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Lolitas with short hair, preferably bob length and shorter.

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Short hair + good lolita is a surprisingly rare combination on CoF these days.

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Most of these are wigs sadly

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Most short haired Lolitas are just short haired lesbians

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Short hair can look as good as longer hair in lolita. You don't even have to do anything special to it, especially for everyday looks. I've had a pixie cut for years and I've never felt out of place in lolita, or as if I needed a wig. I'm not posting my coords because I don't think they are special or anything, but I still wanted to share my support for short hair~ nice thread!

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Sorry I was busy so didn’t manage to finish my dump

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I really love this set

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I miss this girl’s posts! She always had really nice and cute casual outfits.

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That’s all folks

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Seconded, her coords were always lovely! Does she not post anymore? What happened?

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She still posts on Instagram! Seems like she got hurt or a surgery recently as she was posing with clutches. I hope she gets better soon, she’s my inspiration.

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>Most of these are wigs sadly
Anyone have any tips or tutorials or even style / cut recommendations for lolitas with shorter hair or those that wish to go shorter? I have a bob myself that sits just above my shoulders and have never been satisfied with how it looks with lolita, particularly due to the lack of volume.

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Yes, officer, this one right here

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woof this is fantastic

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What dress is this? It’s so luxurious

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i second this hard. my hair has only just reached shoulder length and i want it cuttin off again (by that i mean a couple inches below my chin). i'm not a fan of wigs on me but my hair is too thin to balance my coords

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So many cute girls. I really wish I could be cute with short hair. My hair is super thick and my face is a fucking square.

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I have the opposite problem, round babyface and super thin hair

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She's so cute, I miss her coords.

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Honestly get some clip in extensions that are the same length as your hair. (You can also go to the hairdresser and have them line the extensions up with your hair.) It adds quite a bit of volume while still looking natural.

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She still posts frequently, just less frequently because she had an injury. She seems to be healing well at documenting the progress at queran_ruffles

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Today’s post

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I can dump a couple hair tutorials, they aren't lolita specific but they would still work

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Anyone know the name of this coat/capelet set? It’s beautiful

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You're going to have to cut it shorter. That length is an awkward length for bobs because it's too long and gets weighed down. Also, start the bottom inward curls, so take a flat iron and run it through your hair from top to bottom, avoiding the roots, in a C shape.

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I usually LOVE her coords, but the blue lace poking out of the bottom and black boots when everthing else is brown... idk. If I cover up from the knee down it works great photoshop aside.

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You're not wrong

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It seems like the shorter your hair gets, the more important it is to make sure your makeup and coord are good. Especially accessories around your face.

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I remember this girl. RIP

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Those eyebrows deserve a closed casket.

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Maybe consider not being an asshole about someone who's actually dead.

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Shut up and get in the robot

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who? howd she die

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me in the middle. trying out some yamikawaii style stuff haha

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I forgot her LJ username, iirc she died of kidney failure.

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more like short wigged ita

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Jesus Christ this is cursed

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woops, replied to the wrong post but: https://www.deviantart.com/einmensch

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imagine the SMELL

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This makes me so sad... she looked like a nice person. I guess internet will look like a cemetery 50-70 years from now.

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w-what’s wrog with my pic? it took a lot of effort actually

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People do not appreciate decora and your image (if that really is you) is kinda OT since you're wearing a wig that isn't even that short.

>> No.10103588

also people don't like other people self-posting unless they are super beautiful and super talented

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Nothing wrong with self posting, but this "coord" is disgusting. I'm sorry but it's not cute.

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Well, it certainly takes effort to look this bad so I commend you on that.

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Guro stuff of any flavor has never been popular, outside of Halloween. Yamikawaii, menhera, etc. in particular come across very cringey to a lot of people. They bring to mind for many of us our edgy tween phases when we were obsessed with Hannibal and insane asylums.

To give you some more concrete concrit, tho.... I hope I don't come across as too mean because you and your friends look very young and I'm sure it took a lot of time and effort to get all your stuff together.

From the neck up it's so-so. The blood color clashes with the style you're going for, you need a deeper purplish red rather than orange-red. It's better, too, imo to pick either nosebleed or lip, not both. The decora clips need work. There's too many that are all the same color/size, and they blur with the flowers. The girl on the right's hairclips actually look better (tho her hair is way worse) bc of the varied styles, sizes, and colors.

Your makeup is fine, tho your bandaid matches too close to your skintone. You want

From the neck down, it's like a totally different outfit. You're going deco up top and then... sweet? Classic? Something totally different on the bottom. Different styles, different colors, nothing goes together.

The pink fuzzy cuffs don't match your coord well enough to look "coordinated" but they also aren't different and contrasting enough to stand out and look like a deliberate choice.

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assuming this is you, though I'm sure it's not.

Your wig looks cheap and needs to be styled better. You can't even see your coord at all, and none of it even matches the coord you're wearing. your eyebrows could use a lot of work. this topic is about short haired lolitas and for getting inspiration from that, not itas, whose coord you can barely see, wearing cheap amazon wigs styled badly.

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>your makeup is fine

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Nice try, anon

Next time just post her to the ita thread like everyone else

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I forgot this chick existed. I haven't seen a coord from her pop up in years!

>> No.10105906

Briz? She posts from time to time on CoF.

>> No.10105921

Oh perfect, now I know who to flirt with

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Dang that makes a lot of sense anon. Does this mean pic related a lie, as in only looks good in photos?

>> No.10105981

More like it's a lie because there's definitely product to hold on to that perfectly touseled look and keep it from being the wrong side of too flat/messy, but it makes people think their natural bed head with a brush run through it might look just ok enough for everyday. I suspect a blowdryer was used to give slight extra volume to the roots and then flat iron for those waves in the length, essentially like "natural" makeup. I wouldn't recommend styling your hair like that for lolita - you'd definitely want a more defined curl on the ends if possible, like >>10104983, and the "messy" look generally doesn't go well with a put-together outfit.

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I love this dress, is it from a taobao brand?

>> No.10118921

I could be wrong but I think she said it was handmade.

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I had this exact problem until I got my hair permed. don’t worry, modern hairdressers don’t do crazy spiral curls unless you ask for it. a perm will give you a nice gentle curl and plenty of volume. Pic related is my hair after I got it permed, it was dead straight and completely lifeless before

>> No.10119210

It's Your Gift, gothic one piece and capelet. It's a Taobao set that's actually really beautiful in person.

>> No.10119255

She is so cute it hurts my heart!

>> No.10119283

What dress is this?

>> No.10119395

melt chocolapin by AP

>> No.10119958

Ah anon, I love your hair! Do you have any extra tips or advice for creating this cut? Sounds like my hair type is like yours - fine, dead straight and lacking volume.

I know perms have moved on, but I'm still kinda terrified of asking for one.

>> No.10121512

i'm not super knowledgable on hair lol but if you use volumising products and small curlers overnight you could achieve a similar effect without a perm, but it'll only last for a day. i used to do it for meets and cons.
if you do decide to get a perm here's some tips:
>don't cheap out, do your research on salons, places that do perms are rarer nowadays so you might need to hunt around a bit. also check the reviews and stuff, it's very unlikely nowadays but my mum had a bad perm in the 80s that temporarily made some of her hair fall out
>salons will often offer 2 options, digital or cold perm. cold perm is better for short hair bc it lasts longer, has stronger curls and its also usually cheaper. digital perm is better if you have long hair because the way cold perms are done can make the curls in long hair look more like weird crimping
>grow your hair a bit longer than you want before going to the salon, they will trim the ends before doing your hair to avoid split ends later on. also take into consideration your hair will look a tiny bit shorter when curly.
>follow the hairdressers care instructions otherwise the curls will fade really quick and your hair may become frizzy.

>> No.10121751

>that sticker on the bottom of the candelabra


>> No.10121786

This is probably a wig but, how do you style your hair like this? I'd look it up myself but I don't know how this hairstyle is called

>> No.10121789

A flip, it was super popular in the 60s.

>> No.10121888

obvious vendetta is obvious

>> No.10122495

Thanks anon!

>> No.10122502

JetJ's L'etoile du Soir

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Underrated thread!

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That color red looks like such shit with pastel pink and blue.

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>> No.10123768

It does stand out a bit, yes. It looks less harsh in >>10123763, where it's faded a bit

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>> No.10123772

That is a Sabrina cosplay

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>> No.10123778

It doesn't just "stand out", it looks like a dumpster fire. Still looks like shit when faded.

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imo one of the cutest short hair coords out there

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