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No name dropping, but whats the worst encounter you've had in this community?

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Not that bad I guess but I’ve just met so many people who try to promo themselves on social media as being nice people and they almost always use the phrase cosplay positivity or something. Then you meet them irl and they are total assholes in person

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Unfortunately I have also seen a lot of that too, various well known cosplayers are known to act like they're super inclusive, but turn out to be total back stabby cunts that often are quite hypocritical in terms of what they preach.

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person i was close friends with purposely would talk me into cosplaying with them, then dip out last minute and tell me i was on my own when it came time to putting together said cosplay. told me to google, but would offer free help and lessons to her fb friends and followers.

person got thirsty for attention and dropped me and other people for a cosplay comm, then spread a lot of nasty rumors to make themselves look good. even when i moved states, they attempted to drop any info they had on me to randos "just to keep an eye out". eventually i quit cosplaying. person still tells other people about me, despite us not speaking for almost 5 years now, i know this from mutual friends.

the comfort i get is that they've hit her peak and resorts to using their more popular friends to stay relevant. doesn't work too well - only really became sort of known in their hometown. lol

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I’ve noticed the behavior even in people with tiny followings. I’m not surprised when someone with a big following let’s it go to their head but someone with less than 1k? Like bitch you don’t even have a reason to be stuck up? Some people just have shitty personalities

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Holy shit I experienced almost the exact same thing as you. Even the timelines are similar and the rumor spreading.

In my case the bitch dropped our long time group to hang out with some more popular cosplayers, but eventually they all stopped talking to her. She bought 40k Instagram followers to try and seem relevant, not realizing that her likes on posts wouldn’t increase alongside her follower count so it’s super obvious. I was pretty mad at her for awhile, but now the whole thing has backfired on her so I can laugh about it

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That sucks man, some people will do whatever they can to gain fame and cash. You just gotta keep in mind that they were always like that, it was just hidden until the temptation of fame presented itself. I have had a few friends who have turned into egomaniacs via cosplay groups and desperately cling onto any famous people they can, hoping to become the new Jessica Nigz. You can take solace in the fact that cosplayers generally hit their peak in their 30s, and then theyre just aging memories, newer, more tasteful flavors of the month pop up. Besides, cosplay kinda had its peak and now its just dying down a bit or plateauing.

Sorry that you had to deal with that shittiness, it hurts having a friend betray you.

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Yeah its true, it always seems like a common theme for them to start out so humble, and caring of their fanbase, then turns into garbage Human beings with this snobby ego. Cosfamous people arent even B-list stars, so wtf does that make people lesser than them in fame, y'know?

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Hehe, yeah its common to see cosplayers buy bots on fb, insta, twitter, etc.

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it's kind of fucked up but our narrative seems to be more common that i'd hoped. but like anon below mentioned, cosplay can potentially expose the nastiest side of people and it was bound to happen. and i feel you! my best friend who was one of the people they tried to manipulate and ended up being the one who has motivated me to try cosplay again...she always reminded me that the people who mind don't matter and the people who matter don't mind.

yeah, i've experienced hate even from non-cosplay individuals, and i've learned that having a strong sense of self-awareness is what drives these types of people insane. before, my main desire from cosplay was to make geeky friends who'd want to dress up together. i was not interested in numbers, and even though my former friend claimed they were doing it for the love, it became pretty clear that they were fame-hungry. they even had the gall to talk shit to my best friend directly because she got picked as a cosplay judge and they didn't lol. i think when you are a genuinely likable person and you don't have to try hard for or buy attention, you become a target for that type of negativity. i appreciate it, but no need to be sorry. 5 years ago i was really immature and dealt with things badly, i know i instigated her hatred but they took it to unreal levels. i really want to try cosplaying again, but yeah as a grownass person i've learned not to make friends with people like that - the ones that don't change despite having plenty of opportunities to do so

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the "friend" who got me into cosplay turned out to be a manipulative bitch who would yell at me when i sewed things badly. i had no idea how to sew before this. would also grope me and make fun of me when helping me do measurements.

i've happily dropped cosplay for lolita and i will never see that person again.

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Being grouped while waiting in a line.

Having multiple gays come on to me way to hard.

People saying shit during masquerades about contestants who are clearly young kids.

Lot if the drama with Facebook.

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I went on a date to a local con once. I figured I should dress up a little nicer. instead of the midwest standard. I grabber a nice striped green and dark green shirt I got for my birth day a few weeks ago, and a nice pair of pants.
I walk in to the con. everybody is being super friendly and waving at me. being more friendly than normal. ticket person calls me Steve. which I thought was odd. because I just gave them my name.
turns out I accidentally did a perfect blues clues cosplay on accident.

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Didn't happen to me but to a friend.

>semi e-famous cosplayer with lots of followers knows my friend
>has booth at local con
>asks friend to do pair cosplay with her
>friend agrees
>do the cosplay on Saturday, con's busiest day
>cosplayer goes to her booth with friend
>ditches friend because she wants to go wander around
>friend left manning the booth for cosplayer
>turns out offer was really just to get free labour to work at her booth
>friend can't hang out with other friends
>friend is pissed, cuts ties with e-famous cosplayer

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>agree to do panty and stocking with friend
>ask her which day
>’i was thinking saturday’
>oh sorry i have a cosplay meet on saturday can we do it sunday instead
>’sure no problem’
>on saturday literally walk past her doing a photoshoot on the sidewalk in stocking cosplay
>never talk to her again
>never do a group cosplay again

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I don’t understand. She can’t cosplay Stocking on both days?

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nah, she was one of those 3 cosplays per con people and considering she basically dropped all communication after the initial exchange, i think she really and truly didnt care if i was included or not

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That sucks, then. What a weird thing to ghost someone on.

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not the cosplay community necessarily but I had a friend from school I'd always take to cons. She lived on the other side of the city so she'd stay at my house for the three day con weekend, coming straight over after school. She was the most important person in the world to me, and she started distancing herself but never told me what I was doing wrong. I spent hundreds on her trying to buy her back, drew her characters constantly, toned back my personality in case thats what was offending her, but she just left. Completely cut ties. only realized i loved her afterwards, which made me come to terms with the fact that I was a lesbian. She was one of my only friends.
To this day I still cant talk to people because I'm worried I could say one thing wrong and they'd hate me. I always fear everyone in my life secretly despises me & will leave me at the drop of the hat.
I found out recently it was literally just because I asked her to go to sleepovers regularly.

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>had this friend from school
>kind of weird loner and i was one of her only friends
>liked anime and shit too so we went to cons together
>lived across the city so id stay at her house when we went to cons together
>she started acting real fucking clingy
>buying me so much shit i dont want
>pumping out endless terrible 3/4 bust shots of my ocs
>’let’s have a fifth sleepover this month, anon!!!’
>started to ease out before the crazy took me
>she FREAKS, starts completely changing her personality
>begs me to tell her whats wrong why dont i hang out with her anymore
>realize i gotta run before she gets the special senpai chloroform
>years later i run into her again
>new friend group, honest about being a massive dyke
>maybe shes cool now
>’haha.....i know its been years anon but ive just never been able to stop thinking about it........why did we stop hanging out as kids? we were so close’
>oh hahahaha my mom just stopped wanting to drive me for all the sleepovers and i didnt know how to tell you

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>queer kid falls for childhood friend, inevitably goes to shit
It’s a tale as old as time, but it never gets easier to hear.

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When I was 15 my friends ditched me for 4 hours at a con and wouldn't pick up their phones. The next day I said I wanted to go to the j fashion fashion show and they basically said "well XXX wants to go to xyz and we're going with her" and then I saw them later at the fashion show :/

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Not that bad compared to some people's stories, but this is just one of the shitty things this ex-'friend' did to me back when I knew her.

>Be 13-14, cosplaying for the 2nd time ever
>This time stupidly decide to cosplay a character with super long hair when I have no idea how to take care of a wig
>Go to local con with friend, separate when we get there, have fun wandering around con, meet up again when we're ready to leave
>On the bus ride back, I talk about being unsure how to best detangle and smooth out my wig. She pipes up that she's "great" with wigs and offers to take it off my hands for the night, detangle it and give it back in the morning
>Morning comes, I walk over to her place to pick up the wig and go to the con together
>mfw wig is literally a tangled mess, MUCH worse than when I gave it to her, normal hair brush literally matted into the wig
>Don't remember what I said to her, probably too much of a pussy to ask her wtf she did to it and how ask she turned it into such a rat's nest. But I'm pretty obviously crushed
>Her dad says we're leaving in 5 minutes, I ask to borrow a comb and and scissors, start tearfully trying to salvage the wig
>Spend the entire ride balancing the wig on my lap, on the verge of tears trying to get all the knots out and make it vaguely wearable. She doesn't remotely give a shit and ignores me the entire ride, immediately goes her separate way when we get to the con

I'm convinced she purposefully destroyed my wig for some petty bullshit reason.

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You should try it again mate, theres still a generally nice community, and most people are good hearted. Have fun with it all, thats all that matters.

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Jesus, yeah its good that you cut that person out of your life, that is toxic relationship. Experiences like that are rough, but its good that you knew to get out of there, and to cut ties.

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Facebook has become a playground for toxic cosfamous folk to send out personal vendettas or to shamelessly express their egotism.

Ive also noticed a good amount of creeps building up in the community too, since yeh mentioned the inappropriate young kids incident you experienced. Thats sadly a common thing, along with groping, and unwanted flirting.

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Hahaha, thats fucking beautiful.

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Yeah, I have little to no respect for most famous cosplayers. They all seem like they think they're God's gift to mankind, be they some thot, or muscle douche. Don't get me wrong, you can be a hot person, and be nice, or say be an attractive lady, or well built man, and be friendly, hell most of the muscle bros at cons are some the kindest people ive ever met in my life, but the famous ones always turn out to be douchebags, almost always.

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Meh, yer better off without fake people like that.

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Lesbians don't exist, but thats sad btw.

It hurts when one invests so much time into wanting just simple interaction with another person, just because they're fond of their company, only to be ignored or shunned. Don't let that discourage you from opening up to others, or trying to meet others. You should never have to "tone down your personality" in order to make friends, or to pine for their attention when they wont even give you a minute of the day. Those people are garbage, and don't care about you, so don't care about them. There is plenty of other friendly, and good folk who will care for you out there.

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...is this the chick that anon above was talking about?

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Damn, that sucks toes mang. Yeah she sounds like a psycho who was only trying to sabotage you out of jealousy.

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No anon.
That person was lying, on the internet, to hurt somebodys feelings.

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i didn't realize until i made new friends that made me realize real friends aren't mean to you. it sucks that there tends to be a lot of toxic people in the cosplay community i just hope everyone can have people in their life who support them rather than hurt

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one person i was barely friends with was like this. she was nice to everyone at cons but in person she was screaming the n word and calling people retards

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this is cute though

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i told them i had a line up for a con already and even gave them my mspaint made lineup collage
they were obsessed with a kids show and wanted me to cosplay with them. i said sure but another time and reminded them yet again that i already planned my lineup for the con
my friend sends me progress pics of the wig of the character they wanted me to be
i said it looks nice and reminded them for the 3rd or 4th time that I already had a lineup and couldn't cosplay as her.
day of con. they dont bother texted me at all
a month later i see they did our tradition of putting on music in the lobby and dancing
i texted one of the 2 friends and she blew up on me and said it was my fault for not cosplaying with them.
second friend was her girlfriend so she blocked me as well after first friend did. i even tried talking it out with her and she said nah man and blocked me
these two people being my best friends for over 7 years at the time really broke my heart

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Those two sound like giant cunts if they throw away a 7 year friendship just because you already had plans and wouldn’t submit to their will

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It was a real shitshow around the end of it, yeah. I know she hates me now, but I'd do anything to get her back in my life.

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>be 17
>plan to go to london con with cosplay friend i've known for about a year we've hung out at cons a bunch know each other pretty well
>due day comes and I get the train to london, solid 6 hour train ride, alone
>"hi friend, i'm at the station now where are you?"
>"i'm 30 mins away just wait there"
>30 mins goes by, ring friend
>no answer, keep ringing, texting, fb msging no response
>stranded at the train station for 5 hours in central London, freaking the fuck out
>phone on 3% last resort is to ring someone i knew was at the same con
>we were staying at my "friends" friend flat
>he contacts her friend and get a call in 0.2 seconds
>directions to her flat, 5 min walk from station
>that bitch is sat there on her phone, i ask her wtf happened
>fully broken down from freaking out at the station
>idk i was busy

I was ditched for the entire weekend at the con, if she didnt want me to come she could have told me and i would have found someone else to stay with. Best part about this is that to this day she still hasn't read the fb msgs i sent to her all those years ago

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My dad drove her literally fucking everywhere because her parents were too lazy to do shit, so no. It's an impersonation.

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You gotta move on, anon. It’s harder when you’re young and can’t rely on your friends and family to help you process heartbreak the way straight kids can, but once you find a real gf or even just other gay friends it’ll get way easier.

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they were great friends for so long and then that shit happened
idk if anyone else gets that feeling of losing a best friend where it literally feels like youve been dumped/broken up with, but i really felt that pain
its been so many years since it happened and i tried contacting one of them recently and they instantly blocked me

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I want to say I've moved on, I hardly think of her in my normal life, but when posts like this pop up shes the first thing I think of. I've had a girlfriend since, but really noone's ever been able to make me laugh or cheer me up the way my old friend could. I've always struggled with depression and an ED, and she was always able to help me feel momentarily better.

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im the anon from above you
i think the reason why it felt like a break up was because i fell in love with the girl making my wig
whats up with all this unrequited lesbian/bi love anon

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Cause girls suck :'(
Honestly I'm bewildered too.

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If it's any consolation, if you only "realize" you were in love with the person after they're no longer that into you, it's possible you're just mistaken with your feelings. Losing important friends hurts just the same, and especially when you're younger it's easy to mistake strong feelings as love or hate when you don't have much experience with relationships.
During my life I've had three really important friends bust out the "but anon I'm actually in love with you and have been for years" speech whenever they were no longer monopolizing my friendship. Obviously I'm not heartless so I'd try to balance my time better between them and other friends. Every single time when they realized they weren't going to lose me, it was only a matter of a couple of weeks before they'd go "oh I no longer like you / I was mistaken sorry". Keep in mind they were all girls who aside from this have shown no interest in the same sex.
So after experiencing the same things on three different occasions by three different people I am wholeheartedly convinced that young girls, especially those who are into weebshit, are capable of telling themselves they're attracted to someone (even when that's not the case) as that justifies their strong feelings and broken heart after being "dumped". If they had never been in that situation, they would have never "realized" it, because that wasn't how it actually was and they just wanted to romanticize their hurt feelings. I'm solely attracted to girls myself, so you can probably imagine how bitter and wary those experiences made me and now I only have shallow relationships because I don't want to deal with overly dramatic girls mistaking their
While I'm not sure if that's what's going on with you guys, it gave me an excuse to share my years old salt on the subject, and hopefully you'll be able to move on if you try to think that it might not have been as big of a deal as your adolescent mind thought it was at the time.

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>overly dramatic girls mistaking their feelings*
Is what I meant to say. Sorry for the tl;dr.

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uh actually anon i loved her since middle school but k

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>Make friends with this guy through a mutual in the con scene and hit it off, we hang out at the cons and do some panels together.
>Friend has a tendency to be very hardheaded and always tries to get the last word in. I’m not bothered by it initially due to it being hard for me to make con friends at the time and he was a good person and was always there when I was having problems with work or family.
>I start to see a therapist to work through my issues, become more confident and social.
>We decide to do a panel on a shared interest, we’re both big fans and he has done a panel on it in the past.
>Friend’s identity almost completely revolves around this shared interest and he always has to prove he’s the biggest fan compared to everyone else.
>He shoots down all my suggestions for this panel we were supposed to do together, he feels the panel is perfect as is. Decide not to start a fight over it because I still wanted to contribute in my way and I would get a free badge.
>Con rolls around and we do our panel. During the panel every time I open my mouth to talk and share my thoughts and experiences my friend says something snarky to put me down or prove that he’s the biggest fan in the room. I fight the urge to get up and leave and finish the panel. I say a quick goodbye and leave. I try to avoid my friend for the rest of the con and hang with my other friends instead.
>After the con I decide to create my own panel on this shared interest. I’ve never done a panel all on my own from scratch and I really wanted to not only test myself, but do the panel my way and use all the ideas my friend rejected.


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>A small local con is looking for panels so I put in an application. My panel is accepted and I get to work on it. Great chance to try this out before I submit it to any big cons. My friend asks if I need help, politely turn him down, citing how I wanted to challenge myself. Still afraid to tell my friend about how’s he’s been treating me.
>Hanging out at my friend’s place with some mutuals the week before the con. Mutuals ask about my panel. Friend then goes out of his way to shit talk the con and the quality of their panels and they’ll take just anyone who applies, including me.
>Really hurt by this. Our mutuals stick up for me and he refuses to back down and continues to shit talk the con and my panel, which I haven’t even done yet.
>I message him on fb and finally let him know how I feel, how I’m sick of him always putting me down and how I wanted to do this panel on my own because he didn’t want to use any of my ideas. I tell him despite all that I still want to remain friends but there are things he needs to work on so we can keep our relationship.
>Friend doesn’t respond, instead he removes himself from the fb event I made for my panel and posts a passive aggressive “woe is me, I need friends who love me for who I am” update on his fb. That is clearly about me. He didn’t want to talk about things at all.
>Con comes around. My panel is a huge hit. The room fills to capacity and I get tons of compliments and positive feedback.
>Friend comes to my panel halfway through, sits there seething, and bolts the minute I’m done, without a word. Guess we’re not friends anymore.

Tbh I’m glad this relationship is over but I still feel sad about how things went down. I gave my friend every chance to respond and even set time aside so we could talk at the con but I guess that was just asking for too much. He just rather pretend all of the above never happened and we're still cool.

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And what I was trying to say was that what your middle school self thought was love might have been just misunderstood affection or an exaggerated crush that you just kept feeding into as you got older. It's the same with nostalgia: you remember things as way better than they actually were because that's how you perceived them as a child, but if you revisit them when you're older they might not be as great as you remembered. I even said that obviously that's not the case for everyone, but I sure as hell remember being overly dramatic during middle school and recognize that maybe I shouldn't take all of my memories at face value because it entirely possible that something I back then thought was a huge deal wouldn't even bother me these days. I genuinely don't care though, if you want to spend your life lamenting over a person who you loved as a teen then that's all well and good.

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More like I was able to put a word to what I knew I'd been feeling for a year or two before she left. I don't know, it didn't just vanish after a month or two. Took a few years.

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Straight girls trying to flirt with/date their gay friends because it’s safer and they don’t understand their feelings, ending in crushed emotions IS absolutely a common lesbian experience, but not NEARLY as common as genuine lesbians harboring secret love for their friends that they’ve never had language for until encountering more lgbt-friendly spaces.

At the end of the day teenage romance is a total crapshoot because everyone is immature and hormonal and maybe none of us ever really recover from those experiences.

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i no longer have feelings for her. i stopped before the friendship ended.
she also wasnt the first girl i loved in or since middle school
i didnt act overly dramatic at all in middle school, i was a quiet kid.
just because some shit happened to you 3 times in a row doesnt mean it happens to everyone

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That one Mercy cosplayer that refused to take off her extended wings "backpack". She was walking around our very small makeup booth. I called security because she knocked some products off the shelves and refused to comply or leave.

>> No.10143714

I'd unironically want to date you just for that.

>> No.10143723

Jenny gif <3

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As someone who also goes to therapy, you quickly begin to realize that a vast majority of the people around you don't have the tools or desire to handle their emotions like you do. I can't tell you how many times I've looked at the people in my life and thought, "Oh you need a therapist BADLY".

To admit that he was wrong would mean that his whole self-constructed identity would come crashing down along with his ego. He'd rather lose a friend than have to work through his own insecurities.

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Somebody...l-lied to m-me...

>> No.10143812


She sounds cool.

>> No.10143820

yeah, it's just a sore spot for me now. I'd rather cosplay characters that don't need a group or a partner to be identified (i do have a boyfriend, we've cosplayed together a few times but it was usually more like whatever he was into and i dress up to be supportive). but yeah, im planning to try again gradually. thanks for the encouragement

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I wanted to go out and meet people, but my friends didn't and I got extremely drunk and passed out before the rave. I never got to go.

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I've managed to steer clear of any drama, but I find the fame-hungry cosplayers tend to have the worst attitudes unless you are someone who can offer them exposure or benefit them in some way. I had a popular girl in my community snub me when I politely asked for a photo. It was Anime North last year and it was her and two other girls. I was excited to see their group since I had been following their progress online, so I waited until the photographer was adjusting his camera and asked him and the group if it was cool to snap a quick pic. Everyone was cool but she said no, that he was about to take solo shoots... and kinda just dismissed me but her friends had posed already so she just kinda pouted. Bad enough that other guys started to just snap pics without asking just as I was taking my photo. Anyways I see this girl a lot and she's always pushing her patreon and how mean everyone else is but she's just 'so nice'. She's also got all these other big cosplayer accounts constantly promoting her, how she's such a sweet "bean" and all. I get declining a pic when your in a rush or it's bad timing, but they were literally doing a shoot outside the main front entrance of the con where everyone is walking around.

I've also seen big Instagram cosplayers with tons of followers who claim to be all into the fandom and 'such a nerd' but they literally stay in one spot with their 1 friend and photogrpaher buddy and don't interact with others at all

>> No.10143977

she denies it for her 'perfect image' bullshit
how does someone screaming the n word sound cool

>> No.10143992

Oof had a similar experience with a lolita who used to be a lot more popular and ran a blog.

Basically we attended the same ILD meet, I asked to take a picture with her... She grimaced, looked at my camera, "Whatever."
From the event she found out what my social media was and blocked me on everything. We had been friends on FB prior because of a LOT of mutual friends and after that day just... Gone... Even managed to block me from her blog.
I was a young little 15 year old and this crushed me for about a week until I forgot about it.

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Damn, I have a feeling I know who this is. Can you name names?

>> No.10144004


No names mang, just post shitty times.

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Nigger you're on 4Chan, you know this right?

>> No.10144010


I'll throw in a story:

One time I went to a con on the westcoast, and bumped into a sorta famous cosplayer who I was quite a fan of at the time. I had a lot of mutual friends with her, and they introduced me to her. I only wanted to say that I was a fan, the second I said hi, she dipped. It crushed me a bit, and convinced me that all cosplay famous chicks are cunts.

For a bit more detail I wasn't some spergy creep, or some 500 pound landwhale, just an average goy that approached her calmly and not screeching in her personal space.

>> No.10144016


This is a common theme im noticing.

>> No.10144040

It’s like nobody learned anything from the Saturday morning cartoons where a character gets extremely famous for one episode and turns into an asshole for no reason.

>> No.10144052

Your newfag is showing

>> No.10144054
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Going off of saturday morning cartoons, does that mean we all have to team up, and defeat the villian by beating the shit out of them? Are you suggesting we beat the shit out of our rejecting idols? HM? YES? MAYBE?

>> No.10144074

/cgl/ is full of safe space kids from CoF and Facebook so they say newfriend instead of newfag

>> No.10144103

Tried to compliment someone’s cosplay in passing in the hallway, as it wasn’t a very popular series, but got a sneer in reply. I get having a bad day, but not even saying a quick “thanks” is next level.

>> No.10144108

Even just ignoring you would've been better

>> No.10144173

Drunk man broke my cosplay right at the start of a con. I was still young and a really sad girl all day. I couldn't move without help due to the broken costume. He was foreign and my vision and hearing were already obscured so I didn't notice his drunkness until it was too late.

>> No.10144282

Summer starts earlier and earlier every year

>> No.10144286

>all these stories of backstabbing and rumors
this is what happens when girls compete to be the hottest you know? and build fake relationships where you pretend to be friends but you're trying to outdo them?

>> No.10144321

lol same

>> No.10144346

I met a girl at a con a few years ago, we both, were cosplaying from the same series. We had fun, but afterwards, she asked me to use the pictures for her portfolio, I didn't know at the time that it was for her patron.
After that I was ignored, except for the times where she would ask for views and money. Later she was caught using someone else's patterns and calling it her own. Like always when she was caught in trouble she make a video of her crying to her orbiters and they attack whoever. A few people and I called her out on this and I was blocked and was told that I was a bad person to be around, I had to delete my socal because they were trying to doxx me. Speed up until now, my application to be in the upcoming cons cosplay games was denied. To top it off, a guy who is on staff, who I am friends with, told me that, the girl from long ago was now on staff, denied my application and tried to get me and a few others banned from the con. That didn't work so now they have the staff to "keep an eye on the trouble makers" .

I am still going to go, it just feels like a slap to the face, that the time of year where I can relax and be a dork, I have to walk on eggshells.

>> No.10144355

Gather all your evidence, get the evidence from the other people you were talking about and bring it to someone higher up on the con ladder

>> No.10144381 [DELETED] 

Lmaoooo that’s adorable

>> No.10144382 [DELETED] 

Maybe she figured out you had a thing for her and it creeped her out and she decided to cut you. Some people are pretty homophobic and/or don’t know how to deal with shit. Hell some people just straight up assume that because you’re being nice to them that you want to fuck them or want something from them. It’s really stupid

>> No.10144386 [DELETED] 

This. People don’t realize other people don’t have the mental capacity, nor the want to resolve their problems. Hell most people don’t even realize they have problems until something affects them in their world. This is why you can’t force other people into your view point, you can’t change other people. You can only change how you to react to problems and issues.

>> No.10144395

Well said

>> No.10144451

Maybe. It was a catholic school so that wouldn't surprise me. Everyone in my class was a weeb and would ship people (a few friendships were broken bc people shipped them and made them uncomfortable) and we were one of the unlucky targets.
A year ish after abandoning me she sent me this massive apology on DA where she lied through her fucking teeth saying she left me because I was too nice to her, and that she felt she wasnt a good enough friend. It seemed believeable at the time, but she told me the real reason a long time later. She likes to pop back into my life like a sadist and make me think she'll stay and then leave again. I havent spoken to her in two years despite her attempts to contact me because I dont wanna deal with this shit anymore.

>> No.10144458
File: 499 KB, 500x281, 9B4DEDE1-73D7-4727-8354-AFC6711D0A0F.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>went to a con a few years ago
>a good friend of mine was planning to go to said con
>found out my friend passed away a few weeks before the con
>tfw going to said con with a heavy heart

>> No.10144476


Awe man, that sucks. Try having fun for the both of you, and know that they're in a better place. Sorry if that sounds preachy, or too religious in general, but I hope yeh recover from mourning.

>> No.10144477


Its good that you wised up and ditched that shit, toxic people like that will only hurt you, but its difficult to let go.

>> No.10144517

>only girls do this sort of thing
found the incel crossboarder

>> No.10144531
File: 3.98 MB, 320x219, 49F45D2D-D51D-412A-B650-EAE8574BCA84.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That was like years ago, seeing all the anime and games my friend was into just felt absolutely broken-hearted throughout that con one year to the point I considered leaving early. I’m fine now and keeping my friend’s memory alive by bringing one of their mementos with me to the cons I go to.

>> No.10144548

>hanging out with some friends at the con
>they run back to their room to grab something and leave me with their friends
>their friend starts asking me what im doing tonight
>say im going to go back to my room to eat chocolate with my buddies
>he starts asking if he can come back with me, if ill go back to his room, etc
>keep saying no. cant get this guy to go away
>invites me to taco del mar
>keep saying no
>guy starts saying i wont hook up with him because hes black and starts yelling at me telling me to call him a nigger
>wont do it ofc
>phone dying, text my buddy P for help, he says hes on his way
>girl close by noticed the situation and tells me to come hang out with her to get me away from this dude
>P gets there and we start leaving for the hotel
>friends (now drunk) come back and get pissed im leaving already

>next morning the guy who was harassing me sends out mass apologies to everyone
>not actually that bad of a guy but definitely wont hang out around him while hes drinking again

>> No.10144556

I have tried that, but there are a few issues, one, she used us to suck up to the staff allowing her to be volunteer for a few years so the older staffers see her as dependable. Second, she literally runs the cosplay games now, I doubt they will do anything to her a week and a half before the con starts. Last, when my staffing friend brought up her past, she blamed her autism, then accused him of having something against autistic people. It's his first year as staffer so I don't blame him for backing out and others and I owe him the world, as he defend us against her attempt to get us banned.
It's just a shitty situation, that I got to keep my head down

>> No.10144558

Your friend is an absolute pushover for even manning the booth. She should have walked off, especially if she cut the cosplayer off after.

>> No.10144588


D'awe, thats very sweet of you. You seem nice :3.

>> No.10144692

>went to a con last year that i've been going to for 7 years
>went with best friend
>best friend ditches me to hang out with girl I have drama with and creepy photographer
>left alone with no one to hang out with
>cries to self while questioning why i go to this boring con every year and spend money to get in

even though lots of my con "friends" go to this con im finally deciding not to go and instead finding cons that i like. Also i don't care that i am alone, i can make new friends online that I can meet in person

>> No.10144702

get better taste in friends anon, if this person is the best friend you claim they are they're not gonna ditch you like that. that's some shady shit

>> No.10144706

funny thing is that i'm taking my best friend to this big con i've been interested in for years. she is going to cling onto me though because she doesn't know anyone else at this con and doesn't want to be left alone. she easily drops out of going to cons if she doesn't have her boyfriend with her (even though all her friends go to these local cons), its sad that she has to feel like she needs to be part of a group or a duo to go to cons and cosplay series that has groups.....

>> No.10144735

A cosplayer who I used to be friends and shoot with but not any more. Of all the times I've shot with her theres the one time i did a snow shoot and was going with her direction. Showed her the set and she didn't like it. I even allowed her to edit to suit. Of course she used her Twitter account and outright slanders me by saying im unprofessional. One thing I mention to people is that I shoot as a hobby and am still an amateur and I would've thought everyone got the just about me.

But clearly not since I caught her out on the bs and she outright deleted the Twitter post but also tells people how i lack any professionalism. Cant please them all I suppose

>> No.10144760

Ew I'm sorry that happened. I hope your friends kept their distance from him after that.

>> No.10144888

That's a sweet gesture, anon. I'm so sorry that you lost your friend.

>> No.10145004

not con related but i was planning on visiting my hometown and i found out at work via fb that my friend got smashed by a car because some fucking idiot drove in the wrong lane without freight lights on

>> No.10145008

> To top it off, a guy who is on staff, who I am friends with, told me that, the girl from long ago was now on staff, denied my application and tried to get me and a few others banned from the con.

I really hate when conventions are ran by people who are friends with the toxic groups or people.
Some girls were saying they were going to beat the shit out of my friend publicly on Facebook and when reported to convention staff via email, the staff denied knowing them even though those girls have taken selfies with the guy who ran the convention and are his friend

>> No.10145014

lol they arent wrong actually
some girls in the texas community used each other for connections when they were 18 and now at 21 theyre suddenly popular because they talked to the right guys at cons for fame and to use their money
I dont see guys doing this either

>> No.10145023

That's some serious psychopathy holy moly

my worst experience is just creepy people staring at me without blinking

>> No.10145265

I was cosplaying as a character with limited vision and mobility with a mask on, and my handler stepped away to the bathroom. Some shirtless douche thought it would be a great idea to run up behind me and scream near my ear causing me to turn around in an angry panic only to see him walk away laughing with his friends.

On another note concerning shitty cosplayers being rude - I had a friend cosplay a character that another girl at the con was dressed as. Earlier at the photoshoot they were at, the other girl had gloated that she was the “better” character simply because she had the weapon with her. My friend is understandably a bit put off by this, but we run into the girl a later in the hall and she grins and starts waving her sword around. A photographer started heading our way with his camera and called out the character’s name, so the other girl whips around excitedly and yells “Hi!!” only to be told “NOT YOU” very loudly as he heads toward my friend.

We had a pretty hearty kek at this after she walked away, even though the photographer was a huge douche.

>> No.10145291 [DELETED] 

Stay mad niggers, 4chan will never be reddit

>> No.10145559


Mm, beautiful. Poetic justice.

>> No.10145604

>cosplay a tanned character (that is literally white in his younger self canonically)
>want to use bronzer but don't want to "blackface"
>ask all my minority friends, they give me the OK and that it isn't blackface at all
>use bronzer to achieve tanned look
>nobody says a single thing the entire con, tons of compliments, black people fuckin love it, take mad photos with people of all kinds with nobody calling me out at all, feel fantastic
>take some photos with this one girl dressed as a relevant character, photos come out bangin
>she calls me out for blackface on her insta, indirectly, going "Oh, changing your skin color for cosplay is bad hehe not posting any photos with people who do that!"
>she is the only one to do so
>she is albino Irish

like I know I did alright since the character was never black or indian or whatever, I just found it slightly infuriating for this soapbox shit.

>> No.10145627

It upsets people not because painting your skin for a costume isn't inherently wrong, or because you're "impersonating a race", but because you can wash your bronzer off at the end of the day and be on your merry way, whereas people with that skin colour can't, and continue to face the consequences of living with their skin every day. I'm a PoC and that's why I dislike it, and it's definitely the general consensus between PoC who cosplay, so I'd say your friends are in the minority. If the political climate wasn't what it is it'd be different, but it is, and I don't know why people don't just avoid it for their own sake, since there will always be callouts.

>> No.10145637

Nayrt but dude it was a tan on a white character. They would have gotten the same effect from a spray tan. There's nothing offensive about that.

>> No.10145653


actual anon that posted that initially, it was a cosplay of a character that is literally the future form of a light skinned japanese boy who is tan from fighting in deserts for half his life (ie. the most accurate cosplay of him would be some marine that got tan from living in the desert half his life, not some black guy like he is commonly cosplayed as).

I get the perspective on it (even though the entire racial conflict shit over COSPLAY of all things seems retarded to me), but the fact that got me was how it was specifically some irish woke girl that was the only one to mention it off-handedly, not the dozens of the black people I took photos with that all loved it.

I'll be wearing it again for the next con, I just don't know if I want to go with the bronzer again because (even to me) it just doesn't look NATURAL. guess I still can't do makeup xd

>> No.10145778 [DELETED] 


....are you saying poc hate their skin color?

>> No.10145780

I think I might have been someone else's sad con story.
>be ambiguously gay female
>have mtf friend I'm super close to
>we fucked once at a con eons ago but nothing really came of it
>go to a new con with her, I don't really expect to know anyone there so I'm hanging out with her group a lot
>get drunk on the friday night
>dancing and her friend pushes our faces together so we kiss
>end up making out in her room for a while but i'm super drunk so i leave
>the next day she is permanently fucking attached to my side, keeps trying to hold my hand and shit, i literally cannot get one moment alone
>tell her I want to go around the con myself for a while and avoid her as much as i can because jfc i do want to actually do stuff at this con i paid to attend
>another con a couple of weeks later
>she dials up the clinginess even more
>gets mad when i flirt with another girl
>confront it and tell her, look, we are not dating, we're not going to date because you live hours away, you don't get to be pissy about this shit
>get super shitfaced and end up with heatstroke the next day, spend 4 hours in ops with the first aid guy
>apparently she's going around the con this whole time whining that i'm avoiding her and she hasn't even done anything
>bitch I'm trying to die in peace here
>clinginess peaks sunday night, I'm getting really irritated, random gaming friend comes over
>hey anon, come play this game with us, we only have one space left but i know you wanted to play
>i know damn well this game has infinite players but ok.jpg
>when we get there, friend hits me with the truth
>yeah i saw that creepy guy (!) was following you around all weekend so i figured I'd help you escape
>kinda grateful but also horrified that friend is now so clingy she's being misgendered and seen as a creepy orbiter
>tell her what happened the next day because I think she should know the impression she's giving people
>never speaks to me again
>stops going to cons

>> No.10145793

No, dipshit. Re-read their post.

>> No.10145794

>bitch I'm trying to die in peace here

>> No.10145826

Congrats on being unable to read

>> No.10145833

Tf, did you even read what I wrote??

>> No.10145857

you know the Texas community and you don't know THE notorious male cosplay scumbag thot and the likes?

>> No.10145859

>be me, no idea what my race/ancestry is
>yellowish pale, but in the sun (especially in summer) i tan like a fucking crispy chicken nugget to the point tan marks are EXTREME
>cosplay some animu character
>"why did you feel the need to blackface for this character at all??? do you think it's exotic or smth??? wtf is wrong with yall white ppl??? baka"
>(asian) girl calls me out publicly and nobody listens to me at all
>erase myself from existence
>never cosplay again

>> No.10145865

That sucks. I'm 100% against blackface but I can make the difference between someone tanning or painting their skin an unnatural color and actual blackface. But some people want to use concepts like "don't be racist" to score allyship points and scream blackface or cultural appropriation in cases that are really not that. And the people in question are never the ones that are affected by the issue they claim is happening...

>> No.10145881

i know them. its hard not to know the douchebag guys in the texas cosplay community
but the women are shitty as well and do nothing but use each other for fans/connections then dump each other off and talk shit here
i can count how many women in the texas cosplay community are here, some are members of texas idol project because the idol threads here and the second you breathe their name, they get angry and start doxxing people kek
you can also tell who is who in the texas cosplay community when they use the same lexicon and emoticons like :3c
been lurking on /cgl/ long enough to see these fights break out and the only defenders are their friends.

>> No.10145884

I don't even cosplay but this feels like something I could've accidentally done. I have a bad case of RBF and have been told my smile makes me seem kind of condescending, but it's really not meant that way. If you're not sure they actually meant for it to be a sneer I would give them the benefit of the doubt

>> No.10145898

i really hate how SJW the cosplay and con community is, they'll scream love and tolerance and then shit on people for the slightest thing. at this point I'd almost take a bunch of poltards over the "now now sweaty how dare you cosplay X when I'm Y"

seriously, why does the hobby attract such asshats?

>> No.10145907


>Remember, remember!
>The thirteenth of Janvember,
>The Gasoline treason and plot;
>I know of no reason
>Why the Gasoline treason
>Should ever be forgot!
>A cosplayer and her companions
>Did the scheme contrive,
>To have a great con at ALA
>Safe and alive!
>Threescore gallons, on a car sprayed above and below,
>To prove the con's safety overthrown.
>But, by God's providence, him they catch,
>A fuckboi crossdressing stalker degenerate, lighter in hand!
>Ontario PD always gets their (semi)-man.

>> No.10145913

I have no bad con experiences but i have some personal issues that spring around the time of the con

>Be me
>Fail a big exam to get certified for a job
>Mom is definitely pissed deep down
>Sister tries to console me by lending her Badge for one day
> Attend the con and have a blast
> A Few days after the con, on a clear day my mom confronts me and have a huge quarrel mostly to remind me how much of a huge failure, fuckup, leech i am and get to min wage job at target
>Cry in fetal position in bed the entire day washing away/spoiling the happy con memories

>> No.10145945

It's okay anon, toxic moms like doing this sort of shit and it is not your fault. You likely had an unnerving amount of pressure and interference before your exam and that kind of thing can make you fail. Focus on the path that suits you, you are not your mother's ATM machine to pay for yourself.

You deserve to have a chance at a life that makes you happy and I pray that you have the strength to direct your life towards a way to live without people that seek to destroy the happiness you work to have.

The failure is not you, look up workplace harassment and see. When there is a constant negative influence there to put you down, efficiency goes to shit. Happy people just work better.

>> No.10145952

Back in 2017 I did a sakizou seraphim for a competition. One of the judges was somebody I really admired and after I didn’t win anything I had to admit that it was disappointed, but it wasn’t a big deal. I wanted to know how to do better next time. I made a post basically saying better luck next time and left it alone. I later decided to ask the judge I had admired how I could do better next time but when I got onto Instagram to contact them I saw that they had already commented on the aforementioned post in response to a few comments from family members saying stuff like “good job, you should have won” and things like that. One of them was a lot moreincendiary, but it wasn’t said by anyone who was even a cosplayer. The thing was, they were scolding me for the comments? Maybe I am to blame but I was a literally who and didn’t really know that I was supposed to moderate comments at the time. They went on to call me disrespectful for saying such things when I didn’t, and got upset with me for not asking for not asking for their critique sooner. I apologized profusely and that seemed to be the end of it. I woke up the next day and discovered that they went on a long passive aggressive twitter rant about me, but weren’t being vague in the slightest about who it was aimed towards. I have really bad anxiety and had several anxiety attacks over it, and thought it would end there but I had a brother who insisted that I stand up for myself for once. So I tried to call them out for what was essentially bullying someone half their age, but they just kind of pulled a sorry not sorry until the cosplay director from the con joined in and started personally attacking me until I gave up. I don’t know, maybe it was wrong of me to try to bring this stuff to light, but it hurt so much at the time, I really haven’t cosplayed publicly since though I’ve made several more sakizou outfits for myself. It’s just most painful because I really looked up to them.

>> No.10145956

i wouldnt call my mom toxic, it was partly my fault, i disappointed her especially when she pays for everything in the house after our dad passed away along with his pension . But i don’t like her constant overreacting and gaslighting

This was a few years ago. At present, i did pass that exam and currently working with a decent wage job and She has ZERO problems with me now that i am partly paying the Rent, Grocery, Utilities etc

>> No.10145959

Passing that exam and getting that license changed my life

>> No.10145962

What the fuck? That's awful anon, I hope you can go back to sharing your stuff at some point, it sucks that one shitty person can sour the entire hobby. I promise not all judges are like that!

>> No.10145973

I don't think this is unique to judges, but the normiefication of fandoms with self-important retards that attempt to ruin everything.

>> No.10146028

I'm not sure I agree, there's always been shitty self-important people who overreact to stuff, it's just that the more people there are, statistically the more assholes there are

>> No.10146067
File: 11 KB, 645x773, 8vdPIU0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

my condolence

>> No.10146388

this is why i dont have idiotic family members on my social media
also those judges are really ignorant if theyre blaming you for something you didnt say
i tried reselling a cosplay on instagram for the first and last time. i bought it on facebook and the cosplayer must have edited the pics because i got a pile of shit. she glued this cheap shit to the cosplay which i took off because it looked very stupid. i tried getting a refund but she stalked all my social media platforms and said i modified it too much by removing something that didnt even matter
contacted an admin of the cosplay group and thinking they would be on my side, i was so fucking wrong
that admin ended up coming straight to my instagram and said she hopes my life fails and that im a piece of shit
someone messages me on instagram wanting to buy it. i was happy. then i realized it was the sellers friend and that person was personally attacking me and asking why i removed a piece of the cosplay and that im a shitting awful human being for trying to resell for the original price
this was all over a piece of fucking sheet foam the size of a quarter

>> No.10146407

holy shit shut the fuck up

>> No.10146422

>dating ftm online
>finally save up and tell them i'm going to Canada to a con they are and we can finally meet in person not phone,etc.
>both so excited
>gets there, shows me around and all
>suddenly says they dont feel well so we go back to their room to hang out, gives me a kiss and tells me they aren't interested in me anymore
> dating over a year, was around 1am and had to wait in their hotel for the bus because canada cold man
> said that we could still be friends, says see you tomorrow!
> leave after they walk me out, next day they said they went home early
> tell them its okay, end up seeing them a hour later
> wave, they duck
> mfw skip out last day, mfw get home and i'm blocked with a huge speech saying they couldn't date me until they were 'fully' a guy
> mfw spent all this money to see them upon muts, and still dumped
> feelsbadman.jpg

>> No.10146471

Oh my god, this hurts to read. I'm so sorry you had to go through this, he's such a dick. You deserve better.

>> No.10146472

I feel bad for both of you, it sucks that his dysphoria is stopping him from dating and it also sucks that he put you in this terrible situation because of it

>> No.10146477

It’s not sad for her at all she was being creepy af. If you tell anyone you’re not interested they have to respect that or else they deserve whatever reputation they get. Sorry that happened to you anon.

>> No.10146516



>> No.10146524


I don't know if it counts, as this hasn't happened to me, but the latest cosplay judges in Vancouver are always cheats. They vote for their friends, and vote out other cosplayers, simply off the fact that theyre not in the inner circle. Keep in mind, i have no horse in that race, i dont enter these contests, so i dont have a bias, but it is suspicious when 1 person from that group of friends related to the judges has won several years in a row. The other shitty thing is that these judges will sometimes make shit up, like this poor guy who almost won due to massive crowd approving clapping, but was later subject to a spread rumor of "yeah that guys a sexual predator". I know its a rumor, as there was never any evidence of this before, the judges never liked him, and they fit the "catty cunt plastic girls" scene, the kind in highschool. Ive noticed from other stories shared here, that its not an uncommon theme, which scares me.

>> No.10146559

Name and shame?

>> No.10146644

I mean I feel conflicted because stuff did happen when we were drunk so I totally understand why she got the wrong idea. Just got totally pissed off with the clinginess and then yeah other people noticed. Yikes.

>> No.10146663

why tsuubi cry

>> No.10146668

mean competition judges

>> No.10146691

Maybe “sneer” wasn’t exactly the right word to use, because there wasn’t any sort of smile on this persons face, only disgust, “why are you talking to me” kind of look. I can understand why resting bitch face can be easily misunderstood, but this wasn’t it.

>> No.10146693
File: 11 KB, 339x419, 1529011169269.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

not a fan of this prospect

>> No.10146714


Eh, on the principle of not naming, I don't think its right to say. I want to, but I don't want to sink to their level.

>> No.10146727


I think it's completely reasonable for you to name and shame because it's actually helpful to the community to see who is a cheater and who should not be allowed to judge. This goes for >>10145952 too. Cons tend to hire the same judges over again unfortunately, and bad judges can ruin a contest's reputation on top of ruining a cosplayer's desire to compete. People like that should not be allowed to stay in those positions, so IMO it's best to talk about it and see if others have had the same experiences.

>> No.10146790


A lil scared to really name anyone, as to be "that person", so all ill say is that the Vancouver Cons are rigged, and generally with the same judges.

>> No.10146799

Fucking horrible. I hope they all reap what they sowed. May their costumes forever be wrinkly, sweat-stained, and cheap.

>> No.10146800

I agree with the above sentiment. It seems he was suffering from believing that he wasn't enough "man" enough for you or worthy of you, but that doesn't mean he should get to decide how you deal with that or that he should end the relationship. He gets no pass for hurting you. I hope that he becomes more accepting of himself and gives you the apology you deserve. And I hope you find someone who values and loves you.

>> No.10146852

That drawing of 2B is actually really fuckin’ cute

>> No.10146982

Exactly, I wouldn't name and shame some rando but when it comes to competition judges these are people who are given a certain status by virtue of being hired by the con, so they should be held at a certain standard of behavior. As judges, they are representing both the con and the community to some extent, and if they act in ways that are harmful to participants, the audience or the con's reputation they absolutely should be called out on that. There are plenty of great cosplayers out there who have the skills to judge a contest and are also nice and compassionate people, we should absolutely boot the awful people to make room for those nice people.

>> No.10147086

>Dating the mentally ill
You should've seen it coming lad

>> No.10147279
File: 2.08 MB, 1440x1902, Screenshot_20190412-184806_Gallery.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Little kid was about to take a photo with his heroes Han Solo and Chewbacca when some woman shoved herself between them with a mic, supposedly she's from CNN. They never gave her a memo on con etiquette or a memo on what the fuck Star Wars even is but she was certainly ready to shove kids aside to ask retarded questions like, "And who are you dressed as?" and, "Who's your favourite Star Wars character?"

Pic related, got a photo just before she shoved herself between the kid and the cosplayers. Kids First is one of Celebratuon's main policies.

>> No.10147475


Fucking of course its CNN....

>> No.10147482

>have terrible eyesight and can't wear contacts
>younger me goes to a con without glasses because the character I'm cosplaying doesn't wear them
>have a friend with me leading me around so it's allg
>friend needs to go to a photoshoot
>ask another friend if she can stick with me in the meantime and she agrees happily
>10 min later she bumps into someone she knows from out of town
>lol k anon we're gonna go hang out seeya
>b-but I can't... see...
>she fucking ditched me in the middle of the most crowded hall
>end up crying while trying to feel my way out
>never trusted that bitch again

I wear my glasses to every con now regardless of who I'm cosplaying, IDGAF.

>> No.10147519

Just.... Take your glasses off for photos...? That's shitty of your friend but I'm surprised you did this if you're legally blind.

>> No.10147525

I was very young and thought I had to be photo-ready 100% of the time to be a good cosplayer.

>> No.10147549

My sister was not feeling well and was sitting on a stairs with her eyes closed. Caught a guy trying to take upskirt photos of her. Luckily she had safety shorts on. She was fourteen.

>> No.10147551

So is it just me but most of these jerk people are females lol

>> No.10147573

Nah you guessed right
This place is filled with absolute cunts and lacks that brotherly sense of camaraderie that other boards have

>> No.10147603

Did you report him to security? That would earn him a lifetime ban at most cons

>> No.10147685


Yes females backstab each other, this is always been the case, and always will be. They're not like guys, we see bros in each other.

>> No.10147742

>Anime North
There's your problem right there. That con is full of toxic people.

>> No.10147792


Just look into Vancouver cosplay scenes, its always the same judges.

>> No.10147794


You're really fucking cute.

>> No.10147973
File: 64 KB, 335x335, 1541097552933.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>replying to self
>wasting time on a board you don't like
stay mad

>> No.10147979

yeah sometimes cosplay brings out the raging psychopath in a person, i've just accepted it was always there. now i know better and stopped having shit taste in friends

>> No.10147996


The second person is me responding to him, the first is a different anon...

>> No.10148004

>wasting time on a board you don't like
Its not even just this board, its this whole site.
I don't know how to fucking escape at this point even though I now have a decent income, friends, living on my own, etc. This place has been a huge part of my life and every time I try to stop I keep crawling back for stupid shitposting and the ability to say anything without repercussion.

>> No.10148013

I was at a con, just wearing normal clothes and cat ears. I was walking to the connected hotel and I asked an older guy in business casual clothes if he knew which way the hotel lobby was and he looked at me, laughed, and walked away.

Another time I was with my then gf just sitting on the floor next to each other play fighting, lightly hitting each other. Then these two women (lesbian couple I think?) come over and one told me that I need to stop and to NEVER hit a woman. I told her we were just playing and she stood by what she said.

>> No.10148016

>Maybe she figured out you had a thing for her and it creeped her out
why does that creep people out?

>> No.10148027

sure it is, Jan.

>> No.10148031

as a dyke who gets frequently crushed on by straight men, it’s the deeply uncomfortable sense that you are not attracted to this person through no fault of their own and thus cant let them down as abruptly as you could if they were a creepy incel

>> No.10148048
File: 55 KB, 308x450, Gravekeeper's vassal2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>For a bit more detail I wasn't some spergy creep, or some 500 pound landwhale, just an average goy that approached her calmly and not screeching in her personal space.
>just an average goy

>> No.10148090


Well now I have to fucking shut it down, are you happy now anon?

>> No.10148101

>interested in costplay since Im edgy as fuck and like edgy anime characters
>long time friend goes to the one anime con my state gets every year so I ask him if he wants to try it
>a little off-put by the cost of legit cosplay so we decide just to buy some premade stuff online to test the waters
>a month before the con he gets a gf
>becomes the "gf guy" not wanting to hang out anymore since he could just be with his gf instead
>says hes not going to the con this year
>go anyway since I didnt realize how awkward walking around alone in shitty cosplay would feel
>see him walking around with her
>phone dies so I have to take the buss home
>my enthusiasm for the hobby dies within an instant and instead oogle qt cosplay girls and boys online
>ghost him and anyone else I use to go to highschool with

last time I trust someone with a gf

>> No.10148227

> I always fear everyone in my life secretly despises me & will leave me at the drop of the hat.

This is basically how I've always felt except with my family. Not really sure why or if it will ever go away. I think it's definitely ruined at least a couple friendships due to me distancing myself from people

>> No.10148307

nothing ends a friendship faster than a SO

>> No.10148447

So instead of talking to your long-time friend about your problem, you immediately torched your friendship with him and all other friends, and now isolate yourself with online fap sites.

>How to watch someone ruin their own life

>> No.10148572

how do you talk to someone that doesnt have the time for it?
if its not the gf its work, same with the rest of them

no all I need is cuties damn it

>> No.10148588

>went to a con that I always used to go to but this time staying at a hotel for the first time for this con (usually stay at a friend's apt)
>hotel is super expensive and the only way to make it cheap is that have 6 people, 2 beds
>go with 2 friends. friends said they had 3 others and booked the hotel
>about a week before con they suddenly said it would be just us 3
>me freak out because of all that money. Friends seemed to not care. I last minute find 2 strangers
>con comes. for reason we only got one bed in our room no empty rooms (thanks girl who booked room)
>strangers come and are super nice
>so called friends were older than me by a couple years (I was 18 at the time they were 22ish)
>friends would not stop talk to each other as their cosplay characters in baby voice
>all of the weaboo cliches and cringe
>even in the room they were the worst cringe and I felt embarrassed to be know as their friends to these strangers
>the actually con was the worst it's ever been
>stuck with these “friends”
>never again

tldr dont trust cosplay friends who you've never actually spent a lot of time out of cosplay not he worst sort of cringe and bad roommates

>> No.10148597

Different anon, but you make the time. If your friendship was really important, than the two of you would have no issue making the time to discuss a make or break situation like this. If you don't speak up and tell your friend when something is bothering you or he did something to hurt your feelings, then the burden lies on you. You can't expect someone to read your mind or look between the lines. The truth of the matter is that you were too afraid to speak up and you let this friendship go because it was easier than being disagreeable, dealing with the confrontation, or seeking compromise. This problem is going to haunt you until you face it head on. Be brave for your own sake. You deserve to be treated as an important part of someone's life, but only if you're willing to fight for it.

>> No.10148599 [DELETED] 


What summer? Go anywhere else on 4chan and people call each other niggers everywhere. 4chan, or even channel isn't some safe space nigger.

>> No.10148606

>it’s the deeply uncomfortable sense that you are not attracted to this person through no fault of their own

What is so uncomfortable about it? I've had people ask me out or just show interest in me that I had no interest in an didn't feel uncomfortable. Its sorta awkward to turn that person down, but thats it.

>> No.10148619


Dykes are weird man, what else is new?

>> No.10148621

>be me at AnimeExpo 2015 in Los Angeles
>mtf in transition cosplaying as a 6'2" version of Tiny Tina from Borderlands 2
>in line to take a photo with the Kawaii Ambassador from Japan
>get that huge urge to shit that you sometimes get while standing in long lines at the fair or while trying to find a book in the library
>clench pretty hard, holding it in
>not standing in line for 2 hours again just go go use the bathroom
>next in line, excited, I take one step
>drop a diarrhea load the weight of the baby jesus into my frilly white panties
>can feel the warmth running down my stockings
>run away leaving a trail
>read about myself on /cgl/ only a few minutes later while crying in the bathroom
>anons started a thread to find me in the convention center

>> No.10148627


>online dating
>dating the mentally ill

Your fault.

>> No.10148635

>Be me, last summer
>Go to Wizard World Chicago every yeah, usually to display the cosplay I've been working on for the summer
>Just finished my Ash Williams cosplay, 99.5% of the work went into the Chainsaw Prop
>Didn't have the boom-stick cause I ran out of time
>Get to con, have to go through prop check
>Tell them to be careful and to grab it from the bottom, the handles on it are pretty much just details
>Chick grabs my prop by the "handle" and rips it off
>Some of the paint job comes with it
>Look her dead in the eyes, pissed
>She hands it back to me, didn't even really check it
>Doesn't apologize or anything
>Spend my first hour and a half trying to see if anyone has something I can use to fix it
>Settle for tape for the day

I was able to fix everything once I got home. People still liked my cosplay, but I had to keep the prop turned to one side for any pictures.

>> No.10148651

strangers or people you don’t know very well, sure, but a close or long-term friend admitting their feelings for you will almost certainly not stop having those feelings after you turn them down. it fundamentally changes your relationship because you then have to be aware of every little thing you do and say to them. one misstep and you could convince them there’s still hope

>> No.10148655


my friend got almost the exact same treatment from a dude in canada. wtf is up with canadians.

also i'm sorry, it fucking sucks.

>> No.10148671

oh I did, we live across the other side of the city from eachother
2 hour busride just to meet up but when he said that he was free to hang out I fucking went
after every invite attempt ended with "nah im gonna hang out with my gf this time" I got annoyed
last straw came when instead of just saying no he agreed to hang out but canceled last min

normal people dont treat their friends like you say, friendship is just convenient amusement
im much happier now that I dont put faith in people who are bound to disappoint me

>> No.10148675

I had a friend ask me out before though, as like I said, yea, it was awkward to turn her down, but actually, it was a relief. I knew she had a crush on me and I hated not knowing when she was going to ask me out, or if I was just imagining the idea that she had a crush on me. After she asked me out, we could both move on from those thoughts.
I get more stressed over about not knowing how someone really feels about me. I worry more about someone not liking me and just using me, rather then they liking me more than I like them.

>> No.10148731

It's unfortunate that what you described happened after so many failed attempts, at least you made that effort, but you're missing the point of my response. Yes, you made time for him, but I was referring to making time to talk about your grievances, not to hangout (although that is important).

>normal people dont treat their friends like you say
You've been burned by a bad experience, but they do. And one day I hope you'll understand what I mean. I stopped speaking to my best friend of 7 years after our disagreements became more frequent and things seemed to slowly decline until everything blew up, but after a year of not talking to each other we both put our desire to be friends again above our egos and talked. We're going on 10 years of friendship now and I wouldn't even say we have a friendship as close or great as most.

Friendships absolutely can be convenient amusement. That's how a majority of high school friendships are, but there is such a thing as genuine friendship. It's understandable that you don't put faith in others after what's happened to you, but you have to put faith in yourself. Speak up for the kind of treatment you deserve.

I believe that you'll find that kind of friendship one day, is all I'm saying. Don't give up.

>> No.10148758

Recently at a con my best friend decided they would do a cosplay with me. I was really excited, but the catch was that they made it known that they actually looked down on cosplayers and found it shameful and cringy that people dress up. She also spent the con ducking and hiding whenever she thought she saw people she knew (who also cosplay..?). We've been going to that con for the past four years together with just me cosplaying and not a word about it until now.

It was icing on the cake that she made sure that I was late to every single event, panel, and gathering I wanted to go to and sabotaged me making friends with some cosplayers who were very kind and wanted to hang out with us.

She's not going next year and I feel bad that I'm relieved about it, but our friendship really changed in a bad way after that.

>> No.10148761

they were avoiding him so its not like it was easy

>> No.10148772

if i was there i would have kicked his ass for you guys
he can fucking rot in hell

>> No.10148791

If she's that embarrassed of you to the point of repeatedly sabotaging your day, it sounds like that friendship wasn't very good to begin with. You can't just pick and choose what parts of a person you like, you have to accept them as a whole.

>> No.10148840
File: 110 KB, 552x364, 1541188243272.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>go to first con like 2 or 3 years ago
>wasn't really planning on doing cosplay
>friend offered and made me a generic sailor uniform in a short period of time
>super excited
>get tickets and first stop is the dealers room/artist gallery thing
>within literally minutes some large visibly drunk black dude comes up behind me and puts his arm around me
>whispers in my ear "do you know why girls wear skirts?"
>vodka potently on his breath
>visibly shaken, i ask "why?" while quickly scanning the area for my friend who was just with me
>see her and great she's at a booth out of earshot
>black dude answers my question saying "easy access" while groping my butt and credit card swiping me
>try to move away and he lets go and just walks away after what I assume was his friend calling him
>despite being a tranny im really smol and part asian so im pretty passable so getting hit on was nothing new to me and i usually just tell people I'm really a dude to reject them
>was too terrified to out myself in fear of retaliation let alone say anything
>friend walks up as black dude was leaving
>asks me if he was a friend
>tell her no and that he mistaken me for someone else
>continue on to con
>too embarrassed to tell her and didn't want to ruin our day there so I waited until later that day
Haven't felt that violated since high school. How the fuck do girls put up with this?

>> No.10148845

I have a friend who was in a similar situation and he told him he was a dude and was not interest in men. The guy said "I don't mind" and continued to follow him around for the rest of the night.
You have to be careful at cons. Something about them makes creeps feel like they are in a safe enough space to just let it out.
Sorry that happened to you, Anon.

>> No.10148849

>The guy said "I don't mind" and continued to follow him around for the rest of the night.
You know I never thought that could be a response but that just makes it scarier. I like guys but I don't like getting assaulted.

>You have to be careful at cons
What should I have done or could I do in the future should I come across this again?

>> No.10148867

I mean as far as general "girl rules" go make sure to be with someone always and honestly the more the better. That way in cases like you ran into where your friend stepped away just for a minute there is someone else.
It sucks but it is the safest and least intrusive way when you are having a good time to be protected.
It stinks but as you make more con friends it gets easier. It isn't a guarantee, but they usually have enough common sense to not target someone in front of people.

>> No.10148884

nah Ive had longer online friends than offline ones
normal people are shit and I want nothing to do with them

>> No.10148996

Not going to post the whole story. I've told it enough times. But the leftovers from the whole thing are worse.

>Ex-friend and her crew used to post me on threads trying to cause a stink. Local threads, themed threads, lolita threads, cos threads. She would try and stir up all sorts of drama and get people to turn against me.
>Now I'm paranoid and lurk every board out of paranoia that it'll start again. Even when I get positive mentions on here I panic and have to figure out who it was.
>Each time i go through the panic of who it was I always distrust all my best friends and doubt everything I've done lately.

>I used to be really into helping people. But Ex would push it to the limits and I would end up making her costumes, or she would make it and ignore my help, but them claim I tried to sabotage her.
>So now I avoid helping people because it's less drama. Not my monkeys.

>I used to love groups and did a lot. As you can expect that was ruined too.
>Now I won't even do a pair costume, just make things I want and actively avoid groups to avoid disappointment.

It's the paranoia and distrust of everyone that gets at me now.

On the plus
>She used to leech money off me, and egg me into rushing costumes, spending more money and being a catty bitch to the community.
>I've changed a lot since splitting and though I keep much more to myself, I know I've ended up a lot kinder and grown up a lot.

>> No.10149002
File: 6 KB, 253x199, 1541201115557.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks I'll make sure to keep that in mind. I developed a bit of paranoia from it but it subsided the next day thankfully. I was so worried it was gonna sour my experience being that it was my first con and all, no less happening within minutes of actually attending.

Is sexual harassment really that common or did I just get unlucky?

>> No.10149007

Report people like that to security! That's what they're here for! If nobody reports creeps they can't possibly know and take action. In any well-run con they will absolutely throw out and ban people for a fraction of what you describe.

>> No.10149018

Thinking back, I can't recall seeing any security in that general vicinity, but there is also a good chance I'm just retarded or got tunnel vision or something. I felt really ashamed getting manhandled like that in public and not being able to do anything. I was too embarrassed to tell my friend let alone a complete stranger.

On a positive note, I didn't see that guy for the rest of the con so maybe he got thrown out for being a drunk asshole.

>> No.10149114

There's signs posted in every convention telling people not to sexually assault others, so yeah it's that common.

>> No.10149133

are you me? I pooped a little in my pants at that exact same con

>> No.10149313

Other than that guy that I mentioned before I haven't had personal experiences even close to that in my immediate friend group, but you hear stuff. It is enough to be wary and take steps to make sure you are safe, but don't let it turn you off to the whole scene.
I have had people hit on me at cons in less than cute ways, but thankfully no one has ever touched me.

>> No.10149327

tiny tina doesnt have stockings or frilly white panties.
you morphed from tiny tina in the beginning to a shit-pantsed lolita at the end.
you are magic.

>> No.10149576
File: 91 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>4 or 5 years ago
>at origins
>checking out a booth selling 40k bits
>see some good stuff for my sister's of battle army
>this guy in space wolves t shirt, fox ear headband, and wolf tail attached to what i hope is his belt is right behind me
>i try to ignore him but then he leans in and puts his hand on my forearm and tells me he's proud to see girls play a loyalist army for once
>too socially retarded to do say or do anything to make him go away so i just leave
>later on i see him again and he's staring at me
>i decide to go back to the hotel
>he blocks me in the hallway
>tells me that i shouldn't worry and he's just there to protect me from "xenos scum"
>he grabs my waist and accidentally hits the button on the remote to the vibrating egg in my rear
>feels so good i can't stop myself from getting so hard the front of my skirt lifts up
>he backs away and accuses me of being corrupted my slaanesh
>he calls over his friends and they're all wearing similar shirts, ears, and tails
>they howl and drag me back into the merchant hall
>the proceed to take turns making me suck them off
>some guy in a really awesome tau fire warrior intervenes and manages to shoo them away and help me up
>i push him over for being a taunerd and run out the door
>so full of cum i almost look pregnant
>some pro-choice nutjob sees me and punches me in the stomach
>vomit up cum all over myself
>go back to my room and immediately just flop on the bed and try to sleep this nightmare off
>wake up the next morning covered in dry cum and tau germs
>say fuck it and go back to the con, i'm still more hygienic than most people there
>go back to the booth
>all the good bits are gone

>> No.10149729

It's amazing how easy it is to weed out the sad crossboarders pretending to be nasty females. I wonder if they think all women are like this.

>> No.10149760

"some girls" in the texas comm? honestly it's like 1/4th of them lmao and they just want to get stepped on by their cosplay 'daddies'. heard brojob lowered his standards so guess they have a chance now :3c

>> No.10149928
File: 25 KB, 351x347, 1541128414136.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10150010

Poor incel nice guy.

>> No.10150066

their friend was a sack of shit who said they werent going and their gf probably told them to tell their friend that so they can get drunk and smoke pot at the rave and fuck in the hotel room
OC just wanted to hang out with his best friend and he gets ditched for some bitch he barely met

>> No.10150072

No he's a virgin which means he isn't human.

>> No.10150098

This aint tumblr senpai

>> No.10150104

Eh might aswell
>Staff at Con
>Got pretty good at what I do. Became known as a pretty reliable person/getting shit done
>Department head change
>New department head is notorious for miscommunication/lack of communication, horrible planning, bad a delegating
>Doesn't dare to touch me as he saw me as an old guard of the department
>Con arrives
>Does what he does best (mostly lack of communication)
>This affect me more than previous years but I became good at scrounging and surviving with as little as possible
>Survive Con and get my annual Pat on the back, hand shakes and hugs for making other staffs life a little easier by most department
>Year goes by and coordination meeting for the next Con starts
>Friend text me that my department head had a fit during the meeting. Claimed he said "anon was extremely incompetent" "anon did a terrible job" etc...
>Proceed to quit position and tell my now old department head to find himself a new team
Last I heard, the guy who took my position is planning on quitting soon and the department head got further up into the food chain

>> No.10150165

were you at ikkicon
apparently two of the longest staff members were let go because they needed new people

>> No.10150170

That's why you shouldn't fuck men. :-)

>> No.10150184

did they find you though? how did you get out undetected

>> No.10150532

I am not from the states but I feel this is a pretty common thing. Experienced and appreciated staff leaving because they can't tolerate being thrown under the bus all the time. A lot of my friend left because of that

>> No.10150687


>> No.10150711

time for some karma...just saying :)

>> No.10150741


>> No.10151083

>be socially awkward me 3 years ago
>always dreamed of joining in on a big group cosplay
> never stumbled across anything interesting and too shy to organise something myself
> suddenly find a post calling for people to do a group cosplay of a series I adore
> my favorite character is still available
> already made this cosplay and am proud of it because I poured my heart into getting all the little details just right
> feel confident enough to ask to join
> leader of the group is enthousiastic
> "omg yeah anon I'd love it if you'd join us!"
> day of the con
> made sure I look perfect in my cosplay, feeling really hyped
> already exchanged some friendly waves with fellow group members while waiting in line for my badge
> don't immediately find the group again once inside but no biggie, the con isn't that big
> look, there they are walking towards me
> wait, is that my character among them?
> cue fat girl in a shitty costume of my character running towards me
> "omg anon look, we're twins!"
> I'm surprised but whatever, don't mind her cosplaying the same character
> "yeah I said on the post that I was gonna do the other character but I decided at the last minute that I really wanted to do this character instead so I scraped this costume together in like 2 days"
> I could tell
> stay polite nonetheless and compliment her
> "Well, time for us to walk around a bit. Nice meeting you anon."
> groups leaves....without me
> wasn't asked to join by anyone, not even nonverbally
> my heart sinks as I realise I'm just being ditched for something I'd wanted to be a part of for years
> try to enjoy the rest of the con despite the stabbing dissapointment
> try not to feel terrible when I see the cool photoshoots that I was supposed to be a part of appear on social media

Haven't come across any interesting groups since and to be honest I'd probably be too scared of something like this happening again to try and join them.

>> No.10151103

Oh Honey, that is sad. I bet you were very cute.

>> No.10151114

Anon this makes me so sad. I've always wanted to join a cosplay group too but whenever people are recruiting for them it's never something I'm interested in and I don't have any friends to start one together with because none of my friends cosplay.

>> No.10151177

I'm sorry this happened. That's really shitty of them.

>> No.10151211

This physically hurts to read
I'm sorry anon

>> No.10151233

>Japan Expo, Paris.
>Was crossplaying as Rem from Re:Zero
>Male, 17 yo, thin, "female" legs
>People asked me to take pictures of my thighs with the stockigns I wore
>Few males grabbed my ass, thinking I was a female
>One dude followed me to the toilets to take pictures of me (I think, he followed me for 20 minutes, changed directions when I went to the boys bathroom).

This isn't as bad as you guys, but damn, it feels like female cosplayers have it rough.

>> No.10151288

man, it's probably a bit late, and you probably won't see this, but i had an important conversation with a friend. Most of the conversation was unimportant, but the one important thing that i really did take home was the phrase "don't try to impress people when you meet them. Make them impress you with their personality"

I can personally say that trying to adjust your personality is the worst thing you can possibly do. If you're trying to live your life as someone you aren't, you'll quickly start hating what you do, the friends you've made and the person you've become in that transition.

>> No.10151311

Girls do get it bad, but I have seen creepers latch on really hard to cross-dressers at cons almost every time I hang out with someone doing it. Like they think it is always some trap sex thing. Stay safe, my dude.

>> No.10151315

Some dude grabbed my add during a photo when I was 16

>> No.10151339

your add, huh? sounds hot.

>> No.10151375

At least it wasn't your divide!

>> No.10151481

It's been fine with the two trans girls I've dated since, terf-chan. I'm sorry that you're so obsessed with your own transphobia that you'll reply to a week-old post just to satisfy your own desperate need for bigotry. Sad.

>> No.10151716

What were you selling?

>> No.10151779

Any "procedures" they were supposed to have at Celebration this year was sort of a fucking joke. They failed to tag my blaster at weapons check, and couldn't locate my tickets at will call despite me having the QR codes. Luckily for me, the staff were nice and they ended up issuing me a new badge anyways, but it doesn't surprise me in the slightest that a lot of it was just chaos.

>> No.10151911

keep your head up. I have a similar story with a friend who was hospitalized before last years AX, and while her friends and I planned things out for when she got out we will never get a chance due to her passing. It fucking sucks, I kind of dont even want to go this year anymore, and I hate that there was nothing I couldve done, but I have them live in your heart and your actions from here on out. my condolences

>> No.10152762

I know that feel

>> No.10152793

Hey! Sorry for the late reply but I saw it! We were best friends for two years until she started distancing herself from me, so it wasnt just when we first started being friends. But thank you for the advice, I'll keep that in mind in the future.

>> No.10152810

it's creepy because you go into it thinking of it as a sisterly relationship when you're straight. then to realize the person wants to fuck you is gross. I'd feel the same way about any guy I considered a brotherly friend as well.

>> No.10152823

went to ACEN, was supposed to meet up with an online friend i grew really close with through an mmo, sat outside waiting for him to show up because he kept telling me he was almost there. an hour passes after i waited in line, like holding his spot, texted him again and got another "almost there!" and then he just never showed up that day, saying he was stuck in a hotel room or something? next day, we meet up and things are great, and he introduces me to this girl he knew. they hit it off really well, which i was happy for him, but me hanging out with a friend suddenly became me being a third wheel. they're married now and all and i'm happy for them, but him being so unreliable really soured my trust in him, so we're just vaguely facebook friends now. i'm ok going to cons alone when i have to but that was at peak loneliness and it was a little bit crushing, kept almost crying waiting for him and feeling like a dumbass.
>tfw got sunburn waiting for friend who just made me a third wheel watching him and this girl flirt and fall in love during the con

>> No.10153214

>unwanted flirting
"oh no someone I don't like is talking to me"

>> No.10153650


I understand your point, im talking more about literal unwanted flirting when its clear that the person looks visibly uncomfortable or has made previous statements saying theyre not interested but are still pursued. Fuck bitches that think theyre too good to have a simple conversation with a fan though.

>> No.10154265

>be 24
>decide to cosplay Sakura Kinomoto,just once,as i always dreamed of
>feel too old but decides to do it anyway
>i feel kinda awkward but cute,feels confident eventually
>then suddenly
>some (pretty young) girls come up to me and ask for a pic
>i turn around
>"oh uh...nvm"
>hear them call me "old sakura"
>oof x2
is it true that white people age that fast? i'm trying my best with sunscreen,eating healthy and all but jfc

>> No.10154280

Getting old sucks dude; happens to all of us and will happen to those vile girls too. Just learn to love yourself. Maybe workout as well, helps with confidence and feeling younger.

>> No.10154307

Oh man, legit didn't need to read this tonight. Am turning 23 next month and planning on cosplaying Sakura Kinomoto (since I've always wanted to do that cosplay as well)...at a con next year...when I'll be turning 24...

NowI feel some kind of way.

>> No.10154313


Third decade checking in, you kids don't know how young you are.

>> No.10154318

seriously, this >>10154313
One of my biggest regrets is letting "being old" turn me off from doing things in my 20s. I'm 38 now and I think back at all the stress I had in my late teens to late 20s towards "being old" and I fucking cringe. Partially because I look back now and realize what a child I was, despite how I felt, and partially because it's dumb to let something like that stop me from enjoying life.

>> No.10154324

Damn, you sure are a bitch huh

>> No.10154334

are you the old friend anon avoided?
they're not a dick for wanting to avoid a creep like them

>> No.10154335

A sub 8/10 male dared to glance in the direction of my magnificent ass-baring Cammy cosplay. Though gripped with fear from the attention of this rapist I was able to scurry away to the safety of my other whore friends and the attention of gay photographers who pose no sexual threat. Then the aforementioned sex offender snuck up on me and brushed past! He touched my arm! Maybe by accident, but this theft of divine sexual property (me!) has left me psychologically scarred. I go to therapy every other day and take lots of medications to cope. And continue baring my ass in conventions everywhere.

>> No.10154339

which costhot turned you down anon?

>> No.10154341

this is bait, fuck off and go back to making up stories in r/relationships new fag

>> No.10154343

No, that post is fake. They're a bitch for making fun of another post on this thread

>> No.10154350

I'm experiencing this same fear, just turned 26 and since then I've been really paranoid and down in the dumps because leaving 25 feels like entering a new age category, if that makes any sense.

I love cute jfashion, but whenever I browse social media and compare myself to the rest of girls who post outfits, I feel like some of those old creeps trying to act kawaii that emerge in ita posts from time to time.
I never post my age on social media because I'm aware I look younger than my age and can get away by just saying that I'm in my 20's, but I wonder what my irl friends think about me when they've tamed down and dress normie. Probably that I'm inmmature, that I'm cringey, that there's something wrong with me.

Other problem is that lots of younger people talk to me. The people in my group of friends that I get along with better are the youngest, because they still haven't "tamed down into normies" that my older friends have done, so I can discuss my interests with them.

I think that the worst part is that work at an educational facility and lots of weeb kids come and talk to me about anime knowing I will listen to them and won't laugh or mock them. But I'm really, REALLY worried about what it looks like from the outside. I want to encourage them to share what makes them happy, but on the other hand I don't want to seem unprofessional for treating students like we're on the same level instead of an authority figure. Or even worse, that somebody thinks I'm a pedo trying to befriend and groom minors.

tl;dr it's hard to get old when the target demographic of the things you enjoy seems to be teenagers

>> No.10154361

This plus long running anime or videogame series where you started out the same age as the characters but now you're like a decade older than them. Specially when it comes to now finally having the skills to cosplay them, but not the physical appearance.

>when u used to have an anime husbando/waifu that would've been your senior
>u now have to doble check that they're no longer consider them your waifu/husbando a decade later because that'd be fucked up
>mfw Riku still isn't 18 in KH3

>> No.10154363

are you a girl? if so you wont look like a pedo, though i remember having a huge crush on my teachers that were really friendly as a kid. Your older friends may judge you but if they're really your friends it wont have too much of an impact, I wouldnt worry about it too much in terms of what other people think anon. If you personally feel that you should change, independent of your fears of your friends judging you, then maybe you should but otherwise i would say just do what you want.

>> No.10154424

Cute, 10/10

>> No.10154688

People not thinking women are pedos? In our year 2019? With our current resurgence of social justice and digital spread of "victim testimonies" that everybody will believe immediately?

>> No.10154709

It’s ok

>> No.10154763

No one will call anyone a pedo for having a childhood crush that they still like. Don’t be dumb and alarmist.

>> No.10154869

>What should I have done or could I do in the future should I come across this again?
Assuming you're American:
1. Acquire CPL
2. Wear a slightly longer skirt
3. Thigh holster
If you're not American:
1. You're fucked.

>> No.10154911

best post in this thread by far

>> No.10155123

>half month until 26
>in "AAAAHH" mode for the last two years
>so much to do, so little time, not enough money
i don't wanna be a steve buscemi
what do?

>> No.10155130

Real answer: Find your way into a better job. Suck as many dicks as you have to, money and free time are more important than vague bullshit like "personal fulfillment" (in regards to employment, anyway) and your dignity. For instance, I turned 26 a few months ago and I'll very likely be leaving my current job that I fought so hard to get and stuck with through good times and bad to go work at Boeing because I don't care about shit like loyalty anymore when I'm only bringing home an 80+ hour paycheck maybe once every two months. I need to get the fuck out of my apartment and shop and into a house with its own shop so I can stop paying rent on two properties but I need that giant-ass down payment first and I'll get there a lot quicker working for a massive corporation where even the janitors have pensions instead of fixing cars for basically peanuts at a small business that hasn't turned a major profit since the mid-90s.

If a "real" job isn't an option you could always whore yourself out on patreon. Every half-cute cosplayer has one these days and they make more in a week than I do in a month.

>> No.10155149

good luck with Boeing.
desu, I'm more concerned with fitting in with the younger crowds
I don't wanna be an old maid
I'm prob just psyching myself out though, social anxiety, mountains out of molehills, or w/e

>> No.10155207

You're absolutely psyching yourself out.
The fact of the matter is you never will fit in with the younger crowd but that's ok, generational gaps exist for a reason. Being the old maid means the young'ns look to you as the de-facto leader. You control them. I might be biased because I didn't start attending cons or really participating in any sort of communities until I was 20 but being one of the older members of your group really isn't that bad.
That said, whoring yourself on patreon might actually keep you feeling younger for a bit longer than you otherwise would. Something about all that anonymous love and support.

>> No.10156076

What is it about cons and cosplay that bring out the absolute shittiest of people?

>> No.10156176

Lots of people, alcohol, the idea that it's a "judgement free" place, people who can't make the difference between their waifu and a real human dressed up as her

>> No.10156261

judge free zone

>> No.10157105 [DELETED] 



>> No.10157196

The illusion of disguise and the confidence of being someone else for a while (someone cooler, sexier, etc than them) that makes people think that they aren't subject to the same rules of decency

>> No.10157215

I second the "girl rules". Don't concern yourself too much with what or how you said something, creeps will be creeps no matter what you do.
1. Buddy system
2. No distractions (no headphones, looking down at your phone - it makes you look like an easy target)
3. Be attentive of your surroundings (who is behind you, walking towards you, or looking at you suspiciously? This isnt an easy feat in a con space, but do try to be generally aware)
4. Be loud. If someone is doing something to you or harassing you, use your voice to get others attention. Ex as loud as you can projcet: "Did you just touch my ass, pervert?" or "I told you to stop touching me" or "I said stop"
5. Have an escape route. When in doubt, run away.
6. Find a new buddy. If you find yourself without a buddy, walk up to a group of people, security guard, staff member, food stand staff, or anyone who looks like they could help you or at least witness what's happening to you. Safety in numbers. Typically when you're looking to avg. civilians for help, seek out women, mothers, or dude who look like they can throw a punch.

I'm sure there's more, but hopefully those suggestions will make you feel less helpless in the future.

>> No.10157270

Terf-chan is based and you're a yikes.

>> No.10157280

Trannies are just your typical entitled men wearing skirts, so i guess there would be no difference.

>> No.10158681

>two posts within half an hour on a topic that hasn't been relevant to this thread for days
Why are you so obsessed with trannies? Do you have a fetish for them? Is that why you act so tsun?

>> No.10159368 [DELETED] 

The two of you can go fuck yourselves and whatever nigger cocks you rode in on lmao, how can you call someone a newfag when you're afraid to say the big bad n-word? Fuck these actual newfags

>> No.10159390

We can tell it's just you again buddy. Just from the smell. If you hate """normal""" people so much maybe try the rope you little faggot

>> No.10159410

A friend of mine has a friend group whose entire personality seems to be "friends with a semi popular cosplayer." We were all hanging out together, and they kept telling me not to get cloer to her, or talk to her, because she doesn't have time for "normal people who aren't serious cosplayers" . The sad part is, I don't think she realized that her friends are trying to keep people away from her so that they can feel like a more exclusive group. All they talked about, even when she wasn't around, was who was closest to her or did more for her as far as helping with her cosplay/social media. It was just really pathetic and sad all around.

>> No.10159839


Holy fuck, i have a similar experience. In my city we have a local semi-famous cosplayer that has a tight knit group of friends that she keeps around, and each act high and mighty. I dont know how to type this and not come off as some jealous fag, as im serious that they have this weird highschool cliche "popular kids" thing going on...but theyre like almost 30. I like cosplay, i dont think it makes you better than anyone, youre just good at dressing up as someone else youre not, and you think youre better than everyone else.

>> No.10160560

cosplay has so much drama surrounding it. why cant peeps just have fun and dress up.

>> No.10160632

Oh god this is my nightmare

>> No.10160633

The Love Live community on Instagram.

>> No.10160655

As which party?

>> No.10160686
File: 27 KB, 591x811, 1547699220792.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It was definitely a surreal experience.

>Cosplay from a western show that has a notoriously awful fandom (No, not steven universe, the other one)
>Make a friend who's also likes the show
>Go to a con and meet up first on friday in cosplay from different shows
>Had a lot of fun, they acted like a normal fucking friend
>Saturday arrives
>Cosplay from the same show
>Together we make up the most popular ship in the show
>They do a 180
>Flirt w me a lot, it's very very awkward and they don't seem to get my uncomfortable body language or how I quickly change the subject
>Finally I politely tell them that I'm not interested in them romantically, but I really cherish them as an important friend
>They ignore it and continue
>Separate for a while bc I wanted to go to the dealers hall w other friends and they wanted to check out a few panels
>I have an almost empty itabag, I got cash that I saved, I go buckfuckingwild and buy tons of fanmerch for a pairing I really like in the show
>That the friend doesn't ship, but who the fuck cares it's just shipping
>Well they really fucking care
>We meet up
>They see my itabag filled with charms, and LOSE IT
>Call me a pedo, accusing me of liking incest, and grooming
>The characters are both adults and aren't related
>I'm in shock because I can't believe people like this exist in real life
>They say something along the lines of "Is that why you don't want to date me? Because I'm not underrage?"
>Rant more
>I tell them they're fucking insane and scurry away
>Found out they vagued the shit out of me on Twitter, but before I could do anything they blocked me

I don't think they were interested in me as a friend. They just wanted to fuck me so their otp would come true or something. We're both 18+. They never knew, but I'm a csa victim and while being accused of being a pedo didn't trigger me or anything, I definitely felt like total shit and was shaken up for a bit. But my other friends made the rest of the weekend a blast!

>> No.10160707

What on earth? Was it Voltron?

>> No.10160716

>vagued the shit out of me on Twitter
What does that mean?

>> No.10160732
File: 51 KB, 800x450, medium-clean (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It most certainly was!!! Cosplaying as Keith is something else, man.

Basically, you're talking shit but you won't say who you're talking shit about.

Instead of something like, "wow Anon is a shitty person do not interact." or, "I met a shitty person today who ships X thank God I called them out on being a pedo!!!"

They instead tweet shit like,

"wow... you really never know a person. I need to be more careful with who I meet online. If you're a mutual DM me for more info"

Twitter politics are so fucking stupid.

>> No.10160734

What pairing did they call you a pedo for?

>> No.10160735

Damn, I was into the first three seasons but kinda stopped watching after that, I'm glad that was the extent of my involvement with the fandom because the discourse was wild

>> No.10160739

Shiro and Keith. The person who I thought was my friend was a Lance cosplayer. Now unless I know the Lance cosplayer through mutual friends, I avoid them at cons.

Yeah, I'm still in the fandom and the discourse is still going on with shipping. It's pretty annoying, I'm super cautious with who I interact with in the fandom. The part of the fandom that this Lance cosplayer was in is known for doing heinous shit like sending death threats to people involved in the show and people who don't ship their OTP. IDK if you were still around at the time, but one person threatened Shiro's VA that they'd slit his kid's throat and call CPS if he made any more jokes about shipping Shiro and Keith. They're fucking crazy.

Ok sorry for that add on!!!! I don't want to go too OT.

>> No.10160745

>being a basic bitch
who’da thunk it

>> No.10160786
File: 86 KB, 692x960, 1514176053126.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Hitting on a gorgeous tall girl at a con
>Her weird manlet bf catches me and tries to puff up, start shit
>I'm black and don't feel like going to jail for punching a guy who's all up in my shit, so I leave after sayin bye to the girl
>The girl wanted me to meet her at a panel but the guy ends up takin her home

>> No.10160973

Why the everliving fuck is this show's fandom so
godawful? Thank God the show finished up.

>> No.10160974

This sounds like somr /fit/ delusional mire shit m8
How was he trying to start shit?

>> No.10161373

You're too online, people hitting on each other actually happens

anyway he was weird, got in my face and was like "Don't you have somewhere to be fucker?" and shit like that

>> No.10161380

In Florida,

Keep hearing about this creeper that has been causing shit in the community and is now almost banned from the scene because they cant behave themselves like a normal person. From suicide threats to threatening others this person sounds like your typical school shooter profile from start to finish. Hope this guy backs away (whoever they are) before they bring harm to themselves or others. Im sure from the description some of you probably know who already although Ive only heard stories recently so I dont even know who it is (Im a casual con-goer, not deep in the community)

>> No.10161508

>her insta
there’s your problem, anon.

>> No.10161760


>> No.10162459

Yeah. These ones aren't even that great at their cosplay. Shitty cut wigs, horrid props with seams and shit still visible. But they all leech onto the one girl who kind of is decent. I'm rooming with them at a few cons this year, and basically the main guy running them has flat out made it clear I'm not welcome since I'm not actually part of "their group." I honestly just want to room elsewhere to avoid the drama, but I don't want to lose a few of the people I do enjoy within our mutual friend group.

>> No.10162472

This guy you are talking about carved words into his leg & sent the images to people, he is not sane.

>> No.10162479

Good god, you really need to change rooms, this sounds like an awfully unfun situation yo be in with not much return.

>> No.10162482


Cosplay Sakura you muppets. I absolutely adore her and will always ask for pictures with and of anybody who goes as her. She's the best.

>> No.10163039

Someone actually took the time to write this. Holy fucking shit that's sad

>> No.10163056


>> No.10163075

I was raped

>> No.10163209
File: 171 KB, 493x750, 1547017433812.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I once tried to pull off a Destoroyah costume and people thought I was a winged Barney and a dude with kids asked me to take a photo with them.

>> No.10163214
File: 32 KB, 498x374, feb9cb67e421b17d47f68be46d51b830.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


You goobers shouldn't worry about such things as long as you still feel like little girls who have to watch out for pedos at cons.

>> No.10163250


>> No.10163737

Person showed up the day of the con, acting like they didnt know they had to pay for the room after being told over and over they had to pay for the room. Ended up telling them to take their shit and leave. We saw them later on in the day and they sure did have enough money for a badge, though.

>> No.10164654



>> No.10164656


Red flags man, back out.

>> No.10165194

i know someone who unfriended me because I called him out on his bullshits

>> No.10166600

This so much, truly positive and kind people don’t need to yell 24-7 about how virtuous they are and its just a facade and covering up something themselves lack. Just like the other age old example of the anti gay priests sucking dick, male feminists being rapists and creepy sexual harassers and so on. Anyone who acts like that is a suspect in my eyes.

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