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>> No.10631478

soup's bored today

>> No.10631481

don't you ever EVER sub(you) me EVER again. we aint on twitter I'll end (you)

>> No.10631500

Most people use the words interchangeably, though, even people who use them negatively.

>> No.10631505

if you wear it all the time then its a fashion, if you dont then its a costume. anything can be a fashion as long as it has rules

>> No.10631509

Post it

>> No.10631512

ok soup

>> No.10631521

You won't be able to drink natural "natty" light again, it messes with your bodys jelq levels

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>> No.10631528

I’m so excited for meets to properly start up again so we can get more comm stories and secrets and coord shots and the lolita community can erupt back into the delicious chaos it used to be… but with the addition of all the covidlitas to make it even wilder. I’m so excited to follow some of the actually cute new and upcoming lolitas because I can’t wait to see how they interact with irl established comms

>> No.10631575

Had to pass up on my dream dress because I need the money rn. Someone reassure me it'll come back one day, it was rare.

>> No.10631578

your safety and well being is more important than your dream dress which if it is AP will for sure get MTO'd one day. What dress was it anon?

>> No.10631601

Or you could buy it now and save later

>> No.10631603

Cry me a river

>> No.10631619 [DELETED] 

Obvious bait. Everybody who does that sort of thing is cancerous, so why are only women who do that are bad? If you actually cared you’d bring more attention to male rape victims instead of calling female victims liars

>> No.10631632

>rapidly losing weight
>lost 30 lbs since the beginning of the year
>still a fatty
>get super into fashion
>ton of stuff super expensive stuff I want to buy
>don't know if I'll end up regretting it if I lose a ton more weight in the future and they end up looking too big
Someone explain to me how wearing baggy/oversize pieces work. Are there any pieces of clothing that would be unwearable if I lose too much weight? Like I'm pretty sure hoodies and sweaters would look okay, but I don't think oversize dress shirts are ever a thing.

>> No.10631637

if you're a girl it will just make you look cute/thin for a lot of things, and you can get fitted stuff taken in or trade it with other collectors of nice fashion for a smaller size, girl or dude.

>> No.10631638

>be me
>have terrible mental health
>have time to go out
>put on a casual summery coord
>nothing can go wrong, just 1 thick layer haha
>things do go wrong
>faint due to heat
>wake up with paramedics around
>oh shit
>trip to ER
>IVs and tests, gets discharged p fast
>get home
>feel like shit
>self harm
>planning next coord around thick opawue thights to hide again the marks
Man I wish I were well. Nothing works to help me out of this pit.

>> No.10631677

Social gatherings are happening again, and while I was expecting more hangouts I wasn't prepared for 4+ a week. My partner makes these gatherings, doesn't inform me and it would look bad if I don't show up so I have no choice, however I am just not that level of extroverted. When I brought up my concerns (why was I not asked about this before they were planned?) I was accused of being mean. I don't have a dedicated best friend to run to, so I honestly feel alone within this whole context, like I'm just being dragged along for the ride.

>> No.10631696

>calling female victims liars
I never did that retard

>> No.10631699

It's a /fit/ term
Basically just mean you can't claim to have never used performance enhancing drugs. Short for "natural".

>> No.10631901

>Determines the scene/situation is safe
scene is safe
>Determines the mechanism of injury/nature of illness
mechanism of injury is a heatstroke from thighs getting choked to death by thicc opaque thights
>Determines the number of patients
we have one patient addition EMS assistance is not needed at this time
>Considers stabilization of the spine
my cat is gonna grab your head pls don't move around
>Verbalizes general impression of the patient
we got an early 20s maybe late teens anon, a they/them with a high distress level.
>Determines responsiveness/level of consciousness
hello my name is soup I'm with the EMSeagull
Can I get your name?
Do you know where you're at right now?
Do you know what time it is?
Do you remember how you ended up here?

>> No.10631903

Oddly useful soupposting

>> No.10631912

what did we say about sub(you)'in?

>> No.10631936


you're surprisingly not wrong, good job soup.

>> No.10631939

8) thanks. I got my aha bls cpr card yesterday so if anyone is choking on dem dicks I got you with that mouth to mouth np

>> No.10631955

>scene is safe
Scene is NEVER safe around gulls. Additionally proper procedure is asking their name and sign. Tell them things to make them smile, ask what numbers to dial. Pay attention, lives at at stake.

>> No.10632015

Your best day is always today , because only today is real,so make it your best,the past is in the past.

>> No.10632016

Get into law of attraction , i literally manifested money and a new place just by having the right mental diet,anyone can do it

>> No.10632017

When do you think your super powers will manifest into more concrete applications? When will you be able to throw your tiara and kill demons from the depths of space with it?

>> No.10632022

Such things will become possible if the collective concensus allows such reality on the planet

A large majority of humanity is afraid of even meeting neighbouring space races,even though at this point that is inevitable

>> No.10632024

>Getting the meme vaccine

>> No.10632040

>how he was ~one of the good ones~. And I just bit my tongue, trying not to say "no, you ARE like him. All of you are like him."
Thanks for this perfect example on how distancing from others and throwing them under the bus in the face of adversity never helps, because it only validates the believe the the adversity were fundamentally justified.

>> No.10632144
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>> No.10632156

Law of attraction is for CHUMPS. Keep walking boy.. cgl is a The Secret board

>> No.10632426

Don't ever stop drinking water.
Stay out of direct sunlight.
Parasols are very applicable here.

>> No.10632511

>consensual sex
they could be eating their own shit in the bed, no one cares, stop trying to be the sex police

>> No.10632840

>stop trying to be the sex police
No I will kink shame you all I want

>> No.10632942

lol sure keep repressing, puritan

>> No.10632946

Rather be a puritan than a poop eater

>> No.10632949

>always thinking about the weird sex strangers have
>thinks others are the creepy ones

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>> No.10633106

So misandry *is* real and is a major component of 4th wave feminist theory. It is *usually* a consequence of misogyny (men and women alike shaming men for acting "too feminine" and other garbage), but can also emerge as a main factor where a person (not necessarily a woman) is abusing someone based on their masculinity.

Welcome to intersectional feminism, chode.

>> No.10633187

If he doesn't ask you beforehand, you don't need to go. And if he does ask you beforehand, you still don't need to go. You aren't attached through the hip.

>> No.10633321

They never mentioned gender, deciding you're going to go to bullshit events regardless of what you want to do is very much girlfriend behavior

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cosplay board more like bitch bored amirite

>> No.10633834

Anyone going to urban spools in july?

>> No.10635125

>men don't need comfort
Not sure if retarded or robot

>> No.10635128

> Plus most men suck at sex.
Usually because of a lack of experience. Not that you'll provide them with that.

>> No.10635285

Men need therapy

>> No.10635342

Therapy is literally a waste of time unless you're just mildly depressed or have a specific traumatic event you want to get over. They can't cure your mental illness.

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