165463

trying to tell mana-sama what to do..baka

>> No.10165477 [DELETED] 

wrongo. fuck off dude.
legit transwomen *are* women. they're not ciswomen, just in another category under 'woman'.

>> No.10165479

I agree with you but please don't take the bait, you'll just spur them on.

>> No.10165480 [DELETED] 

No they aren’t, they are men dressing up as women.

>> No.10165482
File: 595 KB, 1440x1435, Screenshot_20190508-194828_mh1557341350602.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10165483 [DELETED] 

imo this is the most sensible post itt. too bad you'd be called a terf by the trans women you described for rejecting them, though

>> No.10165486 [DELETED] 

If I say I’m a dog, bark like a dog, act like a dog, dress to look like a dog, have surgeries to make me look more like a dog, does that make me a dog? No. It makes me mentally ill. Same with trans.

>> No.10165495 [DELETED] 

humans can't pass as dogs. men can pass as women.and for those who pass well, people call them women before even knowing they're trans.

regardless of that obvious issue, there's also the question of why you would purposefully torment a mentally ill person. I also think it's a mental illness but I'm not going to misgender them because it's just kind of a dick move to do to people with mental issues.

>> No.10165497 [DELETED] 
File: 70 KB, 400x400, dotdotdot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fuck's sake, can we stop with this trans shit? The mods have already nuked this off topic bullshit once and it's happening in two different threads. At least the other thread is talking about comms, the conversation here has nothing to do with lolita here any more.

>> No.10165498

Don't respond to trolls/bait. Report off-topic posts. If you wish to discuss trans people, there's a whole board for that over at >>lgbt

>> No.10165499 [DELETED] 

You, cannot, biologically change what you are. And I have yet to see a trans man that has passed for a woman. People say they exist, but never ONCE have I seen one. You wanting to be something does not make it true. And I’m not saying we torment them, I think they need actual treatment. If transitioning worked as treatment, the number of post op trans who kill themselves would not be anywhere near that high. But society is so focused on correcting other people to be PC that we have not been able to try and find an actual treatment.

>> No.10165502

I'm glad AP is saving my wallet this year, but I want to throw my money and support the low waist releases.

>> No.10165503

Same, I'm meh about the colorways but I want to support the shape

>> No.10165504 [DELETED] 

yeah you can't, but gender is clearly social if passing male transwomen get called women. no one has a gene detector installed in their brain. I'm actually surprised you've never seen one. They're not as numerous as badly passing ones but they're not that hard to find. Some of them just look like regular kinda ugly women.

So far, their treatment is just "help them transition". That's basically it. What other treatment do you propose to come up with that psychologists and doctors haven't already? People have been trying for years.

>> No.10165505 [DELETED] 

Institutionalize them. Only way to deal with them until further testing of treatments can be done. We institutionalize others with mental illnesses that compel them to hurt themselves so why not trannies? Not even going to address your strawman of gender being “social”, because only a literal retard would believe that.

>> No.10165507

You know what to do but you commented instead.

>> No.10165509

No, my comment only came because I'm getting sick of doing it over and over. But I'll delete my comment since it hasn't had any effect anyway.

>> No.10165510 [DELETED] 

it is social, otherwise passing ones would be instantly detected as men. but they're not. because they look and sound female and random people they interact with can't tell. it's that easy to understand.

and no, we don't institutionalize drug addicts and smokers and alcoholics and other people who want to hurt themselves in various ways. we only institutionalize people who are actively wanting to commit suicide, or people like schizos who can't physically care for themselves. so yeah, that's just plain false

>> No.10165511

obvious baiter in every thread, jfc. no one cares

>> No.10165512 [DELETED] 

I don’t know about you but where I live they do institutionalize drug addicts and self harmers. Also illnesses like anorexia and bulimia can get you admitted to in patient treatment where you can’t leave unless you show improvement. Maybe you just live in a shithole

>> No.10165513
File: 64 KB, 335x335, heh.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>all this shit in a thread where the OP image is a brolita
>my fucking sides
This place truly never changes

>> No.10165515
File: 45 KB, 550x473, Mana-jrock-17090710-550-473.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So Mana's pretty great.

Can't say sometimes I'm bemused with what MmM is doing now, but you can't deny his influence on gothic lolita.

>> No.10165517

do TERFs just hate mana, too? I don't understand

>> No.10165518
File: 477 KB, 720x1182, mana_buymyshit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I agree, all hail Mana-sama. Even though he's having a bit of a midlife crisis and his brand is doing weird shit, I will always love him. I really wish they'd find a new designer though.

>> No.10165520
File: 304 KB, 500x342, 1544558632505.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We just have to holdout hope. I'm sure they'll provide in time. Just gotta be patient.

>> No.10165521 [DELETED] 

Which country do you live in where drug addicts are institutionalized??

>> No.10165522
File: 129 KB, 500x426, mana_unamused.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't know, but finding out that answer would involve talking to them and they're too boring for me to bother. Who cares what they think anyway, without Mana gothic lolita would either not exist or be very different. I wonder what it would be like...

>> No.10165524
File: 84 KB, 667x1024, managlb17b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


God yes, agree on finding a new designer. I would kill for more tulle overlay dresses.

>> No.10165525

they're either insane sweetfags or prudish classicfags.

>> No.10165526 [DELETED] 

we dont hate mana or brolitas, we just hate gender confused perverts invading our spaces and using our fashion as a soapbox.

>> No.10165527

How long has it been since they last had a designer? After the rereleases last year I thought they might be about to hire the lady from Fairy Wish again, but sadly it never happened. I wonder why they haven't found any. I feel like it would be a good gig for a relatively new designer but guess gothic lolita isn't trendy with newly graduated Bunka students anymore...

>> No.10165529

>tulle overlay dresses

>> No.10165531

there are none, they're making shit up to bait you. stop fucking responding to it

>> No.10165532

mana is the exception not the rule

>> No.10165533 [DELETED] 

Mana isn’t trans you absolute retard

>> No.10165535 [DELETED] 

I have been, actually. Mostly when I used tinder and swiped right on everyone. Dark times. I would get a lot of women with beards and short hair, so when I would say "sorry not interested, but we can be friends if you want to hang out" they would become very upset. I know "passing" costs a lot of money and being trans is very much a privilege, but it doesn't cost much to shave the beard or try makeup out.
I think a lot of people who are lolitas are terfs because there are a lot of predatory men who pretend to be trans to invade lolita spaces or who see the fashion as sexual no matter what. I have a very small comm and in the past year two men have come in. One attempted to physically assault me and the other said that he was a lesbian in a mans body who wanted to have sex with lolitas (I had to pm the mods to remove them). I imagine lots of lolita communities have problems with weirdos like this. You gotta remind yourself that these people aren't really trans, they're just mentally ill creeps attaching themselves to trans-ness because they want to invade womens spaces. Sadly it feels like these awful people represent the trans group as a whole sometimes.

>> No.10165547 [DELETED] 

Get out of this phase already.

>> No.10165549

AP is the last lolita brand that needs that. Someone else will buy them if you don't.

>> No.10165576 [DELETED] 

But these people freak out about men in general invading women’s spaces like Lolita. Not just trans people

>> No.10165581 [DELETED] 

most "terfs" don't mind cis men, they just hate trans women who realized they were trans 3 months ago and act like they know the struggles of being a woman

>> No.10165582 [DELETED] 

why doesn't anyone just out these sissies at their workplaces or to their families for their creepy behavior? Or is their whole thing that they're such losers it doesn't matter?

>> No.10165600 [DELETED] 

Lmao, gotta love it when handmaiden libfems completely disregard biology.

>> No.10165669

Can you delete instagram comments? Feeling strong secondhand embarrassment rn

>> No.10165673 [DELETED] 

How does not liking sissies make one insane or prude?

>> No.10165674

They posted that when they rereleased Sirene in late Feburary >>10102082

>> No.10165676

Missed ya

>> No.10165724
File: 170 KB, 900x1200, D6CkWHeU8AATVBO.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

does anyone know of any lolitas from China who have any comment about Misako meeting with Winnie the Pooh? China censors Winnie the Pooh a lot because of his resemblance to President Xi.

>> No.10165734 [DELETED] 

He's not trans though, just a crossdresser. And I do think it's a little fucked up. Him and Novala.

>> No.10165808

No, because they see nothing wrong with (non-sexual) cross dressing as long as the man doesn’t claim to be a woman. Most radfems I’ve met are super gendernonconforming themselves.

>> No.10165878

Fuck you I had to google that and now I have even less faith in humanity

>> No.10165881

I’m not a TERF but I’d probably be called one because I hate sissies with a burning passion.
Mana is a crossdresser so he’s fine. A sissy is intruding our private space for the sake of his fetish which isn’t fine. It’s easy to tell the difference between a guy wearing lolita and a disgusting fetishist.

>> No.10165888

Smh they didn't even put skirts as a cut you can choose. I wrote I want skirts as my comment but I don't think there's any hope. At least we still have Jane Marple and Btssb...

>> No.10165890 [DELETED] 

Why do you talk about them then? If you hate them you should be happy most of the trans/sissy bait was deleted from the general but you still continue to reply to it. Please stfu.

>> No.10165918

if that's really all it takes for you to lose faith in humanity then you might as well kys already

>> No.10165951
File: 34 KB, 407x588, w2cthishat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

someone said this hat was a Chess Story release but I can't really find any other details on their TB storefront.

I really need this hat-bonnet-lovechild. Anyone know if it's just upcoming and Misako was teasing a future release? or, is it older?

>> No.10165954 [DELETED] 

people like to vent anon?

>> No.10165958

I share your understanding, Anon. It’s easy to identify a male wear lolita is a sissy and who’s not. Funk is a sissy whereas Mana is not.

>> No.10165965 [DELETED] 

Fucking thank you. A sane voice for once.
TRAs love to call people TERFs but almost no one knows the true meaning and thoughts behind them. They like to say that TERFs are Nazis, call for violence, etc. But literally radfems support cross dressers and don't support gender stereotypes. No TERF ever has called for violence or hate towards trans people. We just hate fetishists that try and pretend they're women, silence women and kick them out of their own spaces, and make everything about themselves.

>> No.10165967

>Funk is a sissy
you have zero basis for this fucking slander dude.
FB actually tries and loves the fashion.

this is the kind of shit that gets newfriends in trouble. you've been on the board for all of 2 minutes and then confidently spew things that are false. why? just don't.
you don't even know what a sissy is.

>> No.10165975 [DELETED] 

you clearly don't even know the group you claim to be a member of. TERFs hate transwomen with a burning suspicion, with no exception.
the fucking destructive irony of seeing all men or people with "male" parts as dangerous enemies.

feminism is supposed to serve and protect femmes and those who would like to genuinely express their femininity. it's not only about women.
fuck TERFs. hatefully generalizing, and spitting on the hard work of all of the brave loving people fighting for gender equality and freedom of expression.
Whether you think I'm being dramatic or not, it's stormfront-level separatist bullshit.

>> No.10165976

Neither? That's by a Japanese designer (@ponyscarousel on Twitter).
They sell them at different events, here's one website that stocks them.

>> No.10165979
File: 438 KB, 1374x1832, bitch, I missed you.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh my gosh, thank you so much anon

>> No.10165980

stop replying to bait. this TERF is shitting up every thread

>> No.10165986

CGL is a bunch of hateful cunts who love and hate people based almost solely on their faces, with coords being very secondary. FB is very obviously not a sissy and is only attacked as such because he has sharp features. That classic tranny was only loved because he shooped himself into being feminine and beautiful. Even actual women are insulted by gulls as being trans just for having sharp features

You can deny it if you want but it's bullshit, plastic surgery is not cheap or accessible in most of the US. Even where it is accessible it can only do so much

>> No.10165994

Anna was cute though and had fantastic coording skills and a boss wardrobe.
I'm not into throwing him under the bus because I appreciate both him and FB.

>> No.10165995

i feel so bad when girls in cute coords get called sissies or trannies just because of the face they were born with. not every ugly woman is a man and it's sad how that's the automatic conclusion people jump to

>> No.10166001

I don't think it's gulls saying that. But you all are so gullible it's not even funny.

>> No.10166002

so you think those are crossboarders? they probably don't even know how big of an issue sissies are for our community

>> No.10166013

it isn't a big issue, that's why they sound like crossboarders

>> No.10166046 [DELETED] 

Trans women literally hate women though.

>> No.10166048

it's an issue to the point that our groups have to be closed and screen new members. it's definitely an issue more than other hobbies or even other fashions. I don't think a random crossboarder baiting would know that

>> No.10166077

Why would they have to know. Men from other boards like to come here and insult women. The easiest way that they think of to do that is saying they look like a man.

>> No.10166084 [DELETED] 

This. TIMs don’t care about the women they want to skin walk.

>> No.10166091

>feminism is not only about women
Good job at proving the anon you quoted right.

>> No.10166094 [DELETED] 

Transwomen are literally incels with skirts, there no point in defending them.

>> No.10166095 [DELETED] 


Who are you GC sister and how can I find one of you in my comm?

>> No.10166100

??? Most hobby related facebook groups have to screen there members

>> No.10166134 [DELETED] 

A Bay Area gal tired of everyone’s shit. I’m positive I won’t be able to find other GC feminists because everyone is so far up TIMs assholes that women are afraid to speak up.

>> No.10166139

Is there a name for that black n pink dress because fuck I love it
Or a lolibrary link would be nice
Reverse image search can't help me for this one

>> No.10166140

I literally could not care less about this bullshit, it is completely irrelevant to most people's experiences in the fashion. Hiding this thread now, like most people probably already have. I hope you're happy that you've completely hijacked what's usually a peaceful discussion thread. I might even agree with you on some points, but this is just fucking stupid and off-topic now. Well done on completely alienating people who might agree with you otherwise.

>> No.10166142 [DELETED] 

>feminism isn’t only about women
yes it is you absolute fucking retard, feminism is about liberating woman born women from the patriarchy. Jesus Christ why are libfems such handmaidens?

>> No.10166154

The entire general is being taken over by trans bait even after the mods deleted lots of posts. Stop replying to them.

>> No.10166161

Google or lolibrary search Twirling Ribbon by AP

>> No.10166162

Thank you!

>> No.10166178

Can confirm, I have been called a man several times so I stopped posting to CoF. I'm just an ugly cis woman. None of the comments were about my coord, they were all about my face and neck. I don't blame trans women for that though, I blame paranoia about sissy invasions.

>> No.10166303
File: 942 KB, 1894x922, 129837192873.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10166304

are you dumb?

>> No.10166317

Did USA get this?? Did I just miss it??

>> No.10166318

Yes and yes.

>> No.10166324

Granted AP Paris sent out a newsletter with the Strawberry Doll special set listed, but if this is true I wish APUSA was more regular about announcing new stock; it's so often under the radar.

>> No.10166326
File: 45 KB, 467x560, 2596ae8bba25342111861960ee36a1a7c870a851_hq.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10166327

Get on their email list.

>> No.10166329

It wasn't in their emails. What are you on about?

>> No.10166330

Anon complained about AP USA not announcing their stock and their email is the most reliable method of hearing about new things so I suggested it. Wash the sand out of your cunt.

>> No.10166331

This is a dumb question but how do I get on the email list for AP?

>> No.10166333

Buy from them.

>> No.10166338

APUSA is often late with their emails or they don't announce certain items, such as random stock they receive that's not part of the weekly release. I don't think they've even sent out this week's newsletter.

>> No.10166341

nayrt, I didn't receive an email about it. I check APUSA pretty frequently too and didn't see a single announcement.

>> No.10166343

You should learn how to read. Not only did I not say they announced it through email, but learning to read will help you if they ever do announce something you want.

I got this weeks, and they’re always on time for me.

>> No.10166348

How is that supposed to help here? She complained about announcements being late regardless of being on the email list. I told you it wasn't in emails any way. I'm doing everything right and still missed it?

>> No.10166351
File: 84 KB, 630x375, himariset.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Production for Innocent World's Himari set is being increased due to popular demand. Reservations will go back up for the set 05/14 3PM JST.

>> No.10166353

Please show me where in or before this post >>10166324 anon said she was on the email list.

>> No.10166354

Also you aren’t doing *everything* right if you missed it.

>> No.10166355

Post proof. Their website is shit so I wouldn't be surprised if their email server was too.

Create an account on their website anon.

>> No.10166356

>post proof

Damn there’s a lot of summerfags around here lately.

>> No.10166358

Yeah, exactly. You can't even name what volume it was in because it wasn't posted.

>> No.10166359 [DELETED] 

Are you on your period or something? Is that why you’re being so moody and unreasonable?

>> No.10166363

who let this man in a lolita thread

>> No.10166365 [DELETED] 


I’m not, just trying to find a reason for you being such a cunt. I know when girls your age, 11-12, first get their periods they don’t know how to handle their emotions. Unless you’re saying you’re just always a bitch?

>> No.10166380

>thinking I'm the same person as whoever you were arguing with
sorry, it's just obvious that you're a man if you're saying dumb shit like "are you on your period". either that or that's some heavy projection about your own behavior

>> No.10166381

>"you're being so moody and unreasonable"
>slinging insults and going off-topic instead of just showing proof easily with a screenshot
Yikes. Projection, much?

>> No.10166383

My bad, I assumed only one person could be that particular level of stupid and a cunt at one time.

>le ebin buzzwords

>> No.10166385

>using greentext and quotation marks at the same time


>> No.10166387

just post proof instead of going off topic, retard. stop being irrationally upset and show us how right you are

>> No.10166392 [DELETED] 

Fun fact, you are not a mod, and can not police what other people post, so Im going to do what I want even though you clearly can’t handle it

>> No.10166393

you could just end this with a screenshot instead of getting angry and calling everyone cunts on their periods

>> No.10166396

....are you trying to bait mods?

anyway back on topic, >>10166355 their website is embarrassingly shit. I'm still surprised their image quality is so poor. Paris does way better

>> No.10166399 [DELETED] 

Maybe if people weren’t acting like cunts on their periods it would stop

>> No.10166402

this is a pretty verbose and off-topic way of saying "i have no proof". AP USA sucks shit, what else is new

>> No.10166406

I'm not gonna give any of the trolls in this thread a (you) but I work for a website that has members who are subscribed to our emails and the company can confirm emails go out but we still hear from people who show us screenshots that prove they should have gotten an email but they don't get the email.

This is a pretty common tech issue... I have no doubt in my mind AP USA experiences common tech issues.

>> No.10166410
File: 60 KB, 538x867, 004309cd-fae6-4495-bfcf-23c1a1cd6e4b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Isn't it also the problem that Mana isn't as involved anymore? According to some rumors I heard, he split up with his wife/partner and she took control of Moitie and sold it to wunderwelt, and now though Mana still works with Moitie, promoting it and such, he doesn't have as much input as he used to. Maybe management has changed a lot and so it's harder to find a new designer?

>> No.10166412

god it's fucking summer huh

>> No.10166421

It's interesting to note that all the emails are labeled with a volume number, so I can check that I haven't in fact missed any.

>> No.10166446

>According to some rumors I heard, he split up with his wife/partner and she took control of Moitie and sold it to wunderwelt, and now though Mana still works with Moitie, promoting it and such, he doesn't have as much input as he used to.
Big if true.

>> No.10166457

I'm sure he would s say something if true. He had a fit when he felt excluded from GLB.

>> No.10166460

People say this all year, it's dumb

>> No.10166533

>women I disagree with need to be fucked into submission

gee how progressive!

>> No.10166595

>>10166461 new thread

>> No.10166626

Anyone see Akira got married in March? I’m so happy for her.

>> No.10166679

I said the tea party club events when I received them from people from different people while talking to them. It’s a cute way to save phone battery and it’s a nice keepsake too especially if they are cute.

>> No.10166757

can you read?

>> No.10166816

i fully support trans people, and i think terfs are obnoxious and vile, but like... we need to be careful about men trying to worm their way into a fashion dominated by teenage girls/young women. it's generally not really hard to tell the difference between a sissy, a crossdressing dude, and a genuine trans girl. if it's a sissy or other fetishist, he needs to be removed immediately for the lolitas' safety.

>> No.10166841

wholeheartedly seconding this
all the fetishits,agps and sissies are making it harder

>> No.10168932

Can guys do lolita fashion?

>> No.10168939

Absolutely. But just like anyone else who isn't already kawaii~uguu or classically beautiful, you'll probably have to put in a lot more effort to look presentable.

>> No.10169206

What beginner sources or dresses are there?

>> No.10169207 [DELETED] 

Lurk more newfag

>> No.10169211


>> No.10169214 [DELETED] 

>tfw we’ve gotten to the point of spoonfeeding newfags what brands are

They should just delete this board desu

>> No.10169216

read this first http://www.fyeahlolita.com/

>> No.10169219

>”i think terfs are obnoxious and vile, but like...”
>supports major terf talking point

>> No.10169273

New thread

>> No.10169273,1 [INTERNAL] 

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