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There's usually other boys there too.

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you make me physically cringe
what's your BMI?

>> No.10631757

Just calculated it
I'm at the edge of becoming a ghost...

>> No.10631761

A female only con would have a fuckton of MTF transbians and FTM Enbys who would grope and molest every cisfemale at that con. You're better off with regular neet cismen at that point.

>> No.10631775

if it means anything to you anon, i wish it wasnt this way either. Nobody chooses the body theyre in or the way social dynamics play out because of it, and you seem really nice so it sucks that it has to be this way.
>~low self esteem~
but please dont let the actions of other people get you down, im sure youre a lovely guy in person and you should keep your chin up! I bet youd make a fun con partner for someone :)

The femcels ITT are probably going to keep being salty at men for existing but it is what it is i guess. Someone who comes to cgl to whine about moids is probably not someone youd want to be around anyways right? lmao.

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It means a lot, genuinely made me smile. Bless you anon!

>Someone who comes to cgl to whine about moids is probably not someone youd want to be around anyways right?
Definitely, lol. Thankfully I never met this kinda people irl

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More women hate men on this thread than men hate women on this entire website. I have to go back.

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aww, im glad i could make you smile anon! Now go make the most of your night because you deserve to feel good about yourself tonight dude x

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>Someone who comes to cgl is probably not someone youd want to be around anyways

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I say go for it. If we can discuss having a female only con, then you guys should be free to make a male-only con thread. That way we can stay out of each other's hair, right? I'll even start the thread if you want.
Never knew him, lesbian mother.
Yes, because men for some reason are just as much attention whores as they claim women to be and hate being left out.
Honestly doubt. The biggest issue girls here have with men is that they see them as threats and predators which...well, look at what site you're on. I browse a good chunk of the boards here and more often than not I see the call for wanting women to be turned back into property, beaten, raped, used as cumdumps, or just tortured. Doesn't help that incel shootings and attacks on random women had started to rise as well. Now I don't believe all men are horrible people, but on this site, a good chunk of them are too corrupted by /r9k/, /pol/ and porn to think straight with at least a 3rd of them are still teens. Easily being brainwashed by one another. That said, a lot of this community on /cgl/ used to welcome feminine boys until fetishists' took advantage of that and made most girls untrusting of even them.

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This happens in any community no matter who's in it though. It's inevitable. Especially when it comes to hobbies like these. Like weird hobbies, attract weird people.

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AG constantly got flooded with CP and bestiality porn so it was for the best.

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As someone who hangs out in spaces where I'm usually the only girl out of 20+ people, I can tell you for a fact the same thing happens among men. /tg/ and /fit/ groups specifically.

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jesus fuck why did this thread get as big as it did

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you would honestly be surprised how much the average normalfag male dislikes women. even the chads I've spoken to express the same thoughts. this dude who works as a model in LA is constantly going on about wanting to be gay and how inferior women are. this dude, with a chin that could cut diamond, perfect facial aesthetics and eyes, 6'4", was really going on incel-tier rants

i'm convinced that if things keep up, something very, very bad is going to happen.

>> No.10631875

i didn't know that what the fuck

you would think a female-centric board wouldn't be plagued by those problems

>> No.10631883

It was probably the incels being mad at women having their own space

>> No.10631884

Cool story bro

>> No.10631886

This comic is so true for so many things, it’s depressing. Im so tired of being pressured to be “inclusive”

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How bout a girls only night with just me as the only male? You stupid little bitches can take turns blowing and riding my cock while you talk about your makeup or whatever dumb shit you want to have a gathering for. We did say no fat girls and no stinky fujishi right? If so count me in

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P sure it was some dude or dudes that really wanted to shock/upset anons. You know typical image board loser shit.

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I’m sure you will make a very good sacrifice to MANA.

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I'd be happy to blow you anon.

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Happy Pride month to Pussy eaters and pussy eaters ONLY

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based nonny excluder

6 feet (at least)
7 inches
6 figures
and white

not settling for anything less

>> No.10631913

that's fine as long as you know you wont find anybody

>> No.10631915

my previous nigel satisfied all 4 and my future husband will satisfy 6'4"+ and 7+ inches

>> No.10631916

Okay Karla

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Look, no one minds if you want to stay up under your BF because of the scary lesbos who look in your general direction. This con clearly isn't for you.

>> No.10631919

you can call it dyke con

>> No.10631921

then whyd he leave you dumb slut... youre gonna need to go ahead and lower your standards sweetie youre not getting any younger

>> No.10631923 [DELETED] 

Heck, why not?

>> No.10631924

Heck, why not?

>> No.10631925

what con LMAO
it's just femcel larping, you potted plant

>> No.10631926

are you okay?

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>> No.10631930

i've always wanted a schizoid gf like the ones in this thread
do i need to have everything >>10631902 wants to make it?
all i want is a healthy bmi

>> No.10631931

I'm 6'1" AFAB and I want to date 7'0" men at least.

>> No.10631933

no these dumb sluts are just fronting you dont even need that. you can be fat just compliment them on their shitty outfit and youre in

>> No.10631963

i'm male, 4'11", balding, indian, have schizophrenia, schizoid personality disorder, BPD, ADP, BDD, KML, Klinefelter's, paranoia, type 1, 2, and 3 diabetes, multiple personality disorder, single personality disorder, depression, major depression, seasonal depression, low-functioning autism, aspergers, a 31 BMI, i hate women, i hate men, i hate animals, i'm vegan, i'm racist, and you WILL DATE ME.

>> No.10631964

you type like a woman

>> No.10632028

It would not be fun,not with this mentality.

>> No.10632050

Based con idea.

>> No.10632101

What we need is a con that filters out leftists and normalfags. Anime cons for centrists and right wing weebs only. No western shit, weebshit only, final destination. Would ironically have less drama due to the sheer amount of mental illness filtered out. The best thing is that you don't actually need to filter people at all, because they would filter themselves by avoiding and bitching about your con.

>> No.10632262

>Anime cons for centrists and right wing weebs only. No western shit, weebshit only
>due to the sheer amount of mental illness filtered out
ok, i've lost it

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Can I get an honorary pass if I'm a femboy faggot?
Kinda sucks that I'm a scrote, given how much I hate my own gender (no, I'm not a troon). 98% of them are disgusting in both appearance and personality.

>> No.10634323

Holy fuck based lmao

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