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I'm ugly and that makes me happy pretty lolitas

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I'm wearing lolita without a petti.

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I'm getting post-con depression from the lack of appraisal online from the cosplays I make. I'm maybe 5 cosplays in, definitely getting a lot better at making them, but seeing girls buy skimpy cosplays, put in a drop of the effort, and posted all over insta with tons of followers is really depressing when you've worked hard on something and they don't. I get compliments in person and people say that I'm the best X character at a given con they saw, but nobody posts photos online of me which makes me feel shitty in a weird way.

It's a huge amount of jealousy when you see some costhot get a fuckton of beta orbiters because she bought a Zero Two outfit with no care for the character, while you painstakingly check concept art for a character you love, because it's a character you love. But even so, I want the appraisal online dammit. Any other cosplayers get the same feel?

I started working on garments again and I find it to be a lot more zen. Maybe I'll go back to making clothes, at least in those circles you can't do the easy cop-out of appealing to betas.

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I actually feel the passion with this post, anon I’m sorry you feel like this. I am sure there are those who truly see the hard work and love you put into it whether it be some randoms, family and friends or a boyfriend

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Looks fine most of the time, not just very lolita

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>Looks fine most of the time
Unless you're wearing a very simple piece, or a specific piece that doesn't have a very voluminous skirt anyway, it looks bad. Most lolita dresses are made to be worn with petticoats, so most of them look deflated and sad without one, especially if they're printed.

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I'm planning to cosplay a K/DA girl without ever playing LoL just to look hot.

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i buy all my cosplays because i'm too lazy to learn how to sew

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Yeah I wear pretty simple and oldscoolish dresses and skirts. I just can't do the full day with a petti

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I want to buy another dress even though I don't have the money for it and I just got into lolita.

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I'm too scared to learn how to apply makeup

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>I'm planning to cosplay a K/DA girl without ever playing LoL just to look hot.
So basically every k/da cosplayer?

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any reason in particular?

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I got groped without my permission all over my privates waiting in line for a panel. I was acting slutty, but I was just trying to be in character. The other person in line took it way to seriously. I got firm and said don't do that again or I'll report you. I was a dude by the way cosplaying as Grell from that Kuroshitsuji. My only other confessions is a shaved my body once for cosplay. I also was lured into a room by a fan girl to then learn she was 14 and her dad came in so I had to play it off as if I was 16 when I was really 21. We didn't do anything, right when I went to slip out he showed up.

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I have made marginal improvements in my craftsmanship, despite starting to cosplay in 2011. I put off working on costumes until the last days of the con, then rush through and make a botched job. Then I swear to never do it again as I continue to do it again.

I finally gave up on it and bought a premade cosplay this year, and am considering commissioning something for my next con, despite being an elitist fuck when I started and making fun of people that didn't craft because I wanted my costume to be ~~SPESHUL~~

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Yikes anon

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I didn’t shave my arm pits for no shave November for fun and hasn’t shaved them yet and they’re really long

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I very frequently day-dream of somehow becoming super rich, and then hosting tea parties and lolita meets constantly in my lavish and cute apartment. Everyone would have their own unique tea set, and my cute cat would be wandering around and we'd all just be having a lovely time. I could bake the sweets and curate the teas. I would wear lolita often and wear cute slippers inside to match.
In my spare time i can hang around in my dressing room, gush over my clothing and browsing auction sites to buy anything as i please.

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I'm constantly buying cosplay materials and planning new ones, only to always drop the idea right before I complete the outfit. I love the ideas in my head, but when it comes time to put the finished product on I can't get over how much I dislike my body so I say nevermind. Lots of wasted money and closet space.

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I wear a lot of makeup but I'm scared to try new things with it. I tend to follow the same routine

Lately I'm checking CoF and IG to get makeup ideas for lolita coordinates. Once in a while I'll look on YT but it tends to be the same instathot look over and over. I hope you'll find the courage to wear it and that I'll experiment more with it

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I'm so tired of cgl but I just can't leave. Everything I once visited this board for is gone and replaced by garbage you find everywhere else, there is no charm and nothing of value anymore. Part of me wishes Hiro would give up 4chan all together.

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Wow, a real girl definitely typed this!

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I feel you so hard on this. There was a bathing suit cosplay I did for a contest a while ago to get free shit in this game I play. I was uploading pictures a few days ago of a new recent cosplay I did which was very complex but not revealing and uploaded the bathing suit cosplay as well afterwards. New cosplay didn't get jack shit for attention but the bathing suit cosplay sure did. It really fucking sucks that more skin less detail is the standard now.

All I can say to you is do it because you have an enjoyment and dedication to the series you're cosplaying. Have someone you know take photos of you in full cosplay to your preference of setting and time so you don't have to worry about when and who is uploading photos of you onto the internet.
Until normies and normie hoes stop invading spaces they don't really give a fuck about nor deserve to be in, skimpy shit is unfortunately the value in cosplay for the time being.

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Of you’re gonna do that, tone it down and call it otome.

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I have 0 motivation to work on costumes right now, I just pick up my piece, sew like 2 seams and then call it a day. Hopefully I can get back on the horse soon because I don't want to live through the worst parts of my depression again

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I assumed it was a man anyway, considering they "got firm"

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I mean, post pictures of yourself. Don't wait for other people to post pics of you... that's just begging for attention, but you won't get any that way. Do what you love and show that you love it and people will come.

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> I was a dude by the way

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I bought a shitty costume from aliexpress to wear to Magfest because I just moved to Maryland and bought my ticket and don't have the time to make something myself.

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why not? is it the waistband?

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That's probably fine then. I wear an underskirt instead of a petticoat during the summer for light volume, it's definitely more comfy in some situations.

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I personally really wish cosplay was more "homemade" than it is now. Even if there are a couple of imperfections, I love it when people put in the legwork to make their stuff because I (personally) think it shows a lot more passion for the character and the art. I'm honestly happier seeing a total amateur with a homemade zentai or something than some costhot with an aliexpress thing.

At the same time, the huge amount of normies, normie hoes, and beta orbiters that are in the space is insane. Like, all a slightly attractive (and I use this term lightly, given momokun) girl could buy some shitty bikini and a ratty wig and call it a "beach episode" or some stupid shit like that (not calling you out) and get several times the exposure of, say, an armored knight

also moderately pissed that at the same levels of attractiveness and cosplay skill, a girl will get swarmed several dozen times more than a guy would. To be noticed, it seems you either have to be a total malethot with an extremely toned body or a god at armor-crafting, which is kind of annoying. Can't really rely on the ""cute"" factor. just realized how autistic this probably reads.

Just gonna take a break and sewing some garments before I get back into the grind for ABoston.

have you thought switching to garment work to get a mental reset? It's v cozy, and you can do something as simple as a t-shirt or a satchel or something.

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Belief what you want, it's just stuff that happened years ago.

I deleted many of my cosplay pics several year ago and have gone through several moves.

This is me from Katsucon in 2012

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Too many layers is unconfortable in the heat. Winter and meets are another story

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As long as you don't wear it to lolita events and shit it's fine, some specific prints might get lost or look deflated but a lot of dresses and skirts look fine without it. Less lolita sure, but for daily wear a cute dress is a cute dress.

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All of those are you

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That sounds lovely anon. I would totally join you for your tea parties.

>> No.10056670

Thanks anon-chan, you are cordially invited to my first tea party once i become rich and live my chill kawaii lifestyle~

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I actually live a fairly similar lifestyle as this minus hosting shit in an apartment but overall it’s not really as great as it seems. It becomes to repetitive and boring that you eventually stop dressing up just to lounge around the house.

>> No.10056715

I had a very adorable apartment a few years ago and no one would ever come over. I am sad thinking about this. It was out of my price range by the end of living there but I was grandfathered in. It was so beautiful, the view was insane and it was so spacious. Now I'm all cramped and the lighting is bad

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I come to /cgl/ just to ogle the lolitas and imagine what it would be like to have one as a girlfriend.

>> No.10056749

ofc you do go back to /r9k you fag

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I've dating a guy for about a year now. He's sweet and sometimes buys me brand. He likes that I wear lolita unlike my last ex who abused me. My only problem is that our sex is bad. He was a virgin before he met me. It's always awkward and one time he accidentally inserted his penis up the butt instead of the vagina.

I dunno if want to break up with him. Buying me brand is great, but the sex not so much.

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teach him
my bf was virgin too you have no excuse

>> No.10056767

Send him my way. I would gladly have bad sex in order to get burando.

In all seriousness though, it’s not that hard to teach someone what feels good and what doesn’t.

>> No.10056768

You must be the one bad in bed then if you’ve not taught him.

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I am actually very jealous of pretty girls. I hate when bad coords, looks, and personalities get a pass because "Wow she's so cute!" And I hate when they're pretty and talented. I can put more effort in and get a quarter of the likes because I'm not cute. I hate hearing people complain about catcalling and dick pics because I've never gotten that; I'm not attractive. That's not to say that's not a problem, but complaining about how you get SO MANY men in your messages really is just bragging about how pretty you are. I hate it. I'm not fat or anything either. Just ugly. Cant do anything about my bone structure.

>> No.10056825

why be jealous if you can befriend them? bad bone structure or nah, they could probably give you advice that helps your appearance. help us help you anon.

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I'm ugly and even I get catcalls and nasty shit. It really jsut depends more or less on what I'm wearing though. For instance, if I wear lolita, it's all old ladies and women complimenting me. If I wear fishnets and tight vinyl dresses, it's guys saying nasty shit. Maybe You dress too much like a prude to get that sort of attention, but ugly or not, it sucks ass getting nasty attention when I just want to be on my way.

>> No.10056835

1. I have a shit personality anyway lol. 2. The really pretty friends I've had in real life are super condescending toward me like I don't know anything about beauty or boys. They're always talking about how they have two dates this week and got another's number. It's annoying. I know how to do makeup, I know how to dress. I could use a lot of help with skincare, though.
Oh and whenever I have a pretty friend guys will always look over me even if they've shown some interest in the past. Such is life, but it feels awful.

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>Not teaching your virgin, shaping his sexual experiences and having sex exactly how you like it
Beta female

>> No.10056869

Also I wear my gothic lolita with trad goth elements like fishnets, makeup, and chokers, now you all can roast me

>> No.10056892

That's pretty cool, assuming it works with your personal style. I'm also a goth though so maybe I'm biased.

>> No.10056929

even ugly girls get compliments (just in the form of "cute", not "hot"). ugly guys get squat. be thankful for what you DO have.

>> No.10056930

I would kill for a girl to treat me like that. I want to be a sub for a girl

>> No.10056932

>inserted his penis up the butt instead of the vagina
Why didn't you say something lol

>> No.10056934

Ew go away, I just said I taught him.

>> No.10056937

Go away incel. She's allowed to vent.

>> No.10056939

>1. I have a shit personality anyway lol
Well yeah you hate people for how they look
And if someone is condescending to you they're not your friend.
You just sound dumb honestly

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I'm just saying it how it is. gulls complain too much

>> No.10056942

You can just go with someone that fetishizes you and call it a day, because most idiots can see past shit personality with that

>> No.10056943

I'm with you. I'm average as fuck and I get hit on all the time. Men have low standards.

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I mean we have to have low standards even if we are chads so to speak, its still a bad thing

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Don't make male attention an indicator of your beauty or worth, it can only go down from there. Men would catcall and fuck a rock if it was shaped like an ass, that's nothing positive or to strive for.

>> No.10056949

yikes fatty-chan, that was more of a supportive message but ok

>> No.10056952

I like using sage.

>> No.10056954

i'm a FtM transfag that wants to get into ouji/boystyle lolita

>> No.10056955

>we have to have low standards
You don't HAVE to do anything, stupid.

>> No.10056956

>boystyle lolita
Maybe do your research first so you at least know the correct terminology.

>> No.10056958

Go back to being ugly and useless elsewhere, robot

>> No.10056960

In the context of trying to get with someone yes... yes we do. Idiot

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I haven’t worn lolita in months but I still obsess over it and I can be a huge douche about people doing it wrong. I’ve loved the fashion and been into it for almost five years, and watching people kiss ass itas on CoF and such destroys me a little bit. I know it’s not healthy to be so rude about people doing lolita wrong, but I love the fashion and I’m afraid that the “lolita at heart!!” crowd will kill something I love.

>> No.10056968

I own too much brand and wear it too little. I don’t have an obscene amount, but more than enough enough to be a daily lolita. The problem is I have no motivation to wear it on the weekends when I’m not working. I guess it’s a mild depression/anxiety thing since I’ve had problems with that in the past.

>> No.10056989

considering You're not even wearing lolita, you're basically turning into a "lolita at heart" and bitching at people for "doing it wrong"

>> No.10057048

Confession: Lately I’m bored with lolita in favor of ‘normie’ jfashion. New releases fail to excite me and I feel like I’m buying wish list dresses because I have to, not because I want to. When they come in the mail I feel nothing and put them straight in my closet. Also the attention I get when wearing lolita outside bothers me lately, so I wear it very rarely.

On the flip side I’m excited whenever some normie jfashion brand releases cute pants or sneakers. Before this year I didn’t wear pants for years.

I don’t want to quit lolita though because I feel like it’s part of who I am.

>> No.10057051

I went to a con after party for the first time not expecting much and ended up having a train run on me while I wore milky planet. It reminded me of that one doujin and gives me mixed feelings buy I can't say I regretted it.

>> No.10057052

I don't get how you let him accidentally put his penis in our ass. There's no lubrication there and it's a tight fit, so he couldn't have just shoved it in. He had to have tried, and you said nothing until it was already in.

>> No.10057053

why are you so mad itachan? comm leader booted you for having a shit personality? I can see it desu

>> No.10057055

Hot I wish I could’ve been there

>> No.10057059

imagine caring so much for what others think

I can only pity you

>> No.10057065

Experiment, anon. Set aside some money, keep your lolita, and try out your other fashion interests. You're not chained to lolita forever.

I stopped wearing lolita for two years in favor of trying out more normie, edgy jfash. I love it, and wear it normally and when I just wanna be comfy, and wear lolita when I want to feel that same specialness again or go to a meet.

>> No.10057072

I'm on my way to wear lolita in front of my extended family for the first time ever, despite wearing the fashion for years. It's toned down, but I thought Christmas was a good time.... Please pray for me that they don't laugh at me and pick apart my clothes, gulls. I'm nervous.

>> No.10057074

What do I do? I mean I hardly have the time for lolita at the moment (working two jobs takes up a lot of my week) and I dress up whenever I can. The problem is that “whenever I can” is like, once every three or four months.

>> No.10057088

Nayrt but social media likes are one hell of a drug, I find that using scripts to hide follower/like count helps a lot

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I've not listened to basically anything outside of Malice Mizer's Bara no Seidou album and the Moi Dix Mois spiritual sequel Dix Infernal for the past two weeks.

May Mana's blessing be upon you, anon and remember that you look cute as hell.

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>itachan not ita
>fatty-chan not fattychan
>comm leader not comm mom
>throwing around buzzwords incorrectly
You will never be one of us no matter how hard you attempt to assimilate. I've been here for years, kid.
And if you'd like to report me to the comm mom, let me introduce you to her.
It's me.
I am the comm mom.

Now perish.

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I mean, I'm on the cosplaying side of cgl and occasionally browse the feels thread, which is where I saw that

Believe me, if there was any other place for cosplay and sewing on 4chin I would leave. This place is stupidly petty, cosplay threads are far and in between,and there aren't any sewing threads (ha)

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Do not attempt to justify your shortcomings to me, cosplayer.

>> No.10057133

I keep buying dresses that won’t fit in the hope they will fit some day, but can’t be motivated by them to lose weight. I really want to be motivated, but my genetics make me feel awful. (Normal waist but big bust.)

>> No.10057136

i bought a chest binder and it saved my life. Still big tiddy chan but i fit into more OPs now

>> No.10057139

pics or it didn't happen

>> No.10057150

I actually already have one, but it just gives me massive boobloaf. I want to get a better one, but I don’t know which would be good.

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>calling the leader of your community 'mom'
nayrt, but ew.

>> No.10057163

How new are you?

>> No.10057164


Is it from GC2B? I own one of those. It makes blouses fits a lot better. While wearing it, I still get a faint "loaf" effect, but that's hugely preferable to the alternative.

>> No.10057168

Nayrt but comm mom and butthole inspections need to die already. It’s an overused meme that sounds stupid af

>> No.10057172

ayrt, get a gc2b in a larger size. that's probably the issue you're having, or if you know how to use corsets i'd suggest that also. it's just nice to flatten your chest, it makes pieces fit better

>> No.10057173

Thank you anon. Update:they liked my coord and my aunts told me my dress was so cute and unique and asked where I got it. And my father didn't even say I looked ridiculous like he usually does. It's a good day

>> No.10057175

>Bara no Seidou
Good taste, anon

>> No.10057182

No it’s from a local brand. It’s not a halter top but more of a strapless tube top. Switching to a halter one might be a good idea, I will look into the brand. Thank you!
Getting a corset tempts me, but do they reduce as much cms as binders do? I have a cheaper one and it really makes the silhouette better, but it doesn’t reduce in size. So I wonder if investing in a proper one would fix my issue.

>> No.10057183

Just don't sacrifice matching for looking normie. I find that normies LOVE my toned down coords but I take care to color match and balance, just leave out bigger accessories, wear plain or no legwear, and take off almost all the jewelry. Small poof is a must. Wear your smallest, cheapest petti if you need to but don't eschew it completely

>> No.10057198

>I was only pretending to be retarded
You've been outfoxed, fool!

>> No.10057216

I never wash my clothes. My socks are smelly an stained
My brand dresses have pit stains
My blouses have foundation.
My bloomers have period stains.
No one will ever know.
I have a very high following online so I hope never.

>> No.10057217

fuck off back to /r9k/ you illiterate roleplaying mongoloid

>> No.10057220

Why? Just wash them for the love of god this is nasty, anon.

>> No.10057221

I like to listen to slav hard bass in my cute clothes and pink room.
>addidas x AP collab when

>> No.10057222

I was basically the equivalent of a lolita bouncer for a con event a few years ago. The event was open to anyone who was wearing ouji or lolita, but I was instructed to deny people that the comm leader deemed ita because there was actually limited space. I still feel bad to this day for making a few girls cry because their ouji was sub par or they had a crappy first dress that was overly shiny with no petticoat.

>> No.10057224

Sorry but that sounds incredibly made up. What event was this?

>> No.10057226

Nayrt, but I'm considerably older than most of the other members of my community, including the 'mom', it just feels strange to refer to someone with that large of an age gap.

>> No.10057230

Same, anon.
At this point I mostly push myself to wear it once a week just so my insta doesn't dry up, but the anxiety has become a huge hurdle.

>> No.10057233

The fucking rape doujin where the girl implicitly dies at the end? And you're okay with that?

>> No.10057234

nekocon. there were still people let in who would probably be deemed ita on here since the line thinned out pretty quick when word spread those not in proper attire would be denied entry, but it felt pretty icky making ouji girl cry. I assume anyone else I turned away cried because they looked pretty damn upset each time

>> No.10057236 [DELETED] 

Any Asian gulls here I wanna ask something

>> No.10057237

Don't associate your incel rage with Odin pls

>> No.10057240

Anon I don’t even know where to begin with you

>> No.10057250

I'm only in cosplay for the attention. Everyone at my work hates me (happens at every job) and i have mo friends and haven't had them for several years. But, when im slutting it up in cosplay, there's all these guys wanting to talk to me and it makes me feel pretty good.

>> No.10057251

I'm tired of all the edgy "i had sex in lolita" type posts. I instantly judge anyone who has sex desu, there's no reason you can't masturbate instead. All you doing by having sex is feeding the ego of unworthy men, you should make them pay for it in some way.

>> No.10057255

What I'm tired of is these fucking role players of cgl

>> No.10057256

Same only I do actually have an obscene amount. I don't even have a good job, just several years of irresponsible spending to the exclusion of everything else.

>> No.10057267

I'm ugly too anon, but i can't relate with feeling jealous at pretty girls because it's not their fault i'm ugly, its just bad luck. There's no point in being bitter about it.
The thing about the plight of the ugly girls is that you have to accept that nobody will ever try to sympathise or understand.

>> No.10057274

Cosplay/cgl ruing my perception of my body. I've always been insecure about being skinny/flat but i just thought to myself "eh some guys are into it". Then i came upon a thread on here where guys were saying that they go for skinny girls irl but fap to implant costhots and are more attracted to them. It make me realize that guys that aren't really attracted to me would still date me and there would be no way of knowing if they're really attracted to me, it's retarded but i stopped dating after that.

>> No.10057276

Why is it always Milky Planet in these made up stories?

>> No.10057280

What about girls who fap to cat boys but date average guys?
Don't they see any attraction in their partners?

>> No.10057287

>People that only like one type
Absolute plebs

>> No.10057292

I'm ugly too, anon. Not fat either just ... ugly. I still get really jealous of pretty girls but I've realized that it's really futile. It's hard as shit but you have to learn to be comfortable with yourself. I've been taking little steps (skincare, makeup practice, etc) to help me feel better about my appearance. Don't give up !

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If you passively smile more, people will view you as a more beautiful person.

>> No.10057324


Asian gull here, what's up anon?

>> No.10057330

Cool, can I take you out on a date?

>> No.10057341

Don't forget that one anon who claimed they almost let a kid get hit by a car to save their Honey Cake dress from getting dirty.

>> No.10057353


>> No.10057358


Sure, Im a guy tho

>> No.10057361

Same, are you a cute femmy guy?

>> No.10057363

Same, anon. Same.

>> No.10057369

Was this for the btssb tea?

>> No.10057380

Most ouji are girls so it doesnt really matter.

>> No.10057383

I find the lack of male cosplay threads on here saddening.
I just want to see cute guys in nice cosplay, damn it.

>> No.10057393

then make some and stop bitching

>> No.10057404
File: 147 KB, 573x322, 5G4y3u5.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I ruined 3 christmas cards for the same person by bad handwriting, smudging the ink with my palm, and serious misspellings. I ended up just typing out what I wanted to say and printed it off in a nice font

>> No.10057411
File: 25 KB, 540x359, 1507726784499.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

would it be bad to get(obtain ill-fully) maybe 100 followers for a starting instagram account? or is it better to just tough it out and use as many tags as possible every post and hope for the best

>> No.10057412

it's not hard to get 100 the "real" way. just grind for a couple of weeks and you'll benefit later, because real potential followers will see more content and interaction.

>> No.10057413
File: 54 KB, 1064x800, DhTp2UQUYAIJqGt.jpg large.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i hate to be that anon but what's your definition of grind for instagram? i get the general of "post a lot of pictures" but i've been researching the best times to post, etc

yeah i've always hated bots in any form on any website so it feels very hypocritical just to make myself feel a little better

>> No.10057441 [DELETED] 

just because I maagurbate to interracial gang bang doesn't mean I want it to happen or I'm not satisfied with my partner, or that I'm *truly* attracted to big black men.
I think you are taking this a little too seriously, surely everyone by now understands that fapping is fantasy and doesn't necessarily reflect what you really want irl and/or in a relationship.

>> No.10057443

Attentionwhore ita magnet.

>> No.10057444

don't do it just use lots of tags
I think insta made it harder for new accounts to get a following recently too so don't feel too bad. Bots won't help you feel better

>> No.10057448
File: 7 KB, 240x191, 1499506533603.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Black men you say?

>> No.10057450 [DELETED] 

Gulls, be real with me how many of you would date a black man if you could?

>> No.10057455

I would date one if I could find one with geeky taste that's not riddled with ebonics or autistic about Dragonball Z

>> No.10057457

You'd be surprised how many of them are out there, hell I get mistaken for a white man all the time because i don't sound like a thug. My tastes are basically not the most average but hey at least its not dragon ball

>> No.10057474

>interracial gang bang
Absolutely disgusting. I hope this is just bait and no girl actually does this.

>> No.10057485

>if you could?
I mean it's certainly not difficult.

>> No.10057486

100 followers won’t solve the problem, even 1000 is considered as small following. Save up and get few thousands so people treat you seriously.

>> No.10057603

You sound like a pickme coon, why don't you stop looking for yr white savior girlfriend and start investing in relationships with other black ppl. Black weeaboo boys are annoying, and it's because you guys think that liking anime makes you better than other black people, you tend to shit on black women for no actual reason, don't fucking wash yourself or your rooms, dress horribly, and expect instant gratification out of your relationships. white girls will only politely nod their heads at you for so long before they get fed up by you putting them on some weird pedestal for having white skin like your glorious nippon anime girls

>> No.10057608

pick better characters to love than shitty overrated ones, you'll also enjoy life more if you stopped looking for costhots to project your own feelings of inadequacy on anon. Nobody gives a shit about you enough to feed your ego, do that yourself

>> No.10057610

i know someone who quit league years ago and is just now hopping on the trend to look more Asian and to cosplay with his slut friends. You guys are the cringiest

>> No.10057613

pics or you're bsing

>> No.10057616

buy your own brand and be your own gf. people will appreciate you more and be more likely to talk to you if you give a shit about the fashion

>> No.10057619

makeup is a must in Lolita fashion, and plenty of people use fishnets, chokers, other alt accessories. You're not all that special.

>> No.10057660

I cosplay characters that wear semi revealing clothes (i have asian parents) so guys can perv on me. I crave attention because i hardly ever go out, im a loner so the only time i go outside is to go to conventions.

>> No.10057668


just do lewds like everyone else

>> No.10057740

I already think lolita fashion is the best thing invented. But boys are cursed to never be lolitas.

>> No.10057800

but what if i have morals and want to be known for my hard work and great personality instead of what little tits and ass i have to show off

>> No.10057845
File: 168 KB, 722x960, 1532799299718.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>But boys are cursed to never be lolitas.

I don't want to know this feel

>> No.10057850


Then you're SOL.

>> No.10057853

Not necessarily true, some guys can pull off the fashion quite well, and others wear it even though they don't pass as girls. If you truly love the fashion and you're willing to put an effort into wearing it and looking your absolute best, you should go for it. Or just wear ouji instead.

>> No.10057909

I'm quickly realizing that there's a big disconnect between being able to make cosplays of characters and being able to pull them off, and a lot of characters I love are characters I don't think I can pull off well. On top of that, I've been in a huge creative rut as to what characters to work on. But you 100% rite about the inadequacy part, I've been just keeping off my cosplay insta and just browsing leddit for DIY inspo

honestly I agree with you that's it's p scummy when I claim that and also claim that I'm doing it because I love the characters and seeing people get happy when they see me. Just pisses me off when people that put in less effort get more rewards, especially when it's the same cosplay that I made. I mean, poors get mad at trust fund babbys because of the same concept, so what's the difference there?

also, CGL is literally all "caring about what others think"

>> No.10057922

I've tried a few times but it always looks shit. I know it's down to practice but I feel no matter how hard I try it looks globby and gross

>> No.10057923

You get better eventually, and you start feeling less weird about seeing it on Your face, too. Took me forever to get used to doing my eyebrows... I still think it looks stupid and too harsh on me, but as time goes on it looks better.

>> No.10057938

confession: i'm a semi-popular sweet lolita and i find elements of that doujin really hot. obviously a situation like that irl is awful and sickening, but it's a doujin.
my boyfriend has beaten me until i bled while i was wearing lolita and i loved every minute of it.

>> No.10057946

Why are sweets always beta females

>> No.10057964

I'd rather men just not participate unless they're going to be lonelitas.

>> No.10057973

Who the fuck reported that post and why did mods delete it as a result? No wonder this place is dead, jeez.

>> No.10058004

we're safe for work around here nowadays

>> No.10058008

I hate everyone on my comm and I'd rather be a lonelita than having to interact with them in person. Why can't we have a nice community with mental stable peoplethat know how to dress themselves?

>> No.10058016

because everyone thinks they have 10 different self-diagnosed illnesses and are scared of offending literally anything and anyone

>> No.10058209

I dont want ruin mine, and particularly others perception of what I would consider "a pure art form". If you could call it that.

Lolita isn't a mainstream hobby, and people are pretty judgmental in this age of acceptance. The last thing I would ever do would be to make people think lolita is about mentally ill men playing dress up games (worst case scenario would be that tumblr hijacks the scene, if they can afford to that is).

Maybe I'll pop up in the brolita threads in the distant future, but that would be the end of the line for me.

>> No.10058231



begone crossboarders

>> No.10058235

100 took me less than a day to get, though some friends advertised for me. If you have any semi-popular cosplay friends then they can help you out after you make a couple posts.

>> No.10058239

I avoid hosting events to avoid certain comm members, even though it makes me feel bad that the nice, normal people in my comm don't get as many meets.

>> No.10058245

not really, i honestly don't have any cosplay or instagram friends (or just friends with that kind of reach or profile on insta) so i'm pretty much starting from scratch

>> No.10058249

1. Cosplay is my job and I hate the mixed reaction I get because of it. I love what I do and I’m fiercely passionate about it. I love building huge sets of armor and doing lewds but it gets under my skin when I tell people it’s my job and they go, “so, what? You just put on costumes and take selfies all day? How do you make money?”. It’s infuriating.

2. I try my hardest to be the best, I’m always making new things (when I don’t have depressive bouts) but I feel like I’ll never catch up to my other pro friends.

>> No.10058251

let's be honest though, is that what you're doing most of the time if it isn't a photoshoot? not that it's a bad thing, but you should learn to embrace and maybe have a response ready to fire back to those people rather than stay silent or just laugh - i mean, you are the one making money from a hobby, you're probably happier than them

>> No.10058256

There’s so much more than that though. I manage a website + social media, make digital content aside from photos, I’m always building, and I’ve built a brand around what I do. Photography is only 50% of it, I just wish my work wasn’t summed up to just taking photos

>> No.10058260

Whenever I go on rufflechat/bsol or any other lolita facebook group and want to answer a question, I always check to see if the person posting it is attractive or not. More than half the time it's an uggo/fatty/cosplayer and I won't answer. I'm not going to help anyone who's going to make brand look like shit and screw up group photos. If they look cute I'll give as much help as I can.

>> No.10058261

i can understand that, but maybe try and have an elevator pitch ready for the people who don't understand then. you have to embrace what you do and realize not everyone will understand, but like i said you're probably happier than them

>> No.10058279

I only use cons as a way to hook up with girls. I know I'm pretty average looking irl but in nerd circles I'm 7/10. The thing is. I still consider con girls absolute sluts and have no respect for them.

>> No.10058280

I think my face is cute, and I could become decently famous in the cosplay world if only I dedicated more time to the hobby.

>> No.10058285


You dont need time just buy shitty amazon costumes and do lewds

>> No.10058286
File: 180 KB, 636x516, 1523918494939.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

are you me anon? we should be friends and try to be egrills together. i've been trying to do my make-up for 2 days just to have something to post on insta but i can't be bothered rn

>> No.10058289


Anon you seem like a good person I dont mind people like you doing lewds if you are not JUST doing lewds.

>> No.10058290

Lol you're slutty but don't admit it. Your dad hates you.

>> No.10058295
File: 56 KB, 1003x1023, DtbEg5rU0AA0qe5.jpg_large.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

how can you say something so bold yet so true

>> No.10058297

It's alright gull. I still love you even though you're slutty.

>> No.10058346

> lolita is only for girls
> uwuu pray to Mana-sama!

Make up your mind, gulls.

>> No.10058352

I'd join you anon, we'd have a great time

>> No.10058353

Which substyles are true chad? Classic or Goth?

>> No.10058354

he said he cosplayed as Grell

>> No.10058356

Unless you do a lot of anal, someone can't just shove his penis up your butt without really hurting you.
I call bullshit.

>> No.10058358

ero loli

>> No.10058377

Every event needs this

>> No.10058383

mana transcends gender.

>> No.10058394

>I just can't do the full day with a petti
Get better petticoats. A good fitting petti isn't more uncomfortable than a skirt.

>> No.10058397
File: 2.98 MB, 540x304, 1521011043559.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm really starting to hate anime/game communities I'm in, especially with other cosplayers. There's always something the cosplayers have to bitch about be it accusing people of being transphobic, crying about how horrible their personal lives are, or being attention whores who know nothing about the series they cosplay.
I'm not gonna quit cosplaying what I like but I sure as hell am ready to quit socializing with people irl and online so it doesn't ruin what I enjoy.
Bless these threads for existing lest I have no other place to vent.

>> No.10058404

I sold a coat and skirt to someone I’m pretty sure is a sissy. He was willing to pay so I couldn’t refuse since soo many others backed out of the sale. I don’t have any regrets about it since I was able to get a new dress to add to my closet.

>> No.10058413 [DELETED] 

I hate women and enjoy talking to them about how they were abused, pretending I care but secretly laughing at them.

My favourite is listening to girls talk about their "abusive relationships" and all their excuses about how it isn't the fault of their own idiocy.

>> No.10058420

When I'm in a bidding war and I notice the other one is panic-bidding just to be the highest bid, I drive the price up until they pay at least double of the actual value with their last bid.

>> No.10058422

>Cant do anything about my bone structure.
If you really want there is always surgery. Not saying you should, just pointing out there are options. There is no shame in improving your appearance towards your personal beauty standards imho. But don't feel forced. If you don't like the idea there is no need for surgery no matter how you look.

Anyways, as others said, those comments are not just how pretty you are. I've got ton compliments on the way I look, but stuff like dickpicks and freaks not really, beside maybe once or twice. I'm one of the pretty girls, but I'm also rather casual about my fashion choices, not posting it everywhere beside some coords I really like but just wear it (which isn't bad, but does relate to how much messages you get), in fact I'm behind on posts I do want to make. And tons of ugly girls get comments like that too. It's really bad indication of appearance.

>> No.10058423

Even as a pretty person I still often feel bad. I'm vain and idolise perfection. I get mad at anything from mm work in my bones to one little acne bumb. And I spend way too much time and money on imy looks, and nitpick every little thing but I also love looking at myself. As soon as my appearance goes backwards a bit, even if it's thanks to illness or so, I feel like crap and stop caring about everything. Anytime something happens that might hurt my appearance I get horribly scared. I also feel social anxiety and fear people will think less of me if I get less pretty, but also worry people only like me for how I look, and I fear getting older because of wrinkels and such, and envy anyone with a better face. Like, my need to keep my looks up is really obsessive. I guess the point is, feeling bad about looks won't go away from being pretty. It's just the exact worry that changes.

>> No.10058428 [DELETED] 

Other girls will always be superior to you.
Everything you do will be considered worse than a prettier girl.
No man will ever truly love you, they'll just settle for you some day.

>> No.10058430

Sounds like someone is projecting.

>> No.10058443

you're probably not that cute. And also rping.

>> No.10058446

Would do the same, even without others backing out. I don't care really. It's clothes, an object. I'm getting rid of it, and they pay me. Honestly not my fucking business what they do with it. I'm not here to be some protective knight of lolita fashion, making sure only the worthy obtain a dress and the creeps won't.

>> No.10058449

My reason to interact and watch international comms is 90% because I like the drama and laughing at itas. I can wear the clothes without a comm, and I have the local comm for meets. Talking I have friends and local comm for.

>> No.10058475 [DELETED] 

Tell me about your molestation.
Who did it?
Did you like it?
How you doing now?

>> No.10058508

I feel you anon. I feel like cosplayers nowadays are half super SJW-ey middleschoolers that are just, generally cringy (BNHA and Danganronpa specifically, and those two fandoms are HUGE, and the amount of people playing the fun shipping game is really weird desu), or ""professional"" cosplayers that talk a lot of shit and don't really care about the series they're from, and just pick based on popularity and buy the latest FOTM shit.

Ironically the most "true" ones are probably the almost-normies who love Naruto and then buy their shit for a con or two to just dick around in, or the amateurs who make a janky suit but are just happy to be there. most of the "career cosplayer" eventually give up cosplaying characters they lose and just do what sells/what is popular

>> No.10058531

I actually have looked into surgery, but the cost of it isn't viable right now. It's w lot more than a nose job, unfortunately. That money could cover the rest of my university tuition. I'm really just hoping I can make enough money some day that I can save up for that. I know that Male harassment isn't a real indicator of beauty, but as far as the surgery goes, it would be for me.
That sounds awful, anon. I'm sorry. I hope you feel comfortable one day because I'm sure you're beautiful without all that effort too.

>> No.10058536 [DELETED] 
File: 8 KB, 121x95, 1544856772945.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So be it

>> No.10058539 [DELETED] 

Then your womb will dry up and by the time you settle down and have kids they'll all be little downsyndromed autistic retards

>> No.10058541 [DELETED] 

Yeah yeah, now fuck off back to your containment board.

Please don't feed it.

>> No.10058545 [DELETED] 

You can't hide from truth forever, especially with how you're aging.

>> No.10058558

I haven't cosplayed since I was a kid and don't plan to again, and I would probably never wear lolita myself, but I come to this board pretty frequently to look at the pretty dresses and occasionally the bad cosplay threads

>> No.10058658 [DELETED] 

I confess I think fat people, more so fat women, need to stop cosplaying.
I confess blacks should stop cosplaying as whites.
I confess I hate gender-bend cosplay, it is never good and always ends up being slutty.
I confess lolita is terrible and I hate it, it is dead in Japan and we laugh at you all.
I confess I think you are all cheap and lazy and put no time or work into your cosplay and lean too heavy on cheap sewing machines that aren't made for clothing making and think you all use hotglue to fix anything like a child.
I confess I think I'm better than all of you because I'm Japanese and can cosplay anything and you all look like canned raw chicken.

>> No.10058662 [DELETED] 
File: 79 KB, 500x505, F611F6FE-6479-421B-A9EC-146E32AC8C97.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>weak bait
>weak rp

>> No.10058680 [DELETED] 

I feel sorry for them....

>> No.10058708 [DELETED] 

They sure are getting a lot of free rent up in your head though. You took the bait and replied to them, that was your first mistake.

>> No.10058709

if it works, it works

>> No.10058711

it's a bit extreme for some people, but it helps not using social media. Just enjoy the cons.

>> No.10058727

I wonder where the anon who wanted to make an English-speaking Asian group went. Hoped that group would actually come to life since last thread a couple of us chimed in saying we'd join.

>> No.10058766

Just saying, make sure your mental health is in good shape before thinking that way about your own appearance. I have a friend who had depression during her first years of HS, but later she got more friends and started smiling more, taking care of her skin... she went from a 2.5/10 to a 6/10 just by smiling more and being more confident in herself.

Don't lose hope, work on what you can change (get in shape, learn make up, find a fashion that suits you, etc.) and stay positive.

>> No.10058792
File: 66 KB, 1440x495, 1542330386739.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>expecting multiple people to all think exactly the same
we hivemind now

>> No.10058846

>pointing it out is the same as getting buttblasted over it
except it’s not

>> No.10058852 [DELETED] 
File: 441 KB, 960x960, IMG_1679.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sometimes i really just want to beat the shit out of some of you
gulls. Like how god damned dense do the lot of you need to be? god forbid i meet any of you irl

>> No.10058861 [DELETED] 

do you have the physical strength to beat them up tho, or are you just talk

>> No.10058869 [DELETED] 

Women are physically inferior. They're weak and pathetic. This is why they can't defend themselves and deserve rape.

>> No.10058876 [DELETED] 

>yfw i'm probably more fit than an incel like you
boys like you get off to that kind of thing anyway.

>> No.10058881 [DELETED] 

i prefer looking at girls who give a shit about their cosplays


>> No.10058884 [DELETED] 

>more fit
You lift like 3kg dumbbells to "tone your arms" despite being a fat cunt. You're weak and inferior and any man could dominate you. Why even deny this reality?

>> No.10058885 [DELETED] 

Your bait is fucking stale incel-kun

>> No.10058886 [DELETED] 

How are facts bait?

>> No.10058894 [DELETED] 
File: 45 KB, 413x270, 1541066042330.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10058903

That's too bad, it's also similar to my lifestyle as well and I'm having the time of my life.

>> No.10058905 [DELETED] 

Just ignore and report. It has been desperately fishing for attention for the whole day.

>> No.10058908 [DELETED] 

Shut up fatty

>> No.10058919

Bless, anon. Lolitas may not be lovelies but I really don't like men wearing the fashion.

>> No.10058927 [DELETED] 
File: 322 KB, 474x514, ytyr.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Good luck, gulls attack in swarms you don't stand a chance kek
kiss your eyeballs good bye

>> No.10058930

>t. someone with a blown out bagel

>> No.10058934

what kind of corset would I get to reduce chest size? seems like they just push them out and make them a bit bigger?

>> No.10058937

>if they could afford it
Thank god lolita is expensive

>> No.10058940

There's an annoying newbie in my comm and she's so fucking overzealous. Everyone is getting really annoyed and fed up with her and I really want to take her down a notch.

>> No.10058953


Are we in the same comm anon?

>> No.10058967

I don't know, are you from CA?

>> No.10058968


Nope, NY.

>> No.10058983


Hello, Chii.

>> No.10058986

I feel like I have no real hobbies or past times. My bf is very into video games, has a core discord group, and me. I have him, and now lolita. I feel like it has made me more secure in myself, because it makes me look less like someone with no interests, to one with a big interest! Don't get me wrong, I love the clothes, and style, but I don't know that I would wear it if I didn't feel so isolated, and almost desperate for anything to feel like i belong to a group? Sorry if this sounds really desperate and sad. Just thought I would be completely honest.

>> No.10058989

At least come up with a more original insult crossboarder

>> No.10059001

There is so much fucking dust in my room. How do I get rid of dust? Every time I clean it just comes back half an hour later I swear to god. I just want to get it off my stuff.

>> No.10059026

Vacuum more often. Stop sweeping. Use a good cloth duster that traps more dust. Invest in an air purifier and change the filter often for the first couple of weeks.

>> No.10059096

I own a Holy Lantern replica and I like it.

>> No.10059104

I once tried to be a costhot and presured my friend into doing girl on girl lewds

Yes I am scum

>> No.10059225
File: 302 KB, 533x511, 1542154042810.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Made in Japan tags make me way happier than they probably should.

>> No.10059245

Sometimes I come here and pretend to be a girl.
It's kind of fun infiltrating the girl's board and learning their secrets.

>> No.10059257


Protip: the "girls" think you are infiltrating are all guys doing the same thing as you

>> No.10059260

The only thing that really happens here are people tearing each other apart. What exactly are you "learning"?

>> No.10059262
File: 1.11 MB, 500x281, 1527505742029.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I unironically wish everyone had to prove they do cosplay/wear j-fashion before posting on /cgl/. Like, sending a picture with a timestamp to mods or something.

fuck crossboarders and fuck /r9k/

>> No.10059263

There probably are some like those, but in general they're way too knowledgeable on girl topics for me to believe it
Learn what girls do when there are no guys around (tearing each other apart apparently)
Learn how girl clothes work, this is not as obvious as you might believe
Also I really like cute clothes, who else am I going to discuss them with?

>> No.10059265

>their secrets.
People posting here tend to post personal stuff without trace to them as a person (unless they're idiots) so you don't know more than "this applies to at least 1 person in the world" which can always be expected, or post rather general stuff that could be expected to exist but people are too butthurt to hear it somewhere else because their feelings can't handle it.

Further you'll find bait, roleplayers, discussion on current events, and general talk. Exactly what "secrets" are you learning that you actually can do something with that you couldn't do before coming her to rp?

Beside, if you don't belong here, you probably can't devide rp from actual people so you get a screwed up image. Not to forget there are male cosplayers and brolitas so it's not really a woman's only space.

>> No.10059268

>they're way too knowledgeable on girl topics
They can be rp longer than you. You say now learn, so why wouldn't they?

>Learn what girls do when there are no guys around (tearing each other apart apparently)
Most it's not so different from with guys around, beside feminine topics come up in conversation more because guys rarely relate nor want to hear it all the time. 4chan always sounds more salty. If you think it shows how woman act without man around you're dumb. It's not that special.

>Learn how girl clothes work, this is not as obvious as you might believe
Google? Libraries? 4chan as primary learning enviourment, especially taking a niche fashion board for general girls clothes, isn't a really great source if that's all you use. It's nice to ask or talk, but if you don't have basic knowledge to devide bait and idiotic "advice" from good advice you're not going to get far. Having a reliable base wouldn't harm when comming here.

>Also I really like cute clothes, who else am I going to discuss them with?
You wear it? Join a fashion comm. You don't? Why do you want to discuss it? You can do here, sure, but how much conversation can you hold without experience? If you want to learn, sure you can ask stuff, but then do keep the last point in mind.

>> No.10059270 [DELETED] 
File: 521 KB, 800x884, DA9F258D-B789-49C3-91F9-876814D339CB.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

a nasty fatty chan in my comm used to be hateful to me and rub something I really wanted in my face constantly. she ended up having to sell hers and I got a better version of it. I know I should feel bad that she’s struggling financially and having to beg for money on fb to pay her bills but it gives me a lot of satisfaction because of how she taunted me so much

>> No.10059275
File: 348 KB, 320x240, 1532191086916.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>People posting here tend to post personal stuff without trace to them as a person
Good, I'm not trying to dox anyone
> Exactly what "secrets" are you learning that you actually can do something with
Well I'm not doing anything with them, but they do sate my curiousity.
There are things that guys do together and immediately stop doing when a girl appears, it has to be the same the other way around.
>Beside, if you don't belong here, you probably can't devide rp from actual people so you get a screwed up image.
Thanks for the warning, though I believe I do belong here in that I went to many cons and cosplayed there before. I'm just not an oldfag on this board, but I know that and don't take things too serious.
>They can be rp longer than you.
Oof, would they really do that?
>Google? Libraries?
That sounds really boring, I'd rather play pretend like in a spy movie.
>You wear it? Join a fashion comm
Well I have worn some before, but I'd rather read you girls discuss it and occasionally drop in myself without you changing your behaviour since I'm a guy.
Also, what does comm stand for, a recommendation thread?

>tfw you make a confession and the sister chastises you

>> No.10059297

>without you changing your behaviour since I'm a guy
Why would anyone do that? You're not that important, anon. Comm is short for community btw.

>> No.10059302
File: 1.74 MB, 1353x983, 1534621183524.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Why would anyone do that?
That's just how it is, see other boards for example.
Talk to me like I'm one of your girl friends.
>Comm is short for community btw.

>> No.10059368

Thanks. I don't talk much about it because online people tend to be like >>10058443 (which I honestly understand but it doesn't help), and in real life people tell you to shut up because you're pretty, you can't complain about appearance things. You're supposed to have it easy.

>> No.10059372

Are you that person with Dutch in the name who shouts proudly about how great replica's are and how she owns them whenever it's brought up?

>> No.10059378
File: 100 KB, 1254x261, 3TY3Aya.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

NAYRT but when I'm in mainly male dominated online group people talk to me like I'm a guy too, while I'm not. This old post isn't really wrong, people do talk different to you online if they don't know you gender and they can just assume. It counts in more contexts than woman and (the attention for) their tits. Just look at how most lolita's hate guys in the fashion because they often look bad and cause trouble with fetishists? But if no one knows you're a guy and you don't talk too manly or dumb (or just read without commenting) you can participate, where you can't even just sit and listen with a group of lolita's in rl, even when the actual topic of conversation interests you.

Considering it's a confession tread, it's an ok post I guess.

>> No.10059397

Except they are still attracted to you. Finding someone else hot (or even hotter) doesn't suddenly mean they aren't attracted to you physically, let alone emotionally. You can care deeply about someone AND get turned on by them successfully while still liking big fat tits. Don't take it as an affront to yourself. This sounds like more an issue with your own ego than an issue with your partners.

>> No.10059536

Ironically you're making your own problem worse, because without advice they're just going to wear it anyway and not have a clue what they're doing.

>> No.10059654
File: 45 KB, 453x492, kawaii slav.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10059657

Morning gulls how's it going are all of you ok since 4chan crashed

>> No.10059680

I'm only into cosplay to try getting a boyfriend honestly

>> No.10059683
File: 90 KB, 500x542, THINKING.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wait there are girls like this?

>> No.10059687

How is that working out for you by the way?

>> No.10059697

From the cosplay communities I've gotten into during this last year I've seen quite a few couples form so yes it happens!
Not very well yet, but I've been saving up to visit alot of cons next year so with luck I should meet alot of new people. I've been using the cold months to make plans and sew together a couple outfits so I'm not reliant on chinese premade anime costumes. I have hope that 2019 will be the year!

>> No.10059699

I enjoy your outlook on life, as a guy also looking for a sweet girlfriend I wish you the best of luck. Please go get the man of your dreams.
What cosplays are you working on anyway?

You'd be surprised how hard it is to find the cutie of your dreams though. I hope my cos is good enough to get some heads turning

>> No.10059707

I'd mention the cosplays but that would reveal my taste in anime. And from what I've learned talking online and in discord, no matter what show you watch or how popular or obscure it is, its shit.

>> No.10059718

Well do you wanna talk about it on a throwaway, I’m actually curious now. Whether you are a degenerate or not I want to know

>> No.10059732

Maybe it needs a better airflow, like open windows and doors more often. My bathroom is dusty af for some reason

>> No.10059733

A girl I don't like at all commented on a fb sales post saying something along the lines "Can you hold until Thursday when I get paid and I'll buy it"

so I bought it via the lacemarket listing to spite her.

>> No.10059735

I hope it was at least something you would've otherwise bought

>> No.10059755

I love how people like you think you're actually full of worthwhile knowledge. No one needs your help, stupid.

>> No.10059765 [DELETED] 

uggo/fatty/cosplayer detected

i think men who sleep around like you are just as gross as they are and deserve no respect

>> No.10059767

I can't help but roll my eyes whenever someone insinuates that "the west" is doing lolita wrong and the Japanese lolitas are all laughing at us, which seems to happen an awful lot on this board. Like, if I don't care about the fact that people in my immediate vicinity think I'm weird because of how I dress, why would I care about what some girls on the other side of the world thinks? That whole insult hinges on the fact that the people who say it think that everyone looks up to Japanese lolitas as some sort of otherworldly fashion godesses, and that makes them sound more pathetic than the people they're insulting to me. I just happen to like a certain style of frilly clothes, and I'm going to keep liking it regardless of what's popular with girls in Japan at the moment.

>> No.10059770

Maybe they think that 'good taste' is defined by the amount of experienced people agreeing with it

>> No.10059772

The funniest thing about that is that there's a video that shows some Japanese lolitas explicitly state that they take inspiration from western lolitas for their coords. That doesn't mean that all Japanese lolitas do the same thing, obviously, but it still renders that statement completely null and void.

>> No.10059777

That's still equating being Japanese with being an experienced lolita though, as well as saying that experienced people can't get caught up in trends that seem stupid in hindsight just like the rest of us. None of those things are necessarily true.

>> No.10059782

All the big brands are Japanese so maybe they think whatever brand styling = only acceptable way

>> No.10059817

I wanna hug a cute cosplayer and hold on.

>> No.10059828

I was sad last night so I missed being able to surf the lolita threads so I'm glad the chan is back up.

>> No.10059830

>uggo/fatty/cosplayer detected
No one cares about this lame ass board culture mentality and your shallow as fuck opinions.

>> No.10059831

I have to admit l've also bought things from spite like this but they were always things I liked anyway so all's fair in lolita buy/sell.

>> No.10059836

That would eliminate full half of the people posting about lolita here because they don't even wear the fashion, they just participate online. Thats why this is not a very good site for anything much in lolita fashion other than hearing the tea on drama that people won't post off anon.

>> No.10059838

>That would eliminate full half of the people posting about lolita here because they don't even wear the fashion
>implying that would be a bad thing
If you don't at least wear the fashion, you don't get to participate in drama relating to it.

>> No.10059840

you replied so clearly you do

>> No.10059841

You don't sound like you were ever a very good or experienced lolita in practice.
How many main pieces do you have.

>> No.10059844

I'm the opposite, I'll offer them specific examples that I think will help them the most personally. I can't control if they take the advice or not but it makes me feel good to spread some of the things I've learned and get a chance to help someone new. I appreciated the help I got when new so I'm glad to do the same in turn.

>> No.10059846

I'm not saying it would be at all a bad thing to have a 'proven lolitas only' space, I'd post my proof pix and join...I just don't think this is the best place for it.

>> No.10059848
File: 221 KB, 500x908, jiren real identity.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>That would eliminate full half of the people posting about lolita here because they don't even wear the fashion, they just participate online.
I'm not saying you're wrong, but are you sure about that? I've yet to meet someone who has been invested in lolita for a long time and doesn't own a single piece. Might be just my friends though.

FYI, I don't wear j-fashion, but I do cosplay.

>> No.10059860

We do have our fair share of roleplayers though, basically anons pretending to be lolitas. Some are complete randos but others spout bullshit that people with no practical knowledge of the fashion would say so they're likely "lolitas at heart".

>> No.10059863
File: 340 KB, 1500x720, 1521768148829.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wouldn't mind if RPs got kicked out desu
might even encourage them to buy clothes/start cosplaying to join in

>> No.10059867

There are a lot of armchair lolitas or 'lolitas at heart' here as >>10059860 stated. Maybe they own a skirt or some accessories or one dress but they don't dress in the fashion regularly or attend meets.

My beef with them is that they hyper-idealize and often they so quickly jump on all kinds of things in a very critical way, I think from frustration that they can't or don't really wear it and participate in real life. So their posts, especially when plentiful and often opinionated, can skew or even derail the discussion.

It's not a bad thing to want to discuss your fashion with only other people who actually wear it. It would be really great to have that space actually.

>> No.10059878
File: 553 KB, 367x367, 35952b7d-8cd5-4fbc-a434-0d5846d5b122.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw you don't have a cute japanese goth bf
It unironically depresses me. I don't think I'll ever be able to date, if I can't get somebody who looks like him. I'm just not attracted to "normies" at all (not that I have a huge crowd of men to chose from anyways).
Not only their looks, but also the thought of having to participate in the hobbies those normal guys usually have, like going to a club or watching football, sounds more than just unappealing to me.
On the one hand I'm sad because everybody around me has a bf, but on the other hand I kind of don't even want one.

>> No.10059882

That's a strong yellow fever lad

>> No.10059896

>On the one hand I'm sad because everybody around me has a bf, but on the other hand I kind of don't even want one.
Easy solution; get a GF.

>> No.10059898

>the thought of having to participate in the hobbies those normal guys usually have, like going to a club or watching football, sounds more than just unappealing to me.
Then get a good looking weeb bf on a convention
or this >>10059896

>> No.10059904

i too think the world is not worth living in without an acchan bf lets form a suicide pact

>> No.10059907

I wrote japanese, but would be fine with a non-asian guy as well - if he looked pretty. But sadly most euro boys who're into goth or rock music don't give a shit about maintainence, they either have beards and/or are fat/overly muscular and if they happen to have long hair it's nearly always dirty and unkempt looking.


>> No.10059909

Yes, at least one person understands me!

>> No.10059918

If you want a bf so bad why don’t you just ask I’ve been pretty lonely for a few months and am just coming back to the dating scene. Is there anything special about you?

>> No.10059923

Corsets don't reduce breast size... The can smooth out the curve and press the flat, but the fat has to go somewhere, unlike the waist, it can't be pressed in as much, and it either will bulk out out divide to the sides. Use a binder, or loose fat/get breast reduction surgery.

>> No.10059926

I'm almost glad I'm so overworked I was in bed early and didn't wake up entil early midday. Thanks anon, now I know I haven't missed much.

>> No.10059928


>> No.10059932

I guess that's why itas post whole rants about how they don't care about cgl disliking them, and people keep commenting butthurt on rufflechat that cgl is a horrible place you should never go. Because no one cares.

Ah well, considering you also stated no one wanted anons help when they post on help treats, I assume you're either a troll, or a butthurt retard.

>> No.10059941

The hair looks like donuts

>> No.10059948

It's okay to not know what you want to pursue in hobbies, or to not have one. Part of exploring what you like is doing what you're doing. It may come from the motivation of wanting to HAVE a hobby, but to me that doesn't seem so different than trying something and figuring out if you like it. After all, in the end if you gain something from it and have fun, there you have a hobby now. If you don't like it as much as you'd hope, you're free to drop it. There's no rule that says you have to like it as much as anybody else, or that it can't be a social hobby for you first and foremost. If you make friends through it and share in their enthusiasm more than you have your own, you are still being a good friend by engaging them. That's not fake. :)

>> No.10059972

I hate seeing members of my comm posted to the ita thread. But on the flip side, I'm secretly relieved it's not me.

>> No.10059973

I want to die but what’s new
The only thing that’s keeping me from killing myself is my burando
Too spiteful to have it go to the hands of some ugly little or ita

>> No.10059985

I fit everything and kinda look like Atsushi. I'll be your bf if you let me hold your hand.

>> No.10059988
File: 2.10 MB, 315x237, 959A1AD3-65E4-4E94-A67B-251EF630C7B0.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Acchan is perfection, excellent taste anon. But I also share this feel and it really sucks.

>> No.10059994

Considering many here have confessed to being escorts I am not sure role playing is the right word.

>> No.10060001

Kind of depressing isn't it? The more I think about it, the less I want to cosplay or dress up in lolita because I think the reputation it's getting, even outside of our immediate communities, is just so fucking disgusting. Sex workers, easy girls with daddy issues, girls who send nudes easily etc.

>> No.10060002

I feel like being an scort is something popular only on USA? I don't know a single lolita from my country (in SA) that works in this area.

>> No.10060010

>does lewds for ez betabux

LARP is sounding pretty good right now, easier to be recognized for talent instead of thottiness or being "cute", and it keeps normies away.

There's so many mentally ill middle-schoolers, thots, and lazy "I want tuh be famous as a B-rate model, my only skill is making an ahegao face" in cosplay its not even funny

>> No.10060016
File: 137 KB, 865x977, tumblr_ofm3ancbhV1qbuhibo1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have a deep crush on reviewbrah and feel sad I can't be his lolita wife

>> No.10060020 [DELETED] 

Guys. Serious responses only please.

How do you groom a girl (who happens to be your cousin) so she loves you and marries you when she turns 18?

>> No.10060021

I don't do lewds. I've pissed off a couple of people at West Coast meets before since I shut them down when they tried to start turning the conversation "lewd" and told them I find shit like polyamory "disgusting". This board is full of literal whores. I know /cgl/ always attracted outcasts but it's sad that low self-esteem girls are basically being brainwashed into thinking their only use is masturbation fodder for male nerds, or worse. Glad I actually had a dad who loved me and could steer me away from that shit when I was their age.

>> No.10060022

Reviewbrah? How come?

>> No.10060027
File: 357 KB, 1000x700, 1535794810249.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you need a gf

>> No.10060030
File: 169 KB, 960x960, FB_IMG_1540851468289.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There is/was a nerdy neckbeard guy living very near me. I would seldomly pass by and only when it was dark so I had straight view into his appartment from the street. I could often see him watching anime and playing games but I could never make it out what he was watching. Recently he closed his curtains (to be clear, couldn't be because of me: it was visible to everyone on the street and I never stopped by) and somehow I miss seeing him doing his thing. I wouldn't recognize his face but I wear lolita almost daily and I'm just wondering if he is one of the guys around my place clearly regocnizing what I wear.
>mfw I know I'm kinda weird creeper

>> No.10060043
File: 342 KB, 588x476, 1543002534358.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>the girl creeps on the neckbeard for once

>> No.10060056

He is such a gentleman, soft, masculine and feminine, and has a great sense of humor. He’s not pretentious, he’s like a wholesome grandfather. I just want to cuddle him and have tender sex with him. And I’d be his beautiful wholesome Lolita wife.

>> No.10060108

Post pics please

Consider the following: not everybody is a lesbo

>> No.10060146

theres always hope

>> No.10060163

why not?

>> No.10060169

It is here in Europe too. Recently someone had a huge recruitment poster on a var, driving around town, looking for girls who want sugar daddies. It was suggested this was a particularly splendid way of financing student life. The ads were in-your-face but the resulting outrage multiplied that one media stunt many times.

>> No.10060220

I've been going through a period of depression and haven't worn lolita in over a year. I feel like a larper when I comment on /cgl sometimes.

>> No.10060228

I’m sorry to hear that anon, I have a friend who has been sleeping a lot just cuz of it. I personally can’t shake it right now maybe it’s the weather or holiday

>> No.10060237
File: 62 KB, 499x647, Stop+looking+at+me_c3efe6_5461978.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm not saying you specifically, it was more of a rheotorical jab at how many people bitch about being seen as sex objects and then LITERALLY act like a sex object, like pic related

thots can thot in the normal world, I don't want them fucking up the cosplay reputation. It's bad enough that it's moved from a "ghetto everyone makes their scrappy cosplays and has fun" to practically a halloween lite every con

>> No.10060281

Not that anon but you appear to be seeking out things to get mad at

>> No.10060411

Same. I'm so sick of girls in my comm posting to cof because then I see it. I could just not look but sometimes cof thread is the only moving thread and I'm fuckin bored.

>> No.10060414

>someone disagrees so they must be directly effected or upset or trolling
I said what I said because only the typical braindead anons post shit like that. Who fucking wants some nitpicky elists help when you could get help from someone who isn't batshit.

>> No.10060484

Not gonna post myself on 4chan. Post pics of hand first.

>> No.10060648

I'm having sex with a com member's bf behind her back and have been doing so for over a year now.

>> No.10060715

Dude, people are promiscuous sure, but I take offense that polyamory is 'disgusting', people have those kind of relationships in a stable way just as often as not. You don't hear about them because they're not shitting their friends lists up with drama or sleeping around outside their relationship because boundaries. This has nothing to do with cosplay lewds and people being slutty.

You don't have to like it but don't lump people in as whores just because they are emotionally committed with more than one person.

t. definitely poly, absolutely very conservative about it

On topic - I hate ahegao stuff so much and will unfollow anyone who posts it. There's far classier ways to do sexy photos but I think that romantic photoshoots are much more interesting - if done right. I'm too shy to even do shippy pics with close friends beyond the fluffy kind of handholding stuff, but I sometimes wish I had the balls to try at least a kiss or embrace photo. I'd probably just ruin it by laughing or making ugly faces, though, and think that a lot of that kind of stuff just comes across better in fanart. I don't knock friends for doing their shippy photoshoots because I ship the hell out of my favorite characters, but it can often look cringy or just downright dumb, and I'm afraid of coming off that way, too.

>> No.10060825

Excellent bait.

>> No.10060834
File: 34 KB, 480x480, 1526125538433.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not everybody is a lesbo
for now

>> No.10060848
File: 22 KB, 471x395, 1527575888059.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Please leave some for the rest of us..

>> No.10060863

I wish it was. I was already suspicious, but seeing this post made me dig into my BF's facebook messages on his laptop. I'm so fucking pissed right now I don't know what to do. He doesn't come home until like 8 PM so I've got like 8 hours to destroy his shit and hang myself before he comes home.

Fuck you, Vicky.

>> No.10061574

The only reason I care about my grandfather dying is because him and my grandmother used to give me quite a bit of money for christmas and some for my birthday.
He was a mysoginistic asshole that i put up with solely for the money. I hope I'll at least be on his will and get something worthy.
I should feel bad but I just don't. Not ever since he told my mom to "get over" my dad cheating on her because "it was only once".

>> No.10061603

I think you're totally in the right and thank god that asshole is dead. Good riddance to bad rubbish.
I'd of taken his money too.

>> No.10061820

I used to staff at this fairly large con. I quickly grew out of it and actually hate going to anime convention now. I still staffed there because of the behind the scene shenanigans and drama.

Now that this ship is sinking, i realized that i've wasted so many years working so hard for the success of a convention that I never liked after the magic wore off and that it was doomed for years now.

Breaks my heart when I hear or read cosplayers and attendees being so hyped for the next edition and keeping myself from spilling too much tea

>> No.10062190

Got an email?

>> No.10062613

no, except for anonymous confession threads I'd never admit to owning a replica to other lolitas

>> No.10069266

I just started getting into cosplay and want to loose weight before I cosplay because I'm scared I'll look fat

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