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I keep wondering which sexuality do lolitas belong to, so yeah let's decide this with ultimate poll.


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With this poll, at the best you can see what sexuality most lolitas who come to 4chan are. Can't really generalise more

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>tfw not a lolita but vote anyway
Heh, nothing personal.

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People are gonna lie, dummy

>> No.10119566

You could always post the link to different platforms

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Lotsa Belgians here, eh

>> No.10119572

Just curious OP what are you expecting to win? Also someone post this to discords and fb groups please

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Do we really need the opinons of lolitas at heart with pronouns like gloom/gloomself?

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All lolitas are rufflesexual anon.

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Do we really need opinions on this at all?

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It's interesting to know that this many people lurk here in such a short timeframe.

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I had to vote the vague "Etc" because I'm a cis-female who identifies as queer since the only gender expression combo I couldn't see myself partnering with is feminine female.
Sex (as in genitalia) doesn't matter to me. I like to be surprised
>none of my business until it's business time, as I like to say

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>I'm not a feminine female so I'm not a woman

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congrats you're bi. Stop trying to special through identity politics.
Preferences don't dictate a whole new sexuality. Holy shit.

>> No.10119695

No they said they don't want to date feminine females, learn to read

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DA but that's still bi. A preference for a personality type doesn't make you less bi. I don't really go for girly girls, either. Nothing special about that. It's like saying you don't like overly masculine men but still like dicks.

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Oh, my bad, let me reword that:
>I'm not attracted to feminine women so I need a super special label because butches aren't women

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And predictably, the bisexuals pull into the lead.

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I find it hard to believe there are more lesbians than straight women into Lolita. I see far too many girls dragging their sullen, slobby boyfriends to meets, but never with girlfriends. Wish I could find a Lolita gf.

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That's the one that's shocking you? Personally I can't believe that there are as many asexuals as lesbians.

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>sexual preferences don't dictate sexuality

why are you so hell-bent on labeling me as bi?
I'm not bisexual. I identify as queer because I'm anti binary, trans-inclusive, and I believe gender and sex are completely unrelated. It absolutely is political and it's on purpose. It really depends on the person for me, but I'm mostly attracted to masculine presenting people across labels. I don't see myself with a femme woman like me, but who knows!

just because someone has a vag doesn't mean they're a woman. y'all over here trying to erase my identity, like, stay in your lane. you have your viewpoint on the world, I have mine. But I'm not going to let some anon tell me who I am.

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I identify as a lacesexual burando-gender shopaholic blob.

The second I saw that there's only male, femlale and etc. options I just knew you would receive many annoyed snowflake comments like>>10119655.


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Bisexual isn't a transphobic label. It generally means "attracted to my gender and others". I thought we all got past that one years ago.

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>only 4-7 males out of 109 voters
B-but cgl is totally larping males! I swear!

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>understands sex and gender are different
>but thinks gender is a legitimate concept that actually define people
>rather than just their personality
Please go outside or read something

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They could be lying... But yeahhh, I knew we're all a bunch of salty bitches and it's nice to see it confirmed

>> No.10119799

The only people who think cgl is larping males are larping males.

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So are you okay with feminine trans girls? Just curious IDGAF about what you label yourself. I personally say I'm bisexual but I'm kinda the opposite to you I usually only like feminine people but I have my exceptions.

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I like women of all sorts including trans women and I have dated multiple non-binary people, but I'm only attracted to cute, feminine-presenting guys. Guess I'm not bisexual any more. OH WAIT

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Is it weird that I'm actually enjoying the map more than what the results of the actual questions are? Hello lolitas in Israel. Didn't know there were any of you there

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I can believe. It's pretty obvious that this would be the case. What i don't really believe is there being that many asexuals. Society got people fucked up if people thinking that because they aren't pornsick, they must be asexual.

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>anti-binary for political purposes
>assigns gender to how people look based on sexist understanding of how men and women look

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>be larping male
>claim to be female on poll
>claim to be lesbian because being straight would be gay

>> No.10119922

O voted for heterosexual female, but there's a little thing that I'm not sure about:

Besides being het (I only date boys) I'm also demisexual (I don't feel physical attraction unless we have a deep emotional bond beforehand) and that is often labeled as a part of asexuality.

I don't feel it's fair for me to choose female asex, since there is a het option, but anyway, that's it.

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you're hilarious

>> No.10119931

You are straight. Also not special at all.

>> No.10119932

I voted the same way, because I'm demiromantic (meaning I only feel a romantic attraction to someone I feel an emotional connection with)

>> No.10119937

r u saying straight people dont have sex with whoever is willing 3 times a week?

>> No.10119941

I'm the same, anon! I feel like the "asexual" in this poll refers to people who don't feel attraction at all, so I made the same choice as yours

>> No.10119943

Never said it was special, this is fairly common t b h

>> No.10119945

it's literally the most common, that's why it's not included

>> No.10119948

its called SEXuality. Its attraction towards someone's sex, not gender.

>> No.10119949

Well, that's a new one

>> No.10119950

Did you get sex ed from tumblr trolls?

>> No.10119951

>I only feel a romantic attraction to someone I feel an emotional connection with
what is the difference between being emotionally connected to someone and romantically connected to them?
I thought that if you were being romantic with someone, you would also be emotionally connected. Like they go hand in hand. You're saying there is some kind of significant difference?

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Take your sperging to where it belongs, the lot of you.

>> No.10119954

This poll is fucking joke. I voted for asexual female even though I'm not.

>> No.10119962

Holy shit, came here to post this too lmao

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>t. female larping as larping male

>> No.10119977

t. lolita larping as cosplayer larping as larper

>> No.10119983

it was all a trick to learn your location

>> No.10119997

>bisexual female in the lead with 36%
Sadly most of you are voting as a joke

>> No.10120003

I thought these kind of data collectors were only on popular boards

>> No.10120008

>people this retarded are in your threads, calling you shit
>people this retarded are giving you advice and you're taking it

Jesus Christ I haven't read this many buzzwords since, well, EVER. like how many mental calculations do you have to jump through in order to be unique lmao

>> No.10120016

good luck, I'm behind 7 proxies

>> No.10120020

what did ya think sexuality meant?

>> No.10120021

>implying these are actual seagulls and not just escaped tumblrtards

>> No.10120120

That's exactly what the lolita contingent of the board is though

>> No.10120160

Jfc go back to rufflechat.

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None of them applied to me, sorry mate

>> No.10120165

Did you stretch before reaching this hard?
I suggest going and having a long think about how you define people.
Because I like the same traits in people that you've described yourself liking... and I'm bi.

>> No.10120178

Interesting poll, surprised to see the amount of asexual anons (both female and male)

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what a fukin mess this is lol

>> No.10120185

i think a bunch picked it as a joke like >>10119954 which is sad.

>> No.10120186


>> No.10120187

I don't find this surprising at all based on all the newfags.

>> No.10120188

Many times this.

>> No.10120190

Demisexual is just a fancy term for having standards.
Yuh aint special

>> No.10120228

This fucking bungus term needs to go walk off a cliff. It implies that the general population just creams their panties over anyone they see, when it's actually really damn hard for anyone to feel 'attraction' until they're comfortable with someone. Anything less is surface level appreciation.

>> No.10120233


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I made this poll to either confirm or break the myth about lesbian comm. I guess it’s safe to suggest lesbians are the third of comm and the majority is somewhat straight.

>> No.10120255

Everyone lied on your test, use the more official census.

>> No.10120259

None, because I'm happier without the labels.

>> No.10120267

So.... you're bi AND in denial that gender and sex are the same.

>> No.10120270

what makes you think we aren't larping at this instant?

>> No.10120271

You could try leaving your house and going to a lolita meet. Almost all of them are straight.

Gender is a sexist construct that needs to be destroyed.

>> No.10120274

Jesus this thread is retarded lol. Demisexuality is a made up term for tumblrinas that want to feel special and literally no one gives a shit if you’re asexual.

>> No.10120280

I just looked up lolitas from my insta feed. There’re 11 gals in straight relationship, 6 are gay/bisexual and 22 haven’t been mentioned their SO afaik. I haven’t been picking people by their sexuality, so I believe the third of comm is pretty much fair assumption.

>> No.10120287

I get it, you can't go to a meet because you don't go outside and you're not a lolita, so you have to base your worldview on things you see on the internet

>> No.10120289

Why you all so mad? There’s nothing wrong or offensive about this poll, but yall just go nuts over this

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What's with all this slack jawed hicks in here?

>> No.10120302

Let’s assume you get harassed for that. What kind of argument do you have to make get that person fuck off?

>> No.10120310

>disable adblocker to do this poll
>last part of it shows my fucking facebook profile

wewlads I made a mistake

Adblock back on

>> No.10120338

I'm queer and chose etc. but otherwise would choose lesbian because I only go after girls.

>> No.10120340

People from all over the states use y'all, and yall is also super common in aave, fuck off.

>> No.10120341

...People in straight relationships can still be bisexual, you know

>> No.10120343

I'm under the belief that lolitas and other alt fashions tend to have a slightly higher percent of lgbt people in their communities in general. People into alt fashion tend to be more open minded, and thus tend to not be in the closet, so there are fewer """straight""" people.

>> No.10120345

This. This is why we're a bunch of bisexuals. However bisexuals are also much more likely to date people of the opposite gender because of social conditioning, so I can see how a lolita comm may look mostly straight while actually having much more lgbt presence than your average bunch of people.

>> No.10120351

Slightly higher, yes. Almost half of them, no.

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mmmmm now calm down, y'all. Seems to be some exposure 'ere of the good 'ol kawa-yeehaw.

>> No.10120354

I live in the northeast but nice try

>> No.10120355

How many normal people do you think are LGBT? Like, not "I identify as bi," but are actually, objectively LGBT? Probably a ton more than identify as such. Lots of bi people ignore their gay yearnings because it's easier, or they think it's normal (which, it is, but you know what I mean) to have girl crushes and shit as a straight person, when they're actually just bi.

>> No.10120363

what in tarnation

>> No.10120369

It's the easiest bait

>> No.10120371

Holy shit, is that why people say this board is retarded? Cause you're stuck in a goober phase?

>> No.10120376

I didn't

>> No.10120380

If they are living their life as straight, who are you to claim they're bi? According to several large scale research, around 5% of the population of my country is LGB. That's actually much more than what I see around me irl. Of course, online around 50% people are LGBT+ but that doesn't reflect real life.

>> No.10120381

>According to several large scale research, around 5% of the population of my country is LGB
5% of those admitting it?

>> No.10120385

I didn't lie either.

>> No.10120386

Lots of people who appear straight are probably bi, they're just not spergs who yell about it all over the place. How would you even know?

>> No.10120388

Seconding this, I'm bisexual but since I'm in a het relationship right now and I almost never bring up my sexuality because I find it personal (I don't think everyone I meet needs to know who I'm fucking). I'm positive there are other people like me who just don't feel the need to address it because to them it's just sex.

>> No.10120402

Yes, there are probably people who don't talk about it, but that doesn't mean NEARLY HALF OF THE POPULATION is LGB

>> No.10120404

>38% is somehow 50%
>200 votes is somehow considered representation of thousands.

Y’all dumb af

>> No.10120425

Thirding! I do post about lgbt things on IG very occasionally and have been involved in activism in the past, but most people don't know anything about my sexual orientation or even my relationship other than that I am in one. There's just no need for them to know unless it's relevant.

>> No.10120428

They started arguing with someone who only said almost half of the people are not LGBT

>> No.10120435

>Calls people slack-jawed
>uses "this" for a plural noun

>> No.10120439

Ever thought that maybe people who don't give a shit about how people perceive them and are bold in their representation of themselves might be more likely to be queer on the basis of they're already judged by society and expected to be a total weirdo anyway, so why the fuck not? I find loads of people in the various alt fashion scenes are LGBT+

>> No.10120443

Ikr. Like 10%. Not 38%.

>> No.10120454

OP’s here, there’s my five cents on why lolitas are expected to be queer:
- lolita fashion is asexual, this clothes cover up a lot, so they are expected to be worn by someone who doesn’t prioritize sex appeal.
- lolita doesn’t cater to what the majority of men find attractive, although it still may look appealing to females.

>> No.10120457

Feeling threatened, het normie?

>> No.10120465

I mean the majority of wuluhwuhs and women in general aren’t overtly horny like men, they prefer aesthetic beauty over whatever guys see in yoga pants and crop tops, so it’s unsurprising there’s as few hets as there are.

>> No.10120473

Just say lesbian if you’re woman identifying and only see yourself partnering with is woman-iding like I get you’re trying to be qweer and woke but like you said if genitals don’t correlate to gender then why would you have to choose etc.

>> No.10120480

I'm the only lesbian in my comm. You all sound like you never meet anyone irl.

>> No.10120497

well that explains why you hate bisexuals then

>> No.10120500

I'm not a lesbian, I lied. But I knew you wanted to believe it. There are no lesbians in my comm. I don't know what makes you think I hate bisexuals since I've literally not mentioned them in this entire thread.

>> No.10121080

>a yankee
I'm not surprised.

>> No.10121081

Anyone else notice that this very scientific poll allows you to vote more than once?

>> No.10121096

I have and I did.

>> No.10121186

Fags are the loudest and most self-absorbed so of course they flock to polls.

>> No.10121192

Most of my comm is either Lesbian, Bisexual, or hate men lol.

>> No.10121211

This. There are two girls with decent male partners but everyone else has a girlfriend or is voluntarily a cat lady because local men in our age group are hot garbage.

>> No.10121230

Which comm are you in?

Cat lady isn't the same as lesbian

>> No.10121329

the need for a term like demisexual is silly to me, but demiromantic is absurd. emotional connection is a prerequisite to romantic connection, this is not unusual

all this 'demi' shit is just normal functioning human shit where we get to know eachother.. love at firs sight and one night stands are not the norm

>> No.10121508

I was about to just not vote when I saw the limited choices, but I decided to vote for asexual female, bisexual female, and etc in order to properly encompass my sexuality. I'm a pan-sapio-sexual female, which means that I'm sexually attracted to anyone who meets my standards for intelligence. However, my standards are quite high so it's rare that I'm attracted to anyone who is attracted back; such is the curse of having a PHD in particle physics.

>> No.10121514

don't you dare try to bait me

>> No.10121519

You joke but this thread speaks loudly enough!!

>> No.10122000

Same in my comm. It's not a very big comm but we have a good few lesbians, and most of the rest are bisexual. There are also a few people who are completely asexual. Come to think of it I actually can't think of a single member who is straight (though there are some new members I don't know very well)

>> No.10122001

Which comm are you in?

>> No.10122003

Nayrt, but any of the Midwestern or Mississippi ones, in my experience

>> No.10122053

Most of my midwest comm is straight. I know one girl who is bi and one girl is lesbian, but that's it. All the others girls I know have bfs or husbands.

>> No.10122061
File: 23 KB, 623x523, 1550593477140.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10122069


>> No.10122283

Don't want to be too specific but a European one.

>> No.10122310

thank god.

>> No.10122523

I'm in the Dutch comm and I only know 2 lesbian girls, they're in a relationship with each other. Every Dutch lolita I follow on facebook/insta has a boyfriend. I guess you're in a different country where lolita is associated with LGBT for some reason.

>> No.10122547

The map has been an eye-opener!

Is that one green dot near Madagascar an actual islander lolita or just someone's proxy? Islander-chan, if you are real, how tf are you living in that humidity?

>> No.10122554

As far as I know most Dutch Lolita’s are single though.

>> No.10122903

I'm very far from the Netherlands, yes. I don't think it's that lolita is specifically associated with LGBT, just that most people in the lolita comm are relatively young, and where I live it is not uncommon for young people to be out as LGBT.

>> No.10123206

I know of one on Instagram. I'm guessing it's her. She serms adorable and I want to be friends with her

>> No.10123210

Why do you refuse to say which comm you're in?

>> No.10123211

I picked lesbian female even though it's not strictly true as a whole but it's the closest one more or less.

>> No.10123212

Must be the UK

Considering the green dot is over Mauritius rather than Madagascar I think it must be a VPN or proxy, sadly.

>> No.10123222

UK is a neighbouring country to the Netherlands, and most British lolitas are not bisexual or lesbian

>> No.10123224

Is it? I don't outright tell people I'm demi but I don't experience sexual attraction at all. But I do have romantic partners and I'll have sex with them to make them happy because I'm attracted to them on a mental/ emotional level. But the concept of being "horny" isn't something I really understand

>> No.10123225

>most British lolitas are not bisexual or lesbian
U sure about that m8

>> No.10123227

Yeah I am sure about it

>> No.10123229

What comm are you? Maybe my comm is disproportionately gay

>> No.10123231

i think that's just asexual because that's how i identify with a similar experience. ace hetero/homo/bi romantic.

identify how you want though, don't take this as me telling you what to call yourself

>> No.10123232

If you're from CLAM, it's in the name. If you're from Brighton, the whole city is gay. If you're from London and have ever been to Soho, you're gay too and just haven't noticed yet. Other places are less gay though.

>> No.10123266

If you like dicks and vaginas you’re bi. Honestly it’s super bi-phobic to imply that bi people refuse to date trans and non-binary people. Which is 100% what you’re doing when you refuse to identify as bi because you’re attracted to people with non cis gender identities.

>> No.10123278


>> No.10123289

This is about how I concluded that bi was the only word I need, too. No need to complicate it.

>> No.10123295

I just don't talk about it with anyone, especially not using the term Ace. The whole "hurr durr, you have sex organs and don't reproduce by budding" thing is so annoying. Normies and pan/ poly sex freaks have completely shut down the conversation about being Ace

>> No.10123586

What's her insta? Is she Mauritian? I wanna share some islander solidarity with her

>> No.10123592

>I only feel a romantic attraction to someone I feel an emotional connection with

So you're a normal straight person.

>> No.10123594

Honestly I think the majority of "demisexuals" fall into three camps.

1- real people who only wanna fuck people after they become close friends.

2- Autists, or teenagers

3- Normally girls who wanna be LGBT but don't actually wanna fuck other women or be genuinely trans. They're usually transtrenders too.

There's this retard in my comm I used to be friends with who's like #3, she basically called me a slut cause at the time I had 3 sexual partners despite the fact that she was also a massive whore who straight up broke up my other friends by making one of them cheat on the other. She has strict religious parents so she calls herself a demisexual cause she hates to admit that she's constantly cockhungry.

>> No.10123602

>demiromantic (meaning I only feel a romantic attraction to someone I feel an emotional connection with)
But can you love someone without an emotional connection? What would that be like?

>> No.10123604

The 'bi' in bisexual doesn't mean binary. Bi means two. Sexual means sexual attraction as well as sex (genitals). There are two sexes. Therefore, you are bi.

>> No.10123870

Yeah demi is essentially straight people who want to feel included in the LGBTQ movement but are just straights. Most people would be demisexual or demiromantic. Straight people really feel entitled to being included in the movement

>> No.10124109
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well I feel disheartened, I'm an actual asexual female and was happy to see there were so many of us. Back to being alone

>> No.10124115

I still love you

>> No.10124116

I'd love to meet you but I'm sure I'd be disappointing, still willing.

>> No.10124126

Even though people are lying, I think a lot of asexuals are drawn to the fashion. I’m into lolita specifically because I can look adorable and also completely unsexy— which might sound contradictory but I hope you get what I mean.

>> No.10124136

Straight people also want to be cool and be doing cool gay stuff.

>> No.10124197

you're not alone, I'm asexual too, I think there are a number of us here.

>> No.10124208

Y'all are so fuckin dumb
>Asexuals are real
>Demisexuals are real
>Queer-Feminist theory has merit

Die triggered about it.

>> No.10124209

Cool beans but straight people never had to fuck in sewers or get arrested for fucking someone they loved (unless they were in an interracial relationship), so there's kind of a reason that LGBT is for people whomst either like the same gender or are trans. I'd go as far to include aroaces just cause they're actually somewhat oppressed desu. Like not to get all tumblr on you but straight people wanting to be gay is as pathetic and annoying as white people wanting to be black.

>> No.10124210

Being a pan ace is "valid" (cringe) but not wanting to fuck retards isn't a sexuality

>> No.10124212

>Cool beans but straight people never had to fuck in sewers or get arrested for fucking someone they loved
Yeah, straight life is plain boring

>> No.10124344

>by making one of them cheat on the other.
I'm sorry but how do you "make" someone do that??

>> No.10124345

>straight people wanting to be gay is as pathetic and annoying as white people wanting to be black
Or men wanting to be women :^)

>> No.10125092


>> No.10125095

Demisexuals are valid but they are also normies who don't belong in LGBT groups.

>> No.10125112

Asexual, but I don’t doubt that it could change eventually and I might actually be demi or something. That’s what I’m hoping for, anyway. Being fully asexual sucks balls.

>> No.10125120

>Being fully asexual sucks balls

Lmao that's how I know you fake ace.

>> No.10125122

Lol I wish I was fake

>> No.10125126

People used to just say they're not ready for sex/not ready to be intimate yet. Why do you feel the need to label yourself asexual besides for trolling? Serious question.
I dated a guy who thought he was asexual, but it turned out he was just confused because media/internet taught him he should want to have sex 3 times a week at least. In reality we were both fine with once or twice a month.

>> No.10125218

Anon, there are people who actually don't want to have sex. Like at all. It's not the same situation as the guy you were dating.

>> No.10125252

It is the same situation. He didn't want to have sex for years and identified as asexual. Are you saying his asexuality is not valid?

>> No.10125253

worst thread on cgl in years, historical.

>> No.10125263

a person being confused about their sexuality is totally fine and normal and a part of growing up on this hell planet. this guy identified as asexual and then discovered he wasn't. Same way some folks identify as gay until they discover they're bi, and so on and so on. That's fine, it's life.
A person who's just "not ready for sex" shouldn't identify as asexual, but they might be confused, because this stuff is so rarely explained to young people. Which is a shame, because then it ends up getting argued about on image boards to the benefit of absolutely no one.

>> No.10125266

The person I replied to thinks they will not be asexual in the future, that's why I'm asking why they're using the asexual label instead of saying they're not ready/interested in sex yet.

>> No.10125347

Perpetually confused

>> No.10125351


best reply

>> No.10125365


Glad at least one person said this.

>> No.10125412

If you're unhappy about being ace maybe you could look into something to stimulate your sex drive. Like I'm asexual and that's the exact opposite of how I feel, I was so happy to learn it was a thing and that I wasn't broken in some fundamental way.

>> No.10125414

Comment of the day

>> No.10130167

CLAM literally got another lesbian couple this week. Probably the gayest comm in the UK I’ve come across.

>> No.10130185

Nope, that person just didn't understand my question

>> No.10130188

Meanwhile 90% of London is bi but none of them are fucking each other

>> No.10130292

pretty sure someone discovering they're not asexual means their asexuality was the definition of invalid

>> No.10130294


Hey my family is Mauritian and my cousin is a weeb, and she knows weebs, so a Mauritian who lurks here is entirely possible.


If you exist Mauritian chan I would absolutely love to meet you.

>> No.10130303

DA, but as one of the bi people here, I used to identify as asexual because absolutely nothing stood out to me as attractive. Never felt anything at all and was fine with that, never went out of my way or questioned it aside from the usual "is something wrong with me". I am not really sure when I changed but I definitely don't feel that way now. I also don't think it negated that I was asexual at the time, because believe me for a while I did try to fix it, and it's just one of those things like how they say sexuality can be fluid, I'm not the person I was 10 years ago.

>> No.10130417

The girl I was talking about is from Madagascar not Mauritius. She's weeby but very sweet and fresh out of her ita phase. I feel weird dropping her Insta though because I think she might be underage.

>> No.10130440

>most females here are bi

>> No.10130449

>16% lesbians
Alright where all you are. My biggest dream is to have a gf who's also into old school so we can share clothes

>> No.10130452


You sound jealous and like you need to get laid

>> No.10130467

are you sure?
I mean, around half of the London population are muslims after all, aren't they?
(or are there some secret bi/gay)

>> No.10130528

You bet I do. Are you volunteering?

I was talking about the London comm, silly. Nice try.

>> No.10130637

Imagine having to type paragraphs to try to explain you’re bi.

>> No.10130711


Yeah no worries, that's completely understandable. Also I hate the response people get from dropping instas so it's probably for the better. I'll probably run into her someday.

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