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Last one since I know some of you guys like his nerdy chic look.

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imagine being your lolita gf's manikin, you either like it or are absolutely miserable
>inb4 "but you can choose your own clothes!"
yeah, but I bet theres a few literal manikins out there

>> No.10285244 [DELETED] 

This is clearly bait, but I'll bite. My good sir, does it not occur to you you're using a board in which all these women's inspiration is... Asian women? I assume if we hated Asian women, we wouldn't be looking at them for fashion and style inspiration.

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Is my all time fav instagram dandy. He's just absolute perfection. He does so many different looks so well. I always thought he'd be the best counterpart to my sweet-classic/ott classic.

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would love to know what the japs think of you, probably that you're scum ;^)

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But also he looks like a child and I'd never fuck him.

His fashion taste is just perfection tho.

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I actually have quite a few japanese followers but trolls are gonna troll I guess. You sound like a fat incel. Just sayin'.

>> No.10285250

wtf can't you spell?

>> No.10285251

I think they're a manly man who has been shamed by one of our frilly brethren.
We aren't posting men to fuck. We're posting men who like to dress themselves well. Please, tell me you don't think we wear what we're wearing for your own pleasure, right? Even if it gets your rocks off, none of these girls are wearing their dresses for your enjoyment. Equal to the people you see dressed in this thread. They aren't dressing to attract some bimbo just as we don't dress to attract some jerk.

>> No.10285261

english is not my first language, smartass, and btw, your seeting and reports won't make some of those ouijs look less homosex

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>none of these girls are wearing their dresses for your enjoyment
some are, even if unintentionally, u mad?

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If it’s unintentional then it’s not dressing for your enjoyment.

>> No.10285270

they are unintentionally dressing for my enjoyment ;^)

>> No.10285274

those are ancient pics.

you can find dudes in ouji in any /ouG/ thread. the gender ratio of posters is about even. the only problem wrt inspo is that brands don't cater to men, not that men are not present.

>> No.10285302

I have an ig. What tags do you suggest me to follow for men in jfashion? (Ouji, ega, etc usually mostly women)

>> No.10285303

start your own tag, or have patience like the rest of us.

>> No.10285310

Why so cranky? I am a lolita. Can't really start a meninjfashion tag. By your logic CoF threads are also unnecessary and everyone should have a FB account, right? Except the stupid crossboarder I'm really enjoying this thread you don't have to post/browse if you don't like it.

>> No.10285311

Why don't you just follow people?

>> No.10285322

I'm also open to people to follow suggestions! I currently follow technotropism and sorgevinter. R.I.P. mrmizer. Did he delete his instagram or changed his name?

>> No.10285363

i can't follow your train of thought.

>> No.10285369

... You got tired of trolling /r9k/, didn't you? Did it just start making you kind of sad? At least we have fun fashion here.

>> No.10285596

He probably just feels so pathetic and unmasculine that the only ways he can feel better at this point are jacking off and pretending women throw themselves at him.

>> No.10285876

That summer straw top hat is fucking amazing. He makes me mildly furious because he is so incredibly successful and amazing at such a young age.

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Hi what? post fits!

>> No.10287093

I'd love to get my boyfriend an outfit like this but with more red? I wear a ton of berry prints and he really likes matching with me (though its harder since he is plus sized) maybe i could get him a nice red gingham top to pair with good pants?

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Dress like romantic era composers and you’ll be fine

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Actually, dress like anything from the 1800s and you’ll be fine

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finally an occasion to share this cute ass street snap I saved eons ago

>> No.10287761

jesus CHRIST

I know there's 90% chance he's gay (like probably most guys in ouji) but damn I'd love a guy like this

>> No.10287781

you'll find (hopefully) that visually expressive people are often more fluid than you think, sexuality wise. I hope you find a cutie to dress up with!

>> No.10287786

maybe but i prefer to a totally straight guy tbqh

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I totally understand! I'm personally not into straights because I'm queer af so it's just easier for me to relate to other more flexible folks. Good luck finding your fashionable counterpart!

>> No.10287978

>I'm personally not into straights because I'm queer af

>> No.10287982

That coat is from Forever 21, I have the same one

>> No.10287999

welcome to /cgl/. you must be new.

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>> No.10288012

I love it when men are wearng something else than blue and black <3 totes going to bring this to my husband!

>> No.10288302

literally every lolita claims to be soooo bi/gay on here. but then only date men in reality

>> No.10288936

p sure these are the Orange live action movie actors

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Hope it is ouG enough =/
Trying to improve. Any inputs welcome!!

>> No.10289645

I feel like this is more historical clothes than ouji but it looks alright, mate.

>> No.10289945

Those fucking shoes

>> No.10290114

Thanks, mate!
I feel it is a lil bit hard to draw the line between ouG and historical (i myself used historical ref for this coord). There is very little about ougie out there and the branded ougie feels great on woman but it definitely doesn't fit the male bodyline. At least didn't found any good enough.

>> No.10290115

he looks so disgusted about something here

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I'm looking for a a few pictures I saw a couple years ago.

It was a collection of guys that had waistcoats made for them from Lolita dresses. Does anyone have those to hand?

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Any floral jackets I absolutely love.

>> No.10290288

I'm still forever searching for boots like this.

>> No.10290295

Going too heavily down the historical route is a common mistake many Western blokes in particular make. It's historical inspired than historical, with a big splash of glam rock. More Adam Ant than Ross Poldark. The best resources are to look at the Japanese brands, look at visual kei artists like Versailles, or Mana (who's also behind the brand Moitie). Look at magazine scans and videos and photos of fashion shows for some of the brands. Some of the overseas shows in particular are worth looking at for Moitie and Boz, especially Boz, which do feature Western male models. Look at fashion blogs like Buttcape's. There is more out there than you think Even though yes, a big chunk is very much geared towards women wearing the fashion.

>> No.10290372

Honestly just go to the ouji thread. This thread is shit >>10281032

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