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>> No.10631133

As long as the coord is balanced and shows he's put effort in it idc. It's very different from the likes of SB and other creepy kinksters

>> No.10631135

This is perfection.

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>> No.10631161

Creamy cherry is one of AP’s best ever fruit prints, I’m always shocked it’s so slept on

>> No.10631165

This is the best photo of her yet!!! Take that, jelly haters!!!!

>> No.10631172

other than the upside-down wristcuffs, I think it's very cute

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>> No.10631181

Spending $300 plus on a dress, headpiece, wristbands, shipping and it looks sloppy. How about dropping 20lbs, this will look way better. You have a cute face. You would be so freaking adorable.

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>> No.10631183

I am stunned she did not photoshop herself. It's just best she shops herself now, reality isn't pretty. That chiffon tent is an ita trademark essential of hers now. Her new snowflake editions going out, to add to your dumpster diving collection.

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>> No.10631197

STFU sissy. Stop self promoting jfc

>> No.10631198

Someone teach her how a dress should fit properly. Bust line isn't a waist line

>> No.10631202

I cant believe the time has come when this person dresses better than most itas on CoF

>> No.10631204


why does she always look so greasy. her excessive use of highlighter has always bothered me

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>> No.10631223

Where is her left leg?

>> No.10631224

This would look so much better with the skirt up a bit higher.

>> No.10631232

why does asking people to check before reposting have to mean you need to dump yourself
it's not even hard to see if anyone has posted itt ffs

>> No.10631233

Highly doubt that skirt could accommodate her fat

>> No.10631234

is it just me or is this dress a bit of an ita magnet? I love it but haven't seen many good coords with it yet

>> No.10631243

It's an ugly and cheap dress made of shitty fabric. What do you expect?

>> No.10631250

Great way to call yourself out as a newfag.

>> No.10631251

I think the post you're referring to is a cute Alice style coord. Nothing really wrong with it but the girl is just fat. The jsk comes in plus size so there's going to be many fat girls wearing it, get used to it I guess. It's like how there are so many fatties wearing honeycake now.

>> No.10631255

Someone said this about v last thread too and I don't really understand what you mean?

>> No.10631276 [DELETED] 

Bigot Rose lookin thicker than usual? Stress eating from the shitfest she started with her Ita 101. Noticably extra bitter face. She mad bro... Also getting back into self harm. Chopped of her own leg... She's a mess. And shit coord. But that goes without saying.

>> No.10631277

I actually like the chiffon shawl but I feel like it makes sense for those with more dramatic waist-hip ratios. and without waistbows in the front. Its very much a statement piece and needs to be treated as such. Also why did she shoe-horn in that shade of gold?? Decide - ice or old antique gold you cant have both

>> No.10631278

I agree with>>10630524
the dress feels like a continuation of you.

what bodyline dress is this?

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>> No.10631370

STFU Bibelot-piglet. "Its very much a statement piece and needs to be treated as such." Your self appointed authority goes back in the ita craft box. Nice try to throw it off with the shoe horn. Lmao

>> No.10631373

Ngtl, I laughed.

>> No.10631462

the vendetta posting KEK
though lyrical bunny should be exterminated

>> No.10631474

Matching metals is literally a joke when her biggest issue is fit, styling, and coordination. Changing that tacky shit necklace of hers wouldn’t fix all the other issues at all

>> No.10631498

W…what? This is the COF thread and this was in COF?

>> No.10631506

forgib me

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>> No.10631549

Last dumper, the thread is past bump limit fyi

>> No.10631697

Bigot-Piglot kek

>> No.10631700

Piglet Gross

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