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>> No.10289239

I'm not actually going after her bf, just jealous right now. They seem happy together and i wouldn't want to mess that up. I messaged her today and she is coming over to try on some dresses and help choose a wig.

Maybe her bf has friends.
Any tips on how to find a cute fashion goth bf in the Midwest?

>> No.10289253

Autistic girls are cute!!

>> No.10289272

Are you retarded? I've been IP for autism for nearly a year and 3/4 of the ward is female.

>> No.10289369 [DELETED] 

See? Even women hate whores xD

>> No.10289371

Not sure if you care about this, but you come off very mature and level headed. Other girls may be prettier but if I had to pick one person to spend time with for a year on a deserted island, it wouln't be them.

Just my 2 cents.

>> No.10289375

Last time I wore a coord I put a smal brooch somewhere smart. I remember taking it off on my way home and putting it inside something.

Now I can't remember where.

>> No.10289380

if your dress has pockets maybe it's there?
I once found a bracelet in one of my JSKs pockets after searching for it for a year

>> No.10289384

>Maybe her bf has friends.
300% scumbag behaviour, but you do you, then you all talk low on men... smdh

>> No.10289516

What did you think "Be gone thot" means?

>> No.10289750

Oh damn, I can kind of relate.
>tfw forgot to remove Peppermint fox brooch off dress before washing
>brooch was destroyed after washing
That happened 2 years ago and I'm still pissed. That brooch was my favourite little thing and a perfect addition to every coord and I wasn't able to find a satisfying replacement until this day.

>> No.10289753

It means nothing. Men entertain thots all the time. They blame thots for existing rather than themselves for allowing them to being able to monetise/abuse their desire. Being in a position where you have to reject a hot woman is nothing more than a fantasy for most men, unless they are gay or something.

>> No.10289766

>using vinyl paint I made added a design to some shorts for my first cosplay ever
>con is tomorrow
>it finished today and it's all fucked up
Can I get an F

>> No.10289806

Why did you use vinyl paint on a pair of shorts? This seems like your own downfall.

>> No.10289844

Im going to roll for con tickets on the downlow in the middle of the workday tomorrow

>> No.10289859

Hoping her bf has friends with similar interests they could introduce me to is scumbag behavior now?

>> No.10289913

Should've looked into Internships and Co-ops. They are extremely important to engineering jobs. I know so many friends that suffered the same fate as you.

>> No.10289923
File: 94 KB, 640x607, cia cat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fit cosplayer here. There are a ton of fit characters that you can cosplay if your muscles are showing already.
Kamina, JoJo characters, many male Servants from Fate, many characters from Baki, etc.

Note that you don't need to be AS big as the character to look good. If the character is muscular and you are muscular, that's fine.
It'd take someone 5 years to go from scratch to a body like Joseph, and Jonathan Joestar is bodybuilder status. So, don't think about it too much.

>> No.10289942

All this shit and yet by far your worst trait is unironically writing awful cringetexts.

>> No.10289949

Nayrt, but for me it's because you come off as such a judgmental and bitter person.

>> No.10289973

>The one thing I’ve noticed is that any new shounen fandom that gets too big becomes the source of people’s annoyance.

Yep that's basically how it's been for a while.
Feels like you can only like something for a certain amount of time then you gotta ditch it when the new thing comes out, if not people see you as lesser for some reason.

>> No.10289975

God, I miss her.

>> No.10289983

Asked for advice from /cgl/ ;_;

>> No.10290022

Sorry that someone trolled you. I hope your next cosplay works out better, and I hope you have a good time at the convention regardless, anon.

>> No.10290093

I remember you now I wish I knew shit about vinyl paint and could have helped... How did it go?

>> No.10290096

It's okay. I appreciate it!

As my friend so elegantly described it it looks like I "have a giant cumstain on the front of [my] shorts". But it's all good, I'm switching characters and I'll be little mac since I actually look like him a bit more anyway and it'll require no special work to the shorts.

>> No.10290248

Photo of the shorts? I don't have any experience with vinyl paint either but I'm having a hard time figuring out what you were aiming for and what went wrong.

>> No.10290251

>As my friend so elegantly described it it looks like I "have a giant cumstain on the front of [my] shorts".

>> No.10290252
File: 2.67 MB, 4032x3024, 20191116_090921.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10290253

Oh no

>> No.10290254

Oh yeah baby. Pretty fucking hilarious overall to me, except I kinda liked those shorts and now I can never wear them in public but that's how it goes lel

>> No.10290255

This seems less about the type of paint and more about your non-existent painting skills.

>> No.10290257

Oh I will readily admit that, the bottle I used specifically says it can be used on fabric. I made a stencil out of printer paper of the J, and just filled it in. The paint seeped under the stencil and also was not even at all.

I promise I'm not this much of a retard in every day life

>> No.10290294

>implying I can even reach my bits with my layers of safety short, thights, bodyshapper and non stretch fabric

>> No.10290302
File: 106 KB, 238x294, 1479283326210.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't know why but I want to cosplay super obscure characters ( like from outdated serie and manga only character that appear for 2 chapters ). I'm always bummed because I need to be in duo ( at least ) so it doesn't look like casual clothing, and I have no friend who like the same serie .

>> No.10290414

I'm sorry to hear that. A month after my dad died unexpectedly, my beloved cat started having seizures and had to be put down. I know that isn't the equivalent to a bad breakup, but it seems like everything just piles on after something goes wrong in your life. I won't lie to you and tell you that my life has magically been different after therapy and time, but I'm proud to say that I've reached the next stage of grieving: learning to live life without your lost loved one. Shit still sucks and it will suck forever, but I know how to navigate the choppy waters now. And I hope you stick around to know that you can too. There's going to be a day when you can think back about your parents and feel comforted by their memory rather than feel the pain of their absence. You're going to see them eventually, so make some good stories to tell them when you're reunited in the afterlife.

>> No.10290416

There should be a backroom with a guillotine for ddlg couples infiltrating a store for children for their fetish

>> No.10290417

I have to agree with the other anon. While it would be amazing to have a handmade ballgown, for your happiness' sake, buy one and get that photoshoot of your dreams. You won't feel as happy if you have to rush and create a less than satisfactory product.

>> No.10290522

But vinyl paint is for vinyl fabric. That's the fabric they mean.

>> No.10290888


"Incel" here, but not even fat-women want me, and I would even fuck them at this point

>> No.10290890

>I have big hentai tiddies

>> No.10290990
File: 1.53 MB, 1863x2485, DakuCon2019.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Even without a cumstained pair of shorts I really had a good time cosplaying at my first real con

>> No.10291329

Check out intermittent fasting communities and autophagy to tighten up your skin.

>> No.10293199

I never heard about it.
What's wrong with that?

>> No.10293774

>dad raped me as a kid
>Dad gets put in jail for raping me
>Mom bullies me constantly
>Want to cosplay
>Mom destroys my cosplay
What do I do seagulls?

>> No.10293803

You look good, congrats!

>> No.10293804

How the fuck do you explain to someone you have no interest in their group cosplay plan when they’ve already put so much thought into it + assumed you would be ready to go along.
I don’t care about the series enough to put effort into it plus it’s manga only so it doesn’t meet my normal criteria for what I like to cosplay, but I don’t want to be an asshole to this person.


>> No.10293881

was expecting much worse desu.

>> No.10293903

Why was this thread restored at the point right before a mod locked it and moved it to /r9k/? Please administration say something about why this happened in the first place. It feels like you're trying to hide it and move on.

>> No.10293931

Tired of seeing the same god awful miccostumes cosplays when I look through the cosplayer tags

>> No.10294060
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Just do what anime characters do and resort to incest

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