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This fucking mess

>> No.10242009

Kawaii Kiwi 2.0?

>> No.10242014

Anon this girl posts nothing but ita coords. I'd vote for her. Shes a regular ita kek

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>> No.10242017

What is with that wide legged power stance?

>> No.10242024

Looks like some old pillows your grandma would have rotting in the back of a storage

>> No.10242035

Did this post get deleted? I can’t find it anymore. I really wanted to see what other comments have been posted

>> No.10242039

>when you're at the meetup but you've got naptime at 4

>> No.10242046

straight out of 2010

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>> No.10242058

Looks like it is, i can't find it either. I'm sure she couldn't take the criticism.
This is the worst thing that has ever graced cof in a long time. I have some feeling she blatantly knew that it wasn't good, but posted it anyways because cof give a lot of asspats to itas. I also bet she is wearing some dirt converses.

>> No.10242069

why do so many itas have such terrible posture

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>> No.10242099

Mental illness-ita

>> No.10242105

I’m dyslexic and I thought it read “littlehambeast” for a second holy fuck.

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I honestly think left girl is kind of cute, but it's just because her face reminds me of a british shorthair

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>> No.10242114

If you're gonna hold your sleeve out like that, at least tie the ribbon

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>> No.10242137

Do you not know how to search the thread before you post? Already posted and we have been talking about it since before you posted it again. >>10241927

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>all lolitas have to be sweeties

No were all bitches. Fuck off newbie.

>> No.10242174

I actually rather like that dress....

>> No.10242185

Where did you get "have to" out of my post? I literally said I know fuck-all about the culture

>> No.10242195

I feel so bad saying this but left looks like she's been on the Axiom drinking B&L for her whole life

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You don’t say

>> No.10242208

Jojo Siwa-kei

>> No.10242213

Tension alopecia is not kawaii

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Yikes that makeup isn’t even and wouldn’t be acceptable for drag. It’s soo unpolished and really brings down the coord even more then it looks.

>> No.10242277

Came here for this, I fucking hate it, it's ugly af and not in a good way

>> No.10242317

I just don't understand the mentality of people like this. Why would you want to look like a big frilly ball of lard? It's not that I'm anti-fatty in lolita, but when you're this big I'm not sure how you can expect it to work for you. Pick a less poofy fashion.

>> No.10242318

had to ruin a decent coord with that bdsm shit

>> No.10242336

I wanted to comment, but couldn't bring myself to do so. The makeup is absolutely hideous, and actually unnerving.

>> No.10242446

Yeah you fucking retard, clearly you don’t. We hear this kinda bullshit from normie/new fags all the time. You’ll be another one added to the pile.

>> No.10242447

Is this a man?

>> No.10242474

I don't know whats worse the uneven bangs, the weird painted on under eye bags, or all the ass pats in the comments. This is awful, drag stars know how to do makeup and hair...this is just a mess

>> No.10242508

Make a private forum then, dumbass

>> No.10242693

Nightmare fuel holy shit.

>> No.10242710

I feel like my screen just got dirtier.

>> No.10242738

Love how she posted this in a group for making fun of itas yet both her and her boyfriends coord are pretty itatastic themselves. Wtf is that thing on her head? She looks like a royal wedding reject.

>> No.10242898

honestly like the concept and would think it's kinda cool and ero if only she wore a better bra and stood up straight

>> No.10242927

I'll wait

>> No.10242995

Spill or go

>> No.10243022

lurkmoar before you post on our board retard, we're not here to fucking educate you

>> No.10243023

>using "rather" to sound elegant
roleplay elsewhere

>> No.10243024


>> No.10245006

I won't lie, I kind of like this.

>> No.10245351

Did the with the veil seriously make a skirt out of a shower curtain?

As far as trangirls go, this is pretty decent. I want to hope that she will get it together.

Her face looks like one of those giant baby masks.

I love the print, please tell me this is a shit replica and a quality dress exists.

>> No.10245849

I wouldn't recognize this as Lolita if I saw this in person. Lolita would never of even crossed my mind.

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