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Time for another unpopular opinions thread! Post the opinions you can’t voice elsewhere.

>Service dogs should not be dressed in cosplay. They’re not props, they’re working to PROTECT YOU. Why give people more of a reason to distract them from their work if you really need them?

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I'm not sure what the general thought on this is BUT I believe you just shouldn't bring weapon props larger than 3ft with you to cons. Once at ASTL a Maka swung around carelessly and smacked me on the face with her scythe. I know she saw me but she didn't apologise, didn't even say a word. Just. Left.

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Stoner lolitas are dumb and smoking makes you gross. Grow up.

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you don't have to smoke to get high anymore grandma, but you keep bitchen' if it makes you feel better.

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>comes into an unpopular opinion thread and gets upset at the opinions

nayrt but come on

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She said “and” which doesn’t necessarily mean being stoned = must have smoked. Regardless,
Just like tattoofags.

Unpopular opinion: idol threads don’t belong on cgl

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This may be a popular opinion on cgl but definitely not in the real world. If you buy your costumes, you're not a cosplayer. Even if you hot glue together the shittiest garment of all time, it still makes you more of a cosplayer than someone who orders everything online.

Opinion 2: 3D printing items, even if they look better, is always less impressive to me than things made by hand. I'll admit, I 3D print things all the time, and understand that it takes quite a bit of work. But the parts I made myself I'll always be more proud of, and therefore find more impressive on other people's costumes too.

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Have you been in these threads before? That's pretty common.

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>Grow up.
How do you explain legalization and many adults partaking in it?
What if someone told you to stop wearing dresses and grow up? You would say, lolita isn't meant for children.
Marijuana was never meant for people underage and had nothing to do with immaturity. Just like lolita has nothing to do with being a child or being immature.

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Nayrt, maybe they mean the whole "attitude" you sometimes see online and especially on social media, like how stoners base their entire lifestyles on weed etc. as if that's the only thing they ever care about.
I don't care what people do in their private lives but that's kind of obnoxious, and seeing similar things in lolita (even if only anonymously) is off putting.

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I agree with that. I hate weed "culture" and morons who listen to reggae because they smoke. But I don't really find this sort of thing in lolita? And I never see pot leaf socks in a coord or people doing Jamaican flag color coords.
So I'm not sure what the real complaint is.

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Status dresses so not impress me.

They only show off to me that the person has more money than taste or fashion sense. The coords usually look samey as well.

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Anytime I see a chick in SC with a blue/pink wig I assume she hasn't got a drop of creativity in her body and is searching for efame.

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i like gloomth
(i like medical/horror/religious themes so maybe definitely biased)

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outfit has a nice street snap vibe, but gosh that makeup

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Cosplay = costume(ing) + play. Not crafter + play. If you wear it (a costume) and play in it, guess what? You are costume playing! Cosplaying!

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Tbh I feel like Sugary Carnival in 2019 is super different than Sugary Carnival in 2011. It's cheaper now and I rarely see people wear it in an OTT way. Usually the people who wear that particular dress these days do it because they actually love it. Same with Milky Planet. They are no longer status pieces.

Cat's Tea Party on the other hand is still obnoxious even though its also old. I've never seen a single unique or interesting coord with it.

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No, i know. I would never ever say anything to someone who doesn't make their own stuff, and I know that's not actually what cosplay is. Literally all of my friends buy their costumes. But it's just my own personal opinion on what I value in cosplay, and how I see others' work.

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dolly momoiro is the only thing making that broadcloth mess tolerable

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That thing is horrid.

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Popular opinion it seems here...unpopular opinion elsewhere. Yeah I believe anyone can cosplay anything. But I’m sick of body positive cosplay groups telling people it’s okay to be fat. No it’s not. This love yourself BS led me to having lots of health issues. I wish people would stop with the excuses.

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I’m fat and I completely agree. I’m actively trying to get healthier and live longer than a decade or two from now, unlike the ever growing hordes of hamplanets infesting the con and cosplay scene. I don’t understand how they can get to that point and deal with all those health issues and think that it’s ok.

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People who cry about costhots and MUH CRAFTSMANSHIP are just jelly that they can't gain followers on social media from their shit photos, fat body, bad makeup, and ugly face. No normie wants to see an amazingly constructed costume on an ugly person. There's a reason why designers have models instead of modeling their own pieces, and it's because they're not too retarded to realize that people want to look at a nice image. The fact is, the reason you don't have a bunch of followers despite having ~amazing~ construction is because you're ugly, fat, or don't know how to present yourself. Look at Kinpatsu: good armor builds and decent sewing. Frankly I think she's kinda mannish and unnattractive but she knows how to present herself and market herself, which is what grows her following.

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>No normie wants to see an amazingly constructed costume on an ugly person
I mean yeah it’s better if they’re not ugly but overall this is wrong, normies and other cosplayers will still gawk at amazing construction.
Fat is different because it changes the silhouette making it inaccurate to the character.

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I mean keep telling yourself that, but I can guarantee you that the reason you have <10k followers isn’t because thots ruined the scene!!1!!1!, it’s because you’re ugly. There are many cosplayers who don’t do lewds and ride on cute face for followers.

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How do I find a model? I have great craftsmanship but very average face. I don't socialize beyond work obligations and I have a foul personality as far as I'm aware. I don't like interacting with women for the most part, they're such fickle creatures.

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Reach out to cute girls/cosplayers on insta desu. Don't be a creep, don't be an ass, be professional and ask them to model for you. Something like "Hey, I saw your cosplays and I really like how you present yourself as each character. I was wondering if you'd be willing to model [costume name] for a photoshoot; I really wanted to make this cosplay/get good photos of this cosplay but it doesn't suit me very much. Thank you for your time!" Provide examples of your work. Tell them that they can use the images on their social media with credit back to you for the costume. Don't get offended if they say no.

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Can’t tell if you’re using a personal “you” and replying to me out of insecure projection or not because I surely don’t cosplay and surely don’t give a shit about followers

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You can take it personally or apply it generically, it works either way. Most of the "best costumers" that always get posted on cgl are sub 20k and the reason is because they're not attractive or they have shit photos and makeup

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>If you can't handle criticism, don't fucking ask for it!
Unfortunately this is an unpopular opinion in my local community. Here asking for feedback means please tell me how great I am. Provide actual feedback with ways to improve and people turn on you and call you a hater: 'Omg anon, [girl] is already insecure! How dare you tell her she's not perfect?!'.

What's worse is how all the snowflakes are now crawling out into the open and spam their stupid ideas everywhere. Even when you're trying to be helpful they still blame you for ruining their hopes and dreams. Yes, it's totally my fault your anxiety-driven spoiled entitled self just literally can't even at the thought of having to actually do some actual work in order to make your dreams reality.

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Hating on something just because it's popular doesn't make you an interesting person. Except for idol shows, those need to die a fiery death. The moment 50% of a cosplay competition consists out of idol dance groups who never bothered to practice their choreography is where I draw the line.

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One or two lolitas saying they're stoners in a confessions thread isn't "basing their entire lifestyles on weed", you're just easily triggered.

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Wow not them but that’s some conclusion jumping. People have lives outside cgl

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gloomth is a perfect example of "good ideas, terrible execution." i love most of their stuff in theory but the material choice and construction is just consistently awful and i have no idea how they stay in business

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I think it's a common misconception that "it's okay to be fat"="it's healthy to be fat", even in body positive circles. The thing that is a real problem and should stop in my opinion is the massive amount of shame and dehumanization that fat people have to endure. No, being fat isn't healthy, but there are dozens of things that aren't healthy and don't bring the people involved the smallest fraction of the abuse fat people get. Smoking cigarettes isn't healthy, yet smokers are not insulted, publicly shamed, don't have all their unrelated health issues dismissed with the phrase "just stop smoking!", don't have their self-confidence bashed at every turn simply because they smoke. Yes, fat people should be encouraged to be healthier and supported in their efforts towards that, but that doesn't mean they should just hide in the dark and shut themselves away until they are "good enough" to show themselves and enjoy hobbies by some arbitrary standard. Health is personal and being unhealthy shouldn't make you a target for all kinds of shit from complete strangers.

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A lot of people who bring large costumes or props to cons have no spatial awareness and no common courtesy, I apologize whenever I so much as graze someone with my bag but people will slap you with their wings, look you in the eye and keep walking. Like hey, cosplaying at a con does not exempt you of basic social rules! If you can't make sure that your costume won't hurt other attendees, don't walk through crowds with it!
I like 3D printed items, if it looks better I don't really care about impressing people. You should pick the method that gets the best result, if the piece isn't as nice it doesn't make a difference to me that you made it by hand rather than with a machine. Of course if you didn't make the model that should count for something in a competition but other than that I look at the result more than the process. But I get being prouder of the things you made by hand, I just don't look at that when I look at someone else's costume.
I get that, I don't care if you partake but smoking weed doesn't replace a personality.
>I don't like interacting with women for the most part, they're such fickle creatures.
It would be easier if you weren't that misogynistic
On the other hand, when someone asks for constructive criticism, just being mean or condescending isn't concrit, and if someone calls you out on using the guise of concrit to be insulting don't pretend you've done no wrong and they're just too sensitive. There's a difference between concrit and being an ass.

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The fat acceptance movement does try to convince people that it's healthy to be fat though.

>> No.10116689

>I think it's a common misconception that "it's okay to be fat"="it's healthy to be fat", even in body positive circles.
That's what I said

>> No.10116690

It's not a misconception. They are literally advocating that fat people are just as healthy as people who aren't fat.

>> No.10116692

A huge, whale-sized misconception

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the j fashion com is filled with saltlords/sjws/normies and id rather be an ita

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Yes. And some pear shaped girls may be. Carrying fat in your butt, hips, and thighs is better than your stomach. I lied to myself for 10 years and listened to the pro-fat BS and ended up very unhealthy. It’s not to say you have to hide. I’ve cosplayed. I’ve won awards. But it will be nice to not need 8 yards of fabric.

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All males should only cosplay as spartans from 300

Even the fat ones

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I have a Gloomth dream dress but I'll probably never find it. I wish I bought it while it was in stock, now it's gone forever.

>> No.10116745

I think most lolitas don't know shit about garment quality and simply follow burando so awesome train. I'm into sewing and I recently started buying brand
1 of the 3 AP pieces I bought has messed up finishing inside. 2 of them are all polyester. 1 of them is cotton but lower quality.
Only Baby dress I bought has a crooked seam right in front of the dress. It's cotton but lined with polyester.
2 pieces I got from Antique Beast are both sloppily sewn.

>inb4 buy X brand it's so much better

I only buy a piece when I absolutely like the design and I will continue doing so but honestly for the price I expected better. Even some of the fast fashion brands I like are better than this.

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I don’t really like kpop but absolutely hate kpop groups dancing in public. I really want them to be labelled “public disturbances” legally so I can actually get them to leave. No one wants to see groups of teenage girls with their asses out and patting their coochie, while dressed in the same two “cool-girl” outfits.

>> No.10116750

Mhmmm seems a lot of people want to see it, wouldn't you say? Considering it's so popular. You can hate kpop without sounding like a bitter cunt.

>> No.10116760

Woah I had almost the same opinion in the confession thread.
>Imagine spending your entire weekend camping in a corner of an anime convention with no badge dancing kpop
>everyone wearing black and white outfits either pseudo sports jerseys with the idols name or crop tops and flannel tied around your waist
>think of cosplayers as nerdier or somehow more pathetic than you and you have the right to this space
>wet yourself whenever a 4/10 asian male joins the dance pit

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>thinking /cgl represents the jfashion community as a whole

>> No.10116769

It's all handmade afaik, they might be able to make it for you if you ask.

>> No.10116774

>grow up, said anon
>on the cosplay and Lolita board
>on 4chan


>> No.10116775

I asked but they said that their supplier is out of that damask flocked chiffon and they don't know if it'll ever come back.

>cries internally

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yeah the fb/gram/yt side is moar sjw normie

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t. Instahoe too lazy to make her own cosplays. We all see what happens when there are people behind the scenes constructing the cosplay: the model takes full credit. I'm not saying people don't want to look on a nice image, I just think the better option is to work on yourself, or at least learn the art of the shoop. Costhots normally only look good through shoop anyways.

Adding to the pile I genuinely don't care about cosplaying for social media; I got into this bullshit hobby because interacting with physical representations of fictional characters sounded like fun, not to stare at a bunch of progress pics of varying validity. As spergy as it was, the play portion was far more fun and has been lost in the era of efame.

>> No.10116804

>People have lives outside cgl
Some do but definitely not all.

>> No.10116807

Its hard to believe this board is actually for adults...

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Kek, jokes on you, I make all my cosplays. I’m just not stupid enough to delude myself into thinking that normies give two shits about my beading; they care about how good the pictures look.

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Kek, jokes on you, I make all my cosplays. I’m just not stupid enough to delude myself into thinking that normies give two shits about my beading; they care about how good the pictures look. You need to reread what I said again, you either learn to present yourself better or you hire a model to present your work if you’re that fucking ugly and fat. Don’t use the same model for every single cosplay you make and there won’t be an issue with them becoming the “face” of your work. Fireflypath has people model their dresses all the time and they don’t have that issue. It’s like some of you gulls have no clue about basic marketing.

>> No.10116821

kpop has no place in nerd/otaku culture

>> No.10116841

You could say the same about j fashion.
Won't change the fact that lots of people have interests in both subjects and wish to celebrate both at cons. Lmao this is such a sad thing to be bitter about

>> No.10116845

People that shame fatties while doing other shit like drink, smoke, consume drugs and have unprotected sex can suck a dick, they're just trying pretend that their opinions are better because "oh no, it's not heaaalthy".

>> No.10116853

It's almost as if everybody pretends to care about the health aspect of being fit, only care about the aesthetic value of being healthy.

>> No.10116858

But what if I shame fatties for just being disgusting unsightly monsters? I dont really care about the fake health argument I just dont like fat lolitas!!

>> No.10116861

That's because it isn't, it was created by a fifteen year old boy who wished to be a little girl

>> No.10116864

I feel like I agree and don't agree at the same time. Kpop used to fit into weebshit cons in AMVs, but not anymore. I don't mind kpop shit at anime cons, excluding the BTS normies who glare at anyone not creaming themselves over their underfed sadboiz.

We have to acknowledge that there there used to be an overlap between anime/vocaloid fans who liked kpop, around 10 years ago. Nowadays, they have their own conventions and concerts all over the country. Then again, as long as they aren't blocking the hallway and they don't get in my way, I don't give a fuck about them.

>> No.10116870

then you do you, it's still a dick move but it's your opinion so w/e.

>> No.10116873

I don't smoke, drink or do drugs. I have unprotected sex but I'm in a committed relationship. I also hate fat people and think they're unhealthy and disgusting

>> No.10116878

>smokers are not insulted
Yes they are? Many countries have warnings and ads about the dangers of smoking. People lobby against tobacco companies too. If somebody smokes, they should stop! There are resources out there to help them and encourage them to quit. But if you just suggest a fatty to lose weight they cry about fatshaming.

>> No.10116886

Ayrt, we have different priorities. I read your post, I just don't give a rats ass about normie opinions. Costumes without interaction are boring, and I think you're fundamentally misunderstanding why people hate people that Chase efame: they're simply not fun to be around.
>But that's, like, your opinion man

>> No.10116894

warnings about the dangers of smoking =/= treating smokers as sub-humans

>> No.10116897

I think you're misunderstanding the post in the first place. It was about crafters who complain about ethots having followers, thereby being efame chasers themselves.

>> No.10116904

>I have unprotected sex but I'm in a committed relationship
Yeah but for how long? Are you even married?

>> No.10116905

>I got into this bullshit hobby because interacting with physical representations of fictional characters sounded like fun
This is definitely my favorite part of cosplay, too. That and the recreating scenes via photography. Don't get me wrong, I love and adore progress shots and post them, too, but it's all in anticipation of the end result of goofing off and taking pictures together. It's like theater meets vague LARPing and just in general having fun.

>> No.10116916

Nah, smokers are usually just as bad as the overweight people. A lot of smokers will always point to some random elderly women who smokes a pack a day.

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File: 100 KB, 500x313, 119902-Pretty-Musical-Note-Necklace.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

as said by someone so shallow my bathroom sink is deeper than your personal character.

>normies and other cosplayers will still gawk at amazing construction.

^this is correct.
Being pretty is great and all but it goes away and it's not a skill. Your genetics and being born at a time where your features are deemed attractive is a crapshoot. Skill is earned and you keep it. It is the more trustworthy of the two.

>> No.10116929

Literally everyone that isn't a neckbeard or an ethot hates ethots. No sense looking too deep

>> No.10116931

Smokers tend to be antisocial assholes, too. I take public transport to work and literally every single day there’s at least one smoker who lights up in the middle of a crowd of people while surrounded by “no smoking” signs. More often than not, when someone asks them to move to the designated smoking area the smoker just laughs or sneers and tells them to fuck off. Even girls in my comm do this and then get all huffy when the rest of us don’t want our clothes to smell like cigarette smoke. I honestly prefer fatties over smokers because at least fatties are only damaging themselves, not the people (and brand) around them.

>> No.10116947

smoker lolita here. in the States, people definitely publicly shame smokers even when they are smoking in designated areas. I never light up around a crowd, always make sure i am in a designated area, but say if you're standing in said area and a non-smoker walks by, they will chide or berate you. Happens to me all the time. I also never smoke in my house or in burando.

tldr; not all fat people/smokers are assholes, either way treat people like humans.

>> No.10116992

There’s a disaster waiting to happen

>> No.10116998

Who hurt you, anon?

But seriously, fat lolita here. I will concede that the majority of fatties can't coord for shit. I will also concede that if a dress doesn't fit you and the seams are bulging and screaming for death, you shouldn't be wearing it and you look stupid if you do. I will also also concede that carrying extra weight around isn't healthy for anyone, and even if you're like me and have been blessed with the good blood pressure and cholesterol genes, you will feel it somewhere eventually (namely your knees and ankles). I've started making the effort to eat more sensible portions, and I'm already active. I've also stopped my excessive pot smoking habit because it was making me want to eat more and do less. So some of us are actually trying to turn it around before it's too late. (And some of us bathe every day, too, though I know some who don't, blech.)


Just blanket-hating on all fatties because fat is narrow-minded and shallow. That's my unpopular opinion.

>> No.10117010

I mean hate ethots all you want, but the point is that the reason these "great costumers" don't have followers isn't because ethots ruined it for them. They're ruining it for themselves by taking shit photos and looking unattractive.

Brush up on your reading comprehension skills kiddo. Good on you for having great construction, I'm sure you're very proud, but that doesn't change anything. Maybe some normies think, "Oh, that looks cool!" when they see some intricate build, but 90% of them aren't going to go follow you. People are on instagram to see pretty pictures. That's why selfies do the best interaction wise. That's why the most efamous people are attractive. Being pretty isn't a skill; it's what gets you followers, reach, and attention. That's a fact of life, and the sooner you learn it, the sooner you won't have to cry about ethots having all these "undeserved" followers. They know how to market themselves, you clearly don't.

>> No.10117041

Me too, even though I make my own cosplays I don't have a "cosplay only" social media account and I cosplay for the fun of it and think that sperging out over favourite characters is the best part

>> No.10117057

Hard agree. Why listen to that annoying crap when great idol groups like Aldious and Band-maid exist that are actually hardworking and talented. And they're from glorious Nippon too

>> No.10117058

you realize you don't have to worry about stds if your partner isn't a cheater right?

>> No.10117103

they might have been talking about accidental pregnancy being the "disaster waiting to happen"

>> No.10117107

I'm only one of the anons you replied to. I'm just shitting on you for doing something I don't approve of. Much like you do.

>> No.10117274

Wew you sound insufferable

>> No.10117283

you realize unprotected sex just means sex without a condom right? you know there are other forms of birth control?

sorry you're too fat for anybody to fuck you!

>> No.10117288

Yes, and you know that just because you're on the pill or using an IUD, etc doesn't mean you are completely safe from pregnancy.

>> No.10117292

This is news to me honestly I thought it meant without ANY contraceptive but your second reply proves to me you’re an immature cunt anyways so good luck with your ways

>> No.10117294

And you sound jelly. Stay mad and sub 5k, I guess, instead of taking advice on how to grow your following.

>> No.10117302

Nayrt and jealousy aside, it depends on if you're picky about your audience. Ethots want neck beard money and know how to get it. On the other hand a lot of lolitas I know ONLY want other lolitas and jfashion enthusiasts to follow them, no creeps. I'd imagine that's the case for many cosplayers too who don't want thirsty people badgering them, just other cosplayers or fans of whatever series they like. The more followers you have the higher chance that a lot of them are just thirsty guys

>> No.10117330 [DELETED] 

Blouseless coords are lolita and look nice, but only on skinny people.

Calling your wardrobe a "collection" sounds stupid and I dislike it the recent shift in insisting to call it a collector's hobby. They are clothes you're supposed to wear, not a bunch of rare figures to put on a shelf.

>> No.10117332

Blouseless coords are lolita and look nice, but only on skinny people.

Calling your wardrobe a "collection" sounds stupid and I dislike the recent shift in insisting to call it a collector's hobby. They are clothes you're supposed to wear, not a bunch of rare figures to put on a shelf.

>> No.10117333

The pill is 99% effective if used correctly and hormonal IUD's are 99.9% effective, the chance is dismal. People who try to use extremely rare contraceptive failures (often when they're used incorrectly) to somehow "prove" that birth control is ineffective, is probably just trying to deflect responsibility

>> No.10117335

I should not be liable to knowing/playing a character i cosplay especially if im going to do it 1-2 days of a year

>> No.10117369

>treat people like humans
get out of here with that logic.

>> No.10117372

>treat people like humans
Okay but what do you actually mean by this? If someone thinks someone is disgusting and tries to avoid interacting with them they’re still treating them like a human, just a human they don’t like. I don’t think anyone is spritzing fat people or smokers with water and yelling “bad girl!”

>> No.10117373

Nothing wrong with being lolita collector. There’s a plenty of pieces that you won’t wear for various reasons, but they are still cute and it feels good having those.

>> No.10117375

the pill is very easy to use "incorrectly" because life is imperfect and theres a lot of misinformation there. theres a reason why studies have "perfect use"/"typical use" down there, because perfect use is very hard, especially if you're taking a progestin only pill, where they must be taken at the same hour on the dot or else the effectiveness goes down. also taking fiber medication, having bowel issues, taking certain anti-biotics, anything that effects digestion can affect the pill.

Not trying to downplay how amazing contraception can be, but it is good to be aware of the risks and not throw caution to the wind. Unless you are abstinent or have been sterilized/are with someone whose been sterilized you should never consider yourself completely safe from pregnancy. This isn't deflecting responsibility, its being an adult and being aware of potential situations and being prepared if they should happen.

>> No.10117377

Ok, but there are some of us who come from a time before thots where everyone looked like shit, there was no instagram to have followers, and the only way to make money off of cosplay was to sell supplies or make costumes.
Then patreon came along and a ton of dumb thots realized they could call themselves cosplayers, take lingerie pics and make money off of it by being a camgirl while feeling morally superior to sex workers.
How many of these girls would be at a con/cosplaying if they didn't make money off of it? I'm willing to bet at least 90% wouldn't be caught dead near a con.
So some of us actually just care about craftsmanship and fandom instead of followers and making money.
TLDR: You're still a sex worker and having 100k followers on instagram doesn't change that fact even if you want to call people fat and ugly.

>> No.10117413

>it feels good so there's nothing wrong with it
Who raised you

>> No.10117414

IUD can give you a tumor

>> No.10117416


>> No.10117417 [DELETED] 

Okay, what kind of harm do I make collecting lolita? Need to mention, I mad myself at a girl who owns like three Sugary Carnival special sets just for the sake of ownership, but there’s nothing anyone can do. You have to deal with people keeping things you wanna yourself.

>> No.10117473

>sorry you're too fat for anybody to fuck you!
Not the case at all. Stay mad you insecure average bitch.
This conversation clearly got to you.
How's it feel, huh?

>> No.10117602

That’s true but the “amazing costumers” who complain that their work doesn’t get enough attention and blame ethots for having sooo many followers they don’t deserve and ~ruining cosplay~ probably aren’t the type to be picky about their following, else they wouldn’t be so jealous of some horde of thirsty normie followers. If you cater to a niche audience, you should expect to have a smaller following.

>> No.10117607

>Stay mad you insecure average bitch.
Not the case at all. Stay mad fatty!
This conversation clearly got to you.
How's it feel, huh?

>> No.10117612

Not bait, anon was telling facts.

>> No.10117615

>I don’t think anyone is spritzing fat people or smokers with water and yelling “bad girl!”
I've literally been publicly chastised and berated by complete strangers both for smoking in a smoking area and in regards to the amount of food I am ordering. I have difficulty gaining weight and the amount of comments i get in public is staggering.

so what i mean is, keep your judgments to yourself.

>> No.10117616

>keep your judgments to yourself.
Most people do that. That's why they go on /cgl/ to bitch anonymously. I would never tell a smoker how disgusting I think they are to their face, that would be rude.

>> No.10117650

You really should, maybe you’ll get the ass kicking you so desperately deserve

>> No.10117656

Not a cosplayer nor do I give a shit about people liking me on the internet. “Don’t be ugly” when you yourself say being pretty isn’t a skill isn’t advice. You’re only here to project your insecurities. I bet you’re a 6/10 who tells themself they’re a 9.

>> No.10117658


Gee no wonder you smoke. You don’t have any loved ones to worry about, who the hell would get close to you.

>> No.10117659

i agree with the collection thing. way too many consumerist americans who buy way too much clothes and call it a "hobby". It's a fashion, ffs

>> No.10117667

I don't care that brands come to cons now and that there are a lot of lolita panels and fashion shows. Lolita is not a fucking anime con fashion and I can't stand that the west treats it like that. It just makes the whole thing seem more like a cosplay.

I can't stand when con-litas whine saying that cons are the only appropriate places they can wear lolita. First of all an anime con is not an appropriate place to wear lolita unless you actually wear lolita all the time. Second, do these people literally not go out anywhere else between cons??? You really can't put on a dress to go grab coffee or brunch with a friend? You can't wear it to go shopping (for not clothes, I get its hard to try things on)? Not even just like a toned down coord for your only free day of the week when you buy groceries and see your bf or family? I find that extremely hard to believe. There is no real excuse to being a con-lita unless you never leave the house between cons.

>> No.10117669

At least I won't harm others with secondhand smoke because I'm not a selfish piece of shit or die from lung cancer!

>> No.10117675

They could even wear the fashion indoors, before I started really wearing lolita I was too scared to wear it out and just dressing up to sit around the house helped build up my confidence

>> No.10117677

I'm not a conlita but conventions are pretty much the only place where people don't harass you constantly with stupid questions. It's nice to wear coords without being stopped every 5 fucking minutes.

>> No.10117686

I hate when cosplay pictures are so heavily edited that they look like they came directly from the movie or whatever source.

What is the point of taking a picture that looks exactly like another picture that already exists?

>> No.10117688

NOthing wrong with collecting dresses, aint no stupider than collecting vintage cars, handbags and shoes

>> No.10117689

Someone needs to get laid lol

>> No.10117694

I have been wearing lolita daily since 2005 and this isn't true. I live in a huge city and go a lot of different places throughout my day, seeing many different people. Some days I get a lot of comments, usually complements, and some days maybe one or 2 that are any more than just a few words. People rarely stop me, it's more just an in passing thing, a few words about how they like my outfit then carry on. Even when I lived in a smaller place, people rarely stopped me. Again, a few comments but the only time people have tried to carry on a longer convo has been when I'm already waiting somewhere, for the bus, in a checkout line, and even then it's rare people have kept bothering me if I tell them I am busy.

>> No.10117699

I can unlike >>10117473 because I'm not fat and disgusting

>> No.10117727

This to be honest. I mean, collect it, call it a "hobby" by all means but don't expect me to see you as a lolita.

>> No.10117729

Conitas only own ott dresses.

>> No.10117731

My experience is different than yours, but i live in a conservative city. I get harassed a lot (at least once) I'm also a daily lolita. 5 minutes is a bit of a stretch but at least once a day i get bothered by people. Some people are nice but some are aggressive. It depends on where you live, really.
I don't think you should stop wearing lolita daily due to harassment, regardless, you can easily tone down outfits a bit to make it more practical if you're scared of being bothered.

>> No.10117737

You are so fucking bothered.

>> No.10117738

I think con-lita's come in two categories. They either only own extravagant brand or taobao pieces, or just roll up in some cheap milanoo shit with a miku wig.

>> No.10117744


>> No.10117782

People collect anything from bottle caps to handbags to computer parts. Clothing can definitely be part of a collection. Are you mad some collector has your DD?

>> No.10117973

No one gives a shit how fuckable any of you are, go have a slap-fight somewhere else

>> No.10118012

I'm sorry you're ugly and obsessed with attention from normies and orbiters that you can't get, but that doesn't mean everyone else who values craftmanship over men beating off to them is "jealous".

>> No.10118016

That doesn't mean bottle caps in general are a collectors hobby, and neither is lolita

>> No.10118022

Why wouldn't or shouldn't Lolita be a collector's hobby?

>> No.10118040

Because it's a fashion meant to be worn to express yourself, your taste and your personality. The collector mindset is damaging the fashion in the long run.

>> No.10118042

People can collect food and let it slowly rot too but that doesn't mean it's any less stupid.

>> No.10118043

Bottle caps are to close bottles and lolita is a clothing style. If someone asked you to explain what bottle caps are, you wouldn't say that it's a collectors hobby. There may be some people who hoard lolita clothing, but that doesn't make lolita a collectors hobby.

>> No.10118059 [DELETED] 

>u-ur ugly and obsessive!!!1!
Kek, nice projection. Don’t complain about ethots having followers then if you’re sooo totally not jealous!

>> No.10118061

>u-ur ugly and obsessive!!!1!
Kek, nice projection. Don’t complain about ethots having followers then if you’re sooo totally not jealous! Your realize presenting your work better doesn’t actually change your craftsmanship in any way, right? Or are you in denial about being unattractive?

>> No.10118064

Christ, if you seriously think that things have to be made specifically for collecting in order for people to have a reason to collect it, you’re brainwashed by capitalism. Coins are made for spending but to a very common collectors hobby. Something doesn’t need to be made specifically for collecting and have no other purpose besides that to be collected.

>> No.10118081

You need to work on your reading comprehension. They said you can collect lolita, but that doesn't make lolita a collectors hobby by definition.

>> No.10118082

You could easily also say that collectors are also brainwashed by capitalism since they literally buy items just to let them fester in storage.

>> No.10118097

being able to attend cons, cosplay (stuff that isn't simple), own lolita, etc is a huge privilege of a hobby/lifestyle/whatever

i cannot stand people who cry for money for basic needs when the next moment they're showing off their latest cosplay/coord

>> No.10118102

oof that hit close to home

>> No.10118112

Ghosting cons is ghetto ass behavior no matter how insignificant or bad the event is

>> No.10118114

Ill never understand how anyone could attend more than 2 conventions for pleasure

>> No.10118119

I go to roughly 3 conventions a year and honestly its just a shopping trip for me. I have a lot of friends I meet up with, though, so that's what keeps me going. You sort of have to find the fun in them, but the excitement leading up to a convention is usually enough for me to say it was worth it.

>> No.10118121

What does this mean

>> No.10118124

Ghosting is when you attend a con without a badge.

>> No.10118127

Not buying your ticket and wandering the con as if you were a regular attendee is in poor taste & makes you seem broke

>> No.10118166

i love conventions and could easily go to more than my current handful per year if i had the money and time. i don't even cosplay but the shopping, people watching, and general atmosphere at cons is just fantastic. i keep waiting to grow out of it and i admit some a little bit of the magic was in knowing what everything was, whereas these days i don't really keep up with the hip new series/games, but i still don't think i'll ever lose that con joy

>> No.10118175

Right?? I can't get over the excitement I get just entering my local convention center. I've been going to a specific convention every year since 2013, and it's just such a happy place for me. Wish my city had more.

>> No.10118197

And you need to work on yours. No one said lolita is a collectors hobby. That still doesn’t make it weird to collect lolita.

You can get enjoyment from displaying things decoratively. Not all collections are expensive, either. Ever heard of seashell collecting? Collections have existed since humanity existed, collectibles haven’t. Don’t be a retard.

>> No.10118207

It's so ridiculous how many people are out there trying to claim techniques as exclusively their own. Is Kamui the only one allowed to use worbla because she popularized it? UmbranWitch has been going off about people copying the way she styles her wigs, and I've seen loads of cosplayers get mad about other people copying their "makeup style" but it's just ridiculous. If you figure out a new way to do something, then you're contributing to the knowledge base of the community, no one owns any specific technique.

>> No.10118215

Not even the anon you replied to but holy shit you're dense. Literally no one said any of the things you try to argue against.

>> No.10118224

It's weird for her to respond that way to people styling wigs similarly when she's been sharing tips and advice on how she does hers

>> No.10118225

I'm still allowed to think collecting things is a waste of money and is no different from hoarding.

>> No.10118227


>> No.10118234

to you

>> No.10118239

I hate when lolitas wear wigs. Yes a lot of them look nice, but I would prefer a lolita to just use their natural hair even if it's shitty. even extensions are better. it just feels costumey and fake to me

>> No.10118244

Thinking in extremes and generalizations is cool

>> No.10118249
File: 43 KB, 400x350, 1542469288080.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you sound fun. are you that anon that was mad people have hobbies outside of lolita too?

>> No.10118253

That's not an unpopular opinion anymore.

>> No.10118293

Lolita's that drink alcohol are dumb and drinking makes you gross. Grow up.

>> No.10118294

I agree with both.

>> No.10118302

Drinking actually kills people so I agree.

>> No.10118304

Lolita's that drink caffeine are dumb and their stained teeth are gross. Grow up.

>> No.10118309

Why lolitas specifically?

>> No.10118311 [DELETED] 


Caffeine doesn't stain your teeth dumbass.

>> No.10118319

Drinks that contain caffeine do stain your teeth, though.

>> No.10118322 [DELETED] 



You can take drinks without the staining qualities that still have caffeine. You can also take caffeine pills.

If you wanted to make a statement as dumb as the first one, you have completely exceeded it. Good job.

>> No.10118326

Ok, lolitas that take caffeine are dumb and gross. Grow up.

>> No.10118327

It was a joke but I'm glad you got mad and fell for the bait LOL

>> No.10118330 [DELETED] 


>I-it was totally bait you fell for!

Wow. Sure couldn't predict that one.

>> No.10118331

>Replies using the same wording as op but in an obviously ludicrous fashion
If you honestly couldn't tell that something that dumb was a joke then the dumbass here is you, anon lmao.

>> No.10118341

i think having a lolita collection that you rarely wear/never wear (like only for meets and cons) is silly, and reflects the wests consumerist culture. If you own a bunch of clothes you never intend to wear, it is hoarding. Rise up daily lolitas!!!!!!!!!!!!

>> No.10118360

Or... maybe your reading comprehension is that bad, kiddo.

>> No.10118363

i like the first one. went to a con where nearly everything was a purchased costume while im here with my raggady home made costume. felt good

>> No.10118385

I love babies and children. If you bring yours to a meetup, I will 100% talk to and play with that child for a good portion of the meetup.

I have literally never been puked, drooled, or pooped on so come off me with that bullshit.
>inb4 hurrr ur a soccer mom
I dont have kids
>inb4 crotch spawn lololololol keep away from me reeeeeee
Lolitas who say this are stupid and immature.

You dont have to like kids to not be obnoxious. Just ignore them instead of circle jerking over how "elevated" you are for not wanting them.

>> No.10118402

Super agree. If it is somewhere inappropriate for a kid or a place where they will be bored and likely to act up I think it is reasonable to ask them not to, but outside that it is fine.
If we had a meet at a zoo or something I think it would be fun to have kids along.

>> No.10118525

Thirded and wow yeah this seems to be an incredibly unpopular opinion on cgl (and in my comm) lol. Though I do understand why people don’t like to have kids at most meet-up types and if I ever have kids I don’t think I’d ever take them along, but I’m so tired of hearing lolitas and other people my age complain about children existing anywhere in their vicinity even when they’re quiet, clean and well-behaved. My comm often organizes meet-ups in very family-friendly places like theme parks, zoos, children’s museums, family restaurants etc because “aesthetics” but then when it turns out there are actual children there (shock horror) they act like it’s some alien infestation. I’ve had other lolitas get upset with me for being friendly to kids who came up to us in a park because that would encourage more of them. If we’re supposed to shun all children why are we in a theme park specifically catered to small kids? Seems a little counterproductive.

>> No.10118571

Bonus points if the lolitas who act that way around kids have "muh fur babies" or odd/exotic pets.

>don't talk badly about my snake/lizard/tarantula! It's the most important thing in my life!
>lolololol keep your disgusting crotch spawn away from meeee

>> No.10118596

I've never had an energy drink do this...

>> No.10118597

People who enjoy children are just as annoying though. They get overly defensive about having kids around.

I want children to be safe and well. I often worry about children when I see them.
I know the people you're talking about and I think they're annoying too, but being the child defense squad is just as lame.

I mostly hate when children are brought to meets because of how the parents treat them. Its really hard to sit there and not say "why are you doing that to your kid".

I can't say this to anyone in my comm either because there are a ton of moms that will all get offended.

>> No.10118599

I don't mind children, but this nobody would bring their snake/lizard/whatever to a meetup (if they aren't crazy...)

>> No.10118601

Kinpatsu is garbage. All her shit looks the same or is copied straight up from other cosplayers. Shes just another thot who makes the same type of bikini armor costume over and over again with slight variations. She's basic as fuck.

>> No.10118602

Lolita communities are what kills Lolita brands and fashion because of how exclusive, ratchet and demanding the girls are.
Have met plenty of girls who dream of wearing Lolita but are ostracized by the princess complexes and defensiveness of those already wearing it. This happened to me too but then I decided to just do it on my own anyway.

>> No.10118612

I have noticed that some of the people who are the loudest about hating kids are also loud and insistent on loving their pets as much if not more than parents love their children. Yet when one of their pets dies or even just gets too old or sick to play with they immediately go shopping for a new one and never mention the old one again. Honestly I think they're just very emotionally immature but most of them are already in their mid-20's so I don't know what the likelihood is of them growing out of this mentality.

I do agree with this. I personally wouldn't want to bring a child to a lolita meetup because I think it would be unfair to both the child and the other lolitas. I think I'd either spend all my time focused on the child and ignoring the other adults or I'd spend too much time chatting and neglecting the child. Maybe if we were just picnicking in a park or at the zoo and I could bring my partner to help look after the kid, but eh idk. I just think it would be too distracting on both ends.

>> No.10118629

All this time, you were the only one projecting.
You literally said
>I make all my cosplays. I’m just not stupid enough to delude myself into thinking that normies give two shits about my beading
Your entire first post was just you trying to convince yourself of shit and wipe your tears of mediocrity and bitterness by foisting it on others. It was a self-drag in all ways. Personally liking [x] over [y] doesn't mean you endlessly complain about the popularity of [y] or even care about it, but it's clear that can't exist in your universe. You've been aggressive in this thread for no reason for days, almost like you're trying harder to instill something in yourself than in any anon.
>Or are you in denial about being unattractive?
Ask yourself this, I'm serious.

>> No.10118634
File: 494 KB, 1536x2048, D0euKlJU0AEFmye.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pigtails are the best lolita hairstyle. Nothing looks cuter, no matter whether you're gothic, classic or sweet.

>> No.10118641

this isn't an unpopular opinion anon its just the truth

>> No.10118653

If you can't commit to a meet theme/dress code, don't go. You don't need a printed mainpiece to make a themed coord, if you can't make a good one out of plain pieces and good accessories, you're not a very good lolita.

>> No.10118660

kys ita

>> No.10118670

I'm going to wear a Christmas coord to an Easter meet just because you said this.

>> No.10118671

Lol you've clearly never been to an actual meet. Rufflechat isnt the only Lolita community Anon. Most of the location-based coms are quite lovely

>> No.10118672

I feel this so hard!! My parents were abusive so when I see red flags in others behavior it makes me livid >:

>> No.10118674

Extremely unpopular opinion on cgl but I kind of agree. My comm is very nice and welcoming to new people, but it's still very off-putting when you just found out about lolita, just want to buy a dress and simply enjoy yourself, and the comm "ruins" it by making it into something difficult. Suddenly you're expected to know all the "rules" and read up on things for hours, just to wear a lolita skirt. Some people are so afraid of being called ita (mainly thanks to online comms like cgl) that they never end up wearing their coord outside the house. I don't understand the mentality that we constantly have to give ~concrit~ to other lolitas. You learn to dress better with experience, not by being told you look bad.

>> No.10118677

I also think people who treat lolita like it always has to look perfect scares new girls away and kills creativity. Many of my most favourite coords ever have small imperfections. That's why I really dislike CoF threads.

>> No.10118680

Are you the sissy defender from the comm thread? If so, yes, please just do your own thing.

>> No.10118682

You're forgetting that comms are local and different from one another. Your local comm may be very strict but mine isn't - We allow itas and girls wearing girly-but-not-lolita clothing to come to most of our meets, and our "concrit" is masked as recommendations, to the point where it's rare for one of our newbies to pitch a fit and flounce. Many of our new girls pick up how to wear "proper" lolita very quickly, too.
Sorry your local comm is too exclusive for you, but it's hardly the reason the fashion and brands are "dying" (lol)

>> No.10118684

good for you

>> No.10118714

Lolita Meetups are the most overrated, boring shit ever.

>> No.10118715

>Many of our new girls pick up how to wear "proper" lolita very quickly
Nayrt but my comm does not understand this. They try to help every new girl who doesn't look perfect yet, by telling them how to wear their clothes and what to buy when nobody asked. A lot of them leave lolita after 1 meet. I'm friends with a girl who started out very ita and felt like she was bullied away by our comm (even though they meant it well). She was one of those ''lolita has no rules, just wear what you want!'' persons. But now, 2 years later, she's better dressed than our mods. She still hates our comm though.

>> No.10118744

Ayrton- yup. That's exactly it. I see them in the verge of becoming abusive and it makes me cringe so hard. Always ruins a meet for me.

I'm so glad people get this.

>> No.10118752

Ya'll are part of the problem.

>> No.10118755

Sounds like my comm. I'd like to think I'm less ita now than when I joined, thanks to their suggestions and concrit. Our mods are super nice (though I know they're gulls, that doesn't make me like them less), and I feel that they genuinely want to help everyone be their best lolita self.
>bullied away from her comm, though they meant well
Sounds like your friend is thin-skinned.

>> No.10118767

Not for us, just fuck of back to facebook.

>> No.10118769

Yeah we know, we get it.
People like you think the fashion is only for those who can take the heat.
I always wonder if people like you grew up on Joan Rivers and E! Fashion week trash television.

>> No.10118771 [DELETED] 

thank you for the (you) but still kys ita

>> No.10118772

>Not for us
You probably look average as fuck. Get off your high horse.

>> No.10118774

I'm really happy that there is someone out in the planet who gets just how boring and fastidious it is to try to enjoy something when a lot of communities are so obsessed with rules, looking their absolute, by the book, best, etc.
Also I get what some posters said about the different communities and I do not know if it actually is the case that any of them are indeed inclusive.
I've met countless Lolita from around the globe and I've never felt comfortable around them. Also, because I befriended quite a few I also knew them personally so what I saw them doing was what felt like hazing and intentionally planned out commentary too.
As an outsider who happened to have a privileged position I saw a lot of ugly things, rumor spreading, jealousy over body weight, eating disorders...
I feel like good communities would be rare. I just wanted to enjoy myself lol.
But instead I felt like if I wore Lolita I'd become a target, and worse, a source of pain for the girls who had eating disorders who already were struggling to begin with. And the thing is that there wasn't any love or casual joy and conversation. It was either really awkward or nerdy spazzing out over brand and rules... Or heavy duty gossiping.
... I didn't want to die not having worn the fashion I love, so I did it anyway lol.
I really love you girls, but the community is really off putting and passive aggressive, and when it comes to wearing alternative fashion people need to come together and protect each other... It doesn't feel like that would happen for most girls who'd love to wear Lolita but don't have this type of type C personality.

>> No.10118778 [DELETED] 

Yes, actually must humans are ''thin-skinned'', which is why criticizing them out of nowhere makes them want to leave lolita comms and sometimes lose interest in lolita altogether.

>> No.10118779

Yes they are. Plus they likely also believe that they are that hot or cute that girls would have to be itas to feel lefout and alienated.
It's just so filthy to watch this kind of self important toxicity... I just wanted to eat cake in a fantasy like moment. Not some of elaborate games or thrones-y fight for top kawaii status. Wtf.

>> No.10118780

Yes, actually most humans are ''thin-skinned'', which is why criticizing them out of nowhere makes them want to leave lolita comms and sometimes lose interest in lolita altogether.

>> No.10118782


>> No.10118783
File: 707 KB, 700x866, illust_59651938_20190224_120504.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ahh yes. The angry words of an average looking girl trying to live above her means. Tell me more.

>> No.10118785

>that man outside the window

>> No.10118790

as a lonelita, i can only assume that the people actually at the meet make or break it

>> No.10118796

>Wah people who disagree with me are all ugly and all lolis should be luvlies the mean lolitas on 4chins are mean!!!!111!!!1!1!!!
also I love how you implied that it must be a poorfag who disagrees with you for some reason. smells like projection desu. not all of us live paycheck to paycheck and skip rent to buy lolita lmao I think that's just a you problem

>> No.10118798

>Wah people who disagree with me are all ugly

>> No.10118817

>calls girls ita, poor, fatty-chan
>gets told to calm her tits and let go of her ugly complex after she has spent a whole day insulting anonymous people in a Malaysian fish mongering website
>others are the ones with problems
>talks in all undercaps and no punctuation to emulate the correct level of autistic ranting and whining

??? What do you mean, wtf lol

>> No.10118822

Apparently not average or ugly enough to not get accepted in the community and blame it on those evil gatekeeper lolitas. :^)

>> No.10118825

it means that she's baiting you

>> No.10118827

Just don't dress like an ita? How is that so hard?
>I just wanted to live out my fantasy
Oh right, maybe because your comm noticed that.

>> No.10118830
File: 51 KB, 600x518, 19789999.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>talks in all undercaps and no punctuation

>> No.10118844

nayrt but oh god i didnt even notice him until i saw this comment aaaaa

>> No.10118848

>I just wanted to eat cake in a fantasy like moment
What sort of "fantasy like moment" did you expect to get from your comm? Serious question.
If you're looking for the "magic" feeling that the fashion might give you, try going out on your own. I find that meetups are a different sort of fun than the kind you can have when you're alone, especially if your local comm doesn't live up to your expectations for any reason.

>> No.10118870

guess we cant all have healthy egos that self-sustain zzz

>> No.10118874

so what about people who wear wigs in their life outside of lolita? Is it still costumey then if they wear it in lolita too?

>> No.10118877

>implying natural-looking human hair wigs are comparable to unstyled, shiny plastic garbage from China that girls wear with their coords

>> No.10118882
File: 46 KB, 600x600, 42B5A552-12F2-43A4-B618-695069970E33.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>thinking everyone who wears daily wigs in real life are always wearing natural human hair wigs

Your local normie beauty supply shop probably has this wig in stock right now for less than $40.

>> No.10118883

The term “bittersweet lolita” makes me cringe. Ffs. Just call it sweet/gothic.

>> No.10118889

literally the most popular jfashion opinion out there but ok

>> No.10118892

I looked in the coord help thread for the first time in awhile and anons here have no idea how to dress.

>> No.10118894

"Bittersweet" isn't sweet/gothic though, it's just sweet using black colorways. It's not a term that should be used at all imo.

>> No.10118895

>cgl is full of itas and roleplayers pretending to be lolitas
Big surprise

>> No.10118901

I know, it's hilarious and it's like that all the time

>> No.10118946

Conventions are too dirty for Litas to congregate to

>> No.10118948

Nayrt but they definitely don’t sell full wigs in beauty supply stores in my country, only extensions.

>> No.10118955

Agreed. I'm jealous of the beautiful tea-parties in Europe and Japan. Never want to enter a convention hall again.

>> No.10118958

well they definitely sell them at beauty supply shops here in the states

>> No.10118980

Exactly which posts do you mean?

Getting real tired of this shitty meme. Just leave.

>> No.10118991

>talks in all undercaps and no punctuation to emulate the correct level of autistic ranting and whining
Maybe it's the return of HWC

>> No.10118994

>also I love how you implied that it must be a poorfag who disagrees with you for some reason
I never mentioned that anywhere. You pulled that one straight out of your ass.

>> No.10118999

stop trying to revive dead memes that have been dead for years

>> No.10119005

Troll or not, it was a person posting back then.
This new troll is following suit by posting in the same style and repeating
>kys ita kys ita

>> No.10119009

It's the most basic ass style to type in and the most basic ass low effort b8. Even before HWC that kind of b8 was spammed here. HWC has not been a presence here for years. Move on with your life.

>> No.10119023

The anon who posted the milky planet coord got a bunch of anons insisting she needed blue shoes. Her first coordinate was fine, since when was there a hardline rule that your shoes and dress have to match, especially on a colorful dress like milky planet, and especially a rare color like navy. It’s a very basic and narrow idea of what coordinating is.

The coord got worse the more advice she took from anons in the thread

>> No.10119024

>they type in small caps and have different opinions than mine, that means they are all the same person and a shitposter from 3 years ago
Their statement wasn't even trolling, they were just responding to "u sound ugly" shitposts.

>> No.10119045

>HWC has not been a presence here for years.
>people don't come back to post
Honestly it comes off more like that anon who always got mistaken for hwc but claimed they were different when though they held the same opinions and were only ever friendly to each other in threads.

It wasn't "ugly" it was average. That's different.
Also "kys ita" wow, what a fucking come back.

Let's be real. It's just some fucking edgelord.

>> No.10119046

>Honestly it comes off more like that anon who always got mistaken for hwc but claimed they were different when though they held the same opinions and were only ever friendly to each other in threads.

You sound obsessed with her, it's been three fucking years anon. Let it go.

>> No.10119047

>Let's be real. It's just some fucking edgelord.

>> No.10119122
File: 40 KB, 467x700, tumblr_lgpaqeVizF1qg8c0oo1_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My unpopular lolita opinion is that I like wearing wigs, and I also give zero fucks if people think my wig is real or not. Of course, this doesn't mean i think people should wear shitty party city wigs. but if im wearing a rainbow mintymix wig or other multicolored ombre wig, the last thing i care about is how "real" or "natural" i look. thats not the goal and anons who nitpick about colorful wigs looking fake are missing the point.

>> No.10119131

>anons who nitpick about colorful wigs looking fake
Things that never happened

>> No.10119139

things that happen literally all the time, especially in past threads, and has happened for years and years. even literally in this very thread with anons equating all wigs with unnatural colors, and anons saying all wigs make a coordinate into a costume.

>> No.10119144

People get posted to the ita thread all the time for pastel colored wigs--where u been?

>> No.10119149

They more ofen say the wigs look cheap, shiny or unkempt. Which I 100% agree with. The wig you posted looks ok, but that pink yellow combination is something i mostly see in crappy Amazon wigs.

>> No.10119151

ita and cof threads are for people who hate street fashion, I don't look at them

>> No.10119155


>> No.10119156
File: 66 KB, 360x480, 2256.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i found the photo of that wig on the blog of a japanese lolita ages ago.

>> No.10119158
File: 921 KB, 703x1317, 1273177199894.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the key to wearing ott ridiculous wigs is just to own it and to have a put together coordinate. a good wig can't save a bad coordinate, and a bad coordinate will make a mediocre wig look even worse.

>> No.10119180

Pigtails make everyone cuter

>> No.10119214

My girlfriend hates pigtails. She assumes everyone who wears pigtails is into ddlg. It's really stopped me from wanting to wear them. Is that a common thing?

>> No.10119356

My bf is the same about OTKs. Just wear them.

>> No.10119362

>mfw i look ridiculous in pig tails
good thing i wear gothic.

>> No.10119363

responding to bait, i know.
but if you're seriously that put out by what others think of you then lolita isn't the fashion for you in the first place. you don't have the balls for it.
don't let the door hit you on the ass on your way out.

>> No.10119364

nayrt, but it is only for people who can take the heat, you fucking snowflake.


you realize that you don't have to be part of a community to wear lolita, right? it's just clothes.

i don't know about HWC, but i've always done it because i'm lazy as fuck.

>> No.10119365


smokers don't get hated on like fat people do, but it's because smokers don't go around telling non-smokers that they're just pawns in an anti-smoking media conspiracy and should feel bad about their non-smoking status.

most people don't hate on fat people just because they're fat. they just hate on the ones that spend their time shaming thin people and basically being the ultimate hypocrits in the process (all bodies are beautiful! except for the traditionally skinny girls!)

>> No.10119368
File: 7 KB, 320x180, 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

costhots on patreon:
>are nothing more than sex workers who have adopted the word "cosplayer" because it sounds better.
>are hurting feminism. i'm sorry, but by posting your ass in a thong and fuck-me face selfies, you are not convincing the middle-aged men in india who follow you that women are valuable and should be respected. you are selling out women's progress to make easy money for yourself.

>> No.10119383

We're talking about lolitas who are new. If experienced lolitas tell them they look bad and that they're wearing lolita wrong, it has different meaning than when a normie says it.

>> No.10119385

Love when gulls act like being sensitive is the worst thing a girl can be and makes her undeserving of wearing lolita

>> No.10119386

Degenerate liberals that smoke their skunk weed feeding psychotic politicians with their earnings from patreon and social media ahegao pandering.

Seriously, you all smell like someone took a shit and left it in their underwear in 110 degree weather while wearing it for 3 days. Stop buying cheap shit laced with smelly as fuck fillers and either get edibles or high priced good shit that does not smell like a unwashed bum armpit infested with maggots.

>> No.10119387

Nayrt but I often see people recommend things that may have a matching colour in the picture, but irl doesn't really go well together because of the neckline of the Jsk and blouse

>> No.10119393

I never actually said either of the things you said. Sounds like you're a little thin skinned as well.
>t. wondering if we're in the same comm and how hilarious that would be

>> No.10119402

Honestly even “sex worker” is too respectful, but we can’t call them hookers or whores since they technically aren’t. Isn’t there a better term that lacks dignity sex worker has? Cashthot? Paid thot?

>> No.10119403

I don't think any anon here claimed that girls who are sensitive are "undeserving" of wearing the fashion; rather that it's probably not for them because it does take confidence to wear it and deal with the shit that inevitably and unfortunately comes with it, and I don't mean the meanie bully communities that gulls love whining about.

>> No.10119407

What hairstyle do you wear?

>> No.10119410

"women are such fickle creatures"

Good luck with that attitude, anon. That's one way you can end up on the "do not work with this person" lists that circulate around the community.

>> No.10119411

But we are talking about lolita comms, not normie reactions. Imagine joining a sports club and the team says you suck, you slow us down. Few people would use that as motivation to get better, most would just quit.

>> No.10119412

Literally every Taobao piece I bought last year was better quality and better looking than the brand I bought, with the exception of one dress from Baby.

The construction and fabric were comparable or better, and the printed pieces more interesting. I do not even remember a single print from last year from any of the major brands that stood out.

Am I jaded? Is Taobao getting better? Are brands getting lazy?

>> No.10119413

People on cgl always say this, then when it's time to show pics, it's ugly

>> No.10119414

But lolita comms aren't necessary to wearing lolita like sports teams might be for people into sport, it's just a way to connect with people who are into the same thing and maybe make some new friends. You don't need to be around other lolitas nor have lolita friends to wear the fashion.

>> No.10119415

Nobody is saying you need them

>> No.10119419

>it is only for people who can take the heat, you fucking snowflake.
You sound like one of those men who say they don't cry or can't cry because they "hide" their emotions.
Why do gulls think it's so cool to be fucking ice queens?

>> No.10119420

>Degenerate liberals

>> No.10119421

Imagine joining a sports club and the team suggests that next time you show up in the correct jersey and footwear. Few people would use that as motivation to get better, most would just quit.

>> No.10119423

Humans are social creatures. This is a fact as true as gravity.
Turning away girls from communities, girls who you haven't even given yourself the time to get to know, is harming Lolita brands, the image of people who wear Lolita, etc. This is a fact that won't change no matter how much yelling and shitposting you do about your personal opinion that Lolita is only for those who "can take the heat".

Facts aside, my personal opinion is that it's ugly anyway. It is genuinely disturbing to watch this inhuman drive of destroying other humans, or demanding that they be the least human possible in order to not be treated poorly in communities.

It's a ridiculous request, and likely a projection of how your parents raised you.

Psychoanalysis aside, the only reason I said that you have an "average girl living beyond her means complex" is that you appear very insecure. People who are secure don't say shit like "GOTTA KNOW HOW TO TAKE THE HEAT KYS ITA."

That's the kind of idea about how the world works that ultimately indicates a disordered understanding of what compassion and empathy are and their value. Plus how love and protecting one another is a fundamental human STRENGTH.

... Ultimately, it is bad PR to be hateful, it turns girls away when you are a conceited asshole who demands ridiculous things from newbies like looking extra good from day one, this harms brands, and, the final truth, Lolita begun as a street fashion.
A street fashion may even have rules like Lolita does, but it still having street fashion background implies personal freedom and expression. Not personal limitation, ability to take the heat, and a pathological ability to always exist by the rules and behave like "Lolita must".

>> No.10119424

Imagine joining a chess club and the team suggests that next time you show up in the correct jersey and footwear. Most would just join a nicer club.

>> No.10119426

Actually you do need lolita comms to know about brand related events. I didn't know about SFE before I joined a comm and missed their event in my city because of it. Also would have liked to know about swap meets before.

>> No.10119428

It is uncommon for there to be more than one community per city, sometimes even country. Etc. This is Lolita, not chess (a widely practiced sport that does not require having the ability to TAKE THE HEAT AYY).

>> No.10119434

Imagine joining a chess club and the team suggests that next time you show up with a chess set instead of your majong pieces. Most would just join a nicer club.

This analogy clearly doesn’t work for lolita communities (which are fashion clubs btw, focusing on the clothes you wear) so can you drop it already?

>> No.10119440

Lolita is uncommon practice. There are often no other clubs. If you show up and you're not ready to TAKE THE HEAT, GIVE IT 110%, LET'S GO BITCHES I'M HERE TO FUCKING DESTROY THIS SHIT, YES TELL ME MORE ABOUT HOW I SUCK AND MY COORD I SUCKS.

... Is it getting through to you guys just how ridiculous this posture is, plus how lazy and pathetic it is to say "wow that's not my problem, just join another community hahaha" when the communities are scarce as is?

>> No.10119441

The analogy doesn't work if you act like those girls showed up to a lolita meet in a completely different fashion, when really we're talking about the type of girls that wear an off-brand blouse or sweet shoes with a gothic dress to their first meet.

>> No.10119442
File: 253 KB, 540x376, it's not.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

While I do agree that there IS toxicity and vile behavior in the general community, it's ultimately common in anonymous forums, for obvious reasons. Maybe I'm naive but I don't think it's common practice for comms to actively turns girls away and tells them to kill themselves; "kys ita" is hardly anything beyond a shitpost and it's really not that deep.

>having street fashion background implies personal freedom and expression.
There's actually a lot of room for self expression in the fashion, getting concrit doesn't mean that you're being stifled, just that others see your coord differently and are trying to help. Sometimes concrit is completely subjective, if you're happy with your coord as it is, just take the comments gracefully and keep doing you. No one is going to kick you out for having your own personal style. But if someone is being told to wear a blouse or a petticoat, or to buy their clothes from more reputable sources than Milanoo, and they take that as a personal attack and decide to leave, it's on them and it doesn't mean that their comm is toxic.

>> No.10119443

This tantrum that you're throwing here makes you seem worse than any community you're crying about, js.

>> No.10119444

Yes it is deep. If it isn't deep to you hey, that's great. Meanwhile the amount of girls that got turned away from the fashion because of "concrit" and unwarranted toxicity is huge.

Yes. You are naive. It is that deep. Recognizing the problem is half the battle though teh heh.

>> No.10119445

Ntayrt and I know that "kysita" is just an obvious troll... but you're acting like these people don't really exist when they do. There was someone who in the past would jump into every rufflechat uc argument and just be an obvious contrarian troll and that person is also in my comm. They don't use a profile photo so I have no idea what they look like - but I often check who goes to meets to make sure I don't end up at a table with someone who is an obvious troll.

Same thing goes for anons here. Hell, look at >>10119393
It's like they just want confrontation. The further they can take it, the more of a thrill it is for them.

We're not talking about the tired "its just concrit" argument. We're talking about people who use that argument to justify being assholes on and offline.

>> No.10119446

This is not about me or you. Don't be disingenuous and attempt to make me look bad for having an actually unpopular opinion that I 100% believe in.

>> No.10119447

I seriously doubt they are "throwing a tantrum".

You're blowing things out of proportion so you can seem more hardcore.

We get it. You have no emotion.

>> No.10119448

Okay, fair. But how are a few assholes reflect on the entire community? You do realize there are assholes everywhere you go, right? It's not "lolitas are toxic", it's "people are toxic". People who use any excuse to be assholes are awful, I agree, but again if that's all it takes to turn you away from wearing clothes then I don't know what to tell you.

>> No.10119450

How many comms have you been in? I used to be in a smaller comm where they were more welcoming because they're just glad to get new members, but in my current comm it's common to give concrit to new lolitas that didn't ask for any. It's just a fact most girls are sensitive and easily feel "attacked" when a stranger/someone she met for the first time negatively comments on how she looks. For new people it can also be harder to wear lolita by themselves so I understand why it makes some people give up. I guess most lolitas don't care about them, if you don't love lolita enough to "take the heat" or be a lonelita, lolita is not for you etc. But I think it would be better if more comms were like >>10118682. If lolita isn't made to feel like something difficult, they learn how to coord better on their own with experience.

>> No.10119452

Don't be friends with assholes or allow them in your communities regardless of how cute their coordinates are. If someone is a dick, call them out, if they don't change, maybe take action and don't indulge them or allow them.
Don't feed the ego of those who get pleasure from harming others. It's not a complex idea or task.

>> No.10119453

Why are you talking to me as if I am the one who got turned away from the fashion.

Yes, there are assholes every where. Does that suddenly make it ok to be one?? No of course not.
Why do you dismiss shitty behavior?

I want more people to join the fashion. People who act like bratty assholes don't want that. I want those people out of my community.

Instead of shunning someone for not doing well, let's shun people who try to justify being assholes.

>> No.10119522

How is correcting itas hurting lolita brands? If they flee after some critique, there's a 98% chance they aren't the type to buy brand in the first place, let alone research how to buy from them. And the other 2% can just buy them on their own if they want to?

>> No.10119528

>Meanwhile the amount of girls that got turned away from the fashion because of "concrit" and unwarranted toxicity is huge.
Do you have statistics for that or how do you measure it's "huge"? And what do you deem "unwarranted toxicity"?

>> No.10119530

OP anon literally said
>they meant well (the mods)
No one is baiting. This doesn't sound like bullying or someone being turned away from the comm, this sounds like someone who can't take concrit well and got butthurt over some suggestions. But go ahead, longpost about bullies more, because I guess in your head, anyone giving concrit is a bully.

>> No.10119532

>No of course not.
>Why do you dismiss shitty behavior?
Even on cgl we call people out who behave like shitheads or seagulls irl. Give me a fucking break with these vague blanket statements.

>> No.10119533

if you look at the japanese comments on lolita yt videos japan is way worse, that's just how the lolita community is

>> No.10119535

No, that's how youtube comments are

>> No.10119539

It always makes me laugh when itas and snowflakes bring out the "but japan would accept me!!" argument. Japanese lolitas are fucking savage, they just do it behind your back, liveposting at the fucking meet.

>> No.10119555

Yeah but you talked about how people in general were toxic and acted like theres just nothing to be done about that.

>> No.10119556

I'm not the original anon you replied to.

>> No.10119563

Way to go not mentioning that. Why did you reply as if you were.
Are you not familiar with board lingo??

>> No.10119586

I've been hearing "actually japanese lolitas are even meaner!" for years and years, and i've seen no proof outside of an ancient translated 2ch thread poking fun at bodyline, and it was hardly "as mean as cgl".

>> No.10119618
File: 516 KB, 1124x1800, 1548986896609.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No, I legitimately am just disgusted with the attempts to monopolize the fashion and the brands.

>> No.10119622

This. If anything, that recent jp twitter thing made them look like cinnamon rolls. Someone please share the mean bitchy jp lolita content please

>> No.10119623

I'd like to third this. I've never seen evidence of it either.

>> No.10119634

Going through the archive, theres a small handful of posts about lolita on girlschannel. From what anons translated. it sees like a a majority of the ones posting on girlschannel aren't actually lolitas eiter. Some people even doubt that most posters on girlschannel are even girls. There were a handful of translated comments talking about age, some commenting on Misako's age, but I fail to see anything that has ever matched the vitriol on cgl. I think the western anonymous lolita community really wants to justify being bitchy sometimes.

>> No.10119636
File: 47 KB, 1283x533, girlschannel1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

here are some translations from the archive

>> No.10119638

I am, but I think it's retarded to constantly have to write nayrt because fb newfags don't understand that several different people exist who have a different opinion than them and that the whole point of us all being anons is not to constantly have to remind them of our identity.

>ancient translated 2ch thread
They are regular and function like generals. If a thread reaches 2000 replies, they make a new one with the same title. Hence the numbers.
Open on desktop to see the full thread.

>> No.10119650

>fb newfags
Not me but ok.
I responded to you the way that I did because you responded to me. You didn't bother saying you were someone else and I assumed you were the same because you were siding with the other anon.

>give me a fucking break
no anon, you responded to me so you're going to get replies. That's how this works. Since you're so busy calling out newfags, you would think you would know this already.

I see anons calling others out from time to time but usually it is the same group who hides behind the "we're just giving concrit" statement.

>> No.10119653

>you need lolita comms to know about brand related events
No you don't.
I've found out about plenty of brand events through convention pages or the actual brand's page looooong before anyone posted about it in the lolita comm if they did at all. I also live in a big city with a very active lolita comm so...

>> No.10119656

He didn't say ayrt either

>> No.10119659
File: 58 KB, 256x256, thinking-face.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10119664

Girlschannel is full of old bitter people, not really girls lol.

European lolita events are completely unrelated to conventions, and official information from the brands themselves is in Japanese or sometimes English. They might tweet about an event once and if you miss that, how will you find out about the event? Information about ticket sales is usually first posted on the comm page since they are often the ones organising events.

>> No.10119667

>inb4 if you don't speak English and Japanese you're not dedicated enough to lolita

>> No.10119672

>You didn't bother saying you were someone else and I assumed you were the same because you were siding with the other anon.
That's the problem I mentioned. You have to learn that not everyone who replies to you and sides with other anons is that anon. More often than not there are different people replying to you.

>you responded to me so you're going to get replies. That's how this works. Since you're so busy calling out newfags, you would think you would know this already.
Where did I say that I don't want replies? That "give me a break" was not in that post either and was directed at blanket statements that are often made here. Are you okay?

>I see anons calling others out from time to time but usually it is the same group who hides behind the "we're just giving concrit" statement
How do you know it's the same group? We're all anons.

>> No.10119673

My "unpopular" opinion is that most lolitas and cosplayers are normies. Some of you use that word as if anyone who uses 4channel and has a quirky hobby isn't a normie. Meanwhile you have normie jobs, normie house, normie car, normie partner, a normie pet and love judging others just like normies.

>> No.10119674

Your gf needs to stop making assumptions about strangers over a goddamn hairstyle. She sounds insufferably judgemental.
Maybe try actually working on that foul personality of yours?

>> No.10119676

ever heard of a little thing called google translate
it might suck but it's definitely good enough to translate simple shit like event info

>> No.10119684

its true. nerdshit is mainstream now thanks to disney shilling marvel and star wars. you can walk into any mall with a hot topic with a brand new nerdy wardrobe.

>> No.10119693

What kind of pet is not a normie pet? A raven? A baby tiger?

>> No.10119697

everything that isn't a cat or dog

>> No.10119699

>You have to learn
No, I am aware of that. You are different from the other anon I replied to. Can you get over that now?

>Are you okay?
Are you? We're just having a conversation. You're trying to make it seem like something more is happening but there isn't anything else. It's just text on a board.

>how do you know it's the same group
If hold the opinion that "we're just giving concrit" in order to give people shit for no reason when they never asked for your advice - then you are apart of that group.

>> No.10119700

That's not an unpopular opinion, that's a fact. They're failed normies who couldn't make it in the world of big tits and ass, so they downsized their aspirations to something they could monopolize. Underground fashion.

>> No.10119701

they are normies. if you wear lolita or cosplay but have a normie life otherwise, you are a normie.

>> No.10119702

This. If you're a lolita and you get married and have kids - that's normie as fuck and makes you a normie.

>> No.10119704

desu, I usually wear wigs.

>> No.10119707

hence their obsession with following lolita rules aggressively to a T, wow, thanks cgl, i finally understand why communities are so shit, it's just a series of failed 2nd rate normies trying to obtain the same glory as big tits and ass stace gets from everyday shit. thanks.

Now I can peacefully move on and just mock them like the disgusting poor attempts at coming off cute and lovely and into personal expression they are In spite of their cornerstone bitch ass pick me personalities.

>> No.10119708

This makes a lot of sense actually.

>> No.10119709

Like bunnies aren't normie too.

>> No.10119710

Please do tell what makes you not a normie.

>> No.10119712

a different life from normal

>> No.10119715

>everyone who disagrees with me or has opinions I don't like is a normie
Or you can just use one of the 9000 other low quality phrases we have to replace an argument you don't have. Another one really isn't necessary.

>> No.10119719

normies care about normie things, like status, weddings, family, pets, being seen as an amazing person, fitting in, faking nice, acting for the sake of appeasing others.
This is what the "average" human looks like, hence the term normie. Being someone who joins lolita fashion and then approaches it with a really bizarre "this is about status and being capable of taking the HEAT now" attitude, is a fundamentally normie attitude in face of art, street fashion and aesthetics.

It is never going to not be normie to approach any fashion style because of reasons unrelated to enjoying the fashion itself, or fashion in general.

Gatekeeping and being a cunt about people who are "not following the rules" is the classic form of gate-keeping that normies utilize to salvage their egos and positions as the "queen" or "king", aka the big fish in the small pond.

>> No.10119720

pretty sure the discussion has been hijacked by a troll. possibly the same person who started telling itas to kill themselves.

>> No.10119723

Sorry, I'm the OP of this unpopular opinion and desu I just got really bored and lazy of listening to idiots trying to justify being dickheads with lies like "concrit" etc.

I'm just exhausted of how they'll never take this seriously. They'd rather see brands die than admit they're just full of themselves and that they don't actually respect the fashion, their ego depends on keeping their self-image pristine, so they'll never admit to this or change.

>> No.10119724
File: 63 KB, 570x369, 1534360403683.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>imagine getting this butt aggravated about what other people think of you
Instead of wasting time trying to change how other people think and do things, why don't you try instead to change yourself? Learn not to let the opinions of others bother you so much, you will ultimately be much happier. Trying to change others is a good way to drive yourself insane.

>it's totally ok to be shitty to the people that I think are assholes. But the rest of you guys can't be shitty to me, even though I'm also behaving like a jerk.

>> No.10119727

I get what you mean but arguing in this way is futile because in their mind, they are protecting the fashion. They believe that if they don't gatekeep, itas will become the majority and make the fashion ugly.

>> No.10119728

by this reasoning telling new lolitas that they have to wear a petticoat is 'normie'.
You're conveniently forgetting that some sort of gate keeping is necessary, or some asshole is going to roll up to a meet in jeans and a ruffled shirt and claim that they're wearing lolita.

>> No.10119729

>some sort of gate keeping is necessary
She's trying to tell you that it is not necessary with a street fashion

>> No.10119730

>No, I am aware of that. You are different from the other anon I replied to.
Good, then act according to it next time.

>We're just having a conversation.
A conversation implies that you actually address what I write.
>You're trying to make it seem like something more is happening but there isn't anything else.
You took replies and quotes completely out of context and replied to things I didn't even say. Which is weird, that's why I asked.

>If hold the opinion that "we're just giving concrit" in order to give people shit for no reason when they never asked for your advice - then you are apart of that group.
Okay and again, how do you know these are the same people on here who call people out for behaving like seagulls or assholes irl?

>> No.10119733

Lolita is not a street fashion anymore desu. It's like a uniform you can wear with in different colours and combinations, but if you miss a piece of the uniform you look like shit and you are not a lolita.

>> No.10119734

Look. I see you either have a primitive understanding of wrong/right, or you're too far down in the narcissism to realize that you're wrong.

But allow me to deconstruct this:
>it's totally ok to be shitty to the people that I think are assholes. But the rest of you guys can't be shitty to me, even though I'm also behaving like a jerk.

The original poster was not being an idiot, the person said person responded to was the one instigating this type of reaction.

I think that perhaps you don't understand that tolerance functions as a conditional, and that tolerating intolerance isn't a correct appreciation of reality.
In face of intolerance we exercise intolerance, so don't be surprised if you get insulted for being a cunt.
Wow what a damn shocker huh? Who knew it could be this simple to just not be an idiot who shitposts "kys ita".

>> No.10119735

Hence why my opinion is now unpopular, however brands are dying regardless of what you say about how your behavior is correct, and that you are indeed some sort of Paladin of Lolita Fashion.

>> No.10119736

Garbage-chan? Is that you? Sorry not everyone can sell foot pics for a living.

>> No.10119739

>cgl is attempting to once again identify who an anonymous poster is by referring exclusively to e-celebs and random people they have met in their lives


>> No.10119741

You still didn't explain how telling newbies their mistakes hurts brands.

>> No.10119743
File: 2.60 MB, 480x270, 1541097108293.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>implying i'm the kysita person
if you really wanted to be happier you would take my advice about changing yourself, because trying to change other people (especially those who don't want to be changed) is an exercise in frustration. But you would rather cry because someone else has a differing opinion.
Enjoy wallowing in the hell of your own making then.

>> No.10119747

I've repeated myself multiple times but it still doesn't seem to resonate with the rest of the anons so let me clarify this once more.
This is just an opinion that I hold, but Lolita brands are still dying. And what I am suggesting and describing to be my personal opinion, is that the gate-keeping and general catty behavior is what is killing the fashion.

Because if there was no gate-keeping, the countless amounts of girls who think Lolita is super cute would indeed just keep furthering their interest, eventually find about brands, buy stuff, etc. expand.
And instead of that Lolitas have bad reputation, they keep creating bad content that gives them bad PR, and they seem to even enjoy and have fun making memes based on their shitty behavior as a community.

This is how things die.

>> No.10119748

Nayrt but people talked about that several times up thread. Girls are sensitive about how they look, so if you criticise them they give up. So less people that buy from brands.

>> No.10119749

kys tranny

>> No.10119750

You don't even want to discuss my opinion, you're just doing this to save face from your own guilt over past behaviors, just admit it, god you're boring.

>> No.10119752

kys shitposter

>> No.10119753

>one anon is all of cgl
>taking everything written on here 100% serious
You have to go back.

>> No.10119754

refer to

>> No.10119755

kys shitposter-responding tranny

>> No.10119758

that's because your opinion is stupid, and trying to change how other people behave is stupid and the only thing that you really have any kind of control over is yourself and how you feel and react.
But you can keep arguing about it on this obscure yak herding forum all you want, Sisyphus-chan.

>> No.10119763

People change how others behave and feel every day literally all the time. Sometimes just by giving them some perspective, sharing experiences, giving their opinion, or more extreme cases like punching someone in the face when they do something you don't like also changes how they feel and behave around you.

>> No.10119765

I don't expect any outcomes or changes. I've stated multiple times in fact that I know this will never change.
It's still my opinion that this is what is killing the brands and will keep killing them. If you're offended that I'm suggesting that Lolitas have a really bad public image then that's fine, it doesn't make my opinion shit though.

Just wanted to air out this thought, maybe lurkers who are afraid of questioning the idiots in their communities will now have found themselves invigorated to do what they do indeed think would be the right thing to do.

I'm done pushing that rock now, have a good day.

>> No.10119767

>(you) state your opinion
>anon says it's useless and offers an explanation and a solution
>You don't even want discussion! Y-you're boring!
Seems more like you're the one trying to safe face because you can't admit they are right.

>> No.10119769

Nayrt but when I couldn't move for a few months because of a physical disability, out of boredom I kept arguing in the otome kei threads that it isn't real and look where they are now. Everyone knows cgl takes bait most easily and you can convince them of anything if you just keep going.

>> No.10119771

>they are right.
about what? do you think ita threads and unwanted concrit is NOT scaring people away from wearing lolita?

>> No.10119784

>about what?
Do you really want me to quote the whole 2 posts that anon made or can you navigate it yourself?

>do you think ita threads and unwanted concrit is NOT scaring people away from wearing lolita?
Neither me nor the other anon said that.

>> No.10119787

I know you didn't say that, that's why I wonder what you are right about. What is your opinion.

>> No.10119812

My opinion is that lolita brands are dying because lolitas are cunts. Not that I am personally offended.
Necessarily your greentext is a load of shite.

>> No.10119842

>I'm also behaving like a jerk.
How is telling someone to stop being an asshole a bad thing? How do that make someone a jerk?

>> No.10119854

>that's because your opinion is stupid, and trying to change how other people behave is stupid
>ur stupid
>everything ur doing is stupid
you're really onto something, anon.

>> No.10119858

This is so fucking true.

Remember how "walnut" spread across the board? Gulls who have no real brain in their head will latch onto anything and run with it until they have run into the ground and then some.

>> No.10119890
File: 1.38 MB, 1024x1024, illust_69086961_20190303_022402.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Such sophistication.

>> No.10120034

it's not that they were telling someone to stop being an asshole, it's that they were advocating shunning of the people they think are being assholes.
which makes them just as big of an asshole as the original asshole.

>> No.10120037

If someone insulted your friend - you would stop talking to them right?
How is that being a jerk.

>> No.10121868 [DELETED] 

lol, you're so used to seeing fat people that you actuall think it's just different looking. No it's not. It's grotesque. Whenever I see an obese person I always get the same feeling I'd get if I was looking at someone with severe deformities, but with the extra dash of "you keep doing this to yourself every fucking day, you deserve no sympathy".

>> No.10121896

that sounds more like a you problem, have you spoken to a medical professional?

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