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o b s e s s e d

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They’ve been posted here before and I saw people calling them a guy. They have short hair under the wig, and a sharpish jawline. I glanced at their other pictures and it looks like they have no chest in some photos and wide shoulders.

>> No.10632527

I think you mean Mormon

But yes

>> No.10632530

Count me in as well. Overly loud gays have made me feel more ashamed of being attracted to the same sex than any straight person ever has because of the way they completely misrepresent me and my life

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tranny id hiding
tranny energy:adams apple edition
whale mating
mars with white drapes
are you a boy or a girl.jpg

clearly a powerbottom w/ daddy issues. would pound the back of that pussy though....

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Do you realize how stupid your argument sounds?
Would you make this same argument if I was complaining about lack of legwear, crop tops, open-toed sandals, shorter skirts, cleavage, or a tighter silhouette in a coord?
Bare shoulders don't fit lolita, just like open-toed sandals don't fit lolita. It's not a matter of obscenity it's a matter of it doesn't fit the aesthetic.

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Does she have scoliosis or neck problems? She looks hunched over in every photo.

>> No.10632548

Can anyone identify her tights?

>> No.10632598

ugh will people stop buying those taobao "military lolita" dresses they all look like cheap cosplay shit irl.
funny enough i wouldnt hate this in a nostalgic ita kinda way if her hair and makeup didn't scream "tiktok normie who calls her boyfriend daddy"

>> No.10632600

Kinda sad because I actually wanted that military set. HOPING it'll look better if I keep it properly ironed, but idk if I wanna take any chances.

>> No.10632602

i kind of like this in an outdated pastel goth way

>> No.10632607

this would be unremarkable without the Hideki Tojo glasses
the bottom half looks like an entirely different coord jesus christ
i'm convinced this is just someone's mom.
that op is unforgivably hideous. it looks like chinese bootleg aliexpress shit.
what's with the 2012 scene girl type makeup? ruins the entire look even if she had a better wig.
we get it you listen to grimes. send this ugly shit back to 2013.>>10631966
can't she wear a wig then?

There's no saving cheap fabric and shit construction, as well as all the design elements are too busy and it just looks hastily thrown together. just save up for Metamorphose, anon. It'll be WELL worth it.

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>> No.10632686

This belongs in the troon thread.

>> No.10632704

this is casual and cute (if it's even supposed to be lolita)

>> No.10632752

Call me ita but I honestly hate Meta with a passion, from what I've seen of their prints at least. Do they have any cool military pieces besides Die Walkure?

>> No.10632754

Not sure what's more ita, your bait post or your taste

>> No.10632767

It's a valid feeling amongst older lolitas. Just because old school hype became a thing and a bunch of newbies like it, doesn't change the feelings of the ones who were into lolita before you. Our trends were/are different and not all of us are interested in old school ugly raschel lace. I'm starting to accept it now.

I'm mixed on it. I like some things and hate other things, but that is the most common feeling amongst lolitas. Source: Been in the fashion for 10 years+

>> No.10632771

Most older lolitas I know love it, myself included, and I have honestly never heard any one of them saying what you say.

>> No.10632774

only newer lolitas continue to parrot the worn-out meme of "meta ugly", newfag

>> No.10632779

Sure, Jan.
And FWIW Lor has also been in the fashion that long and we all know how much her opinion is worth.

>> No.10632783

And yet she doesn't have a wig? Insurance will even cover wigs for most patients who lose their hair to stuff like alopecia and chemo

>> No.10632786

4 years isn't old, newfag.

>> No.10632802

Kek now you really do sound like a larper

>> No.10632803

Same here. I really want to see a good coord with the underskirt because the idea is pretty cute. Now it just seems that it only attracts itas.

>> No.10632806

Been wearing lolita since 2005 but okay.

>> No.10632817


Oh my god, who the fuck cares? All I wanted was some military lolita suggestions that don't look like shit.

>> No.10632827

If you actually kept up with this fashion you would've seen all the military style releases in the past 2 years alone.

>> No.10632828

you're the retard self absorbed tranny cunt

>> No.10632843

I am literally a sweetfag.

>> No.10632900

Holly Tea Time

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Went digging and found more images of this nostalgic ita. enjoy

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An actual self portrait she drew.

All of these were taken around 2014~2015, but unfortunately her lolita phase was short lived

>> No.10632952

what's her name anon?

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>> No.10633171

You're clearly a larper, ita-chan.

This use of backpedaling has been used in the lolita community for 10 years.

>> No.10633173

Sweetfags being unable to recognize other substyles again I see

>> No.10633178

a whole community using the word backpedaling wrong isn't something to be proud of, sweaty

>> No.10634269

Ngl love this. I know people hate sneakers but honestly rather be able to run my errands and be comfy.

>> No.10634270

Not sure where she is from but if it's Arizona where it's like 105F degrees outside, screw blouses.

>> No.10636997

i swear some ppl will just post an overweight person and call it ita. just because they are overweight doesn’t mean their coord is bad u guys suck ass.

>> No.10637003

Sorry neko Chan but according to the rules of Lolita fashion, if it is presented poorly it is ita

>> No.10637006

some of them are presented perfectly fine. you don’t need to be thin to be lolita.

>> No.10637008

a lot of people in this thread are just extremely insecure and it is sad that you all would rather cry about other random ppls coords when you could be doing something useful like maybe kindly giving them critique instead of posting their pictures on 4chan to laugh at while hiding behind ur screen anonymously.

>> No.10637021

Go cope retard

>> No.10637564

get a life dipshit.

>> No.10637571

Do you autists realize where you are?

>> No.10637712

Actually neko Chan, being too thin is also ita, in the case of ana Chan, for example, I’m saying, that if the clothes are an ill fit, it is only natural it will be considered ita, please, now stop embarrassing yourself

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