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Any floral jackets I absolutely love.

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I'm still forever searching for boots like this.

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Going too heavily down the historical route is a common mistake many Western blokes in particular make. It's historical inspired than historical, with a big splash of glam rock. More Adam Ant than Ross Poldark. The best resources are to look at the Japanese brands, look at visual kei artists like Versailles, or Mana (who's also behind the brand Moitie). Look at magazine scans and videos and photos of fashion shows for some of the brands. Some of the overseas shows in particular are worth looking at for Moitie and Boz, especially Boz, which do feature Western male models. Look at fashion blogs like Buttcape's. There is more out there than you think Even though yes, a big chunk is very much geared towards women wearing the fashion.

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Honestly just go to the ouji thread. This thread is shit >>10281032

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>Adam Ant
Now where talking!

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Dang, forget wanting an ouji/aristo boyfriend, nanchatte guys are the cutest!!

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mine doesn't say he wants to match, but he does say he feels underdressed next to me. I think >>10284800 and >>10284796 are good inspo for that.

2nd for it looks nasty. I don't necessarily agree with cutting it, but it does at least need conditioning.

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I never thought I’d see Ross Poldark’s name on a board like this, of all places.

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nothing about this guy is masculine except the clothing. that makeup/face is ugly as fuck

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Ok incel

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You obviously don't know who Adam Ant is. 80s music icon. Go listen to Stand and Deliver or Prince Charming and educate yourself.

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I'm guessing this guy is extremely gay. That ruins it for me

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I get how the self-insert fantasy is complicated if you think the idol wouldn't be attracted to you, but you're never going to meet 80s era Adam Ant, so you don't lose anything by still finding him attractive.

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Bi more likely, seeing as he’s been married or connected to numerous women, and has a kid.

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>shhh that's okay, let them miss out with their queerphobic hangups kek

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Yeah, with you on that. Their loss.

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I see your Adam Ant and raise you a Dave Venian

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go back to tumblr

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Uncle Sam was a looker

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I know who he is and I literally don't care.

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How old are you?
Why do you think it's a "tumblr" thing? It stopped being a "tumblr" thing back in 2014 when everyone left tumblr.

Get with the times Grandma!

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if he changed up his wigs and wore pants that were fitted he would actually look okay

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Do you know where you are? No doubt you're one of the zoomers who calls everyone here terfs.

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Do you?

I've been on 4chan before you discovered tumblr. Queerphobia as well as calling it out has been a thing since forever. But the tumblr meme stoped being relevant when everyone left.

I guess you could say it's an instagram thing now if you're gonna be a moron and blame social media and not on you know, progress.

cgl has always been really liberal in the first place too so wtf

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they are amazing, wish I wasn't a poorfag

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>cgl has always been really liberal
No, but you have.
/cgl/ is not a politics board, keep your sexuality shit away from fashion.

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>cgl has always been really liberal in the first place

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What taobao shops sell dandy type clothes in custom sizes? My bf is tall and skinny as jack skellington and I want to get him cute stuff that fits.

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Here is a (you) out of pity.

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So normal suits but in weird colors are jfashion now?

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I always thought Kamijo has some great EGA looks, and he's even modeled for AatP before.

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And Sakurai Atsushi is peak gothic husbando

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what a fucking mess, disgusting .

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>I have to wear stupid clothes to get cosplay sluts

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*lolita sluts

Cosplayers don't give a shit about this kind of stuff. You'd be better off cosplaying their husbandos.

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>lolita sluts

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>implying there are any actual men ITT
>manly JFashion

Sorry I thought you weren't trolling.

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why does this make me so angry

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It wasn’t saying that aristocrat was lolita but it was a lolita adjacent style, it was posted on EGL and had a daily lolita tag. Hence why it was included in the handbook.

you know what also had a daily lolita. tag? Kodona.

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Yes. Keep up with the times, grandpa.

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looks fine enough to me, less ambiguous-sexuality looking than the other stuff

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not 100% sure but i think he's an english fashion professional and he makes this stuff for a living now

that means you can buy his shit

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